Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette': Episode 6

Chris-HarrisonImage Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABCI can’t possibly write a blog this week without first talking about Jake and Vienna. Obviously I can confirm that they have broken up. I can also confirm for you that I sat down with both of them this week at the Bachelor house for an interview (slated to air as part of next week’s regular Bachelorette telecast). It was the first time the two of them had seen each other since they broke up. I’m not going to get into the “he said, she said” garbage that has fueled the tabloids over the last week. Both of them confirmed what I already knew and have been telling people for months: Their engagement was real and so was the love for each other when we all left St. Lucia six months ago. What happened to them and that love is a story you should and will hear from them. While I won’t get into the details of what exactly was said during this interview, I do want to be very clear about something: Yes, the atmosphere was emotionally charged, but contrary to reports that have surfaced about the interview, at no time was anyone ever physically in harm’s way, nor was anyone ever threatened with physical violence.

With that cleared up I want to get into what was easily the most “dramatic” episode thus far this season. I guess the best way to cover the implosion of “Rated R” is to tell you in detail exactly what happened. As we were leaving Iceland I learned that one of our former cast members, Jesse S in Canada, had proof that Justin had a girlfriend back home. I also found out that both Jesse S and Justin’s girlfriend back home wanted to call Ali and tell her all about it. Because we were traveling from Iceland to Istanbul, Turkey, and dealing with a major time-zone change, we had to wait till the next day to make the call to Justin’s girlfriend in Canada and thus let Ali in on what was going on. Ali had absolutely no clue when I arrived at her hotel room that morning and made the call to Justin’s girlfriend. I was very happy that you got to see and hear everything that was said by Justin’s girlfriend and Ali.

I was very impressed with Ali on that phone call. The first thing she said was how sorry she felt for his girlfriend, and all she cared about at the time was how she was doing. Very classy. When she hung up the phone, Ali was understandably pissed off and wanted Justin gone immediately. We walked straight up to the guys’ suite to confront Justin. Again, I really appreciated the fact that Ali wanted to do this herself and see him face-to-face. When we walked into the guys’ room, they immediately knew something was up, they just didn’t know what. Ali and I never show up together at the guys’ room like that, so they were anxiously waiting for something. That’s when Ali stunned all of us by going directly at Justin the way she did. Then every guy’s jaw dropped on the floor when Justin tucked his tail and ran for the door, and Ali stood up and questioned his manhood. I talked to the guys later and every one of them said they never thought Ali was hotter than that moment where she called Justin on his B.S.

“Rated R” obviously knew he was beat, so he made the bizarre decision to grab his passport and make a run for it… in Istanbul? I’m not exactly sure where he thought he was going to go or how he was going to get there, but Justin made a sad limp for it down the hall. I chased after him to try to stall until Ali could catch up and finish what she had started. Justin walked into stairwell and that’s where things really got interesting, as we briefly lost “Rated R.” Ali and the camera crews thought he’d gone all the way down the stairs but he’d actually exited on the next floor. So for several minutes we had no idea where Justin was. We eventually found him downstairs trying to get out of the hotel without having to face Ali. I have to admit watching Justin limp through bushes and up waterfalls in an attempt to keep from having to face Ali was classic and really sums up his character. He finally did come back to talk to Ali and she let him have it. I realize there have been incidents in the past where you may not be 100 percent sure who’s telling the truth, and this might have been another one of those cases. Justin swore up and down to all of us that he didn’t have a girlfriend and didn’t at any time contact that girlfriend while he was on the road. Hearing “Rated R’s” greatest hits (phone messages) as he limped off into the sunset was the smoking gun. That’s all anyone could possibly need to hear as proof.

I’m sure some of you are wondering how Justin could have made a call if we take the guys’ cell phones away. Well Justin would go into the bathroom in the guys’ suite and use the phone by the toilet. He then tried to cover his tracks by calling the front desk and asking them to take the calls and numbers off the room’s bill so we wouldn’t see it. Probably my favorite thing about this entire thing is that “Rated R” thought he was smarter than everybody else and was so smug as he assumed he was getting one over on everybody. When Ali pulled the rug out from under him and confronted him about all his lies, he stammered and stuttered his way through a pathetic series of explanations.

