'10 Things I Hate About You': What would have been in season two

10-things-I-hateImage Credit: Patrick Wymore/ABC FamilyFor fans of ABC Family’s canceled series 10 Things I Hate About You, the Monday blahs are worse than usual. Where once fans had snappy dialogue, romance, and Ethan Peck to look forward to on Monday evenings, now there is just the empty void left by cancellation.

“I was telling someone it feels kind of like a breakup,” 10 Things creator Carter Covington tells EW.com. “Like you got dumped by this person and you’re like, ‘Wait a second. But we had such a great thing going on. Why would you dump me?'” Before you start writing angry letters to ABC Family, know that Covington doesn’t blame the network. “I know they loved the show,” he says, adding, “I think they were in a difficult, difficult position to try to figure out how to market and bring back one half-hour comedy by itself.”

For those frustrated by the series finale’s many cliffhangers, Covington sends his apologies: “It’s really hard for me because there’s nothing I would wish more than to have been able to have a series finale that really provided some closure for everybody.” Even though that was impossible — production wrapped before the cancellation axe came down — Covington is satisfied with how things ended. “In the life of the series, to me, Kat and Patrick were always going to run off into the sunset together,” he says. “In a way, I’m happy that the series ended where it did because at least they were together.”

But what about all the cliffhangers?! Unfortunately, we’ll never see them play out. Nor will Ethan Peck be piercing through the TV screen every Monday. “I think that might be what my contribution to history is — bringing Ethan Peck into the consciousness of America,” Convington laughs. But we’ve got the next best thing. Covington shared with EW.com what was in store for Kat, Bianca, Patrick, Joey, Cameron, and the rest of Padua High’s student body. Let’s break it down cliffhanger by cliffhanger:

Cliffhanger #1: Walter walks in on Kat and Patrick together in bed. Naked. Surprisingly, the incident wasn’t going to drive a wedge between the couple. Says Covington: “I really wanted to keep Kat and Patrick together as a couple because I think that their struggle to become closer is much more interesting than them being apart. The plan for season two was to have Walter walking in on them up the stakes of that. He was going to demand to meet Patrick’s parents, which was going to introduce his mother and his stepfather and let us get a greater insight into Patrick’s home life, which we were going to keep stressful and not ideal. We introduced that concept in the first 10 and we were going to see why Patrick’s home life is a stressful place for him.

“The idea was Patrick was going to have conflict with Kat. She is this driven girl who wants to go to college and sees herself being successful. And Patrick – we were really going to explore how he’s a guy who’s like, ‘College isn’t in my future. That’s not who I am. I’m not a student. I don’t know what I want to do, but I know I don’t want to go to college.’ Her mission was, ‘Of course you want to go to college. Everyone wants to go to college. And you’re smart.’ She was really going to be sort of pushing him and that was going to turn him off because that’s trying to change him. I think the end of season two was going to sort of end in a place of frustration between the two of them where she’s like, ‘I just want the best for you,’ and he’s like, ‘Who says you know what’s best?’

“We were going to develop a relationship between Walter and Patrick where Walter becomes a father-ish figure to Patrick. He’s never had sons and Patrick doesn’t really have a father. That was going to be a nice thing so that when Kat is on the outs with Patrick, she finds that her father still has this relationship with him. In seeing Patrick’s family and learning more about him, Walter really becomes sympathetic and sees that Patrick really is a good guy who’s had a tough road.”

Cliffhanger #2: Where there’s a happy Kat and Patrick, there’s Blank? Yes, the British thorn in Kat’s side was going to stick around. Covington: “I was excited to explore who his family was. Blank serves as a counterpoint to Patrick because he is ambitious. He wants to go to college. He’s a thinker, not a doer like Patrick. We were going to evolve out that relationship and also show that through Blank and his mother, Kat has this connection to her mother and what she was like, which was going to be just a place for her to find out what her mom was like in a very similar time in her life.” Does that mean we’d see a love triangle? “I’m not sure,” Covington says. “I really liked the actor who played Blank. I liked the idea of Kat struggling with whether or not Patrick can fit into what her goals are in life. I like that idea. As much as everyone hates love triangles, sometimes you have to give that character a choice. Blank was going to be that choice, but we hadn’t really figured out how we were going to do it because I really didn’t want to get into a situation that felt like a predictable love triangle.

Cliffhanger #3: Patrick asks Kat to… What?! Walter chose this opportune moment to walk in on the twosome, so viewers never got to hear what favor Patrick was going to ask for from Kat. So what was he going to say? Covington is hesitant to give an answer, choosing to leave it open to interpretation rather than disappointing people. Then he admits, “We really didn’t know. We were like, ‘We’ll figure that out when we get a season two.'” Fans, are you willing to accept that? No? Didn’t think so. “With the way the season ended now, I would say he says, ‘Don’t break my heart either,’ and she says, ‘OK,'” Covington reveals. “Because that’s how the series should have ended in long-term.”

