'The Big Bang Theory' season finale recap: Sheldon possibly finds a perfect mate, and she's Blossom

Big-Bang-Theory-finaleImage Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBSIt’s strange, fellow Big Bang theorists, but I find myself with not much to say about last night’s season finale, since pretty much everything in it that mattered occurred in the final three minutes. In short: Leonard was bummed to see Penny dating a dim bulb who thought the Big Bang boys’ experiment to bounce a laser off of the moon meant they wanted to blow it up. (Sheldon, oddly trenchant as ever, boiled down the dim bulb’s appeal thusly: “He must be very skilled at coitus.”) Howard suggested Leonard play the field himself by using a fancy online dating service, but then Raj thought it’d be better if they’d submit Sheldon to the site instead. Miraculously, they got a match. And she turned out to be Blossom.

Okay, she wasn’t star of the very special early 1990s NBC sitcom, exactly. Sheldon’s match was played ever so briefly by Blossom‘s Mayim Bialik, and it turns out the character, the alliteratively named Amy Farrah Fowler, very well may be the ideal mate for Sheldon Cooper. This much we know so far: She shares Sheldon’s aversion to soiled hosiery (i.e. dirty socks). Her agreement with her mother to date once a year is similar to Sheldon’s deal with his mother to attend church once a year. She used the Sheldon-esque word “baffled” to describe her feelings about a deity that “takes attendance.” And she stated in no uncertain terms that “all physical contact, up to and including coitus, are off the table.” If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Sheldon swooned.

In any case, he offered to buy her a beverage, she agreed, Howard and Raj were stunned/alarmed at their unexpected success, and just like that, the season was over. Now, readers of Michael Ausiello’s  EW.com blog already know that Ms. Bialik’s guest star contract has an option to return to the series next season, which now seems kinda like me saying I had an option to watch Sunday’s Lost finale. (YES! Finally got Lost mentioned on this site!) Bialik — who has a Ph.D in neuroscience in real life (!) — perfectly played a more Sheldon-y Sheldon than Sheldon, and like many of you, I’m pretty much dying to see where Amy Farrah Fowler’s relationship with Sheldon might lead. (For one thing, how will this outwardly self-serious woman respond when she learns Sheldon only drinks hot chocolate in months with an “r” in them because, as he said, “What’s life without whimsy?”) Consider your cliffhanger well hung, Chuck Lorre — er, on second thought, better not.

Meanwhile, as Sheldon was possibly starting a romantic entanglement (as much as he is capable of doing so, anyway), Leonard and Penny tied a few new tricky knots into their own season-long relationship tapestry. Penny ditched her dude after realizing Leonard had ruined her capacity to “tolerate idiots,” got drunk, and pulled her ex into an apparently rowdy and rodeo-themed session of post-breakup sex. When Penny told Leonard the next morning she thought said sex was a mistake, Leonard made a surprising swing over to the apartment of one Leslie Winkle in an attempt to get some more meaningless sex. It was great to see Sara Gilbert again — as her character said, it’d been over a year since she’d last appeared on the show — but it seemed like a bit of a waste to bring the actress back just to pop up in a tiny scene. Perhaps next season, Leonard, Penny, and Leslie will find themselves in a Big Bang love triangle? One can only dream, even when one runs the risk of getting beat up by schoolyard bullies when one refers to oneself as “one.”

What did you make of The Big Bang Theory‘s season ender? Are you keen for more Mayim Bialik next season, or are you hoping the show’s writers keep to their promise that Sheldon’s one and only love is science? Do you wish there’d been more of Leslie Winkle? Are Penny and Leonard now truly over? Are you at all surprised by Raj’s appreciation for Big Bang‘s sister CBS drama series The Good Wife? And how long do you think it will take for “prevening” — i.e. Sheldon’s word for “the ambiguous period between afternoon and evening” — to enter the national lexicon, or at least inspire a series of t-shirts?

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  • AcaseofGeo

    I think there is A LOT to say about this episode. BBT has learned that a little Leslie Winkle goes a long way, and it keeps us yearning for more. So I don’t think Sara Gilbert’s brief scene was a throwaway or disappointing. It was a very pleasant surprise in this age of spoilers. As for Sheldon’s date, again, the scene with Mayim Bialik was too brief. It was gutbusting and definitely left me wanting some more. Seeing Sheldon be wooed – very unintentionally by either party – was pricelesss.

    • Lu

      I love when Sara Gilbert and Johnny Galecki act together. I think they make a great comedic pair. I think the reaction of Raj and Howard when Sheldon and Blossom actually had beverages was hilarious and I can’t wait to see where this goes.

      • Harry Knockers

        But remember TBBT has a tendency to get rid of GF’s very fast. We may never see Blossom on the show again. But I have a feeling Season 4 will explore a Sheldon-Blossom relationship. Leonard and Penny will NOT be back together in Season 4 I assume.

  • JenR

    I will definitely be using prevening. Although, I think it might be spelled prevning. He wasn’t pronouncing a second “e,” was he? I liked Mayim but I don’t know how much of two Sheldons I can take.

