Spain wins the soccer World Cup: Were you watching?

After a month-long tournament that had everyone — even Americans — hooked on soccer, Spain claimed the World Cup Sunday by defeating the Netherlands 1-0 with a thrilling goal in the last minutes of overtime.

What say you, PopWatchers? Did you tune in this afternoon? Or are you just happy it’s over so we can finally talk about something else?


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  • Cameron Yarde Jnr

    I was. Holland played like thugs and deserved to lose, the ref had a shocking game too, but it was the only way we would ever see an Englishman in the final!

    • Jackson

      Netherlands were gentleman. They showed sportsmanship. They gave the ball back to Spain’s goalkeeper when he failed to catch it. They threw the ball outside at one point to be fair. Also, keep in mind that Spain had 5-6 yellow cards.
      Sure they were a little aggressive but it’s the final match for God’s sake. They both showed class and both played great. Claps all around for both teams.

      • Hugo

        Netherlands were gentleman? LMAO

      • Akin

        Yes, we all know you were smoking pot and drinking while watching the match. You don’t need to tell us in code by saying stuff like “Netherlands were gentlemen” after we all saw what THEY did on the pitch

      • Mo

        I can’t say that they were gentlemen overall, but the guy who returned the ball to Casillas at that corner kick certainly was. I hope that gesture doesn’t cost him goodwill, since Netherlands could well have scored with that corner, and Casillas was stupid to go for that ball in the first place. However, the guy who karate-kicked the Spanish player in the chest can only be called a thug.

      • Quirky

        He’s right, the Netherlands were total gentlemen. When the one Dutch player kicked the Spanish player in the chest in the first half, he was just trying to show him his new shoes up close.

      • Joe

        Yeah, I was a bit disappointed with Netherland playing so rough but the ref didn’t let it slide. HOWEVER, it’s very disappointing to see the ref make that bad call (where the ball oh so clearly did not hit a dutch player) which directly resulted in spain scoring the goal.

        But whatever, hopefully netherlands wins it next time.

      • Thomas

        Now we can stop pretending to like soccer for the next four years. A sport with horrible officiating. Arbitrary rules. Terrible clock management. Grown men who act like babies when they fall down and the excitement of ties. Bring back Curling.

      • JD

        are you drunk or something?

      • JD

        Are you drunk? The Netherlands played the most nasty football I’ve seen in years. They should have had two men sent off in the first half!

      • JD

        It’s such a joke that dutch supporters talk about a missed CORNER leading to a goal in the other end. Get real!

      • Meg

        Yes Spain had 5 yellow cards but Holland had 9, one resulting in a red card getting the player sent off and that kick to the chest in the first half should have been a red…Holland played dirty…but that is why we love soccer…

      • Ju

        “Gentlemen”? OH MY GOD, get real, man, out of Spain’s 5 cards one was for Iniesta for taking off his shirt after scoring and there was at least one for a foul that never really happened. The Netherlands got off incredibly easy with their 9, and that’s not even counting De Jong’s CRIMINAL kick to Xabi’s chest – people are even saying now that he may have broken ribs, so just think a little before you send a comment…
        Besides, the Dutch players were so ungraceful in defeat, saying the ref favored Spain (yeah, because not carding or even acknowledging flagrant fouls and not giving at least two penalty kicks is to favor a team, stfu) and that Iniesta scored on offside, I mean, WHAT.

      • Luddite

        Keep in mind that one of Spain’s yellow cards belonged to Andres Iniesta – taking your shirt off after scoring is an automatic yellow. Then think about the fact that one of Holland’s yellow cards, for Nigel De Jong, should have been a straight red. Holland may have had one gentlemanly moment, but in a 120-minute game, that’s not saying much.
        (Not to mention, they were poor losers – they chased down the ref to scream at him when the game ended and their coach tore off his 2nd place medal almost immediately.)
        (That said, the ref was pretty bad.)

      • Elysia

        How many of you people watched any of the games before this one? Did you miss the previous match when a Dutch player got kicked in the TEETH? I do not think any of the Dutch players intentionally tried to hurt any of the Spanish players, and injuries are par for the course in a contact sport. However, after all the dramatic falling down the Spanish did (a replay showed that the Spanish player wasn’t even TOUCHED one time), the Dutch did play the more gentlemanly game in the end. Unfortunately for them, the Spanish played the *better* game in the end (literally, the end).

    • t.t


    • Bob

      holland played like thugs? What about all the diving the Spanish did? I have’nt seen dives like that since Olympic swimming, it was horrible. Spain won sure (That guy was onsides) but they did it poorly and their style of play is pretty pathetic. Unfortunately, that will not change until FIFA gets their act together.

      • Ju

        It wasn’t a good game by any means, but to be quite honest diving is a problem in all of football in general, not only Spain, and the Netherlands had their share of that and of whining, OMG, I don’t remember Robben being so pathetic when he played for Real Madrid…

      • jeem13

        The ductch were not able to keep up with the pace of Spain which is why they came in a step late on almost every ball. They were hacks. It was quite obvious what their game plan was.

    • Jennifer

      Neither team played particularly attractive football. The Netherlands fouled excessively; the Spanish dove like Greg Louganis. All in all it was an ugly final, and I was disappointed because I’d hope for something as free-flowing, attractive and entertaining as the third-place match. Oh well, maybe next time.

      • Danny

        free flowing, attractive and entertaining indeed! The Germans may have been outplayed by Spain in the Semi, but they definitely played the most exciting and attractive soccer in the tournament. Too bad it didn’t take them into the Final.

