Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette' season premiere

Chris-HarrisonImage Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABCI want to start off this blog — and this season — with a big “Thank You!” This is our 20th season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise. It’s a remarkable accomplishment in this day and age of television, and on behalf of the hundreds of people who make this show happen each and every year, I’ll say it again: Thank you. Making this show is much more than a job for all of us; it’s a passion and a labor of love. While this show has evolved with the times over the last eight years, it really hasn’t ever changed or wavered from its roots. It’s still really about that one thing we hope to achieve and find in our lives: love.

Watching the recap of Ali and Jake at the beginning of the first episode was a little strange. For some reason, that night at the Beverly Wilshire, when she chose her job over Jake, seems like years ago. I want to point out something very important that Ali mentioned several times throughout tonight’s episode, something that will play a huge part in and essentially shape this entire season: Ali is a vulnerable woman. Her biggest fear this season is that she will fall in love but not be loved back. This is a wild, tumultuous season for Ali. Unfortunately, her greatest fear is somewhat realized, and it’s something Ali had to face head-on and deal with.

The first episode is always hard to blog about because you’re just getting to know everybody. I do, however, love to break down the different styles the guys use to make a first impression. First off, there are way too many guys named Chris this season. I promise you, I will see to it this will not happen again. Then we have Frank, who is the first bachelor or bachelorette to ever come out of the top of the limo. Kyle, who went home, went with the fishhook maneuver — a classic move that I normally would rip apart, but you know what, it played okay. Craig M., who will undo all the goodwill Jillian created for Canada on our show, came out with a knock on Vienna. I’ve got to stick up for my friend Vienna and say, “Not a cool move, buddy.” Kirk created a paper rose for Ali. I think Ali saved him a little bit, but it worked all right. Tyler M. made the biggest gaffe of anybody during the arrivals. Note to all men: If you’re going to make mention of something that a woman did, like wear cowboy boots, make sure you’ve got the right woman! Ali didn’t wear cowboy boots on night one. And then there’s Derrick … ohhh, Derrick. I would say bless your heart, but you did this to yourself, my friend. Telling Ali your nickname is “Shooter” was bad enough. “Shooter” is just not the kind of nickname a woman is going to find cute or endearing. But when you tell her you “earned” that name due to premature ejaculation…. Damn, dude, what can I tell you? That’s just not something any woman wants to hear two minutes after meeting you. The good news is at least you didn’t share this information on national television. Oh wait.

After cleaning up the hot tea I spit across the control room from hearing Derrick explain his nickname, I brought out the ballot box for the boys. Well, actually my man Paul Danner brought it out (by the way ladies, Pauly is still single). The guys didn’t like the idea of the ballot box at first, but then quickly changed their tune. As it turned out, Justin easily got the majority of the votes. Ali decided to go against the guys’ decision and give Justin (aka “Rated R”) a rose and keep him around. I will back up her decision here. Justin said and did nothing wrong that first night to be sent home. The whole wrestling, “Rated R” thing rubbed some of the guys the wrong way, but Justin was really good with Ali, and I understand her choice. With that said, this is not the end of Rated R’s controversy, nor is it the end of his problems with the other guys in the house. On the flip side, Roberto received the first impression rose. Ali appeared to be blushing when she was trying to give him the rose.

The first night of the season really just gets the ball rolling, and things take off in a hurry from here. This season takes us around the world and back. We even dodge a volcanic eruption, only to be delayed by that very volcano when we least expected it. I’ve been known to throw around the word “dramatic” from time to time, but to say this season has plenty of drama doesn’t fully explain all that lies ahead. The tease at the end of the show gives you just a little taste of all the trials and tribulations Ali will have to deal with right up to the very end. It’s our 20th season, a huge milestone; I think you’ll agree when it’s all said and done that this may be our best ever. As always, I look forward to your comments below. Please remember this is a fun blog that is meant to entertain and lend a little inside perspective on the show, and please keep that in mind while leaving your comments. For more, you can find me on Twitter @chrisbharrison and on Facebook.

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  • abby

    First! (Oh, and I’m looking forward to the season!)

    • John Q.

      This show is a total waste of tv programming space. How can 24 and Lost be going off the air and this crap find a place on the tube. It’s just sad.

      • aggie

        come on John Q., Wheres your feminine,romantic side?

      • Mike

        Chris Harrison = Smokey.

      • John Q.

        aggie, I don’t have a feminine side. My romantic side doesn’t look for sweetness from a contrived, scripted piece of b.s./reality tv.

      • Nobody

        Referring to Chris Harrison as “Smokey” is an insult to Smokey.

