This week's cover: The secrets of 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo'

jun252010_1108During the summer of 2008, movie producer Scott Rudin was hanging out at his house in the Hamptons with his partner, who had recently picked up a Swedish crime novel. “I knew nothing about it,” says Rudin, whose long list of credits includes No Country for Old Men and The Hours. “I said, ‘Do you want to get lunch?’ He said, ‘Yes…in a week. Don’t talk to me. Don’t bother me. I’m reading!'”

The book, it turned out, was Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Soon, Rudin himself was hooked on the novel and its two sequels, a condition he shares with millions of obsessed Americans. “I read it, and I read the second and a while later the third,” he says. “I absolutely loved them. They’re just fantastic stories. I spent about a year and a half trying to get the rights.”

Now Rudin and director David Fincher (Fight Club, Zodiac) are in preproduction on the first of three major films for Sony Pictures, which means one of the biggest literary phenomenons in recent history is only going to get bigger. Dragon Tattoo and its sequels, The Girl Who Played With Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest (collectively known as the Millennium Trilogy), have sold 40 million copies worldwide. More than 7.2 million copies are in print in the U.S. alone, and the books have spent a combined 10 weeks atop New York Times best-seller lists.

While Larsson’s survivors are wrapped up in an estate dispute, his fans are buzzing about a more pressing question: Who should play computer hacker Lisbeth Salander and the crusading investigative journalist Mikael Blomkvist in the Fincher movies? “I think it’s hugely important that these parts be immaculately cast,” says Rudin. “Because to me, yeah, the stories are great, the plots are fantastic, the twists and turns are completely delicious, but the relationship of the two characters is it. That’s what it’s about.”

There’s already tremendous speculation. Brad Pitt and Daniel Craig have been mentioned as candidates for Blomkvist, and actresses as diverse as Kristen Stewart, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, and Carey Mulligan are being talked about for Lisbeth. Rudin says casting should wrap in a month or two, but nothing has been decided yet. “I’m happy that people are speculating, but it’s all fantasy,” he insists. “I would be careful about believing what you’re reading. Let me remind you that Katharine Hepburn was at one point announced to be Scarlett O’Hara. [Laughs] That’s not to say that it won’t end up being one of them, but you can certainly say it isn’t any of them yet.”

For more about The Girl with the Dragoon Tattoo films and a possible fourth book, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands 6/18.

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  • Amber

    This is going to sound snobby but I am in the middle of the third book and am loving it!! I saw the Swedish version of the first book and it was great, so please don’t mess this up! I SO want this to be great. First step, don’t cast Kristen Stewart…I want to see Anne Hathaway or Keira Knightly do edgy.

    • Brian

      None of that sounded snobby.

      • Kat

        I don’t see ANY American actress, or ANY actress for that matter, who could possibly top Noomi Rapace who plays Lisbeth in the Swedish films. She is absolutely extraordinary. The first Swedish film, which is the only one I’ve seen so far, was amazing. Just stellar. I’m having a hard time imagining this Swedish story as told through an American lens.

    • nikkido

      Kristen Stewart in no way matches the description of Salander and that alone would ruin the movie for me.

      • Big Walt

        Kristen Steward is awful and ruins nearly everything she’s in.

      • Kevin

        She’s a terrible actress but she does fit the discription of the character… she’s young, tiny, and probably weighs 90 lbs. like Lisbeth.

      • James

        I’d rather they got a GOOD actress who may be a little off on the physical aspects than get a good physical match who can’t act. But that’s me…

      • Garrett

        I hate people saying Kristen Stewart is a bad actress it is not her fault That twilight crap has her doing one of the most annoying ridiculous least likable characters of all time. When she has had incredible performances in Adventureland, Into the Wild, the yellow handkerchief.

