Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette': Episode 4

Chris-HarrisonImage Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABCI’ve entitled this week’s episode “Guard and Protect Your Heart.” This was easily the best and yes, most dramatic episode so far. Before we dive in let’s answer some of your questions from last week. I love that somebody mentioned that none of the guys have hair on their chest. This person went on to ask if this is natural. Obviously, the answer is no. Most of the guys trim, shave, or wax their chest hair. I took a very informal poll (I asked one woman) and discovered that if a guy has a great body, then this is preferred. Now I pose this question to you: Is the hairless look preferred by most women, or do you stand by the old adage “Real men have chest hair”? Leave your comments below, and we’ll continue this debate next week.

Another commenter asked where the guys go after they are let go. The short answer is they go home. Obviously, they spend the night wherever we are, but they go home shortly after being eliminated. I know all the talk today around the water cooler (does anybody really ever talk around an actual water cooler?) is about Kasey and his actions this week. I need a minute to gather my thoughts and try to digest all of what I just saw, so let’s start with the other dates and then we’ll build up to Kasey.

The producers and staff know I love them, but I want to once again give major props to all those who create and put these dates together. This particular episode was visually awesome to watch. The Lion King group date on Broadway was unlike any date I’ve seen on this show. It’s incredible that the folks at The Lion King and Minskoff Theater allowed us on their stage for the date, but to actually permit us to be a part of their show is mind-blowing.

The first thing that stood out to me on this date was Jesse. Holy crap dude, you’ve got some vocal chops. Where have those been all season? Jesse’s singing blew everyone away, but it was Roberto who pulled out the smooth move and stole the show, literally. One of the guys brought up a great point about Roberto and Ali. They have shared some crazy moments together. Walking across a tightrope in downtown LA, performing in The Lion King. Those are the types of moments that relationships are built on, and the guys know this, and it’s killing them.

Ali got really sick the night of the Lion King date. She fought it off as long as she could, but the travel and schedule finally caught up with her. She was completely wiped out and lost her voice. She was such a trouper for rallying to celebrate Chris’ birthday with him. What did I tell you from day one about Chris L? I told you that you would fall in love with him. Well, if you haven’t fallen for this guy yet, you’re watching the wrong show. He’s such a solid man. He has good values and puts his family above all else; that’s a quality to be admired, and something I strongly believe in as well.

Okay, I’ve taken a deep breath: Let’s talk about Kasey. I’ve seen it all on this show. Every guy has his own style and his own way of sharing his feelings and love for a woman. Who am I to judge whether it’s right or wrong? So while I won’t say Kasey’s style is wrong, I have to ask, what is up with the singing? Once, okay, I’ll give you that. But four, five times? I loved the look on Ali’s face. She was speechless. It was so incredibly awkward for her. But at the end of that date she just chalked it up to a nervous, sweet guy who was trying too hard. So let me get this straight — a woman tells you to slow down and just relax, show her who you really are, and you go get a tattoo? What the *@#%? Hard to believe, I’m sure, but I am not a tattoo guy. Never had one and never will. With that said, I do know that if you are a tattoo guy, you probably shouldn’t get a permanent tattoo as a token of your love for a girl who’s dating not only you, but 10 other guys, too. Let’s take this a step further and talk about the placement of the tattoo. Again, I’m no expert, but on your wrist? At least Kasey didn’t get it on the small of his back. He explained the tattoo as a shield to protect Ali’s heart with eleven diamonds representing each guy still on the show. I’m pretty positive if Ali had seen this tattoo she wouldn’t have given him a rose. But Frank inadvertently saved Kasey by keeping him from exposing his new artwork to Ali. This ended up costing Jesse and Weatherman another week on the road to love. Eventually, Kasey will show Ali his new tat and we’ll see how she reacts.

Speaking of the road to love, as you heard Ali say, next stop is the land of fire and ice. Thanks to the active volcano, this trip was heavy on the fire. This week’s episode was really good, but fasten your seatbelts: The season is really about to take off.