I’ve already taken up a lot of time and space here so let me throw out a few more thoughts about this episode before I wrap up. Ty and Ali had an amazing one-on-one date at the Turkish bath, and their relationship has really taken off. The group date — olive-oil wrestling — really freaked the guys out. I went up and saw them the next morning and they were seriously beat up. Those pros really did kick their butts and they were sore. Ali and Frank’s relationship is interesting. When they’re apart, it seems to take two steps backward, but when they’re together, the chemistry is undeniable and they quickly take 10 steps forward. Right now, they’re moving forward, and Ali’s worried about that. Ali really liked Craig, we all did, and that’s why she didn’t want to host a cocktail party that night before the rose ceremony. She respected him enough to not want to make him fight for something that just wasn’t there.

There are five men left, and we’re now off to Lisbon, Portugal. The tease after the show was extremely revealing. You can see that the drama with these guys is far from over. One of Ali’s toughest moments will come in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

A final personal note to the guys this week. It’s sad that an old host and a producer came into your house and took you to school like we did in a game you invented. Any time you boys want a butter sliding rematch, just let me know. You name the time and table and it’s on! Please leave your comments below, and you can always get a hold of me via facebook or twitter @chrisbharrison.

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  • nikki

    4 words chris,,,Bust of a season. Drama is not best season ever to me. Ali picking no one even to date does not equal phenomenal ending or best season ever to me. Wasting my time just because ali wasted hers and is proud of it is not phenomenal ending for me. Fleiss season filled with just drama, trave, storylines and no one picked even to date doesn’t make best season to me. redefine your definition of best season. I’m not only in it for the drama. Drama gets old and weary after it happen so many times. Bummer of a bust of season instead of the best. just my thoughts.

    Team Roberto!!

    • Nobody

      CH, I still can’t understand how you can spew all the crap you do in this blog, crap that you know is nothing but LIES.
      I really hope Ali isn’t hoping to get an acting career out of this gig on your stupid show, because she sucks.

      • Nobody

        And one other thing, saying that Fake and Skankienna were in a real relationship is one of your bigger lies. You’re such a douche, CH.

      • Me1967

        This show has been a joke since season 3; quit recycling all the hags that spawn from Brad season. You have not had any fresh meat since then. The fact that ANOTHER man leaves Ali next week for someone else is just the icing on the cake. The men wanted to be on television because let’s face it, put Ali in a bar with that ratty weave and no camera crew and see if you can even get 25 men to notice her let alone fight for her affections. Chris, please go back to HGTV while you still have a shred of self respect and dignity left. Let the guy from Fear Factory host this garbage or sell it to FOX

      • Alyssa

        If u don’t like the show then don’t watch it. It’s reality tv so of course there is going to be drama. Quit bashing Ali— it is made clear to everyone that she is a great girl!

      • Me1967

        Who is everyone? I see 289 opinions that say different

      • Juli O

        Nobody, didn’t it ever occur to you that Chris H. has a job to do and is getting paid for said job? Calling him out is one thing, but calling him filthy derogatory names on his OWN blog is disgusting.

      • Serena

        1) I don’t understand why so many people think that all of the people involved with this show have nothing better to do than come up with some giant love scam.
        2) I REALLY don’t understand the point of personally attacking Chris, as if he is somehow responsible for everything that goes on with this show.

      • Martin K. Driscoll


        Is by far the most physically attractive woman that has been on the show as bachelorette. The show is great in the format it is in now and CH makes it happen. He is even better then Ricardo Mantalban was in the original version.

    • RK

      I’m 100% sure who is telling the truth, Chris — it isn’t you or the show!

      • MARIE

        I too am 100% sure—CHRIS, we all see right through this “SHOW”, and we see right through YOU.

    • Andrea

      I am not into personally attacking Chris Harrison, the man…but I do agree with these comments that his blog is one big cotton candy fluff piece. The spoilers at the end of the episode disappointment me so much. Jake’s season was ruined for me because of Reality Steve so I vowed to avoid spoilers at all costs with Ali’s season. Now it’s ruined for me.

