James Cameron meets with government about Gulf crisis; oil spill to become highest-grossing spill of all time

james-cameronImage Credit: Jesse Grant/WireImage.comJames Cameron managed to turn a film about blue people into one of the most celebrated, highest-grossing films of all time. So now, naturally, the government is hoping he can work miracles when it comes to the oil spill crisis in the Gulf.

Apparently, federal officials are meeting with Cameron — an expert in the field of underwater filming — in hopes that he will help them brainstorm how to cork the the spill. Heck, Kevin Costner already got into the action, so it was only a matter of time before Cameron’s came into the fold. (Bono, where are you?) This is how I predict things will go down with the Oscar-winning director in charge: Cameron will enlist the aid of an Austrian actor, who will climb in an avatar machine, come out as an awesome liquid metal robot, swim underneath the gulf, and plug Danny Cooksey into the hole. Success!

Either way, it will look awesome in 3-D.

(Yes, I understand the gulf oil crisis is a serious matter. But if we don’t laugh, we cry.)

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  • Menchy

    Is there anything this man can’t do?

    • Harbour

      Well, according to some people, it’s ‘make a decent movie’.

      I am NOT one of those people. I hope that something gets figured out soon. A disaster all the way around!

    • me here

      Can’t wait for the movie to come out!

    • Kiki

      yeah, get respect from his peers, as noted in many forms of media

  • Britt

    this title is hilarious

    • s. marie

      Yes and “Bono, where are you?” made me laugh as well. You’re right Kate, if we don’t laugh, we cry. Here’s hoping SOMEBODY comes up with a decent solution.

  • John

    BP has been saying that they cannot deal with the pressure that occurs 1 mile underwater. Cameron has built a sub that can go to the bottom of the Mariana trench. He has been using remote robots 3 miles underwater in the arctic. If you want the job done, you find the guy who has the best tools to do it. That is Cameron.

    • Heidi

      I think anyone who has any good ideas and technology they should lend it and Cameron should help fund it too. He’d be a hero to the whole of North America.

      • Diane

        BP should pay the entire cost of the spill-but it’d be great if Cameron or anyone anywhere with equipment and ideas should pitch in

    • josh

      Oh, so our military doesn’t have equipment to go that far down but some director does? It makes me laugh.

      • Mike in Moncton

        That’s because the US military is countless of billions of dollars in debt and Cameron has lots to spare, as well as a wealth of knowledge about underwater ventures. Don’t underestimate his scientific knowledge.

    • Peter W

      Cameron is a master of his craft.
      Regardless of one’s opinion of his artistry – he understands the science, application and implementation of Filmmaking. Watching the President of BP slowly reveal, by inability to fix what they said they could fix – is probably beyond his comprehension. Whereas if Cameron says he can do something in film – it means he’s mastered it and its no problem. Unlike the President of BP who is on tv 24/7 claiming to bein charge of, responsible for, or taking command of a problem that should be fundamental to their operations – but he doesn’t know what the f*** he’s doing and probably doesn’t gas up his own car.

  • Lisa Simpson

    Send in Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio!

    • Madd

      Ed Harris makes everything awesome, so yeah.

  • Liz

    wow, they are really desperate

  • Randy

    OMG you can’t be serious? this is the best our Gov’t can do? what a disgrace!!!

  • Mike

    Kate Ward?? To you, this is a joke? Things are looking so bleek that we hire Hollywood directors to do our jobs for us while waters fill up with oil, southern economy reaches trecherous lows, and tons of animals are killed. Yes, let’s make Avatar jokes, you ignorant, unprofessional, disgrace of a writer.

    • Kevin

      Really? The idea that the government is turning to a movie director, of all people, for help to solve an ecological disaster is really funny. I think Ms. Ward is well within her grounds to poke fun at the ridiculousness of this scenario.

    • Tiff in the OK

      Jeez, read the last line of the article, she says that she knows this is a serious situation. But that if she doesn’t laugh then she’ll cry, which is too true!

      Besides this isn’t the first time the government has called in Hollywood to try and clean up a mess. After the lack of creativity in thinking that was the 9/11 attacks, the intelligence community tasked Hollywood to think up other potential scenarios they had not thought of themselves.

  • Randy

    I agree with Kevin…….. yes Ms. Ward is well within her grounds to poke fun at our joke of an Administration. And you MIke, are a disgrace of a reader LOL

    • Shane

      Way to not get it, Rand. Oooh I see that name and I know why…

  • NYC

    I think he paid to be there to get ideas for another movie! I got some ideas, go overseas, blow up the BP building, then fill the hole with the rubble. Or have Cameron make some 3D glasses that make’s it look like the spill has stopped and charge $20 to see it. Or, we can have Superman fly around the Earth really fast and reverse time so it never happened. I think Skynet is behind this!

    • Ali K

      Well, he did say the sequel to Avatar was going to deal with Pandora’s oceans.
      It is ridiculous, but if he can help at all, why not? If I could help somehow, I would.

  • mikey

    I keep picturing South Park “Imaginationland” when the govt. brought in Michael Bay, M. Night Shyamalan, and Mel Gibson for ideas.

  • Roberta

    Yeah, they joked about Costner helping with the oil clean up too, now his company is getting paid 24 million a day from BP to clean the water and its working.
    Why would you not go to the guy who has the best technology? If you really think Cameron is just a director, think again. His documentary on the Bismark was the deepest use of underwater remote vehicles at the time. Lets state this again since a lot of you are not getting it: HIS MACHINES ARE THE BEST UNDERWATER REMOTE ROBOTS AVAILABLE TODAY. Better than BP’s, better than the Navy’s.

  • The_Futurist

    Of course, journalism is dead and nobody knows what Cameron is made of.
    He has a total legitimity in all things ocean related and is legit in the scientific community.
    His brother is an engineer and they both conceived the robots you see at the beginning of Titanic which are exactly the kind of robots BP is using to salvage the disaster.

  • Shane

    Why not?
    Call Steve Jobs too. The Google guys, Gates- whomever. Think creatively and outside the box that used to BE what made America great- the fact that you could collect dispirite people with different talents and meld their ideas into something great. NOTHING wrong with a creative and imaginative thinker who has a background in design. This is unprecedented so let’s think outside the box.

  • Curtis Sanders

    So our government can’t figure out how to cork a hole, they have to go to a movie director to figure it out for them? Wow!!

  • Corran

    Another round of James Cameron/Avatar bashing by a bitter Entertainment Weekly. The Hurt Locker won! GET OVER IT THE ANGER!

    • Amanda

      You obviously don’t understand the point of her post… Re read it and try again.

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