'Breaking Dawn' birth scene: How much do you really want to see?

Breaking-Dawn-birth-sceneImage Credit: Deana NewcombToday, the blogosphere is abuzz again with the question that has plagued Twihards — and Twilight Saga screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg — since the adaptation of Breaking Dawn was a go: How much do you show of a labor and delivery that EW described in its review of the book thusly:

“As the masochistic teenage mother-to-be of a monster — a fetus that breaks her ribs when it kicks — [Bella] is not only hard to identify with but positively horrifying, especially while guzzling human blood to nourish the infant. (She adamantly refuses an abortion, which even Edward begs her to consider.) By the time the feverish birth scene rolls around, you’ll think Rosemary’s Baby might make a suitable companion video to What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”

In an interview with the L.A. Times’ Ministry of Gossip, Rosenberg appears to be leaning toward the ‘less is more’ theory: “On the fan site, on Facebook, all the comments are ‘It has to be R rated! You have to show the childbirth! Gore and guts and sex!’ For me it’s actually more interesting to not see it. You know, you can do childbirth without seeing childbirth … it doesn’t mean it’s any less evocative of an experience.” UPDATE: A rep for Summit confirms to EW that the Breaking Dawn films will definitely be PG-13.

How much do you really want to see? Nothing, a few facial shots and some screaming, or, you know, the chewing? Keep in mind Bill Condon, in addition to helming Dreamgirls, also directed Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh.

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  • Ceballos

    Putting aside the fact that she’s giving birth to a “monster”, I don’t think I want to see too much of ANY birth scene (thanks, “Knocked Up”). But then again, I’m just a wimpy man.

    It seems like it’s going to depend mostly on whether or not Kristen Stewart (and the other actors) can rise to the acting challenge of conveying the horror.

    • Madd

      Well, we’ve already seen that she can’t really portray any emotion, let alone terror (must I reminder you of The Messengers?)

      • Ceballos

        Well, I didn’t say she WOULD rise to the acting challenge…I said she’d probably have to.

        There’s a small glimmer of hope – I think the three main “Harry Potter” actors got noticeably better as the movies went along, in my opinion. Maybe by the time they film this, Stewart will have grown into the chops she needs to pull this off (assuming ANYONE can pull off this insanity).

        Of course, the hole in that theory is that Stewart has been acting for YEARS and, unlike the HP folks, has plenty of experience outside of “Twilight.”

        So I agree that if she were going to show us a different gear, she likely would’ve done so by now.

      • tracy

        she must be doing something right
        she still acting and beside she fits the roll the way the book tells it

      • @Ceballos

        Um…the “HP folks” were 9, 10, and 11 before Potter. Stewarts also been acting since she was like 10 and she’s gotten progressively worse. I cringe at the thought of her or any of them being involved in any kind of birth scene.

    • Caroline

      I am a woman and I don’t want to see that childbirth scene! I had a WTF moment the first time I read in the book and have blocked it our since then. I really hope that MR goes with the less is more approach to that scene.

      • erica

        i couldnt agree more. i think less is more. they can do it in a creative way where we dont have to see everything to know whats going on

      • Indigo Moon

        I agree with you Caroline. I didn’t even watch my own children being born. (I kicked my videotaping MIL out of the room.) There has to be a creative way to accomplish this. It doesn’t just fall on MR, but also Bill Condon.

      • Megan

        I agree–I was pregnant at the time I was reading Breaking Dawn, and was sure I would have nightmares about giving birth to a vampire baby! Luckily my baby turned out to be quite human.. Quite a disturbing book, though.

    • the_payne

      Renesmee = JarJar Binks.
      I’m not a huge Twilight fan. I did read the books. I groaned pretty much anytime Bella talked about having to cook for her dad because apparently the guy couldn’t take care of himself until she showed up. I made it through the books thinking that the writing would improve. It didn’t. In fact, “Breaking Dawn” was the worst. And the idea of turning it into two movies … clearly financial. And the birth of JarJar (seriously … Renesmee was just an awful concept. I am not looking forward to Meyers inevitable follow-up to Twilight detailing the “life” of this character)is going to be a little less than PG-13 … financially there is NO WAY Summit would want an R rating on these movies. It’s after-school special all they way with this book trilogy and apparent quadrology in the movie biz.

