Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette': Episode 5

Chris-HarrisonImage Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABCYes, I’m back and still guarding and still protecting your heart. I’d like to thank you for helping me last week with my informal poll about male grooming. The overwhelming feeling out there is that you ladies like a real man, and apparently that means having a little hair on his chest. Aren’t you glad we can come together and solve the world’s problems like this?

I want to step back a couple weeks and clear up a funny controversy that was started when some of you — and Joel McHale on The Soup (big fan of that show, btw) — noticed Justin’s cast switched legs on his hike up to Ali’s house. Justin hurt his leg the day before we started shooting the show. It really was hurt and in reality, his cast didn’t switch legs. Our editors sometimes flip the video, which is essentially using the mirror image of a shot. The reason they do this from time to time is simple: It looks prettier. With this mirror image being used, it appeared Justin’s cast switched legs. As you’ll see next week, Justin might be manipulating many things, but he wasn’t faking his injury.

I said last week, this season really gets started with the episode you saw tonight. I had no idea what to expect from Reykjavik, Iceland. It’s actually a very cool (actually darn cold) country with a lot to offer. I loved that the producers gave the guys a mini-cam to carry along as we traveled. That extra video from the guys themselves is an interesting perspective you don’t usually get to see. I know the guys had fun shooting stuff as we traveled around.

The day I met the guys in the square in downtown Reykjavik, it was absolutely freezing. You may have noticed everybody was bundled up except me. I took my coat and gloves off because I didn’t think I would be outside that long – not a good call on my part. As it turned out, I was with the guys the entire time and had to listen to their poetry. It really is hard to believe that Kirk was basically the only guy who made the poem personal and approached Ali and touched her. By now we all know she likes that, but only a couple of them managed to do it. We never claim to be smart animals.

I’ve mentioned it before and you saw more of it on this date: Kirk has steadily moved up the list in Ali’s heart. Yes, the heart that Kasey is guarding and protecting… or was. Ali was really moved by the story of Kirk’s illness, and it explained a lot about him to her. Their date was simple, strolling the streets of Reykjavik. The main street in town is really charming, as I’m sure you could tell. There are a ton of great little cafes and restaurants and plenty of shops that makes it a terrific town to walk through. Every day, you would stumble on a new place you hadn’t noticed the day before. I love places like that.

There’s not a lot to say about the group date because it was with a bunch of guys Ali really likes, even Chris N., who was sent home later. The second stop on the date is a place called the Blue Lagoon. The guys and Ali were right – it really is one of the coolest things you’ll ever see or do.

The main drama this week was clearly centered around the two-on-one date with Kasey and Justin. Justin was really good at stirring up Kasey’s emotions and intimidating him before the big event. Kasey progressively looked more and more desperate and uncomfortable. By the time they went on their date, he seemed like he was already beaten. Ali’s face was fantastic when Kasey finally showed her his tattoo. She didn’t know how to respond to that. Who would? I think Ali summed it up best when she explained later in deliberation that she felt that Kasey fell in love with the idea of falling in love. His emotions clearly got the better of him.

A couple notes about the date with Justin and Kasey. Our crew built and carved out all of that ice-sculpted furniture into the cave. We left it all there for others to enjoy when they visit. Seeing as how it’s in the middle of a glacier, I doubt it will melt any time soon. It was so unbelievably cold and windy it was hard for the three of them to stand outside while Ali decided who to give the rose to. The shot of Kasey standing there on that glacier as Ali and Justin flew away was classic. It reminded me of Andy Baldwin’s season where Peyton was left standing on the deck of an aircraft carrier.

The rose ceremony was back at the Blue Lagoon. For the first time this year you got to see Ali and I in deliberation. We always film a deliberation, though you may not see it every episode simply because it may not make sense to use it or there might be other things more relevant to telling the whole story. This week it was important that you saw it because Ali said something that will shape the rest of this season. Before Iceland, Ali was scared she wouldn’t fall in love; after Iceland, she knew she was falling in love, but now she was scared she wouldn’t be loved back. This was a very emotional, candid deliberation. It’s times like these you really do forget about cameras and it’s just you and a friend in a room talking like you would be back home. Many of you asked last week who Chris N. was. Well, you got a chance to see him during this episode. Seriously, Chris N. is a really good guy. Yes, he’s quiet and probably not completely comfortable fighting to stand out in a group setting, but the guys and Ali really liked him.