      • Bea

        Uh, because a) 24 and Lost finished their runs. They weren’t canceled, they finished. b) Completely different demographic. Why are you even reading Chris Harrison’ Bachelorette blog? How did you even KNOW Chris Harrison had a blog?

      • Par G

        To John Q. If the show is a waste of air time, why are you even reading Chris Hanson’s blog? Thank you Chris Hanson for your insights. This gives us all a little more perspective on what we see televised vs. what you see first-hand. Thank you! (For continuing this and ignoring the naysayers)

      • PD

        You don’t have to watch it, for real. Just change the change the channel. If you hate the show, why are you reading about it? Don’t stress yourself. Find something you like and move on.

      • plygal

        John if you don’t like it don’t watch it and don’t read a blog about it and comment, simple as that.

      • jli

        But you took the time to watch, read the blog and comment. It couldn’t have been that bad now could it?!

      • Monica

        Then exercise your right not to watch and don’t bother reading a blog about a show you profess to hate. Really, JohnQ, it’s quite simple.

      • hdt319

        It’s Chris Harrison, not Hanson.

      • cosmo75

        Wow…this must be your “quilty pleasure”. Don’t be embarrassed…we aren’t!

    • timmy t

      “I’ve been known to throw around the word “dramatic” from time to time, but to say this season has plenty of drama doesn’t fully explain all that lies ahead. ”

      And REALITY STEVE lets you know about the drama ahead of time and all the LIES ahead. Hey Harrison, any thoughts on your whole entire season being leaked ahead of the premiere episode last night? Why did you string Frank along instead of letting him go earlier?

      • Courtney

        Chris I love your blogs! I usually love reading the comments but it looks like the Reality Steve spoilers are going to pop up again so unfortunately I’ll have to steer clear of comments all season…I hated having it ruined for me last season!

      • Sue

        Reality Steve and your little minions – Why the heck do you get such enjoyment out of trying to drag this show down? We all know you “know” the inside scoop – WHO CARES??? Grow up and go play on your own website…

      • Hope

        I wish Reality Steve and his goons would go away. Chris is a great guy and I love reading is blogs. I”m with you Courtney-I’m going to steer clear of the spoilers as well. Chris H., you are truly a kind, respectful, and endearing guy. Thanks or all you do:)

      • baddancer

        Go AWAY RS spoilers! I like my entertainment and I LOVE me some Chris Harrison Blog!!

    • mira

      Spoilers below, guys. Don’t read ahead if you don’t want to know.

  • G

    Second! I missed tonight, looking forward to seeing it online this week. I didn’t like Ali much during the Bachelor, but she seems like a sweet girl and a bit insecure. I have a feeling I will feel for her when she goes through all those ups and downs. Love you, Chris!!

    • PJ

      I love Ali. I thought she and Jake last season were made for each other. Too bad she had to leave the show then because of her job. I hope this season that she can find someone to make her happy cause she deserves a great guy. I only hope she doesn’t get hurt cause like Chris Harrison says, she’s still dealing with a broken heart and might not be mended yet!

  • April C

    Oh you stupid stupid *&^(&%(. I hate you so much you have no idea. How DARE you? Do you feel important now? Hmm? Satisfied you god complex? With one sentence you killed 2 months of TV during boring a$$ summer! Go back to Reality Steve’s bed, doggy.

    • Nobody

      So what? Don’t get your panties in a wad, girl. You will still watch this stupid effing show, hosted by the biggest effing jerkoff liar on TV, Mr. Chris Harrison himself.

      • M

        Didn’t Chris Harrison post during the last Bachelor blog that ‘Nobody’ was John Mayer? Was it true? if so, you’re a sellout.

      • Laughing Out Loud

        Wow Nobody…you sure are full of hate and crass. Why are you even on here. Just so you know we are all laughing out loud at your immature ridiculous inappropriate comments. If you have a problem with Chris find a different venue to vent in. You just sound like an idiot here.

    • allie

      Who are you talking to? There are three entries above yours and NO SPOILERS??? Or did EW take them down. And honestly, if you don’t like spoilers you probably shouldn’t be on an entertainment website…. just sayin’

      • KC

        For the millionth time it’s a site about the current episode, not about spoilers. But go ahead if it makes you feel important.

    • Olivia

      Reality Steve is really sort of a dork (his writing style is horrrrible) but I think he does a public service by “spoiling” this fraudulent, morally bankrupt television program that has actually crossed the line into *ruining people’s lives.* Smearing people’s reputations on no evidence as if they at The B are morally superior. The fact that the wrestler was cheating on both his gf’s is laughable, but ABC deciding to INVOLVE one of them (but not the other!) is using people for ratings in a despicable manner. And Harrison is a shill and a liar.

      • John

        WOW! Really well said Olivia! I couldn’t agree more!

