Katherine Heigl watch: She started not liking Izzie ... did you?

Katherine-HeiglImage Credit: Ron Tom/ABCOne minute she’s submitting herself for Emmy consideration despite appearing in less than half of the last Grey’s Anatomy season, the next minute she’s telling the world she wasn’t so fond of her character, Izzie Stevens, by the time she left the hit drama. “I felt very protective of Izzie,” she told USA Today. “I really loved her. I felt she was an admirable woman who certainly made mistakes. But I was starting to not like her, and that bothered me.” That Katherine Heigl — there really is no telling what polarizing thing she’s going to say or do next. Though at least she’s self-aware: “I’ve tried to keep my mouth closed for a minute, and I can’t,” Heigl told the newspaper. “At one point I got so paranoid and afraid, and I was qualifying everything I said and apologizing for everything. I realized it was ridiculous.”

Fair enough. Nothing wrong with speaking your mind. I’m going to respectfully disagree with her, however, on Izzie’s non-likability. And to be honest, I’m a little surprised to find myself defending Dr. Stevens — my first instinct was that I, too, hated her, but it turns out that upon reflection, I just hated her storylines. Namely: hooking up with George, played by her off-screen bestie T.R. Knight (with the brotherly chemistry to prove it), and having ghost-sex that obliterated any lingering goodwill toward her first-season love, Denny Duquette. But Izzie, while far from perfect, remained downright delightful, even — especially — as she battled cancer in her last full season on the show. Remember how adorably devoted she was to planning a dream wedding — from her hospital bed — for Derek and Meredith? Or how affecting she was during her graveside breakdown at George’s funeral? She didn’t get annoying until she left new husband Alex without warning this season, and why did she do that? Because Heigl wanted to leave the show.

But maybe I’m forgetting something, remembering Izzie more fondly than she deserves. What do you think, PopWatchers? Did Izzie grow as unlikeable as Heigl says?

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  • therealeverton


    • avenger

      Lol, yes.

      • Leslee

        I think Heigl is just really really dumb

    • Courtney

      Everyone on that show became unlikeable around Season 3. But Izzie didn’t stand out as any worse than the rest.

      • Stormy

        You’re so right. It was like 30 Something or Seinfeld, not one sympathetic character on the entire show.

  • harry

    holy cow this woman is crazy!!!

  • Bee

    i always always always loved izzie and she was always my favorite character and always will be. while i love each of the characters, izzie was different because of her kindness, optimism, and “happy” and positive outlook towards things among the other rude and cynical and negative characters. and she was the heart of the show in this way and i that void, as well as the “dorky and innocent and nice person” void left by george are what the show needs to work on filling. and personally i related with izzie the best. whether it was her dealing with “having no one” or not knowing what she wanted from life or taking serious risks, i always understood her best of all. i never bought into the katherine heigl and izzie are the worst things on the plant blah blah that happened cause of the media. i know that she said a few things here and there that people blew out of proportion and she later regretted saying. and others unfairly attacked her for being a little honest. and while the ghost sex was bizarre, i didn’t have a problem with it for some reason. i don’t know if it was the lines they said or kat heigl’s acting while doing it, but it came across as izzie’s own mental therapy in a way. idk it didn’t bother me. but i do understand why others hated it. it did drag on for a little while. and nonetheless, the ghost sex weirdness was more than made up for with izzie’s amazing episodes towards the end of the season. whether it was the awesome wedding episode or planning a wedding and other things, i loved it all. izzie was always charming, nice, funny, quirky, and cool.

  • Sam

    I love Katherine Heigl. She brings a rare dose of honesty in a “perfect sound bite” world. Izzie WAS starting to become unlikable, and who cares if she says it? I’d rather have an actress who speaks her mind than one who acts like every character she plays is perfection.

    • Bee

      plus, whether fans always loved izzie or not, it’s katherine heigl that’s playing her. and if, on top of being the mother of a newly adopted special needs baby and other tough tasks, she personally starts disliking a little bit of the character she works all day on playing and wants to move on, i don’t see why she should be burned at the stake for it. in all of the negative and out-of-context quotes taken from her, she never once said she was too good for grey’s anatomy or too good for TV. it’s all media frenzy.

