'Saving Grace' finale: Calling all angels

Saving-GraceImage Credit: Erik Heinila/TNTLast night’s two-hour Saving Grace finale tried to bring the series to a satisfying end, but it played out a bit rushed, ungraceful, and overly final. Still, there are things I loved about the show and will absolutely miss, namely Holly Hunter — and especially Hunter and Laura San Giacomo together.

Grace sometimes struggled with larger arcs — wait, how was Earl involved in Grace’s sister’s death? — but it always seemed to get relationships just right, particularly Grace and Rhetta. The wine-swilling childhood BFFs gave the show its central love story, and even Grace’s supernatural quest for spiritual redemption (or at least identity) couldn’t hold a candle to the vitality of that relationship. I would have watched Saving Grace if it were just a cop show, totally absent any kind of religious storytelling.

Are you mourning Saving Grace, PopWatchers? In the great guardian angels of all time, does Earl rank above, say, Clarence?

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  • innerjuju

    Saving Grace was one of the best shows on television. Perhaps it did get a bit too wrapped up in its religious overtones at times, but Grace is.. I mean, was.. one of the most complex characters ever on tv. And to think Emmy voters chose Katherine Heigl over Holly Hunter- they obviously had never seen a single episode in which Hunter brought Grace Anadarko to life. I will miss Grace & Earl and Grace & Rhetta. I will stand by and hope Saving Grace goes into syndication so I can watch reruns every time they air. I’ve rarely been as sad to see a show go off the air.

    • Carol

      Katherine Heigl was nominated as a Supporting Actress while Holly Hunter was in the Lead category. They didn’t compete with each other.

      • Penny

        Heigl was fantastic too – and as Carol points out they weren’t even in the same category. Tired of all the bashing. In fact Heigl should have won an Emmy the previous year to the one she actually won it.

    • Freda

      I was a faithful viewer of Saving Grace and read the posts because I needed a little more understanding of the ending. I never understood the connection between Cooley and Grace or Neely and Grace–I know it came out that her deceased sister knew Cooley but what was the point. After all, that was what the very first show was about–Grace hitting Cooley with her car and finding out he was really a prison inmate??? Maybe someone can help me understand what evil was trying to get from her.

      • Staveylea

        All three characters, Cooley, Neeley and Grace lives were coming to an end in a short time and Earl being a last chance angel was sent to them in their final days.

      • Dori

        I never quite got the thing with Cooley and then Neeley either. The show started out with Cooley, so that part was a little more acceptable to me, but the whole thing with Neeley, I thought was even a little boring. Why couldn’t they have spent more time with the other stuff, the cases they solved, the relationships of the core characters? That would have been better.

      • Kat

        I believe that a portion of that story line was to show you that we are all interconnected, and that what we do, who we are, what we believe does have an effect on other people and circumstances.” we are never alone” either in the spirtual realm or on this earth…

    • Debbie

      I did not like the ending. It made it seem like evil won!!!

      • Lori

        I agree. It was a HORRIBLE ending to a good series. Why did the series need to end anyway? After all her struggles and finally accepting God the writers kill her anyway. It’s just stupid and disappointing. Earl told her she couldn’t end evil so what was the point of blowing herself up? They should’ve let her accept God and let her live. The writers and TV people got this ending WAY wrong.

      • Cindy

        Grace won by getting rid of evil.

      • Terry

        I hated the ending also. Great series and a real let down in the end. Why do the creative writers think the public wants a sad ending. We want happy! LOST was also a let down.

      • Lori

        Evil was after her family. He tried to kill Clay Earl saved Clay and Gus.If Grace didnt do what she did her family and loved ones would of suffered while she watched. It was a sad ending but I guess if it really had to end I think they did it right. Im going to miss Grace and the whole cast. What an amazing cop show. Being from OKC myself they did get right.

      • AJ

        It ended the only way it could. A true hero’s journey where the hero dies saving the world and teaching others. Besides wasn’t perfectly Grace to take a hit from the cigar Earl had given her and with a casual flip of her hand blow the bastard back to hell?

      • Shea

        I did not get the ending either at first.Earl did say you can’t kill evil, but maybe by killing herself, “evil” would not go after and hurt Grace’s family just to antagonize her. By taking herself out she spared them evil’s wrath.

      • LJ

        Look at when the show started – who was president at the time. Look who is president now. The show had to end. It was too religious for our time.

      • deb

        No Evil did not win. The devil offered her a deal if so she could get out of the warehouse.Implied deal. She set the fertalizer off rather than make a deal with the devil. She bet her soul on it. She saved her soul.