Before signing off, I’d like to add a quick note about our new show Bachelor Pad. I’d like to officially welcome my friend Melissa Rycroft into the family as she will be helping me out as my co-host for the new show. We’ve just started production, and I can tell you already it’s going to be fantastic and unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The show will air on ABC on Monday nights beginning August 9, following Ali’s season of The Bachelorette. Keep your comments coming and a quick shout out to the Uncle Julio girls. See, I always keep my word! As always you can find me on Twitter @chrisbharrison and Facebook.

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  • Barbara

    Gooooooooo Chris L.!!!
    Much as I like Chris, I’m getting a funny feeling that she doesn’t choose anyone in the end. I do think she’ll be happy with a new Hollywood career (like Melissa Rycroft).

    • TV_Pete

      I think she has been auditioning for Hollywood at almost every chance. She entered the Bachelor as a beautiful woman who was more interested in the girls than Jake. She tried to maximize screen time, but really seems more interested in herself and her career than anything else.

      While I think Chris and Roberto are decent candidates, I just don’t think she is in a spot to choose someone as a life mate.

      • Hellen

        I agree. She always seems “on” in the promotional segments and loves to be photographed. This seems like one long extended audition.

      • Teri

        Sorry, but Ali lacks both the looks and charm to be a successful tv personality.

      • Rachelle

        true dat, teri

      • kahuna

        Well said.

      • timmy t

        To the point – most if not all of the bachelors, bachelorettes and contestants are in this for their Hollywood break, 10 minute shot at fame, career self-promotion etc. I mean, we already know Jesse, weatherman and Craig M are in the upcoming ‘Bachelor Pad’. This hasn’t been about love for an awfully long time…if ever.
        And Harrison – who was really pulling Kasey’s strings? Him or the producers?

      • Annie

        Well, considering she was on JASON’s season–not JAKE’s–I’d say she didn’t spend too much time ‘auditioning’ for Jake’s heart.

      • Ali

        Actually Annie, she WAS on Jake’s season. She was in the top 4 but left to go back to her job in San Francisco.

      • marriage

        chris never cheated on his wife

    • elena

      there is a “web//site” named “black // white / Cupid” for dating or relationship, black or white singles can go there to find something sexy or beauty online !!!! ;)

      • Lisa

        NOT MELISSA RYCROFT!! Her victimhood has been celebrated for far too long. She has dragged this out, worn out her welcome. Just too obnoxious and unprofessional to be on TV any longer. You could see how the pros on Good Morning America just cringed at her presence. Well, no surprise, America does too. Such a shame that Bach Pad will be ruined by her odd commentary – how much do you want to bet she will be able to turn the spotlight on herself? :-/

      • Juli O

        Well said, Lisa

      • Nancy

        Melissa is about as interesting to watch as the Gosslein family (all of them). I agree she got where she is b/c of her TV break up-should be real talent that gets you opportunities not that she (and KG) have any.

      • Reerun5

        WHAT? According to ABC and The Bachelor/Bachelorette – you are only allowed to find love if you are a skinny white girl.

        And, I’m so tired of Ali. She’s SO boring – we never see any really true “regular” conversations, just a lot of “yeah” and “right on.” Deep, really. She’s too young and immature – I wish this franchise would up the age of the contestants so we can actually see more long-lasting relationships.

      • Deb

        I SO agree with you, Reerun5. We need more mature contestants. I would have loved to see Ella from last season be the Bachelorette, or Stephanie from before. They seemed like they were looking for love and not an opportunity for fame. I don’t think Ali is going to find true love, no way.

  • Peacemaker

    I agree with your informal poll that if a guy has a nice body then I hate to see it hidden behind a lot of hair. But a little bit isn’t bad. It can actually make the guy seem more human and less like a plastic Ken doll if he’s got a little chest hair.

