Roman Polanski exclusive: First look at interview included on 'Ghost Writer' DVD

Ever since his arrest by Swiss authorities back in September, Roman Polanski has been quiet. He’s refused to talk about the decades-old case against him, his feelings about being held under (posh) house arrest in Gstaad, Switzerland, he even kept mum about his last movie, The Ghost Writer, which unceremoniously came and went from┬átheaters back in March. Since Polanski is back in the headlines today with the news that he will not be extradited to the U.S. to face an outstanding warrant for unlawful sexual conduct with a minor dating back to 1977, we thought it might be a good time to share an exclusive first look atexcerpts from an interview the infamous, Oscar-winning Polish director gave to accompany The Ghost Writer DVD, which hits stores on Aug. 3.

There are no Perry Mason-style revelations here. No mea culpas or tears. In fact, Polanski doesn’t address his personal troubles at all. He just talks about shooting the Pierce Brosnan/Ewan McGregor thriller — his first project since 2005’s Oliver Twist. And maybe that will have to be enough for Polanski fans and haters. At least until he emerges from his four-star, alpine-chalet prison any second now as a free man….

Also: Switzerland will not extradite Roman Polanski

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  • Yarbo

    Awesome! Thanks for posting!

  • DanM

    Regardless of my feelings re: Roman Polanski, ‘The Ghost Writer’ is the year’s best movie so far.

    • Sick

      You are sick. Period, end of story. I don’t care what enlightened, special “art” comes out of this man – he’s a sick pedophile who has never paid the debt for his crime. Until that debt is paid, he shouldn’t receive ANY accolades for anything he does.

      • EAH

        if you were actually informed… his debt IS paid… he was sentenced to do 90 days for a psychiatric evaluation and was released before the time was up. the judge didn’t like that so he went back and added a jail sentence.

      • @EAH

        I didn’t say anything that isn’t true – he has an outstanding sentance to fulfill. Whether you want to apologize for the pedophile or not, that is the truth. Stop trying to raise ridiculous and unnecessary arguments based only in your desire to let a pedophile roam free.

      • EAH

        His outsanding sentence is according to the U.S. if the Americans had bothered giving the Swiss PROOF that was indeed the case then he would have been extradited.

      • @EAH

        Whatever, excuse yourself and the Swiss goverment all you want but they are still only excuses. That’s twice now you’ve specifically and intentionally mislead the conversation. Yes, you’re good at it. What I’ve read is that the Swiss government wanted information on a hearing tangental to the original conviction. There should have been nothing more needed than to know that he was sentenced in a court of law, pursuant to the court’s right. If anyone (the Swiss government, Roman Polanski, his lawyers or you in your own ignorance) wanted to pursue something about judicial errors, there are ways to do that – they include coming back and facing the court. He hasn’t done that, it isn’t the Swiss’ job or responsibility to judge that and frankly, neither is it yours to judge or adjudicate. Roman should have presented himself to the court, faced his penalties and then dealt with whatever perceived injustice he wants to deal with (whether I agree or disagree about judicial misconduct or not). How about you, he and the Swiss government follow that formula and we’ll see what happens, heh?

  • roman the pedophile

    Disgusting, ugly old Jew – pedophile, old bastard. You shall be banished forever.

    • georgettevana

      you are a disgusting anti semite

      • Greg N.

        Agreed. The vile ignorance of racism has no place in this (or any other) discussion.

      • midget polanski

        but it is not ignorance – it is in depth knowledge of Jewish “integrity” (or lack of it). Especially Jews from Eastern Europe.

    • midget polanski

      Old midget humping children. may it happen to his kids. And maybe done by a fellow Jew – Woody Allen can extend some experience, can’t he?


    How arrogant the Swiss are to sentance a man innocent for a crime that occurred in another country. It’s not their place or their business. extrodite the bastard!

  • Are you kidding me?

    This article is the reason why this whole story/situation is offensive to the EXTREME. This man is a self-admitted pedophile. I don’t care what comes after that statement – it doesn’t excuse or apologize or exempt him from contempt by rational thinking human beings who should and are horrified by the reality of what he did decades ago. To ANYONE who wants to sweep this under the rug – SHAME on YOU. This whole situation is ridiculous – the man should be required to fufill WHATEVER the courts deem necessary. If there was some supposed mishandling by a judge there are REMEDIES for that, just as there are consequences of his actions. You people who want to excuse this (for any reason) are sick.

  • steph

    still amazed that this rapist garners so much reverence, coddling & press. wtf?

    • midget polanski

      because he is a JEW!

  • &&

    So no one on here has ever witnessed or experienced art made by people of questionable character? That would be very very limiting. I am certainly not condoning his actions and I think he should be extradited, but the movie is just a movie.