    • RaXXX

      Couldn’t AGREE MORE WITH WHAT U SAID! SHE HAS A RIGHT TO EXPRESS HER THOUGHTS SO LET HER! and Yes! Izzie was the most amazing character of Grey’s after Meredith ofcourse… but sixth season was not an elevating one for her…

  • NCC

    Izzie was one of my favorite characters on the show (along with Yang and Bailey) right up until the end. Always loved her! Heigl was one of the best actresses on TV. I say good for her for always speaking her mind.

  • don

    I hated Izzie from the get go, and that did not get any better through the seasons. I also don’t like the person, her and George ruined the show when they got Isiah Washington fired and the show never recovered. Once they accomplished that they both abandoned the show.

  • tb

    Ok be outspoken but stop trashing the things & people who have assisted u! I agree she gets 2 have an opinion but the fact is apart from story people spend 10+ bucks on a movie because they can tolerate the people on the screen…. Just do ur job, if u pick a role & it doesn’t work out act like an adult & move on…..

  • Julie

    Izzie became unlikable because of Katherine Heigl asking for so much time off that the writers had no other option but to make Izzie a selfish, self-centered bitch to Alex (and Meredith, Cristina) who did nothing but love her and be there for her through everything. How else could they write Izzie out for months on end if not to have her walk out on her marriage and leave everyone behind? The character of Izzie Stevens was ruined this season and it was all Katherine Heigl’s doing because she wants to be a romcom queen (you have to be really naive to believe she left the show because she wanted to be a mom).

  • tb

    Oh & Izzie was a highlight in season 2 & almost all characters go through various arcs where they are written with less sympathy especially in an ensemble cast (I.e. jack from Lost) but I never really thought about her 1 way or the other….

  • raprilc

    Ohmigod, would this woman stop talking! She’s an excellent actress, but I dislike her tremendously.

    • GoMe!

      wow…so you’re basically saying “shut up and act”. because actors are nothing more than props.

      good for katherine heigl for speaking her mind! i hope the best for her!

      • Kate

        I don’t want actors to shut up. I want her to shut up. But it’s not going to happen.

      • krak

        katherine heigl doesnt have a soul. true story

  • Andrea

    This silly woman appears completely full of her own self importance. I liked the character of Izzie but I have to say Katherine Heigl would generally turn me off going to see any movie in which she was one of the lead actors. Her attitude is appalling.

    • LAJackie

      I second this.

      • Jake

        Ditto. I thought I didn’t like Izzie, but after watching 27 Dresses and Killers, I realized it’s Katherine Heigl that I don’t like. I’m not saying as a person, I’m saying as an actress. Can’t stand Angelina Jolie either.

      • tvgirl48

        I agree as well. It’s not helping that she plays the same character in every trite romcom she does. I actually liked Izzie back then though. I hated her for what she did to Alex, leaving him for sort of, maybe, kind of, possibly having a part in her getting fired during a recession b/c he was concerned about her post-cancer. I know Heigl was leaving the show and that’s why she left him, but going by onscreen narrative alone, Izzie Stevens acted horribly. Alex stuck with her through so much and she couldn’t give him the benefit of the doubt.

  • Kiki

    Nothing wrong with speaking your mind…except that Heigl has the most whiny mind around. Has she yet had an acting job she hasn’t complained about? Ugh.

  • wooster182

    I loved Izzie when the show first started. She became tiresome after Denny died. She became downright annoying, hateful, and slightly crazy after she slept with George. It was a happy day when Izzie packed her bag and left the show for good. I don’t think I’ve been that happy about a departure since Brenda Walsh.

  • Angela

    Um, Izzie was also a complete beeyotch to Callie, telling everyone she didn’t wash her hands, belittling her wedding ring, telling George he made a mistake – and that was before the horror that was Gizzie…

  • AM

    Denny was second season

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