Wonder Woman gets a new costume. We're unsure about the jacket.

I have a confession to make: I’m a shameless geek for new superhero outfits. At least once per decade, every iconic comic book hero will get a new look, usually to signal a massive storyline shakeup, a new creative team, and/or a desperate bid for cultural relevance. Witness electro-Superman, Invisible Woman post-stripperobics, and The Scarlet Spider (a.k.a., Spider-Man for the Torn Hoodie crowd.) The new outfits never last long, but they do provide an intriguing, time capsule-ready look at the fashion (and the silliness) of their cultural moment. So no matter what you think about the new Wonder Woman outfit, we can all agree that this costume change proves definitively that 2010 is cooler than 1968.

The first thing you notice is that our favorite Amazon princess has roughly quadrupled the amount of clothing on her body. That’s an admirable impulse: when people talk about unrealistic depictions of women in comics, Wonder Woman is public enemy number one. Still, I wish they had come up with something slightly more colorful: between the long black leggings and the dark blue jacket, this new outfit sort of looks like Joan Jett with a jewelry budget. But then again, I still think Daredevil should have kept his yellow costume. What do you think, PopWatchers? Vote in our poll after the jump!

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  • GeeMoney

    The pants are ugly too. And, am I the only person getting a Michael Jackson circa mid 80’s vibe (from all of the gold touches) from the outfit?

    • Anitamargarita

      Only if she had one “glove.”

    • amj

      I totally agree! Hate it! I think Wonder Woman is absolutely iconic and as a kid I wanted to be her and I hate this look. It looks outdated and frankly nothing like the spirit of Wonder Woman.

      • JK

        Totally agree! So, how does this look harken back to Diana’s Greek roots??

  • Madd

    I agree it was time for a new costume…not sure about it yet. I am glad they gave more clothing instead of even less.

    • darclyte

      I think it looks like a mashup of WW, Xena and Buffy.

  • Jose

    She looks hotter with that than with her iconic costume!

    • J.

      I disagree.

      • amj

        I’m with you, completely disagree!

    • Dave

      Maybe as in, “Man, it’s too hot to fight in this thing.”

  • lovelyandroid

    She just can’t be bothered to fight crime; the fashion blogs are just too compelling.

  • Stacie

    The jacket dresses it down too much. Is she about to start a breakdance fight?

  • (JL)

    It looks more like something Rogue from the X-Men would wear.

    • Rica

      That was the first thing I thought of, 80s Rogue.

  • brody

    I can live with the jacket and I actualy like the red bodice thingy, but I really miss the boots. Couldn’t they at least put boots OVER the leggings or something?

    • ks

      I know Spandex? really?

      • brody

        They look like standard waiter/waitress job pants. Seriously, she’s a super hero. BOOTS.

  • Chris

    According to the DC article, the costume change is the result of an alternate timeline story. So it’s not a real change, since they can easily switch it back when they “fix” the timeline issue.

    • Peter

      Alternate Universe? Is my girl Olivia Dunham going to be there?

  • Catherine

    I think the 1980’s wants it’s fashion trends back.

    • Nic

      Oh good. I thought I was the only one that thought the pants looked like stir-up pants.

  • John

    They need to find a gay guy to styles these female superheros outfits!

    • nodnarb

      I think Wonder Woman was actually being written by a gay guy for a while. He might still be the writer.

      • J.

        Gail Simone is writing Wonder Woman these days.

      • JM

        Phil Jimenez (gay guy) wrote the character back in the early 00s, and his run was atrociously dull, static, and boring. (He also drew the book, and in that aspect he was great, but he can’t write to save his life) Gail Simone just ended her run, mediocre, but not horrible.

  • nodnarb

    This looks like every X-Men character of the last 15 years.

    • Eric

      You’re absolutely right. That’s because it’s designed by an old X-Men artist, Jim Lee. This is not a costume of the moment, but of a moment that is a decade or two old.

      • nodnarb

        Yeh, I looked it up on another news site after I posted and read that it was designed by Jim Lee. I guess it coulda been worse, coulda been Liefeld. :)

      • pastafarian

        .. needs more pouches.

  • The Internet

    Emma Frost is public enemy number 1. Not Wonder Woman.

    • Alex

      True. Frost LIVES in lingerie; WW looked like she wore a superhero costume.

      • spinzaku

        nope. frost is definitely a realistic comic portrayal of some women. and it’s only natural that she lives in lingerie. emma frost was a stripper. duh.

    • The Google

      Red Sonja and Vampirella send their not so progressive regards

  • daisyj

    I can live with the jacket, but I wish they had put some more detailing on the leggings– a stripe, some small stars, something. Knee-high boots would have been good too. After all, this is a superhero costume we’re talking about here.

    • cas

      Exactly! That’s my issue with the pants – not superheroic enough.

    • arryana

      totally agree with you on the detailing and change of shoes. knee high or thigh high boots would’ve been sooo much better than those unattractive wedge looking flats she’s got on…i’m not saying she has to be in stilettos but come on!

      • J

        Give her some biker boots, there very in this season and would make her look rock chick. The hair looks like it uses a tub of wax on it to style it, will she have time to do this if somebody needs saving? At least she won’t have to bother shaving her legs and arm pits every day in that get up :)

      • brody

        Biker boots would be a vast improvement. Then this might actually be sort of a LOOK, instead of vaguely reminding me of the stuff I wore in high school in the late nineties. (You know, plus a Mr T-load of gold accessories.)

  • Franky

    Diana’s 60s mod outfit were the cat’s meow. This looks dreadful by comparison.

  • Franky

    And thinking Daredevil’s yellow outfit was better automatically makes your superhero fashion sense credibility nil.

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