      • James

        Why does everyone assume that if you dislike Stewart’s acting, it’s only because of Twilight? Stop making assumptions.
        I thought she was stiff and awkward in Adventureland, she was barely in Into the Wild enough to make an impression, and you and maybe 25 other people have seen The Yellow Handkerchief. I don’t want her playing Lisbeth Salander, and if all I had to go on was her non-Twilight work, I’d feel the same way.

      • J


      • Erin

        @James – “I’d rather they got a GOOD actress who may be a little off on the physical aspects than get a good physical match who can’t act. But that’s me…”

        I’d prefer them to do both. Out of the whole world it wouldn’t be that hard to get someone who physically looks like her AND can act it. Case and point Naomi. I don’t get why they have to remake it in the first place, the movie is fine who it is. But if they feel the need to do this, cast the original. She was great.

        I saw Girl with a Dragon Tattoo becoming Twlightish a mile off. NOw featuring in EW… it’s a given. I and my work colleagues delved into the books a year ago and LOVED it. We all rushed out and bought the third when it went on sale (some read it in it’s natural tongue they couldn’t wait). It was the same deal when the Twilight books first came out. We really enjoyed those and passed them around the office – until they Hollywoodized it and all the rabid teen fans came on board. Hollywood hype can ruin a good thing.

      • JMY

        I have to say as someone who loathes everything about Twilight, Kristin Stewart is not a bad actress. She is starring in horrible films based upon horrible books, but that does not make her a bad actress. See her in some of her other work.

      • philip freeman

        the girl who played Salander in the Swedish film was perfect and she speaks english, why not cast her? and the third novel was rubbish by the way. Larsson had either run out of ideas or was already very ill when he wrote it or both. its boring

      • ashkam


        The 3rd book was designed to be the conclusive novel in the ‘trilogy’. In fact, it wasn’t intended to be a trilogy at all. Larsson wrote outlines for a further 7 books. The fourth book was almost completed and reported starts with Salander somewhere in Canada. The plans and the fourth book are controverseially being held back by Larsson’s long term partner. There is a royalty dispute between her and Larsson’s family.

    • KS

      The title of this first book Larsson wrote is actually “Män som hatar kvinnor,” which in English translates to “Men Who Hate Women.” Obviously, publishers in the US felt that it wouldn’t go over so well for sales, etc., so they changed it to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Looking back, the original title makes it quite interesting, no?

      • yes

        I hadn’t heard of the original title, but when I read the book, I thought to myself exactly that- “these men are brutal to these women”

      • caryn

        I think it actually translates to Man Who… instead of Men. I knew this before reading and there are a lot of references to the antagonist (no spoilers!) hating women.

      • caryn

        Nevermind! I was totally wrong about the translation being ‘man’. Men makes more sense anyway.

      • line

        if only Ms. Noomi Rapace considers to reprise the role again..then there will be no problem..
        too bad she hates hollywood

    • Kevin

      Lisbeth is described as being 4’11” and 90 lbs… why would you want to see either Anne Hathaway or Keira Knightly? Neither one is remotely right for this character.

      • yes

        Totally agree. I actually don’t have a problem with Kristen Stewart, but I pictured April (Aubrey Plaza) from “Parks & Rec.” the whole time.

      • lele

        Since this series is literally the most popular series out there right now globally, of course Sony is going to want big names-and they’re are absolutely no female movie stars or ingenues who are 4’11″!

      • tamcho

        The only Hollywood star who can hack this role and fit the book description is Ellen Page (5’1″), who has already demonstrated her chops for edgy in Hard Candy. Check it out and tell me you disagree!

      • G

        OMFG you read my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I 100% agree with Ellen Page. She is such a strong actress and fits into Lisbeth’s descriptions in the book. As you said, she can be edgy and pull off every scene she’s in.

        Note to Sony PIctures: Don’t be stupid, hire ellen page quick!!!!

      • traci-ann

        i read the article in EW last night and i found it interesting that noomi rapace suggested ellen page as lisbeth. i also think she has the potential for a decent lisbeth (though i doubt she could be better than noomi) the thing about lisbeth is that, as tough as she is, no one expects it of her so an actress that looks meek would actually fit

      • JT

        Isn’t Keira Knightly about half that weight? So, she’d be way too small.