      • ginny

        All I have to say is that I hated the ending. What an awful conlclusion to a really good show.
        I don’t want to cry and be depressed by the shows I watch, life is like that. I had hoped that the end would be on a happier note, shame on TNT, boo-hiss

      • ebrave

        I think it is too ideal to think that by destroying one vessel Grace destroyed evil. It would be like if Earl died all good was destroyed. It is a nice though, but all it did was destroy a soldier of God.

      • Ann

        I am glad someone else did not like the ending. I am still angry about it. What was the point in making all of the people in Grace’s life sad? She is not get rid of evil – it can’t be done – Earl said so. What’s so wrong with a happier ending. Even though Grace never really transformed based on anything that happended to her there still had to be another way to end the story. She remained the self centered, self indulgent amoral hard head as when she began. The series was terrific except for the last segment.

      • Genna4

        Actually, the ending was both powerful and uncompromising — just like Grace, herself. She was indeed saved. Who do you think left the mail bags behind, virtually unscathed? Why was Earl the only one not in tears? Think about it; it is what the ending was intended to do.

      • Shelly

        I agree, finally someone who sees it the way I did

      • Robin

        I hated the ending also… it seemed rushed and bit offensive. They really dropped the ball on this pathetic excuse of an ending.

      • bsbfankaren

        I thought the ending was beautiful, magical, and at the same time absolutely heartwrenching, and hope providing. Earl was right, Grace alone could not kill evil, but by sacraficing herself at that moment, she killed an evil entity, that had been around wrecking havoc for generations (remember the picture of him from the 1930’s?). And she took him out with the same material evil used to kill her sister and so many other innocents that horrible day at the Murrah Building, ammonium nitrate.

        I had to watch the episode twice to see just how great Grace’s final sacrifice truly was, and I hope some of you other’s who disliked the episode, really go back and listen to all the clues that were left behind that led to what was the only conclusion there could be for someone who had been chosen by God.

        What a wonderful show, and I will purchase this final season, and watch it again and again.

      • TerryL

        I TOTALLY HATED the ending, after loving the show for 3 years. Unbelievable……Rushed, meaningless, pointless. I guess the message is that if you give your life to “God” (I like “dog” better), everything goes to hell. Where is your “God”? Where is your Angel? Die like a suicide bomber….what religion was this about?????

    • ann taylor

      i actually didnt get to c the finale i was devasted but i need to know what happened

      • Eileen

        I didn’t get to see the final episode because we had an electrical storm and the channel went out. When can I see it…I loved the show and Holly Hunter was outstanding.

    • Shelly

      Am I the only Grace fan that hated the ending? I cried like a baby. Killing off my all time fav character not only shocked me but let evil take a little bit more of good!

      • bsbfankaren

        No. Evil did not take good, but was felled by good. This was Grace’s destiny, and she embrassed it as she embrassed everything in the life we saw her lead. With steadfast determination.
        I am having a very hard time keeping the tears at bay.

      • Genna4


        I totally agree.

      • bsbfankaren


        After looking back at this entire final season, I think the part that I like the best was seeing that although Grace had a devine calling, she was far from perfect. She slept with married men, and cheated on a man that loved her, and that we find out, she loved as well. And even as she struggled with before accepting her calling, we saw that she was a devoted friend, and confidant to those that she cared for. I think too often people thank that to walk with God means that you have to represent someone ideal of perfection, only to find that those who say we should be perfect are often the biggest sinners. Grace showed us that God loves us no matter what, and that we can become what he needs us to be if we truly want to. I think I will disect that last episode for some time to come, because I saw myself at times in this flawed yet ultimately beautiful charector.

  • Adam

    This was one of the best shows on tv and I will sorely miss it! I cried like a little baby last night! It was like saying goodbye to a dear friend who will be greatly missed. And that final scene? Eveyone saluting? I’m sorry, greatest ending ever!

    • Karen

      I also cried like a baby.. I think Grace knew she was going to have to die to take out the evil and she was ok with that.. Not with leaving everyone but knowing they would be safe..

      • gail

        I agree, She knew she would die, It was why she finally told Ham she loved him. She even told Earl. I wish there was some way she could come back as an angel to Rhetta, and Ham, and everyone she touched. It was an awesome show and I will miss it.

      • manamok

        I didn’t understand the “take out the evil” part – if Hut wasn’t going to die after being shot 6 times he wasn’t going to die in the explosion.

      • bsbfankaren

        Yes, but she killed him with his own weapon. The ammonium nitrate.

    • Mareta

      I loved last nights show – had to stay up until midnight to see as our midwestern storms killed the feed. I will miss it, cried too – it was such a complex group of characters.

