'Eclipse': Most Improved Vampire Actor -- Jackson Rathbone?

Jackson-RathboneImage Credit: Kimberley FrenchAfter noting in just about every Twilight Saga: Eclipse item I wrote leading up to film’s release that I was pleasantly surprised to not be laughing at Jasper Cullen, I feel the need to publicly crown actor Jackson Rathbone Most Improved Vampire Actor. To be fair to him, he didn’t have much to work with in the first two films, and, perhaps, we were even supposed to chuckle at the hungry look he gave Kristen Stewart in the first movie. (Did we ever decide?) Regardless, he’s great in Eclipse, particularly in the flashback sequence, when we get to enjoy the Southern drawl in his voiceover and watch him make that decision to follow orders. (I kept it vague for spoiler-phobes, but you can talk freely in the comments section.)

Does he get your vote? (Nikki Reed could end up being the film’s scene-stealer with Rosalie’s beautifully-acted heart-to-heart with Bella, but we’ve known what she’s been capable of since Thirteen. And Hollywood is remembering: She’s just been cast as an assassin alongside True Blood‘s Deborah Ann Woll and Watchmen‘s Malin Akerman in the film Catch .44, Deadline reports.)

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  • Madd

    Did Kristin Stewart’s acting improve at all? Or is it still dreadful?

    • Lexa

      It’s still dreadful.

      • Jeniferr

        Um, really?
        She is such an honest actress.
        I don’t get why people missunderstand her acting ways.

      • Andrea

        @Jeniferr: i totally agree. i’m a big fan of kristen’s. i guess people just take her honesty as being a bad actress. but i really love her! i’ve seen almost all of her movies :)

    • Amanda

      This is getting SO OLD.

      • pastafarian

        you are

    • LK11

      Trust me, is not more dreadful than RPattz’s.

      • Alyssa

        are u crazy u shouldn’t even be on this page if u are going to talk crap they are both great actors

      • Kathy

        I think they both act just like Edward and Bella is described in the books! Kristen even bites on her lip just like Bella did in the books, so yeah I think she did a great job of portraying her and so did RPattz Love them both. And Rob was outstanding in Remember Me, then again I did not like the Runaways but it wasn’t Kristen’s acting that I didn’t like it was the story!

      • ShannonW

        @Kathy, I disagree. The main characters’ portrayals are the only ones that I’m dissapointed in. From the book, Edward is supposed to be smooth and cool, and Bella is shy, but she is supposed to be at least able to talk. Kristen just acts like herself in these films and any other she’s in. They have both improved, but it is still hard to watch at time.

      • Gerry

        Your article perfectly shows what I needed to know, tahnks!

      • Loren

        Geez, that’s ubneelivable. Kudos and such.

    • @Madd

      Nope. Still terrible and the wig adds an extra layer of cringe to her so-called acting.

    • jasmine

      I don’t think her acting is dreadful. i think people just love to hate on her and they’ve all joined the ‘kristen sux’ bandwagaon. in fact i thought she was really convincing when i saw eclipse; instead of seeing kristen, i actually saw bella, which was nice.

    • Tori

      Personally I thought she was pretty good in this one and I’m her least biggest fan.

    • ChicagoShari

      Rob Pattinson is my favorite actor in the film but I do think Kristen Stewart is an excellent actress. Although I had problems with the screen writing and editing in this film and some of my favorite scenes omitted or changed so much they were unrecognizable, I thought the acting was good throughout.

    • Erinn

      There were only like two times in the movie when I thought…gosh she is awful…

    • yazmin

      okay to all the haters kristen has improved a lot!
      she’s an amazing actress but i agree in twilight maybe she didnt do a great job. But trust me she’s a really really good actress.Robert Pattinson in also an amazing actor. I just wish all the haters would go away and stop talking crap about them!

    • Julie Schwindel

      still dreadful,while everyone seemed to improve this movie, she still sucks

  • Liz Lemon

    OMG! All these twilight articles are like a reoccurring seizure. They just can’t help themselves.

  • Generation Gossip

    I love Nikki Reed. She and Kellan Lutz make the movies for me

    Check Out GenerationGossip.com

  • Abby

    I have loved Jackson Rathbone since the first movie!! I don’t know what you are talking about most improved!!! His way hot in that vampire baseball scene when he shows how good he is with his hands twirling that bat!!! I am all the way Team Jasper!!! Plus, did you see him in that episode of Criminal Minds he was in? He was amazing!!!!! Disappointed in you Mandi!

    • Ceballos

      It’s great that you’re the president of this guy’s fan club, but I seriously OD’d on exclamation points reading your comment.

      • Zoey

        Lmfao. So true.