      • Foxx Talltrees

        @tamcho & G-part of the MINDREADERS CLUB huh! My thoughts were on Ellen Page (Hard Candy is one of my all time fav). Her agent/manager should get on the line with The Powers That Be asap! Everyone who is thinking Kristen Stewart, REALLY?

      • Liz Lemon

        Agreed. Anne and Keira are both wrong. Ellen Page is the PERFECT person for hte role. Even the actress who plays Lisbeth in the Swedish film thinks Ellen would be great.
        Is is just me…or isn’t this the SAME cover that EW used for Harry Potter back in 2007?? I think that’s even the same guy’s head….

      • Shal

        @Yes: OMG!!!!! It’s like you and me share a mind or something… when I read the first book, I totally pictured April from Parks and Recreations (she is also sullen and sour-faced) to fit the character. Then I saw the movie with Noomi in it and it changed my perception for the next two books. But now that they are casting for her character again, I would not vote for the April character (Aubrey Plaza) because she is 5’7″…. it is very very vital that they pick a smaller woman to play this role because the heroine is tiny in height and size… and like its been mentioned before, that’s a vital part of the character and the storyline… so if they stray from this just for a BIG name, they will lose the main part of the character. As a woman who is 4’10” herself, I could totally relate to that aspect of the character. Picking Anne Hathaway or Kneira Knightley (no matter how skinny or good they are), will NOT do justice to the role because they are 5’7″. The only person I can think of right now is Ellen Page – she can pull off Salander’s temperament as well as the physical stats.

    • j

      Kristen Stewart is the worst possible choice to play this role. They need an actress, not a professional blinker.

      I like Natalie Portman or Carey Mulligan if I have to choose from those mentioned in the article, but frankly I’d love to see an talented unknown get the role.

      • susie s

        I agree. Noomi is actually 30 years old, and what she did to herself to prepare for the role is short of amazing.

      • Liza

        @susie s – totally agree. Noomi was incredible. I can’t see any other actress coming close to how perfect she was. Amazing x2!

    • Drea

      I think Ellen Page would rock as Lisbeth. Watch Hard Candy-she could totally pull it off.

      • pop

        thats who i was thinking of all cause of hard candy! i do think they could benefit from getting an unknown or little known actress with a super unique look.

      • Gabby

        I hope its Ellen Page or a complete unknown too

      • Karen

        Ooooohhhhh!!! Good call!

      • Terri

        Best name I’ve heard so far.

      • Kelley

        Ellen Page! That is a brilliant choice.

      • Celia

        Ellen Page has got my vote! She would be perfect.

    • Jennifer

      Omg please not Anna Hathaway or Keira Knightly. I’m not sure who is the worst actor of the two of them….I think anne would edge our Keira, but good god AWFUL!!!

      • Anon

        A bigger problem is that Lisbeth Salander is very small and her size is key to the storyline. Anne and Kiera are Too tall.

    • Gabby

      I think Anne Hathaway is too much a “star” and could never play lisbeth. Also I think she is a pretty bad actress

      • lilian

        She’s also very tall, isn’t she? Lisbeth is diminutive. Why isn’t anyone debating who will play Mikael? Please, please, let it be Craig!

      • AQS

        Have you seen “Rachel Getting Married”? Her scene at the rehearsal dinner is STUNNING. Her acting in the entire film is unreal. There’s a difference between judging the actor, and sometimes taking into account the material they’re working with (for example, I believe K.Stew and R.Patz have much more talent than what the absolute shlock of the “Twilight” scripts demands them to tap into).

      • G

        I actually think that Anne is a pretty good actress (note: Brokeback Mountain and Rachel Getting Married) but i don’t want to see her as Lisbeth. She is just not right for the part. They need someone really edgy *cough ellen page cough*

      • @chris

        You must not have seen Rachel Getting Married. Only an idiot would say she’s a bad actress without having seen that brilliant movie.