    • whiskio

      I just knew that when Grace died that somehow she would float out of the smoke with her wings…..oh well……I agree that she won taking out evil, and the cigar flick/flip was perfect with the look in her eyes like evil didn’t see that coming!! Great show and I will miss it!

    • Terri

      My stupid station played part 1 twice so I didn’t see the final. What happened? What about the love between grace and ham?

  • Diane

    I will truly miss this show. My favorite show and now they take it off. Just figures. I will miss them all and since I refuse to watch these stupid reality shows, now at a loss. PLEASE bring it back TNT…Why would you take such a great show off the air anyway!

    • terrilee

      I agree..my hubby and I loved this show. So different from everything else that’s on TV. I cried at the end of the show last nite. I would have liked a happier ending, or at least see Grace with Earl both as angels. It was just soooo sad!

    • UnHoly Diver

      It was actually Fox Studios’ decision to end the show, not TNT. The network wanted to split the season into two segments, just like they(and USA) do/have done with their other original programming, but Fox balked at that. That’s why there were only 9 eps, and could be why a lot of people felt it was so rushed there at the end.

    • rose

      I feel the same way. It seems like she couldnt kill that guy so what was she accomplishing by blowing everything up? We actually lost her to evil after all.
      I agree BRING GRACE BACK ALREADY! Back on the air that is. :)

      • Marsha

        imo, she thwarted evil by not letting him blow up anyone else at that time. Evil is never ending, but we can only do our part, one step at a time.
        I think this was the only way it could end.

      • Aces0730

        I wish they had never canceled the show.

      • Joyi

        The way I saw it was like this… Grace accomplished a few things with the ending as it turned out – 1. She “passed” her test with the Devil – her soul was saved (we guess) when she refused the Devil’s offer to let her go. 2. She may not have stopped all evil, as another poster indicated, but she did stop that act of evil – or the future act of evil from happening and killing however many people would have died in another OKC type bombing. 3. They spent a lot of time discussing whether or not TMcV blew up the Murray building alone… I think that even though Grace’s close friends and family will know otherwise, Grace is the only connection they will find to the fertilizer… she was depressed, maybe even the reason for the story of the little girl, the fertilizer was in the truck that she drove into the warehouse – her gun was emptied and the cigar she was smoking blew up the fertilizer. So, I think the logical conclusion is that she – to those not in the know – is that she had a nervous breakdown after hitting the kid, not to mention EVERYTHING else, and plans her own bombing, but kills herself instead or had been planning a bombing and began reading the letters and decided to blow herself up – something along those lines… and 4. She sacrifices herself and her reputation – in true Grace fashion by facing evil / death on her own terms without allowing the people she loves most to be endangered and to prevent evil from having a motive to go after her family and friends.

        Honestly, I was far more confused by the entire deal concerning the coming out party / the dress and that whole deal… What did she have to gain by that experience, was it just reliving a happy moment of the child? And what was the significance of her finding Neely immediately after – did she have the intention then of trying to kill herself, but was spared by God so she could be saved and face the devil? I am really confused about the back story.

        The very subtle tie back to Cooley wasn’t very satisfying to those of us who have been watching since the first episode and I agree – Neely was somewhat boring, but maybe it was her purpose to contrast the girl who “did” everything right and was a believer with Grace, the one who did everything wrong and wasn’t a believer.

        I don’t know, but that is what I am thinking so far.

      • Renee

        Hut told Grace that he could save his lawn food for another day in Oklahoma. Grace made sure he could not hurt anyone else with it. I thought that the ending was very Grace. She always put others before herself.

  • jfms777

    The ending was too rushed. But Hunter remained incredible. And she
    has no vanity. Very few tv series stars would let a series end with the main character __ing. (I don’t want to be a spoiler for those who did not yet watch it.) Holly, please do something besides “Drink milk” commercials. We miss you.

  • mike

    Definitely agree that the ending was MUCH to rushed and unsatisfying, not in keeping with such a great show. Almost as if they really didn’t know how to end it. Maybe I’m just too sentimentatl, but I also think Grace shouldn’t have been killed.

    • nikkido

      I was left hanging. Was the evil killed with her. If he had been around for over a hundred years and not sure if it could be killed. If she did not take the evil with her then ending meant nothing.
      Also, it did not seem that friends and family understood what happen and I would think the whole situation would have been missed construed.
      Loved the show did not like the ending.

