Oprah Winfrey Network to investigate Zach Anner-Dr. Phyllis voting controversy

oprah-voteAfter various websites noted a curious surge in votes Tuesday for a contestant in Oprah Winfrey’s “Your OWN Show” contest, OWN, the television network Winfrey will launch in January, confirms to EW it is investigating. The online contest is really a search for contestants for an OWN reality series in which competitors will then vie for their own show on the network. Until yesterday, Zach Anner, a witty wheelchair-bound Texan who explains in his video that he has cerebral palsy (“the sexiest of the palsies”) and pitches “a travel show for people who never thought they could travel,” held a commanding lead. But in the afternoon, contestant Dr. Phyllis — who proposes a reality show on teachers because the drama is in the classroom, rather convincingly — took the top spot by amassing votes at a rate that spurred some techno-savvy readers into sleuth mode. Geekosystem has a detailed breakdown of the various claims (complete with graphs), among them that for at least a few hours, the source code for Phyllis’ “Vote” button differed from that of all the other contestants and that as quickly as her vote-per-minute average rose it dropped later that day (from 1,923 votes a minute to 3). Contacted by EW, a spokesperson for OWN issued the following statement: “The online voting rules for the ‘Your OWN Show’ video submission competition were carefully crafted to be fair to everyone. Any allegations of impropriety will be investigated and the appropriate actions taken to keep the process unbiased.” (As of 5:15 p.m. ET Wednesday, Anner was back in the lead, by a margin of more than 400,000 votes; Dr. Phyllis could not be reached for comment.)

While some conspiracy theorists have gone as far as to suggest that Winfrey could be rigging the competition against Anner, he has not jumped to that conclusion: “I sincerely doubt that Oprah would do anything like that,” he says in a statement to EW. “She’s probably too busy building schools and helping children to even notice someone like me. I’m grateful for everyone’s continued support and to Oprah for giving me this opportunity. Thanks again, happy travels, and keep being sexy!”

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  • jason in mi

    Nothing happens–and by nothing I mean literally nothing: sun rising, earth spinning, stars spinning through the cosmos–without Oprah’s consent.

    • Mr_Krol

      I stopped watching Oprah long time ago. Specially now when she and the Clintons elected Obama. If you want someone to win bribe her. She knows how to elect people.

      • lovely1

        Who really cares!!!

      • darclyte

        Wow, Oprah alone can cast tens of millions of votes? Interesting in that you claim that Oprah and the Clintons got Obama elected when my Step-Dad (a) doesn’t watch Oprah, (b) doesn’t like the Clintons, and (c) voted for Obama.

      • Zach

        darclyte is naive.

      • Reverie

        Oprah is not that powerful. People wanted (want) Obama.

      • Kina

        Mr Kol
        Like when she endorsed President Bush.

      • Mychaeltodd

        Find something to do besides running peoples name in the dirt. Get over it President Obama is in office as the First Black President of the United States….keyword UNITED, now eat bricks!

    • Ray

      I dont see how this voting method is any true test of merit or talent vs. social media campaigning. Oprah’s people need to find the best video, personality, idea, etc. and pick them out themselves…

      • Anonymous

        True. Amateur videos often don’t translate well either. I can think of many YouTube series that would be ruined if ever made into a tv show.

    • Courtney

      I have seen on tech websites of Zach fans passing around a jquery code to automatically vote for him. Then, when someone else mentioned that running codes could get him disqualified, they mentioned running it on other contestants videos so that they would get disqualified. So, I wouldn’t automatically point fingers at Dr. Phyllis…….doesn’t bother me though – I am Team Kristi!

      • sumbodee

        orly? 0.o

      • Tabitha

        One thing about it is, no matter who rigged votes, Oprah will pick the person that is best for the network. There is 30 more people to compete with, so it doesn’t matter.

    • molly

      oprah is full of >…….and the voting for the show is fixed – just like every other “reality” show…

    • Anonymous

      Everyone has an opinion as well as an A**hole! Get over yourself!

  • Rachel

    Haha, this situation is crazy, but I love his attitude. Keep on being sexy people!

    • Frankles

      Agreed. He has sexy palsy so we can be sexy with whatever ails us.

