Tom Cruise made our Summer Must List!

Tom-CruiseImage Credit: Nina MunozWhy does Tom Cruise belong on our Summer Must List? Because we’re rooting for him. Because we stopped caring ages ago about his religion and those few months back in 2005 when he went crazy. Because we’re tired of people dumping on him. Because at 48, he looks amazing. But mostly because we love movies and we love filmmakers who care about movies — and that would be Tom Cruise. No movie star has a longer, better track record for surprising and delighting us, whether he’s dancing in his briefs in Risky Business or playing a graying hitman in Collateral or losing his s*** in Magnolia or giving his masterpiece of a performance in Jerry Maguire or stealing Tropic Thunder as the profane studio exec Les Grossman. His sketches on the MTV Movie Awards last month remain a highlight of the summer. His new film, Knight and Day, goes well with a box of popcorn, but it isn’t a blockbuster. The truth is, movie stars aren’t the commodities they once were, and Cruise’s name above the title doesn’t guarantee massive box office. But it does mean that even if a film isn’t great, even if it’s not your cup of tea, it’s probably at least as good as it can be. Cruise is one of the most intuitive filmmakers in the business. That’s why the best directors (like Steven Spielberg, Michael Mann, J.J. Abrams, Stanley Kubrick, the list goes on) have signed up with him. And he has learned a lot from them. We’re looking forward to the day when Cruise isn’t expected to jump off buildings and generate huge opening weekends. We’d like to see him direct, and see him in more character roles that tap into his own anger and complexity and sense of humor. He’s on his way to becoming a kind of elder statesman of movies. Now he’s the guy who can teach young filmmakers a thing or two — and not just that it’s really hard to live down showing too much of yourself to the public.

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  • Madd

    Thanks, EW!

    • Lily

      Agree. Thanks EW! Love Tom. He was AWESOME in Magnolia. Love all 3 MI movies. He was amazing in A Few Good Men—”I want the TRUTH!!” Loved The Last Samurai. He just rocks. So glad EW is singing his praises. Go Tom. Keep your great movies coming!

      • Rex Fowler

        Hi! If you follow these instructions, you too can have super-powers like our Church idol Tom Cruise:

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        The end phenomenon for the Super Power Rundown is a being who has
        regained the super powers of infinity.

    • Josh

      Agreed & agreed!! About time we get a PRO Tom Cruise piece.

      • avenger

        I know what you mean–FINALLY! I love Tom Cruise, he loves movies, is a great actor, and everyone should just stop sh*tting on him already because the man is awesome. Oh, and no he shouldn’t have to move behind the camera, he is freakin’ Tom Cruise, he just needs to pick some better scripts again

      • Anonymous

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    • Loren Malloy

      Yes, thanks EW, for having a Scientologist on staff to write this kind of tripe, about a middling actor who would have gotten nowhere without his good looks.

      • James Smith

        Glad to see more people are willing to stand up to the baby killers!

  • Ceballos

    Although I’m not sure I TOTALLY buy Tom Cruise as some sort of underdog (even with “Knight and Day”s middling opening), I can’t help but root for the guy.

    For the time I’ve been alive, he’s been one of the most consistently entertaining movie stars.

    Then again, I never started hating him because of his whackadoo religion or his damaging of couches. (Last time I checked, the guy didn’t hurt anyone and hasn’t broken any laws.)

    My one hope is that he gracefully moves on to the next phase of his career. Just because he LOOKS the same way he did during his heyday doesn’t mean I want to see him riding on the hood of a car today like its 1999.

  • LOL

    Team Tom

    Knight and Day was great. He is a great actor.

    • MCG.

      I agree. And although it was a “hit to the ground” or somewhat a movie “flop”, I think “Knight and Day” is a summer suitable. AGREE? ;)

      • Miles O’Brian

        I think it would make a great download.

  • Richard

    I do miss movies like The Firm and other movies where he plays a serious part. I did see the new film and loved every minute of it. Tom is a fantastic actor and he should be doing parts like he did years ago. He has so much potential.

  • hillbuzz

    The time he went on The Today Show and talked smack about Brooke Shields is what did it for most people with Cruise. It opened the door for people to talk about how crazy Scientology is. If memory serves, didn’t the South Park hits on Cruise come after that? The Oprah couch jumping primed the pump, but it was the Brooke Shield attack (claiming it was wrong for her to seek postpartum help from a medical doctor) that really made me realize how crazy Cruise is. And I feel so bad for Katie Holmes and her family having been sucked into all of that, following in poor Nicole Kidman’s footsteps.

    • amy

      Yeah, so not rooting for Tom Cruise. He chose to use platforms intended to promote films to promote instead his own ideas and agendas. So be it. So I choose not to spend my money on his films to contribute to his paycheck.

      • Jim

        I use to feel that way about him, but I’m actually one of the few that saw humor in him at the VMA, and I liked Knight and Day.

