'Real Housewives of New Jersey': Danielle Staub can (kind of) sing, may be a lesbian?

On last night’s post-Housewives edition of Watch What Happens Live, the adorable Andy Cohen had the pleasure of chatting with New Jersey housewife Danielle Staub. But chatting was not the only thing on Danielle’s agenda, of course: She was really there to premiere her new single “Real Close.” Yes, PopWatchers, because the world is a cruel place, Danielle is now the fourth Housewives star to embark on a singing career. And like Kim Zolciak, Gretchen Rossi (how did I miss this one?!), and Countess LuAnn de Lesseps before her, she took to a big (televised) stage to show us her stuff. Check out the video after the jump.

My initial reaction: Not terrible? But wait, don’t press “send” on your hate mail just yet! By default Danielle gets some points for opting for a ballad instead of a dance-party anthem a la “Tardy for the Party” and “Money Can’t Buy You Class.” And I know I’m no American Idol judge (then again, who is?), but Staub sounded decent-ish? She performed at the piano with songwriter Lori Michaels, and later, in a strange chain of events, sat on her lap next to Andy Cohen for some post-performance conversation (Check out the video from Gawker). The ladies seemed flirtatious with one another, so naturally, Andy asked if they were dating. Staub kept it coy, “We’re not saying anything other than we’re together doing the song ‘Real Close!'” she said. What?! There’s so much to process here, PopWatchers. Again, if Danielle comes out as a lesbian, she won’t be the first housewife to do so (Kim of Atlanta beat her to that, too). Perhaps she can try being the first housewife to the moon, or elected to public office? That way she won’t have to worry about any of the others stealing her thunder.

In other Watch What Happens Live-news, Ben Weiner is leaving for camp this weekend! We’ll have to wait until August for some more cute call-ins from our favorite 13-year-old Housewives super fan (hopefully in time for the New Jersey finale?). Mazel, Ben!

What do you think of Danielle’s single, PopWatchers? Were you tortured? Should we expect the next batch of DC Housewives to burst into song?

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  • leahsmom

    God help us all. Danielle said so much more crap on Andy’s show, her singing wasn’t but a blip. You could let Lori sing the whole thing. Danielle needs Xanax at the reunion show, her friends are dwindling. As is her “ALL NATURAL” face she claims she hasn’t had work on. Ashley was right, it looks like the Grinch and I am apologetic to the Grinch.

    • Becca

      No, Danielle looks like Natasha – remember Boris and Natasha of the Rocky and Bull Winkle Show?? Those arched eyebrows, those bony cheeks, that straight black hair, the skinny body. Don’t you think she’s a good match for the cartoon?

      • Becca

        And I might add, always being evil.

    • Taylor

      I loved on the actual episode when she was about to go in for Round 4 and said “nature has been very good to me.” No honey, your plastic surgeons have had a rough go of it….not a single thing on that face that is really hers and too bad they did such a poor job. I loved when they showed the exterior of that strip mall surgery center and half the lights in the sign were out. So fitting.

      • candacetx

        @Taylor. Nail on the head. I noticed the sign too and in my mind I could imagine the editors cracking up as they edited that exterior shot into the scene. You honestly can’t write this stuff. oh, and the perplexed look and throwing up of hands from the surgeions edited to follow her “nature” comment. price.less. please somebody… give the editors of this show an emmy.

      • candacetx

        “surgeons”… typo… sigh..

    • danielle155

      Umm honestly this tape is her success


  • n

    Jo did some music, too.

    • besimon

      That’s right. Jo was first.

      • henrietta

        *gack* who’s jo?? I’m late to the real housewives insanity.

  • Emma

    The song is boring and takes itself way too seriously. At least Tardy for the Party and Money Can’t Buy You Class are fun in a so-bad-they’re-good way. This song was just boring. Also, Danielle looks like Jafar from Aladdin. Google it and compare. You won’t be able to un-see it, I promise. lol

    • SaraS


      • Jason

        Prostitution whore.

    • xxx

      OH MY GOD! That is HILARIOUS! So true!

    • GregR

      I see a little of the Grinch, Natasha and Jafar in Danielle.

      • Becca

        Hey, since I didn’t get any replies to my “Natasha” comment, I just thought you all were too young to even know about Rocky and Bull Winkle. It WAS televised in the 1960’s. Guess we have some Baby Boomers here after all. [smile]

  • jonathan

    not the best, but i give her props: she is the only to actually sing LIVE…everyone else basically lipsynched to tracks….

