New 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' trailer debuts. Goosebumple overdose in progress.

I’m finding it difficult to type, Popwatchers, because I’ve just watched the first full trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and my entire body is currently riddled with goosebumples. Before I apparate you over the jump so y’all can watch the trailer and discover for yourself the sensation of a goosebumple overdose, a word of warning: The opening of this trailer includes an iconic and surprising moment between Harry and Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest. Those of you who’ve read the final Harry Potter book know exactly which scene I’m talking about, but those of you who haven’t — those of you who’ve only consumed Harry Potter as a cinematic experience, and not a literary one — may find this scene to be a big honking spoiler. Indeed, pretty much all of the footage ahead, and my thoughts on it, aren’t for those who prefer to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows with virgin eyes. For the rest of you: Accio goosebumples!

First impression: Our dear Harry looks like an adult, and not just physically. The Boy Who Lived lived through so much during what should have been his final year at Hogwarts, and you can see it in Daniel Radcliffe’s world-weary eyes. Beyond that, I daresay this trailer actually managed to live up Warner Bros.’s decidedly un-British ballyhooing about the Potter series being a “WORLDWIDE PHENOMENON” and this two-part finale being “THE MOTION PICTURE EVENT OF A GENERATION.” We caught glimpses of Harry’s tussle with Voldemort’s snake Nagini, the flight from the Dursley’s, the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry and Voldemort’s final showdown, and, whoops, yep, the goosebumples are back just writing about it.

I know I should be flustered that that final showdown does not appear to be as J.K. Rowling wrote it — i.e. inside the rubble-strewn Great Hall, with practically everyone in Harry’s life surrounding him — but I’m honestly not. In fact, the only thing that elicited a cocked eyebrow was the notion that I somehow need to complete this journey in 3-D.

But what do you make of the new Deathly Hallows trailer, Popwatchers? Are you currently all with the goosebumples, currently all with the wondering why I call them goosebumples – because, well, why not? — or currently all with the wondering why you’ve even read this far given the fact that you couldn’t care less about Harry Potter?

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  • Jenn

    HOLY GOOSEBUMPS. It looks so insert-every-positive-adjective-here!

    I cannot wait!

    • Jenn

      first! wohoo! (I have no life).

      • darclyte

        That’s ok, after watching the trailer, I think it’s acceptable.

      • jordan

        why isn’t this on the top news?????!!!!!!! AMAZING!

      • Kat

        OMG! Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Can’t wait! It looks AWESOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME!!!!!!!!!!!

      • poop

        I dunno, it looks awesome and I’m sure it will be one of the best Potter films, but are they marketing this right? I’m sure to everyone who has read the book they’re seeing what the final year looks like on the big screen, but what about everyone else? While I have read all the Potter books, all of my friends that are looking forward to the next movie have seen the whole series as, well, movies. So the question that I think has been underlying these adaptions are: “Is the movie a sequel to the previous movie, or an adaption of the novel and nothing more?” For the majority of the time it seemed liked they cared more about the established film continuity than book continuity, but this trailer leans heavily on the adaption side. Basically what I’m trying to say is that the way this trailer is, a trailer for both installments, it is very confusing from the perspective of a filmgoer. When Pirates of the Caribbean 2 trailer came out, did it have footage from the Maelstrom battle from Pirates 3? No. When the Matrix Reloaded trailer came out, did it have footage from the Neo on Smith battle from Revolutions? No. So why does this have footage from the final battle of the second part of a two part story that is not coming out until next year? Well of course that’s because that actual story is just being spilt up into to parts. But for the Potter fans who only watch the movies – the two parts are like two whole movies. Why does a trailer have footage for the 8th film if the 7th hasn’t come out yet? Its a very different type of marketing for back-to-back sequels. How this effects the eventual box office grosses will probably effect how the Breaking Dawn and more importantly Hobbit adaptions will be marketed.

      • V

        There are people who haven’t read the books? What rock are they under?

      • Jailyss

        No showdown in the Great Hall? I am once again beginning to feel the first pangs of disappointment. To me part of the book and the story is everyone watching Harry out smart Voldemort. It reminds us that even when you think it is over, that evil have prevailed, there is always a glimmer of hope, and it usually lies within us. Sigh…

      • Mike

        It looks absolutely fantastic! I need to read it again to remember the Epic Great Hall battle…who knows…maybe it ends there and we’re only seeing part of it in the trailer? (doubtful but maybe!)

        All I know is…Molly Weasley better get the best line of the series like she did in the books! LOL (and I cannot say it here in fear of the EW Censors!)

      • Mike

        Correction to my previous post: I need to read Deathly Hallows again too remember the epic great hall battle “BETTER”…obviously, I remember it! lol I flew through the book the first day it came out and haven’t revisited. I really need to before the film!

        And to anyone who has yet to read the books but have enjoyed the movies…you really owe it to yourself to read these fantastically crafted novels. Just brilliant writing!

      • Lizzy

        Wow! This looks amazing…I’ve been hoping it will live up to the fantastic book, but after watching it, it looks like it will. Still have goosebumps. Can’t wait!!

      • Nick T

        Oh gosh, SOOOO may goosebumps. Haven’t read the books so I skipped through the first part and closed my eyes through much of the rest!

      • Tom


      • Tom

        Sorry, too excited. Why aren’t there any scenes with Snape in the trailer? He’s pretty important in the book

      • @poop

        If you knew your facts, you would recall that The Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions trailer premiered in the 2003 Superbowl (Bucs vs. Raiders). It was a long trailer that showcased The Burly Brawl from “Reloaded” and The Flight Fight “Revolutions”. Don’t talk about stuff you don’t know about. And as for this being a close adaptation to the book rather than focusing on movie continuity, you should realize that although not everything is addressed in the movies, they try their best to pay homage to all the important things in the books. But keep this in mind, everyone, and I mean everyone who is a fan of Harry Potter will far more appreciate a close adaptation to the books than a movie “sequel”. You’re so dumb, of course it’s a sequel and an adaptation. We all prefer an adaptation close to the source material.