      • erica

        why r u even on this page if you dislike the vooks and movie so much?

      • Janice

        And it’s not a trilogy. There are four books :)

      • Lights

        I tried to read the first book, and to watch the first and second movies. Have never even got 25% through any of them. What horrid tripe.

      • tracy

        its a saga impling there are more than three books and beside to each their own if you dont like it
        dont watch it or read it there are other movies to watch

      • michelle

        Just a random tidbit… none of the movies can be rated R since Stephenie Meyer’s relgious beleifs prohibit her watching them. The PG-13 rating is stipulated in the contracts.

      • Patti

        To all of you people that are full of negative words and thoughts about Twilight, I think you are on the wrong sight because this is directed to the people that like it, and like everything about it. You need to learn from what your mother says, “If you don’t have anything nice to say,just don’t say anything at all.”

      • @Patti

        This is the comments section. Where people can offer their opinion on the topic at hand. It does not specify that said comment has to be positive. People can write whatever they want to write whether they like it or not. If only the people who like this garbage commented on it, then every twilight article would only have like 10 comments.

      • charmin

        It is only books and movies people, if you read them and don’t like them don’t go to the movies. I am 70 and I loved both reading and watching the movies.

  • servo

    I think it would have more of an effect if it showed state of the room after the birth. During the birth, it would be a giant opportunity for Taylor Lautner to show off his acting chops with his reaction shots.

    • jess

      That is something I can get on board with.

    • petuniafromhell

      Taylor Lautner acting chops? LMAO!!!!

      • Sydney


      • Michelle

        All he knows how to do is pout and snarl. I can’t stand him and he makes my dislike for the character of Jacob worse.

      • @petuniafromhell


  • Madd

    That was ridiculous to read, let alone watch. I highly doubt I’ll end up seeing this, though, because I hated the books.

    • Jules

      I totally agree. All the books were badly written but Breaking Dawn was just a horrible ending to the story though.

    • mary q contrary

      I’m with you, but I’ll still watch it. Can’t help myself. I think their best bet would be to end the first Breaking Dawn with Bella going into labor (or whatever horrible thing it was that started the whole birthing process, considering I’ve tried to block the whole scene from my mind since reading it), and then beginning the second installment with a flashback in Bella’s perspective. If I remember correctly, it was mostly the werewolf who witnessed the horrifying details. Bella’s perspective was more about a lot of pain, and then being basically comatose, and by that I mean unmoving and unseeing, but still able to think, through her “change”.

      • Jelly

        I think the best breaking point would be when she wakes up. It would be dramatic. The birth would be the climax of the first. Then at the very end they close in on her face while she’s still out, and suddenly she opens her bright red eyes. Then the screen goes black. The end.

    • Vanilla Thunder

      Just curious, why did you read all the books if you hated the first one? I wouldn’t have continued on with New Moon, etc. if I thought Twighlight sucked.

      I happen to like the books, but I just wondered what would drive a person to continue reading a series that they hated.

      • erica

        i totally agree. why continue and waste your time if you hated them? i have read books and if i didnt like it by a few chapters, i put it down. i didnt continue and then read the next 3? plus go on a web page dedicated to it.

      • aughra

        I can only stand to read them once, as the movies come out. It takes me weeks to do it, because I have to stop and forget what I just read, as the writing is so cliched. So why do I read the books? I read them because my family and friends love them and want to talk to me, the bookish one, about them. They love the movies, too. I do it to connect with others, not because of any intrinsic merit of the books or the movies.

      • Madd

        I was actually being forced to read ALL of them before my friends would let me make fun of them.

