Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette': Episode 2

Chris-HarrisonImage Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABCI call episode two “Cloudy With a Chance of Drama.” We’ll get to the awkward battle between Craig M and the “Weatherman” in just a bit. First, I want to answer some of your questions from the comments section, plus tell you a few things about last week. Some of you probably saw Ali and I attended the finale of Dancing With The Stars. It was interesting for me as Jake, Vienna, Ali, and Melissa Rycroft were all there. I posted a pic on Twitter of Jake, Vienna, Ali and me, and somebody mentioned it must have been awkward. It really wasn’t. Ali clearly sees she wasn’t meant to be with Jake, and she and Vienna talked and got along just fine. I don’t think they’ll be sitting around doing each other’s hair any time soon but the battle is over, they are both past it. One of you asked where I am when the limos arrive and how all that works. I’m usually out there with the Bachelor/Bachelorette the entire time. I stand just outside the lights (so I can’t be seen) with some producers, our stylist and some others, and we judge each person just like you do at home. We have five different limos with five guys each inside. We’ve done this so long we’ve actually gotten pretty quick at it. We usually get everybody in the house in about an hour. Some of you noticed Ali kept rubbing her arms and wondered why. Ali and I talked about that at DWTS last week. She had noticed it too, and it drove her crazy. It was actually very cold that night and just like everyone else is on the first night, she was a little nervous.

You didn’t get to see this, but I moved the guys into the house before I talked to them about their dates at the beginning of episode two. This is actually one of my favorite times because I get to really see and meet everybody for the first time. Frank got the first one-on-one date, something that seemed simple enough, but it really stirred up some jealousy in the house. Ali and Frank’s experience started out with a cruise down the 101 Highway in a cool old car. The operative word here is old! As you saw, the car broke down on the highway. Our first thought was cut the cameras, get the car fixed, and resume the date. Ali and Frank had other plans. They said to hell with it and started walking down the highway (not a good idea) until they found an exit. They hailed a cab and continued the date on their own, leaving producers to deal with the busted-up old car. The stop at the Hollywood sign was so simple but in my opinion one of the coolest things we’ve done on this show. It’s such an iconic place we’ve all seen on TV and in the movies for decades. So, to actually be sitting right there under the sign was pretty awesome. Frank is a guy Ali pegged on night one as somebody who will go a long way in this journey. After this date, the connection between them is only stronger, and unless he self-destructs, he won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

The second date was a huge group date with 12 guys. Before I get into why this was a special group date and discuss the calendar we’ll be selling for charity, we’ve got to discuss poor Jonathan (AKA “the weatherman”) and the banana hammock he was given to wear for the calendar shoot. He was a bit whiny and complained a little too much, but I have to say… what guy wouldn’t? No guy — and I mean no guy — should wear a bikini bottom. Sorry ladies, I don’t care how hot you think some guy is, he will never look better in that little slingshot. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Jonathan also had to deal with Craig M. Wait, not yet. We’ll dive into that in just a sec… Was it just me, or was Ali’s time with Justin that night just a little awkward? It seemed like Ali was definitely feeling it, but I didn’t get the impression that Justin (“Rated R”) was really into it. Ty got the rose on this group date. Don’t give Ty too hard of a time for being that guy playing his guitar on the beach for his girlfriend. He’s a good person who means well, but I am banning all guitars from now on. So if you’re keeping track this season — we’ve got bans on guitars, and having multiple contestants named Chris.

Now let me explain why Ali took 12 guys out on the largest group date in Bachelorette history. It was all for a good cause! Celebrity photographer Michael Grecco took pics that will be featured in a calendar we’re selling for charity as part of the “Bachelor Gives Back” program. To learn more about the charities the calendar will benefit, and how to get your own calendar, go to the Bachelorette page at

I want to briefly talk about Jesse and Ali’s insane date to Vegas. It seemed like they had a good time but it also felt like Ali was trying to convince herself the entire time that she was into him. When you describe a guy as solid or genuine, that doesn’t exactly scream love and romance to me, but we’ll see.