    Great recap as always. Kasey seems like he’s trying WAY too hard and it really does sound like he’s quoting some fairy tale or something whenever he talks to Ali. That tattoo was such an over-the-top move and I cannot wait to see what Ali’s reaction to it will be.

    • lls

      i actually like a little chest hair. i think grooming is important and certainly am not into that “austin powers” look. but a little is nice. no back hair though!!!

      • kkp

        Yes, a little chest hair to run my fingers through is nice, but definitely not on the back or shoulders, etc.

    • Al

      A manscaped chest is best. No chest hair at all reminds me too much of teenaged boys…

      • lily


      • mlj

        I agree. Chest hair = manly.

      • pennyelle1

        Nothing wrong with a young man’s bare chest…. lol However, back hair is so, so awful!! Get rid of all back hair guys… it’s really gross looking (in my opinion)

      • Nizhoni

        My husband passed away in Feb. He was built like Adonis but naturally had no chest hair at all ( we are Native American Indian, a common trait among our men). If 1 sprouted up he plucked it right off. I think a hairless chest is an unbelievable turn on. I feel so sorry for those men with hair they have to deal with. Smooth = hot n sexy

      • Katharine

        A little off topic, but I just want to say: Nizhoni, I’m truly sorry for the lose of your husband.

    • Carey

      Definitely a vote FOR chest hair here.

      • Jenn

        Some chest hair is nice. Smooth is nice, too. The deal breaker is BACK hair. yuck!

      • Mel

        Count my vote – Chest hair please! But please spare me the Back hair…….BLECH!

      • qtpii

        chest hair – yes ; back hair – NOOOOOOOOOOO

      • lovesurvivor

        Exactly. No back hair, but chest hair is preferred. No hair is too “little boy” for me. And too much grooming is too feminine for my tastes.

      • Lisa

        No chest hair, definitely…

      • Reerun5

        qtpii said it all! Chest hair, yes; back hair NOOOO!

    • sam

      I think that one guy in the group should have had the guts to be the one with chest hair. I think that it would definately give hime a unique manly look.

    • Kate

      True men have chest hair. I dated a guy who shaved his and it was too prickly when hugging him, it hurt – lol . I would never date another man who shaved or waxed their chest hair. Just my opinion though.

      • Kate

        I agree – no hair at all is akin to a 12 year old. Who wants to be with a 12 yp guy? I like some chest hair – and please, no stubs – it burns!

      • Brittany

        Yea the prickly stubble would really bug me. But my husband just doesn’t have chest hair. And I LOVE it.

      • Erica

        I completely agree… I too dated a guy who shaved and when it came to snuggle time and he was lying around shirtless it was not comfortable. Now I have a MAN with chest hair and snuggle time is a lot more comfortable!

    • Jude

      He reminds me a little of Tenley, I think it was Vienna? who said she dreams in cartoon, they are both all about the fairytale.

    • Shiloh

      I like chest hair->think Bradley Cooper.

      Did anyone else catch Kasey say he wants to be Ali’s man of her dreams? He IS trying to be in a fairy tale!!

  • Carol

    Chris, you make it sound like she choses Roberto. You were right, I think most of america has fallen for Chris. What an amazing man, and it is Ali’s loss and somebody else gain. Whoever gets Chris is one lucky girl.

    • pat

      agree .. completely

      • M-

        If she doesnt choose Chris L then he should totally be the next Bachelor!
        PS – Who is Chris N??? Has he been on any dates? Its so weird that he is just standing around not doing or saying anything…

      • Carey

        I totally agree, M-!!!! I seriously have never heard that guy speak… at all. Weird.

      • Beth


        You are absolutely right about Chris L.! Love him, but what is up with Chris N.? He seems creepy and he is rarely on camera, yet Ali still picks him.

        Also, what is up with all the talk/video online with Justin switching his injured leg?