Cliffhanger #4: Bianca sees Joey kiss another girl on The Biggest Poser. After getting evicted from the Poser house, Joey was going to come back to Padua with a little bit of his spark lost. That would have set the stage for more of an earned Bianca/Cameron/Joey love triangle. While having trouble dealing with the new Joey, Bianca was going to turn to Cameron. “What we always talked about with Bianca was what happens when you’re genuinely in love with two people? That’s really what we wanted to build,” Covington says.

Cliffhanger #5: Chastity transfers to a new school. She was really going to be gone! Dana Davis asked to be relieved from her contract to explore new opportunities. Bianca’s friend Dawn was going to made a series regular to fill the absence.

Covington also reveals that they planned to keep Kat’s Buddhist lifestyle and bring in a friend for her since Jolene Purdy (Mandela) got a role on another series.

PopWatchers, does that make you feel better about the series finale that wasn’t supposed to be a series finale? What do you think about the season two plans? Are you more bummed than ever that you won’t get to see Walter and Patrick bond?


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  • Becca

    This doesn’t help at ALL!
    Breaks hearts even more, knowing all the fabulous storylines that lay ahead for the fans.
    I DO blame the network for not promoting the show, and placing it up against DWTS, HOuse, Chuck, & DWTS. Dud they HAVE to pick the most competitive timeslot?
    And why not show reruns instead of hours of America’s Funniest Home Videos?
    OR just switch the time. Those home video shows air like 30 times a week, was it REALLY so hard to actually place the ’10 things’ reruns on instead?
    I am just so sad now:(
    Why won’t another network rescue this show?

    • kaloalo

      my feelings exactly!

    • Brittany

      I couldn’t agree more, they just canceled 10 Things, so it wouldn’t rival Secret Life, which has gone way too far btw!

      • Jelly

        i hate secret life and ur right its gone on way too long i mean like did another girl really have to get pregnant?? and whats so great about it all its about is a bunch of teens having sex??!!

      • Pagie

        Ok i loved the show to but i love secret life so stop saying that it’s a waste of time because it’s not…btw its gotten better since adrain’s pregant so maybe you should go catch up on it stupid

      • Marianna

        Secret life sucks, total waste of a show

      • Taylor

        Okay, so I have read lots of these comments, and yes, while I am deeply sad that 10 Things I Hate About You is over, Secret Life is one of my favorite shows. Yes, it was slow, but things are finally getting interesting. Anyways, I was super upset when I found out that 10 Things I Hate About You was cancelled.1) I wouldn’t have even found out about this if it wasn’t for Wikipedia. 2) I honestly think that ABC Family should’ve done at least one more season and advertised it more. 3) I think that all us fans should try and GET THE SHOW BACK. I have seen it once, and it can most certainly happen again. I really miss this show and I absolutely hope this is not the last time, so COME ON FANS! LET’S GET THIS SHOW BACK ON THE ROAD!

    • Jennifer

      EXACTLY! those wer pretty much my exact thinkings

      • Jessica

        Not only is secret life a waste of a show it’s also a waste of life everyone gets pregnant in it and Pagie you make my statement true. 10 Things definitely should have made it longer than that crap.

      • Chelsea

        I LOVEE this show! I found it on netflix and loved the first season!!! Come on WE NEED THIS SHOW BACK ITS NOT FAIR! The time frame is stupid too! What about 7pm on tuesdays or something COME ON PEOPLE! Let’s get the same characters back and get on with it! Lets let Kat be an influence on us!

    • Jelly

      i agree!!

      • Harriet

        OMG I foun dt his on netflix two and I was have literally just finished the whole Walter walking in on kat and Patrick and I was like NO THEY CAN’T LEAVE IT LIKE THAT! :'(

    • Bern Trinidad

      I AGREE! This show makes me want to watch TV but now that it’s cancelled, there’s no point. And there are so many great ideas for the next season, it’s a blasphemy they do not show it. Damn, couldn’t they cancel TSLOTAT? NO ONE CARES ABOUT PREGNANT GIRLS WHO STILL LIKES TO HAVE SEX.
      This is just BULL

      • Mercedes

        Exactly! 10 things had just gotten me interested in t.v again, and Secret Life is such a mediocre series. I also agoree with Becca, another network should adopt the show. Could we actually petition for this on twitter or something?

      • ROSALIE

        i agree 100%

      • lilly

        i totally agree

    • kikicooms227

      ok. im really pissed they cancelled this show! i’ve been waiting for season 2 to start. :(

      nd i like secret life of an american teenager, but thats because i like drama. but 10things i hate about you was a great show!! someone should start a petition to bring this show back. and if they were gonna cancel it…why the heck did they end it like that! the suspense was just starting! mean while abc family is making stupid new tv shows…..i sware ppl dont know about show buissness these days! they cancell the good stuff, and keep the crappy stuff. come one ppl get a freakin clue!