      • hannah86

        poop… I don’t think people who haven’t read the book will react any differently to people who have read the book when they see the trailer includes both parts. It’s been widely advertised and known for a few years now that they would split the last book into two installments. I’ve never read the book and I’m not upset that they “gave away” the show down, everyone knows it’s going to happen. So much is happening in the trailer anyway, I’m not going to finish the first part this winter and think… HEY they didn’t show that part in the movie! What the what!?

      • Jenn Jenn

        After the third viewing I saw Snape. It’s a flash of him crawling backward, obviously away from something. Before there are reactions, I do know from what. I just don’t want to ruin it for anyone who hasn’t read it yet.

      • JS

        I think the discussion of whether it is an adaptation of the 7th book or a sequel to the movies will be very important. All of the changes from the books in the first 6 movies will necessitate quite few changes to the 7th & 8th movies to remain consistent. Add to this necessary changes to bring “Deathly Hallows” itself to the screen, and the movie will almost certainly have to have a very different story than the book, with fans’ favorite plot lines lost or totally changed. I suspect the fact that the final battle appears to be outside will be among the least of the changes made.

        I have high hopes for these movies, and am a big fan of the series, but pulling this one off in a way that pleases fans will be a huge challenge for those who are making this movie.

    • Celia

      I KNOW!!! It looks so amazing, brilliant, breath-taking!!!
      I can’t believe it!! Everything looks amazing!!
      The scenes with Harry and Voldemort are EPIC!! Harry’s line, “Because I have something to live for” gives me chills EVERY TIME!!! *faints*

      • darclyte

        At 1:58 it kinda looked like the bridge of the Enterprise from the original series. I had to do a double take, back it up, and pause it to see what it really was.

      • Michael

        AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THESE FILMS ARE GOING TO BE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ambient Lite

      Definitely excited that the HPers finally have their own article to get excited about so maybe they can quit fapping all over the Twilight articles!

      • NicWin

        Oh go away, and take your stupid twilight nuisances with you.

      • @Ambient

        Oh Ambient, you know it’s not just the HP fans who loathe that other series. Everyone does.
        Everyone LOVES Harry Potter. Everyone hates twilight.

      • @Ambient Lite

        Take your Twilight and GTFO of here.

        Also, please. You think we can’t multitask? I can squee over HP while still hating on Twilight. Separate tabs and all. lol

      • Amanda

        Okay, you’re literally the ONLY Twilighter in here trying to start s**t, so why don’t you put your banner down, and go get in line for your crappy movie with the rest of the Twihards?

      • @Ambient

        You are incredibly pathetic. I have gone from hating your guts to feeling nothing but pity for you. After all, somebody who enjoys Twilight that much, can’t have much of a life, nor a very IQ.

      • Ambient Lite

        I’m a giant douche bag.

      • Ambient Lite

        Wow, not getting laid really DOES make you crabby! Listen up you wand worshipping weirdos, every time a Twilight related article is posted, an HP fan finds their way to it – not even just to trash Twilight, but to bring up Harry Potter! It’s odd!
        I think your reaction to my good-natured, all-in-fun comment just goes to show that you all take yourselves WAY too seriously. I mean, you’re obsessed with a young adult fantasy series about wizards. And it’s a good series, you don’t need to feel so defensive about it. When nutty Twihards are more amiable and even tempered than your lot, I think you need to re-evaluate. LIGHTEN UP.

      • Stevex

        Ambient, we’re very sorry about the personal attacks, but as fans of the HP series, as well as fans of good movies and good books in general, we can’t get past the fact that so much attention is being paid to the crapfest that is Twilight. If we get past the bad special effects, horrible acting, and lame plot lines, not much to see in Twilight movies, is there?

      • Jane

        Guys can’t we all get along.. I love Harry Potter and Twilight both!!!

      • S

        WTF! Why can’t someone love both twilight and harry potter. I do. Guess what, I also love Farscape and Battlestar at the same time. Star Wars and Star Trek. Doctor Who and well Doctor Who. People can love both and haters of both should just shut up and find something better to do with their time. Maybe write a blog about hating everything, just because they can.

      • Ambient Lite

        I actually really like both Twilight AND Harry Potter. Not a hater of either! I was only poking fun at the HP fanatics that would, for the past year or so, assbomb EVERY Twilight feature with their magical brooms – unfortunately, it seems they can dish it out, but they can’t take it.

      • S

        I totally agree with you Ambient Lite. I don’t know why people can’t just suck it up and appreciate that people love both series. That both series will/have left a mark on society and just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean you have to crap all over it.

      • Heather P

        Twilight is to Harry Potter what New Kids on the Block are to the Beatles.

        Nothing bad about either Twilight or the New Kids, its just both the Beatles and Harry Potter have a much bigger fan base are thought better of artistically/commercially and both have a tiny amount of old people calling them the Devil’s music/books.

        Twilight is a passing fad. Yes, its entertaining, but 10 years from now we will look back with nostalgia on why we liked Twilight. I also wonder if twilight fans who are younger than 30 will understand the reference.

      • Ariane

        No way are Harry Potter fans worse than Twilight fans. Twilight fans are amiable and even tempered? Please. Give me a break. I used to be a Twilight fan but I eventually turned my back on the series because of the HIGHLY IMMATURE AND CLOSE-MINDED FANS. You would not believe how many people on Twilight fansites would respond rudely everytime I commented on an article THAT HAD TO DO WITH OR MENTIONED HARRY POTTER. Geez. HARRY POTTER FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jeanne

        twilight suck, its for brainless ppl

      • Anna

        Whoa. I think people need to calm down.

      • sd

        can’t we all just get along? jesus. its possible to like both series AND not be a “crazed” fan of either and just appreciate each for what they are…good books worth reading.

        (and i must say that though i love both book series both series movie adaptions have left me wanting and wishing that the acting was better or that important parts weren’t left out/ non existent parts added…though i will say after seeing this trailer i am holding out hope for HP7&8.)

      • Kate

        It seems like people either love twilight or hate it. It is just a movie. Don’t insult someone just because they like something. Plus this is about Harry Potter!