      • J

        I saw that on the Soup, too – I think that they just used a mirror image of what they originally shot to show that sequence of Justin walking up the driveway. So of course, if his left leg is hurt and then they use a mirror image, it will look like his right leg is hurt. Just my theory.

      • Melissa

        Chris L. is my favorite since day one, ever since I heard him talk about his family! I mean a man that loves family like that, so great! Chris N. LOL. I didn’t even know his name until the end of the show on Monday, we kept saying “Seriously, who is this guy? He stays out of all the drama, he never talks” We referred to him as “Guy with no Name”. I think he will remain that way even though I know his name now.

      • T

        Who the heck is Chris N????? I have not seen her with him at all. No one-on-one dates. He never talks! Has he even been on any of the group dates? Why is she keeping him if he doesn’t even really have any involvement on the show? He has absolutely NOOOO part on this show! He is wasting a rose!

    • mary

      this comment is to M- don’t even suggest that. and to chris, if u REALLY read all these. when are you guys going to STOP recycling people. TONS of people have been asking for new blood for a while. and no one listens. why? can you answer that?

      • Juneau

        Easy – the ratings are better when it’s someone we know versus a stranger.

      • Katie

        I was going to ask about Chris N as well as that was bothering me. I think they are building him up for something…probably the most shocking moment – ever!

      • Raina

        I watched The Bachelor last season for the first time and Ali was my favorite. I wasn’t even considering watching the next installment until they announced it would be starring Ali. So I guess I’m one of those people keeping their ratings up for repeat contestants.

      • Juli O

        I like when they use people we’ve already met on a previous season.

    • Robertofan

      Am I the only one who finds it odd that Chris L. has that tattoo of his Mom’s signature around his body? I get that he loved his Mom…that’s endearing…but the tattoo is a little bit creepy, and sort of Kasey-esque, if you ask me. He’ll be the kind of guy who compares his mate to his Mom all the time, I’ll bet.

      • Dida

        Actually, it’s not creepy. I have my grandmother’s signature tattooed on the back of my neck because she raised me. People express loss and rememberance differently. Just because it’s not something you would do doesn’t make him creepy.

      • Lydia

        My mom died 10 years ago and I got her signature tattooed on my foot. It’s very common for people to get tattoos to remind them of the important people in their lives who have died.

      • M

        My mom is still alive and when I saw that, I thought, what a great idea, and I kinda want to get my mom’s signature tatooed on me somewhere (not the same spot, I am a girl). She is getting older and won’t be here forever. Whenever I see her signature or handwriting it brings back lots of childhood memories of her signing notes to my teachers and such.

      • albertkitten

        To Dida: I wouldn’t walk a mile uphill -on crutches- to someone else’s house… That doesn’t make me creepy?!

      • JM

        It’s not creepy at all. Unless you’ve ever lost a parent (I lost my dad three years ago, 5 weeks before my wedding) you wouldn’t understand. I think it’s a great way to honor his Mom!

    • chris why

      ummm… chris L, the unemployed high school teacher moved back in with his dad? why on earth?

      between chris L and frank, the unemployed screenwriter living with his parents, i don’t think ally is counting on her future husband to be the breadwinner, if ya know what i mean…

      • KRES

        Chris L lives with his dad because his mom died and he’s keeping his dad company, not because he HAS to. (so the story goes) I don’t remember hearing that Chris L is unemployed. I remember that he quit his teaching job in NY and he now does construction type work.

      • Hildy

        Chris L is a nice guy and all, but yeah, the laid back low income type. Not for Allie. Allie wants a white collar professional with high earning capacity or better–like a hollywood power broker type. She won’t be wasting her time with these no direction, low income types–it’s all for show, and Frank caught on to it quick. That’s why he wanted out.

  • Sarah Burgos

    I’m rooting for Roberto, Frank, and Chris L. She def. has to end up with one of those in the end. Such great guys!!!