  • Nobody

    ABC should have made Ali work out or something. She has the arms of a biggest loser contestant, and her hips are so wide she should be the next Jenny Craig spokesperson.

    • Ame

      wow – you better hope you never end up on tv. I’m sure you look much better than everyone else you judgemental a$$.

      • Ame

        It takes a lot of guts for a girl to go on tv – especially in a bikini. Maybe you want to post a picture of yourself in your bathing suit for us to criticize? Hmmmmm???

      • SLB

        Takes a lot of guts? She’s being paid well.

    • Karen

      Um….you need to seriously get a grip. Not every girl on TV is a size 2. Ali looks just fine.

      • Amanda

        Are you kidding? Ali’s abs are amazing!! She looks great!

      • Lizabeth

        Yeah, she’s a very pretty girl and she has a great body!

    • bachelorette fan

      HI thought if you want to meet someone you should be yourself. If you would have watched the beginning of the show you would have saw that Ali was running. I wish the best for Ali and i hope that she doesnt get hurt.

    • mary ruth

      I read where Ali had put on 10 pounds.

      • Juneau

        So what?

    • Par G

      Allie – you should ignore Nobody. He/she posts those things to get a reaction – nothing positive can come from his negativity. (or Mary Ruth’s) I mean, whats the point? Reading Nobody’s replies are like reading a 12 yr old’s blog where you just want to say to them, ‘really? Man, just grow up.’

      • Nobody

        If you don’t like what I say then don’t read my posts. That should be simple enough for a 12 year old to follow.

        Or have you made it to 12 yet. You probably worship that swamp thing Vienna too, right?

      • timmy t

        Par G isn’t a 12-year old, she’s a bored, horny frauen. Still having wet dreams of that fat pig (and Bachelor sex record-holder) Bob.

    • Karen

      You are insane…

    • wino

      oh Nobody, I mean Vienna, stop posting these random rants against Ali.

    • Melesa Garrison

      That’s pretty rude and she is far from a biggest loser contestant and NO, I’m not saying this because I’m over weight because I’m not!

    • kate siska

      I have to agree that compared to last season, Alli looks HUGE! I thought she might already be pregnant and that is why she is looking for a husband. Hmmm!

      • violet birch

        Yeah, I think she looks fine, but there is no denying she has gained quite a bit of weight since last season.

    • deb

      Oh my God — I should look so bad! She’s gorgeous. Man — it’s sad that women can be so nasty to each other (bit of jealousy perhaps?)

      • BC Girl

        I’d kill to have her body. And I’m not overweight! TV always puts on pounds but I think she looks great!

    • jay

      wow, NOBODY….you are nobody for a one cares what you have to say! You are probably a fata$$ who is jealous of skinny people….i dont even like the bachelorette but that was so rude. You need anger management for real! your life would be so much more fulfilling if you were a nice person, good luck in life–you are gonna need it!

    • Laughing Out Loud

      Once again….idiot. How can you call her fat when she is many sizes samller than the average woman. And no…I am not fat. Just saying!

    • Devon

      Ali was keeping her shoulders hunched and arms close because it was cold outside! You could see her breath when she was meeting the men in their limos. And her hips looked bigger because she had a mic box shoved down the back of her dress. Couldn’t you see the lumps at the back from it? Loved the back of that dress by the way.

  • tad

    She should have kept Kasey

    • El

      I thought she DID keep Kasey – at the end… I liked the outdoor guy!

      • BC Girl

        You mean the guy that kills animals and got a gun when he was 4?


    alot of ugly weird looking losers.I think Ali must be disappointed.That one guy that says how he got his nick name shooter shot himself in the foot no pun intended. What a thing to tell a girl! thats about the worse thing you can say to a girl to impress her. Also not appropriate. loser! Also some four eyed mutt who lives with his parents. Where do they find these guys? They all pretty much look alike, beady eyed with funny looking haircuts. I bet 25% of them are gay. Some guy made a little book, took him 8 hours and went to some craft store and got ribbon etc. Got on because of a gay producer Is sleeping with him.

    • Greg

      Yeah, I can’t believe the collection of dorks and losers they came up with. Really bad.

    • Jasmine

      Too funny!

  • michelle loughlin

    Chris–Where is Kristen Baldwin’s blog? I LOVED it!

    • Sara (other one)

      Jennifer’s writing the blog, and in it she explains that Kristen is out on maternity leave. No comments about the Queen of B[] Mountain this season, I guess…

      • Pinky

        Boo! I love Kristen! She’s the reason why I watch the show! Why can’t she hold her baby and type at the same time? (Kidding. Kind of.) Best wishes and congratulations to Kristen.