      • a

        I was also shocked at the ending last night, but I think I get it now. As Earl said, you can,t kill evil. Even if Grace didn’t take the evil with her she sacrificed herself to save her city and the people she loved. She did what GOD asked of her, ultimately saving her soul.

      • mel

        i agree about the ending…i love,loved this show,will truly miss it,but was not satisified with ending.the details of this show have been amazing,and the series ended in a matter of 10 minutes,very sad!

    • Marsha Mallow

      I think the show got it right. Did you not get that EARL was a LAST CHANCE Angel? Time was running out for Grace. She knew it, he knew it. Grace accepted God, made her peace and refused Evil. Doesn’t matter that she didn’t kill evil itself, she did destroy his immediate on hand supplies to cause another Oklahoma City bombing in the near future. Even the devil is going to have to take time to regain those supplies. Plus by refusing the deal he offered her, she reaffirmed her soul and life were God’s. Did you not notice the entire warehouse was gone, but the pile of letters to ‘Angel Cop’ were fine. Evil did lose and Good did triumph. Can you think of any more fitting end to the life of a cop, than saving her family, her community and her friends from another OKC bombing? Evil triumphs when good men do nothing. She stood up for right, looked evil in the eye and said not if I can help it, not this time. At night, there weren’t many around to be affected, so ir didn’t seem anyone else was hurt. She gave her life serving every cop, fireman and citizen in OKC and they gave her a fallen hero send off. Fitting for a tough, rough living cop.

      • Carol

        Thank you, Marsha Mallow. You finally made sense of this ending for me. Up until I read your post I hated the ending. I think that since so many people, including me, did not understand what Grace did is a real failure on the part of the writers and director. Your posting is the only thing I’ve read that does make sense.

      • Linda

        Marsha, thank you for seeing the ending the way the writers intended. I just finished watching it and definitely cried but she gave her life so others could live. A true sacrifice and hero. Even Jesus did not destroy evil. I will miss the show so much. Very few shows out there that make you think and feel as much as Saving Grace. The entire cast was superb playing the roles written by tremendous writers. Farewell.

      • J & J

        Well done Marsha Mallow _ we just watched end show and arrived at exactly the same observation – but you said it better!
        We are surprised that so many other posters did not see the pile of intact letters with Rhetta realizing what they meant – a sign from God that faith and love triumph over evil.
        To other posters – Grace “fell on the grenade” (sacrificed herself) to save her family and city from the evil bodily incarnation known as Hud Flanders. Good and evil struggles are eternal – faith and love triumph over it, but not without a cost. Also consider that Grace used Hud’s own chosen method of destruction (the ammonia-nitrate mixture that was discussed earlier in the episode, etc.) to destroy HIM. He was not ALL the evil that exists, just an embodiment of a rather nasty portion that had been let loose on our world.

      • Genna4


        You are right, and I agree. I’m surprised at those who do not believe that Grace was saved. Who do they think left the mailbags (a symbol of Grace’s,love, faith and hope), behind virtually unscathed?

        I think that the dinner on the beach was a kind of last supper, and one where Grace truly found peace and love, while knowing what probably lay ahead of her.

      • BBWrmHeart

        Marsha Mallow, I agree with you and all who replied to your post. You really did clear up the reason it ended the way it did. I am a bit naive in that I didn’t see it coming…I was truly shocked! That being said, I really was proud of Grace for doing what she did. I was crying like a baby watching everyone salute as her body was carried out…especially watching Ham’s face…so sad.

      • riazmi

        I think you have it exactly right. No one person can STOP evil however the choices we make have far reaching repercussions. Grace was doing what evil did not want…she did not fail her test. And as a testament to both faith and love the letters remained intact. I found the show riveting because Grace although not a “goody two shoes” per se was a wonderful role model of right action. Very refreshing show! Great cast!

      • Ruth

        Excellent summary. Also, doesn’t seem as if anyone caught the fact that day after was to be the 15th memorial of the Murrow Bldg bombing. There was a huge service planned. That was the urgency that Grace had. To SAVE those people, not compound one evil by more. The bargain would be for her to walk away from the storage.. “Hut” was not promising to spare the next day, but implied he’d select another time to kill off OK City residents. He had been that mysterious 2nd man there and in other evil events. She didn’t kill off evil forever. Her sacrifice was for the city and country to not have more deaths.
        Beautiful, but rushed ending.

  • Anna

    I would have tweaked the ending a bit; maybe having Ham or Butch find the necklace and hand it to Clay or perhaps some sign that only Clay or Rhetta would notice.

    • Hippie Chick Woman

      Absolutely would have done more with the necklace since the writer’s made a point that Grace wanted Clay to give it to his future wife. Feeling a bit fractured and frustrated!