Okay you’ve waited long enough; let’s talk about Craig M. Yes, he’s that guy in every John Hughes movie (look them up, kids) that stirs the pot. He’s the slick guy that drives the nice car, uses too much hair product and seems like he’s going to get the girl, but after a tough life lesson, he ends up empty handed. I have to admit I was sad to see Craig go so soon. He is such a character he’s almost too good to be true. It was probably for the best because one more night in that house and someone was going to knock him out. As tough of a time as Jonathan had with him, it was actually Jesse who almost kicked his butt. Craig made fun of Jesse’s tattoos, which happen to mean a lot to Jesse. Craig then stalked Jesse around the house and wouldn’t leave him alone. Jesse didn’t want to, but he was extremely close to dropping Craig like third-period French. Luckily for Craig, some of the other guys jumped in and calmed the situation down. Still, it was Jonathan who really got the brunt of Craig M. Craig singled Jonathan out and rode him all week, but it really came to a head when Craig went upstairs and put on Jonathan’s clothes and came back down and did a Weatherman impersonation that all the guys laughed at… all the guys except the Weatherman. He was pissed and told Craig to get the hell away from him. Tensions were higher than normal heading into the second rose ceremony. These guys realize early on that this isn’t going to be as easy as they thought.

Okay, that’s it for episode two. I’m looking forward to doing a little moonlighting for ABC this week. I’m very proud to be hosting the National Spelling Bee this Friday night (June 4) in Washington D.C. Before I sign off, I want to thank Jimmy Kimmel for having me on last week; I don’t think I’ll ever forget how to spell Fedotowsky! Oops, sorry Ali. As always, leave your lighthearted, fun, entertaining comments below. My apologies to Matt Damon for running out of room and not being able to mention him in this blog!

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  • Madd

    Ha! That description of Craig M. is so true!
    But he’s obviously not as attractive as, say, James Spader was in Pretty in Pink.

    • wintersux

      Yeah, hit the nail on the head with that one, a second rate Blaine!!! (Sounds like a kitchen appliance)

      • wintersux

        Whoops, never mind, Blaine was the good guy…

      • Kath

        lol Steph!

      • Heidi

        I actually saw him as Tori Spelling’s Husband, Dean…and not in a good way. I’m glad Ali didn’t keep him around because he was clearly not into her; I was worried producers would try to convince her to keep the tension running.

        I like Chris L, Roberto, and Kirk for the way they stayed out of it completely but I do have to give kudos to Jesse for not punching Craig out and also to both Justin and Jonathan for their restraint (coulda been a whole lot worse)!!
        Plus – Chris – was ‘sexy’ meant to be a joke? The guys all looked stupid for the calendar and were put in the most unsexy items possible!

  • S Atlanta

    Craig M had to be an ABC ringer…his act was sooo bad…

    • LOL

      People actually watch this crap?

      • SLB

        Hell yeah! This show is hilarious! Watching a bunch of j*erkoffs on a phoney dating show.

      • Go Figure

        Yes…..apparently YOU do!

    • iwantroberto

      I kept calling him-“mini Dean” from Tori and Dean!
      He really is the ultimate d-bag!!!

      • Brittany

        Me too!!

      • tina field

        Yep, I agree. Roberto seems like a really nice (and genuine) guy. But what about Craig M. Surely he must be related to Dean McDermott/ Anybody know for sure???

  • Blooper

    Anybody else notice that ABC showed a shot of Jonathan wearing a rose right before he actually received the rose? Nice eff up, guys.

    • alex

      Yup saw that. Thought I was seeing things!

    • LovetheOC

      I caught that too…

    • SweetCtryWoman

      Yup, saw that, thought I had missed it, but knew I hadn’t — backed up the DVR to check it out. Oops!

    • Heart

      Caught that.

    • Tina

      Yes! Actually stopped and wondered when he had gotten a rose and I missed it… How on earth did the editors miss that???

    • Tracey

      Yep I noticed I kept rewinded to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing….OOPS!!

      • teekay

        LOL, I saw it too but decided he must have put on his own rose. :D

    • Donna Thorn

      I thought I was seeing things! I still wished he had punched Craig on his way out the door! Craig was his own worst enemy. He backstroke when Ali tried talking to him & stumbled over everything he tried to say. I don’t think he was even intrested in her. Good thing his gone cause he would have been knocked out by someone before it was over with!

    • Chris

      I was wandering if any1 else saw it I actually noticed it right away. I did rewind to make sure I saw it right.

    • ashlee

      YES I SEEN THAT.. went back on dvr thought i missed him getting one and had to do that several times though ti was crazy then i went ahead and seen that it was just an editing blah! lol

      • good grief

        you didn’t seen it…you SAW it

        I don’t typically comment on grammer errors, but that is one that makes me ill.

      • iwantroberto

        omg-when people say “seen” instead of saw is my biggest pet peeve!

      • seattle maggie

        Before correcting someone’s grammar, make sure you check your own spelling!

    • icecoffee2448

      I saw that, had to rewind it to make sure..

    • Cindy Hunt

      Yes, I noticed the rose right away and also rewound the tape to be sure. I was hoping he would get the rose, so I got a preview.