  • Yes

    I like Oprah overall for what she does, but not a huge fan of what she does on her show. But I really doubt she’s going to rig the contest. Not her personally anyway. If she wanted to put on another show, she’d put on that other show despite who won the contest.

    • Yes

      I don’t think I was clear when I typed this. If she thought a show that lost would still do well she would put it on as well as the one who won the contest.

    • Allison M

      It wouldn’t even matter – the rules state that she’s allowed to pick a winner out of the top 5. I will say, though, that the woman’s show is a little ridiculous… cameras aren’t allowed in most classrooms, and if they were, kids and teachers wouldn’t act as they do unobserved.

      • Blaidd Drwg

        True. As a former teacher, I’m always interested when the media try to portray the profession “realistically,” so I’d probably watch Dr. Phyllis’ show, but with the knowledge that the minute students know they’re being watched by a “higher authority” than their teacher, they change radically. In my case, it was whenever my periodic teacher observations were conducted by the assistant principal, principal, or department chair. In this case, the authority is the viewing world indirectly, and the cameras directly. It would be no more real than an episode of Boston Public, most likely. Nevertheless, I voted for Anner (God bless that guy, eh? What a spirit), but if Dr. Phyllis ends up winning, it should be fairly, not because of tampering.

      • Anonymous

        have you never been at highschool? They have security cameras in all of them these days, and they act like theyre unobserved as always.

      • Nick

        ***Anonymous. Yes many schools have cameras but very few have them in the actuall classroom. Most Teachers Unions are against cameras in the classroom.

      • NYbywayofTexas

        Perhaps cameras should be allowed in the class room. Maybe attitudes would change for the better. The child a parent thought was a “darling” at home, would be someone completely different at school. Teachers would be held accountable for their actions as well.

    • LaLaLa

      Of course she would rig it against Anner, he’s a caucasion male A.K.A. the scum of the earth (according to Oprah)

      • Maggie

        If this were true, then explain Dr. Phil.

      • Janet

        How, in any way, is that according to Oprah? I don’t always watch her show, and do believe she cares very much for her people, but don’t at all think she is prejudice.

      • LadyD

        I don’t think Oprah ever said that. black pride does not = white hatred!

      • NYbywayofTexas

        Somebody did’nt eat their Wheaties today!!!!

      • Debbie Taylor

        Don’t spread hate and stupidity.

      • Lance

        LadyD (Thu 06/24/10 11:38 AM): I don’t think Oprah ever said that. black pride does not = white hatred!

        So, then you would agree that white pride does not = black hatred? I can’t wait for the howls of protest because I even suggested such a thing.

      • John

        Dr Phil, Dr Oz, Bob Greene and Nate Berkus all agree with you.

      • sameeker

        I watched oprah since the 1980s. It was apparent from teh early days that she had a problem with men. In fact, she had a mail bag episode on one time and nearly every letter she pulled from the bag mentioned it. When she got too obvious, she toned it down some. Dr. Phil is bogus and is her lacky and quota guy.

      • oh boy

        You must not have followed Oprah over the years. Look at all of the white people she’s promoted.
        Most of her shows are about white people.

      • MCSquared

        I’ll explain Dr. Phil…He was the jury selection profiler that saved her arse against the Cattlemen’s lawsuit years ago…She was pretty beholden to him…

      • Wallace

        No, clearly everyone here is right – Oprah is actually a member of the modern Black Panthers is working to eliminate all whites (especially white males!). Do you guys even read the bs you post? or are you really that disillusioned. Oprah is a talk-show host who happens to be benevolent, black and wealthy – not a politically motivated black supremacist

      • sumbodee

        Dr Phil is just there to humiliate white people. Duh, deal with it.

      • Anonymous

        LaLaLa – you need to check yourself at the door, then leave this country if you really believe that you are not the sharpest knife in the drawer!

    • Nick

      Anonymous. Yes many schools have cameras but very few have them in the actuall classroom. Most Teachers Unions are against cameras in the classroom.

      • R U A Wizard

        Yea most of the schools cameras are on the laptops given to the kids to take pictures of them at home in the nude.

        Chip up Comrade Nick. We’ll get those cameras in the classrooms in no time. DOUBLEPLUSGOOD idea that. Don’t let Big Brother see you frown, you might not get your rations of Victory Gin!

