Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette': Episode 7

Chris-HarrisonImage Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABCBefore we get into this week’s Bachelorette, I want to throw out a few final thoughts on Jake and Vienna. I don’t want to recap the entire ordeal, as I feel the interview really spoke for itself. I’m satisfied that you got to see and hear everything. Now that you have seen and heard for yourselves how this interview really went, you realize most if not all the tabloid reports that came out last week were just a little more than off the mark. Obviously there never was any threat of physical violence at any point during this interview. Let me be very clear with you that I would never tolerate any violence on this show — much less violence toward a woman. The bizarre atmosphere that surrounds this show now really astounds me.

Many of you wrote in, long before you had ever seen a frame of this interview, and complained that it was slanted in favor of Jake. Now that it has aired, I’d be interested to hear if you still feel that way. From my perspective, the interview was very fair to both parties and wasn’t very flattering for anybody involved. You have to understand that I come into this with a little different perspective. I know Jake and Vienna, and however hard it is for some folks to believe, these two had strong feelings for each other when we left St. Lucia. My true hope in conducting this interview, however naïve it seems now, was not to solve or fix this relationship, but to find a bit of closure and stop the nasty back-and-forth that will only flame the tabloid stories and crazy Internet reports. Obviously, that’s not what happened, and I apologize to Jake and Vienna for that. Maybe it was just too soon to have that intimate a conversation. It is my sincere hope that Vienna and Jake will find it in their hearts to bury the hatchet and move on peacefully with their lives, wherever that may take them.

It’s a little difficult to make the transition back to the here and now, but this was an important week for Ali and the guys. We landed in Lisbon, Portugal, with five solid guys, which is a good thing, but it also made it very hard for Ali this week. I started off by talking to the guys in one of the many beautiful town squares in Lisbon. We don’t close down these places when we shoot these scenes, and I love that. It’s priceless to see the people’s faces as these five guys walk across traffic and the square and come up to me with all the cameras around.

Ali’s first date this week was with Roberto. I was very happy to see her relationship with him take a serious step forward. If you noticed, Ali is no longer the giggly little schoolgirl she used to be around Roberto. She’s now able to compose herself and dig a little deeper to find out what this guy is made of. The good news for Ali is the deeper she digs, the more she likes.

On a much different note, the two-on-one date this week with Frank and Ty was just flat-out awkward. These dates are always tough, but at this point in the journey, when Ali cares deeply about both guys, Frank said it best: “The two-on-one sucks.” Ty seemed to settle all of his issues with Ali on this date. I’ll give you my thoughts later on why he left. Frank took this moment to tell Ali he lives with his parents. This brings up an interesting question for you ladies: Is living at home with your parents at this point in your life a deal breaker? Or do circumstances dictate how you feel about it? Ali obviously took into consideration Frank’s circumstances and didn’t mind. Yet once again, Ali throws out a random concern about Frank, saying he’s everything she’s ever wanted, but also everything she fears.

By the time Ali got to her date with Kirk she was overwhelmed. I think four straight weeks of travel, the enormity of the decision this week, and the fact that there’s really not much separating these five remaining guys finally got to her. It really affected her date with Kirk in the beginning, but being the guy he is, he turned it around. I think a lesser man would have taken it all personally and just shut down, but Kirk rallied and they had a great night. Kirk’s speech at dinner really brought it home for him, literally. The guy always says and does the right thing. Sometimes when a guy does that, it’s cheesy or insincere, but not with Kirk, and Ali loves that about him.

At this point in the show, I find Ali and Chris L’s relationship the most intriguing. Ali told me on several occasions her typical relationships start slow as friendships, and then blossom from there. This is exactly what’s happening with Chris and Ali. On their date this week Chris definitely moved out of the “friend” zone. Ali kept saying she’s glad his walls have come down. I think that trivializes him a little bit. Having gone through what he has over the last year, I really respect that fact that Chris wasn’t an open book from day one. He waited until he saw potential in this relationship and a future with Ali before really opening up to her.

As for who went home this week, it was really tough to see Ty go. At this point, Ali’s really splitting hairs trying to come up with a reason to send any of these final five guys home. In the end, Ali and Ty had a good connection but compared to the other guys it just wasn’t enough. I also think they just had different perspectives on life. After this week’s episode, I don’t think I have to tell you to leave your comments below. Have at it people, let it all out. I hope you all had a wonderful, safe Fourth of July. But I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the fireworks this summer.

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  • EstherIng

    I knew Ty would be going this week. His atitude toward working wives was a potential problem for being with Ali. Chris’ present of a bracelet made his a shoo-in tonight. I think Kirk impressed me the most for opening up. Roberto and Ali seem to have the most chemistry. As for Frank, I know it’s not ending well soon. I’m sorry he’s going to leave her in tears.

    • Francine

      Chris L and Ty were my choices from the very first show. Now she has tossed Ty, kept the guy with the basement full of killed and stuffed animals and the creepy Frank. She has been smitten with Roberto and Frank from the being so the others didn’t have a chance. Ty or Chris L should be the next Bachelor.

      • circle

        Frank is so scary and creepy to me. He is obsessed, insecure, calculated. He looks to take an opportunity to hook up with this girl to better himself and to help him out of his parents house. Ali is so drawn with a mysterious Frank. Ty was “incomplete” (I don’t know why, but may be he knows). It leaves to Chris to make the best choice for Ali. I hopw she picks Chris.

      • Devon

        Circle…Creepy, obsessed, and insecure are the exact same words I used to describe Frank. He came onto “The Bachelorette” for crying out loud. Of course Ali is going to be emotional about other men. If the previews are true, I’m glad he’ll be out.

      • laurie

        Chris L., Ty is to backwater.

      • Megan

        Looks like we can actually talk about the Bachelorette here instead of rehashing the Vienna/Jake drama.

        I really enjoyed watching Roberto’s date with Ali. They seem like a good fit and it’s progressing really well. I thought either Ty or Kirk were going home last night so my guess is Kirk goes home next week (especially after seeing what goes on in his dad’s basement!). Frank has issues that he needs to work through on his own. I was so relieved that Chris and Ali made so much progress on their date. And the bracelet he gave her … so sweet! But I think Chris is much more mature than Ali and that he can do better. I would love to see him as the next Bachelor.

        I know there’s a lot of Frank drama coming up, but I hope Ali will allow herself to try things with Roberto. I’ve always had a hard time that on this show people break up with some one they care about and then turn around and get engaged! I want this season to end with Roberto and Ali choosing to continue their relationship after the show.

      • D’Ann

        I know..Frank has creeped me out since the begining, I don’t get what she see’s in him

      • doglover

        I have loved Frank from the start. I can’t understand what people find creepy. Chris, do the guys go out when Ali is on dates with the other bachelors or do they sit around waiting in the hotel?

      • Simone

        Oh man, Frank is SO creepy. Combination of stalker-ish, needy, and babyish. I was shocked when I first read about what’s going to happen with him. After all that “I need to be with Ali” — and then he does that??? Just makes him way creepier in my book.

    • Jen

      Chris Harrison – as I live and breathe, I have never heard such total BS. Impartial? Ha. You sat with Jake alone (not Vienna) to get his side first, neglected to ask what he had done wrong in the relationship (but yet you certainly asked Vienna), and then kept fixating on the fact she took a job in LA. In this recession, she took a NON-HOLLYWOOD JOB Chris in a respectable field. And this is a problem for you….why? Child please. I expect this garbage from you I guess because Jake is in the Bachelor Pad with you next so you have to put your Jake game face on. But Jake? If he was acting, he is about as successful as Tom Cruise’s last movie. Yuck. I think Jake was a pathetic, dishonest, controlling, poor excuse for a man. He underestimated Vienna and thought he could get away with anything by picking America’s least favorite bachelorette. Well, I may have thought her to be vapid and immature…and I may disagree with the fact that she chose jobs (previously) in which men could objectify her…However, I always thought she was herself in all situations. She really loved him and wanted things to work. He on the other hand was a complete, shallow, tool who was out for one person and one person only: himself. Now to find out he is controlling and abusive too? Pathetic. I commend Vienna for being strong and standing up for herself. Who cares if she got paid for the magazine article? What did Jake do his for free? Or did he do it for money and donate to a non-profit animal society since he “loves” dogs so much? I think not. Jake is going to crawl back into his cave and look for a young girl with zero self-esteem. Good for Vienna for asserting herself! And for getting a job that helps people. I can’t say the same for you Chris Harrison. You and Jake are all about fame and no shame – just playing the Hollywood game. As for Ali – she never shares one bit. She may be out for fame too. I think the guys left (minus Frank) all open up more than her. She is immature as well. At least she escaped Jake.

      • circle

        Jen, You took it right from my mouth and I 100% agree with you about Jake and how Chris handles the break up interview. Jake is better off living a dream life. I admire Vienna to be so brave and took her way out before she was more damaged by Jake’s hunger for fame, popularity. How many women has Jake been with? How many men has Vienna been with compare to Jake? Why is he jealous when Vienna is trying to enjoy herself while he is out with his businesses. What is so wrong with that? Jake and Chris are unfair to this girl. Vienna, if you read this – go with your heart, guts, and your instincts that God gave you. Don’t be afraid when you are not loved back. Love will find you. Be Happy.

      • SLB

        Wow. You must be really delusional when you watch this show. Chris Harrison is just an ABC stooge for one thing. His job is to make us believe this show is “real”. Jake is a famewh*re. We knew that. Vienna is a spoiled brat who is just p*ssed that Jake is more famous than her.

      • DDF

        Jen, wow! You exhausted me…

      • Rene

        Right, Jen, you’ve got to be kidding, Chris. I came on here today just to see if you’d admit to siding with Jake and you say just the opposite? Why did you ask Vienna if she wanted to apologize to Jake, yet you didn’t ask Jake the same thing? Jake kept making the most ridiculous faces like he was in pain trying to keep calm. My only regret is that Vienna couldn’t shut up for a minute because she gave Jake all that ammunition to use against her and he was bright enough to run with it. No way was that as fair interview. But I did get a kick out of your comment, “We don’t CARE about the dog!”

      • Dewy

        SLB is an SOB. Dude, you are either Jake or his mommy. You are just as into it as everyone else on this comment board…

      • marie

        I agree, Jen. It is really scary how people can be fooled by folks like Jake. It’s becoming harder for him to keep up with his public image. Jake never was “real” on the show. The thing that bothered me most about Jake from his first appearance on the Bachelorette was that he was not genuine and appeared to be acting. Everything he said seemed rehearsed and insincere. Even Jillian saw this as a red flag. I feel very sorry for Vienna. She really is a small town girl who was trashed by the media for the people she dated. At least she was herself. I truly think she went on the show to win her man. Jake only picked her because she was the least liked by others. He never intended to have a real relationship with her and probably thought he would come out smelling like a rose when the relationship ended. He thought wrong. This whole thing has been very disturbing to watch. I would love to see Chris interview Jake alongside his ex-girlfriend Tanya Douglas who also accuses Jake of doing whatever it takes to become famous.

      • Kristi

        I agree with you 100%. I lost all respect for Chris Harrison due to interview (Not that I had much respect for him anyway!)He must think his audience is delusional if we see his interview as being impartial to both Jake and Vienna…that was a ridiculous statement!

      • Me

        Totally agree! Any chance at impartiality was blown when he started off by getting “Jake’s side” and didn’t then send him away to talk to Vienna alone too. (And as a sidebar, how funny was it that Chris said “many people” had found love, married, and even had children thanks to the show?!)

      • JEdge

        I totally agree, Jen, and it’s kind of sad that Chris Harrison has stooped so low as to (seemingly) believe the crap he’s spewing. I used to think he was “in” on the joke, but apparently not. Chris, shame on you for this — I used to really be a fan, but no more.

      • OMGq

        The funniest thing I’ve read so far: “Maybe it was just too soon to have that intimate a conversation”
        Ya think? And then to tape it to broadcast on televison? Duh!!! Sorry Chris Harrison – you my friend are a complete DOLT! Just like Jake. You sat them down and got EXACTLY what you (and ABC) wanted – fireworks to cause more drama. Just like how you are playing up the whole Frank thing – just get more people to tune in. And then to pretend that any of this is even slightly real? Ha! What you and ABC don’t seem to realize is that people aren’t that stupid. Well, maybe some are, but anyone with half a brain knows that this show is a complete joke. And my friend, so are you. I am glad they pay you so much to do this – maybe someday you will have enough saved up that you can quit this joke of a show and do something with your life that actually matters.

      • Sally

        “Who cares if she got paid for the magazine article?” It Confirms she’s desperate and pathetic for spewing every insignificant detail about their relationship for Money. If she wanted to come across tasteful and authentic, she would’ve waited to see if Jake made the first move and then responded; not leap at selling every private, sordid, infinitesimal detail to the Highest bidder! And how do You know what she said was or was not as False as the cr*p Jake was trying to peddle?!? You seem to forget she revealed two personalities on the show. Vienna is just as guilty of being a fame wh*re as Jake. They are both dregs on society, dismal excuses for human beings!

      • bronxmom

        @ Jen..AGREE 100%

      • Debbie

        In my opinion, Chris gave more time to Jake because Jake was the Bachelor. Both of them have to look at themselves really hard and honestly, but I think especially Jake. He seems to want a ‘yes honey, you’re right’ kind of woman and they are not out there in this day and age.

      • BRae

        Yea! Jen! Ditto! I would like to add, my spidey senses have always gone red whenever I see or hear Jake. Something is really off with him. If Vienna is smart, she will fade into obscurity and leave all this weirdness behind. I wish her a happy, normal life.

      • WTJ

        Sorry Jen but the smart ones are not buying what you’re trying to sell. Vienna is white trash and just as pathetic as Jake.