    • Jodi

      I saw that also. I was thinking when did Ali give him a rose but then she called his name and I thought I must have been seeing things.

    • Mark

      Finally watched last night, and we caught it too. At first I thought “pocket square… had to be a pocket square” but the DVR never lies :) I think Chris has said in the past that we don’t necessarily see the roses handed out in the exact order it happened in RL, but given that the main storyline of the episode was Craig and Jonathan, this was an amazing miss.

      Did anyone else get the impression that all Craig did the entire time he was there was drink? Ali asked him if he even liked her and he was too smashed to come up with a simple answer!

    • tizzylish

      Yep. Saw it. They effed up during Jason’s season too. They wanted us to believe Melissa was going home, but oops there she was with a rose before we actually saw her get it.

  • Sydney

    I still can’t get over how during the rose ceremony right before Ali handed out the last rose they had a shot with Jonathan with a rose already pinned on him! Big mistake ABC editing room!

    • wombat

      i saw that rose too! continuity, anyone??

      but can i say how happy i was to see the psychopath craig go? i was seriously afraid for the contestants well being. he was a scary sociopath. good riddance!

    • Diggity

      They also showed him in some acting challenge/date in the promos well before the rose ceremony so it wasn’t as if everyone didn’t know he was getting a rose anyway.

  • Ida Red

    So glad Craig M (for Maniac) is gone. I was dreading having to watch while his bullying antics and idiot personality went undetected week after week. Glad the Weatherman called him out.

    • SLB

      Yeah. The show is definitely going to be more boring now.

  • Shauna Bain

    As a born and raised Canadian girl I have to say how unproud I was of the Canadian representation! There are a lot of fantastic polite, parka wearing, Tim Horton’s coffee drinking Canadian boys here! Btw how cute was Frank?

    • Amazing Life

      Shauna, I know there are countless quality people from Canada. Craig is a LOSER! Justin is obnoxious! They are both too unsophisticated. What disturbed me was the lack of quality men who jump in and say… “knock it off Craig, this is not Elementary school.’ NOT one of those ballsless men did anything to STOP that PATHETICALLY insecure goon … to STOP his annoying and ridiculous insecure antics. Uhk… it was terrible what that weather guy had to endure… for what? If that clown had not been eliminated, I would NOT have watched another show. Clearly that ‘thug’ was only there to get a free trip, free food, and vacation time. ABC is a a 1st Class TV station. Jesse’s trip to Vegas was way over the top.

      OK what my problem is with the show and other such shows. The contestants are toooooooooooooooo young. Minimum age MUST be 34/36.

      Ali was trying so hard to connect with Jesse. Here was some kid from MO… who was flown on a Private Jet, Ferrari, and he doesn’t own a suit and he is 24. I’m from Atlanta, GA and not having a suit is as not having drinking water. ABC has to change the profile for both Bachelor, Bachelorette, as well as contestants.

      How many people under age 35 are interested or prepared to take a relationship seriously? ? ? The minimum age MUST be 30ish.

      That Goon Craig was inarticulate at age 34… soon to be 35. One guy who was eliminated did not even have a few minutes with Ali. In addition, it is UNFAIR for some men who are genuinely there to cultivate a relationship not having a chance to showcase. ABC should hire me to help them put that show together in a way that works on both sides.

      • Reerun5

        Well I have to agree that the age of these contestants is too young, especially since a large percentage of marriages before the age of 30 end in divorce. Besides, it’s much easier in your 20’s to meet single men than it is in your 30’s… sigh… I’d like to see a sexy, sassy, multicultural 30-something like me get her pick at 25 mature, yet youthful, MULTICULTURAL men! I could use some help!

      • Lane

        Reerun5 – I agree about MULTICULTURAL, not only white and black, but also red yellow and brown.

      • Sandra

        I agree 100% with what you said!!

      • Carla in Houston

        Reerun5 – here here!! This show needs to try harder to add some diversity. At least this season we have Roberto (and my goodness, we hit the jackpot there!!), but I can’t recall any other bachelors or bachelorettes with diverse backgrounds in quite some time. Come on ABC, dig a little deeper!

      • Beth

        Quite simply stated – Craig M is a bully. Glad he’s gone!

      • starbbycat

        no multicultural for me thanks.

      • Devon

        ummmm….I was married at 25 and now have two kids with my husband of 6 years. I didn’t realize there was an age requirement to know what you want in life.

      • realtyFan

        starbbycat, racist much?

      • csteve

        The deal with the culture is that these “contestants” are selected based on the ideal guy for the bachelorette. She may not be interested in other “races”.

    • mrs b

      totally agree. was embarrased that he is Canadian but was happy to see him booted from the show.