    • lls

      yes! love all 3 so far! i’m also liking that ty (think that’s his name) guy. funny interviews, i just want to see him interact with ali.

      • Carla in Houston

        I would take any one of those three guys, all three are great, but for some reason I’m crushing on Frank the most. He’s cute, sweet, and he brings the quirky, which I like. But if I had to bet money, I think Ali has a crush on Frank, has the hots for Roberto, but I would bet she’s going to pick Chris L. in the end. I think the comment she made about how she would love to marry into his family is a dead give away, plus Chris Harrison’s comments above make me think Chris was selected and the show wants to make sure the audience is behind this choice (unlike how most could not get behind Jake’s choice of Vienna last season). Either way, I don’t think she can go wrong with any of those three guys.

      • KRES

        I agree, Carla! Crush on crank, thinks Roberto is hot, and Chris L is JUST RIGHT!!!! I like how most of the guys are right around her age, but Chris L is older….but he seems like such a great guy and so family oriented! Quitting his life in NY to make sure he spends the time with his mom before she passed away….Wow!

    • Katharine

      I think Ali has great chemistry with Roberto and Kirk, even though I like Chris L. Chris would be great as the next Bachelor and Roberto as Ali’s husband. Frank is too much of a whiner!

  • Pam

    Kasey is a creeper. I am SO mad at Frank for interrupting the reveal!! He creeps me out so much and that tattoo is the icing on the cake!! RUN Ali!!

    • Laurie

      Seriously, I was really disappointed not to see the reveal… but at the same time I’m pretty happy she kept Kasey around just so we still have a chance to see him show her that tatoo!

      • Regy

        I sometimes wonder if the producers ask the Bachelor(ette)s to keep certain people around a while longer because they are good television. The wackos, the cads, the psychos, etc.

      • shaversnyc

        duh, of course. i would maybe give them the benefit of the doubt that she has the say in a couple of guys but most of them are probably group picked by ali and the producers

    • Danielle

      I agree, Kasey is creeptastic. It stinks that Frank interrupted, but I didn’t think the Weatherman stood a chance anyway. I was surprised that she didn’t keep Jesse, but it seems like she thinks their personalities don’t mesh. It’s just unfortunate that the teaser shows Kasey gets another 1 on 1 insted of another guy.

      • J

        Pretty sure it’s a 2 on 1…

      • RK

        I bet Kasey would’ve shaved “Ali” into his chest if he could.

      • Katharine

        That’s pretty funny RK :)

    • Mel

      What in the world is up with Kasey? YIKES – he was scary creepy last night! I couldn’t even listen to his songs – it was beyond weird – I hid behind my pillow and yelled so I couldn’t hear it and didn’t dare look at it. His face was just……..Whoa!

      • mlj

        Great comment!I was also just horribly creeped out by him and his singing. No, just NO!

    • TM

      I think Frank is creepy, too! Frank seems very feminine to me. But Kasey is the worst! Jesse was so much better than either of these guys.

      • Carol

        I agree about Frank being creepy. He looks like a gecko with glasses. & what’s his story? He went to Europe to write screenplays & now is a Store manager??? If she doesn’t pick Chris or Roberto, I don’t get her!

      • Jenn

        Yes.. something is not right about Frank. He’s super territorial and has somewhat “shifty eyes” can’t explain it, but once Kasey, i’ll be rooting for Frank to be out!

  • Squirk

    Chest hair. Definitely. Wanna show us yours?

  • Shannon

    Personally, I like some chest hair! I mean, no gorilla hair, but c’mon, i like some testosterone! I think having all these guys hairless is a little weird… Thanks for the recap Chris! Awesome job as always, and please, keep some hair on there ;)

    • Kelly

      I don’t want to be with a guy with smoother skin than me! Chest hair all the way!