        You don’t have to pretend not to frown, because we are all happy all the time. :)

    • tiffany

      I believe she said that it was going to be a reenactment show — reenacting funny/scary/interesting situations that happened in the classroom. That way teachers everywhere can submit stories and they might be chosen for reenactment.

      I used to teach before I had children and I often thought a reality show in the classroom would be hilarious along the lines of survivor. You get to vote off one student a week. HA HA!!

      • ds

        Yikes! Glad you don’t still teach! Guess you got voted off…

      • personabsurd

        Well, in her video she says it’s a reality show, then says something about “re-enactments” which I couldn’t understand. Honestly, I think she would be a terrible host. Her voice is scratchier than Rachel Ray, and she seems to think it’s HILARIOUS to tell stories about kids and parents bringing guns to school.

  • Doug

    I have no idea who these people are (except Oprah, obviously) but in that one statement Anner issued, he won me over. Dude sounds like a class act.

    • Kat

      I haven’t seen any of the other video submissions, but Zach Anner is amazing – you should look him up! He has the most irrepressible, joyous spirit, and it’s so much fun to watch him.

      • Debbie

        I 100%, totally agree. This guy had me laughing out loud with him while watching his video. Certainly an example of not letting the hand that life had dealt you get you down. My sister had muscular dystrophy and couldn’t walk but never complained about not being able to do the things that my brother & I could do. And yet, every day those of us with full abilities complain about something small. Anyway – y’all are right – this guy is AWESOME and I’m routing for him to win!!

  • saydrah

    Oh yeah, reddit

    • redditor


  • Amy Yamada

    I’m glad they are looking into any suspicious voting– as I’m a contestant myself, and I’ve done as much as I can (within the rules) to promote my audition! :) Check out “The Amy Yamada Show” on Oprah’s website! Thanks to Oprah and Mark Burnett for making this a possibility. ~Amy Yamada, Shoreline, WA

  • Me

    Zach Anner is ONLY up there because he is disabled. Once again, sympathy and guilt triumphs over actual talent. I call BS on thsi whole thing…

    • Jen

      As a student at UT, Zach’s alma mater, I have worked closely with him at Texas Student Television, the University’s student produced tv channel. He is everything people make him out to be. Total class act and creatively brilliant. He deserves to win, and any sort of hacking scam will be resolved. Go Zach!

      • Jennifer

        If this video doesn’t prove to you (Me) Zach is a funny guy, you can check out his other videos online. Hook em, Jen!

      • fifty8th

        Zach is hilarious so I say he gets the votes for talent as opposed to sympathy. Why would guilt come into it? I did not give him the disease.

    • ronald

      That was my first reaction when seeing his picture as highest votes, but if you see his video, it’s heartwarming to see such a funny and extraordinairy look on the world. Yes, he’s disabled, but that doesn’t make him who he is, it’s the fact that his humour catches you offguard

    • Mark Mcguillory

      You mean like how sympathy and guilt is giving another black woman a tv show to talk about the same stuff that’s already discussed by Oprah and Tyra. At least Zach is actually funny and seems like an awesome person that doesn’t let his disability get in his way.

      • NYbywayofTexas

        Why does it always come down to race? America is so inundated with race!!! No one is color blind, no matter how much one professes it. However, let’s get beyond the personal predjudicies and look at talent and worthiness of the cause. You sound as though you want to bite the hand of the one who created this opportunity(OPRAH WINFREY-A BLACK WOMAN)

    • Ted

      Zach has more persona in his withering body than you could ever hope to attain with your health intact. You sir are an idiot :(

    • Debbie

      Seriously?!?! Have you watched his video? If you did, you would easily see that his disability is the last thing that is getting him votes. What an unkind thing to say. You’re just being mean!

    • lalala

      Because disabled people can’t win anything on their own…because they’re disabled!

      Grow up.

    • You

      are a moron. Zach is absolutely hilarious and sincere. Is his disability a FACTOR in his getting votes? Yes. Is it the ONLY factor? Only an idiot would think so.

    • JohnStamos

      Not everyone sees a wheelchair like you do.