    • Kim B

      i think the sign that they received was that all of her fan mail and prayers remained intact when the rest of the warehouse blew up

  • rboflutz

    The ending of the show was horrible. Given that this show was one of the most unique and best written ever for much of the time it was on the air. I was extremely disappointed at the unforgivable shortcuts take in the final 4 episodes. the heart of this show was the relationships grace had with Rhetta (first), Ham, her family, her co-workers. To kill her off at the end was a serious lack of judgement. Her redemption was not to die but to understand that the greatest single act of faith in god is TO ENDURE!

    • Hippie Chick Woman

      Heck, the whole Esperanza segment was almost too much – why kill off hope?! Not to mention Grace! I mean, Grace did seem to find peace with God in the end.

      • Fran V

        I think you hit the nail on the head. Grace found peace in doing what she believed God wanted of her. When you compare her to the woman we met in the first year, she had quite a journey.

    • Grandizer

      I was disappointed… As soona smy DVR said it had 120 minutes left I knew they were going to flub the ending. And they did. Without a doubt.
      A great way to take a series that had such a GREAT premise and delivery and stick it to the faithful viewers.
      Yes there was some closure, but it was all too brief.
      They flubbed the Esperanza storyline. They flubbed the Chief’s storyline. They flubbed Ham’s storyline and they messed up her nephews life as far as I am concerned.
      I know they probably thought the y had a whole season to end it, but they didn’t get it.
      What a shame. I bet the show they have coming to replace it won’t be 1/10 the quality.
      What is it Rizzo and Shirley??? :)

      • Grandizer

        Oops, that was 10 minutes left… Not 120…

      • Aces0730

        So nice of FOX to give us a replacement show that won’t be able to hold a candle next to Saving Grace. I hate FOX/TNT/NEWSCORP. I hated the ending of the show as well.

      • Swan

        Sometimes a show gets canceled b/f they get the time they need to wrap up story lines. I had no idea the show had been canceled until I saw what happened at the end. The strong emotions that were felt from Grace’s family and friends brought tears to my eyes. I think they did a great job with the ending and I had to watch it again to fully grasp it all. VERY sorry to see this show go, it was one of the better ones.

    • mel

      im so right there with you!i was so floored they killed her off i wasnt even sad-it was more like what the hell!

      • Dori

        Me, too. I was sitting there with my husband, and I was like “what just happened?” I couldn’t believe it.

    • azieger

      One person said: “Her redemption was not to die but to understand that the greatest single act of faith in god is TO ENDURE!” Brother, that’s where she disappointed me. Living life on life’s terms — allowing yourself to be close to others — and letting yourself be a flawed being are all part of having a life worth living. When she blew herself up I cried, but over the foolishness of it all.

      • Lori

        It was so foolish. She finally realized who she was and could forgive herself and they killed her.
        Whatever TV producer decided this was a good or acceptable ending for a great show should be fired.

    • ginny

      YES! YES YES! I agree!

    • Meggie

      I hate that they didnt give Ham a chance to propose or do at least a little bit of future on Life without Grace.I know the show was about Grace but the impact she had on everyone elses lives was special and it would have been nice to see how they could continue living without her. 5 minutes of Rhetta taking her grand daughter to the OCB memorial or Graces grave and telling her about Grace would have been nice. Seeing Ham happy would have been nice. Seeing Clay become a cop and maybe sitting at Graces desk would have been nice. Something, ANYTHING would have been better than the ending . I’m also disappointed because it ended in tears when the whole mantra was “laugh, laugh, laugh”. Goodbye Grace. Our Monday nights will never be the same.

      • mckaley

        I completely agree, I get the big picture of how it ended because I have watched it from day one but at the end I was really thought they needed to jump ahead to the future to see how all the characters healed from losing Grace. I found myself that day wondering hey I hope there doing okay and reminding myself its just tv! I do really wish though that they would have had a funeral for her or at least shown some sort of closure for all of her friends and family.

      • justathought

        I disagree vehemently. If they had tried to end it with something like what is suggested, it would have been too trite. Hollywood is always trying to make everything end so “cleanly” that is lacks a sense of believability. The beauty of this show was that it followed the rules of life. Not everything ends perfectly. People are flawed, society doesn’t always receive the exact answers that they want. They remained true to this through the very end. I think it was perfect the way it was. If they had tried any other ending, I would have lost all faith in the originality of the series.

  • june1956

    We had severe storms where I live last night and of course my satellite went out. I tried to find where it would be shown again and no such luck. Can somebody tell me what happened? I too absolutely loved the show and will miss it.