Ali announced to the guys that our next stop was Istanbul. The truth is, some of the guys already knew that. Somebody (me) accidentally let it slip we were going to Turkey while we were back in New York. I wasn’t sure the guys picked up on it when I mentioned it, but they later teased me that I gave it away. Oops.

This week’s episode was a great one, but next week’s will blow you away. You saw pieces of the confrontation between Ali and another guy. That was just a taste of a situation you will all be talking about for weeks to come. With that said, I hope all of your hearts are guarded and protected! Please continue to leave your comments below or you can find me on facebook and twitter @chrisbharrison.

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  • Professoretta

    My heart is guarded & protected.

    • So Sad

      My heart ached for the poor soul , bless his heart, Frank seemed so compassionate realizing the extent of his delusions and his angst, made me hate Rated R more cause of his lack of empathy for the poor soul.

      • Phoebe

        I totally agree. I feel so bad for Kasey. He seems like a very sweet guy who needs some therapy. I hope he does and that he’ll emerge better for it.

      • Kris

        Justin didn’t do anything wrong. They have all been so mean to him this whole time. Especially Kasey! He was just looking out for himself. (Not that I like him or anything. I’ve seen the episode coming up… bastard).

      • Kris

        I am amazed that there are so many people who like Frank so much. To me, he seems extremely possessive when he is speaking one on one with the camera. My God, these guys have only known Ali for a few weeks and they are already so jealous and possessive. It’s actually kinda creepy if you ask me.

      • Kimber

        I love Chris and the girls voluptuousfriends

      • Steve

        The problem with the gang mentality is they feel it’s okay to trash the mutually hated person but get offended when that person does the exact same thing as them.
        Justin made a few comments about Kasey but the other guys were calling him insane and in need of help, they’re all in the same boat.
        Not that I disagree with them, I thought he was nuts too.

    • RK

      Maybe St. Kasey can go guard and protect Vienna now.

      • annoyed

        LOL. true.

      • Chloe

        LOLOLOL That needed a “BEVERAGE ALERT” posted!!

      • Ruth

        @RK Yes that does sound like a good idea. Bless Kasey, he meant well but not the guy for Ali. I didn’t like his voice either, but can’t hold that against him.

      • Jodi

        LOLOL!! That was awesome!!!

      • Kimber

        Did he cheat on his wife?

    • Nobody

      It doesn’t matter…. Ali is gay; thats why she doesn’t pick anyone in the end.

      • not a fan of nobody

        Nobody: your comments are rude. say something useful or nothing at all

    • Natalie

      Roberto for the next Bachelor! (If Ali doesn’t pick him, that is!)

      • annoyed

        NO!!! no more recycled people. FRESH MEAT CHRIS!!!!! PLEASE.

      • Dana


      • Shanley

        I think she should just take Roberto and leave already – cuz that’s what I would do!!! lol

      • dmac

        Come on — Justin and Vienna belong together!!! Send him to Florida. As for Frank? Doubt he wants to be the next bachelor since he’s still in love with his ex-girlfriend back home. Oh, that’s quite coincidental … Frank leaves sort of like Ali did. Hmmmmmm.

      • Katharine

        Chris L or Kirk next Bachelor…Roberto as Ali’s husband

      • Reerun5

        DANA – haven’t you heard the tabloid rumors that, despite what Frank says on tv to Ali – this while process makes him realize he’s still in love with a girl back home. And off he goes… i hope he doesn’t end up the last one and then tells Ali that… I agree that we should get some Fresh Meat although Roberto would allow for some much-needed ethnic diversity on this show (though, they could just send him to me!)

    • sallygreen

      there is a “web//site” named “black // white / Cupid” for dating or relationship, black or white singles can go there to find something sexy or beauty online !!!! ;)

    • jan

      We are avid Bachelorette fans and are planning our finale party. Any chance we can confirm when it will be…trying to schedule vacations around it! Great season with Ali…we are all loving it. Thanks Chris for doing a great job of hosting this season! Seattle fans!

  • Sarah

    Why didn’t the producers ever show interviews with Chris N.? Is he camera-shy?

    • Pappy

      Did you not hear him try to speak? He can’t put two words together! How can you put that on camera???