    • Anthony

      Before I watched his video I made the same assumption. However, after watching the video i couldn’t help but smile. Since then I’ve seen many of Zach’s YouTube videos, including some episodes of his YouTube series The Wingmen that he does with his brother and friends. The videos look professionally edited, and Zach himself is warm, funny, genuine, and has great comedic timing.

      People are using his disability as a deractor, saying that people are only laughing because he has a handicap. That is probably somewhat true, but it is because of how Zach handles it. It is similar to how Mithc Hedburg was funny because he was Mitch Hedburg, or how George Carlin was funny because he was George Carlin. The same material coming from other people wouldn’t have played as well.

    • Reverie

      So much anger! Says more about people (us) than about others.

    • Michelle

      I know Zach Anner. He’s actually a hilarious dude and incredibly smart. He’s up there because of his talent, make no mistake.

  • Tim

    This is an internet popularity contest. There are literally millions of people who read Digg/Reddit/4chan. It does not surprise me at all that Zach Anner has had such a groundswell of support. He has become an overnight internet celebrity. Zach’s popularity is legitimate.

    On the other hand, Dr. Phyllis has ABSOLUTELY NO INTERNET PRESENCE. You do not win internet polls without some kind of buzz. There is no possible way that such an unknown person would be able to keep up with the Digg/Reddit/4chan effect supporting Zach Anner.

    If you Google “Dr. Phyllis Oprah contest” the majority of the links discuss the likely shenanigans going on. It is simply ignorant to suggest that anybody could keep up with someone the largest news sites on the Internet have chosen to support.

    This contest sadly seems to be rigged to ensure Dr. Phyllis gets the most votes.

    • Cecilia

      Excellent point. Zach is a star and having that kind of following means those votes were legitimate. The claims of using an auto voter was probably spread by Oprah’s camp themselves because he didn’t need that to win. It basically means that Oprah was looking for another black person she could exploit so that her own people still think that she’s one of them. By having that teacher do some stupid show (and her idea is stupid) and having her be a black woman means Oprah is sure to get the Black consumer. Basically she knows there’s more money when you go for your own race.

  • lala

    I love Oprah. Disgusting that people would accuse her of cheating on her own contest with no evidence. Zach earned my respect for treating Oprah with respect.

    • Perdo Bearnice

      With no evidence? Did you even open the http://www.geekosystem.com/zach-anner-rigged-votes-oprah/ link that was included in this article? It has tons of evidence.

    • LazarusJackal

      Have you been watching the source code on the website? Or calculated the number of votes opposed to his?
      You aren’t very bright are you.
      Me and allot of other people have been watching this to see if its rigged, Zach Anners votes when down by 400 thousand. And then by the hundreds slowly climbed back up. Care to explain that? (it happened more than on one occasion btw)

      • taya@hotmail.com

        Maybe some of Zach’s votes were not legitimate (i.e. vote bots) & that’s why they vanished. Keep in mind that Zach’s biggest supporters are 4chan which is the website that rigged Time magazine’s poll.

      • November

        Rigging is when it’s done by the ones who hold the contest. A rigged contest is when the winner already was decided from the start.

        4chan voted moot up to first without cheating. Time used something called reCaptcha, a bot preventing system which even 4chan couldn’t break (even though they tried).

    • LazarusJackal

      Not only that but the “DR” there got hundreds of thousands of votes in little or no time at all, now you can just say wall people just like her allot, but that was not the case here. People voted for Zach but his votes stop going up for a while, while hers grew immensely.

  • Brad Shaw

    • Zach Not to be a jerk or any thing, but this sounds like it would be a lame TV show. But it might be nice for kids that are voting for you and laughing at you. I saw you in Dallas and we all know what happen there Oprah staff left your as threre. We all know how you got to the Top Zach you cheated in June after you did not get pick in Dallas, And then 4chan, reddit spike your votes. And Oprah knows it also. Zach fans has mess up his image, What network is will to work with him now after calling Oprah prejudice and you fans are puting the other candidates down. Zach will not be pick go to LA no matter how many votes he has, Watch and see

    • Ron Poller

      No one is laughing AT Zack, they’re laughing ABOUT the things he says. And Zack didn’t cheat. His popularity has skyrocketed thanks to the internet. @Brad Shaw sounds like a bitter, pathetic little man.