  • Jackie

    I loved it, honestly. I thought she sounded great. Maybe wish she wouldn’t play around with the stupid “am I a lesbian or aren’t I”, but hey, it got her press like this I suppose.

  • P. Smith

    Danille, is getting in deeper and
    deeper in to a downslide, It’s a
    sorry sight!

  • C

    andy cohen, adorable, really? i find him to be completely annoying.

    • leahsmom

      I give Andy some props, he has to deal with some clearly unstable people. Danielle looked like she was going to eat him or her vajayjay was going to swallow him. Live shows aren’t easy to keep going smoothly. Plus, she was deflecting everything the callers said, and he was trying to help her answer them directly.

      • KC

        Totally agree LM

    • Becca

      Does Andy have a glass eye? They don’t match. Just asking, nothing negative intended.

      • KC

        I think he’s a tad cross-eyed, which he teases himself about and is teased about and he is always good-natured about it.

      • henrietta

        I think he’s just cross-eyed. Or at least Kathy Griffin does—in her segment she mentioned something about “the cross-eyed andy cohen” and then, of course, she crossed her eyes. Hugely. It was hilarious, and andy thought so, too. The only thing I find a bit odd about him is his strange adenoidish stuffed-up bit.

  • P. Smith

    OMG! Danille is a sorry sight! I
    really feel bad for her, I think
    she lost it!

  • kelly


    • Little Lady

      Kelly Ben Simmone? Is that you? I know you have problems controlling the sound of your voice sometimes, but what’s the excuse with the caps? You even need to yell while you type! Do you think the Manzo clan is guilty of systematic bullying Danielle, is that why your sticking up for her now?

    • Danielle is Gross

      No, this was Danielle herself. She is the ONLY person that thinks this highly of her(self). Get help you demented pig.

      • SaraS

        Honestly people who call others “pig” and “garbage” are only going to get some karma of their own. You people have no feelings.

    • joan

      Danielle, you shouldn’t write in under a different name…seriously.

  • Mavis

    I hope Ben has fun at camp! He will be missed!

    And when will Danielle get a clue? She was totally avoiding any question she was asked. I bet the PR person she alluded to during the Ramona clip was there to have her all prepared before the show on how to avoid answering questions!

    • KC

      I found her coyness very odd, and she acts like she’s drop dead gorgeous, which she clearly is not. Her face looks different too like she’s had something done.

    • T Davenport

      Ben Weiner so wise and adorable I just luv luv him he didn’t even bother to ask her any questions Mr. Weiner has class. Can’t wait to see him on your show..

  • Anna

    I am going to miss Ben Weiner. Hope he has fun at camp!

    • KC

      Notice Ben didn’t have anything AT ALL to say to Danielle? LOL!

      • Taylor

        I noticed that too. So funny, even at 13, he can tell she’s full of it.

      • Jesse

        I like that Ben didn’t ask her a question, he probably doesn’t like her so instead of saying anything bad he just kept it to himself. Rock on Ben, have fun at camp!

  • zmijka

    she gave a good performance! come on, honestly can you ALL hating her, sing better? or are you just jealous?
    good job Danielle! as far as the conversation, you almost there, more ladylike please, ignore haters, think only positive, be nice. You’re more intelligent than you appear to be.

  • Danielle is Gross

    Auto-tune!!!!!!!!!!!! Danielle is disgusting.

  • S

    “lesbian” haha! She’s so desperate for attention that she will take anything and anybody. She will take what she can get. Poor thing. I bet neither party want her on their side

    • What!

      NOT TRUE!!!! The transgender will take her

      • leahsmom

        LOL Now THAT is the funniest thing I have heard all day. The Grinch will be happy to have his identity back.

  • bertbad

    I thought Danielle did a beautiful song. She has a great talent and she was hiding if from us all this time.

    • leahsmom

      Danielle hasn’t really “hid” much in her life. I think she just couldn’t find anyone to put her “singing” out there. I bet she sings in church every Sunday.

      • judy boyskey

        I think Danielle is really Ok and the sister and family clan is jersey to a T. I think Bravo needs to branch out abit and rid them selfs of the Family. I am from Philly , had a shore home and know the deal.

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