We've finally sampled Bret Michaels' Snapple. What do you think it tastes like?

trop-a-rockaImage Credit: Ali Goldstein/NBCRemember when Bret Michaels created a Snapple flavor for the finale challenge on The Celebrity Apprentice? And won the whole shebang (and our hearts) on the last show, thanks to his flavor, Trop-A-Rocka? Well, apparently, Bret’s Snapple drink has been available at retail since May 23, but my local bodega just began carrying Trop-A-Rocka today. Yep, today, July 6 — more than a whole month later. You see, like Bret, my bodega seems to run on rocker time.

Still, you’d best believe as soon as I saw the beverage in question, I snapped it up like Blago snaps up goldenrod balloons, eager to sample the drink (and happy to see the proceeds go to the American Diabetes Association). After all, on the side of the bottle, Bret himself tells us the “rocker-approved” drink has “awesome taste, the best ingredients, and zero calories.” Which is strange, because the nutrition facts on the label tell me the drink has 10 calories. Hmm. I’ll let this slide, Bret, and just assume that 10 calories = 0 calories in rocker nutrition.

So I’ve officially sampled it — for those of you who haven’t, take my pop quiz below! (And see the answer after the jump!)

You guys, it was totally a trick question! The answer is D) Coconut-infused iced tea. And guess what? It’s pretty freakin’ good — deceptive 10 calories and all. PopWatchers, have you picked up Bret’s blended tea flavor? And did it show you nothin’ but a good time?

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  • Cerebus

    It tastes like a sweaty bandana.
    Can this overrated idiot please disappear?

    • moo

      your taste buds must be broken

  • Charles White

    My local whole foods aka Downtown Produce has both the Trop A Rocka and the Campassionberry. I got both to compare. I enjoyed the Campassionberry more but I definitley could taste the cinnamon in Bret’s drink. However for my money I will still take the mango madness or strawberry kiwi any day of the week

    • Strepsi

      It tastes like pineapple that has been stored in a teenage escort’s cleavage, then sprayed with Axe body spray, dipped in sweat, left in the potpourri basket on top of a toilet while doing lines of powder, then bottled in a solution made of the tears of the escort’s mother.

      • Henry


      • suzi

        Shouldn’t his flavor be called Splash-a-Stroke? Oh that’s right no one wants that flavour. Bret you shouldn’t have screwed up your life like you have. But we expect nothing less from someone like you. Enjoy ;)

      • Just Me


      • Nc

        This is really to Suzi —

        Bret was BORN with diabetes – it wasn’t something that he picked up through his “lifestyle”.

        Obviously, you know nothing about him….as do most of the other naysayers on here.
        Bizarre that you are posting – talk about needing to get a life.
        It is amazing that Bret doesn’t have more health issues since he was diagnosed with diabetes over 40 years ago. I work with a lady who has already had quadruple bypasses, lost eyesight in one eye, and lost a kidney to diabetes in the same timespan.

        Please educate yourself before you post nonsense.

  • Eshia

    This post made me laugh, because I’m drinking the other Apprentice Snapple right now! I don’t know about Bret’s drink, but I am loving Holly’s. I will definitely buy Holly’s again, but now you guys are making me want to try Bret’s too.

  • Sally

    I didn’t drink Snapple for the longest time because of the annoying Snapple lady. I figured if I didn’t buy any, she’d go away because there would be less $$$ to pay her… it finally paid off and she went away. (well, reality says I can’t take the credit for her absence, but in “Sally World,” I totally can!)

    I’ll try the new Snapples and get back to you, but I’m hoping the new one really doesn’t taste like bandana sweat… grrrrrosssssss!!!

  • Ayn

    I like Bret and I’ve been told I look like Holly so I’m compelled to try both at some point. Guess I’ll need to check out my local store here in NoVA and see if they’re carrying them yet, but I don’t have high hopes. Our stores here never seem to carry any of the new products until months into their promotions.

    • Just Me

      if you look on Snapples website its says they are carried in most stores here in NoVA but like you said doesn’t mean they are actaully there

  • Lisa Simpson

    Sorry, but sampling “Bret Michael’s Snapple” just sounds gross.

    • Strepsi

      Especially if you spell it Snaphole

  • Linda K

    Tastes like party all night, drinking all day . . and shame

  • Emily Russell

    I stocked up at my Target. I hope they consider keeping the flavor. It is pretty good for a diet tea.

  • Henry

    Thanks for the great posts, guys. They’re hilarious. Unfortunately, I stopped drinking Snapple 10 years ago so I can’t join in.

  • Dave

    Since most stores only sell peach, lemon, and raspberry flavors when it comes to diet Snapples, Bret’s drink is pretty good. I like it a lot and hope it sticks around in stores for awhile. I agree that I didn’t see it in my office cafeterica until a week or so ago.

  • Donna

    Both were available at Keyfood and Waldbaums at least 3 weeks ago. I like it, and I taste the passion fruit and I think a peach flavor with a touch of cinnamon. I like the fact that both snapples contribute to Diabetes and Autism, 2 disorders that are on the increase and need more attention.

  • orville

    Both flavors sold out almost immediately around here. I finally got my hands on Bret’s tea, but now it’s sold out again after the second (?) shipment. Oddly enough, all the stores have plenty of Holly’s tea still in stock (haven’t tried it yet).

    I kind of like it. Not bad for Diet Snapple which tends to have a very bitter after taste toward the end of the bottle.

  • JRWolfe

    I like it,hope Snapple keeps it on the shelf. As a diabetic myself,its nice to have a another flavor of tea to drink.

  • Lola

    I like Holly’s Compassionberry tea better than Bret’s. I guess I love sugar and hate migraines!

  • Ben

    Hints of Tropic of Cancer with a nuance of used tampon, a medley of discarded monkey filth and a dash of that taste you get in your throat after a sinus infection. All infused by being steeped in old enema bags.

    No seriously, it isn’t that bad until you get to that artificial sweetener aftertaste. I couldn’t finish one bottle.

    • Nc

      Ben you could sell what you didn’t drink for a lot of $$. :)
      We are out here in my town.

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