    • pat gowland

      It will be on the TNT website!

  • Hippie Chick Woman

    I also felt a little “ripped off” by the ending. No closure as far as the dog with the tongue, and just who the heck as that man with the 2 women in Nuevo Laredo? Furthermore, the ending should have been more about Grace perhaps earning her real wings, standing beside Earl with her sister and Nealie, smiling at Rhetta and Ham who would have been the only ones to see them. Still a great run and fantastic story!

    • terrilee

      I love your version!

    • Pam

      To: Hippie Chick Woman: That would have been the best ending! I was very disappointed.

      • Julie

        I agree that Ham and Rhetta should have seen Grace as an angel beside Earl. The ending was a disappointment.

    • Lkgrvlady

      I agree with you both, I kept waiting to see Grace beside Earl..for me it would have brought it
      all together

    • eve

      Oh boy–were you at my house? This is the same ending I fantasized when I realized where they were going. I thought the ending was terrible. They rushed the ending episodes, stuff was all over the place, there was no closure on any of the themes or hints or relationships. Having her basically kill herself to kill the devil or whoever he was when shooting him wouldn’t hurt him seemed pointless and manipulative to people who loved the show and women who identified with her character. And the corny thing with people saluting was really awful. Have none of the writers experienced grief? You can barely stand or think let alone do some of the stuff they had them do. I was disgusted and sad. It was like the writers said a big screw you to everyone.

      • Kimmie

        Your crossing the line now putting down saluting and calling it corney..it’s called respect to a fallen officer. My husband passed away recently and he had been in the military. Through all the tears and sorrow at his funeral, I was equally very proud to see the Marine’s saluting his casket! Next time you get a chance to see or go to a real life funeral of a police officer, firefighter or military think twice about calling it corney!

      • Aces0730

        Amen, I feel like the writers and producers basically screwed the fans as well. It was so ubelievably sad to see a great show go down with a great character basically martyring herself for the greater good. It’s like “Hanadarko, take one for the team, won’t ya?” For God sake, they could have allowed her a showdown with the evil guy and having had accepting God, had her marry her one true love, Ham. That would have been the right way to go. They never tied up how Neely died, I suspect it was an overdose of the crystal meth from the evil guy.

      • Kitty1019

        Saluting is typical to honor a police officer killed in the line of duty, especially as they were bringing her body out.

    • Kathy

      I was a little lost..who was the woman in Mexico that Grace gave the little girl’s bracelet to…I like some of the ideas people had about the ending..Grace and Earl being angels together would have been cool

    • merkurious

      The man in Mexico with the two tall women was God welcoming her on her journey to acceptance.

    • whiskio

      I thought the dog with the toungue was also a rep of God….dog think Rhetta thought that……maybe I am wrong about that, but we still thought that dog was a form of God

    • plenti lee

      Hey Hippie chick woman -I was not gonna comment ,just enjoying what everyone had to say until I got to this one.I totally agree with you.That would have been such a cool ending if neely,grace&her sis were standing with earl in the end.I think that the cast was also very upset at the end sheading real tears also because they new the show was over

    • Meggie

      Now see! THAT would have been an awesome ending!

  • Gia

    Of course, one evil entity was killed w/her, that is why she was shooting, to make sure he could be killed. I agree, the necklace should have been found. the letters not burning, was a nice touch. Will miss this show. the cigars were to be used when she needed them. Preparing her for this was what Earl was all about.

    • Tina

      Yay! Someone gets it. I think I would have died if she had suddenly become an angel and appeared, with Earl, to Ham and Retta. So cheesy and cliched. Yuk. I think the denouement was rushed, but the ending was appropriate.

  • AMD

    This last season was horrible; the writing was off. I only watched to see how all of it would wrap up. I think the writers were writing this a week at a time, not looking at the big picture or what had gone before. The big buildup was for what – Grace vanquishing evil? Was this all the evil in the world or just this one evil incarnate character? I knew it had to end with Grace the way it did,so that didn’t surprise me but it was an unsatisfying ending.

    • patty

      I also found the last season disappointment. The segments seemed to have little relationship to one another, so the continuity was poor. And having to say goodbye to Grace last night broke my heart, even thought I suspected the series would end with her death. Having said that, Holly Hunter is one of the most talented actresses around. Can’t wait to see what she does next.

    • syoung

      The plot differences were unavoidable. There were 6 episodes written and filmed like it was going to be a normal season and 3 added to kind of give closure. It was not the way writers or Nancy wanted to do it, but it was the hand they were dealt.

