'Eclipse' now 2010's top advance ticket-seller

edward-eclipseImage Credit: Kimberley FrenchWell, here’s at least one record The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will break. Fandango confirms to EW that Eclipse is now the year’s top advance ticket-seller on its site. More than 52 percent of daily ticket sales are currently Eclipse, and the movie has been among the Top 5 in ticket sales every day since May 14, when tickets first went on sale. MovieTickets.com also confirms Eclipse now tops its advance-seller list for 2010, as first reported by Deadline Hollywood, and that the movie is currently accounting for more than 50 percent of all daily ticket sales there as well.

According to an EW poll last month, only 52 percent of PopWatch readers planned to buy tickets before the film’s release, 26 percent said they’d be purchasing them the day they went to see the film, five percent said they hadn’t decided whether they’d see the film; and 17 percent said they were officially passing.

Has the buzz for Eclipse – “The Best Twilight Movie So Far! (Seriously)”, says our new cover — changed anyone’s mind?

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  • David

    Nope, I’m an adult male.

    • pete mule

      this article went up @ 6:41, and you were already hatin @ 6:55.

      • Chris

        You know he’s going to see it. If he’s this anxious to post about it then he’s probably already bought his ticket on fandango.

      • Ian

        agreed anyone over 14 should be ashamed to see this film.

      • @Ian

        oh hush it Ian…i’m 27 and will be right up in there….just like i was for shrek…toy story….and will be there for deathly hallows…

  • TheTank

    Nope, won’t waste my time.

    • Hope

      you and me both.

  • sam

    It’s only the top advance ticket-seller of 2010 so far because Deathly Hallows doesn’t come out until November.

    • jay

      Hell yeah!

    • Hope

      Alright now we’re talking.

    • hooiskellie

      i’m buying advance tickets for both because they’re both amazing. hp is marketed toward a much broader audience, so please don’t downplay the success of eclipse just because deathly hallows MIGHT have better ticket sales.

    • dizzy

      Now this I would buy advance tickets for.

  • Collin

    Wait until tickets go on sale for Deathly Hallows I. Then we’ll see who wins.

  • dee

    Still not seeing it.

  • Emily

    Not even a Deathly Hallows trailer will get me into a Twilight theater any time soon. Still not seeing it. lol

  • Jose

    If anything, all of this overexposure of Twilight, especially the one from this site, has convinced me to not see it. Deathly Hallows will break that record this November.

    • Greg

      You should go see it. It seems good to me….I mean why not? It’s an action movie and it seems good. You should go see it. but not on wednesday or thursday. I warn you

      • @Greg

        It’s not an action movie. They’ve done fancy editing and packed the trailer with something that takes up maybe 15 minutes of the movie in an effort to dupe idiot men who don’t know any better into thinking it’s an “action movie.” 99% of it is still the same lip-chewing “lurve triangle” angst.

      • ibiza

        @@Greg…and you would know this how? oh that’s right, just as much as I love twilight you hate it…so you will go to any measure to sh*t on this movie who haven’t even seen…for your info there is a lot of action in eclipse (read the books). and it’s the only book in the series that is like this. so smart marketing tactics aside, the movie really does have a lot of action.

    • hooiskellie

      so are you skipping deathly hallows too? i’m sure it will get just as much exposure.

      • Celia

        HP does not get overexposed, because it has a clever marketing team. They know how to keep the actors under the radar and how to keep the HP news to a minimum, which builds anticipation and excitement. This series has been going on for over 10 years and the fans still love it just as much.

      • @hooiskellie

        I’ve never seen any other franchise get the exposure that Twilight gets. But yet, all those other franchises (LOTR, HP, POTC, etc) have been more successful. So, no, sadly, EW won’t give HP the same exposure (we won’t be seeing 6 HP covers) come this November. And good thing, because sometimes less is more.

  • ChicagoShari

    Didn’t change my mind. I bought my ticket the day they went on sale and if it is as good as I think it is going to be I will probably see it every week that it remains in the theater. I love Rob Pattinson. As much as I love my copy of Remember Me, I am going to love Eclipse even more.