      • Uriel

        Vienna stormed off the stage because she didn’t want him to say anything. She is so immature and like a child she stomped out of the room. I think ‘she undermined me’ was fluff cuz the measuring the room…please. If that upsets him then he’s a bit too sensitive for a man. I that his comment showed a bit of his controlling nature but he was still mature about it. Her constant interrupting was very scary. She is not a communicator. She’s a dominator. When she realized things weren’t going to go her way 100% she played the ‘your so mean’ card and stomped out like a little girl. It’s women like Vienna that make us all look like crazy psychos. Shame on you Vienna. She won’t keep her word…$100 that she’s already talking to another tabloid. Who’s the media WhoRe now?

      • jet

        I completely agree Jen.

      • Kris

        WOW! I totally agree with SLB and Kiley! Vienna is just a gold digger. She shoulda just kept her yap shut instead of running her mouth to the tabloids. I was LMAO with all her crying! Please, how lame! A blonde bimbo for sure!

      • dyan

        I Totally agree ! Obviously Vienna is hurting! Jake changed & turned into a different person. What woman wouldn’t want to tell their side of the story when its So obvious Jake is NOT the man everybody thought he was?! I LOVE my dogs & any man that doesn’t respect a woman who does, speaks her mind, has an opinion,works w/charity, has a heart & went thru the “Vienna Haters” last season, just bcz she was a little immature & like a giddy school girl in love should be ashamed of themselves including Ally whom was the biggest crap talker & then America picks her to become the next sucker? I couldn’t watch. I’m proud of Vienna for handling all the backlash,haters & interviews.. The other woman are LUCKY they didn’t get stuck w-“Fake Jake” This is why he’s still Single Ladies..

      • Ann

        I totally agree! It seemed to me that these two guys were both trying to make her look bad! I really can’t believe ABC would let the host pick sides. You were both trying to make Vienna look bad when in fact it back-fired and Jake came out the bad guy! This was personal and should NEVER have been on tv.

      • sally

        I agree with those who thought Chris was extremely biased in the interview with Jake and Vienna. The first hint was their one-on-one interview minus Vienna. I get the feeling that Jake now considers himself “a star” which he is not. He is simply a 30 something guy that can’t seem to find a woman who will put up with his archaic views of relationships with the opposite sex. He is so full of himself that he expects “his woman” to kowtow to his opinions and decisions. I cannot believe that he was upset because she wanted to measure the bedroom too instead of just accepting his measurements. This guy is NEVER going to make it in a marriage if he continues on this path. I was never a big Vienna fan but I am now! She has a voice and she is going to be heard. And yes, she did insert herself when at times she should have been quiet and just let the jerk self destruct, but remember, she is 23. Guys this is what happens when you land the “trophies”…they actually act their age at times. Jake you need to fade into the scenery and Vienna, find a real man, have fun, enjoy your life, and don’t forget to (occasionally) laugh at your experience with Jake.

      • Genia

        Amen Sister!!! Jake is a total control freak, he totally underestimated Vienna and I am happy that she is speaking out and letting everyone know what most of us thought about Jake from the beginning… He is so ridiculously fake it is crazy! I know how Vienna felt during that interview, noone takes her seriously and she obviously felt attacked on like she had to be on the defensive, I would have reacted the same way in that situation and feeling that frustrated… I say Vienna is way better off without Jake and I hope that this new NON HOLLYWOOD job brings her many rewards. She deserves them…

      • laurie

        agree with you for the most part, Vienna is the only reason Jake has been looked at twice. If he had choose any of the “quiet, demure” women on the bachelor I don’t think we would be seeing him again. So he wants to say everything was on “my dime” he wouldn’t have a dime in L.A. if it wasn’t for her.

      • gigi

        Chris you are not impartial…you weren’t even successful in trying to appear that way…Jake’s outburst toward Vienna on camera beg’s the question…if that’s what he thinks is appropriate in front of millions of people what is he like in private…I was never a big Vienna fan…but anyone who doesn’t think his future wife has any right to even think about re-arranging furniture is a control freak with serious issues…if he is really seeking an acting career he needs work…he couldn’t even come across as sincere…my friends and I are big Bachelorette fans…but enough of this little little man…we had enough of him when he was crying on the balcony during Jillians stint….don’t give this verbally controlling man any more airtime or you might lose what loyal viewers you do have…and next time you interview a couple have the decency to ask the same questions to both people and give them both equal consideration.

      • Me

        Has anyone considered the fact that Chris had to interview Jake first if he wanted an answer from him? After Vienna came on the set Jake was unable to put two words together, because of her interrupting him. I am not necessarily defending Jake but I can certainly see why he would be so frustrated with her to the point of anger. Hell I wanted the slap her silly myself. Nothing is more annoying than someone who will not shut up and let others speak. Thank God Jake at least had enough wits about him to not try and talk over her like some people would have done.
        He was a fool for choosing her in the first place. Usually when there is someone in a group that no one else like there is a good reason for it. He should have listened to the other women when they tried to tell him she was a nut case. That’s what he gets for thinking with the wrong head.

        I don’t feel sorry for Vienna at all she is nothing more than an attention seeking scene queen!

      • Reerun5

        NOOOOOO. Jake is on the Bachelor Pad? Now I don’t think I can watch. I am SO SICK of him. And I am sorry, but that interview last night made me feel bad for a woman I used to not like so much and realize that Jake IS the controlling, self-centered guy he started to show glimpses of in rehearsals for Dancing With The Stars. I know this type of guy and I can imagine how manipulative he was with her and how she only felt she could get out when he was gone. I hated how smug and snarky he was, and if they are committed for life how could you ever respond to someone you love whose pet was sick “I flew your dog out several times, ON MY DIME.” Ugh, he made my skin crawl. And yes, Chris, the whole format of the interview favored Jake – and I guess you had to do that since HE was the star of the show, but no one ever asked him why he jumped on DWTS so quickly after the show wrapped, and why he’s going on to do other acting gigs and not going to back to piloting and living in Dallas, which is what I believe he said on the show.

        I’m just really bummed I have to look at him and see him again on the Bachelor Pad. Sigh. Maybe he and Tenley will reconnect since she seems to be more of the type to be controlled by a man like Jake.

        poor Ali, her show was overshadowed last night. But I am glad she gave Chris L one more chance – maybe he can be the next Bachelor, since it’s unlikely ABC will ever pick a person of color.

      • Casey

        Jen, I couldn’t agree with you more.

        And Chris, yes, many of us do care about the dog!!!

      • katclimber

        Agree with Jen. Chris – definite bias showing here. You challenged Vienna strongly and did not challenge Jake at all.

        Jake is a cold fish and Vienna extremely emotionally immature so it was doomed from the start.

      • Tonia

        I wasn’t a big Vienna fan; until now. Jake played America and Vienna as far as I’m concerned. She “undermines” him? Seriously? She’s entitled to an opinion; that’s what equality is. Yes she was interrupting but I could see the pain on her face and she just couldn’t sit there and take the BS; so I understood. I’m so glad she got out of this manipulative relationship with a controlling jerk. I honestly think he’s gay and always thought that before the tabloids. It would explain a lot about why he backs off in the intamacy department. Whatever Vienna’s past is or mistakes she’s made it was obvious that she loved him and was hurting. He on the other hand came off as someone women should avoid like the plague.

      • Elle

        Way to go Jen and Gigi! I agree!

      • 4Sure

        JEN – Sounds like a Canada girl to me!

      • Marcy

        Jen you are 100% correct! I have lost all respect for Chris Harrison.

      • murphy

        Also have to agree, I didn’t find Chris impartial at all, was clearly on jake’s side, and rather rude to Vienna at times. Yes, she got to the tabloids first, but I’m sure Jake was right behind her. He showed signs of being a control freak on the Bachelor, then DWTS, and definitely tonight. If the intent of the interview was to make Vienna look bad, it backfired. Wasn’t a Vienna fan on the show at all, but Jake just looked like a smug, ignorant ass. And I loved her comment on how she thought she married a pilot! ha! Hope we’ve seen the last of him.

      • Debby

        Jen, I agree with you and it saves me the trouble of telling just how I feel about Jake! What a lying, arrogant pig. Jake will never have a successful relationship, because he can never love anyone more than he loves himself. I was no Vienna fan, but you go girl! I’m glad she stood up for herself against that poor excuse for a man and I wish her the best.

      • BD

        definite bias towards Jake. Shameful!

      • Polly

        I agree. Chris Harrison’s interview was very slanted toward Jake. I think he knew that people didn’t like Vienna (I was one of them), but, in spite of that, she came across as truthful and really hurt. Jake’s temper, insecurities and search for fame came through on DWTS also. He is so creepy and full of himself. Hope I never see him on T.V. or magazine covers again.

      • Diane

        I too was disappointed in the way Chris conducted the interview. Not only did Jake get to come out first and set up his side of the story, but Chris twice slammed Vienna with hardball questions while giving Jake a complete pass. Chris drilled Vienna about her plans to stay in LA as though that was a crime. Vienna countered by saying she had a new job there. Chris also ask Vienna if she was sorry about anything she had done in the relationship. After ringing an apology out of Vienna, Chris ignored the opportunity to ask Jake the same question. Not well done Chris!

        A network body language expert pointed out that Jake had a hand “protectively” over his gen*itals for the first part of the interview (which might explain his refusal to be intimate with Vienna for most of their relationship, Jake felt his control threatened).

        Jake is extremely insecure and compensates by attempting to control everything in a relationship. He is totally self centered, and while he is drawn to strong women who he feels can be “supportive”, any questioning of his decisions is seen as undercutting/undermining him; how dare Vienna question his directions in the GPS incident, or what the best placement of the bedroom furniture was….

        Jake might have a longterm relationship with a totally submissive woman who expects to be emotionally abused, but Jake would despise such a person, and might eventually be driven to violence (which he would feel was all her fault, etc.).

        I hope that is the last we see of Jake. He is case book study of a hyper controling abuser. Pretty despicable!

      • CaresAboutTheDog

        I agree with Jen! Chris was totally on Jake’s side. It was obvious when Chris stated that nobody cares about the dog. That was as insensitive as Jake’s comments. I was never a huge fan of Vienna’s but I think she came across as genuine. I had a sick feeling in my stomach watching that interview; two men trying to downplay a woman’s hurt emotions. I lost all respect for Chris and Jake during that interview.

      • jo

        The fact that Jake will be on the Bachelor Pad (and not Vienna) is all the answer we need to who the real famewhore is. I was not a Vienna fan, but I believed her. I just read your interview for TV Guide and you seemed much more impartial (and actually leaning toward Vienna’s side) here. Wish you could have acted that way in the interview:

      • Beth

        I am another one who totally agrees with you Jen. I was so mad at the end of that interview with the way Chris Harrison wasn’t fair with his questioning. He seemed totally on Jake’s side and it was very obvious. I didn’t like Vienna during “The Bachelor” for sure but I am proud of her for standing up for herself and when someone is saying lies about you, it is very difficult to keep your mouth shut. Nobody deserves to be treated like that and Jake will finally see that he has no fans and no acting offers in the future like he wanted.

      • Beth

        One last thing, it was really funny when Chris asked Jake (one on one) if this was all a surprise to him (the breakup) and he said “yes, I really wanted to work on the relationship” And then when Chris asked both of them who broke up with who first he was the first to say “I broke up with you first” What a Liar!! That showed his true colors right there. And he kept his mouth shut when she said she broke up twice before and he promised to be better. He also was speechless about the whole “gay guy in her apartment thing” when he tried to accuse her of having a guy in their apartment. He knew the guy was gay and tried to make it look bad. OK I’m done venting! Jake disgusts me.

      • RaRa

        You know, I was a HUGE Jake fan from the moment he was introduced on The Bachelorette. But the more I see of him, the less I like. I’m sitting here looking at a picture taking of the two of them at Disney World/Land, posing with the Mickey Mouse characters. Vienna is laughing and looking at Mickey. Jake is laughing and looking into the camera. I’ve never been a fan of Vienna, but I think she deserves the same respect (and yes, opportunities) as have been showered on Jake (DWTS, Drop Dead Diva). I’m so over him. But I’m sure he has an agent who will make sure we keep seeing his mug, unfortunately.

      • jo


      • SUZIE-Q

        Jen, I couldn’t have said it better. Thank you for saying what you did.
        I’m a big dog lover and certainly didn’t appreciate Chris’s remark about “nobody cares about the dog”. He wanted to move on. Think lots care More about the dog than chris, vienna and Fake Jake.

      • Phoebe

        Jen – As others have said, you nailed it on the head. Chris Harrison is as phony as Jake is and his interview was not at all impartial. I loved the way Vienna used specific examples to back up her points, while Jake couldn’t back up his.

        And Chris, we DO care about Vienna’s dog!

      • R3

        to Reerun5 – Jake isn’t on the Bachelor Pad, unless maybe they put him on next season (if there is one). They’ve already finished taping it except for the final selection, which happens next month, I think.

      • catgirl

        The fact that Jake used the words “on my dime” just indicate his attitude toward marriage. I can see him wanting two bank accounts – one for him to run the household, and the other for him to deposit his wife’s weekly allowance. Heaven forbid she ask for more than he doles out. Vienna’s an immature, abrasive woman, but at least she is up front about who she is. My respect level went up for her just a bit, because she stood up to Jake and you, Chris. I don’t think she was ever given equal time to tell her story by herself, like you gave Jake. At least Vienna can grow up and mature and become a better person. I don’t think Jake will ever be anything but a self-centered, controlling man. Maybe he has a complex because he is short?

      • RG

        Before anything, my first thought was how COMPLETELY ridiculous the interview was, not because of the actual content, but because how simply obvious it was that you, Chris, were taking Jake’s side, in all aspects. Was there a reason why?

      • Brian

        Jen, for God’s sake, how you can defend that spoiled child and utter fool Vienna really makes me question you. I don’t defend Jake, but anyone who watched them knows that Vienna is a spoiled child whose Father never said a discouraging word to her growing up. “you’re so mean” which she always says, is the classic spoiled brat response. Jake has his problems, but she is a piece of work. No surprise at all to anyone that watched literally everyone but one girl despise Vienna on the Bachelor.