      • Christina

        @Vanilla Thunder- I really hate the Twilight series, but I read all books. Why? Because any time I tried to make a negative comment about the first book, fans would freak out when they realized I hadn’t read them all. I was constantly told that if I didn’t
        read them all, I couldn’t have a true opinion. And there’s a degree of truth to that. I only ended up reading the other 3 because I was on vacation and sprained my ankle so couldn’t leave the house for a few days (since I couldn’t walk, haha) and the house had a book collection that included the Twilight series. I could’ve read something more serious, but I decided I’d rather read some fluff.

    • Vanilla Thunder

      Oops, I mean Twilight.

  • Monica

    I am deeply in the fuzzy water colours camp. In this case, less is more. I found that part of the book very hard to get through and it didn’t help that I thought Bella was acting, well, nuts leading up to it.
    I could not identify, empathize, sympathize, understand or connect with her on any level.
    The video of a birth I was shown in health class was bad enough, adding breaking ribs, ripping insides and biting (and not the baby) would be much too much.

    • Madd

      Oh God, health class! Our teacher not only showed us The Miracle of Life, but she also made us watch a Nova special which showed the entire birthing process. Reason # 3, 453 I am never having kids.

      • TheaterGeek

        OMG I thought I was the only one with a numbered list!!

      • TinyTina

        Yeah! I’m not the only one with a numbered list for not giving birth! Mine is up to 5,324!

    • Lolita Hansen

      It’s a much different experience when it’s your own child, trust me. Your young, most young girls I meet spout the same lines, Its gross, it hurts, I’m never having kids. Then they meet that special guy, and Bam. Stop thinking you have your entire life plan figured out already. It rarely works out that way and the person you are NOW will not be the person you are 10 years from now.

      • erica

        so right. i thought at 33 i would be a career woman driving a jeep living in a big house still hangin with my friends from highschool. no complaints at all but i drive a minivan,2 kids,townhouse and speak to none of those ppl anymore. life does change!!!

      • Christina

        Lolita Hansen- There’s no reason to assume that the other posters here are young and won’t change their minds. There are PLENTY of women out there who simply don’t want kids. I happen to know many happily married couples who don’t have kids and don’t want kids. There are also plenty of women (myself included) who don’t want to have biological children but will adopt in the future. There are also women (like one of my best friends) who have health issues that mean they can’t have biological children. You don’t know what other reasons these other posters have for saying they don’t want kids. Sure, they might be 14, or they might be 34. Who knows?

      • Chris

        I am 31 and child birth is still gross to me, so I don’t know how I feel about seeing it in movies that I like. It was hard to read.

  • as

    Great. We’ve already had to put up with the no premarital sex philosophy for the young tweens from the author…now we’ve got the Lucy and Ricky twin bed no-touch/ no-see conception and birth scenes to look forward to.
    They’ve made it a point to follow the novels religiously, so they’d better stick to the plan. Vampires and blood and gore go together.

    • Madd

      No offense to the Cullens, but I had a hard time buying them as real vampires in the books.

    • Rachel

      “They’ve made it a point to follow the novels religiously, so they’d better stick to the plan. Vampires and blood and gore go together.” I agree 100% percent, why follow the 1st 3 books and not the 4th. It’s vampires and werewolf’s not rainbows and unicorns!!

      • Michelle

        Where was the first book followed “religiously”? I don’t remember a character named Waylon in the book, let alone his death being a plot point. Or that there even was a diner. I saw the movie first, thankfully because if I had read the book first, I would’ve never watched another Twilight movie.

    • Laur

      Im with you, I want some blood, I want a sexy first time for B&E. There are ways to do it to push a PG13 rating as far as possible. Most fans feel the same, we are tired of the catering to tweens. There are many adults who want a edgy, sexy BD. Unfortunately MR has the mind set we are all 12.

      • Leeanne

        I am with you too! This series is about vampires, werewolves, and an occasional human, lol. BD was very graphic and I think it falls more along the lines of a rated “R” movie, but Stephanie wants it all “PG-13″, although she didn’t write it that way. Eclipse and BD is definitely not teen-oriented material. But as you said there are ways to push it close to the lines without going over.

      • Izzie’s Mom

        Yes, I want to see the words come to life. Bring the chewing.