    • Jeff Roberts

      TOTALLY agree with you dude! Read my comments below. We need to start rallying people against these idiots that are spreading false rumors. Instead of helping Zach, they have ruined his chances of getting a show on Oprah. Just google Oprah Zach and you will find tons of chat rooms and blogs where they call Oprah and Dr. Phyllis every racist and sexist name in the book. These people are DISGUSTING.

    • sumbodee

      0.o orly? English much?

    • sdwhwk

      Brad Shaw, I’m a disabled Vet and have trouble finding places I can go and enjoy without someone pushing me around the places. It would be nice to have someone that can think past a “normal” perspective to do that. Maybe it will take a non “normal” person to think like that. I might watch his show to get tips for me and my family. It would be nice to go on vacation with my two year old daughter and the WHOLE family can enjoy, not just those that can walk. It would also benefit those who can’t hear, see, or any other disability. Not everyone was born or remained “normal”. But I guess people like us are second rate citizens to you.

  • Mark Mcguillory

    That’s because Oprah rigged the voting to give another black woman a tv show. Luckily not even she can defeat anonymous and John Mayer.

    • wex

      What an idiotic theory. Oprah doesn’t need to rig contests to give anyone a talk show. She’s Oprah.

      • Perdo Bearnice

        What a logical theory. Oprah had to rig the contest to give her new clone a talk show. She’s Oprah.

    • Dinp Kadu

      What a theoretical theory.

      • Rodger

        What a logical theoretical theory

    • oh boy

      How many black women have shows promoted by Oprah? She’s helped far more white people become successful than black.

      • oja

        hey, oh boy, I’ve been saying this for years. I totally agree with you, Oprah, does not really care for Black people. 89% of the people she invites to her show are always white. It’s all about ratings and money for her, and the Whites bring in the ratings and money. And to be in her show if you are Black, the individual has to be a rich and famous,and the White community has to like the individual. It’s rare you see a regular black person on her show compared to the average whites she have on her show on a regular basis. On the Obama issue, the only reason she endorsed Obama, was because if she didn’t, she knew they would be an outcry in the Black community and that’s why she endorsed him. Deep down her heart, I bet you Oprah could care less if Obama won or not. I’ve been telling for years about Oprah. She’s fake.

  • Jeff Roberts

    How dare Zach and his supporters accuse Oprah of rigging votes and Dr. Phyllis of cheating, when in fact it was ZACH WHO JUMPED FROM 4,000, yes four THOUSAND votes to over 2 (Two) MILLION votes in a matter of hours???????? There’s evidence on facepunch.com of their cheating by using macros and autovoting software. These IDIOTS are pretty scary, evil and FREAKING STUPID!!! A lot of people are now aware how these idiots are spreading totally false rumors about Oprah hating the disabled and posting totally racists comments on her and Dr. Phyllis. These idiots need to GROW UP and GET A LIFE. They infiltrate Dr. Phyllis’ voting page and post hateful and demeaning comments all day long. They have also posted her address, phone number and email for people to start harassing her. COWARDS! Bullying is an act of cowardice and cyber bullying is even worse. COWARDS!! Show your stupid faces and state your freaking names and tell Oprah in her face what you think, instead of hiding behind your computers. COWARDS! Get a freaking life and STOP LYING!

    • mon300

      that’s just hateful. so you’re saying that anyone that votes for Zach is a coward? you should go jump off a cliff.

      • mon300

        where do you live Jeff Roberts? if that’s even your real name

      • Dinp Kadu

        Directed at Jeff. Reading comprehension much? If you put your two brain cells together and read the actual story, you’ll see that Zach did the exact opposite of accusing Oprah of rigging the vote.

    • Perdo Bearnice

      >They infiltrate Dr. Phyllis’ voting page

    • George

      Hi jeff, are you a handicap hater? Why do you people enjoy putting down good loving people like Zach. He made an honest attempt at making the world a nice and funnier place, but cancerous people such as urself often slander him just because he is different. I hope you can sleep well at night.

    • Rich Starks

      Jeff Roberts & Brad Shaw: Cowards playing the race card because their arguments have more holes in them than Swiss cheese.

    • mary q contrary

      You wanna know why he jumped in votes? Because John Mayer endorsed him, and he was suddenly on every blog and news outlet on the web. I personally read about him on Perez Hilton, and there are thousands of others out there voting multiple times for him, just based on word of mouth.