      • miss k

        Oops. scratch that @chris

      • Jen

        Anne was cringe worthy in Brokeback and all I have to say is thank God she had that steller cast to prop her up in Rachel. I work with recovering addicts and she was really really awful…really awful. I could totally see her acting. Just bad.

      • traci-ann

        @lillian- daniel craig is the only actor rumored to play michael blomkvist that i can get behind. i saw the original (and i believe it was the english publishers that changed the title, but i could be wrong) and am now a huge fan of michael nyqvist and don’t really want to see anyone else in the part

      • Jillianne

        Anne Hathaway is a horrendous actress. Just awful.

    • Carm

      I’m in the middle of the third book too. I am also loving it and hate that it is the last one. I kind of think an unknown would be better in the role of Lisbeth, although I could picture Ellen Page.

    • rbrentl88

      i would never have thought of Anne Hathaway…but I like it! She was great in Rachel Geting Married. Has a dark side!

    • Terri

      Hathaway and Knightley are too old-looking. Salander looks like a teenager in Dragon Tattoo.

      • chuckei

        Jaime Winstone. Ray Winstone’s daughter

    • TorontoTom

      How about KATE GOSSELIN, the biggest STAR in the WORLD?!? (I am kidding…)

    • Diggity

      YES! I saw the Swedish version also and it was so good, I don;t see any need for an American version.

    • J

      Oh god, yes, not Slumpy McDeadeyes. She’s a terrible actress in everything she’s in unless the role calls for wooden acting and a monotone voice.

    • hannah

      Carey Milligan woudl be excellent

    • soso

      Pick a newcomer

      • jade

        Totally agree

    • foylite

      Claire Foy. Wonderful in Little Dorrit

    • ambre

      British actress would fit perfectly.

    • Kat

      I read “Dragon Tattoo” all through the night because it was impossible to put down. Then I read the next two ASAP because I couldn’t get enough of this brilliant trilogy and last month I saw the Swedish movie which was FANTASTIC. Perfect. I don’t see an “American” version of these books remotely working – but I wish Mr. Rudin luck. The Swedish actress who played Lizbeth, Noomi Rapace, was perfection. Flawless. No actress mentioned so far could come within light years of Noomi. I hIghly recommend people seeing the Swedish film but be warned – there are some scenes where I had to close my eyes and cover my ears to because they were so graphic and horrific. But it wasn’t gratuitous; the original title of this book was “The Men Who Hate Women” and there are 2 scenes in the film where that is graphically outlined and scary as hell. But the whole film is beautiful. Flawless. The locations, the cinematography, the actors—perfect.

      • Pat

        I so agree that Noomi was superbly matched to the Lisbeth character. Can’t see an American version coming near to the Sweedish film.

      • jane

        i agree. the swedish movie(s) – i’ve seen the first 2 now, are superb. i can’t see a ‘hollywood’ version doing it justice. the casting was excellent in the swedish ones. the books are excellent. i agree some parts were graphic but they were part of the story and i actually found reading them worse.

    • nunnya

      Keira Knightley!!!!!! Kristen Stewart is the only other person I can picture in my head, but I don’t think she should be played by an American either.

    • Lynda

      Lady Gaga as Lisabeth and Noomi as Wu.

  • Lily

    My vote is for Natalie Portman as Lisbeth and Daniel Craig as Mikael! (No Kristen Stewart please!)

    • Natalie

      Lily – completely agree! I think both have the right look and they are both excellent actors.

    • Lyn

      Daniel Craig’s perfect. But Lisbeth absolutely should not be played by a glamour girl; the thought makes me retch. Actually, it will be hard to improve on the gritty girl who plays her in the Swedish films.