  • Dan JD

    I imagine it can’t be hard for Eclipse to be “the best Twilight movie so far” seeing as the previous two are averaging a mediocre 50% and 27% respectively on Rotten Tomatoes. That’s like praising Grown Ups as “the best Rob Schneider movie yet!”

  • Liz Lemon

    There’s no way in hell I would ever watch this movie. No one is surprised that it’s going to make money, because all it’s same little fans will go see it 10 times. However, this one will suck just as much (if not more) than the others.
    BTW, Eclipse won’t have this record for long, especially with films like Inception and Deathly Hallows coming up. The trailer for the latter will actually be debuting on June 28th! Can’t wait!

    • Jamie

      Even if Deathly Hallows doesn’t break the pre-sale record, I guarantee that it’s going to make a hell of a lot more money. Records like this only matter when there’s box office there to back them up. It doesn’t matter if 1,000,000 people pre-order tickets if they’re the only ones seeing the movie. A movie could sell only 500,000 advance tickets but get seen by 5,000,000 people, yet the first movie would have the “advance-ticket title.” That’s why it’s pointless to get excited about stuff like this, because it’s often meaningless.

    • JM

      DEATHLY HALLOWS will break records, INCEPTION will not. NOLAN fans have been ridiculously overzealous in their optimism (90 million openng!! 300 million total!!) It will be fun to see their reactions once the film opens to less-than-spectacular numbers)

      • Jose

        That won{t matter anyway. Inception will have something none of the Twilight films and books or anything Stephanie Meyer related will ever haveÑ quality.

      • JM

        Jose, I don’t dispute that. Early reviews confirm what most people suspected, INCEPTION is a good film. What boggles the mind is these predictions. INCEPTION looks like a very expensive art film, and summer audiences look for dumb escapism. Heck, even the dumb escpist flms, sequels, and “sure thngs” are underperforming this summer, so I don’t see how a film based on an unproven property, with a very cerebral plot will do 300 million.

      • @JM

        Ah, but if all the “sure things” are underperforming, couldn’t that be taken as a signal that audiences ARE sick of “dumb escapism”? You say that’s what audiences want, and then say that such movies are the ones tanking. So who’s to say that Inception WON’T be a hit? I know many people looking forward to it BECAUSE it’s cerebral.
        I agree with you that it won’t break any major records, but I definitely think demand is there for it.

      • JM

        @ @JM, the three films that have become major hits are IRON MAN 2, THE KARATE KID and TOY STORY, films that as solidly crafted as they are, are still very universal stories that are easily digestible, not to mention that are all based on “name brand” properties. INCEPTION is not only an unproven concept, but seems to be a very complex, scratch-your-head proposition. Last year, AVATAR was also not based on a book, or a sequel or a pre-existing concept, but the story was as simplistic as you get, with a very black and white premise, hero, villain, etc.

        I think the economy, and the high price of going to movies is affecting the box office, and people are being very selective, not in terms of “quality” but in terms of stories that they feel familiar with and are devoid of complexity. INCEPTION will most lkely get a nice, fat opening (but still, not a 90 millon one) because of the FROM THE MAKERS OF TDK marketing, but it will not have legs.

      • Rich

        Chris Nolan has never had a non-Batman film gross more than $110 mil. I see Inception equaling or possibly breaking that record. Why does it matter how much BO it makes? I’d rather see a good film this summer, rather than a top-grossing but putrid one (Eclipse anyone?).

      • Jose

        Nicely put Rich.

      • misha

        @Rich…why does eclipse have to be putrid? why can’t you just peacefully non-maliciously accept that you’re not in it’s target demographic (no disrepect to people outside of the segment who happen to enjoy it). Even though i am a twi-hard….i also plan to see inception, and think it will have a big opening (bc the director has a following, leo dicaprio has a following–and he normally doesn’t do anything that isn’t legit, it’s sci fi, cool special effects, and it’s in IMAX).

    • hooiskellie

      inception? really??? please.