      • duva

        But he also had the support of 4chan and they rigged the Time magazine poll.

      • November

        Rigging is when it’s done by the ones who hold the contest. A rigged contest is when the winner already was decided from the start.

        4chan voted moot up to first without cheating. Time used something called reCaptcha, a bot preventing system which even 4chan couldn’t break (even though they tried).

    • Al Wat

      I’m sure that Zach has had a portion of his votes come from macros and autovoting, but considering the extremely viral spread of Zach’s video as compared to nothing for Dr. Phyllis, it is much more likely that she has had MUCH more votes from these means. There is proof of this in her video’s comments section where people say they will continue to use votebots to help her win. If Zach gets votes taken away or even DQ’d, Dr. Phyllis is just as guilty, if not more so.

    • Blaidd Drwg

      @Jeff Roberts: Dude…you are SO UPSET over something that, in the end, is unbelievably trivial. Do you hear yourself? Try directing some of that anger towards a truly important cause. Not that vote rigging isn’t a serious issue, but it’s over a TV show. A TV SHOW, guy…put things into a little perspective, won’t you? Really; it’ll all work out in the end, and if it doesn’t…so what? Why are you so upset over a TV show that doesn’t even exist yet? If cyber bullying and racism are so important to you, stop wasting your time commenting on random, trivial blogs, and start volunteering somewhere; donate some money or time; start a nonprofit or get involved in one that’s related. But wasting so much energy and anger here? Priorities, dude. Priorities.

    • Jeff Roberts is an idiot

      Jeff Roberts,

      You’re an idiot.

    • sumbodee

      “tell Oprah in her face what you think, instead of hiding behind your computers. COWARDS! Get a freaking life and STOP LYING!”
      Wow, have a life outside of Oprah worship much?

  • Anglelica

    Truth be told, I voted for another contestant and noticed my vote wasn’t counted right away (he had two votes before I voted). Zach’s funny and all but who’s going to be watching the show after five or six episodes? Most people voted for him because of the widespread internet campaign but has anyone actually seen Dr Phyllis’ vid or any other contestants for that matter?

    I don’t think anyone has taken the time to read the rules for winning, from the site ” One (1) slot on the television competition series is guaranteed to go to one of the top five (5) online favorites.” So even if Zach comes in second or fourth he still has a chance to win.

    Trust me, if Oprah decided that she wanted Dr. Phyllis why wouldn’t she just contact her directly and offer her a show outside of the contest?

    • Rodger

      I got about 20 seconds into Dr. SyPhyllis’ vid before i was bored out of my mind. Not to mention that, for a teacher, her grammar is s***

      • JenRi

        I lasted about 5 seconds watching her. She was obnoxious and boring.

    • Timisfat

      I will be watching after five or six episodes. Go watch his video about the Texas state capitol building.

      Definitely will watch his show.

    • Timisfat

      Also, the rules were recently changed. They originally stated that the winner would be the top vote getter. The rules were changed after Zach took a huge lead.

      • November

        I’d like to see those in charge of the contest explain that..

    • Anthony

      Most people who initially raised the suspicion of vote tampering already addressed this. Yes, theye’re well aware of the rule about the top 5 moving on, and no, most of them do not think Oprah personally ordered any sort of vote tampering.

      More likely it would be Oprah’s people who feel the same way as you apparently do. That people would stop watching after a couple of shows when the novelty wore out and that Zach wouldn’t play to the network’s target audience.

      Having Phyllis be number 1 in votes, even though the top 5 move on, would allow them to say that Oprah simply chose the fan favorite and not have her be subjected to questions as to why she passed over the charming handicapped guy who won the popular vote.

  • mon300

    where do you live Jeff Roberts? if that’s even if your real name

  • Barnaby Lord Jesus

    Jeff Roberts, Jesus shuns you! Oprah hates the handicapped! She told me herself! This contest is rigged for Oprah’s clone! Get Oprah to meet me and I’ll be happy to call her a fake hack right in her face!

    • avda

      Your comments are disgusting.

      • Rodger

        your face is disgusting (yes, simpleton, there’s a ‘t’ in there)

    • attij

      two internets.

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