  • carmela

    I always love reading ur perspective chris! :)
    And I thought it was so funny how one of chris n’s last words in the limo was “I’m at a lost for words” yes chris, you were :)
    And craig’s fake tattoo! So funny! Every time he’s on he makes me laugh, I wish we could see more of him!
    Can’t wait to see who the guy is next week who gets into hot water! Looks exciting :)

    • Rhino

      It would’ve been even funnier if he told Ali that he got her name tatooed on his butt :-D

  • Dylansdad

    Mumble mumble I am sincere mumble mumble guard protect heart mumble mumble cliche mumble.

    • jessie

      LOL. Nice…

  • ali

    why did they cut short the iceland final rose ceremony? it looked like she only gave 4 roses. pretty sloppy editing. especially on a budget that can travel the world. she has no personality. she is so boring. she is not ready for love.

    • Pritha

      She only gave out four roses. The other three (Justin, Kirk, Ty) had only been given out. Pay attention.

    • RK

      Sounds like you were as drunk as Ali was at the Blue Lagoon.

      • cdevene

        OMG! I was in another room during the Blue Lagoon setting, but could hear Ali slurring her words. Thanks for confirming what I already thought, but couldn’t see.

      • LR

        yes – she was totally hammered, it was so obvious and embarassing

    • Lynda

      Um, there were only five guys left to receive a rose, hence she gave out 4 roses total. Need to go back to math class?

    • JustJenna

      Wow, not ready for love?? Who do you think you are to make a comment like that? Do you know Ali? I think not.

      I swear, this show brings out the nutcases. Who thinks they know a person after watching a reality show? I mean, really.

  • Chris Harrison is a Manly Man

    Chris, I LOVED how u show up in Iceland for the poetry slam in your sweater, no gloves, no hat, not bad for a Cali man. U made all the other guys look like wimps there LOL! So glad ABC let you attend the festivities, hope u r a more visible presence on the remaining world wide trip. We aren’t happy with just this blog, we need more Chris time on the show as well!

    • Nobody

      Chris Harrison is a lying toad. Seems like you’ve had way too much to drink.

      • realtyFan

        A+ trolling

    • annoyed

      Chris Harrison as the next bachelor! LOL. To bad he is already taken.

      • KC

        Chris is rocking some seriously gorgeous blue eyes in the column pic

      • RaRa

        Hey ladies, Chris is a married man. Show some respect!

  • BN

    Please tell me you let the guys out to explore some of these fantastic places you’re taking them.

    Being cooped up in a hotel room in Reykjavik and especially Istanbul (in my opinion, one of the world’s most fabulous cities) is criminal.

  • Laura

    Each week I get more and more attached to Roberto and Chris L. Frankie stole my heart right back this week when he pulled Ali aside, but he’s gotta grow some back bone or he’s not gonna make it.

    Anyone else notice that the Crewmember passenger who was in the car that took the guys out to where Ali had the horses was all covered up with a scarf??? Do some of the staff absolutely not want to be seen on the show???

    • Nicole

      Or his face was just really really cold.

    • Jana

      If crew is shown on camera they have to be paid camera time per SAG/AFTRA.

  • Sarah

    Why didn’t we see Roberto and Ali’s one on one time at the Blue Lagoon? It was shown during the previews but didn’t make the show. Is it too hot to show? Also, the media release mentions a passionate kiss in this episode. Who got the kiss? I don’t remember anyone receiving a passionate kiss. I see Ali falling for Roberto and Frank. We know Frank eliminates himself so Roberto is the final one. Why is Ali single now? How can this ending be fantastic if Ali doesn’t choose Roberto??

    • Linda

      I saw something at the Dances with Stars finale that makes me believe that might have been Roberto sitting with Ali. the Batchelorette was prerecorded.

      • reilly

        There is no way that ABC would have allowed the “winner” to be seen at such a public and televised event before the season even began.

      • Katharine

        I only saw Chris H with Ali @ DWTS. I’d be shocked if Roberto was there prior to the end of the show.

    • Wendy

      How do you know Frank eliminates himself? Are you psychic?

      • Dally

        No. She reads spoilers. :)

      • Dally

        …and US Magazine.

      • Karen

        Frank flies to Tahiti to tell Ali he’s in love with his ex girlfriend Nicole. Ali ends up not picking anyone b/c she fell for Frank, who breaks her heart.

      • CharlieS

        Thanks alot.