    • Bloom

      I knew Grace was going to die when I realized they were ending the show. It still made me sad but she had come to terms with her fate. I didn’t think it was such a bad ending but they did leave a few loose end, like the god dog, the necklace, etc. Fox decided the show was too expensive to produce and I hope it was due to Holly Hunter’s salary as well as the rest of the cast. I will miss it; it was one of my favorite shows and I watched every episode. I’m not a relgious person but I appreciated the journey she made with Earl’s help.

    • savingmyself

      yeah, I have been quite disappointed in this last season. It was disjointed, the relationship development seemed to suffer, it was almost too esoteric. That said – I kind of loved the finale. I’m sitting here crying my eyes out at saying goodbye to these friends I’ve visited for a few years (I tevo’d last weeks finale so am just finishing it). It does seem like, tho there are a lot of loose ends. Like the cooley thing feels like it started out one thing and ended up another. I also didn’t really get the whole mexico thing. Pretty in the head stuff. But I’m still sad and grateful that I got to go on the journey. I kind of liked the slightly amped up chemistry between grace and earl in the end too. I started the series off thinking he was ridiculous, and now I freaking think he’s almost hot. Ah, what love will do.

  • Felixtkat

    This was one of my most favorite shows. I agree, the relationship with Rhetta and Grace made me appreciate my friendship with my BFF even more. I was let down by the ending, it did seem rushed. However, what made me feel the most let down was they left us with no hope whatsoever (interesting how the little girl’s name meant “hope”, in essence, Grace killed Hope). At the very end, when Grace’s body is completely covered, everybody is angry and sad and mourning her death, I expected to see Grace standing with Earl, by his side, ready to work for God as one of His angels. Instead you have nothing, and it made me feel like the writers lead us down this path of enlightenment only to tell us despite our efforts and our constant fights with demons, it doesn’t matter. When you’re gone, you’re gone, and the afterlife isn’t there.

    I’m not saying I believe one way or the other, but many would find comfort with a message of Grace living on within her friends, her family and anybody else who’s life was touched by the “Angel Cop”.

    • Mobius

      I have to disagree. On of the things I really respect about SG is that it acknowledges the mystery and hardship of death and loss even if you believe.

      By the end of the show Grace is saved and what she did made a huge difference to her and the people in her life. But it still hurts that she is gone, just like in life.

    • carlady

      I was disappointed also in the rushed ending. I wanted to see Grace standing with Earl, having earned her wings, after the explosion. Also, did anybody see Grace’s brother{the priest} at the final scenes as they were carrying Grace’s body on the stretcher? We saw her two other brothers, but he was nowhere around, and he really played a more prominent roll than the other brothers throughout the series. What gives, writers? Very disappointed.

    • Patty

      When I saw the covered body, the first thing I thought of was that Grace was not the person being carried out. Maybe the body would have been the man and she would be found somewhere safe under the pile of rubble. But then Ham was helping carry the stretcher so surely he would have identified her correctly…

      • plenti lee

        To Patty-I thought the same thing.That Grace was spared and not the one in the body bag but I did not realize it was the series finale not the season finale until later.

  • sparkle the gym bag

    my reception went out last 15..i get from the post Grace checked out but how did it play out can’t find a re-run not on hulu yet not waiting for DVD

    • diane

      she lit the cigar – shot evil to see if he would bleed then threw the cigar into the bed of the truck where he had put the fertilizer – they carried her out in a body bag and everyone saluted as she was walked by – ham threw the ring

    • Jax

      You can find it on surfthechannel.com

  • Snsetblaze

    I was unsatisfied as well not just with ending but with the actual editing of the final scene. It just seemed abrupt. Also, among all the family in friends it seemed like they missed a few of her family members (mother, older sister and I don’t recall the priest brother being in that scene though he might have been there).

    • Mary

      I also thought the actual end seemed abrupt, almost as though they forgot to add the final few seconds. Very disjointed and confusing last couple of episodes. Loved the show overall, though.

    • lou

      I was not happy with the ending. It was left undone. With that much explosive how could they even identify the body, you would think there would be nothing left. And if it was her body then evil survived because It only showed one body. Maybe we will all have a little surprize later if another network picks it up.

      • Marji King

        Please, please, please let them have been saluting evil and not Grace! Earl was a “last chance” angel, not a “protective” angel…let Grace be alive and ok- because this ending was disjointed, confusing, and seriously pooly written!