      • iwantroberto

        Carla in Houston-def the jackpot!! he is the only reason i am watching this year!!!

  • the fan

    Is it just me or does Craig M. look an awful lot like Dean McDermott, Tori Spelling’s husband?
    Also Canadian and last name starting with M…????

    • Reerun5

      I’ve been thinking that too (especially after I watched Tori & Dean after the Bachelorette!) – he’s Dean’s evil younger brother!

    • jr819

      Thank you!!! I’ve been thinking the same thing and was going to post something. I’m surprised it hasn’t been brought up. Glad I am not the only one—he is a dead ringer in a too familiar creepy way!

    • GS

      I said the same thing last week. Big difference is that Dean isn’t quite the tool that Craig is and he looks better.

      • spikesgrl

        I agree GS – Dean is much better looking and has a better personality. Not a total jerk like Craig M. (I felt guilty for even thinking he looked like Dean!) Why was he even there? Just to get on tv I guess. He couldn’t even hold a one-on-one conversation with Ali. How pathetic is he?

    • Mel

      Totally thought the same thing! Thankfully Dean doesn’t come across as snarky as Craig. That guy is exhausting!

    • debbie

      I was totally seeing Patrick Dempsey, but haven’t seen a comment to that likeness yet.

      • Steven

        I think he looks way more like Patrick Dempsey. Sooo glad he is gone.

      • carrie

        Me too Debbie. I’ve been calling him McDi**ie! Roberto and Cape Cod Chris for me. They haven’t shown much of him because I bet they’re putting a lot of shade on how much she likes him. He’s dreamy. Clearly she didn’t need a date with those two because who would send them packing?!

    • GGG

      Dean is awesome and Craig is a freak… Apart from their hair, how exactly are they similar???

      • Diggity

        Dean is not awesome. Just ask his ex-wife and the daughter he declined to adopt.

    • KC

      I don’t see it to me he looks like Stephen Weber

    • Ali

      I can totally see the resemblence, but the first time I saw him I thought he is trying so hard to look like Bradley Cooper and is so NOT pulling it off.

  • Nini

    Craig M was definitely the best thing about this show. My fiancee and I ONLY tuned in for him – he was hilarious. The show takes itself WAY too seriously. Face it, Craig wasn’t ready to kiss Ali’s behind and tell her how head over heels in love with her he is after meeting her 2 days ago. Obviously she wants attention and lies not the truth! Craig’s final comments had us howling! These guys are way too desperate.. it’s kinda weird.

    • Kate


    • Juneau

      I can certainly agree that no one should be proclaiming love after 2 days, but you certainly can’t justify having that immature, bully taunting others on the show. And CH says he wishes he would’ve lasted longer? Will you not be satisfied until there’s an all out brawl on TV and someone gets hurt (and someone else is brought up on assault and battary charges)? Great TV ABC. Why don’t you switch this show over to MTV and show a thug like Craig M punching Ali in the face.

    • Barb

      Nobody is expecting any of the guys to declare their undying love for Ali, but would it have killed Craig to be polite? As Ali pointed out, he refused to make eye contact and kept looking over her shoulder (waiting for someone better to show up?) and he didn’t aks her a single question about herself. Plus, his taunting of Jonathan showed him to be a bully.

    • Evett

      “Mean people suck”, and Craig was, simply, mean.

    • Laura

      Craig M. was so over the top it was hilarious. His final comments also had me cracking up – “Those two? Over THIS? Come on.”
      He was such a jerk, it made for fantastic television.

  • BHH

    I can’t believe I actually started to (dare I say it) like Ali this episode. P.U. She’s making smart choices too, unlike most past others in her spot. And isn’t Frank the most adorable thing in the world? Reminds me of Reid.

    • Maggie

      he totally reminds me of reid! even has similar rectangular glasses! hahah

      • KKKKKatie

        I miss Reid. He is one of my all time favorites!! Along with doctor Travis, my favorite bachelor. :-)

      • Bec

        I miss Reid too! No one can compare to him, but I did get a Reid sort of vibe from him. I kind of like Chris L. (Cape Cod guy) the best though.

    • Carla in Houston

      Absolutely, he is adorable!! At first I thought he was just cute, in a sort of quirky way, but I thought he was totally charming and sexy last night. Hope he makes it far.

  • cherly

    Chris, I barely made it through tonight’s episode. It seems so fake! Ali comes off as fake and insincere!! I understand you guys “create characters” but do you have to give them so much screen time. Chris H (like a few others) didn’t get any screen time tonight with Alie and I would have really liked to see what kind of connection they had/or didn’t have. This show is turning into a soap opera and its getting old. Like I said I could barely stand tonights episode and I have been watching the Bachelor/ette since the beginning. Very disappointed with the direction the show is taking.