      • beth

        It should be a british actress. I hate american accents in films like this

      • Kat

        @Lyn – totally agree. Noomi Rapace, in the Swedish movie, was incredible, wasn’t she?? Flawless. Brilliant. Tough as nails and vulnerable at the same time. I don’t see any actress mentioned coming within light years of that performance by Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander. I thought the Swedish film was perfection, BTW.

    • Jitterbug3

      Sorry, Natalie Portman is too old to play this girl–she is only supposed to be in her early 20s. They should cast the girl from the Swedish flicks–she was “immaculately cast”. And heck no on Brad Pitt–Daniel Craig is better but I’m still not convinced.

      • Ally

        Portman’s not even 30, I think. Not that that means she should get the role, but in Hollywood someone in their late 20s playing a 24 year old is the norm.

      • lance

        An unknown british actress

    • Anne

      I love that casting!

      • worm

        I dont mind Craig but pick a European actress to go with him

    • CATE


      • robbie

        It really needs to be a newbie – clean slate

      • Celia

        Mia’s too blah. Lisbeth is supposed to be sexy.
        Chloe Grace-Moretz would be perfect, but she’s way too young. Ellen Page is my pick, but I like the idea of an unknown.

    • traci-ann

      i do like natalie portman, of all named actresses, i think she would be the best choice. her or ellen page- or find an unknown

      • Karen

        Lisbeth is not supposed to be sexy!!!! She’s is supposed to be gritty, tough and damaged. Can we please not call her sexy…that’s just an insult.

      • vinay

        well.. no more specultion ppl.. Rooney Mara has been cast as the next Lisbeth… an unknown who was in one of the directors previous films..
        *sigh* so sorry Ellen Page.. im still your no 1 fan though:)

  • Conor O’Brien

    I saw the Swedish movie and liked it very much, very real and gritty, sometimes US movies miss that. I dunno why its been remade already, wasn’t the Swedish one a HUGE success, I’d say something if it was not, but if the next 2 movies are made with the Swedish crew and actors, I would be more inclined to watch them 1st

    • Maserda

      All three movies have been made in Sweden already. The third one is due out (in Sweden) in Fall 2010.

      • Conor O’Brien

        I just googled it myself and yes all 3 are made and will be released in US & Canada in the fall, so i will get to see all 3 in the one year!

      • Jose

        Actaully, part two will be here next month (part 1 on dvd next month also) and part 3 in the fall. Part 1 was here back in April.

      • Diggity

        This is great news- I didn’t know. Can’t wait to see the next 2.

  • Maserda

    HOLD ON! These books were already made into movies in Sweden. “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” is playing within the USA right now, albeit in small theaters. People don’t want to read subtitles?

    • Henry

      Americans don’t want to read, period.

      • Sarah

        That’s such bs. Everyone thinks Europeans are so much more sophisticated – they aren’t. They just get portrayed that way in the media. They spend as much time sitting on their a**es in front of the TV as we do. These books have sold gajillions, so somebody is reading them and it’s not just Swedes!

      • Natalie

        Um, if American don’t want to read then who the heck is buying and obsessing over all these books?

    • Lea

      The Girl WhoPlayed with Fire is coming–it hits Chicago, and presumably other cities, on July 2.

      • Henry

        Or you can just download the entire trilogy now. It’s phenomenal.

    • Molly

      I didn’t understand why that wasn’t mentioned in this post either. I missed the movie when it came to my town – does anyone know when it will be released on dvd?

      • julie

        I saw on Netflix that the first movie will be available early July – DVD, Blu-ray, and streaming, I think. Read all three books and rave reviews from friends about the first movie – can’t wait!

      • Jenny

        The editor already left a post a few pages over saying that the Swedish films ARE mentioned in the full article. When they preview new cover stories, they usually only print excerpts, not the whole thing. I thought people would have picked up on that by now.

      • Terri

        July 6

      • Tess

        US DVD will be released July 6th – pre-order on Amazon. My vote is for Linus Roache as Blomqvist, and an unknown for Lisbeth.