      • notebook

        isnt the notebook a PG-13 rating, and that has one of the best sex scenes of all time without being over the top…

      • AMY

        I agree on pushing the PG-13 rating! If they can show some of the sex sceces from Gossip Girl on TV then I think they can push it in BD. Enough with the pained look on Edward’s face and then the awkward half minute kiss. Show more!!

      • Michelle

        Today’s PG-13 and R ratings are so different from the ratings from back when. If you look at movies like The Breakfast Club, which was Rated R in 1985…it would be borderline PG-13 to R now. As time goes on, the movies get more and more unsuitable for kids/teens.

    • are you kidding me

      “They’ve made it a point to follow the novels religiously” what movies have you been watching? religiously is a bit of strong word i would say they are using the books more as a guide line at best. i dont particularly want to watch kristen stewart writhe in pain. she radiates awkwardness from her performance. it is not something i want to see.

  • Ambient Lite

    Though it’s been quite awhile since I read it (and it remains the one book of the series I haven’t and won’t re-read), it was pretty disgusting and graphic.
    Less is more?? Uh, yeah. Duh.
    But I still don’t understand how they’re going to handle it appropriately.

    • mk

      I agree. I refuse to re-read Breaking Dawn. I think they should do away with Renesmee all together. I’m all for a total re-vamp (zing!) of the whole story.

      • Ambient Lite

        I have this horrible picture of some strange, rapidly aging Shirley Temple-looking CGI baby that occasionally bites her mother’s chest…ugh…it’s just too much. For me, the story ends with Eclipse.

      • Heather2

        For me, the story ends when Bella starts puking.

      • tracy

        its a vampire book its ment to tickle the imagenation so if their can be vampires and werewolfes why not a half human half vampire child

      • Zoey

        Because, tracy, vampires are technically dead. Dead people don’t reproduce.

      • Ambient Lite

        Actually, Zoey, vampires are technically fictional. They’re not real. So it doesn’t matter. Maybe they do reproduce.
        It’s like arguing about whether unicorns have feelings.

      • emilyann

        renesmee is one of the main new characters ther bringing in so if u dont want to see her in the movie then dont watch it and dont critisize it either just because u dont like it there r plenty of billions of fans who do and when i read BD it was not bad they cant go that far with cause there are tweens that watch it so if they push it to the limit like they did note book then go right ahead people love these movies and just because yall girls dont like them there r plenty more that do.

    • Michelle

      I think they should leave out the gore from this scene…starting right when labor starts. That turned my stomach and almost turned me off to the story. Stephenie is a self-proclaimed chicken when it comes to horror and violence (hence the limited fighting scenes in the 1st 3 books and lack of one in the final) but she puts this in? I think Bella should be background in this, show the aftermath of the room and limit the actual birth scenes to close ups of her face and then showing Reneesme. Use this part to deal with Jacob or something but I know that I will not be watching if they keep this crap in.

      • BellsNWhistles

        Well it just goes to show you what happens when someone follows their conscience…

  • Sara

    SHOW IT. When I was reading the book, I kept thinking how this was the only interesting and unpredictable thing about the entire series, and how cool it would be to watch onscreen.
    I don’t necessarily need to see the baby come out, but the process with Bella becoming sicker etc. is something we need to see.

    • Ambient Lite

      Interesting. I think my first jolt of revulsion reading the book was when she dropped the cup of blood she’d been sipping on and the “baby”, still inside, lurched for it…and there was a ripping sound.
      But I can see it from your perspective – of course, visually playing out everything that happened after the aforementioned scene would negate the PG-13 rating.

      • jodipo

        uh, what book did you read? The baby didnt lurch for it. Bella went to reach for it because it spilled and the placenta detached. As soemone who has had kids I can tell you a baby doesnt need to be a monster to have the placenta detach… it happens

      • Ambient Lite

        Well, it’s been awhile and I only read it once (once was enough). Very possible I misinterpreted what was happening or I’m not remembering correctly.