      • PJ

        I agree! I quit reading Reality Steve because I can’t stand the guy and didn’t want to spoil it this time. Well now it’s been spoiled! I may as well go to RS website and get all the dirt so I can quit watching!

      • Ashtrash

        Seriously – the “teases” really have just become “spoilers” now…please fire your editing department…

      • Serena

        Totally agree. Frank is my favorite guy, and half the excitement of this season for me came from wanting him and Ali to be together. Now I know three episodes too early that that isn’t going to happen.

      • Ann

        I say attack away. CH goes way above and beyond the call of duty in pushing whatever The Bachelor’s BS storyline is, not only on the show, but on any and every media outlet that will give him air time. In any other industry it would be called false advertising.

      • Jennifer

        Reality Steve is a self congratulatory douche. I can’t stand how he is always praising himself and talking about ABC like he is somehow better than them.

        Its clear ABC is feeding him these spoilers and hes just a pawn in their ratings game. J

    • Bambi

      I have a very important question that I am sure many other fans are wondering about…why, when we read Ali’s blog does she spell her own name wrong at the end of it??? The correct way is Fedotowsky and on the blog it is spelled Fedotowski!!! can you explain this?? is it possible that she doesn’t write these blogs? What a surprise to everyone! ha You would think they would be a little more careful when trying to fool us into thinking that Ali really writes these blogs!

      btw-I’m sure you probably don’t want to answer my question but I am asking anyway….did anyone else notice this?

      • RaRa

        Um, Bambi, what makes you think Chris would have anything to do with Ali’s blog? Just sayin’. But let me echo one thing I’ve already heard expressed: ABC is NOT COOL for giving away so much in their “teases”. I’ve always felt they give away too much even before the commercial breaks. Kind of takes the fun out of watching. I know you don’t have anything to do with these decisions, but we know you do have connections to those who do! Please, could we maybe see fewer teases and more meaningful interaction between Ali and the guys, maybe even see them discuss whether they have similar religious views or how they feel about disciplining children? Don’t they ever even have conversations like these? Fleiss is an idiot — a little drama goes a LONG way.

      • RaRa

        Sorry, Bambi, only the first sentence was meant for you! The rest was directed at Chris and the producers!

      • Bambi

        To RaRa-
        Well Chris seems to have his nose into everything. What do you think about the name being spelled wrong? Chris has been with the show since it started…I figured he must know something about the blogs. He seems to know about everything else.

      • RaRa

        to Bambi — Even if that is the case, I guarantee Chris’s contract doesn’t allow him to talk in depth about it!

      • cjr

        The name being misspelled could be a typo on the part of People magazine. I’m sure even if Ali writes it up (and I don’t know whether she does or not), she can’t do much about the way they publish it.

      • Mads

        I have to agree with RaRa about the teasers. You can’t call them teasers when they give away EVERYTHING! I was really pissed after watching it. I feel like I know exactly what’s going to happen in the season finale. Not cool. I would like a little mystery.

      • vibecat

        Obviously, the blog is as fake as the show is – that is why the person writing the fake blog for Ali can’t even remember how to spell her name.

      • Research

        Totally agree, I wanted her and Frank to be the one.

      • Jennifer

        Are you sure that what you call correct is the way Ali’s family spells it? There are many variations and it could be that her family changed the spelling somewhere along the way from their migration from Poland to America.

        Just saying…

      • Jennifer

        Actually she DOES spell it why a “y”

        You can check her official facebook to see.!/AliFedotowsky?ref=ts

      • Erin

        These people don’t write their own blogs. They hire people to do it for them.

      • TERESA

        Ha! Good eye. After your comment…the spelling of her name was corrected on the sig line.

    • Marcy

      What is up with that last paragragh from Chris? Sounded very cryptic and a little threatening. Anyone know?

      • Michelle

        Gee…it seems like they had a butter sliding competition in the house and the guys got their butts whooped by Chris and a producer. Nothing threatening there.

      • Sophie

        Well, who knew? I thought it was weird too.