      • Amanda

        I don’t get all the Chris Harrison bashing. It’s his job to interview them and the reason he sat down with JAKE first to find out what was going on is because HE was the BACHELOR! You’re crazy to bring Chris Harrison into it and make him out to be an idiot. HELLO!!! I think you should watch the interview again. He didn’t do anything to undermine anyone in any way.

    • Dewy

      I cared about the dog you ass (Chris)!!!

      • Jen

        Dewy – rock on. I care about the dog too. People who have no compassion for animals are losers. BTW SLB – you have no point at all! If Vienna was so fame-starved why did she take a non-Hollywood job? Not very logical is it…and a lot of people get spoiled when they are young. At least she got a job and isn’t running back home to her dad. She is choosing to grow up. As for the show, real or not – it isn’t entertainment to me to show an abusive prick and have some patronizing host take his side. Abuse is abuse whether it is on tv or at home.

      • Shania

        She isn’t running back home because no one will Hire her back there. They know the type of liar that is Vienna. She went for the job in Hollywood that would make her appear charitable, knowing she had to try and make herself look like a victim.

        Some of you aren’t just naive, you’re bordering as ignorant as Vienna comes across!

      • Tre

        I love animals but what does her dog being sick have to with their relationship. This is a minor detail and definitely can’t be a main reason for the relationship souring. btw love the comments and arguments for both sides

      • Ally

        Grow up, Jake wasn’t beating the dog. He gave the dog a chance, and Vienna wasn’t cleaning up after it, so he sent it back to Florida. I’d do the same thing.

      • Juneymoon

        Exactly how do you know Vienna wasn’t picking up after the dog? Because Jake said so? I don’t think many people will attest to Jake’s truthfulness about anything, so why would you believe that one? Besides, when you take on a committment to give an animal a home, whether you wanted it or not, you give it a home. You don’t “send it back” because it gets sick, or doesn’t “train” soon enough to suit you. That was mean, he hurt Vienna by hurting the dog, it is the lowest you can go.

      • fay eastwood

        as an independent, educated woman who happens to enjoy indulging in a little reality TV, chris harrison shame on you! your terribly slanted interview and misogynist undertone have caused me to lose all respect for you personally. and yes, i cared about the dog! i’m sure your wife is not embarassed because she knows you did it for the show but what an awful display regardless of the excuse or reasoning.

      • SUZIE-Q

        Me Too !!!

      • kay

        Chris is a jerk, as well as Jake. You could tell Vienna was very upset about her dog and the way Jake didn’t seem to care at all. Speaks volumes of how he would treat other people. Vienna is better off without that idiot.

      • Carlyle

        We care about as much as Vienna does … why isn’t the beloved pooch living in her apartment with her now that she doesn’t have Jake to blame for not loving it enough? Puleeese!!!

    • bummed

      I love Frank, and so I’m totally bummed that he’s going to turn out to have a girlfriend or, at any rate, turn out to be a complete jerk. He’s genuinely funny and witty, which is more than I can say for the others! Maybe the girl he visits is his sister??? One can hope….

      • Jojo4

        I’m guessing the girl is Frank’s sister and maybe they have a family emergency that he has to go home for (since he’s so close to his family). I used to be Team Chris and even though he’s super funny, cute and nice, their kisses seem very awkward!! Not a lot of sexual chemistry there .. not sure if he’s just too nervous or what but the touchy/kiss scenes are not pretty!

      • Phoebe

        I can’t stand Frank. He’s way too into Ali, especially given that we know he’s going back to his girlfriend soon. He’s weird, neurotic, lives with his parents (yikes!). Ali is a fool for passing up a great guy like Craig for this loser!

    • Fedup

      Where do they find these people? That was the biggest, most awkward, embarrassing 1/2 hour of tv I’ve seen in years! Of course, that would make ABC happy. Jake is a creepy dude – as I thought the first time I saw him on the Bachelorette. So, he was on 3 ABC shows consecutively. Who’s he related to? He looked like such a dick – go Vienna (who I now want to party with). That whole episode made all 3 of them look like pathetic famewhores (my new favorite word of 2010).

      • PatA

        FEdup, I used to work in ER. One night I asked a doctor friend how a certain employee had risen so fast in the hospital workforce. His answer was a question and you will love it. He said “hmmmmm, wonder who’s desk she has been under?” Hint, hint….Jake?

    • Sheryl Monaghan

      I feel nervous every week at the “rose ceremony” because Ali has her work cut out for her with the remaining 4 men. I have to say that each one of them have great qualities and I will be happy with any one of the following men if she picks them…Chris, Kirk and Roberto have been my 3 favourite since the first show and I do hope that it is one of them. I love the way Kirk has put himself out there in every way possible to Ali and I hope that she sees just how much he is into her. There isn’t a moment when Kirk is around Ali that he isn’t smiling like a little school boy and he doesn’t take his eyes off of her. I believe that he loves her right now and would make an amazing husband…not to mention he is GORGEOUS!!! Chris is finally starting to open up and I hope he keeps doing that because he is not only good looking but a real family guy and I can see how he would love and take care of Ali no matter what. Roberto is awesome as well and so romantic. He says and does all the right things but I hope they are genuine and not because he knows that will win over Ali…..Good luck Ali!!!
      Huge fan in Canada

      • Delia

        People…read Reality Steve as he has detailed this whole season from the first airing. And he has been spot on all along. Ali picks no one.

      • J Reo

        Wow, well thanks for that spoiler! GRR! If I wanted to find spoilers I would go look up whoever this Steve jerk is on my own! And even if you feel the need to promote him or his website you don’t need to add the “oh and by the way, Alli picks…” You my dear Troll suck!

    • MJP

      You’ve said it very well, Esthering. ITA! I also think Frank has always been creepy & don’t get the appeal. Me…Chris is my man! Tall, funny, all around GOOD GUY! If Ali doesn’t want him…

  • Andrea

    I was never a huge Vienna fan but after watching this mess with my family, we are in pure agreement that he is the ultimate asshole. Treatment of women like that is never acceptable. Every reaction Vienna had and comment she made was completely understandable and classy. Jake absolutely had a violent personality and HE is the fame whore. I love you Chris and have been a big fan of yours forever but it did come off like you and Jake teamed up against Vienna. I feel for her

    • Sharon

      I couldn’t agree more. Although in the past I wasn’t a fan of hers, Vienna made a GREAT point when she said she thought Jake was an airline pilot and they were going to live in Dallas. Wasn’t that the theme, the WINGS of love, because he was a pilot? Suddenly he thinks he’s a TV star and an actor? Oh wait, he WAS an actor, a good one who fooled a lot of people into thinking he was something he isn’t. I think Vienna is well rid of him.

      • SLB

        Wow. I can’t believe how many people are delusional and thought this was real for one minute. Poor Vienna. Please. She’s a famewh*re as much as Jake. She’s just p*ssed she couldn’t control him. Loved all the “crying” she did, but not one tear was she. Maybe she needs to take a “poly-o-graph” too.

      • Jen

        You think everyone is delusional who doesn’t agree with you SLB? Me thinks thou doth protest too much. It is you who has a screw loose. You watched him basically throw himself under the bus by being a complete cold, controlling, a** and you just pick apart the one word she screwed up? She thought the relationship was real. He was manipulating her from day one. I agree with Dewey up above – you must be Jake or his mommy. For only they would make such pathetic comments for Jake as you.

      • Doreen

        I agree.I was never a fan of Vienna’s. I thought she was whiny and immature, but after watching this interviewi think she conducted herself very well. Anyone who can’t see that Jake needs control abd dominance in a relationship is naive. He couldnt gt that with Vienna so he became abusive. AS far as her running to the tabloids she had a right to share her view on a story that was going to become public regardless. And so what if she wanted the money! Jake wouldnt let her get a job! She had no money no family! Anyone would take the money! As far as getting a job in LA what was she supposed to do? Fly to florida and then get a job? with no money? no home? no support? Its not like she tried to submit her name for a television show, she got a job in marketing! Vienna then broke down after Jake yelled at and demeaned her on camera. Could you imagine the embarrasment and shame? She was really just trying to leave after saying whah she had to say. She was a victim in this relationship with thi “pilot”. (and for clarification her “daddy” isnt rich)

      • Doreen

        and YES Chris Harrison was biasd the entire time he was constantly questioning Vienna and HER answers and if SHE had anything to apoligize about. He never asked why Jake wasn’t flying, why he was yelling, or if he wanted to apoligize. Not saying it was purposeful, but this interview was very much about defending Jake’s image, and continuing to trash Vienna’s

      • Juno

        Vienna did not conduct herself very well. She never let Jake finish one point. I must be in the minority, but I think Jake came off looking much better than Vienna who cried her way through the whole thing and couldn’t really speak very intelligently. If I had to be around her it would drive me to throw things too. She can’t go back to Florida cause no one can stand her there. Vienna is a mess and I don’t fault Jake for wanting acting gigs. I thought during the whole show that he’d make a great actor. I can see why they wanted him on Dancing with the Stars and not her. She will find success some day but she won’t likely rise above the average or below average, but Jake has alot of potential and I believe is sincere. His big mistake was choosing her in the first place. Now he’s paying for that bad decision.

      • dena

        ABC portrayed him as this everyday full time pilot! that’s what Vienna thought she was going to go home with and instead he wants to be an actor!? very different! he wasn’t who he said he was.

      • Francine

        I agree with Sharon about thinking he was going to go back to being a pilot. Then we see him hamming it up on DWTS!! He makes out like Vienna is doing something wrong by getting a job in LA but she isn’t looking for a show business career like he is. Well he has blown it now and better hope the airlines will take him back.

    • Kiley

      Vienna classy?!? LMAO Not sure what interview you were watching but she was not classy. Not that I’m defending Jake, just saying I agree with Chris and everyone else that Neither came across looking good after that interview. I would’ve snapped also if someone interrupted me Every time I tried to respond to a direct question. Even Chris tried to get Vienna to simply Allow Jake to respond. She came across desperate and annoying, but again, I’m not defending Jake. He needs a woman who is more old fashioned, subservient, and should’ve known Vienna was nothing like that. They obviously are not a match. They are both strong willed about how they thought a relationship should work. Unfortunately for them, their visions weren’t the same. They should both let this story die before they ruin their reputations any further.

      • SLB

        Yeah. She’s classy. Just check out all the pictures of her with her face in men’s crotches at drunken spring break parties.

      • Jen

        Oh yeah SLB? I can smell a misogynist a mile away. That is you. If you look in the photos you just see her and what she is doing. What about all the guys who are there egging her on and drinking and hitting on her? I guess you are trying to tell me they are classy and she is not. Funny how this is 2010 and we still try to crucify women for being sexual and we praise men when they exhibit the same traits. Brainless twit.

      • Carey

        Sorry Jen but just because the guys are egging her on doesn’t make what she’s doing classy or acceptable… even in 2010!! That’s the problem with girls like you and Vienna. You want to have it both ways. You want society to say it’s OK for you to act like a wh*re but then want our sympathy when you claim you’re a victim. You either are or you’re not… unfortunately for girls like you and Vienna, the photos don’t Lie.

      • Ann from the Arbor

        What, Carey? You are choosing to ignore the point, and you know it. Jen and Vienna are not the same kind of girls at all,(Vienna is a victim and Jen is smart enough to see it). The only thing they have in common is they are female – a trait I share and I too, am sick to death of chauvanistic creeps like you. The male-driven media has done a good job of brainwashing our young women into believing sexuality equals value. Obviously, Vienna got caught up in that lie.

      • Carey

        Uh, Ann… Carey is a Female name, and so am I. lol My point in my conversation with Jen is correct. Vienna is no victim. Vienna knew/knows exactly what she’s doing. Yes, men are pigs, but just because Vienna knowlingly (yes, knowlingly) decided to perform indecent acts in public, in front of a camera, does not make her a victim. That’s the sad part You don’t Get… she’s the same famewh*re then as she is now. There’s a pattern here with Vienna… open your eyes and you just might see it. Is she delusional in her thinking? Absolutely! But women like you don’t help by defending her and allowing her to Continue to Act Badly! She knows better, she Chooses not to acknowledge the Reality of the situation. You should be asking Vienna to seek professional help for her delusional behavior and stop making Excuses!

      • Chopstix

        @SLB, @Carey- You should remember how old Vienna was when those pictures were taken. I’m sure you have some skeletons in your closet from your younger years. If those pictures were taken yesterday, it would be a totally different story.

      • Jen

        Wow – so let me get this straight Carey…if Vienna poses for pictures in a bikini contest on spring break, or takes a job and wears suggestive clothing to get paid, she can never amount to anything. That is super Christian/God-like/religious of you. So forgiving and compassionate. So, I guess if that is unforgivable, even though she was young and naive…then I guess we should never forgive those people with addictions either. The alcoholics, the drug addicts, they made mistakes. Should we not forgive them either? They make mistakes. They sometimes have affairs, harrass others, wear suggestive clothing, sleep with people they wouldn’t otherwise sleep with. Or how about those who commit crimes? Certainly they are worse then Vienna. Maybe we should never forgive them either. Oh wait – that’s right. We have a criminal justice system. We do give people a second chance. And yes, we (or at least I believe) have a God. So there is forgiveness for those of us humans who make mistakes. Vienna is out working in a real job, with her clothing on. This is her fresh start, her second chance to make better choices. Boy, I hope you never made a mistake in your life since you can’t forgive others. I’m sure you won’t forgive yourself either. Frankly, I know there are thousands of women out there who are addicts (men too), who are abuse survivors, who are rape victims. They act out sexually and make bad choices too. I forgive them. I have compassion. If you don’t, I feel sorry for you.

      • Dewy

        Hi Carey,

        1) You are a republican
        2) You are a (non-christian) christian
        3) You are a man
        4) You are a gay man (this is fine)
        5) You have feelings for Jake

        Don’t worry now…Vienna is gone…you are free to make your run at him.

      • tyrone

        anybody watch the bachelor at home or at a bar..NAKED?