    • LadyHouston

      I think that’s just the Texan accent coming out. I say ‘evning’ as well, so I think it’s a regional thing.

      • Kristin

        Lady Houston, I’m with you on that point. I’m from Houston myself, and I say ev’ning. I also say Youston instead of Houston – a hallmark of being born there. Wish I was still there – now I’m in Jersey.

      • footballmom

        oh Kristin you poor thing! NJ???? come home!

      • Sarah

        Hah, Kristin, I’m from NJ and am in Houston now! Talk about culture shock.

      • Morgan

        Welcome to NJ, now go Home!

    • kate

      My hubby used it last night… he’s not even a fan (or at least, he wasn’t. Methinks he’s starting to see the light).


      -JenR I just want to ppoint oput that the Frasier pilot almost didn’t make it past the screening board because Niles and Frasier Crane were too much alike (which they were wrong about). I think they can seriously milk This Amy Sheldon thing as long as they feed off each other into spirals of ridiculum and hilarity.

  • JLC

    Sheldon and Amy will apparently have to learn how to reproduce asexually. But if anyone can do it, it’s them.

    • Kristin

      I’m hitting the “Like” button on this comment.

    • brody

      Oh lord, that DEFINITELY needs to be canon!

    • Liz

      Best line of the recap remarks.

  • kim in kentucky

    Loved the downstairs neighbor — Yeeeee Haw!!!

    • Carm

      That was funny!

  • Anna

    I will be really dissapointed if they give Sheldon a girlfriend acutally. I loved that he was “asexual” or whatever you would call Sheldon, i loved that cause there aren’t any other characters like him. Even if this girl is different like him, i don’t ever want to see Sheldon in a relationshio like that. I want him to be loved bviously, but he was his friends. I don’t know, i really didn’t like this girl and that storyline.

    • ZF

      I think the writers had to set this up to establish that Sheldon is not capable of having a romantic relationship. Sure, he finds her appealing now, but only because she is exactly like him. It works with his narcissistic tendencies. Two people like that can never get along.

      • Sue1

        I agree ZF. I don’t think there will be a “romantic” relationship, just two identical life-forms drawn together for an experiment, but eventual their quest for perfection will drive them apart.

      • girlie

        yes! trying to watch hockey and BBT! great, great finale!

      • Six

        Remember the Seinfeld ep when Jerry dated a woman who was just like him? (played by Jeanine Garafolo) At first he thought she was great, and then he realized he was datinging a female version of himself, and he dumped her.

      • JB

        >>Remember the Seinfeld ep when Jerry dated a woman who was just like him? (played by Jeanine Garafolo)

        Actually, it was George who dated the woman who liked Jerry, and she was played by Tracy Nelson. George broke up with her because he was afraid dating her proved he was secretly attracted to Jerry. To follow this scenario, it should be Leonard who falls for Amy.

      • JB

        Sorry, on second thought, you’re right. It was a different different episode in which George dated someone who LOOKED like Jerry. I must brush up on my TV trivia.

    • Lu

      I feel like Sheldon’s interest in Blossom is not romantic. He has always seen people as beneath him and perhaps he sees her as his equal?

      • Diane

        That is exactly what I thought. Once we find ot what Blossom does he may or may not continue to respect her.

    • jcb

      Give the writers a chance. It could be good or bad. We will just have to wait and see

  • Nancy

    (YES! Finally got Lost mentioned on this site!)

    Now THAT was funny!!

    • madduxfan


    • Flyer

      Oh yes, that was funny. Way to go, Adam! (And loved your cameo in the Totally Lost with “Jacob” as intern!)

    • Katja

      LOL I was going to comment on the same line. Nice one, Adam B. Vary! (And I’d like to second Flyer’s approval of your appearance on Totally Lost…that entire segment with Intern Jacob and Counselor Smokey was hysterical.)

  • Tony

    Loved the scene where Sheldon criticizes his breakfast: “In what universe is this no pulp?” “In what universe is this lightly toasted?” “Yes, I can believe you’re not butter.”

    • Rebecca

      Same, the butter line completely cracked me up

    • Six

      Given how picky and exacting Sheldon is about what he eats, I did not think it made sense that he would have imperfect breakfast items. It would’ve made more sense if he were praising his OJ for being exactly pulpy enough and his toaster for toasting precisely to his specifications.

      • Grace

        Agreed. I thought it was funny but it seemed a little off. He’s usually so picky about his food and routine, it seemed strange that everything would be off.

      • Sue1

        Actually to me it seemed totally in character that he would question everything.

      • V

        He was having a bad day…that was part of it.

  • ash

    I want that Sheldon’s cylon toaster.

  • Kim

    It confuses me that there is still this segment of watchers that want Sheldon to stay “asexual” as they put it. Sex in and of itself can be hilarious, especially if written well. Everyone deserves someone that loves them, quirks and all. Even Einstein loved passionately, but was still dedicated to science. I think it would be HILARIOUS for Sheldon to discover that “coitus” is fun, i.e him saying “that is what all the yee-hawing was about. I have to analyze this further.” hehe

    • Kat

      I’m always intrigued by the sudden asexuality of Sheldon in comparison with the pilot, in which Sheldon and Leonard go to a sperm bank, Leonard says “I don’t know if I can do this” and Sheldon said they were practically semi-pros. Had they not totally figured out his character at that point or something? Or is (not to get gross, so I’m trying to be clinical here) regular expulsion and subsequent replenishment of reproductive fluids considered healthy and thus acceptable by Sheldon and it’s simply the human interaction component of sex that he doesn’t like?