      • Rose Queen

        “like we did in a game you invented. Any time you boys want a butter sliding rematch, just let me know” — How much clearer could he have been? Obviously the guys made up a “butter sliding” game and he “took them to school” – meaning “whipped their butts.”

      • Ambient Lite

        Butter sliding match = “a little threatening” LOL, Marcy!

      • Marcy

        Okay, you “got” me. I guess I just never thought about a bunch of guys sitting around thinking of things like a butter sliding contest (so, are these like, fraternity guys?). Most likely inspired by the olive oil experience. Actually, it sounds like a lot more fun than sitting around talking about Ali.

      • Betty

        I admit I re-read the first sentance since it seemed like it was going to be a serious message. but it is pretty clear he is refering to some sort of silly butter sliding game the guys came up with in the house and he is “talking smack” about how he and the producer beat them at this game…. in a funny not so much actually threatening way!!

    • KNeff

      We all have our opinions and albeit some of them are not what others would say or want to read, this is an open comment section to a blog…so deal with positive AND negative comments.
      Me personally? I watch just to watch. I’m no longer caught up in the “fantasy” that anything that happens on this show is real. I’ve been tired for MANY seasons about repeat people coming back as the center of attention…boo!

    • Simone

      Okay, so I’m just saying: The rug Ali and Frank ‘bought’ in the rug shop in Turkey? I have EXACTLY the same rug. I got it at IKEA for $150. The same exact rug. I even paused the show so I could compare them. It’s the same rug.

      • Jennifer

        Pics or it didnt happen..

      • Nicolle I also have the same rug… oh god, I hope they didnt pay 980 for that rug. (exchange ~ $620)

      • teresa

        hahahahahahahahaha! It is the same rug!


      This show is so staged, looks like Friday Night WWF, but then many think thats real too. The timing last night gave it away when 30 seconds before the end of the show she storms off, there not paid for the show so lets give them the attention they deserve.

  • Claire

    I wondered, during Jillian’s season, if anyone would be able to top Wes.

    “Rated R” did, and it sure wasn’t a good thing.

    • Karen

      Claire, Wes did not have a girlfriend. ABC edited everything he said to make it sound like he was saying he did have a girlfriend. If you want the real story, go to REality Steve’s website and hear the interview he did with Wes. Wes explains EVERYTHING, in great details, about how ABC completely fabricated his “role” on Jillian’s season.

      • Say What?

        I’m not buying anything Wes has to say in his defense. He’s on the new season of The Bachelor Pad–if he was really screwed over by Fleiss he wouldn’t be on the show again!! I think it was more a mutual benefit for them with the story line than anything–but there is absolutely no sympathy for Wes at all!

      • teresa

        So true about Wes. If he was done wrong, he would NEVER have come back. Unless, of course, for the publicity.
        I hate these shows where people go on to get “famous” without any talent. I prefer the reality shows where the contestants have to do something; make clothes, cook food, paint, etc. Being “hot” is not a talent anymore.

      • daymar

        Are you saying that Reality Steve has all of the answers? This guy is a 1st class jerk that is so in love with himself it is sick. Maybe Wes didn’t have a girlfriend but he was on the show for the wrong reasons. He was trying to get new fans. I know that he didn’t get many fans! Reality Steve has a chip on his shoulder and he would say anything to keep the idiots that are his fans.

  • Lisa

    Vienna needs to GO AWAY! She was trouble from the get-go; that season’s “Wes,” or “Rated R.” She went along for the ride, as long as she could – we all knew Jake was not a prize worth getting (!) – and then she lied over and over in Star Magazine! “I’m leaving the ring her for him!” (then was seen on Monday wearing it) “I moving in with my parents in Florida now!” (boo hoo – then a few days later she gets her own apt in LA!) She suddenly likes some of the girls from the Bach – and shocker – they suddenly like her! and their Twitter accts light up like Christmas trees with plans for each other! Ugh – let’s all pray hard that her smug mug and creepy morals get on the next bus back to Florida!
    ABC – DO NOT give her a moment’s more time!

    • Me

      Jake also needs to go away.