    • JB


      I know I’m in the minority here and at home, but BD was the only of the 4 books I really liked. Why? Because it went outside the box in the whole context of what Meyer was originally writing about. It was no longer batting eyelashes, sighing heavily and “does he love me? Do I love him”. It had something to it, and for that was the whole birth, Bella turning into vampire story.

      I say show as much as you can in a tasteful and creative manner. Don’t show the kid coming out but show it from the inside maybe, the baby’s perspective. Show Bella’s pain and the people in the room with her as it’s happening.

      I know people this book sucks, but yeah if you LOVE the first three books then it’s not going to be your kind of thing. I just think Meyer made the story a bit more interesting with this book.

      Oh and on a lark I reread Eclipse the other day, and like I said I only read the whole series because I felt like I had to, and didn’t like the first three.

      Eclipse also has a good story to it as well, but HOLY CRAP I forgot how awful of a writer she was. You get a bit involved in that one because I was curious about the history of the others, but man oh man I had to skim through a good portion of the dialogue. ugh

      • Kimberly Arnold

        It seems to me that alot of people are basically hating on Stephanie because her series has turned into a worldwide phenomenon and made her extemely rich. Now tell me have you written anything lately?

      • Tim

        Um, or JB is totally right. You may really like the stories in these books, but the author (sorry, “Stephanie” to you) isn’t a good writer. Sorry, it’s true. Playing the “what have you written lately” card is not only entirely irrelevant (I need to be a reader to be qualified to critique the writing, not a writer), it’s the kind of defensive argument that only identifies people as group-think sycophants.

    • tracy

      i agree that it can be shown in away that is not bad but it can be shown in away that implies the terrible hardship the characters are going thru

    • TBFan

      I think it’d be really cool if they do a kind of “Aliens” throwback: show the motion of Renesmee (how I abhor that name!) trying to push out of Bella, making sure to show her hands or face press against the inside of Bella’s stomach, then a close up of Bella’s face, her screaming, then cut to a shot of the bedroom wall/floor with blood everywhere. That could work.

      I’m all about leaving things to the imagination. My imagination can come up with stuff much scarier than anything someone can film.

      • looly

        you’re right the slow motion thing is a very good idea!! I think they should film the whole delivery scene in slow motion, so everybody could really freak out. It would teach a lesson to school girls: unprotected sex with a college boy vampire is BAD.

  • marcy

    I would like to see fast shots going back and forth amoung the actors of their reactions and movements/condition of the room so your getting the frenzy and visual but not really seeing anything.

    • chloe

      I agree. The whole scene should probably be like a fuzzy blur. We could hear the voices and screaming and heavy breaths but not actually see it.

      • Ambient Lite

        I guess it will sort of depend on whether they pursue it from Jacob’s perspective as it’s written in the book (which would be clear), or maybe try from Bella’s instead – in which case your scenario would play out nicely.

      • Cat

        I totally agree. That section of the book is told from Jacob’s perspective, but there’s no reason they couldn’t show it from Bella’s perspective as she goes in and out of consciousness. There’s definitely a filmic way around the “chewing” bit. In any case, I’m glad I’m not Melissa Rosenberg.

      • Ambient Lite

        Maybe the fact that Melissa Rosenberg wrecked the first three will actually work in BD’s favor? heh

      • Tiffany

        what an excellent Idea!!

      • TBFan

        I can’t do a blur. That kind of camera movement makes me motionsick.

  • Michelle

    If I had my way, I’d write out the stupid kid altogether! Then poof! Problem solved!

    • Madd

      Seriously. First of all, how would a vampire be able to procreate? Second, we wouldn’t have Jacob, the only character I liked in the entire book series, FALL IN LOVE WITH A BABY NAMED RENEESME.

      • mary q contrary

        Jesus, that NAME! Stephenie Meyer is an idiot. What the hell was she thinking, really?

      • chloe

        I don’t think they should blot her out, I’m one of the minority that loved BD. However I agree that the name Renesmee was just horrible. And that nickname, Nessie…ugh!

      • julie s.

        ugh…100% agreed, what a ridiculous name!

      • Lisa

        Vamp procreation is the bigger issue! He’s dead!