    • shark jumper

      When I lived in France, no one ever went to the subtitled movies. Everyone went to the dubbed ones. Get over yourself, it’s not just americans who don’t want to read their movies. We’re one of the few countries that does not offer dubbed versions of foreign films.

      • steph

        I would rather read than listen to a voice that doesn’t match the actor. I just watched the first movie and enjoyed it immensely. Once you have read the book you don’t need to know exactly what they’re saying anyway because you already know what is going on. I don’t think an american movie will compare. They will cut it down to fit the 100 minute average of most american films. Things will be missing.

    • Ally

      I am totally fine with foreign movies, but of course Hollywood is going to want to cash in mega on this. Plus, I read a couple bad/mixed reviews for the Swedish Dragon Tattoo film.

      • Twodales

        I have read all of the books and also have seen the first film. The movie was very, very good and is still in theatres in major cities. The actress who plays Lisbeth is PERFECT and gives a great performance. I can’t imagine anyone else playing that role. I cringe at the thought of Hollywood ruining these books on film. They RUINED “Bonfire of the Vanities” through miscasting, which was a very good read.

      • Nat

        I saw the Swedish Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and loved it…can’t wait to see the other two. What is it with Hollywood and taking up already great Swedish films and doing the remake nobody asked for? They are already doing it with “Let the Right one In” The original actors in both films were perfect for the roles…this aversion to subtitles is ridiculous

    • TD Sims

      I’ve read all three books and have seen the Swedish version of the first one. It’s pretty great, but I’m still excited to see an American interpretation, if only our of curiosity. Don’t get me wrong; it has the potential to be a complete clusterf**k. But as long as Rudin and Fincher keep their eyes on the prize and try not to piss of the fans, if could be interesting for sure. But for the LOVE OF THE GODS don’t cast Kristen Stewart in anything ever again, let alone such an amazing role as Lisbeth Salander.

      • traci-ann

        what i am most worried about is what david fincher will do with the movies. granted, fight club was great but panic room had to be one the worst films i have ever seen (i know that i am in the minority on this but the ending really put it over the top for me)

    • Jenny

      I saw the Swedish version and very much enjoyed it. The actors were very well cast for their roles and they didn’t leave any of the gory details out, which I image the US version will. I’m a purist (not a sadist) :). Having the story spoken in English just feels wrong. Will it even still take place in Sweden?

      • Maserda

        I would hope so considering to me, it helps make the story unique.

  • cubby

    If Kristen Stewart get anywhere near this movie, I may just lose it.

    • Annie

      Same here!

    • HG

      Agreed. She couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag.

    • Karen

      completely agree

    • @cubby

      I completely agree too. It will ruin not just the movie, but the books too. I haven’t finished them and I already know I will start picturing Lisbeth as whomever they cast. If it’s Stewart, then I’m not finishing them.

    • Naomi

      Totally, there’s no way I would see the U.S. version if she is cast in it. Does Noomi speak english?? She was phenomenal in the Sweedish verion. Also, no Brad Pitt, bleck. I can see Daniel Craig completely owning the part of Michael!

  • Veronica

    My vote is for myself:) They should go with someone unknown.

    • Penelope301

      Veronica, I don’t even know you but you have my vote over Kristen Stewart.

      • Hank

        I would vote for Penelope301 over Veronica. I believe she would bring more nuance to the role.

      • MaxPowers

        I would vote for Hank over either Veronica or Penelope301. I’ve always thought a man would bring a little something extra to this role…

  • Hubi

    I don’t get it, guys? Scott & Co. are great by all means, but why do they have to redo it when there are already 3 great films with a perfect Lisbeth, namely Swedish actress Noomi Rapace? Check it out! So for me no one will ever replace Noomi as the perfect incorporation of the titular girl.

    • scout

      I HEARTILY agree!!

    • Jenny

      agree! She was amazing in a character I had doubts could be pulled off well on screen. If you want a movie, go see the Swedish ones. I can’t imagine the US version being nearly as good.