      • Michelle

        This entire show needs to go away

      • catgirl

        I disagree, Michelle. Where else will you see so many people passionately arguing about how much of the show is real or scripted??? Most of the critics are watching the show or reading the blogs. Like me, many of them used to love the show but have become disillusioned to some degree when you see blatant “editing” or manipulation. So some folks get really upset about it, when it seems to get worse and worse each season. I agree with you though, some haters make it way too personal and vituperative against Chris; however, he is the only staffer with the guts to put himself in the firing line.

    • Me

      Well, Gia and Vienna were actually friendly during the show. So, it wouldn’t surprise me that they were still “friends.” And Jake is as full of it as Vienna, talking to People about everything.

    • Thorny Rose

      I read in People mag. in Jake’s story that a rep for “The Greek” star reported that the “Greek” actor doesn’t date engaged women and he was told previous to the break-up coming out in public apparently by Vienna, that Jake and her relationship was over. Yet Jake only broke up with her over the weekend of the 18th. So she must have declared it over before she even wrote that goodbye letter to Jake. She is playing like some victim of Jake’s, but I don’t buy it either. I wish she would disappear too. If Jake wants an acting career, so be it. People will either accept his performances by watching or avoid them.

    • Rebecca

      I agree with Lisa!

  • shellie

    this show is stupid. It doesn’t matter how it ends, NO ONE IS GOING TO GET MARRIED! This is NOT how you meet somebody.. Just ask jake and vienna sausages

    • Mellissa

      Ryan and Trista did. So did Molly and Jason. Not a great track record, but they did get 1 1/2 right (I consider Jason and Molly .5 since he didn’t originally pick her).

  • Barbara

    Thanks, as always for your comments. I wonder what you are doing all week while Ali is out on dates. Do you get to sighsee in these beautiful places? Does your family get to come along?
    I have thought for the last couple of weeks that Ali ends up not picking anyone, and I’m sticking with that. With Rated R, Frank, and her already shaky self-esteem I think she’ll be too scared to make a committment. As for Jake and Vienna….who cares??? Anyone could see that they had very little in common, and it certainly isn’t a surprise that they broke up. It does surprise me that you folks are cutting into Ali’s show with a bunch of drama about two previous cast members. I guess Ali’s ratings haven’t been good enough, and Fleiss has to create some interest. If you have to interview Jake and Vienna, I’d sure rather it took the place of the silly Men Tell All episode. Have a good week.

    • tess

      Barbara, cant you see it??? Isn’t the writing on the wall? They have to bring the drama of Jake and Vienna into the program….how else are they going to have “Jake” come back to declare his undying love for Ali??? He made a mistake….He let her go… will she do the same? one has to wonder!

      • Me

        Since ALi’s season has finished filming, how could Jake possibly come back and prove his love for her??

      • molly

        to me-
        rumor is that Ali choses none of the guys. So my guess is that on “After the Final Rose” (which hasn’t taped yet) Jake will show up wanting to get together with Ali, she will reject him, and he will cry once again, and try to extend his attempt at fame even longer playing the “rejected guy who just simply wants to find love.”

      • Thorny Rose

        Again I read in a mag that Ali said she was not surprised that Jake and Vienna broke up, hmmm,…

      • Susan

        This is exactly what I have been predicting all along:) I expect them to find Jake a rail to throw himself that he can pull a Jasoon….and do his best acting as Marlon Brando yelled “Stella”….Jake can scream, “Ali”……producers…feel free to go with it.

    • Crow

      Ali is a completely adult person — witty, charming, daring, mostly in charge of herself. None of the guys left is in the same league with her — they’re all boys; not one is grown up to know how to love and live with some one as exemplary as Ali. The producers should allow –really, encourage her — to pick none of these overgrown adolescents.

      • Marcy

        How old are you, Crow? Because I have been an adult for quite a while now and I can tell you Ali may be daring, but to call her charming, or witty (even more laughable) is just delusional. These guys might not be rocket scientists, but Ali is a mindless piece of fluff with ratty hair extenstions and a great body (which, I suspect is why she was really chosen for this show).