      • Anya

        Bella’s mom Renee + Edward’s “mom” Esme = Renesme. It’s bad but not as bad as Harry & Ginny Potter’s oldest son ALBUS SEVERUS.

      • Madd

        At least Harry didn’t name him, say, Albuverus.

      • California

        Actually I thought that Hermione and Ron’s children’s names were far worse than the names JK gave Harry and Ginny’s kids. Hugo? Seriously? In this day and age?? WTF

      • mary q contrary

        I gotta disagree with you, California. I think Hugo is an awesome name. And really, his mom’s name is Hermione (which, for the record, I also think is awesome). I love classic, antiquated names. I could be biased, though, considering my son’s name is Walt. Not for the character on Lost, btw. He’s named after a character in a John Irving book.

      • Zoey

        C’mon, I liked that Harry named his kid after Dumbledore and Snape. I do remember thinking Albus was a terrible name for a child though…makes him sound like an old man. Besides, that was a first and middle name. It wasn’t like his first name was Albus Severus. Madd has a valid point. The names weren’t smooshed together in HP. Renesmee is just a hideous name.

      • Christina

        “Bella’s mom Renee + Edward’s “mom” Esme = Renesme. It’s bad but not as bad as Harry & Ginny Potter’s oldest son ALBUS SEVERUS.”

        But it’s not like Harry and Ginny mashed the two names together to become like Severalbus. Yeah, the name isn’t fit for a kid, but there was meaning behind it. Renesmee is just awful. Why couldn’t have been Renee Esme?

    • Laura

      Haha I agree… please get rid of that entire stupid and disturbing plot line.

    • Anya

      Poof…not Breaking Dawn.

  • Amy

    I’m more interested in Edward and Jacob during the birth. Let me hear some screaming, if tearing if I have to but no thanks on seeing any of that.

  • Jenny

    “The blogosphere is abuzz” is code for “I have nothing better to write about and I’m feeling really lazy, so here’s another Twilight ‘article.'”
    I hope they show the entire mess in its entirety so that everyone can see just how batsh*t crazy Meyer really is.

    • Rachel

      agreed, it should be how she wrote it all the gore blood and everything!! Rated R

    • Andrea

      That was funny…

  • Lindsey

    I think they should show the consequences of her carrying the baby (ie broken ribs and rapid growth), but they really don’t need to make it a graphic birth. They can show some facial expressions and reactions from the people in the room… I think that will get the point across nicely.

  • Mary

    I pray Kristen learns a facial expression of pain beyond crossing her eyes and rolling them up in her head!

    • Kiki

      She hasn’t shown evidence of that level of acting ability yet. I don’t hold out much hope. :)

    • Ambient Lite

      I haven’t been terribly critical of the acting in the first two movie, but I couldn’t believe how bad it was in the most recent Eclipse clip with Edward/Bella/Jacob. Yikes. It’s wasn’t great.

      • Jenny

        No, it wasn’t great at all. It was wooden and stilted and just awkward. And I know everyone’s sick of the HP comparisons, but after seeing the DH clip at the MTV Awards, it made the ensuing Eclipse scene’s acting look that much worse.
        And given that Slade has gotten GREAT performances out of other actors — namely Ellen Page and Patrick Wilson — you have to start thinking that the writing or, God FORBID, the actors themselves are to blame.

      • mary q contrary

        I’m a huge Kristen Stewart fan. I think she’s been incredible in every single thing she’s been in, excluding the Twilight movies, which really leads me to believe she doesn’t connect with the character she’s playing, or even the story, really. And come on, who can blame her? Speaking as someone who’s read all four books, the writing is awful, and the only thing decent about the storytelling is the initial plot line, where Bella and Edward meet and fall in love. Totally steamy, fun, escapist fare. After that, the story dissolves into a complete mess, and I’m not surprised Stewart has a hard time taking the material seriously.

