Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette': Episode 3

Chris-HarrisonImage Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABCI hope you enjoyed Monday night’s show, which I’ve entitled “The Long Limp Home.” There is much to discuss from this episode, but first I want to answer a question I got via Twitter that I’ve actually never been asked before. Someone wanted to know when I compose my weekly blogs for The answer is I write them the week before the episode airs, and yes, they’re written by me and me alone. I do take notes along the way to keep the stories fresh in my mind, but I really need to see the finished product to know exactly what we’re going to see and hear. By the way, I would like to congratulate all of you for becoming members of the mile-high blog club. I’m writing this at 30,000 feet while flying out to D.C to host the National Spelling Bee. I’d like to take a quick moment to thank those that watched the Spelling Bee last Friday. I loved hosting it and was blown away by the brilliance and poise of those young kids. It gave me a little hope for the future and it also made me feel pretty dumb.

I want to interrupt this blog to give you a rather ironic real-life moment. I’m sitting here blogging, listening to my tunes, and who else but the Barenaked Ladies comes on. The song that came on was “Off the Hook,” not “You Runaway,” but come on, that’s pretty bizarre right? Some of you asked last week about a theme song…well you’ve got one now, “You Runaway” by the Barenaked Ladies.

Okay. Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself (oxygen deprivation and airplane food will do that). Let’s begin with Ali’s first one-on-one date this week with Roberto. A couple of things jumped out at me. One, I don’t care how many times I see it, getting picked up in a helicopter is just cool. Having your first kiss 20 stories above L.A. is even cooler. But, I’m a little worried about something Ali said on an otherwise perfect date. In her interview, Ali wondered if she is pretty enough for Roberto. This is the insecurity I spoke of in week one coming out in her. When faced with something that’s too good to be true, Ali questions it instead of embracing it. In other words, at times she can be her own worst enemy and it’s something that will continue throughout the season.

As I mentioned earlier, we have our theme song this season. The Barenaked Ladies were fantastic. I was happy to see my man, Paul Danner, get more screen time. He was the big man running the video shoot. Speaking of the shoot, how unbelievably awkward was Jonathan? There are nerves, and then there’s that display. I’m no doctor, but after almost 17 years of marriage and 20 seasons of this show, I might as well be. As a self-proclaimed doctor of love, I know a couple things to be true: One, when you get a chance to kiss a beautiful woman, you take it. Secondly, there’s no crying in baseball or on video shoots. That last part is written down somewhere, or maybe I heard Jay-Z say it; either way it’s a fact. The only thing more awkward than Jonathan on the video shoot was him trying to get the kiss from Ali at the wrap party. Despite all this, he did survive the storm (weatherman pun) and received a rose this week. We’ll see if he can settle down and get back on his game. Two other things of note on this date that stood out to Ali were Chris L. opening up a bit about his mom, and Kirk opening up and taking control of the date and getting the rose.

I want to briefly talk about Hunter and his one-on-one date. Hunter is one of those good guys that comes on this show and just never really feels comfortable. Sometimes despite your best efforts, this atmosphere just gets the better of you, and that was the case for Hunter. He and Ali just didn’t have it, and he was out of his comfort zone.

Now let’s talk Justin and his long limp up to Ali’s house and the firestorm he stirred up in the house. Justin took it upon himself to find out where Ali lived and crutch his way up there. Just so you know, Ali’s house is only about a mile away but it’s straight up a canyon road through two tunnels. The guys did wonder where Justin was, but they just assumed he was upstairs asleep. Ali had no idea he was coming. As you saw, she was being interviewed about the guys before her one-on-one date with Hunter. Now here comes the big moral debate that I will pose to you this week: Was this a good, sincere move on Justin’s part? Ali loved it and was incredibly impressed. Isn’t that what’s important here? If you do have a problem with it, was it the act of hiking up there or the attitude he showed to the guys after?