      • @HeatherP

        I love your comparison. It is so dead-on, good job

      • Benjamin

        OK i like both movies i have been a fan of Harry Potter since i was 6 (now 15) there the best movies ever made! twilight is good i like but it will never ever live up to the awesomness of that Harry Potter has brought us over the last 13 years.

      • KarlHall

        The reason why everyone hates Twilight is simple… it’s GIRL FICTION. I’m not kidding. Few guys like it. If you do… WOW.

        But HP… guys AND girls love it. And it’s dark. And it’s got good writing. AND it’s not JUST about vampires and werewolves. AND it’s got a pretty good hero we could root for, unlike Mr. Cullen.

    • Liz Lemon

      Anna Kendrick (from twilight) is a Harry Potter fan. How AWESOME is that??? She’s tweeting about it’s awesomeness as we speak!! Love it! Even the twilight actors love some Harry Potter.

      • dee

        LOL I loved that. “Anna Kendrick: HP7 trailer = That. Was. Awesome. It would be really awkward if I bought a ticket to Eclipse just to see that on the big screen, right?”

      • Ana170

        The trailer doesn’t look bad. It looks as though they’ve finally given the actors reasons not to phone it in. I probably won’t see it though. For me these movies have been a bitter disappointment. The Order the Phoenix was so awful that I didn’t even bother with Half-Blood Prince.

      • DMR

        There are no “actors” in the twilight series. How Kristen Stewart is employed, let alone the “it” girl is beyond reason.

      • Johnification

        Anna Kendrick IS an actor; did you see Up in the Air? Never seen the Twilight movies, but you can’t blame a young Oscar nominee for picking up a paycheck. Ditto Michael Sheen.

      • Emily

        I like Anna Kendrick. Even in her limited amount of screen time in those Twilight movies, she manages to convey more life and personality than any of the actual leads.

      • PRT

        I absolutely love the Harry Potter Movies and can’t wait to see the last 2 installments. Go Harry Potter!!! And yes I have the Harry Potter books but haven’t read them as yet…I will in my old age I guess. Or give them as a gift to a lucky grandchild.

      • josef

        To PRT: you should read the books RIGHT NOW! the movies are great, the books are spectacular.

      • dizzy

        That’s so cute of Anna Kendrick! I like her; she’s pretty cool.

      • Roch

        Jeez Heather your comment was dead on! Haha, comparing New Kids to the Beatles, brilliant! :-D

    • pede

      Right there with ya, I have no words for how amazing/incredible/emotional these two movies are going to be. THIS is the only movie I’m looking forward to this year.

    • LOL

      Does anyone over 12 watch this stuff?

      • Diane


      • Liz

        Yep, 24 yo and can’t wait to see it. Can’t wait. I’ll be 25 by the time the final installment comes out and I will be there with my fake wand, my Ravenclaw scarf, and bells on. I can’t wait.

      • me@work

        YES!!!!! My whole family loves HP and can’t wait to see these last 2 movies.

      • Tracy =)

        Yeah they do. I’m 30 and love these books and movies. They are awesome!!! You can judge all you want =)

      • tuesday

        over 55 and cannot wait——-it looks omg awesome

      • Just wild about Harry

        HI! 46!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

      • Jim

        12 and 3/4 and i love it

      • dee

        29 here.

      • Emily

        I have yet to see this in a theater of predominately children. Most people are late teens and up.

      • finnley


      • Christine

        I’m 18 and I will be there at midnight.

      • Akane

        Yes, mainly because those that read the books since the beginning are now older, then you have parents, grandparents and the rest of the family, Harry Potter appeals to everybody!

        I just loved the trailer, we had seen teasers but this is amazing, of course just by looking at some of the scenes some of the real fans, the ones that love the books are worried about a couple of things, like the battle between Harry and Voldemort, something is missing, but this happens all the time, so we just have to wait, see and enjoy!!!

      • Kaye

        Our whole family has enjoyed the books, and the movies…. that would be 8, 13, 44 & 42 for those keeping score!

      • TrP

        I am 39 and a huge HP lover! These movies are one of the few series that do justice to the books. Beyond excited for November!

      • ps in seattle

        Absolutely! I’m 55 and my daughter is 20, and we have been Potterheads together since the very beginning. This trailer is absolutely breathtaking, looks like it could possibly be the best movie of the entire franchise. After all, they split DH into two movies so that they could include as much as possible from the book. I will be there at midnight, wand at the ready. Accio tissues!

      • Liz Lemon

        Hardy Har Har. The old “all Harry Potter fans are 12″ joke. I sure haven’t heard that one before.
        HP fans are all ages. It’s been going on for over 13 years and people DO age you know. A lot of HP fans were 10-12 when the series first started, but we’re all well into our 20s now. There are also some in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, etc. There are younger fans who are just now falling in love with the series.

      • Elizabeth

        My father-in-law, who’s in his late sixties, called me yesterday to make sure he and I could go together opening weekend (without the nieces and nephews/grandkids.) So, yeah. :)

      • Ariane

        I’m 16 and me and my friends are going to cut school to go see it 3 times in a row. :D

      • dizzy

        Yep, I’m 22 and will be there come this November and July 2011. If you’ve been to the midnight screening, you would see that the majority of people are over 12.

      • Dawn

        Does anybody over 12 watch this? You’re kidding, right? I’m 45, my BF is 50, and we LOVE this stuff. We’ll watch them all over and over gain. So bite me.

      • Celia

        @dizzy: Exactly. I’ve been to the midnight releases of both the books and films and the age range of the people their is very broad. I’ve seen kids as young as 8 and adults as old as 70. All dressed up as their favorite characters and impatiently waiting to read the new book or watch the new movie. I’m 23 and I’ve loved HP for 11 years. I will always adore this series.

      • mary q contrary

        We’re 27, 25, 8, and 7, and all but the youngest has read the entire series, and we’ve seen ALL the movies, and loved most of them. My mother and father have both read the entire series, as well as both of my brothers and my older brother’s wife and……… well, I could go on, but why bother? They’re amazing books, and in my opinion, stand out as the only ones that have EVER appealed to so many people.