      • Research

        What this all comes down to is, “you all think this is (FAKE)ok, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But none of you have the right to bash anyone on the show. You don’t them, you just watch them. You write your opinions of what you see. Not of what you know. So my advice to all of you is to either watch it and enjoy it, or don’t watch it. It’s Reality T.V., and if these people choose to come on this show and do what they do, that’s their business not yours or mine. We choose to watch, they don’t make you watch the show…. But on that note, I do think Frank ANd Ali would of made an AWESOME couple.

      • AliFran

        @Research – Well, you are right, we don’t know these people and can only form opinions by what we see. Just like we don’t know YOU – and can only form an opinion by what you say…which makes you sound like a stuffy ole sanctimonious goody two shoes. Maybe that is not what you are, but I bet everyone who reads what you wrote will agree. Is your real name Pollyanna?

    • albertkitten

      C’mon! Men/Women Tell All episode is just good TV! I think that from now on, the contracts should stipulate that everyone must attend the After The Final Rose taping and the past “contestants” must strip down and wrestle in pudding… on LIVE TV!!!

  • DebbieV

    Great recap again, Chris! I do look forward to your comments each week.

    Justin proved his worth during this episode. What a total waste of good looks when a guy is that despicable. Nasty.

    I’m really wondering why there was so much reveal about the upcoming episodes for Frank and Ali. It is really rather a spoiler as Frank was one of my favorites for her.

    Does any of your family get to travel with you on these spectacular locales? The scenery has been breathtaking!

    Thanks again Chris!

  • Harrison Hot for Drama

    Oh Chris, you were def digging the drama with Ali and Rated R(idculously lame) The twinkle in your eyes and the smirk on your face, i loved when u told Ali to give it to him……but I must say Frank looked way too guilty to me, all in the eyes while the drama ensued. And I hope u don’t have these guys locked up all week in that stupid hotel room, def inhumane i tell you

    • SLB

      That had to be the most boring confrontation ever. Especially after all the hype. I noticed Frank (i also have a gf back home) kept his mouth shut.

      • dmac

        I would definitely have to agree, Frank was way too quiet and had a very guilty look on his face. He never chimed in when the guys were staring out the window — girlfriend too!!

      • WhatsmissinginmylifetoWatchthis

        The ‘deleted’ scene with the ‘Reading’was clear as crystal: his heart is thumping,Ali you will have 2 children, Frank you will have 3 and many girls – check out the reactions! Ali’s expression closes up, Frank looks like he’ll have a heart attack! Just think of it as a dinky-scripted movie with 5th rate actors, and try to enjoy…

      • LKM

        @SLB & dmac
        Girlfriend or maybe “boyfriend”?
        Frank is acting really weird and wears a thumb ring.

    • DiMi

      THANK YOU!!! 1. Yes, Chris Harrison was smirking the whole time. He gave Ali a weak apology when he was clearly loving every second of the only drama in a dull season. 2. Thank you for pointing out that Frank looked totally guilty. He’s usually a chatterbox, but he was very quiet. He knew he was playing exactly the same game as Justin. He just got away with it.

  • Mylissa

    I love your blog. It always spells things out a bit better. Thanks!

    I’m watching this week’s show right now. Justin just walked off and came back..he needed time to get his story together. I absolutely can’t stand him and couldn’t from the get-go. I’m glad he’s gone but feel so sorry for his next victim..because there will be one.

    • SLB

      Yeah, great blog. If you love BS and fluff.

    • WhatsmissinginmylifetoWatchthis

      What I feel REALLY bad about is that the Canadian guys they picked are total Yucks!! I think that I am taking it personally. Go get a French-Canadian guy! Our culture is so much more open and fun-loving! or just get international!…..

  • Hoping for Tetanus Shots

    Was I the only one scheeved about the dirty water they needed to walk thru to eat or the fact that the turkish wrestlers were freaking serious as a heart attack and I was waiting for someone’s head to be cracked open on the concrete outside of the grass circle of death, or the white ash in the turkish baths, was I the only one smelling it all and thinking they weren’t enjoying it all that much?

    • duranmom

      No, you were not the only one waiting for an ambulance or something to be called. Having the guys battle among themselves is kinda ok (i guess…) but not against professionals. I’m thinking they didn’t sign up for that AT ALL. And it seemed that Ali was getting off on it all. Sheesh, just let her rub oil on them and call it a date.