I know this for sure; when Ali accidentally spilled the beans to the guys, the place went nuts. The guys already didn’t trust Justin but now they wanted to drag him out back and drown him in the pool. I find it incredibly ironic that Ali is now facing a situation that is almost identical to last season with her and Vienna. She has grown a lot from that experience and is using that experience to try to wade through this ordeal. As Vienna found out last season, being on the outs from everybody else in the house is very isolating and trying. I promise you this is far from over. This was a wild week but things are about to be kicked up a notch as we begin our journey around the world. Before I leave you this week, I want to wish a very special happy birthday to one of the most amazing women in my life — Happy 94th to Hermine Sallinger! I also want to be clear that despite what you saw in the closing credits, no mice were harmed in the filming of this show! Keep the comments coming, they’ve been great this season and you can always find me on twitter @chrisbharrison and on facebook. One last note, I highly recommend you read this blog while listening to “Levon” by Elton John. I just did and it really makes it pop.

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  • LOL

    No one watches this garbage.

    • Nobody

      Self appointed “Dr. of love”? Man, can you be more full of yourself?

      And please don’t try to insult our intelligence and tell us the Justin hike wasn’t scripted. Just like the time cameras were in place to capture the exact moment Jason appeared at the balcony and cried like a baby, the psychic camera men were once again in perfect position to catch Justin rounding the corner to walk up to a perfectly placed Ali interview. As always, you’re suck a pathetic dork Chris.

      • urbangulfguy

        Justin walked a mile on crutches….the director had more than enough time to set the shot up of him walking around the corner….it doesn’t mean the whole thing was contrived….

      • Nobody

        He walked a mile on crutches and wasn’t sweating? Not even one drop?
        Of course the director had time to set up. You have that luxury with SCRIPTED events.

      • Laura

        He was sweating, he told Ali when she went to hug him and then he asked to sit down!

      • SLB

        Justin took it upon himself to find out where Ali lived and crutch his way up there. Right. This wasn’t scripted at all. An Justing “hobbled” the WHOLE way. Chris Harrison must think his audience is stupid.

      • MGM

        Whether it was Justin’s “idea” or not to hobble up the hill, it was awefully convenient there was a camera in the air, several in front of him, etc. to film it all and oh my gosh, what LUCK Ali happened to be outside getting filmed at that exact moment. Wow, the Bachelorette producers are so lucky. I think our lawyer guy pegged Justin on the fact he’s more interested in the attention than the girl, as demonstrataed by his little comments to drop hints to the guys when he got back. The sad part in this show, which no one has really mentioned, is wow Hunter got the short end of the stick. Lost date time, and was the only one who didn’t get some fantastic date, but hot dogs on the grill, Ali practically in sweats, and a couple of hours. Couldn’t at least spring for some steaks? I don’t think they had a connection, and it makes sense he went home, but looks like he got treated fiarly badly in the process, compared to the other guys.

      • Jenny

        Nobody, I am so sick of your comments. Please go somewhere else. The show is full of drama that we talk about on the blogs. We are here because we love the Bachelor/Bachelorette, and we love Chris Harrison. Please take your comments elsewhere.

      • KC

        Did anyone other than me snicker when they had the oh-so-phony shaky camera shots when he appeared around the corner like they were so surprised to see him they had to quickly get the camera ready to shoot them talking? LOL

      • miss k

        Thank you Jenny! As everyone says to haters, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. While you’re at it, don’t read the blog either.

        To KC- don’t you think the camera men had enough time to call ahead and set up cameras? He was on crutches limping up a hill.

      • John


      • emily

        Justin is just trying to step up his game. and trust me i would have done it!! He has a cast on, and is feeling left out of all the fun!! give him a break people. and did you see how comfortable she was with him. it shows she likes him.
        and when he asks the body gaurd where her house is i’m sure they have plenty of time to get things in motion.

        Ali is a good girl. and i’m glad this show is all about her and NOT all of you people!!!

        and chris i want to know how she remembers all of the guys names on the first rose cerimony?? is it on the rose??

      • Deb

        Of course there are cameras there. There are cameras everywhere. They saw Justin leaving the house so they followed him to see what he was doing. I totally believe that Justin’s move was unscripted. People just don’t want to believe that anything on tv might actually be real.

    • JA

      LOL- you are such a two faced person! You posted something negative on both stories about the bachelorette from this week… why did you waste your time commenting if you don’t watch it??