      • AJ

        Are you kidding me? (Rhetorical)

        Retired English teacher, here. Age 65. Was still teaching when the Potter books became the (well-deserved) phenomenon that they did. Had tears in my eyes when kids were actually reading again. And quality, imaginative stories at that. JK Rowling is a genius. (Unlike Stephanie Meyers. Hack. But I digress.)

        The movies are wonderful. The casting of the three major leads was key. And choosing Daniel Radcliffe as Harry was genius. He is JUST exactly the way I pictured him in the books.

        And I love all of it.

        At my age, I only hope I live long enough to see the last two flims.

        Since I no longer can go to theaters (health reasons), I can’t wait ’til the last two arrive on blu-ray disc. My home theater will “sing” with my admiration/adoration of all things Potter.

        So in answer to your question, yes. I’m thinking you’ve never read a Potter book or seen a movie.

      • Roo

        I’m 24 & my husband is 26 and we love the books and films. Both sets of parents (in 50s and 60s) have read and loved the series as well. If you are seriously ignorant of how huge the reach of this series goes try google searching how many books have been sold or how much the films have grossed (most are on the top grossing films of all time list). Or maybe use common sense to deduce that this series has spanned over a decade and spawned a billion dollar franchise. So yeah, I think it’s safe to say that people over the age of 12 are interested in this.

      • maggie

        38 & I can’t wait!!! Neither can my 14 yo daughter.

      • Veronica

        30 here and I just can’t wait. It’s gonna be impressive.

      • ashley

        im 16 and ive been reading it since i was 8 :). (no kidding, i was reading to the babies in the nursery in daycare, before kindergarten my mom told me)

        my pap bought me the first book, and i loved em ever since. My stepdad and brother won’t sit with me and my mom in the theater because we complain about how much they changed and whatnot, but we still love them. We drove down to texas and on the way back we stopped at a walmart in virginia the day deathly hollows came out, and we both had it finished by the time we got back to PA.

        so yes, people over 12 do like the series :p

      • emilianna

        I read/saw the first installment when I was 10, read the last book when I was 17, and will be 18/have graduated by the name HPDH pt. 2 is released. So yes, I (and my friends) watch these films and love them. They line up almost perfectly with our ages, so it’s very nostaligc.

    • BFD

      Not goosebumps. Lumps in throat

      • TrP

        I think I will shed a tear when the last one is over…

      • Ashtrash

        + tears in eyes….

    • my thoughts

      I watched the trailer with ‘virgin eyes’ and didn’t really think it was a spoiler, I still don’t know how the movie ends and am still looking foward to seeing the movie with “virgin eyes”.

    • Person Who Talks

      Can anyone say “Oh my freaking God”? That…was…EPIC!!!! I have been a fan of the books since I was 8 (I’m 18 now), and this looks incredible!!!!! I’m sure that next summer, Twi-hards will be going in troves to see Breaking Dawn, but we all will get the last laugh seeing this breathtaking finale!!! Part II not only looks good, but f*cking Oscar-worthy!!!

  • Christine

    Worth the wait, seriously.
    So many great moments.
    And may I say the cinematography is amazing. Oscar nom plz.

    • Celia

      I was thinking the same thing! It will definitely get nominated, I just hope it WINS this time!
      The HP films are always visually stunning, but this one looks breath-taking.

      • darclyte

        It’d be great if it won (for the whole series) but I don’t see it since unlike LotR:RotK they weren’t all directed by the same person.

      • @darclyte

        Only DH part one and two would be nominated and they were both directed by Yates.
        I really hope it wins for effects and cinematography and possibly for score (depending on what Alexandre Desplat does and if John Williams returns for part two).

    • dizzy

      The cinematography looks spectacular! That shot where the trio is walking by the forest and lake is beautiful.

      • @dizzy

        OMG! That shot! Love the green. It looks amazing. I thought it was LOTR for a second. lol.

    • Riley

      This movie will win best movie of the year for 2010 and 2011! everyone said move over harry Potter here comes Twilight. But guess what! Move over Twilight here comes Harry Potter and it’s going off with a bang!

      • Cindy

        harry potter was ALWAYS here :)
        and Twilight will NEVER be at its level

      • Tha Phoenix



        While I have love for Twilight, Twihards, take a damn seat, because this – THIS – is what EPIC means!

      • TrP

        I love both books series, but IMHO, the HP movies (and books) are SO SO far superior it is no contest. My grandchildren will read HP no doubt.

    • steph

      the trailer alone should get an Oscar. It’s better than 3/4 of the movies that have been released this year ;D

  • AnaB

    Excuse me while I go fangirl over it some more… *runs off*

    • jodipo

      me too! I got flutters in my stomach,and had to watch it twice more before I could calm down. this will be epic.

      • Benjamin

        jodipo im right there with you the trailer came out at exactly 7p.m and i made my friends watch it like 5 times and they almost killed me because they barley even like Harry Potter. BEST TRAILER EVERRRRR! Long live Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!

  • Josh

    So good and so much emotion in these scenes reminding me of the books. How nice to see actual characters from a book series instead of pretty, lifeless eyes.

    • mari


    • Liz

      I agree. I can’t wait to see the battle of Hogwarts. Reading through those last couple of hundred pages you really run the whole realm of emotions and this cast is superb especially considering they were plucked from oblivion at age 11. Oscars? Please. I can’t wait to see Ron Weasley all grown up. I am worried about how they will handle all of the deaths, as so many characters snuff it.

      • hutchy

        They wont, most of those characters were never introduced or if they were, have been onscreen for a total of about 7 minutes. They have a plan to ruin those books, dammit, and they are sticking to it!

      • Celia

        I think the part near the end with Hermione/Ron is when *SPOILER* Fred dies!! That’s really brilliant acting from those two. You can tell they’ve just seen something horrific.