    • Diane

      I completely agree. I wasn’t a big fan of Vienna’s during the show but I cannot believe how Jake has morphed from Dudley Doright into the guy from The Stepfather. She’s right he is a fame whore and obviously has some anger issues. She came off very believable and he was downright scary.

      • Rachael

        Sorry, they Both came off poorly. Vienna has her own issues and is just as big a fame wh*re as Jake!

      • Jenn

        How is she as big of a famewh*re as Jake? Am I missing something? Jake did DWTS, Drop Dead Diva, posted his phone number on his twitter, he conducted UStreams. Vienna did what? She was dating Jake so she showed up in pictures and she did the whole Bachelor promotion thing. What else did she do?

    • Lu

      I completely agree Andrea. It did come off like Chris was favoring Jake. I LOVE Chris, but this was upsetting.

      • Shayna

        Help me understand, ANYONE please!! How is it that Vienna did not get along with “the girls” from high school; she couldn’t get along with “the girls” from the bachelor house; she can’t go back to Florida because she “doesn’t want to go back to THAT environment”, etc., and ad nauseum. Egocentricity and being the “common denominator” with NO accountability came off very clearly with our “little lady” Vienna last night. I would have become frustrated too if I had to be held captive by a grown woman’s temper tantrum. Also, why did Vienna lie about being in talks about appearing in Playboy – their rep busted her hard … NOT in talks and SO NOT interested — no ‘poly-o-graph’ needed? So very trailer…. No pity here – but she was RIDICULOUS – regardless of what is said about Jake The Fake…

    • Jennifer

      I couldn’t wait to read this blog and see what people thought of JAKE after last night. Vienna has gotten trashed a lot throughout her time on the Bachellor and afterwards and last night I just had my jaw hanging wide open watching Jake be rude, condescending, belittling and arrogant. She was kind of a wild card to begin with but personally I like her even more for standing her ground and not staying in the relationship. I would have walked off the stage, too…she couldn’t finish a sentence without being blamed for something else. I wondered how Tenley would have handled him after she saw this side of his personality. And I think Jillian saw that he was just an “image” and being real with her. So interesting….

      • PatA

        Did he scare you with that clenched face and the eyes? The cold eyes? He never answered Vienna, he only talked to Chris. Well, that is until he yelled at her.
        After that happened, Chris would have been very smart to question him about the yelling. BUT, no, he had to go ahead and kiss Chris’s sss.

    • Sheryl Monaghan

      Well where to start???? I watched the episode with Jake and Vienna last night like millions of other people and had to sit there and shake my head at the pair of them. I do agree with one thing that Jake said and that was that Vienna is only telling about 40% of the truth…well I think he should have included himself in that statement. Both of them would have gone to the media about the breakup so it doesn’t really matter who spilled the beans first does it??

      Vienna held her ground and I have to give her credit for that because I was never a fan of hers and I still am not but she did come across to me as being truthful with what she said about their relationship. I believe her when she said that the first month was wonderful and then Jake didn’t want to kiss her or be intimate??? I do think that she was a little naive thinking that their life would be different after leaving the show. She is a self-proclaimed “daddy’s girl” and needs to have attention 100% of the time and when she didn’t get that she sulked like a little girl.

      I loved Jake from the time he was on the season with Jillian and was upset when she let him go. I was excited to learn that he was the new bachelor and thought that he was going to finally find love. Well I guess he did for a short time and who really knows what went on between him and Vienna when the cameras weren’t there?? I must say I was shocked last night during the interview when he kept clenching his jaw and having the little smirk that he is famous for. I thought that he was smug and kept saying over and over that Vienna underminds him all the time!! Holy smokes Jake….let the girl measure the room if she wants to!!! It bothers me that he came across as smug and I don’t believe either one of them is telling the whole truth but we will never know what that is.

      I do wish both of them well and hope that they can both be ADULTS and move on. They both must learn that throwing dirt only gets you both dirty!!

      Play nice in the sandbox kids

      Huge fan in Canada

      • PatA

        If wanting to measure a room and re-arrange furniture is “emasculating and undermining”, I shudder to think of the harm I’ve inflicted upon men who were helping me remodel houses! I should be slapped! I only hope that I can find those men and make amends now. :-)

  • Cupcake

    Wow! Thanks for your blog Chris and for giving your behind the scenes take on things. The Jake and Vienna interview was rough but you handled it really well. I just hope they are done talking about it now. As for Ali – Ty leaving was a bummer. He seems great but she does seem to have a better fit with the other 4. The trailers for next week show us Frank in a new way – it should be interesting! As always, I can’t wait for next Monday night to see how this all plays out! Thanks again Chris – you’re rad.

    • The Dog

      I like Chris’s blog too – and generally think highly of him, but I disagree that Chris handled the interview well.

      Agreed it was a difficult interview to navigate, but Jake was left unchallenged when Vienna explained that the fellow visiting her was a gay friend. Clearly this was ground covered perviously (and privatley between the two of them) but yet Jkae brought up the accusation once again as a cheap shot.

      Second, Chris missed the point about the dog story. It was not so much about the the details of the dog drama, but rather an illustration of Jake’s lack of empathy. By Chris saying “We don’t care about the dog” he’s either missed the point, or saying he doesn’t care about the fact that Jake lacks empthay. Either way – not handled well.

      • Kim R

        Totally agree on the Chris interview. It would be so nice for someone on TV to show backbone instead of asking questions that would better serve the program you are on. Chris was a sell out. Just like Jason & Melissa. After Melissa leaves, Molly comes out and all is well. Sick. He has no backbone at all.

      • Sharon

        Agree, I was kind of shocked when Chris made that comment. Either he was showing his favoritism of Jake, or he totally missed the point of her story.

      • Lu

        Yeah, that “We don’t care about the dog” comment was in poor taste. Really insensitive. I was surprised. He really was very hard on Vienna and Jake was left unscathed.

      • bmason

        Can we all just call this Bachelorette/Cat Fight episode “We don’t care about the dog” and then someone call PETA please?

        To chime in on the anti-Vienna Bias of Chris and ABC – for them to come out and claim that the interview “was fair for both parties” Really? you call letting Jake tell his side (without Vienna there) and not giving Vienna the same opportunity “fair to both sides”? No wonder she talked over Jake (and Chris)!
        I would have done the same…

        It’s amazing to me that Vienna succeeded in demonstrating what a misogynistic angry fame-whore Jake is – given the bias Chris and ABC demonstrated during this supposedly “fair” interview…

      • roberta

        I dont think that Chris ever meant to imply that he didnt care about her sick dog, but rather that he didnt care to go on discussing the dog story.

        While on the surface Jake’s comments may seem cold and cruel, we don’t know in what context they were made or if he even said it at all.

        People say all sorts of things in the heat of a fight. Who knows what she said to him to cause him to say that if indeed he did.

        It doesnt mean that he doesnt care about the dog. In fact, I suspect it was his way of saying that he had had enough of the craziness that was her and her life.

        They didnt say so in the show last night, but as I understand it, the dog was hospitalized because it had separation anxiety from being away from her so much so that it made the dog sick.

        If I were Jake, I would find that rather looney myself and I would have to wonder why the dog wasnt sick during the 2 months that she was on the show.

  • Suzie

    How come Ali always looks so orange?

    Now for the question if I would ever date a guy that lived with his parents, I think it would depend on his age and his situation. If the guy was 21 and still in College living with his parents its okay. If the guy is 38 years old and still living at home than it’s a problem.

    • jessica

      Frank is creepy. And living with his parents, also creepy. And being a retail manager, which to me translates to managing the luggage department at Macy’s, also weird. What does Ali see in him???

      • geneve

        Spot on. Frank is strange

      • Bonnie

        I have felt from the very beginning that Frank was the “biggest looser”. Every week I hope he is the one going home — and here he is. Can Ali not see what we’re watching. He’s creepy!

      • wino

        but guys, he lived in paris…er… wait, what? it was for two weeks? so he vacationed for 14 days and calls it living abroad? well, heck, then i lived in London for two days while delayed for a flight at Heathrow. a creep and an idiot.

      • KC

        LOL wino my thoughts exactly. He talked up living in Paris then we found out it was for 4 weeks – basically a long vacation.

      • Cindy

        In the real world Frank would not have a chance with Ali. She wouldn’t give him a second look….he has loser written all over him, lives at home??? Come on Ali wake up – He wouldn’t have received a rose based on that one.

      • marven gardens

        Frank talks waaaaay to much about everything going on inside his insecure head. He needs to learn that just because he’s sitting on a couch doesn’t mean he’s in therapy.

      • aspen

        i’ve always said Frank is creepy too! right from the beginning i don’t understand why she’s so smitten with him

      • Genia

        CREEPY!!! What in the hell was she thinking? Frank, Really? I have been confused by her “connection” with him from their first one on one… I Dont get it… YUCKY…

      • James

        It’s scripted, folks! Frank doesn’t want to be there, but has to in order to fill an obligation to ABC when he signed up. Ali probably has to give the guy a chance so it can make for great drama when Frank leaves for his ex in a couple weeks.


    • Max

      Frank is coming off as creepy, but I think he’s a stand up guy in a weird situation.

      • Kat62

        I agree. I’ve liked Frank the best from the start. He’s smart and has a quick wit and self-deprecating humor. He’s probably wary from past experience.

      • APL

        I agree, I think Frank is sincere.I have liked him since day one. I think that he has his quirks, but they all do.

    • Nobody

      Poly-o-graph? Vienna continues to prove that having a college degree doesn’t automatically make a person smart.

      • Sheri

        I thought the same thing. And the idiot she is said it twice!!

      • annoyed

        lol @ nobody, my husband and daughter and i just couldnt contain our laughter when she said poly o graph. and for the record, if someone were interrupting me every second I would snap too.

      • RK

        She wanted some cheese.

      • gah

        she also said she didn’t know what “undermine” and “tape measure” were and yet i still sided with her after that interview

      • goo

        gah, I am pretty sure she knew what undermine meant, but wanted Jake to define it and give examples. I think she knew he had these words he would keep using, without really knowing what they meant (I could be wrong). But as for “poly-o-graph”….hilarious.

      • JMAC

        Hey nobody……you nailed it, her daddy no doubt paid for her education and I believe her degree is -0

      • LeeLou

        I agree! she’s just a princess, who likes mommy and daughter days with Chloe, her dog. =)

      • d

        My sister and I were watching this and when she said Poly-o-graph we started laughing. She is very immature. Why didn’t any of the other Bachelor couples that broke up get interviews like this?

    • MJ

      Both Jake and Vienna have major relationship issues going on. Wonder why they didn’t seek some outside help to deal with what appears to be guilt on Jake’s part of being “intimate” before marriage and desperation on Vienna’s part to make the relationship work on her terms.

      • liz Sharp

        I wish they had sought counseling! What a waste. These are solvable problems–I know that because I am a marriage cousnelor. I feel for Vienna. She has some maturing to do. I hope she doesn’t let this ruin her. Why do these couples rush to move in and play house?? ALL couples could benefit from good premarital counseling–it statiscally drops the divorce rate considerably.

      • eugene

        because Jake is on the other team

      • walkerfan

        Pretty sure they did try to get counseling. The trouble is that Dr. Frasier Crane is no longer practicing and Dr. Phil won’t return their calls.

      • SLB

        The fact that this show is fake too doesn’t help create “real” couples.

      • michele

        Ha – ha walkerfan! That’s too funny. But really, The Bachelor should offer counseling to all these people who get destroyed on their show. I too was not a fan of Vienna’s but could see Jake’s volatile personality during the show. Remember how mad he got about Roslyn? Kicking stuff over? He had only known her for a few days!! Destroying a GPS because someone turned it on? Wow. And for the record, “undermining” is not synonymous with “disagreeing”, Jake.

      • Kris

        Some people are complaining that Chris was on Jake’s side. I disagree. First of all, he spoke with Jake alone at the beginning because Jake was “The Bachelor”, so of course he was brought out first. If Vienna had been “The Bachelorette”, he would have started with her. Secondly, Chris did not ask Jake if he wants to apologize for anything because Vienna stormed off the stage right after she apologized so he never got the chance to ask. People… we have to remember that they got engaged after only knowing eachother for six weeks or so. They obiously have different ways of fighting, and they learned things about each other that they didn’t like. It doesn’t necessarily mean anyone was “wrong”, just that they are not compatible together. Normal people who date, also find out things that they like or don’t like about someone. Then they break up and it’s not anyone’s fault. It just means they weren’t a good match. Unfortunately, Jake and Vienna were already engaged before they got to really know each other and find out that they are too different. For the record, I can see both sides. However, if I had to choose a side, it would be Vienna’s side. But in Jake’s defense, Vienna did interrupt alot. They are just two different personality types that got enagaged too soon to realize that they don’t really know each other very well and that they have different ways of dealing with issues that are not compatible. Just my opinion.

      • PatA

        So you’re saying that Jake isn’t going to have sex before marriage? That makes him a virgin, right? I have an island in Arizona that I’ll sell you. Male or female, he ain’t a virgin.

    • Michelle

      Ali may be using a tanning lotion and it’s not the correct kind.

    • peeved

      Funny, I must be the complete one out, or the total minority, but I believe Ali is just as weird and narcissistic! Sorry sweet Ali…you just seem too sweet!?

  • Nicole

    Before this interview aired, I had a pretty good idea of how it was going to play out. The arguing, he-said-she-said and tears were expected. What I didn’t expect was to feel as bad as I do for Vienna. Even though there were some holes in her stories; the whole I hate L.A. but I staying to work here and ignore you story kinda threw me. But something about the look in her eyes, pleading for Jake to love her like he allegedly had got to me. It amazed me how he could be so uncaring and cold toward her. Jake uses his “All-American good boy” image that gained him popularity him while on the Bachelor to try and get the public to side with him. He was smug, childish and worst of all rehearsed. Sorry to break it to you Jake but the only person I was truly disgusted by was you.

    • k

      i was pretty disgusted with both of them. and the fact you fell for V’s act? wow.