    • very mad

      My thoughts exactly! Why doesn’t another channel take this show and give THEM all the ratings. I’m sure if they brought back the show lots of people would be happy!


      paige i do think that secret life is a good show but i think its gettting predictable and i really wish the would of still aired 10 things i love that they still gave us a storyline but i realllllly wanna see it on video so i can see the real emotions and acting

    • Abby

      I’m pissed they cancelled 10 things i hate about you. they shouldn’t have cancelled i hate cliff hangers. why can’t i just see season 2?! it would have made a good great 2nd season! so what if its teen sex? it shows what teens go through. its just showing what happens and how teens can be stupid but they can’t always live in expectations of their families. Did anyone ever live on expectations of their families? i don’t think so.

  • Melissa

    No, Actually it feels like you just threw salt in my still open wounds! I REALLY liked this show and miss it very much!

  • Elizabeth Klisiewicz

    Thank you so much for posting this, V. You rock.

  • laura

    Instead of wasting time writing about a show that has been cancel .. why not write about a show that needs you … DROP DEAD DIVA! This is really a great show. Of course I watch 10 things … but hey DDD is there too.

    • Leola

      DDD is doing really well in the ratings. Doesn’t qualify as “show that needs you”.

    • Alison

      I hate you. I hate your gorram soul.

      • rosalie

        how nice

  • Dante

    This just makes it hurt more this sounds so awesome and now we’ll never see it in action

    • kikicooms227

      i know!!! :( it sucks.

    • lilly

      i loved the show!!

  • Staci

    Thanks Mr. Covington. Loved the show and it had great potential. someone else pointed out that ABC Fam didn’t have another 1/2 hour show, it became clear, this show (and fans) would lose.
    Great while we had it.

  • Alison

    God. I’m so angry right now.

    This didn’t help me. In some ways, it made things worse. Now I know what…might have been. I get to read a rough description, it could never compare to actually watching the thing.
    Thanks ABC, you snatched one of the few joys in pathetic life away from me. I find it difficult to wait for cliffhangers to be explained during the summer. But forever?

    • kkkk

      okay, please dont talk like life is pathetic. i was like that and life was miserable. youll be happier if you just let what ever happened to you to make you so mad at life go. trust me. and llllllooooooooovvvvvveeeeeeee 10 things! <3

  • jvargas01

    Wow that all sounds so good, if only this show could get just one more season with a proper ending, I’d be happy with that. I’m sure there are plenty of creative people who can figure out how to market this very creative show. But I am also very grateful for the episodes we did get, this show was really something special!

    • Kellie Blake

      No, it doesn’t help. Instead, I feel even more upset that there was so much more that was going to be offered, and the end was a really great set up for another season. However, I would love to say that it was a great show and you did the best you could. At least Kat and Patrick did end up together, although the cliffhanger at the very end didn’t help, but the storyline with the triangle wouldn’t have been good either. Too much tension between them and the possibility of them ending up apart is not good either. Thank you for a witty, hilarious and steamy show.

  • Lynn

    I’m going to agree with the crowd and just say, while nice to hear some good stuff was coming up, it just seems to hurt more. I think the thing that makes it the worst is that it was such an unexpected cancellation. I didn’t see it coming at all and now it’s just gone and there’s nothing to be done.

    And sorry Carter, but I do blame the network. They are the ones who cancelled it, after all.

    • Regan

      I agree I do blame the network also and yeah they ARE the ones that cancelled it so who else would we blame

  • KT

    Thank you for posting this. And Mr. Covington, if you are reading this, thanks for such a charming, enjoyable, lovely show. I think you did a lot more than just introduce the delicious Ethan Peck to the world. :)

  • Marianna

    Thanks to CC for doing this! I appreciate it LOTS, as it was completely unnecessary, but CC loves the fans. Yes, it sucks the show was cancelled, but IMO, reading this made me happy, not sad, to see what might have happened. I’m surprised by the negative comments. CC is being polite to his employer. What do you expect?

  • Ann

    It is nice to know where the writers wanted to bring their characters. Of course I would have much better enjoyed watching it unfold onscreen, but hey, better than nothing.
    I must admit I never expected to get hooked on that TV show. I’m probably older than most viewers (late 30s) and more of a “The Shield” and “Breaking Bad” kind of follower. I’d never seen (or even heard about) the original 10 Things… movie when I accidentally stumbled on the TV show.
    What got me hooked was Kat’s character as I felt I could relate to her, as well as the writing and acting and the chemistry between Kat and Patrick. The dialogues between the girls and their father were always so witty, and the comedians awesome.
    Thank you Vlada Gelman and Carter Covington for bringing “closure”. I don’t feel “dumped” anymore.

  • noor

    i am so sad right now, i hate mondays but this show made up for everything at the end of the day, i can’t believe it is cancled, my heart is breaking ='(

    • lilly

      yeah! i totally agree!!! it was the only thing i liked about mondays!!:-(

  • Lisa

    It sucks that this show got cancelled D: It was SO GOOD! I wish another network would pick it up or maybe it could air on youtube :D

  • dave gomberg

    I dont understand why Michael’s character wasnt featured more. There was a humorous guy with plenty of storylines possible now that he was out of the closet. Frustrating.

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