      • @Celia

        :( I love Fred :(

      • @@Celia

        ME TOO! I always black out the fact that he…you know. I still refuse to believe it. :(

      • Liz

        @Celia I do as well. I have a hard time reading the books because they all have moments where I inevitably break down and cry for Fred. He was my favorite and I still can’t read that part of book 7. I am secretly hoping that they will cut this from the movie and he will live on.

      • fg

        When the last book came out, I told someone that the saddest death would be if she killed ONE of the twins. When it happened I could not stop crying.

      • Akane

        Of all the deaths FW is the most painful, those two are no doubt my favorite characters, I still can’t believe she did it, wasn’t George’s ear enough!?!

      • c

        I want to see the desks that McGonagall brings to life for the battle. It’s all the little things that have always made this series so great.

    • @Josh

      Speaking of emotion…pause at 2:02 in the video and you we will see a lot of dead students on the ground. How bone chilling.

      • Emily

        Oh man. I didn’t even see that!

  • Liz

    I watched this and squealed in delight multiple times. I have been an HP fan since book 1 came out and it’s bittersweet to see the last movie coming. I grew up with Harry and he’s like an old friend. I always say that reading the books is like looking back at family photo albums. Can’t wait to see it all play out, “I open at the close” Love for Harry Potter forever.

    • Trish

      agree, liz. Rereading those books never gets old. It’s like revisiting childhood memories. They better keep that line in the movie! “I open at the close” was wonderfully fitting in that particular scene of the book. Here come the tears.

      • @Trish

        I love re-reading them, because you notice something new everytime. And depending on your age, emotional state, or whatever you’re experiencing at the time…you interpret the story differently. I love re-reading those books. It’s so much fun.

      • Leah

        I’m listening to the audio books again too. The Jim Dale versions. I don’t have all of Stephen Fry’s recordings yet. They’re especially good on road trips!

  • Bee

    soooo awesome. can’t wait. but i kinda almost wish it was just normal and not 3D

    • Jenny

      It’ll be both.

    • HRFE

      I think that this is the only time 3D will actually be good for a movie, rather than suck. I have a lot of faith in Daniel Yates as a director. Anyway, you can see it in 2D and still experience the awesome.

      • Anonymous R

        Psst.. It’s David Yates. :)

      • HRFE

        Whoops I seemed to have been combining the director and the lead’s names. My bad.

    • francie

      I am so seeing it in 2-D, just like I saw Toy Story 3 yesterday, enjoying all of the sob-fest emotions, recollections of personal and entertainment childhood experiences, and exuberant excitement without the unnecessary headache of having objects fly at my face.

      • Heather P

        I can’t see 3D anyway. It doesn’t work for me. So not paying the extra cost if it doesn’t work. Still, looking forward to seeing it in 2d.

      • ashley

        yeah i have to watch 2-d because of my stupid glasses. the 3-d glasses dont fit over, and im near-sighted so i can’t take em off to watch it lol

    • Celia

      It will be in 2D, 3D, 3D imax.

      • HRFE

        Aaaaand I’ll be seeing it in all 3.

  • RubyBaby

    I’m with you on the goosebumps, Adam; and with you on notion that somehow we have to “complete the journey in 3D”. Noooooo…I can’t be doing that, not with progressive lenses! Mind you, will we all be able to see through 3D specs when they are most likely to be filling with tears?

  • dee123

    Anybody who seriously thinks Twilight is better needs to be in a straight jacket.

    • Liz

      Best comment ever. I will be borrowing this for my argument against Twilight from now on.

      • Jenn


    • Lilly

      agreed, but you JUST know that somehow.. Twilight fans are going to show up and cuss us out.

      • Jenn

        That’s because they’re delusional. It is possible to be a fan of Twilight and like Harry Potter more. (like 1293128094 times more)

      • Celia

        Actually…a lot of them seem to agree that this trailer is EPIC!

      • ac

        I am first and foremost a fan of HP because HP came before Twilight.. and no, Twilight is NOT better… I personally love HP for its originality.. and I’ve loved the books. If only they could actually put EVERYTHING in the movies, but they are adaptations.. so whatever. Anyhow. I’m in love with both Twilight and HP.. so yes, it IS possible. This trailer just reminded me why I love HP so. *sigh* Why does it have to end so soon? :(

      • @AC

        Wait- you only like HP more because it came before Twilight? That’s the only reason? Not the superior plots, characters, universe, or writing?

      • Sarah

        I’m going to go see eclipse on the 30th and i was all excited even though i know the movie is going to be horrible just like the first two, but now that i’ve seen this trailer i don’t want to see any movie until this one comes out in November!!! I can’t wait!!!!!

      • Ambient Lite

        Celia’s right, I think most Twilight fans (including myself) like HP also – so why the comparisons or competition?? They’re nothing alike, and I don’t think I’ve EVER heard a Twilight fan say their series is better than HP. But it’s okay for them to enjoy it more or like both. It’s always the HP fans bringing up Twilight and I don’t understand it.
        I’m looking forward to Deathly Hallows, I think the clip was great – but I’m excited about Eclipse too. And not because I think it’s “better than HP”, but because I enjoy it in a totally different way.

      • @to whoever commented to ac

        ok, i shouldn’t have said the reason why i am first a fan of HP because HP came before twilight. what i MEANT to say was if i were to compare my love for both franchises and stories.. i’d say my love for HP came first. i actually didn’t give twilight a chance in the beginning. my boyfriend showed me the books in this old bookstore and i didn’t bother caring. vampire lovestory? eh. but i gave it a damn chance, and i loved the series.. and the movies. people can call me stupid and all that… that i have a low “IQ” over the fact that i love twilight? i do love it. the cast devoted themselves to play the characters, and i believe s. meyers wrote a great STORY (not necessarily in the best way, but she has something creative there.. at least to me). are people not entitled to their own opinions that you call fans of the twilight franchise idiots? they love the story. curse them for it? WOW.

        i love HP, yes… for EVERYTHING. but most especially for its originality. i love the world J.K. Rowling created, and i love the cast and production teams for transforming all the books into astoundingly beautiful works of art.

        so i’m sorry that i didn’t explain myself clearer. but yes.. because HP came before twilight, likely, it has a bigger place in my heart. but i still love twilight. especially the cast.

        and true, the twilight movies aren’t obviously the greatest, nor are the books.. but they aren’t garbage either. again, imo. we all just have different tastes, and similar.. too. people can love both HP and Twilight. and if fans bash on it… that’s their problem.