      • Dee

        Really K? You think Jake is an innocent victim? Did you not see the scary vein bulging in his jaw? Without a doubt, Vienna needed to zip it and let others get a word in; but Chris, you were clearly biased in Jake’s favor. The guy came off condescending, cold, creepy, and yes, as a liar. You did yourself no favors by so obviously taking his side in that interview.

      • Dally

        Vienna’s act? Vienna acted the same as she did on the show.

        Jake, on the other hand, revealed a very disturbing, almost scarey side to his personality, only previously hinted at when he had a melt down with Chelsea on DWtS.

      • stephanie

        I agree. Vienna came off as believable, Jake came off as a control freak, and we saw the real Jake. I feel sorry for any girl who ends up with him.

      • Juneau

        Vienna was the only genuine party on that stage for the interview. Obviously brokenhearted and filled with emotion. Jake was a robot and came off as very insincere. Vienna may have been too immature for marriage (something we ALL knew from the get go), but what Jake did to her is horrible.

      • Laura

        You obviously didn’t watch the show to say Vienna acted the same as she did on the show; operative word being “Acted” here. Vienna showed Two sides to her personality on the show. Talk about short term memory loss… maybe ABC should’ve shown some of those scenes to refresh your Beleaguered memory. lol

      • seenie

        You are so right K. It appears Vienna and her one or two friends came here to try and convince the world there are people out there who believed what Vienna was shoveling. They are both disgusting and should be banished from ever gracing another magazine cover or TV screen.

      • BC Girl

        I so agree with you K & seenie. Vienna needs to get a clue. She thinks that crashing all the cars that Daddy buys her is funny. I hope she didn’t hurt anyone else in the process.

    • Not a Vienna Fan

      I agree with Mimi. I didn’t care much for Vienna during the Bachelor, but felt the interview wasn’t fair to her. She didn’t get one-on-one time with Chris like Jake did, and that makes a difference. She may have felt “ganged up on.” After hearing all the things she listed off that Jake had done, it got VERY uncomfortable for me . . . reminding me of my abusive relationship. She may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but she’s smart enough to get out. JMHO :)

      • juneymoom

        I totally agree with you. And I think Dally is correct when she points out Vienna did not act different, it was Jake who let his mask down. What a frightening person he is! And what about Chris’s cold remark- “Nobobdy cares about the dog.”(?)Those of us with pets know this kind of thing is very telling.

      • Dr Phil’s Brain

        Dah, she left the stage and since he was the bach, he came on first – like thay have always done.

        Both Jake and Vienna are LOSERS. Him for chosing her when there were other decent women he could have chosen. She wants a man to be around her 24/7 and if he can’t she gets nasty (sell story to tabloids or in the case of her xe husband ( left him while he was in Iraq after she took his miney to get implants).

      • @Dr Phil’s Brain

        Are you sure you even HAVE a brain?

      • At @Dr. Phil’s Brain

        I know where your brain is. Get off of it.

      • Dr Phil’s Brain on Drugs

        Dah she left the stage and took her xe husbands miney.

      • Ldub

        Having also been a victim in a manipulative and controlling relationship, it was very uncomfortable for me to watch. Vienna was talking so much because she spent the last six months never having her voice heard by the man who was supposed to love her. I was so disappointed with Chris (who I love) for so clearly siding with Jake. It was like Chris was mad at her for doing an ‘unauthorized interview’ and not doing things the ABC way. I was never a Vienna fan, but she definitely deserved better treatment than this (from both Jake and Chris H)

      • PatA

        Jake shows the classic signs of a self-absorbed bully. He picks a woman that he thinks adores him so much that he can control her. After seeing the interview, I can only imagine the verbal abuse V took. And you, Christ, you enabled a controlling and abusive media whore.

      • @PatA

        Please tell us you meant to type Chris? Not Christ? yikes!

    • annoyed

      Vienna called Jake a “fake liar” lol. What on earth is a “fake liar”? is it someone who tells the truth? we all hope thats the last we see of them both.

      • alsoannoyed

        I agree. Vienna came off completely immature and didn’t have a solid reason for why she would end it except that he didn’t stay in the honeymoon phase of adoring her long enough. I don’t think Jake is perfect and he is also annoying to some degree but he was not the person linked to another person before/within hours of a supposed breakup with a very public relationship. And if she was so much about just “getting the truth out there” then why did she have to sell the story and to a magazine like “Star”? Why didn’t she just tell a more reputable magazine the truth? Regardless of how Jake has issues, I think she is opportunistic and I don’t understand why everyone is buying her crap.

      • BC Girl

        Vienna’s a twit. She was the one who wanted to find a ‘Daddy’ for the dog that she wears matching outfits with. Time for this spoiled brat to grow up and try to get along with everyone else. Contrary to what her Dad has led her to believe, not everything is about Vienna.

      • PatA

        didn’t mean to call Chris “Christ” in above post.

    • shelly

      who’s the “fame whore” here?? Vienna is going to pose in playboy…think that answers that question. And Jake was right…you can’t get a word in edgewise…she never shut up!

      • Karen

        Vienna is NOT posing in Playboy. THat rumor has already been put to rest.

      • Cami

        Yeah, Vienna claimed she was offered but Playboy said they Never asked her to pose. So who’s the liar now?

    • yogamom

      Vienna is a piece of work! Jake looked mad, not necessarily smug and who wouldn’t be…he was literally interuppted EVERY time he began to speak! I would have snapped long before that. Not to mention, how immature is it to sell your story to tabloids for $90,000? None of the other Bachelor/Bachelorette couples that broke-up ever felt the need to go public with their break-ups. What makes Vienna so needy of attention anyway???

      • Me

        Exactly! She betrayed him!

      • StPeteGirl

        They both have issues. Vienna was classless from the beginning of the Bachelor…and to sell her story to a tabloid drove that fact home. As for Jake…why the heck did he agree to interview with Vienna and Chris. It only made things worse for him. Both individuals need help.

      • Lynne

        @yogamom…you are saying that Jake didn’t sell his story to any tabloids? Also, what did Chris get paid to do this interview? Did Jake and Vienna get paid to do this interview? Why is it ok for ABC to do this kind of interview, but wrong for tabloids? Everybody should get paid since ABC and the tabloids make money off the interviews.

      • PatA

        And you think that Jake gave his story and did the cover of People for free? Ha! I bet he got more than V got.

    • stan

      Nicole got it right.
      Jake came across like a controlling loser. Women should run from him and his tape measure.

      • BRae

        Nicole and Stan…you both are right. When I was young I was in a very abusive relationship. Lot of red flags from Jake last night…and all abuse doesn’t have to be physical. emotional abuse scars the soul. Good luck Vienna

      • Sharkbait

        Finally some clarity on why an attractive guy like Jake had to resort to a dating show to find a relationship. He may be able to attract plenty of women initially, but his temper and anger/control issues, drive them away. His interview was such a huge PR disaster (and an example to casting agents that he cannot convincingly act) that even the best publicist won’t be able to fix it. Jake and Vienna’s 15 minutes of fame are over. It’s time for them to step aside and let the next Bachelors/Bachelorettes make complete fools of themselves.

        P.S. I find it curious that Jake became so upset about Vienna alledgedly getting a tape measure to re-measure room dimensions. What kind of a man is afraid of a tape measure? — One who doesn’t measure up, if you know what I mean.

      • George

        to Sharkbait – yes, perhaps Jake has had a past traumatic experience involving a girlfriend and a tape measure! ;-)

    • Francine

      I agree with Nicole, Dee, Stephanie,Juneau. Jake showed his true colors and Chris sided with him! No wonder Vienna was crying and trying to tell her side. He is a fame whore. A pilot in Dallas–he could go back to that– but trying to be an actor. He fooled me until this interview. Take the Oscar back. He is just replusive.

      • Carol in Calgary

        Francine – I couldn’t agree more. I thought Jake was a playah from DAY 1 & he never did anything to change my mind.

    • JMAC

      Nicole…..take your blinders off!

      • Sue

        Sorry you need to revisit the interview and put your spectacles on. Nicole got it right!

      • @JMAC

        Look again, Nicole summed it up perfectly.

      • Dr Phil’s Brain

        Agreed. Just a note – they are both LOSERS.

      • BRae

        Jake was a penny short of on-air abusive…that vein was popping in his neck….it was scary.

    • Mimi

      “It amazed me how he could be so uncaring and cold toward her.”

      Uh, next time the one you love betrays you to the tabloids behind your back for money, then hooks up with someone while you’re 2,000 miles away, you might be a bit cold, too.

      • Cathy

        You and the others here bashing Vienna are totally missing the point.
        Why did she sell the story to the tabloids? because she wanted everyone to know what a creep, liar, opportunist Jake is. Otherwise, ABC and the bachelor would have protected him very well.

        I say good one her for telling the story so that all of us who were fooled by Jake finally saw what a controlling abusive man he is.
        her story to the tabloids matched exactley the way he acted last night. not to mention, she was always giving examples and he was not able to respond but only with a one word sentence “nope”.

      • Cathy

        and who the hell feels emasculated by his girlfriend using the GPS after she asks him for directions, and then takes it and throws it with anger in the back of the car.
        you WOMEN bashing Vienna think this is not a creepy and an abusive behavior??

        she never lied to the tabloids, she told the truth. and we all saw that last night.
        shame on the bachelor and on Chris Harisson.
        first Melissa and Jason, then Roslyn who I know for a fact, was tricked and then this. for more info, check out reality steve- the guy has inside sources in the bachelor crew and he has his stories right.

    • circle

      Jake was heading toward a control freak as he had started to think he is a “star in Hollywood” (which is is just a junky to fame and popularity). Vienna is the one who is heartbroken with his lack of affection, compassion, and simply has thrown her out of his circle (because she no longer keeps him on cameras). Jake indeed is a fame whore and has no senses of direction to himself and his girlfriend. He is in the whole show biz for himself. He needs to get a real job. I don’t think he knows how to support his woman. I don’t think he knows how to have a real ralationship.

    • Christina

      I completely agree with Nicole and Mimi. I never liked Vienna on The Bachelor but I genuinely felt sorry for her last night. I bet the mean, smug demeanor we saw from Jake last night was just the tip of the iceberg. He looked like he could snap at any minute and I don’t think that was just because of the current situation. For anyone who watched DWTS, I really got a bad vibe from the way he treated Chelsie. I think he’s a total control freak who is quite potentially verbally and emotionally abusive. Vienna and Ali should both be glad to have him out of their lives.

  • Mimi

    Chris, since you asked… I didn’t think your interview was fair. Although you asked Vienna about her new job, you didn’t ask Jake about whether he’d done the Bachelor just for the fame (with no intention of going back to being a pilot). You didn’t ask Jake about his People interview — although that was “authorized” by the Bachelor so that’s presumably ok while the Star is not.

    And as presumably you’ve never been in an abusive relationship, you really overlooked the controlling, emotionally abusive traits that Jake was showing….that, if left unaddressed, can lead to physical violence. He’d isolated Vienna from family and friends, left her with little $ in a strange town, withheld himself emotionally and physically from her AND told her his mean behavior was all her fault because she “undermined” him. Classic abuser tactics.

    And his anger over the placement of the bed in the bedroom — boy oh boy that reminded me of Mommy Dearest and wire hangers!

    • sally

      Mimi, you are totally right–all of that is classic behavior of an abuser. Chris, you did sort of seem to ignore that point, even jumping on the bandwagon of “We don’t care about the dog.” You did NOT question Jake about the not flying for a year or why he had neglected Vienna totally or why his vein was about to jump out of his neck. He scared me,

      • RK

        Funniest part of the interview.

      • Mel

        I agree that Jake is a closet abuser. It was startling at how dismissive and cold he was. Classic signs of emotional abuse. I had no dog in this fight but it became clear that Vienna was the only one who had emotionally entered the relationship. Her behavior was sincere. And Chris was absolutely biased. To say otherwise shows your true colors as well. After watching this interview, there is no way Vienna was treated with same kid gloves as Jake.

      • The Dog

        You’d be pooping and peeing all over the place in fear and disgust if you had to live with these two! so don’t dismiss me Chris, I saw and heard things that would make your head spin

      • Team Jake

        Chris was totally fair. Vienna ran to the tabloids, betrayed someone she supposedly “loved” for thousands of dollars, broke her contract with ABC, then hooked up with some guy while Jake was 2,000 miles away. Whatever sympathy I may have had for Vienna is GONE. She’s self-centered and immature. Jake showed restraint and calm in the face of her continual interruptions.

    • Christie

      Wow, the way you listed all the traits of an abusive relationship in succession like that really got to me – you’re so right about all of those! EEP, now I’m even more freaked out!

      • in the dale

        Mimi is absolutely on point. Although I really didn’t care for either of them, Vienna should be grateful to be away from Jake.

      • Lee

        Mel…right on

    • Lisa

      Not really; actually, his demeanor was more one of someone betrayed. And ladies – listen up – this is how men act when we get overly melodramatic and exaggerate! They know that they cannot reason with us in that stage, so they calm down and clam up. He utilizes reserve, but he was actually admirable in his restraint. She is just out of control, has a history of manipulation and when she saw how he wouldn’t play into her usual, she played her last sympathy card. And you ladies all fell for it! Good grief! Can’t you see her for how she plays you all?

      • Christie

        Is Lisa for real? Yikes.

      • jet

        Wow Lisa. You don’t know what you are talking about.

      • Ida Red

        BINGO Lisa!! Thank you for stating that so well. There was no reasoning with her. NONE. I was a little disappointed at Chris’ poor mediating skills. But I guess a hysterical woman makes for better ratings. Right Chris?

      • etm

        Geez, Lisa, when your boyfriend hits you is that his way of showing you he loves you?