    • @&&

      It’s a typcial response – everyone else is doing it. . blah blah blah. It’s disgusting that this guy keeps getting a pass by Hollywood and anyone else. There have been MANY MANY genius level minds that have done incredibly horrific things. Many of them receive a collective rejection – except this guy (and other in Hollywood). They shouldn’t be celebrated or appreciated especially when fleeing their judgement, legal and moral. This guy not only admitted to a horrific rape involving not only physical coersion but drugging, he then fled when he found out he might not get the slap on the wrist he was seeking. He is a coward and a pedophile and deserves to serve whatever time in jail he gets. (And probably more)

      • &&

        Oh, excuse me, but did I ever say “everyone else is doing it” in my comment? No? Interesting.

        No, what I meant is that artists tend to be terrible people. Shelly treated his wife and kids like crap. Coolridge molested his daughter, researchers think. Joan Crawford, I think most people will agree after seeing Mommy Dearest, should never ever have been around children. People still watch her movies.

        People still appreciate their work for what it is. Because art isn’t the person. Art is something they make.

      • @&&

        You are excused for your lack of consistency. Your comment very much implies a “well, look at all these others who do it” acceptance. Oh, just because we don’t string up people WHO DIDN’T EVADE THEIR SENTANCES, doesn’t equate them to what is being objected to here. We’re not talking about people who’s crimes weren’t readily known when they were out making their art – we’re talking about a self-admitted pedophile who ran when justice was set to be applied to him. BIG difference but an apologist who cares more about art doesn’t WANT to get it.

  • Greg N.

    The only places that a pedophile could get away with drugging, raping, and sodomizing a 13 year-old girl are Hollywood and Europe. Each is as morally bankrupt as the other. It’s no surprise whatsoever that a reprehensible society would shelter a reprehensible man from justice. Polanski and Switzerland deserve each other.

  • georgettevana

    Why dont you all get a life, focus on innocent civilians being murdered in Afghanistan if you need to vent your “outrage”
    Otherwise, have fun and go and see his movie and enjoy.

    • Greg N.

      Many Americans support the war in Afghanistan. Many others oppose it. But you’ll find that the vast majority of us (i.e., pretty much everyone who doesn’t live in Hollywood) are united in our contempt for evil men who drug, rape, and sodomize 13 year-old girls.

      I guess we’re just weird that way.

  • georgettevana

    Lets get rid of euphamisms here. ” for and against the war in Afghanistan?”
    Lets see are there Americans for the slaughter of innocent Afghan civilians of which a high proportion are children and some are not? But ALL Americans are against Polanski as a rapist. Is that what you are saying?
    Also, let me remind everyone those charges were dropped and he pled guilty to unlawful sex with a minor.
    I believe if the prosecution had a good case for these other charges, they wouldnt have agreed to a plea deal.

    • Greg N.

      No, that’s not what I’m saying (nice attempt to twist my words, though). What I’m saying is that Americans disagree on whether the Afghan war is worth fighting, and if the civilian casualties it causes are justifiable given that al Qaeda and the Taliban were responsible for 9/11. But even though we endlessly debate important issues such as that one, on others – such as child rape being wrong – we largely agree.

      And that’s my last word on Afghanistan in this comment thread. The article is about Polanski, not war and its moral ramifications. Let’s stay on topic, as I’m sure the EW editors would like us to.

    • Greg N.

      As for the charges of rape, sodomy, and forcible intoxication being dropped, well, Polanski got lucky. It was LA during the 70s, where sexual over-permissiveness was so rampant that few people were willing to condemn even outright abuse. And his fame helped secure a lot more leniency than you or I would ever have received, as well. But he was too much of a coward to face even the lesser charges that were filed, fleeing to Europe when there was the barest indication that he might get more than a slap on the wrist.

      And finally, even though Hollywood culture and personal fame got him absolved of LEGAL responsibility for drugging, raping, and sodomizing a 13 year-old girl, the rest of us still hold him MORALLY responsible for those shameful crimes. At minimum, we have the right to insist he be brought back to face the lesser charges he was indicted on.

      • georgettevana

        Since you want to talk about MORALS as you put it, I find it interesting that you are devoting so much time to be morally outraged regarding Polanski but “civilian casualties” in Afghanistan dont equally offend your moral sensibilities.
        In the latter we are talking about death need I remind you.
        But of course you would rather stick to being outraged over something which even the victim wants to be dropped and occurred over three decades ago.
        I wont say anymore, its clear where your moral compass is taking you.

      • Greg N.

        I haven’t given you the slightest indication of what my personal opinion on the war in Afghanistan is. And for good reason – as I stated earlier, that’s not what this article or comment thread is about.

        The only reason you’re reaching for arguments so far off topic is because it is completely impossible to defend Polanski on the facts of this case. And deep down, you know it.

      • midget polanski

        GreG N.
        Right on!

  • JK

    Well at least we know what countries we can send all our sex offenders to. I’m sure they will welcome them with Open Arms.

  • Melis

    Roman Polanski is a coward. I don’t care if he has significant achievements (or not). Man up and take care of the charges against you. I have no interest in any of his work because the man himself is so dispicable. Just seeing his face makes me angry.

    • midget polanski

      He is a short ugly man with huge inferiority complex. Unable to face a real woman, let alone have an equal relationship. Raping kids is as far as he is able to go.

  • Gleekster

    His movie was okay but doctordate was better

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