    • Mary

      Ha ha, I watched the trailer and thought “Twilight will never compare to the EPICNESS that is HP.” My dorky moment for the day. Also NEGL, I have a feeling I’m gonna be crying real tears in the theatre when The Princes Tale plays out.

      • @Mary

        The Prince’s tale is such a sad chapter. There are going to be so many moments in which I cry.
        I’m crying now, because there’s going to be an 8 month wait in between part one and two! :(

      • Ana Maria

        …Me too; I’m a little concerned that I did not see Severus Snape in the trailer; I’m hoping the movie does justice to The Prince’s Tale…

      • Lori

        I’m going to dig out DH and start re-reading it. For the 9th time. And then this weekend I will have a Harrython. There’s enough movies out now for me to easily kill a weekend. Pass the fever fudge!

      • Anjeli

        @ Ana Maria You see Snape in the trailer for a sec

      • Ana Maria

        …@Anjeli: thanks! yes, he is there, around 1:56 more or less; in my excitement I did not catch him the first time I watched the trailer…

    • ashley

      its pretty sad when just the trailer kicked more *** than the entire twilight series XD

  • Jenny

    It seems like what they’re going to do with the final harry vs. voldemort battle is have them move through hogwarts, so they could end up in the great hall surrounded by students. If not, I still love the setting anyway. Also, the 3-D is being advertised by David H. as “elegant 3-D”. Meaning, he’s deepening the screen instead of having everything pop out randomly. I think it’ll be excellent in 3-D. But OMG it looks amazing!!!!!

    • lili

      For book readers-that sounds like an interesting idea, but what was obviously the final moment was (very spoiler-ishly) shown to be somewhere on the grounds. Plus, everyone was running through the forest? It looks like a lot of it will be outside.

    • Gator

      I am ok with the final battle moving through hogwarts as long as it ends where it is supposed to in the book. And as long as we have the line “NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU B*TCH” by Mrs. Weasley. If they lose that line and scene I will be royally pissed.

      • Celia

        They can’t lose that line. It’s too epic! It should not be altered in anyway.

      • Lea

        oh I HOPE they dont!! LOVE THAT LINE!
        Molly Weasley was like bad as*! LOL

      • Sadie M.

        Mrs. Weasley’s comment must stay, a classic. Still upset about Dumbledore’s funeral from #6, but looks like they’re definately saving the best for last. My son’s 1st chapter books ever read, got hooked myself, he’ll be 18 this Sept. What a journey we’ve taken together. Muggles unite and enjoy the ride!

      • Trish

        haha, I just wrote that line later on this comment board. Should have read the comments earlier so I could write “ditto”. Or something like that. Loved Mrs. Weasley in that scene. I think I LOL-ed when I read that in the book.

      • me@work

        molly weasley rocks!!! i also hope they don’t cut out that line. i dont think jk rowling would allow it. maybe its just me.

      • Shel

        I am with you on that…that line MUST stay in

      • Billy

        Am I the only one who didn’t think that line was all that great. To me it just seemed very out of character, regardless of the situation. Also, I think it would have played out much better had Neville killed her and said something like, “This is for my parents, you bi*ch.”

      • Gator

        Billy, I have to totally disagree with you. I don’t think it was out of character at all. She is very protective of her family, had already seen one of her children killed, and would absolutely go off on anyone threatening her only daughter. Neville got his part when he kills the snake. That was way more important than Bellatrix.

      • @Billy

        Molly is first and foremost a mother, so that line makes complete sense.
        She’s already lost one of her children at this point in the battle, so there’s no way she’s going to let Bellatrix kill another one. There’s no other way for her say that line.

      • Liz

        ?That line has a facebook group it has to be in.

    • drayche

      I agree totally, Mrs. Weasley is one of my favorite characters, When she couldn’t stop the buggart from showing her dead family. I can’t wait till it shows Percy return also!!

      • Gator

        Oh man, I was just in tears when reading the part about her trying to stop the buggart. It just killed me.

  • Anna

    Amazing! I am without words… This is just epic!

  • Molly

    It’s perfect. Also I’m glad that they have left out a choral arrangment until the last movies, it makes it so more epic now!

    • mscisluv

      They’ve done choral arrangements in previous movies for sure. Maybe in the 2nd or 3rd?

      • V

        Prisoner of Azkaban (#3) opens with a choral arrangement of “Something Wicked This Way Comes”…

      • Celia

        My favorite choral arrangement is “In Noctem” from the Half Blood Prince soundtrack. Although, no one can top John Williams.

  • hutchy

    Weak. I refuse to be drawn in by yet another awesome Potter trailer, only to be let down when the movie sucks. The tralier for Half Blood Prince was amazing, and that movie was god-awful (for those who havent red the books; for those that HAVE, it was unwatchable). So now Voldemort and Harry face off in… empty courtyard, with no one around. Fantastic. It will be interesting to see how they handle the Battle of Hogwarts, since half the characters havent been in the movies and the best, most rousing moment (involving Kreacher) will be impossible, since Yates didnt bother to develop him as a character. The same Yates who didnt bother to include the first Battle of Hogwarts from book 6. Should be a barn burner.

    • Liz

      I try to think of them as seperate entities that just happen to be semi-similar. It really helps.

      All I know is that if they cut out the very brief scene during the battle of Hogwarts where Harry can’t conjure a Patronus and Luna shows up and makes her speech about how they are all there, and still fighting, I will walk out of the theater. Those few lines in the middle of the battle always make me burst into tears.

    • Jenn

      I hate that you pointed this out. Because you’re right. Especially about the Kreacher part.

    • maddie

      OMG, the Kreacher scene near the beginning was so moving, but now that I think about it, they’ll probably take it out, because all the producers seem to care about is moving the plot forward, not characterization. I think they could explain RAB without Kreacher’s entire story, but they shouldn’t.