    • fickleflan

      Noomi IS Lisbeth. I can’t imagine anyone else playing the role better.

  • nodnarb

    What the…? That book’s been out for years!!

    • Sarah

      The third one just came out in the US and just b/c a book has been out for awhile doesn’t mean a movie can’t be made! It takes ages to get rights and get the ball rolling, esp for a movie that is this big. I have no issue with an American version being made despite there already being a Swedish one. Plays are done and redone and redone all the time all over the world. I like multiple perspective and I don’t like the guy that was cast as Mikael in the Swedish films.

      • nodnarb

        No, no… I wasn’t questioning a movie being made. I’m just kinda surprised that a book that’s been out for so long is on this week’s cover of Entertainment Weekly!
        Next week’s cover: The Secret Life of Bees.

      • thin

        If The Secret Life of Bees had a bestselling sequel that came out two weeks ago, I would understand it being on magazine covers, too.

      • nodnarb

        Magazine covers? Name one other magazine besides Entertainment Weekly this far behind in covering The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. And if it’s because of the sequel, then why isn’t the sequel on EW’s cover?
        I know I shouldn’t complain. They’re spotlighting books. Yay! But honestly, wouldn’t a better cover story be The Passage, which is the hot NEW book.

      • thin

        The release of the sequel and the movie in the works have made it news. This isn’t rocket science.

    • john j

      The books have been out in Europe for years, the 3rd is just out here.
      But the main point is the author dropped the 3 books off at the publisher, then died without seeing them published!

    • SALander

      But the books just went to a whole new level in sales with the release of the third book.

  • Portia

    I vote for Carey Mulligan!

    • Annie

      She is my choice too! She has the sex appeal that will make possible love scenes with Daniel Craig watchable.

      • Nat

        Daniel Craig? Eeeew. She seemed so young in “An Education”

      • thin

        That’s part of why she would work. Lisbeth is supposed to look inappropriately young for a relationship with Blomkvist. In spite of being in her twenties, she looks like she’s in her teens. Plus, that was kind of what was going on in An Education, too.

    • Ash

      I like her, but she’s too tall and sweet-faced for the part.

  • Snarky

    As much as Kristen Stewart irritates me, her awkwardness and anti-social demeanour might work well!

    • @Snarky

      But that’s just her being herself. They need to cast someone who can ACT! Lisbeth is not always awkward. She mixes it up. Stewart is ALWAYS awkward and just makes people uncomfortable.

  • Laudan

    Natalie Portman or even Ellen Page would be an interesting Lisbeth. Ellen Page is beautiful and played a real bad@$$ in Hard Candy.

  • Henry

    I just watched all three films over the weekend. Daniel Craig will be perfect as Blomkvist. As for Salander? That’s going to be a hard role to fill. Noomi Rapace is so absolutely perfect in that role, I don’t think there’s an actress in Hollywood who can top what she’s created on celluloid. Sorry. Maybe Jennifer Garner 8 years ago. (Ok…that’s my crush talking.)

    • Sarah

      How about the original Jennifer Garner, Franka Potente? She would be a good Salander.

      • chris

        now that’s a possibility – Franka Potente.

      • Karen

        Salander is supposed to look like she about 14 neither one of them fit that bill.

  • Beth

    Way to go EW for putting a book on the cover that doesn’t involve teenage vampires!

    • Sarah


    • Wil

      Even if they somehow still involved the name Kristen Stewart in the freakin’ article. They ALMOST didn’t bring it up at all. Congrats, EW.

    • Xena W. Princess

      SHINY teenage vampires

    • Henry

      ‘A’ to tha ‘men’.

  • Candace

    They need to keep Noomi Rapace for Lisbeth. I had no real attachment to any other character when watching the movie, but Noomi really perfectly captured Lisbeth.

  • Randi

    I still cannot believe they are making these movies when the fantastic Swedish version is STILL IN THEATRES.

    • MB

      Exactly. And that Swedish film has made over $100 million dollars.

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