      • Ehvalin

        It honestly looks like the best movie of the Summer. I believe it will be. It’s not just cause it’s his name. let me tell you something. The Director of the Dark Knight did not interest me. I loved the movie, but it didn’t catch my attention. What caught my attention was the concept how it was mysterious 8 monhts ago:) I waited haha that long and now it’s less than two weeks away. so excited!!!

  • StewyFan

    This comment is for the fellow Twilight fans, not for the hateration that is above me. I have my tickets and I am excited, and admittedly a little nervous. I do want this to be good and better than the first two, which it no doubt will be because of number one, the director, and number two, we really don’t have anywhere to go but up. I have consistently kept my expectations low so as not to be let down like I was the last two times. However, at least I can enjoy watching Robert and Kristen and Peter and Dakota. I am a fan of all of them and enjoy watching them on screen regardless of the movie itself. But it would be nice to have a film to be proud of as a Twilight fan for once. So here’s hoping.

  • erica

    all the twilight haters need to just stay off these blogs and keep their mouths shut. stop comparing it to hp. get over it. everyone has an opinion.

    • dee

      “Get over it. Everyone has an opinion.”

      Erica, maybe you should take your own advice. lol You right, everyone DOES have an opinion, including the “haters.”

      • erica

        so dee, go to another site! if noone here likes twilight, why are they on this page an reading and commenting?huh? you are all closet twilight junkies

      • Wicked Witch of the West

        I dont think soo Eric, that is just a Typical Twilighter response you just made. ” You guys are closet Twilghters,” ” Your jealous of Kristen” blah blah blah. UH NO way in you know what. I will name the things I would rather do than read/or watch twilight

        1. watch paint dry
        2. get dental surgery
        3. Get shock therapy

      • Wicked Witch of the West

        whoops! called you Eric. Sorry Erica

    • jodipo

      who made you posting police little girl? Get a life.

      • cameron

        lol….i love twilight because it’s 1 of the few times it’s apparently acceptable for grown men to argue with little girls that aren’t their daughters.

        oh wait…maybe that’s not funny, but sad.

    • Ehvalin

      Why are you so deffensive? Everyone is entitilted to their opninogs. I am sure you bash other people’s opinions dude. You shouldn’t say things like that. Respectively, I would not watch eclipse. They have time and time proved to me they are all about money and not quality. You need to learn a thing or two about quality my friend. Next time, watch yourself and what you post. you are no different than other people around here.

  • Suq Ondeze

    i’m convinced! 1st checkin out eclipse….then the last airbender (already got tix for airbender and eclipse)…then inception….and when deathly hallows comes out i will be watchin that too! there are certain things i have never really gotten in to like the “Glee” or the “Lost” phenomenon but i never spit hate on something just because i’m not a fan. some of these haters are a little too passionate….fall back.

  • Ambient Lite

    Really, really hope this movie has some good reviews. It’s not enough that the fans will (inevitably) like it, we just need a break from the “books suck, movies suck” dogpile. It’s exhausting. A few good critiques could actually turn the tide and make it a little less popular to attack the franchise and it’s fans. Just sayin’.

    • Linda L

      I would like to think that some good reviews would turn the tide but I don’t think so. I had no idea there was so much hate for Twilight until I started visited the EW site last year. The haters are just as passionate as the fans. But I’m really looking forward to the movie. Can’t wait.

    • Ambient Lite

      You might be right, Linda. I’m hopelessly hopeful. ;)
      Cheers to a short 4 days to go for us, the fans!

    • to Ambient Lite

      If there were a ton of positive reviews out or the studio was confident that there would be, you’d be seeing more of them by now, and from legit newspapers and magazines, not fly-by-night websites. There’s not a single review yet, positive or negative, on RT. Most major films have at least a few at this point before they open. So somehow I doubt that this one’s going to break the mold that much. I’m predicting an RT score higher than New Moon but lower than Twilight.

    • Liz Lemon

      Speaking of reviews…why doesn’t it have any yet? It comes out in less than week.

  • Laura W

    Yeah Deathy Hallows will top it! Hey the first full Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows trailer premieres on monday night online! I’m so there!

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