    • JustJenna

      Not everybody reads spoilers. Thanks a lot.

    • Angela

      Where did you hear that Ali was single now?

  • mikki

    It would have been nice to hear a few interviews from Chris N, it seemed like the viewers did not get the opportunity to see his personality much. On the flip side Frank received an overload of on-camera interviews, why are there so many interviews of him?

    • carmela

      frank has a cockroach face!

  • Karen

    I like Ali and Frank they should be together. Best Chemistry!

    • ehh

      yes, Ali and Frank seem to mesh well. Chris L is my favorite and I think he should be the next bachelor; I also think he can do better than Ali. I sense that Ali is kind of a little conceited, although she seems to be a nice person… but how can we really know since obviously this show is completely scripted and fake?

      • Still??

        How can you still think they’d bother paying script writers? Just editing the hilarious and stupid human antics of folks (we all do it) attempting to find love is plenty of entertainment. That’s why ‘reality’ TV’s so cheap!

      • RaRa

        I think the producers know that none of these people could memorize a script and make it sound real. Instead, I assume, they have producers who ask carefully worded, “leading” questions to get the specific responses they want. I’m sure the producers make “suggestions” to the various contestants from time to time, as to what would make them more likely to get a rose.

  • deb

    Roberto is so magnetic on screen, I cant stop gushing when watching him. If Ali doesnt pick him then she is blind. He seems like such a great guy. He is in a league of his own.

    • Barb

      If Ali doesn’t pick Roberto, then he should be the next Bachelor!

      • Kat

        It would be soooo nice to see a non-white Bachelor/ette. I don’t really watch this show, but I read the recaps because it sounds hilariously stupid…and I’m pretty sure they’ve all been white people with like 99% white people competing for their love. I say this as a white girl – it’s kind of offensive. So I really hope that if they’re going to recycle people as per usual, they go with Roberto. And can we line up some Hispanic women, some black women, some white women, etc. for him and get a little more of a representative cast?

      • Cyn

        That is an excellent idea.

      • Cyn

        That is an excellent idea. Some color would be nice.

      • yesbut

        It would be nice to have some diversity on the bachelo/rette, but unfortunately I don’t think it would be watched by a large enough audience and ABC would lose viewers. Sad, but true. They want the ratings.

  • cathy

    Roberto drives me wild. He is so handsome and I just smile watching him. What a natural beauty

    • Rebecca

      Agreeeeeeeeeee. Roberto has to be the most beautiful creature to ever grace the Bachelor/Bachelorette. ;)

      • Danielle

        I agree too. Roberto is adorable. Ali made a huge faux-pas by telling him that she wouldn’t approach him in real life because he’s too good looking. When a guy doesn’t know he’s hot, you don’t tell him!!

      • Jenn

        Yumm… Yes! Let me get into the love for Roberto. Please don’t pick him Ali so we can drool over him as the next Bachelor.

    • t

      I feel like she doesn’t know anything about Roberto. Just is just attracted to him. Their conversations seem to revolve around how beautiful she thinks he is.

      • Rebecca

        you obviously didn’t watch their date a few episodes back

      • yesbut

        Ali is afraid of Roberto’s good looks. She doesn’t think she’s pretty enough to be with Roberto. She asked him if he saw her in a bar or someplace would he approach her. She’s insecure about her looks, which is too bad/ b/c Roberto doesn’t seem to be vain at all.

    • Crissy

      I feel the same way… it almost makes me wonder Why doesn’t he have a girlfriend???

  • Juliet

    Chris–you must tell the producers that the date commentary is too weird the way it’s done now…showing Ali at much different points in time (clothes and locations). Do it as a voiceover, keep it real time, or at least “reflective” if it is taped later. Talking in current tense is really tacky, as it’s so obvious these comments are not made during the date. Drives me nuts! Thank you.

    • Mylissa

      That bugs me too. Not in a tacky way though….it just makes it hard to follow.

  • Christie

    I hope it’s just due to editing that shows only the “opening up” and dramatic stuff coming up in the guys convos with Ali…but I keep wondering why these guys really just aren’t that funny when talking to her? Chris L. and Kirk kind of joke around with Ali (and the guys), but everyone always seems to head straight for serious-town. I hope they’re lighter and more sarcastic than we’re being shown. Ali keeps saying they’re all so funny…but I’m not seeing it!

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