  • somebody to love

    I guess in Bachelorette land those types of dates and experiences (broadway and tight rope walking) are what build a relationship, but not in real life. I prefer the date that Ali and Chris L had as a way to build a relationship. A little bet better reality for me. Hope she picks Chris!

    • G

      I agree- I think her date with Chris L felt the most romantic and emotionally real date she’s had so far… but she had instant chemistry with Roberto from Day 1, and on this show, the history is that those who experience dates where [overcoming a] fear is involved, seem to be the people whom they bond with the most–I guess the adrenaline seals the deal!

      • beth

        Agreed! I think their date was my favorite- it was basically hang out, go to dinner and then go to a concert- a NORMAL date. I’m loving Chris L, he could be my favorite contestant ever, after Ryan Sutter of course. Chris L should NOT be the next bachelor though, I I kinda want more for him than this…

    • PJ

      I agree! Why not take all this money flying around the world, helicopter rides, (which are expensive), dinners, clothes, etc. and put that money to good use, like the oil disaster!

  • Mylissa

    I can’t stand Justin.

  • london

    Who is that other Chris guy? He’s a mystery man, you never see any interaction between him and Ali…

    • G

      Yeah, we haven’t seen him interact at all! I think she kept him around because she doesn’t know him yet, and wants to give him a far shake, or something?

    • Kelli

      Chris — please address why we NEVER see Chris N. in any “behind the scenes” interviews, with Ali, or anywhere else. There has to be something behind that. To my knowledge, it has never happened with any other bachelor or bachelorette. In your blog you never discuss him — WHO IS HE???

      • SJB

        I totally agree. Every time the camera cuts to him, I think: who is that guy? has he ever spoken? has he been on any dates? how does he keep getting picked?? PLEASE EXPLAIN.

      • Kate

        Sorry, but he always looks stoned or totally lost. Isn’t he the one who is always in a hat (half covering his eyes) and with a completely confused ‘how did I get here?” look on his face. He needs a drug test; or a check for brain waves

      • Debbie

        Totally agree too. – The only time I have heard him talk is to accept his rose! Chris – Please, please WHO IS THIS GUY! I am with Katie – probably saving him for the biggest shocker ever…

      • teri

        Could Chris N. be Ali’s mole? A friend or relative? Watching out for her and helping her in her final decision? Just a thought.

      • KRES

        I would LOVE for them to have a mole and let the bachelor/ette know what the guys are REALLY like! Would really only work once, cause then they would expect it on later seasons, but LOVE LOVE LOVE that idea! Or, they should let her in a room where she can watch the footage. I just think it makes sense to be able to see what they are like when they aren’t around!

      • Dan

        I am sure he is simply not going along with producer’s game plan of manufacturing drama, so is being kicked to the curb edit wise. Doesn’t mean he’s good or bad, just not playin’ the game.

      • Kesha

        Completely agree with Kres!!! Chris N. is wierd and distant. If you look back at the footage, you see him around but he never gets close to Ali. Never seen him talk to her, kiss her, hug her. Nothing. And from next week’s teaser, we see that he STILL doesn’t get a one-on-one with her. He’s totally a MOLE!

    • Carol

      Just said the same thing last night. I don’t think he’s even talked to Ali on camera!

    • pennyelle1

      this is not the first season this has happened. The bachelor or bacheloette would keep someone we haven’t seen “in action”. WHY CHRIS?

  • E.

    Just for the record, relationships are NOT built upon walking across tightropes and performing in The Lion King. Not for most coupled humans, anyway. But that aside, love your blog entries, Chris!

    • KS

      Totally agree! Those crazy, adrenaline-filled moments just add thrill. And then the pair just has something else to talk about! Instead of “tell me more about your family” it’s “can you believe we tight-roped above Los Angeles?!” Sheesh.

    • Juneau

      Agree – they build infatuation, not relationships.

  • LasVegasLive

    Chest hair please! Leg and arm hair too! Apparently young girls are really into guys that shave body hair, so naturally more guys are shaving. I find hairless men quite emasculative. Must be a generational thing.