    • abeeotch

      There certainly are alot of comments for something no one watches.

    • No one

      You’re right! I do!

    • jli

      then why do you read the blog and comment?

    • Michelle

      CHRIS, you MUST comment on the fact that in one shot Justin’s right leg is hurt and in the next shot, it’s his left leg with the cast/brace. Thank you to the brilliant Joel McHale (the Soup) for pointing this out to me and all of America.

  • robinD

    Ummm…yeah…they do. People with actual hearts beating in their chests and the ability to appreciate romance. If you’re not one of those people…go somewhere else :)

    • WTF

      Romance? LMFAO This is prostitution.

      • Brooke

        Or at least just masochism.

      • SLB

        Romance? Ahahahahah. I watch this train wreck of a show so i can laugh my *ss off.

      • Larry

        have they started banging yet?

    • Iona

      ROMANCE? Hahahahahaha!!!!! Oh my God how I fear for our nation. Hahahahaha.

  • Diane

    You would be surprised at who actually watches this but only admits it to a chosen few :-) First, my gut tells me that Justin isn’t the bad guy they all seem to think he is. He is watchin’ out for #1, fueled by being left out of most of the fun because of his foot. I think that emotions are high and the guys need someone to pick on. He is an easy mark. So far I think it is Roberto and Frank….not sure about the 3rd. Anyone else agree that they need to show A LOT more of Ty. He may be the dark horse. Such a cutie-pie!!!

    • timmy t

      So, obviously you haven’t been reading Reality Steve…don’t go with your gut.

      • Mark

        You know, there are a lot of us who don’t read Reality Steve and who prefer to avoid spoilers, OK?

      • Chris

        I prefer Reality Adam

      • Wake up

        Oh please, Chris just tell these poor peeps already.
        Final 2 are Roberto and Chris L. So dyop esdyinh your time thinking it could be Justin or Frank or blah blah. HAHAHA!

    • SLB

      If i were you, i wouldn’t ever listen to your gut.

    • RaRA

      That’s odd — my gut only talks to me when it’s hungry.

    • jo

      Ty has been my favorite since the very first show…He is absolutely adorable,
      a true gentleman and open and honest. He has rare qualities you don’t see
      every day. He has that “southern charm”, that is so incredibly sexy. Ali will be blowing a hugh opportunity if she sends him home…

  • Lexie

    I think Justin is a cocky and immature punk. Proof: the way he gloated when nice guy Hunter got sent home. I hope Ali wises up to him fast and kicks his butt outta there!

    • Wake up

      Wake up! Final 2 are Roberto and Chris L. So stop wasting your time guessing. HAHAHAH!!

      • abeeotch

        I think your NOT SO SUBTLE spoilers are rude. People know where to go if they want spoilers. IDIOT!

      • susan


    • Lisa

      Lexie, I agree…Justin really put the last nail in his coffin with me when he was laughing and making fun of Hunter being sent home. I really think, if he hadn’t “walked” up there and took time away from Hunter’s date or Ali’s focus from Hunter, he might have had a chance to get a rose. Her head wasn’t in that date…she was still thinking of Justin and his “grand gesture”. Yuck. I think he’s slime.

    • Mel

      I agree – it was one thing to “have to see Ali” was totally another thing when he was such a jerk when he got back and how he “knew it” when Hunter’s bags were picked up. For sure, Hunter and Ali were not going to be together but that whole situation was crap and Justin just got cockier as the night went on.

  • Carol

    Out of all the guys tonight, Chris L is the one that stood out the most to me. He is an amazing guy, and if Ali didn’t choose him, some other lady is going to be very lucky. He is handsome, funny, and respectful.

    • Marylee

      Carol, I completely agree with you about Chris L. From the first interview with him, he seemed genuine and down to earth. If Ali doesn’t pick him, someone else will be very lucky, indeed.

      • Devon

        Couldn’t agree more. From the first episode, he stood out as one of my favorites.

  • butters

    Im afraid Im not pretty enough to look at my own reflection in the toilet water before I barf!