    • Lee

      I wasn’t impressed when I seen him in Twilight. However he was AMAZING on Criminal Minds and in Eclipse. He’s a great actor, when given something to work with. Can’t wait to see where he goes.

      He was GEORGOUS in Eclipse, they finally got it right.

    • Madelyn Whitlock

      I agree…I am both Team Jasper and Team Jackson all the freakin’ way!!! Love you Jackson Rathbone! Keep up the amazing work!

      • Tracey

        I agree with Madelyn! I absolutely love Team Jasper & Team Jackson! Love the fact that they went into details about him in Eclipse :-)

    • Katelyn

      Haha I know man that episode of Crimal Minds was hilarious! And very well acted out. He’s amazing :)

    • Sara

      I think that Jackson Rathbone is a great actor. He is starting to really attract attention with his new movies and appearances. Gotta love him. :)

      • Addriene

        A good many vaallubes you’ve given me.

    • teresa

      to all of the jasper fans out there. i totally agree. forget edward and jacob. team jasper all the way.

      • ChicagoShari

        Although I am an 100% in Edward’s corner and am a huge Rob Pattinson fan, I am really appreciating Jackson Rathbone in this film. The Civil war period flashback was excellent and he looked outstanding. He was my second favorite in the film.

    • Beasley

      I TOTALLY agree with you about Jackson! people who don’t like the way he portrayed Jasper Most Likely didn’t read the books! And that episode of Criminal Minds was AWESOME! I’m with you! Team Jasper/JAckson Rathbone. :D

    • Cindy in Ohio

      I’ve loved Jasper/Jackson Rathbone since Twilight. I hope to see his great talent in many other TV shows and movies.

    • Brianna

      I agree with you 100% and I’m a little upset @ the fact that they got his character’s last name wrong. I’m not an extreme twi-hard, but even I know his last name is HALE not Cullen

      • Abby

        Love Jackson Rathbone…! Team Jasper all the way!

    • JennH

      Yes! i did see it! i loved him! and forever will! he is amazing!

  • Amy

    I agree..MUCH improved since the other movies. He nailed the accent and his role in the movie actually had a purpose.

    • twifan

      He’s from the south in real life so the accent is natural.

    • StewyFan

      Yeah, ahem, he is from Texas … soooo yeah. The accent was all naturale.

  • jackJack

    Agreed, Mandi! Didn’t laugh at him once. I mean, I laughed at Emmet, but because he was funny (as always).

    And Jacob should just be crowned MVP for the movie yet again. He’s the only decent actor/clearly enjoying himself. Edward only ever smiled when he was talking with Jacob….

    • Ambient Lite

      I know everyone (most of whom probably haven’t seen the movies anyway) is so quick to be critical of the leads’ acting skills, but I truly thing Taylor Lautner does a fantastic job, very natural delivery. Especially for his age.

      • ChicagoShari

        I could not disagree more vehemenently. He is the worst actor in the series.

    • mk

      I think Rob’s acting is much better when he’s not doing the tortured Edward thing. His convo with Jacob in the tent was well acted, IMO. He’s great when he smiles.

      • NineLivez

        YES, YES and YES!!!! MK, you hit the nail on the head. I think David Slade gave the actors a little more breathing room in this one, and it showed. The fight sequences were exceptional!! And the costuming (wigs) were much improved in this movie too, accept for Kristen’s….They missed the mark on that in Eclipse and New Moon. I also have to agree that Jackson Rathbone stole the show in this one!!

    • anna

      Oh please.. Jacob gets best lines in these movies because of Melissa Rosenberg also his character is very easy to play..

    • mary q contrary

      Surely you guys are joking. While Lautner obviously takes the role seriously, his acting leaves much to be desired. MUCH.

      • Jetsyn

        Artiecls like this are an example of quick, helpful answers.

    • ChicagoShari

      You have to be kidding. Taylor Lautner has the most annoying voice and really cannot act. His speeches, and they gave him way too many in Eclipse even giving him dialogue that was Bella’s and Edward’s in the book, are stilted and boring. He has only one voice inflection and that is to sound like “One time. At band camp” where your voice goes up on the last word of each sentence. I find him extraordinarily irritating in the films but he is Summit’s back up plan to keep the teens happy now that Robert is in his 20s. He takes himself seriously, I will admit to that, but I do not find him either attractive or at all convincing as a love interest for Bella.

      • Djallan

        The photo is turned aonrud. That’s why the nose looks crooked. The whole interview is fabricated, made of a few comments from other two-three interviews. Copy-cats! In any case, Rob is right not to sing in public. His chosen style is weird and wrong for him. He needs more professional voice training and placing and he’ll be fine. I heard one of his new songs from New Moon and it sounds almost PERFECT. Plus… most of these actors’ bands are bad. Who wants to be mediocre?