    • LL

      I agree, it’s a generational thing. I prefer chest hair…but I’m in my 40’s. My understanding is that anyone 35 or younger, waxes everywhere and everything. Sorry, but real men have hair and they don’t wax it off.

      • sharon

        totally agree ,real men have body hair.

      • Katja

        Ew, thank god that age comment isn’t actually true. My husband and I are 26, and he would think it way too girly to wax anything of his, and I’d have to agree. He has a mild to moderate amount of chest hair, it’s not perfectly symmetrically distributed, and I LOVE it. I wouldn’t want him to have any less body hair than he does, and if he had more, I’d still think it was hot. Only little boys and girls have no body hair, and women often aim to have less body hair than is natural. But real men have hair! (Except for those with all-over alopecia, and I know a man like this, and in that case we’re cool – it’s the act of waxing/manscaping that I find girly and a huge turnoff more so than a natural lack of hair. I like my men to be wash-and-wear, not primping and preening!)

      • Laura

        No no no, you have been misinformed! I am only 22 and so is my fiance, and thank god, he does not wax off all his body hair.

      • Brittany

        I wouldn’t want a man that waxes all of his hair off…that would just be weird. My husband just doesn’t have any hair on his chest. He doesn’t shave it or anything. It weirds me out when guys shave their legs. That was the big thing when I was in high school. I am grateful that my man has hair on his legs, but LOVE the naturally hairless chest!

      • mlj

        Yes! Totally agree with you.

    • queue55

      Loved my husband’s hairy chest ’til it migrated to his back…lol!

  • Yvette

    No chest hair! Hot! Well, I have to say I have extreme disappointment. Given the track record of the show…I know Chris L will not be the Final 1. I adore him. He is everything. A real truthful, healthy and realistic guy! Roberto wins in my opinion. Though, it makes me sad. He is a good guy. I guess. Just not the love story I would like to see.

  • Sarah

    Chris L. will probably be the next Bachelor-that would be $.

    • Elizabeth

      I thought the same thing – she’ll pick Roberto, but Chris will be offered the next Bachelor position.

      • Jenn

        Actually you guys have it backwards…Chris L. WILL be Ali’s final one and Roberto will be offered next Bachelor. Know how I know? Roberto’s not white!!! Fans have been after the show to get a “non-white” Bachelor/ette for years now and Roberto is it ;)

    • Carey

      God I hope so.

    • Juneau

      I hope not. Chris L. is better than this show what will cast a bunch of immature, vein, materialistic women 8-10 years younger than he is for him to date. I don’t understand why this show has to perpetuate such a huge age difference. I know 22 -26 year old women are cute, but do you honestly think they are ready for marriage?

      • GGG

        I love this comment!!! I’ve thought that for years… The women are SO immature. It’s no wonder the Bachelors never marry their contestants.

      • Becky

        Don’t forget Jason and Molly

  • Marylee

    Chris L has been a favorite of mine from jump. Did anyone else notice the passion in the way he kissed her up on the roof? Roberto is classically handsome and does seem genuine. I keep expecting to see a flash of light reflecting off his perfect teeth when he smiles. Anybody would fall for his looks and his charm. Kasey is intense, and a little out of touch with reality…a bad combination. And finally, my sincere heartfelt message to all future bachelor/bachelorette contestants –STOP SINGING! Please.

    • Barb

      Kasey is a LOT out of touch with reality. He fits the profile of a stalker perfectly.

    • Raina

      I thought Chris L’s kiss was awkward and sloppy. I would not have wanted to be on the receiving end of that.

      • Mary

        I totally thought the same thing…but I think it was because she wasn’t feeling well, probably couldn’t breathe and kept trying to pull away…leaving him sloppy and into it. Who wants to make out when you feel like that? Poor, clueless boy (who I still dig the most). :)

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