      • Gail

        How long have you all been married? Lisa is right…Vienna is a spoiled brat who didn’t give a rip about Jake at all; but Jake is an idiot for not figuring that out when he had the chance. “He sooo mean!” “Oh pooooor baby” Her whole town turned its back on her–bingo! I wonder…

      • geneve

        Spot on Gail! Vienna has been spoiled and is not happy unless she is the center of attention. Jake learned the truth about her, but should not have strung her along. Both need to learn how to argue. It was frustrating to watch this play out. arrghhh

      • annie t

        um, i’m a woman and i wanted to throw my shoe at her. They just didn’t mesh outside of the fantasy world that the show creates. She’s still a child and couldn’t have a grownup conversation! It was all whining and interrupting and refuting every 2 words out of his mouth. I was exhausted by the time it was over!!!

      • Lisa

        Thank you, Gail and Ida Red! It does take a few years as a woman, doesn’t it? A mature woman admits that she has played some of the games that come very naturally to us. I know I did! Luckily, I had some wonderful men in my life who gently pointed out to me some of my typical female antics.. ;-} (also, 4 younger brothers showed me what men are really made of – often more sensitive than we could ever be – more easily heartbroken!) Now, I won’t admit to being Vienna-like (eww), but I recognize her tantrums -and her desire to achieve the end result that she has usually gotten. Jake stonewalled her, as he only could, to FURTHER PROTECT HIMSELF; but she plays the game at a much higher level than he will ever be able to do. Just ask her previous in-laws!

      • Shanda V

        I agree with. Mimi and disagree with you. Jake has never reserved his feelings on prior shows or interviews, rather he typically behaves like a srereotypical woman- crying and wearing his emotions on his sleeves.

      • Shel

        Omg, Lisa – you have some wonderful men who gently pointed out to you when you were typically female? I hope they gave you your schedule for the week, too, so you don’t go anywhere your ditsy female brain might take you. Seriously, I’m glad you have good men in your life and you should be very very glad you have had no experience with the type of emotionally dead, manipulative man Jake is. You and the other women here who have taken Jake’s side – you are entitled to your opinions, of course. But it is scary when you talk about “typical female antics” and paint all men as long-suffering saints putting up with us.

      • Cate

        Whatever Jake, I mean Lisa… how many body parts do you have in the freezer? Maybe they serve fava beans and chianti on the bachelor

      • Ann

        Lisa, with all due respect, Mimi is spot on. I’m a psychologist and find the Bachelor entertaining. But trust me, Jake exhibits all the traits of a classic narcissist. He wasn’t “calm” at all, as you say. He was seething and it was very obvious, and I think Vienna had reached a breaking point with his narcissist, controlling, disrespectiful, self-absorbed behavior. I fist noticed it on the show when he kept calling the shots (sending both women home after a two-on-one date, etc) rather than following the rules of the show. It was really obvious on DWTS when he got angry at Chelsie for “disrespecting” him (clearly a theme with him – every woman should respect him). Everyting Vienna described fit how a narcissist is in a relationship (and yes, she wasn’t handling it very maturely, but her comebacks and reasons overall made much more sense than any of his, probably because hers were the truth overall). Jake was cold, self-righteous, and sadly, down right creepy in this interview. Any woman would be pulling her hair out after a few months of living with that type of person.

      • wino

        lisa, you wrote that Vienna has a history of manipulation? how so? do you know this girl? i find her (on tv) to be very annoying, shallow, and spoiled, but it doesnt excuse jake’s very creepy and aggressive behavior.

      • Stacey

        Let’s be real… If I were Jake I would have slaped the hoe. We never heard jakes side of things cause Vienna wouldn’t let him speak. Every tome he tried to say something she would cut him off and say what she thought.

        I have been in a verbally abusive relationship with a violet person and consider myself lucky I was never physically touched. I saw Jake to be a very frusterared person who was doing his best to stay in control. As I said before if I were in jakes shoes I would be just as annoyed and frusterared as he is.

      • AJ

        Cate, not sure what you were smoking, but your pop culture reference is about 20 years out of date. I’d say “nice try,” but the fact is, you didn’t say anything of substance and I doubt you would understand the concept anyway. :)

      • Theresa Talmage

        Lisa, I totally agree wuith everything you said. I knew their relationship was doomed because I saw what a manipulator Vienna was on the bachelor. I remember Jakes mother saying, if all the girls don’t like her there is a reason for it. He should have listened instead of hooking up with Vienna.

      • Elli

        Is Lisa really Phyllis Schaffley? Laura Bush? This is one “lady” who isn’t buying it. Vienna may have been a twit, but she showed genuine emotion and sounded like a girl who had been in love. Jake came off like a lying, controlling tool – like the worst, scariest boyfriend I ever had.

      • Colleen

        Nobody could say it better than what Lisa did… Right on.

      • abeeotch

        How can you people actually call Jake an abuser?? It’s one thing to say these are traits but some people actually call him an abuser, and because we don’t fall for “Fake Liar” Vienna anymore than we did on the show…we are now the abused people??? I’ve been abused…he was NOTHING like Jake!!!
        So if you speak from personal experience, sorry for you. If you are speaking just because that is your perception, you shouldn’t call someone an abuser unless you know for a fact.
        For the record, I’m not pro Jake.

      • Sarah

        Lisa is right, Vienna is a manipulator!!! Yes there are definite signs with Jake as a control freak and abuse there. I was in an abusive relationship for 13 yrs and saw my ex in Jake lastnight. Vienna was a child on the “B” and she was a cry baby in the interview lastnight also. She wouldn’t let Jake get a word in edge wise, and Chris did need to address some of the other issues goin on as well. I think they had time restraints and didn’t get to talk about the other stuff. Vienna threw a temper tantrum and left. They both need to grow up and move on. They were their best on “The Bachelor” so we didn’t see what happens in real life with them after they got back together after it aired.

      • Bonnie

        Mimi is soooooooooo right and Lisa is soooooooooo wrong.

      • eugene

        fact is Lisa and Mimi are both right, because both Jake and Vienna are self-absorbed, fame hounds that only wanted a relationsip with the camera.

      • vicky

        I do think Jake is controlling, but Vienna is a drama queen. She is also 10 years younger than him, so he is looking for a relationship, not a child. A lot of people are anal about having things perfectly in their place. That doesn’t make Jake an accuser. I think he looked like he wanted to tell her to shut the heck up, but he clenched his jaw in order to shut up and not look like a jerk on tv. Personally, I don’t like him, I think he wants a “dutiful” wife who defers to him on everything, but that doesn’t make him abusive. Vienna is immature, spoiled and very dramatic. Didn’t anybody notice that there were a few seconds before she threw her face into her lap and started crying and stormed off. She threw a temper tantrum because nobody told was agreeing with her. As for the famewhore comment, does anybody say anything about the other reality stars using the exposure to their benefit – hello?? Melissa Rycroft, Trista, Jillian (now on Extreme Home Makeover)? Anybody who has the chance to be famous would take it. Remember, we are the ones watching and reading the magazines.

      • MG

        Ann – Excellent analysis! Spot on.

      • Team Jake

        Spot on, Lisa. I’m a woman, and I think this is what happens when a little girl gets together with a grown man. I’ve been married for 10 years, and Vienna just looks like a child. Yes, she showed true emotion–but after betraying someone she supposedly “loved” to the tabloids for money, then hooking up with a guy behind Jake’s back, whatever sympathy I may have had for Vienna is GONE. Her tears are meaningless to me. He had every right to be furious with her for her betrayal, and he was attempting to stay calm–but she kept interrupting him, showing no restraint or respect whatsoever, constantly accusing him of lying, being fake, etc. Who wouldn’t lose it in the face of that?

      • Dr Phil’s Brain

        AGREED 100%.

      • To Ann

        So what is your take on Vienna? Do you think it was ok for her to not let him get a word in? I see them as both having Issues. Please be fair in your evaluation and not take the side of the woman.

      • To abeeotch

        Thank you. I too have been abused and nothing I saw last night gives any indication that Jake is abusive. I can send you Fools, pics of what abuse looks like. I am not a Jake fan and they both came off as horrible people, but to belittle what a “true” abusive situation is, is sad and you all should be ashamed, including you Dr. Ann.

      • BRae

        huh? seriously?

      • @toAnn &Toabeetoch

        I cannot believe your responses. Are you reading these things through? It just cracks me up to hear someone ask a psycholgist to be fair and then add “don’t take the side of the woman.”(!)What if the woman was the only one demonstrating the truth of the situation? And @to abeeoych, no one is even suggesting Jake is a physical abusor – you DO understand there are many different forms of abuse, don’t you? I am sorry you were hurt, but a psychological abusor can do a LOT of damage – it just is not visable to a passer by. No one is belittling you or what happened to you.

      • karin

        I agree! I have to admit that we turn the tears on & run out of the room- and hope that you guys come after us. OK,its still a “He said- She said” situation. Its a SHOW!!! They got us to WATCH- MORE RATINGS for ABC…we were ALL sucked into this! Here’s a thought maybe Jake saw all the footage of how Vennia really was in house, how she kept telling all the women “That’s okay, Jake’s My soon to be husband”
        ( about the one on one dates) maybe she was put on the show, for him to pick? It was all scripted from the start,and now that rumors starting flying- they had to come up with this “Break-up”…just a thought. She wouldn’t let Jake answer anything- she kept interrupting!I was even getting frustrating- can you imagine being with this 24/7? She said the reason the dog was pooping all over the place was it was being trained.Jake complained that She never cleaned up after it! But that comes back to He said- She said. She knew what she was getting into being married to someone who was away a lot- her first husband was in the military & deployed! She cheated on him,cleaned out the bank acct., bought boobs and took off. She’s just pissed that her “Winning,pouting, crying DRAMA ways” didn’t work on Jake.

    • Pamela

      I couldn’t agree more with Mimi. Jake could barely contain the anger that rippled through his jaw. This guy is dangerous…say goodbye, Jake.

      • Sarah

        Ok after reading what Ann said, I agree with that completely. Ya Vienna was manipulative in a subtle way. I thought it was strange myself with how Jake made the 2 women leave the same night. He looked like a tiger ready to pounce lastnight. Someone who is backed into a corner and can’t get out.

      • Team Jake

        He had every right to be angry–she betrayed him behind his back: in the tabloids, and with that actor. Anyone who would support that sort of behavior and not understand why Jake would be angry over it is not anyone I’d understand…

      • Cathy

        @Team Jake

        LOL wow I just hope you never end up with someone like Jake…you keep repeating over and over and she betrayed him by going to the tabloids..DONT YOU GET IT??? he wasnt betrayed, he was angry cos she exposed the real Jake, how he hasnt slept with her in months, how he was only with her for fame, didnt give a cr*p about her, how he is controlling and abusive emotionally and verbally….
        he went and gave an “authorized” interview with people.

        and if the show last night didnt open your blind eyes to everything Vienna was talking about, maybe you should watch again DWTS with his partner and how he treated her, exactley like Vienna said…even his dance partner said that he was too controlling.
        Fact is, he got mad because she exposed him for the true sociopath he is.
        I cant beleive these women here saying that they have been married for 10 yrs and that its Vienna’s fault LOL
        you guys have got to be kidding me!! Let me see your faces when your daughters come to you and say that their fiancees havent touched them in 6 months because they are fasting or they dont feel like it and then say that your daughter emasculated them when she used the GPS after asking him for directions oh wait and then take the GPS and slams it into the back of the car.
        Congrats on you wanting your daughters to be treated that way.

        you are all DELUSIONAL.
        Jake has a PUBLICIST!!!! what pilot has a publicist???
        dont you all morons get it? he wanted Vienna and the bachelor so that he can get famous. even his ex said it on ET..she said he called her right after the show and wanted to get back with her secretly.

        you are all fools.

    • jet

      And Chris, you asked Vienna if she had regrets, something she was sorry for, and she was so honest and open and kind that she apologized to Jake, but you didn’t ask Jake if he had anything to apologize to Vienna for. You kept pressing the point that she did something wrong, and frankly it sounds to me as if she did not. She seems to have put her whole heart out there for a very cold man -who as it turns out put all his energy into getting famous. She kept trying to speak of what happened -the facts as they happened- and when he spoke he just said as many personal attacks about Vienna as he could. I always liked Vienna, but he sure fooled people.

      • Jan

        Jet, I was thinking the exact same thing. I think the apologies should have gone both ways. Both parties behaved badly. Vienna IS immature and Jake IS controlling and snide. I am familiar with this type of man as I was married to a man who could charm the pants off of any woman (and he did), pretended to love me (to throw me off his cheating, controlling & dishonest ways) and claimed I made him cheat and steal from me. Thankfully I caught on…Although I never was fond of Vienna, I started to see the agry side of Jake during the Bachelor. Vienna is sadly a disillusioned romantic who gets dramatic when her fairy tale doesn’t work out as she planned (due to daddy overprotecting her) and yes, she handled it immaturely…only time will cure her of that. I will feel sad that she probably come out on the otherside of this relationship bitter. Jake on the other hand will come through it thinking he is justified in his behavior. What a pity.

      • Hildy

        Don’t you guys get it? Vienna mentioned in the unauthorized interview that this guy many people think is a closeted gay man, hadn’t wanted to have s*x with her for months. Hint hint. She got her revenge…mentioning that was no accident. That’s what Jake and Chris are so mad about. But of course they can’t say that out loud.

      • Kris

        Helllllo…He didn’t ask Jake if he wanted to apologize because Vienna left the stage before he had the chance!

    • newhouf

      I totally agree. I felt the interview was definitely slanted in Jake’s favor, and I actually felt for Vienna. I usually like Chris Harrison, but I found the interview to be biassed and a bit sexist. Jake came off as a controlling misogynist and I thought Chris could have done a better job pointing some of these things out instead of asking Vienna to apologize.

    • seattle_girl

      Sorry, but I disagree entirely. She had a choice to leave her home town and to follow Jake around. You can’t assume that he forced her away from her family, she even admitted that she didn’t want to go back home. And whose fault is that she had no money saved up from her Hooter’s ‘career’ to rely on? Certainly not Jake’s. She clearly has a mind of her own. While I admit he comes off awfully umm, rigid – and probably tough to live with – I find it amazing that anyone can totally fault one vs. the other in this situation and assume he’s an abuser. Neither of them conducted themselves well in this situation.