  • DK

    I haven’t seen the new flick yet, so I can’t comment on the acting, but I will say he also gets my vote for Most Underrated Hottie in the Twilight Series!!

    • mary q contrary

      Amen to that. Seriously. Boy is smoking.

      • Bebe

        Jackson and Kellen appeal to me much more than Taylor and Rob do. I don’t see what all the fuss over them is about.

      • ChicagoShari

        I felt bad for Jackson in one magazine spread about the vampires of Forks, can’t remember which magazine, but it featured Rob, Kellan, Ashley, Rosalie. It may even have had Carlisle and then they threw in Taylor Lautner and left out Jackson Rathbone. I would far and away rather have seen Jackson. While Rob is my favorite and Edward my favorite character, Jackson is overtaking Kellan as second. But if you want to compare bodies, it is a good thing for Lautner that Kellan keeps his shirt on because he is one very well built man.

    • aves

      Totally agree. Haven’t seen Eclipse yet, but this guy made super ridiculous facial expressions every time he was on screen in the last two movies and he’s still totally hot.

  • I am

    He was also in an episode of the TV series Close to Home in which he did a good job also.

  • Kate

    He kind of reminded me of Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonderland.

    That said, he was one of the few decent parts of the movie! I thought he was great. Kind of sexy, too.

    • ChicagoShari

      It is funny that you say that, because when he kind of pinches his lips together as he did in both Twilight and New Moon every time Bella was around, Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonderland reminded me of Jackson too.

    • Skye

      Haha I’ve heard so many times that he looks like Edward Scissorhand.

  • Emily O.

    Loved him. He had nothing to do in the first two movies, but he was fantastic when they finally gave him some lines. =)

  • StewyFan

    YES!!! Jackson was the man in Eclipse. Of course, I thought all of the actors stepped it up. Everyone was great. Xavier did a really nice job too.

    • Ambient Lite

      Oh, yes – I was really impressed with ‘Riley’, definitely!

      • mk

        you know who I was NOT impressed with? the actor they got to play Bree. she was really not good.

      • Ambient Lite

        I agree, but I don’t want to pick on her TOO much – she’s really young.

      • mary q contrary

        I totally agree. That girl was pretty awful. And yes, she may be young, but look at Dakota Fanning at that age, or even Kristen Stewart. I happen to think they cast her on her previous screaming experience, having several horror films on her resume and all. Her scream was the only thing she did well.

      • Nyv

        You know what’s funny about Bree? Early on, the fans really wanted that girl (Jodelle Ferland) to play Jane. Lol.

  • mk

    LOVED his training scene with Alice.

    • Katelyn

      I didn’t. He kissed her. And I got SOOO jealous ;) I think I’ve seen enough of him kissing other people to last a life time lol

      • ChicagoShari

        Awww, I thought that Alice/Jasper kiss was adorable. They are very sweet together and I think it helps Bella realize how sweet love can be between vampires.

      • Parthiban

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    • bill94545

      Yes i agree with u the training scene with Alice was very good i enjoy it abunch !

      • Dania

        just finished wihatcng it on videozed. com I don’t see the fairness of how this movie has the best plot description than the rest of the films. Despite the proficiency on the writing, the acting on this film was absolutely atrocious. Overall, 2.4/5

  • Lauren

    I love Jackson Rathbone! I am so glad someone has finally decided to write an article on his talent!!!!:)

  • Cris

    Congratulations. Being named the most improved actor out of this lot is like being named the valedictorian of summer school.

    • ChicagoShari

      Well some people get the saga and some people don’t. To each their own, but speaking of valedictorian, I loved Anna Kendrick’s speech but found it almost impossible to believe that Jessica would have been the Valedictorian of her class. She is a complete ditz. It would have been more believable to have Angela in that part but I think the Eclipse people wanted to give a larger role to Anna K. based on her Oscar success.

    • Mari

      Cris that was quite possibly the greatest comment I’ve ever read! Hahaha literally laughed out loud! Thanks! But seriously, they need to stop trying to make this Jackson Rathbone look less attractive than Robert Pattinson…no matter how ugly they make his hair, as long as they give him actiual screentime people will notice he is FAR MORE goodlooking! And definitely a decent actor, as long as he has decent material to work with. Just look at the director…30 Days of Night was a killer vampire flick…there’s only so much a person can do with this garbage. The books are worse than the movies believe it or not!

  • Tee

    The pathetic jealous haters strike again! LOL

    • Sara

      Hello gang!!..just wanna know..Iluvthemovies,JA,Twilola…have you all been practising how to put up a tent yet?…don’t count on me as I’ve never pitch up a tent in my life bfeore even way back in my girl scout days..*giggles*!!.

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