      • Harry Knockers

        And remember in ep. 2 Sheldon seems to be eager to talk to Penny, like the rest of the guys. Sheldon didn’t take shape as we know him for a few shows into Season 1. He is fully formed at least by the ep. where his mother visits.

    • Lights

      I agree with you, I’m fine with him having a romantic attachment so long as it doesn’t alter who he is at the core. And romantic does not have to be sexual, whether it’s a choice Sheldon’s made or his actual sexual identity (not a choice). From what we know, it’s definitely a choice, so I think it would be quite fun to explore just what exactly that means for Sheldon and how it could be played out.

    • rosseau

      I think it would be hilarious if Sheldon lost intelligence each time he had sex.
      Sex = Sheldon’s intellectual Krytonite.

      • LovelyDove

        AWESOME! That would be too funny and the a great play on my all time favorite episode where Elieen was getting dumb after going so long without sex and George was pratically a genius! LOL.

      • fancypants

        that was a great Seinfeld episode! but it’s Elaine not Elieen, btw.

    • Valerie

      I TOTALLY agree with Kim (05/25/10)’s comment it is like she took the words right out of my mouth! I will be very excited to see if they keep Mayim Bialik to see where it goes with Sheldon. I don’t believe he is asexual – i believe that the socializing part of him is very very very introverted!.

    • Lady Ginger

      I agree. I find the Sheldon-Amy storyline hilarious, and would like to see where it goes

  • Dustin

    Tivo can only handle so much. I dont need a laugh track to enjoy two hours of chuck and two hours of 24. Ironically, the nerds that give you so much enjoyment would have watched chuck/24 over BBT as well. SUCK IT POSERS!

    • Brooke

      A true nerd would have recorded 24 and Chuck on Tivo and watched BBT live on whichever input didn’t have the Tivo hooked up to it.

      • MelindaB65

        Woot! I’m a true nerd, then! (And I used “woot,” so…yeah.)

      • Harry Knockers

        I don’t see nerds watching Chuck or 24. TBBT is popular among nerds and geeks. There’s no laugh track. 0 for 3 loser.

    • Diane

      Actually a true Geek would have skipped 24 and Chuck to watch a rerun of Battlestar or Stargate while attempting to make a replica out of random items found in a hardware store and duct tape.

      • kate

        Yeah, since when is 24 a geek thing? I somehow don’t think Bauer appeals to that crowd (i.e. me).

    • Carl

      A true nerd would have built 2 DVRs themselves and alloted 1 TB for recording like I did.

  • Kim

    Meant to add that the writers do not have to change the fundamental characteristics of Sheldon to introduce some type of romance into his storyline. Do I expect him to go all mushy? NO – however, any analytical, but still enthusiastic, attitude towards coitus would be funny…

    • Valerie

      once again – read my mind girl!

  • sparkle the gym bag

    I will be having pre-evening drinks on a regular basis great season ender! more of both gals…more shots of drunk penny

  • MomC

    I actually found the Blossom thing a little too everything. I would call Sheldon a lot of things, but dour is not one of them. The Mayim Bialik character (albeit in the short time we saw her( just seemed to devoid of any personality.

    • Flyer

      Yes! I couldn’t figure out exactly what my problem was, but you’ve put your finger on it. When I saw Bialik’s character, I realized that I really don’t want to see two Sheldons. What I want is for Sheldon to meet a more “normal” yet super-intelligent woman who could figure out where Sheldon is coming from, like and appreciate him for all his quirks, and figure out how to relate to Sheldon in a way that we can identify with AND that also makes Sheldon want to relate to her.

      • Mel

        Not possible.

      • Flyer

        It would be a tall order, I agree. However, nothing’s impossible, given sufficient time, space and energy. I remain hopeful.

      • Kris

        Nothing is impossible in the land of sitcoms.

      • Carl

        I would like Sheldon’s new ‘girlfriend’ to be much smarter than him. Also, when she is in public, she is as seen in the finale, but when she is alone with him she is totally different.

      • eljay

        What I think the writers could have fun with is to have Sheldon pursue her, as much as he is able, but for her feelings about dating to be unchanged. I thought the character and the actress were note perfect – from attitude to dress to hair cut. No wonder I love this show.

  • Dan

    It was a priceless episode. Everything I love about BBT all in one half-hour. It really had me thirsting for next season and yes, I can believe it’s not butter.

  • J.Norman

    The Mayim Bialik may work in limited doses with Sheldon – Kind of like Sara Gilberts character with Leonard – but should not be overused. I think the funniest part of this new Sheldon “girlfriend” will be the potential for reactions from Howard, Raj, and especially Penny.
    The angle that Penny has realized that the geeks have rubbed off on her more than she ever realized is a good one.

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