      • Anon

        Right On. The best comment of the entire site.

      • tommy girl

        _ull_hit.. she followed her heart like all winners of this “show”. Who would want to go back to the swamp? Also who do you know has any$$$$$? I certainly don’t and I think I am “fine”. Stop with the judging. Both of them are disgusting but Jake pulls up way ahead… creepy, scary, frightening, and just gross. That is all I have to say about that.

    • Taylor

      Totally agree with you Mimi. All the ‘he said/she said’ stuff doesn’t excuse the fact that Jake is a walking timebomb. If he thinks people don’t see past his twinkling blues, he’s even dumber than I had originally thought! This guy badly needs therapy. Vienna, consider that you got off lucky!

    • BART

      Nice work protecting Fleiss and the Franchise, Chris.

      You were right on the money that the real question at hand was “how dare Vienna go to the tabloids and blow our smarmy spin on the story.” And Kudos to you for never pressing Jake on any messy questions of violence or emotional abuse, or why he is so intent on being an actor after thousands of sound bites over two series proclaiming his passion for flying…

      • Stephanie

        Exactly! Chris is a sell out tool. Almost as big a jerk as Jake – but Jake is a narcissistic tool bag. Chris is just your run-of-the-mill tool bag.

      • k2

        I have to agree and add, how out of touch with reality are you if you repeatedly attack someone for wanting to keep a job they have in this economy? Is he living on another planet here? Not only did he look insensitive, but made it 100% clear he could not care less about what goes on with real people in this world.

      • MG

        Or, nothing was mentioned about the job she had, which seemed very worthy to say the least.

    • Jerri

      He exhibited classic abuser traits, and acted so self-righteous. He’s scary!

    • Danielle

      Indeed. I adored Jake until tonight. I was so FOOLED. His manner was so patronizing, belittling, smug and condescending. All of the public signs of an emotionally abusive man. (I assure you it is always far worse behind closed doors) His admitting to the first physical sign of violence is throwing things out of anger. It is a primal display of “I can’t physically control what I might do when I’m frustrated/angry” so you better not ever upset me…’cause you can bet it will be worse the next time. It’s always a warning of what is to come if you don’t behave and speak as I wish. His biggest beefs with her were
      1. that she (as anyone with a heart would be) was very worried about her sick pup,
      2. she’d like to try a different way, than his,(heaven forbid) of arranging the furniture because the drawers hit the bed when opening them, she’d like to view a visual map (GPS) to go along with the worded directions he gave because she still felt unsure of her bearings (I lived in LA for 10 years and viewing a map along with directions is a big help to get around – ever heard of Thomas Bros. Maps?),
      3. and she has made a few new acquaintances in a city where he is the star, he is demand, and he has tons of attention coming at him from every direction and she is totally alone
      4. a gay guy dropped off a dress for a charity event. Why would Jake even imply that he was threatened by this suggesting it was some torrid affair? How pathetic of him for even bringing that up (as if) it were an acutal point. Jake got woman who thought she was falling in love with a ‘pilot from Dallas’ who instead found herself in LA to be with him and support his new dreams of playing TV star. She had no money and no car of her own and no friends there and had she no clue as to how long she would be living there. I’ve been in that situation (living in limbo in a strange city for my man), and it’s tough. It’s impossible to plant roots there if you believe you aren’t staying long.
      I’m in my 40′s now, and have been in a beautiful marriage for years. However, back when I was 21, I was in an incredibly abusive relationship. Tonight, Jake’s reasoning, belittling, rationalizations, and annoyance at not being able to control her so reminded me of that abusive relationship so closely – I actually shuddered. Jake has made a ton of money from this wave of fame and she’s made little. Knowing that ‘the end’ was inevitable, knowing Jake would do a tell-all and make more money and leave her with nothing and knowing her story wouldn’t be worth much if he told his first, and knowinng if he trashed her first that folks wouldn’t give her side a chance -she took some cash for (her side) of the break up story. Who could blame her? Her only fault tonight as I saw it, was her inability to stop herself from constant interruptions. Just further proof that she is heavily greiving the magic that once was, that she is years younger and less worldly than Jake. Few aren’t a bit immature in their early 20’s. I feel badly for her, as I know from experience, that healing from this crushing break-up will be slow and long.

      • George

        My wife and I second everything you just said!

    • dally

      Totally agree!

      And Chris, I am soooo disappointed with you. You came in with a clear agenda to support Jake and undermine Vienna…. but Jake is the one who came off looking bad. Vienna is as she always was, young and immature, but her annecdotes had a believability that Jake’s constant “she’s undermining me” rant didn’t have.

      • Vienna Betrayed Jake

        Why is everyone here to easily moved by crocodile tears? Vienna ran to the tabloids behind Jake’s back for money, then hooked up with some guy while Jake was 2,000 miles away. He didn’t find out about any of this until he saw his face on a magazine cover. Is that how your loved one treats you? Do you support that sort of betrayal???

      • Cathy

        @Vienna Betrayed Jake
        Honey you got the story backwards..go back and read the whole thing…what loved one??? Jake never loved Vienna, he hadnt touched her in 6 months, that is sa month after the show ended!!
        when Chris asked him if things were ok before he found out about the tabloids, he clearly said no things were downhill…I loved how he tried to lie and say that he broke up with her when she came back and said I have a witness and I broke up with you and then he just shut his nasty mouth and couldnt answer!! lol

    • El

      I agree with Mimi – well put. Any one taking a tally here? Be interesting to see who was believed more – I believe Vienna.

      • jet

        Vienna did NOT have an affair. That was already put to rest. Jake just told the tabloids that because he was angry with her, and he went with the media’s rumors using pictures of Vienna with people she just met at a charity function. There was no affair- Jake made that clear in the interview. It was just an easy way to get her back.

    • KC

      Mimi = spot on
      Lisa = scary

      • juneymoon

        Sign me up for TEAM MIMI!

      • AJ

        Me too!

    • Sharon

      I thought the interview was slanted towards Jake in that he had one on one time with Chris H and Vienna did not. She was only allowed to get her story out in front of a very creepy acting Jake. I think Jake thought the 10 yrs he had on Vienna would give him control and found he it didn’t. Vienna needs to just move on and stay away.

      • alsoannoyed

        that, by the way, was Vienna’s choice to run off….had she been a little more controlled and adult about the situation, she could have stayed and kept Jake from getting the last word.

    • keeper

      spot on mimi. I couldn’t agree more. and I lost all respect for chris harrison. he was completely biased toward jake. and vienna was completely ganged up on.

    • liz Sharp

      Wow–right on, well said.

    • Sarah

      I completely agree. Jake is demonstrating abusive behavior. I am glad Vienna is getting out and finding her own way!

    • JMAC

      Mimi……..”he’d done the bachlorette just for fame” hmmmm, you gotta be a English Major!

      • @JMAC

        Get over your smug self – you know exactly what she was saying and so does everyone else.

      • guinevere

        Hey, JMAC: The sentence is correct as written. “…[Y]ou didn’t ask Jake about whether he’d done The Bachelor just for fame…”

        “Whether he’d done” is perfectly correct as used in the sentence.

        You gave it the old college try, however, and that is respectable. :)

      • tommy girl

        However, the way she used the phrase is dog gone wrong, y’all. “he’d done the … ” wtf.. NO way that is correct english my friend.

      • Mimi

        Back after reading JMAC very funny criticism. JMAC, it’s called past perfect. “He’d” is a contraction of “He had.” From The English Page website, “The Past Perfect expresses the idea that something occurred before another action in the past.” I’m sorry if you and tommy girl didn’t learn about the past perfect verb tense in school. It appears to me that our schools definitely need more money and better qualified teachers!

    • debbie

      i think you did a thorough interview and let both parties air it out. some of your questions were intriguing and interesting to hear their responses. Jake was put in a really bad light- he seemed very tough and verbally abusive- i never saw that side to him. It was very difficult to watch. for once, i was really on vienna’s side. I understood where she was coming and felt sorry that she was in such a relationship. I hope things work out for the best for both of them. I agree with you that it was too soon to make such an interview. hopefully we can see both of them in better spirits. lots of luck chris.

    • marceebee

      Could it be Chris did not recognize the “classic abuser traits” because he has them himself? Anyone remember his smug, condescending attitude towards Roz last season? Note to Chris – “No one cares about the dog!” Really? Obviously Vienna cared, therefore anyone who truly loves her should care. You and Jake are both creepy morons.

      • seattle_girl

        Oh dear lord, now we’re REALLY leaping to conclusions. No need for facts before publicly labeling someone an abuser, eh? Let’s just add to the hyperbole – it’s so much more fun that way.

      • Ann from the Arbor

        So, what do you think, Seattle Girl? Throwing temper tantrums and GPS out of cars seem like loving reactions to you? Withholding affection because of percieved “undermining” would be something you would be okay with? Just wondering.

      • Juneymoon

        I agree, Chris has turned out to be really disappointing. I think he and Jake belong to the same boys club. ugh

      • George

        @Ann from the Arbor – I believe Seattle Girl was referring to marceebee’s suggestion that Chris could be an abuser. I don’t think she was taking Jake’s side or anything like that.

    • Sue

      I think Mimi is dead on here about the bias that came through in the interview…1) Why did Jake have the time to answer alone but Vienna did not. 2) Why did Vienna get questioned about her choices (interview etc.) as though she had made a mistake in her choices but Jake was not. I don’t remember any questions from Chris about Jake’s sudden quest of a Hollywood career? but Vienna is asked about not getting a job upon arriving in LA and why she took the job she did. 3) Vienna is asked if she wants to apologize for anything but Jake is not…even after Vienna leaves the stage you could have asked Jake if he is sorry for any of his choices or behaviors but no…the impression is left that it is only Vienna who has things that she must be sorry for. Chris it is hard for me to understand how you don’t see how slanted the interview came across. You look like you were ABC’s puppet. It really disappointed me becuz I had come to trust you and believe you were unbiased. That has changed for me now. I question how anyone could expect Vienna to come into the interview with anything but her guard up knowing that ABC sold her out with the editing of The Bachelor and now she had to face an interview on the very same network. I doubt she now views you as a friend after the way you sold out to make Jake look good. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me. While I didn’t like her much during The Bachelor, after that interview I am Team Vienna for all the reasons Mimi lists above!

      • Elle

        Not only that, Chris kept at Vienna about “disappearing” after all of this. I guess Jake doesn’t have to disappear. It sounded like they just want to shut her up. Totally unfair interview. I don’t care for Vienna, but I felt sorry for her last night. She would look at Jake like a wounded animal. That is what a perfect man will do to someone who he has supposedly adored. He is emotionally abusive, if not worse. He looked like he could hardly contain himself yesterday. I think Vienna felt it was her opportunity to defend herself, and she made sense. Going to the tabloids first just wrecked Jake’s timeframe. That and the no sex info just about sent him around the bend and ABC had to try to rehabilitate him. Didn’t work!!!!!

    • circle

      Mimi, Sally and Mel,
      You are absolue right about Jake. I’d be scared to go on with him. Thanks God Vienna went to get a marketing job and will stay in LA (she can’t move arond without $ and support, she has to quickly start somewhere before it’s too late). Vienna is a survivor and she must protect herself and her interests against all odds. You go girl!

    • janie

      mimi you are so right! Jake let his real character slip out when he lost his temper with Vienna. You could see how controlling he is. Yes she was interrupting but she was so sad. She just wanted to be loved. Jake is an angry control freak

    • Elle

      Mimi, you nailed it! Chris, you should sit with a counselor or therapist and rewatch this interview. There are so many red flags that you missed. I know you would never intentionally side with an abuser but you did. Just because someone does have bruises or broken bones doesn’t mean that they’re not being abused. Jake is a bully and emotional abuser!

      • Elle

        Correction – Just because someone DOESN’T have bruises or broken bones doesn’t mean that they’re not being abused!

    • AJ

      Mimi–good recap of Jake’s abusive behavior. You spotted all the classic signs.

  • sally

    Chris, You did a good job of trying to direct Jake and Vienna back to the love they once felt, but they were too far gone for that. I never much cared for Vienna, and I was Team Tinley all the way, but I found Vienna totally believable tonight. The no-kissing, the no-sex, the controlling behavior (who throws a GPS or measures for furniture or criticizes someone’s attachment to their dog???). Vienna’s interruptions, while annoying, seemed to be her just trying to get the truth out there–and Jake was lying every time he opened his mouth.

    • Mamma

      Chris, you didn’t give Vienna the same screen time as Jake, she should have had alone time to get it all out, then perhaps she might have let Jake talk. Yes, she interrupts way too much, but I think it is out of frustration, Jake appears to be the Alpha Male and would like for her to keep her opinions to herself. Perhaps that is why he chose her in the first place, perhaps he thought she wasn’t as intelligent as he was and he could control her. He forgot to check out her vocal cords because although she may not always be right, she definitely knows how to speak her mind. Jake and Tenlly would have been perfect, because I believe Tenlly would have sat there and kept her mouth closed and let Jake have all the CONTROL that he demands.

    • AJ 2

      I agree with Sally.

    • kaycee

      Her name is Tenley. Not Tinley. Not Tenlly. TENLEY.

      • Kim

        I get tired of hearing about Tenley. If you listen to what her ex husband says about her (cold, manipulative, wants to be famous, etc.) he doesn’t paint her in a good light. I never trusted Tenley. She teamed up with Ali and bashed Vienna. Did we ever see Vienna bash anyone on the show? She spoke her mind – people didn’t like that but people trashed her (Ali, Tenley) except Gia. And then ABC picks Ali??? Chris you were not fair at all. As others have mentioned it was very apparent that you were angry at Vienna for “selling out” Jake. I felt she was frustrated at never having a say (ABC cast her as the mean girl) so she said what she needed to. She was very sincere in this interview and I felt that You – Chris – and Jake gained up on her with everything including the dog. You could tell she was trying to keep it together (who wouldn’t when to guys are gaining up on you) and broke down. Yes, those were real tears and she appeared VERY sincere. However you and Jake did not.