      • Donna

        I agree Please let another network pick it up. Its happen before. Stranger things has happen that Grace could have been thrown under the mail by her saving angel. I understand the concept of what she was doing to save her family but Evil comes in all forms and can come back, she didn’t distroy it but hopefully it moved on to someelse. I think I would have been happier if they just hadn’t made a ending and just took the show off. Then I could of made my own ending up!!!!!!!!!!! Please Any Network bring it back!!!

      • ginny

        YES! YES YES! I agree! They should redo this ending!

  • esseff

    Who ever wrote the last instalment of SG had a misinformed comcept of eliminating evil. Grace just commited suicide but has not stopped evil. How do you think Earl would defend that act to God?

    • Vonnie

      I totally agree with the suicide thing. I believe that only God and Jesus Christ can truly kill evil. Her life would have been better off and more hopeful to everyone that believed in the Angel-Cop. Instead she dies and we REALLY dont’ know if evil died. If “evil” was responsible for all the horrific events that transpired and the death of thousands it seems to me that evil would just take on another form. In keeping with the ending comments, I feel lost and alone and empty with this ending. I can’t get it off my mind and I feel as if I lost something important.

      • Mobius

        Do we ever though? It’s not about “killing” evil but standing up to it and choosing to fight. That is what Grace did.

        Given how she got the cigar it is clear to me, at least, that Grace did not commit suicide.

      • whyvon

        She was not meant to destroy evil. However, she prevented another bombing. Evil offered to let her go, and he would save the fertilizer to use at a later date. She chose to sacrifice her life so others could live. Not suicide.

      • Marsha

        I feel the same way. I expected more from the ending. I wanted her to stand tall and show evil he had lost the fight because of her faith changing. Also show evil that God and Earl were also along side her. Shame on the network for rushing such an important fact of the show. Give us a better ending on the video. We deserve that, Grace deserves that.

      • rose

        I felt the same way until my boyfriend pointed out that she didnt have a choice really. That guy locked the doors. He offered her a deal though, he’d unlock them so she could leave and save his fertilizer mixture for another day. She couldnt stand that, and was locked in, add to that the anger she felt after listening to him tell her he closed her sisters eyes while showing Grace her sisters necklace…. she acted on instinct albeit in anger, but I think she believed she was killing him. Hope this helps.

    • Aces0730

      The other problem with the ending was the suicide and the Catholic faith. Committing suicide is a sin in the Catholic religion and Grace even mentions that fact in the episode where she keeps Father Patrick Satan Murphy hostage. He said “Give me the gun, I’ll kill myself” and she replies, suicide is against the Catholic religion. So they definitely got that wrong

      • patricia torres

        How could you end the show like that and it was season fiNale..does that mean its going to come backmakes u wonder if she really died they didn’t say it was the cont was cancelled..makes u wonderif she’s omng back. I cried like it was my best fried died.Ihope she comes back..it was thw best showw evey I feel sorry for. Hamm..HoPe u bring it back…m really pised bout thewhole ending…..Sad to see it go…you all really ruined a good thingthing…depressedeAm…Pqtrica

      • tammy

        It wasn’t suicide. There was no choice. She gave her life for others as Jesus did for us. She did the ultimate sacrifice. She had her last supper, in the water she was like baptized again. All sins forgiven. I too am confused about mexico but i think that was evil because the devil drove her down and slept with her. Then he played on her guilt and that is when neely died. that was her wake up call not to give in to killing esperanza. the devil was after grace he did all this evil to get to grace and in the end she chose God. that is why she needed to get to baltimore (god’s haven.)

        so sorry show is over loved the bff’s and ham!!! i too hop it comes back…i love the idea that only one body bag does leave…HOPE (esperanza!!!)

      • bsbfankaren


        I think the trip to Mexico was Grace’s way of getting close to Esperanza, to trying to understand the death of this young child by sort of walking in her shoes, getting a party dress from the same store she had, sitting on the bench Esperanza sat on, attending a Quincenera as if she were a part of the celebration, but really on the outside looking in. I think going there helped to give her the finaly push she needed to give her soul over to God, and complete her journey.

        As I said previously, I plan to purchase the final season and watch it again and again. There is so much going on, especially in those final scenes, that if one becomes distracted little details are easy to miss.

    • Kitty1019

      He gave Grace the choice of dying or walking out of the building alive, and he would use the fertilizer “on another spring morning” (i.e., the OC terrorist attack on the Murrah building). She chose not to save herself and instead blew up all the fertilizer to prevent another bombing.

    • Tami Seaver

      In the Catholic faith, people who give their lives to save others are martyrs, and sometimes, saints. Grace SACRIFICED her life to save the hundreds who might’ve been killed in another bombing. This was not a suicide. That said, those that wanted to see Grace as an angel… oh, my.

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