    • Xenudotnet

      I think his part in South Park was by far his greatest work, he was witty and didn’t allow his ego to get in the way.

      When he got stuck in the closet, that was a classic Tom Cruise moment.

  • daman

    is jess cagle being blackmailed by scientologists, is he in a secret relationship with tom cruise, why is he making assumptions that EVERYONE is cheering for Tom Cruise. I for one am not cheering for Tom Cruise. Sorry Cagle!

  • Ihatetomcruise

    It’s painful to watch Tom Cruise “act”. He simply can’t do it! Maybe, when he was young, he had a certain boyish charm that carried his movies, but now that he’s closing on fifty he can’t rely on that anymore, and audiences are beginning to see that he has absolutely no talent. That, added to the fact that he’s a cultist nut-job has pretty much finished his career. I say good riddance!

    • Doug


    • JT

      He’s a better actor than all of the Twilight stars combined.

      • maddie

        Is that supposed to mean anything?

      • renee

        THAT was funny!

      • Tom

        Hey Twilight as a film is a crock unless you’re a young girl I suppose but the acting in it is far superior to Cruise any day.

        I don’t want to pull people down but let’s not put Cruise on any kind of undeserved pedestal here.

        Cruise is a pretty average one trick pony who got lucky and played his luck well, at least until he got in to that cult of his.

        I walked out of Knight and Day, as did a couple of others before me, it simply wasn’t very good and I only went to see what all the fuss was about.

        I feel sorry for Cameron Diaz though, who I felt played her part well. A shame that she got cast with Cruise in what is a fairly average movie.

    • Xenudotnet

      But when Tom Cruise sees someone in an accident, it’s not like anyone else, he knows he’s the only one who can help.

      Clearly Tom Cruise can cure people using his touch assists now that he’s got rid of most of his body thetans.

  • sunsetsnow81

    I for one am really happy to read this. I have always enjoyed Tom Cruise, he is a true movie star as well as humble with a strong work ethic. I am glad that he stopped worrying about what other people think and decided to just have fun and be himself, except for the whole Brook Shields depression incident. Knight & Day was awful and I hope he starts making better choices, with more realistic and interesting plots to work from.

  • Doug

    I like how you put JJ Abrams in the same list with those great directors. Other than that, rock on Tom.

    • BK

      I bet JJ Abrams wouldn’t have let Indiana Jones 4 suck!!!

    • Joe

      I thought the exact same thing. JJ Abrams is not a great director.

      • Johnification

        This is worth a debate. Present your evidence that his direction isn’t great.

  • nahnah

    Thank you Jess Cagle. Tom Cruise has dazzeled the screen since TAPS and I add 99.9% of all of his movies since then to my list of favorites, including Knight and Day. Knight and Day was a fun, suspenseful ride and I loved his chemistry with Cam Diaz. Whether you like his religion or not, whether you believe he’s gay or not, whether you are put off by his behavior on Oprah’s couch or with Matt Lauer- his talent really surpases most. When his movies flop (which are few), it can’t even be blamed on his performance. Give the guy a break and give him credit for being a true Hollywood star. If he was trying to make a living by raising kids or run the country then I might agree with the naysayers. In my book he’s only responsible for making it worth my $$ at the box office and he is worth every penny so far.

    • Anonymous

      oh! lets see what he does when he gets up to OT8!

  • Crumb bum

    Totally agree. I think everyone knows deep down that Tom Cruise is great despite his foibles. Born on the Fourth of July, Magnolia, Jerry Maguire, Collateral, Minority Report. All fantastic performances.

    • James

      Surely the same character in different costumes and settings. I think good casting had more to do with the success than Tom Cruise being a good actor. The direction was very good too, help bring out the best in Tom’s limited repertoire.

  • Terrell

    Tom Cruise RULES!!!! I never miss his movies. I’m there on opening night.

  • Sagogo

    Dr.Tom Cruise really? Did he brainwash EW like he did Katie? Their reason are laugable. He reached his peak with Jerry McGuire. He is no longer relevant. I wish L.Ron would bring the spaceship down for him to go on so he would be gone.

  • asherlev

    Well said, Jess Cagle, well said.

    I don’t get the Tom Cruise hate. If you watch his other interviews, he’s a pretty damn normal guy.

  • Kiki

    Thanks for this, EW! I agree. I enjoyed Knight & Day, and it was great to see Tom Cruise back in his element. Personal stuff aside (which is, at this point, pretty far in the past and wasn’t that big a deal in the first place), he’s fun to watch on screen.

    • Rex Fowler

      If you are talking about his past as in his homosexual lovers, I’m sorry to inform you that Tom is still homosexual, but he is very much in the closet.

      It is a well known fact in Hollywood. The reason why it has been kept under wraps is due to the Cult of $cientology suing anyone and everyone who dares to mention it.

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