      • Michele

        I was totally grossed out by watching them wading through the sistern. And then to have them eat in the middle of it? Wouldn’t it smell?

        And Justin is a tool. Really got a kick of watching him try to get in that locked door!

      • Pitbull mom

        to Michele – a cistern isn’t the same thing as a septic tank or a sewer! It’s just a water reservoir! Most cisterns catch rainwater for use in emergencies (although hopefully not for drinking water, since they do walk through it!) ;-)

      • dawnomite

        the dates are ridiculous – calendar shoots, movies, music videos, wrestling, the LION KING (what an insult to Broadway and the people who paid money to see that show) – totally over the top and difficult for the folks to actually get to know one another in normal-people ways.

  • Carrie

    It makes me sad to say that I’m Canadian and the two Canadian guys on the show this season just.. disappointed me. First with what’s-his-name, the one that kept insulting the Weatherman? His hometown is where I live. Made me sad to read in the newspaper here that previous friends of his from highschool were all excited about him being on the show and saying they knew him. After the way he acted, I wouldn’t want to be associated with him. Now Justin? I think what bugged me the most about him all season has been his smarmy smile. You always felt like he was twirling his imaginary mustache while giving that smarmy smile, like he was better than everyone else for pulling one over on them. I can’t say that I’m sad that Craig left. I never did see any sort of ‘spark’ between he and Ali. But I do like the remaining guys. From the preview, it looks like we’re going to lose Frank, which sort of makes me sad, because I’ve really liked him since his intro in the first episode. But if she were to end up with anyone? Chris from Cape Cod. The guy is hot and seems very sweet. Chris, like other people have asked on here: What -do- the guys do during the week while all the dates are taking place? Do they have to stay holed up in the hotel, or are they actually allowed to go out and sightsee in these amazing locations that they’re in? You know, like Bachelorette Staff Run Field Trips.

  • timmy t

    “…and their relationship has really taken off” – clearly not, doesn’t she send Ty packing next week, Harrison?

  • Cooper

    That Justin… He is giving Canadians a bad name! He needs to just own up to it, and admit he was wrong. No more excuses. Ali is such a sweet girl. She has been doing a great job. She will find her fella in the end, whether or not it is on this show. You go girl!

    • tttttt

      NO HE IS NOT. one bad apple doesn’t not spoil the whole bunch.

  • Karen

    Chris- why couldn’t you at least have waited until AFTER the wrestling match to confront Justin-to see him get his nuts handed to him on a silver platter by one of those turkish wrestlers- even better- all FOUR of them. Now THAT would have made the entire season worth watching!! Rated R would have been Rated P if you get my drift!

  • Karen

    Nikki!! Did she not even pick anyone to date? We know Frank is out- and I think Roberto will be the next bachelor- so she did not pick Chris or Kirk???? DO TELL!

    • allie

      Chris and Roberto are the final 2 and she picks neither. The end.

  • Karen

    Does anyone know if Jillian and Ed are still together- have they set a date- are they still living together???

    • SLB

      Yeah. They’re still under contract to remain a couple.

      • Gabbie

        Why do you even come on this site, SLB, if all you do is complain about it. Take your misery somewhere else!
        JEEZ. Take a zoloft and change the channel if you don’t like it.

      • allie

        Gabbie- people who this the bachelor(ette) is a ridiculously fake farce come on this site to make fun of women who project themselves into the show…. if you think Jillian and Ed will be together much longer you’re delusional.

      • tttttt

        SO TRUE. Gabbie he/she is entitled to his/her opinion as you are.

      • teresa

        SLB: You are so right. Just as Jake and Vienna were suppose to break up during this season in order to bring attention to the show and increase ratings. It’s a big scam, people.

      • teresa

        P.S. Jillian and what’s his name will be breaking up soon too as she got a gig with Extreme Home Make-over. She’ll be hanging out with Ty.

    • Karen

      They are SO not into each other! I’m sure they’re being paid nicely to remain in a faux relationship for a while.

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