      • tommy girl

        Jake always called her “tinley” BAD accent and BAD man.

  • Christie

    Chris, I was surprised to find myself thinking that you were going a little easier on Jake than Vienna. There was nothing overt, just little things here and there that gave me the impression that you were grilling her a little harder, and missing opportunities to highlight some of Jake’s…let’s say…less than pleasant attitudes during the interview. I’ll chalk it up to the fact that over the past year you’ve probably gotten to know Jake better than Vienna.
    I guess I would’ve expected that being the one to witness all that unpleasantess in person, you would’ve spoken up a bit more about Jake’s smarmyness and condescension. You had no trouble shutting down the discussion about the dog, haha! Though I will admit, as much as Jake was infuriated by Vienna’s constant interruptions…it’s probably not easy for an interviewer to sit there and not be able to get a word in either.

    • seattle_girl

      Lol, the ‘we don’t care about the dog’ was classic.

      • duranmom

        “we don’t care about the dog” was code for “we don’t care about YOU”.

      • jan

        I like my dogs alot better than most of the people I come in contact with. If you have animals they all have accidents but you still love them just like you would your child. Jake is a Control Freak. I bet he never had an animal when he was growing up. If he did I can see him hurting anything that was him.

    • Liz S

      Did not like the “we don’t care about the dog” comment! Most dog lovers consider their pets as part of the family.

      • marceebee

        And what about Jake bragging about flying the dog over on “my dime?” If you love a person who loves a dog, you do the best you can for the dog. It is a very telling point and quite obvious Chris doesn’t “get it” either.

      • Christie

        I am the BIGGEST dog lover, but I had to laugh at that comment – I didn’t take it literally, I think he meant “shut up about the trivial details”…like…the samantics of what happened with the dog is what we don’t care about, rather than the dog itself.

      • juneymoon

        Actually, marceebee and Christie, I think you are BOTH right!

    • tommy girl

      no shIIt

  • Kris

    Im no Vienna fan, but it really felt like you were harder on her than Jake. He came off as smug and arrogant. They both went to the media, but you never asked Jake why he ran to People magazine.

    • jet

      For Jake to behave as angrily as he did with Chris sitting right there and knowing the camera was on, I can imagine that it was much worse when they were alone.

      • Jay

        I was think the same thing.

  • Jessica

    Tell me what you guys think of my take! (Mainly regarding the trainwreck that was Vienna & Jake!)

    • Rennie

      You are right on with your take, very well said. I forgot about those phone calls.

  • Jennifer

    I know that many people were wondering about the Jake and Vienna situation, I am now more invested in this season then last, and I am disappointed that this episode was cut short so that we could spend 40 minutes watching two people have it out. It ruined the good mood I was in after watching Roberto and Chris step it up on their dates. I hope at some point we get to see the stuff we missed with them…….

    • Amber

      I guess I was surprised that Jake and Vienna were brought on and quite a bit of time was spent on them. When it was over, I wondered what had to be cut from this episode. But then I realized we didn’t have to watch all those “annoying” repeat “annoying” and again I will recap “annoying” lead ins to the next segment and recaps of the last segment. Geez, the show really is only an hour–believe me Chris we all fast forward through them.

      • BRae

        I gotta say it….we didn’t miss much from last nights episode….Ali was disconnected and kinda boring, It was almost a blessing that it was a short episode…my little grand daughter had just got out of hospital earlier that day (cancer) and I was down in the dumps…wanted the show to pick me up. That sure didn’t happen last night. And the Jake and Vienna interview. Man Chris, for the first time ever, you lost my support. You are gonna have to work to get it back. I know you were pushed in directions from the powers that be, but still! Man! Poor Vienna. Jake was scary.

      • guinevere

        BRae: I’m very sorry about your granddaughter. I’m sorry this episode of The Bachelorette is what you were stuck with for your pick-me-up. :(

    • Lois

      I agree. I was disapointed that Chris L’s date was cut short. I’ve been waiting for that one all season. His first date was when Ali was so sick.
      As for that train wreck last night I believe Jake. I was disapointed when he picked Vieanna. I knew she was a spoiled daddy’s girl and was not marriage material. I don’t think too many men could put up with all her drama, crying and screeming. She needs to go home to daddy.

      • Pita

        Come on people this is television They all are playing a part. Some roles are a bit more flambouyant then others but they are all playing roles nonetheless. Vienna is a woman who knows where she is going and marriage at this point is not it. As for Jake he is just another bachelor getting bashed by America. I doubt either one of the them are like the characters they portray themselves to be. Thiese are exactly the results the show is looking for. The more publicity the better. Keep in mind always this is a TV show and made to entertain

  • Carla

    Oh, Chris, the interview was hugely biased in favor of Jake. And even if I’ve never liked Vienna, if anyone came out of this as the detestable and fake character, it was him. I’m disappointed in you.

    • etm

      Totally agree, Carla.

    • Mimi the second

      Chris OMG, I think it was so obvious that Vienna was telling the real story. Jake was unable to defend himself and you could see that he was totally guilty as charged. His dirty laundry was aired and it is what it is! I do agree that it seemed you favored Jake the fake, after all, isn’t he about to host an ABC reality show? ABC doesn’t want the world to hate Jake right about now. He is so not the nice little Jake he portrayed himself to be. That certainly came across in the interview. He had nothing to stand on tonight. Vienna pegged him right when she said he needs a woman who will take his orders and have no voice. As far as Vienna’s interruptions…what else was she to do? She was frustrated with Jake’s lies and had a forum available that allowed her to voice her side of the story. I would have walked off too. Jake’s self righteousness arrogance would have left me in tears as well. He lied like a rug on the floor. I am so happy that Vienna stood up for herself and did what she felt was right for her. She’s been taking the heat from the beginning and Jake was supposed to be this perfect guy. Guess what Jake…your a big old fake and a low down snake

      • Barb

        I think Jake showed his true colors on DWTS, during a rehearsal segment where Chelsie (his pro teacher) tried to show him a move and he refused to go along. When she tried to convince him to give it a try, he angrily pointed his finger at her and said, ‘I’m not asking you, I’m TELLING you’.
        A real control freak.

      • kaycee

        I agree with you, Barb – that episode of DWTS hit me the same way, and sweet Chelsie and Jake never connected because of his demeanor. But I must also go on record saying that Vienna is lower than low, too. Perhaps they DO deserve each other!

    • annie t

      The only reason the interview seemed biased was because vienna was the only one talking. Even Chris didn’t seem to get all the questions he wanted in. Jake couldn’t get a word out without her interjecting!!!

      • britt

        Then why didnt chris just ask the questions he wanted to, to Jake when they were alone at the end? Jake didnt need to get a word in, his body language and the few stupid things he did say didnt make him look very good anyways.

    • jan

      I feel Chris missed a chance to have both sides heard from. He was all about Jake..I would watch anything that Jake appears in.

  • Norma

    Hi Chris! I like you alot and typically really respect your work but I did feel the interview was slanted in Jake’s favor. I was disappointed you didn’t bring up Jake’s People magazine interview when you were a bit tough on Vienna for going to Star. I also felt your line of questioning was a bit slanted. Although you redeemed yourself when you asked Jake if it was true that he threw the GPS. Regardless of how production wanted it to look, Jake
    still managed to “lose” the interview if you will. But I’m not mad at you Chris. Please take this light criticism into consideration and keep up the overall good work. Stay classy! ;)

    • tommy girl

      Can you suck up even more?

    • Juneymoon

      No kidding, you sound like Little Mary Sunshine.

  • mjp

    Chris, I heard you say to Vienna “we don’t really care about the dog”. I couldn’t read your blog after that. I am very dissapointed.

    • Stella

      I know!!! Very insensitive. Chris could have found a better way to transition from the dog topic…

    • seattle_girl

      I actually loved that comment! So right, their issues were WAYYYY bigger than the dang dog they kept yammering about.

      • Max

        I don’t have a dog, and am not a dog lover, but there’s not a dog lover alive, who would think that it’s not about the dog. Vienna loves and adores the dog.

      • wino

        you missed the point seattle girl, the issue wasnt the dog itself but jaek’s (dismissive) treatment of vienna’s feelings towards her pet. it was just odd and cruel.

      • Megan

        I am a dog lover and I sincerely appreciated Chris’ comment about nobody caring about the dog because Vienna was getting into the stupid minute details of the story … he wanted to get them back on topic (their relationship) instead of her dog’s hospital care.

      • seattle_girl

        Oh I didn’t miss the issue between Jake and Vienna about her dog. I just don’t think we know enough to say who was in the wrong there (although I did get a flash-back to Vienna’s intro package on the first night of the show in which she seemed to have a bizarrely close relationship with her dog). My reply was totally geared towards the comments that Chris was out of line saying “who cares about the dog”. I get why he said it and it didn’t offend this HUGE dog-lover in the least.

    • Samantha

      If you couldn’t read his blog then how did you reply to it? Dog comment was great, she is way too dramatic.

      • ComedyKid

        Samantha, from my wife’s point of view, SHE was MISS DRAMA QUEEN from the start. From a guys point of view Yep I agree. So he had a problem with the dog thing. Most guys do. Maybe it was the type of dog. I know I can’t stand the yap yap types of dog, the ones that bark at every thing. Jake could have been like that. My wife and I did not like her from the start on The Bachelor. We saw she was a Daddy’s Girl. Things had to go her way or not at all. We could see her crying as a Act, she didn’t get her way. Go Cry. Friends who knew her in Sanford, Fl, say she was this way with all her Boyfriends. Her way or crying big crocodile tears, or no fun in the bedroom. Perhaps Jake got tired of all this. We all were not there. Now some on here may question why he was not flying. Friends who work for ComAir who know Jake, say it is a good thing for any pilot to take time off and teach others what they know. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t fly, he probably is flying a lot in the teachers role, just not a plane load of customers. He will be back flying soon.

        His friends are on record as saying HE could not go any place with her tagging along, OR how she accused him of having an affair with his DWTS Partner. As for his blowing up while doing DWTS, how many times did we see the other Dancer’s get upset at each other. It is expected that after working their normal jobs, they would then go practice for another xyz hours, One would be tired and get upset with what they were doing. Derek got upset with his partner, That one PRO Dancer got ticked off and quit while he could not put up with KATE, so Jake being upset at his PRO, really normal.

        Having watched last night – I will use the word Interview -lighty- Jake said it best at the end. WELL this is typical of our fights, , they all end up with her crying and in the bathroom.
        Doesn’t sound as if she has grown up at all. To those who KNOW Jake well, they know he is not the bad guy in this. Maybe it is the 10 years younger on her part that was/is the problem.
        WE ALL DON’T know what did go on. WE were not there. We must base our views on last night show.
        For me. She should not have been picked. To me she is the Gold Digger in the group, not Jake. Do I feel Sorry for her, No. Does my wife feel Sorry for her? No. I hope she fades away as just another what to be a star via a TV show.
        that’s my point of view, you can agree or not, doesn’t mean I will lose a wink of sleep over her, or him. Both so called adults.
        Have a great week.

    • The Dog

      Yes, dismissing me as if I don’t matter, u said in your blog “I know Jake”…honey I know Jake and u don’t know someone until u r forced to live with them

    • Me

      Um, are you 10 years old?

  • Lisa

    Vienna is just as awful, spoiled, wretched and exaggerated as we saw her on The Bach. She takes VICTIMHOOD to a new level! She finally swiped the crown from Melissa Rycroft! Those 2 girls give women a bad name… whiny, immature, needy, manipulative. Vienna saw Melissa turn her mutual break-up into an extravaganza and surely thinks it is her turn to milk it! Her town turned on her, the Bach girls turned on her, she lies with regularity (any expert can she passionately BELIEVES her own fabrications) and of course, she cheated that Sat night – too many witnesses to deny that one. She has a history of being cheater. She feels entitled. And her Daddy backs her up. She was very hostile to Jake when he wouldn’t play into her games. Very scary chick. No wonder all the men in our house agree that she is dangerous! They see it, feel it, and really, at the end of it all, Jake, no real prize himself, came out looking remarkably stable and honest.

    • James

      Your a complete MORON!

      • mary

        That would be You’re a complete moron! Not to be mean, but it struck me as funny that you were calling someone else a moron and using the wrong your.

      • Anon

        No, you sir or the MORON.

      • ANON

        I meant “are” the moron.

      • Dr Phil’s Brain on Drugs

        Whole bunch of morons on this site, doncha think?

    • gmatt908

      Lisa, you are so right-on!! I am amazed how many people have gotten sucked in to Vienna’s manipulations. She is an immature emotional girl who is very impulsive. Jake came across restrained, but he is obviously not blameless and is a true control freak. Considering both performances from Jake and Vienna….sign me up for Team Jake. I was married to an unemotional control freak for over 10 years and I can say from my own experience, that’s no fun and is difficult to deal with the lack of affection, etc. That being said, paring a person like this with the likes of Vienna has been disastrous. I just always had the feeling that these two wouldn’t make it. I guess the clincher for me was Vienna going to the tabloids to sell her story so fast. Who is the fame whore here?

    • kaycee

      Lisa, I’ve read your comments plus those of the people railing against you. I’m no longer a Jake fan, but you are SPOT ON about Vienna the Victimized. I won’t even blast her with what I really think of her. But you are accurate and you have every right to come out against her – you called it like you saw it! Good job, and stick to your guns!

      • Rhonda

        I used to like Jake until I saw how he acted last night in that interview. I feel bad for Vienna, she seems like she stood by him and supported him and has always just been herself. He is the loser in this breakup!

      • guinevere

        She’s dramatic and immature and he has the makings of a psychological abuser (who could possibly graduate to bigger and better things).
        Glad that’s over. Now, if only both Jake and Vienna would go the way of Tila Tequila and not show up on any more of my gossip websites, I would greatly appreciate it. (I try to be picky about the trash I like to read.)

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