      • hutchy

        HUGE SPOILER ALERT………..when the Death Eaters are just about to be victorious, and Kreacher literally POPS onto the battlefield yelling “FOR HARRY POTTER!! FOR DOBBY!!!” and the entire house elf population POP POP POP POPs into existence behind him, waving spoons and forks and start kicking some major a$$, as god as my witness I lterally said out loud “This is one of the most awesome F_ _ _ _ _ _G books I’ve ever read in my life!!!” Tragic we wont see it on screen, I’ve been waiting years to see that. And to the person below me, no they cant keep everything, they just get rid of the cool parts and keep interminable 25 minutes school dances…..and yet somehow utterly BOTCH the Ginny/Harry stuff, instead just flopping it out there with no real buildup whatsoever. Yates, you are AWESOME!!!…..or not.

      • Celia

        Kreacher is in the film, so I think they kept his back story in. They’ve also cast Regulus Black.

      • hutchy

        I wish I could believe you, but unfortunatrly, Kreacher has been on screen for about 30 seconds, with no explanation, backstory, or importance. Aint gonna happen.

      • Celia

        They cast Mundungus Fletcher and goes into Regulus’ room. I don’t see a way around them NOT telling Kreacher’s story.

      • bamalam

        Kreacher has to be in the movie because Yates was going to just not include him in the fifth movie…but Rowling made him have an appearance because she knew how important he was to become in the future of the series. The reason he wasn’t in the 6th film was because he really didn’t have a big part in that book. All it was was “okay, I listen to you now.” and “Draco Malfoy is doing this and that.” …not really important enough to be put in the film.

      • dizzy

        bamalam explained it well. They were going to cut out Kreacher but JK told Yates to include him because his story wasn’t finished yet.

      • Drew

        Kreacher is still supposedly in the film, and even Dobby will make it into the film…So, I imagine we will get to see some house elf viewage. I read a USA Today article today (in their newspaper), which had David Hayman commenting on how Kreacher and Dobby both look better than their previous selves, due to technology that has advance in over the last few years…so, the house elves are in Dealthy Hallows.

      • jes1

        I read that Kreacher is in the film as well as Dobby.

      • Hpfanatic!

        Both are definitely still in the film. I don’t know if the Kreacher’s tale scene will be very long, but I’m sure he’s the one who tells them about Regulus having the locket. They also go to the ministry to steal it from Umbridge, so most of that storyline is in there.

      • Derek

        Look it up on Kreacher is listed as a character voiced by Simon McBurney. Do some research. He’ll be there

      • @Hutchy

        I don’t want to take away from your experience of that moment, Hutchy, but you’re not being accurate. Kreacher’s cry wasn’t for Harry, but for his old master, Regulus Black.

    • Lilly

      they can’t keep EVERYTHING you know.
      Just enjoy the movie and keep it separate from the book.

      • TQ

        Thank you! Its been 6 movies. They were never going to put everything in from the books, cuz its just not possible. To threaten to walk out of a theater because of ONE scene not being in there…please…

    • Celia

      I don’t know what you’re talking about. HBP was amazing considering it was probably the hardest book to adapt to film.
      Most of HBP is memories/flashbacks and they couldn’t do that with the movies, because they need to keep things moving along.

    • A

      Interestingly enough, both Kreacher and Dobby will be making appearances in both parts of DH. Maybe their scenes won’t be exact approximations to the books, but hey, at least they weren’t disregarded.

      As to the trailer…it kinda left me blank. I have to say that I’m a seriously invested HP fan, but the trailer – although it was impressive – didn’t give me as many goosebumps as the first one..Dunno, I’ll know for sure once the movie comes around.

    • Jose

      Hey Hutchy, I read Half Blood Prince and I believe the film is not only watchable, but the best film in the series. Ytes has alredy said that Dobby and Kreacher will appear in the movies.

    • Levente

      I cry every time *SPOILER* Harry buries Dobby. Ugh. Without magic. So heartbreaking. I hope, hope, hope they have that.

      • Jenn67

        *SPOILER* I cried the hardest in the book at the deaths of Dobby and of Hedwig. My heart just broke.

      • Amanda

        UGH *SPOILER* Dobby’s death killed me. You know what also makes me bawl my eyes out? *SPOILER* That part where Harry and Hermione go to Godric’s Hollow, and Harry sees his parents’ graves, then he goes to the house and sees all the messages people have left for him on that plaque in front of his old house. “Good luck, Harry, wherever you are;” “If you read this, Harry, we’re all behind you;” “Long live Harry Potter.” Cry every time. lol

      • dee


        “You are a very unusual wizard, Harry Potter.”
        “In what way?” Harry asked, rubbing his scar absently.
        “You dug the grave.”

        Dobby. :-( I had to stop reading for a few minutes after that death.

      • Liza

        *SPOILER* Hedwig’s death just about killed me! I was in tears for the first of many times reading that book! Then Dobby really crushed me!

      • alex

        also.. SPOILER.. this might be an odd one but I hope they don’t cut when Dudley says that he doesn’t hate Harry.. I think it’s important and incredibly touching and gave me some closure to harry’s years with the DUrsleys

      • elr

        Dobby’s death was the hardest one for me too. Like Dee I had to stop reading for a while after his death. And now I’m tearing up just writing about it.

      • heather

        my 50 year old hubby saw the movies, hadn’t read the books. picked #1 up while i was hospitalized in April, and finished Deathly Hallows about 3 weeks later. he was FURIOUS when Hedwig died! now he’s anxiously awaiting the movies and contemplating a 3D tv for when the DVD comes out already… i’m so glad he’s finally joined me; i’ve read em all about 6 times and cry each time. can’t wait to see the movies

  • Abbey

    I screamed so loud I woke up my little sister, I got yelled at but it was so worth it.