      • StewyFan(H2)

        What I don’t understand is why people continue to bash Kristen’s acting whenever she has been critically acclaimed in five movies that I know of: The Cake Eaters, Into the Wild, Adventureland, Welcome to the Rileys, and The Runaways. And this is by reputable critics, not your fly by night magazine ones. Granted Twilight is her worse by far. I agree with MQC, that I don’t think she connects to the character of Bella … or something. Maybe because these movies are her first big production and it’s hard for her to GET INTO the character. She is used to the indie feel, but she is only 20 and still growing as an actress.

      • Ambient Lite

        I’m not bashing her, I’m bashing all of them. And I’m a fan. I thought that particular scene was disjointed and sloppy on all counts, and it left me feeling disappointed. Eclipse was my favorite book, I had high hopes.

      • Michelle

        I was watching Twilight the other night for about an hour before I realized I was really watching Adventureland.

      • @Michelle


    • liz

      You forgot about the lip biting…which is how she shows ALL emotions

      • Michelle

        And the fast blinking and stuttering.

  • clio

    As far as I’m concerned, this is the only reason the movies were made. If I don’t get payoff with the completely absurd end to this story, I personally will feel cheated.

    • Scobes

      ^ This. The entire series is pretty ludicrous, and they’ve committed that to screen. There’s no point in omitting the birth.

  • vincentdante

    Maybe it depends on how good the soundtrack is– I guess “You’re Having My Baby” by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is out.

    • Tiffany

      so anyhoo… i think the blurry thing is a good idea…also speaking as a young adult twihard who isn’t a ten year old claiming to know what a “lover” is or even what the word “epoch” means i say give me more eroticism (not smut) people can’t just take part of the series and then be like “eww gross!! i don’t want to see any lovemaking or childbirths!!” You either take all of it or don’t take any of it! and honestly if you hate the books so much why waste time typing about how much you hate it? have you written an international bestseller lately? Didn’t think so!

      • DaMoose

        right on Tiffany. No I don’t think anyone posting here has writen a best seller, and maybe those who hate it so much should find a post they like to throughtheir two cents at. Hate is a horrible emotion :)

      • vincentdante

        I happen to enjoy the movies on a popcorn level– I just happen to be a bigger fan of the soundtracks.

      • Carrie

        Tiffany, you’re an idiot, to be frank. Some of the best books written in the last twenty years haven’t been bestsellers, and two of the best books I have ever read you’ve likely never heard of.

        Why? Because the books that populate the bestsellers lists, such as the regrettable Twilight and any of Dan Brown’s books, are geared to be mind candy instead of actual literature. Meyer is a terrible, cliched writer, so is Brown. They gear their books around emotional tension rather than actual content. Sure, some bestselling authors actually write well and with meaning, but mostly it’s overemotional tripe. Why do you think Danielle Steele has done so well? She, Meyer, and their ilk all write wish-fulfillment escapist fantasy for lonely housewives and uninformed teenagers.

      • Laurin

        The vampire Diaries had a great sex scene and it was not smutty. It can be done

      • Christina

        @Carrie- You’re awesome! I completely agree with you. Tiffany (and many Twilight fans) seem unaware that sales/box office have nothing to do with quality. I mean, Eclipse could’ve consisted of 2 hours of the three main actors brooding at each other and it would probably have made almost as much money. Quality is not what Twilight is about. It’s depressing, but high quality books, films, etc often don’t do well commercially because so many people are only into escapism.

    • Fridge

      Thank you for making me laugh this morning at work. Maybe Muse could do a cover of “You’re Having My Baby” and it could be the soundtrack for the birth scene, which in all probability is just going to be terrible. Remember Edward’s big reveal that he sparkles in sunlight in the book and how they botched that in the movie? I really can’t see them doing any better with this birth scene.

      • whatever

        If they don’t rush it, it could be done well, and satisfy most people. Good luck with that. Money calls, and quality falls. There’s innumerable ways to feint and indicate and it’s all been done exteremely well before, but only by those who really care what they portray. I felt cheated to the max by Breaking Dawn’s complete failure to bring any resolving satifaction to what was a pretty good story.Fade to black on the sex and then detail a graphic, violent mutant birth was the.worst.cheat.ever. I will watch it, but will prepare to be massively disappointed.

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