  • bamalam

    I wanted the Netherlands to win…only because everyone expected Spain to win…guess this is what I get for marginally caring.

    • Radzinsky

      I’m with you. And it was ridiculously boring too.

      • allie

        Ridiculously!!! I only lasted until half time and only that long because I was at lunch with some friends. I was arbitrarily rooting for the Netherlands simply because my friends were rooting for Spain. I am so glad that we sucked at soccer since it apparently is life and death in countries that suck at every other sport known to man.

      • topazbean

        Well, it wasn’t a great match, but football being boring, as with any sport (except snooker) is a matter of opinion. As for other countries sucking at any other sport. Oh please. Other countries are great at a lot of sports. Bizarrely, though, the US just decided to make up their own and stay out of international tournaments. Cricket and rugby, anyone? Maybe someone with some historical knowledge can comment on why that might have been.

      • @allie

        we don’t suck at soccer…if you watched at all you would see we had a great run with some bad luck in referees

      • @@allie

        The US team was lucky to get as far as they did, primarily because the English had shite goalkeeping. Although the US team has improved over the years, don’t confuse them with top class teams.

  • h


  • chattypatra

    Yes! Lots of missed opportunities, penalties and tension throughout the game. I am so glad that Spain won! Once again, Paul the Octopus was right. hahaha

    • verryBerry

      Go Paul the Octopus!!!

      • Me

        I wonder what will happen to him now that the World Cup is over.

      • Ana

        I’ll miss Paul. He was great.
        I was watching since the closing ceremony! The WC is what I wait for every four years. Spain played better and deserve the cup by far!
        A little condescending Pop Watcher? We know football isn’t that popular in the US but that last comment wasn’t needed.

  • Katy

    I love world cup soccer! I was definitely watching, and am so stoked that Spain won. Viva Espana!

    • Amy

      Viva! (insert what Katy said here)

    • laylagalise

      Ditto! I wish we didn’t have to wait another four years for the next World Cup!

      • Luddite

        Only 2 years until the European championships. (In my opinion, the 2008 Euros were far more entertaining than this year’s World Cup.)

  • Mindy

    I watched. Game was ugly. Netherlands were taking a lot of penalties. And I mean a lot of real penalties, not counting the dubious ones called by the ref. Spain was clearly the better team.

  • Bruce

    I was. The ref loved the color yellow. And I don’t blame Netherlands for playing dirty, its hard to get possession from spain.

  • jen

    sorry but the worst thing about the game was all the Spanish players diving and wailing like little girls. seriously, that was pitiful.

    • Joe

      it’s an act to get the ref to make a call. the thing with football is everytime a ref is about to flag a yellow card you see them begging and trying to convince the ref not to, it’s all for show to the ref.

    • Ana

      Well, that and the dutch kicking them. Or did you miss the matrix kick Xabi received?

      • Ana

        There were some egregrious fouls, with that being by far the worst, and the Dutch were verrrrrry lucky not to have to play most of the match with 10 men. But that doesn’t mean the Spanish didn’t do some world-class diving as well. Let’s just agree that it was not the final performance we would’ve like to have seen.

      • Jennifer

        Oops! For some reason my reply got put under Ana’s name (probably my screw-up). The above reply to Ana’s comment was from Jennifer – not Ana.

    • GGG

      Finally – a real soccer fan posting on this story. Yes, the Spanish players were diving like Nancies. Disgusting display of acting.

  • Mindy

    And yes, it looks like Paul the Octopus had a perfect record for this World Cup.

  • samira

    Si, si si!!! España gano!!! se lo merecian!! Claro que lo vi! Viva España! estuvo muy dificil pero genial ;)

  • Ted Sheckler

    Good. Now that its over, can we finally get back to some REAL FOOTBALL?

    • How

      How can American “football” be the real football if you use your hands instead of your feet?

      • malcontent

        I cannot deal with such complex existential notions on Monday Eve.

      • Joe

        it’s so dumb, outside of north america the world accepts the term football with soccer, it’s just another thing americans screw up

      • halfpint

        um…joe, if you think it’s so dumb, tell it to the brits, who actually came up with the name ‘soccer’ in the first place.

    • Lucy

      Oh, Teddy. Soccer takes intelligence, strategy, and peak physical condition. American football has nothing on soccer.

      • malcontent

        Ummmm…..scoring maybe?

      • Emma

        Which explains the no scoring

      • shotgunsamurai42

        19 minutes of gameplay for a three hour match… No wonder the commercials are the best part of football.

      • Slovo

        I played soccer in high school and like the sport. But it is significantly less complicated than American football.

    • Jack Bennet.

      Considering we stole the name from that game I would say that “soccer” is the real football…

    • Mo

      Yes, please, let’s get back to the game with the wrong name, the fat players with brain damage, the endless commercial interruptions, and the team that proclaims itself “world champion” when it wins a league composed of teams from ONE country. You should be embarrassed.

      • pastafarian

        and who should they play outside the US? The Rhein Fire? Get outta here.

    • A

      By who’s definition?

  • Hugo

    Of course I was watching. Spain was great, but Netherlands had some very rough and dirty players. BTW, it’s football, not soccer

    • ger

      Rough, yes. Dirty – no way.

  • Maureen

    No. After Ghana lost I was no longer interested. :(

  • jw

    Watched almost all the matches. Enjoyed the whole month. I’m glad Spain won today.

  • malcontent

    Completely forgot it was on. No worries, they will play another one in 4 years.

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