    • UsualSuspects

      Yeah, Ali’s really deep that way, lol

  • Pam

    Oh my goodness… Roberto! He is beautiful! Justin… if he was for real, he would be a great catch. However… not the case. He needs to go right back to television! Run, Ali, run!

    Jonathan acts so gay! I thought all the guys that she sent home, needed to go. But, SO does Jonathan.

    Chris N reminds me of Meredith’s Ian with dark hair.

    Chris, does your wife like Ali? Who is her favorite B/ette?

  • KataGarbo

    Love your blogs Chris. As somebody who has been with this show as long as you… it never bores me. A couple of things in your blog makes me almost think Ali ends up alone again, thinking she is not good enough. I hope not. I am sure it is either Chris L or Roberto, because the vibes/chemistry is there… as it is/was with Frank, Justin and Kirk. It’s just that Frank is already losing it (his mind), Justin may not last (unlike another outsider, Vienna) and I don’t know enough about Kirk yet.

    Is it Monday yet?

    PS. I like that Ali is getting some insight and compassion into the Vienna situation last season.

    • SLB

      She ends up alone again because this show is a joke. What’s their success record? 2%?

  • Laurie

    This episode definitely made me laugh a lot b/c I love watching the guys crack on each other. Should be interesting to see what happens next!

  • Pam

    One more thing… what was up with the way Chris and Jesse were dressed! Did not like it! Love it when they wear jeans and a coat every now and then, but…

  • Colleen

    CRAZY!! I was actually listening to Levon by Elton John while reading this blog!

  • Amanda

    So Chris, are you saying Ali doesn’t choose Roberto because she thinks she’s not good enough for him? Is she going to go for a safe choice?

    Is Roberto available for the Next Bachelor? Please say yes.

    • timmy t

      I thought he was a major baseball star that was drafted by a major league team and is the second coming of Jeter? LOL!!

  • Sammi

    Absolutlely loved Roberto’s date tonight. He was so sweet and incredible. I think him and Chris will go far :]
    The ending part with Chris L and John trying to catch the mice was by far, the funniest thing this episode. It was so endearing<3
    Btw, did anyone else LOVED the fact that Chris wore a shirt that had the periodic table on it during his group date? Girls love guys who are a little bit nerdy :]

    • seattle_girl

      I agree – best part of the show for sure. Nice to see some friendly testosterone on display for a change. Didn’t think John had a personality until that bit.

      • tommy girl

        Who is John?

      • seattle_girl

        You’re funny. He was the shorter, (not-Chris) dude chasing the mouse. His personality was so sparkling, I guess you missed him up til now.

  • alex

    Not sure why people are gaga over Roberto. All I see is a unibrow.

    • Lu

      Ahahahaha! Took the words right out of my mouth!

    • spikesgrl

      Ditto. Not feeling all the Roberto love. Now, if Ty doesn’t turn out to be “the one” for Ali, can he be the next Bachelor??!!

    • Donna Thorn

      Thank You!!! No one in make-up has tried to fix his brows??? He seems like a great guy & all but please do something w/his brows!!

    • isabella

      um Roberto is HOT! and so charming and girl or guy could see that so…. you must be an alien. I LOVE ROBERTO and if Ali doesn’t pick him which she should than I can’t wait for next season. Sign me up!

    • Amanda

      Dimples, smile, dreamy eyes, sexy,sweet, playful but mature, self confindent, knows how to treat a lady….. I’ll take him.

    • Cassidy

      Yeah, I don’t understand the Roberto love either. But I will say this past episode made him a bit more likable. My favorites are still Frank, Chris L and Ty.

    • Laura

      He doesn’t have a Uniroyal – his eyebrows are bushy, but they don’t come together in the middle. It’s not unusual to have thicker eyebrow on “browner” people. It doesn’t seem abnormal to me and is even kind of sexy (as long as they aren’t crazy chaotic). And I am picky about eyebrows – I have trimmed and plucked my fiance’s eyebrows before. And I am of middle eastern descent…I have to keep up on my eyebrows or I will probably have a uni-brow (a real one…not just thick eyebrows).

  • Kate

    So far….WAY BORING!!

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