    • Donna Thorn

      Im with you Cherly! Why does it have to be mean spirited to a few to have ratings! I, for one, am glad that Ali saw the wolf in sheeps clothing right off the bat & dropped kicked him right out of the house! ABC….mean does not equal ratings. If he’d been kept I don’t know if I’d have kept watching. He would have been Ali’s Wes & I don’t think that is even remotley funny or cute!

    • Chloe

      Ali’s contant “giggling” was getting very annoying. It all sounded so fake. NO ONE laughs that much. I always find that people who are always up and smiling and being sugary sweet are not to be trusted. I hope they show a serious side to Ali.

      PS This is my first time EVER watching any of the Bachelor/Bachlorette shows. I only did it last night since there was nothing on TV. And I have to admit – even though I’m going to fight it – but I think I’m hooked!!

    • Steph

      I really wanted to see more of chris h..he seemed like a nice guy

  • Ang

    Glad I wasn’t the only one who caught the editing mistake – before the Weatherman got his rose, there was a shot of him with it on…..hehehe

    • Tammy

      There was also an editing mistake when the car broke down. The helicopter showed the car up against a cement rail. When they got out to “abandon” it, it was next to a pine needle/landscaped embankment (sp?).

      • Jenn

        YES! Makes you realize how fake the whole show is. It was very obvious cement wall/grassy area. How the heck did they get a “broken” car from point A to B since it was clearly not near a grassy area when it broke down… very annoyed

  • Nini

    However, in fairness, I have never watched this show before.. so maybe all contestants are this weird and desperate?

    • Kellie

      You do realize that there’s about a week or so in between rose ceremonies? PS. No one has actually said they’re in love with Ali. The bachelors are not allowed phone or internet access, etc., so why WOULDN’T they be falling for her? That’s all they’ve got to think about! When you have nothing to do in a house full of men for a week, feelings and emotions tend to get concentrated and accelerated.

    • Chloe

      Nini – It was my first time watching, too. Maybe because I’m older, the guys, I thought, were total jerks as far as I’m concerned. ALL of them. Like someone said, get older guys because this group will end up bonding and sitting around drinking beer all the time like they were in someone’s basement – and Ali will be forgotten.

  • lila

    I think the word “awesome” was used about a hundred times tonight. seriously, that word needs to be retired. Also, the lack of any conversation with substance makes Ali and her suitors look like a bunch of airheads. This show has gotten so dumbed down it’s ridiculous, or maybe Ali is just the shallow bimbo she appears to be.

    • soseith

      Actually, I believe the word “AMAZING” was used far more than “AWESOME”. Why is every frickin’ think “AMAZING”????

    • Jeff

      What about “Like?” I was like… Like fingers on a chalkboard!

  • David

    Another bad editing job……when the old car died, they were next to a concrete barrier, then when they got out of the car, the barrier was gone and Frank opened the door into some dirt/grass… how did the car get from one place to the other?

    • Erin

      They didn’t fix the car on the side of the 101…

      • Megan C.

        Erin, the car moved while it was broken down on the side of the highway. They showed the broken down in two different locations. How did that happen. Of course they didn’t fix it there. Rewatch it.

    • spikesgrl

      Totally noticed that!! Can you explain that for us Chris?

    • Loving it!

      LOL! I totally noticed the exact same thing! Especially after Chris’ said they decided to get out an walk to the nearest exit and continue the date on thier own!

    • Naomi

      Yep, saw that too. There were actually THREE different shots. The angle in the car made it look like there was only one lane of traffic on Ali’s side of the car (implying they broke down in the middle of the highway); then the shot from above showed them on the side of the road with a concrete barrier next to them; and finally the shot from outside the car showed them getting out next to a grassy hill?? Did they actually make them film that several times to get the “transition” stuff of them “walking away” to continue their date “on their own”? It was weird!

  • Cassidy

    I’m a Frank fan for SURE! He is crazy adorable and fun. I just hope things continue going as well as they seem to be. He definitely seems to bring out a lot of good qualities in Ali! She seems fun, quirky and relaxed around him. Loving their connection so far. :)

    On the other hand, I’m not a huge fan of Roberto or Jonathan. Roberto is incredibly boring.. and yet Ali seems into him? I don’t get it. And Jonathan brings the LAUGHS big time. Keep him around just for that.

    I am interested in seeing Ali’s relationship with Ty, Chris and Hunter develop more. I think those guys have some good qualities.

    • iwantroberto

      Frank ends up leaving for his ex

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