    • rey rey

      HOLY S**t i cant wait for this

  • HRFE

    I want to cry at the perfection. And as someone who absolutely hates 3D I will 10000000 percent see this in it, because I think it could be done amazingly. And who else loves that they’re not advertising them as separate films? There isn’t enough YES in the universe for this

    • maddie

      As much as I loved seeing events from the final half come to life, including those ending scenes with Voldemort-even just a second of each-just seemed way to spoilery. I always get annoyed when extended trailers shown in theaters reveal the entire story arc of a film,but even with a shortish trailer of a plot I already know very well, it seemed to reveal too much.

      Imagine people who haven’t read the books but see the movies (though I really don’t understand who would actually do this-even most of the elementary school kids I’ve babysat for or know for other reasons have read or been read at least part of the series)-anyways, how do you think they’re going to feel when they get to the end of the second movie and discover that they’ve already seen the main elements of the final and most important scenes just by watching the trailer? (though out of the people who only see the movies, probably a slim percentage have gone the past couple years without accidentally discovering Harry’s fate)

      • Jane

        I’m pretty sure they won’t remember it.
        July 2011 is a LONG time.

      • HRFE

        Honestly, if they haven’t bothered to read the books, they don’t deserve the emotional resonance we all got from them. I know one person who hasn’t read the books but just watches the movies and I lost some respect for them when I learned this. I think whoever makes the trailers agrees with me, these movies were made for all the fans out there.

      • Celia

        They did show a lot from part two, but people who haven’t read the books probably have NO idea what’s going on anyways.

      • MT

        Well, the trailer would be just plain boring if they didn’t add any of those brilliant parts wouldn’t it? Besides there’s always more to the brilliant scenes when you watch them in the end. My only issue is that the trailer always builds up a lot of expectations for the movie and it most often doesn’t deliver in the end. However, I have more hope with this movie, as they are doing the story in 2 parts, which would mean that they won’t have to edit and rush it too much.

  • Jane

    Coming from a teen who remembers when she was 7 holding the first book in her hand… I’m so excited/Sad to see this movie.
    Obviously, it looks amazing and epic and makes you think “DAMN,now THAT’S a good movie.” (Up to THREE different HP tags were trending for over 3 hours on Twitter so far: Deathly Hallows being the #1 TT worldwide as of right now)

    However, It also makes me sad to know that this truly is the “finale” of THE phenomenon of the generation. (No matter what other FADS may come and go)
    I’m truly in shock to know that Harry Potter is ending.
    Love the books, love the movies on such a deep emotional level.
    Sure they’re just books.
    But they’re the books that many people, including me grew up with.
    I’m sad to say goodbye to Harry.. but alas, all things must end :(
    But anyways- yes the trailer looks amazing.
    The acting is so much better then anything thus far, the action scenes look intense, the cinematography is TRULY stunning,the music sounds so epic, and you’re just left thinking…
    So, yes, I AM an 18 year old girl, proud to say I’m a HARRY POTTER FAN through and through :)
    And I’m TOTALLY ready for Nov to come to see this epic Movie, and then July 2011 for part 2.

    • Liz

      Harry Potter only ends when there are no more people who are loyal to him out there. ;)

      • Jenn

        Stop it! I’m such a nerd. That just gave me goosebumps.

      • alex

        aww.. i’m so with you. totally going to listen to the audio books again before seeing this. for HP fans who want a new way to experiece the books i totally recommend them. Jim Dale is amazing.. though you will have to deal with embarassing-ly crying while walking down the street as you listen.

      • Jane

        awwww.. Love that line :)

      • junieb

        *tears up* You’re absolutely right. Now please excuse me, I have to get a tissue…

      • Celia

        @Liz: So True! :D

      • @Alex

        I first experienced the Harry Potter books in audiobook form, Harry Potter 1 was my first audiobook, and the first adult book I ever owned. It actually taught me how to read, and even now I own every book AND every audiobook and I have read and listened to every book several times each. I agree, Jim Dale is simply the best. And 5 minutes after seeing the trailer I restarted Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows on my itunes.

      • @Alex

        Stephen Fry’s audiobooks are also amazing. I love them both! :D

      • dizzy

        Aww, look at Liz, channeling Dumbledore, lol. Love that line!

      • V

        And the books will always be available to those who ask for it…


      • Lindsey

        @ Jane – Well said!!! As a 26 year old woman, I am totally obsessed with the series. I’ve read through the books and am now finishing listening to the audio series the second time around. When the movies are over, it will be truely depressing knowing that there is no more HP to look forward to. Well, I will continue to listen to the audios and watch the movies regardless of how well I know the stories. AND, when I am ready to have kids, HP will be one of the first things I read to them (when they are old enough to start understanding a good story).

        @ Alex – Jim Dale is FANTASTIC! He makes listening to the audio books so enjoyable. I am almost done listening to the audio books for the second time, and I know I’ll be able to listen again for a third, fourth, and so on because he is just so great at what he does. I HIGHLY recommend the audios to whoever wants to fill in the void of no more HP.

      • Cindy

        I’m going on a trip soon to Chicago and will be traveling literally ALL DAY. I’ve never really been into audio books.
        Should I put one of the HP books onto my Ipod to listen?
        Is it really worth it?

      • Person Who Talks

        You just got me kindof choked up there…’ear ‘ear!!!!

    • Emmy

      HELL YEAH! but remember this is not the end… Harry will be here FOREVER.

    • Emmy

      To Jane: HELL YEAH! but remember this is not the end… Harry will be here FOREVER.

    • Anonymous R

      HEAR HEAR Jane!!!

      But worry not, Harry Potter is timeless. If I ever have kids I’d be sure to put these books in their hands.

      • Liz

        My nephew is 19 months old. For his first birthday I bought him the complete set of Harry Potter books. Whenever he stays at my house we read from book one. I know that someday he will remember the first “big boy book” he ever read will be Harry Potter.

      • Christy

        I agree – and can I also recommend getting the British version of the books. The changes are quite minute but for people like us, who know every detail of the books, it is fun seeing the slight changes the publisher made to American-ize the books. I got my set off of ebay and I read them as often as I read my American version ones. Which is to say: A LOT

      • Liz

        @Christy, I have books 4-6 in the British versions and it’s neat to read the subtle differences.

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