      • Missing Kristen

        Hey EW Kristen can dictate her blog with voice software, no excuses now…..LOL

  • SueS

    Kris, I enjoy your blog and usually really enjoy the show. I won’t be watching this season because of the pick of Ali for bachelorette. I was disappointed with the pick of the mean-spirited girl who was the leader of the nasty feeding frenzy surrounding V.

    Maybe it’s time to pick a new gal or guy instead of recycling rejects? Keep blogging – I’ll read them, but am sitting out this season

    • Ame

      Get over it. Ali is the bachelorette. Stop bringing everyone down who LIKES her!

    • Madge

      I agree completely, SueS. I’m not an Ail hater, per se, but I didn’t like her on The Bachelor and I’m not going to be watching this season.

      • Dave

        I second you guys. Loved Ali. HATED Vienna and STILL HATE Vienna. She’s white trash and Ali’s now biting her tongue but I will always side with the girl from a nice background vs. white trash.

    • Mel

      Agree with you, SueS! Ali was a bully on The Bachelor. She organized a hate campaign (oh, wait, “campaign” is the grown-up word; Ali used “pact”) around Vienna and spent a huge percentage of her time insulting and obsessing over Vienna. Why The Bachelorette franchise chose her – thus endorsing that behavior – is absolutely bewildering to me. Why not Gia?? I am not watching this season, either.

    • Robin

      I so agree…she was the worse sort of “mean girL’ on the Bachelor, and I told my teenager that she behaved how I would NEVER want her to behave…and then ABC turns around and calls her “America’s Sweetheart” this season?? NO. She is not. ABC and Ali should have addressed this head-on if they had any hope of redeeming ALI this season; viewers have a long memory.

      • MEH

        I, too, will not watch this season. I am very disappointed in the network for rewarding Ali’s mean-spirited behavior from last season. The show formula only works when we care to see a happy ending for someone. I could never watch this journey with her in it. I will read this blog because I think Chris is terrific and I would like to think the network will take these comments into consideration.

    • cbwrob

      My wife got me into this show and shince then I have been a fan. She has not missed a single season and since I got into it I have not missed a single season. Ali is being treated like she was let go too early. I am sorry but she walked away the first time and from that point on she should have immediately not been given the shot at being the bachelorette. Sorry we will miss this season hope next will be a good one. And this will be the only post as I didn’t even realize it was on last night. Was shopping around for Chuck news :):)

    • Sue

      If you don’t like the show, why are you even bothering posting on this blog? Do you enjoy spreading evil and hate? I am sure the producers will miss having some fance, but I am also sure that MANY people think that Ali was a fabulous choice. I know I do. All the best ~

      • Sue

        Duh. FANS. My bad.

  • Meghan

    I got so frustrated and annoyed last night that I changed the channel halfway through. Her non-stop laugh and valley-girl-esque talk was out of control annoying and having to hear these not-so-cute guys discussing their needs to go to the bathroom was just too much. Ali needs to get a makeover and an education!

    • bachelorette fan

      Did you ever think that she was nervous I know when I am nervous I laugh more maybe she was being herself. I wish I had half the body she has She is looking for love not looking to be the next top model. How do you know that she doesnt have education you dont even know her. I think that she is great she is a sweetheart.

      • Anon

        Looking for love? Are you crazy? Well, you’re at least gullible, that’s for sure. She’s looking to be on tv and to be famous. And how do you know she’s a ‘sweetheart’? Don’t profess what you don’t know and then blast people for doing the same.

    • MOM

      Amen to that. That Valley girl talk is soooo old. She has no conversation.

    • Lois Canton

      Her laugh is probably the single main reason that I can’t watch the show this season. INSUFFERABLE.

  • Rachel in Dallas

    Popwatch/Chris, is nobody monitoring for spoilers? It makes it hard to believe you read the posts when stuff like this gets posted and not removed!

    BTW, was Ali cold during this epi? She seemed to always have her shoulders hunched forward and her arms stuck straight down and a little out.

    • GS

      Did you not notice her take any guys jacket who offered? She was obviously freezing but was more worried about looking good for the duded.

    • Ember

      Her shoulders were hunched because the straps of her dress kept falling down. That was one seriously poor choice of a dress for night #1.

      • Pam

        I hated that dress. She looked so incredibly uncomfortable in it.

    • Devon

      When she was outside meeting the men as the exited the limos, you could see her breath in the air. So I’ll bet she was pretty cold. But you know how it is…can’t wear a coat outside to meet the men! Have to look beautiful! Poor girl must have been freezing.

  • Jude

    is it just me or did the majority of guys wear suits that just plain didnt fit??? I have to be honest this is probably the worst bunch to choose from in 20 seasons….Craig M will be fun to watch only cuz it seems like he will create lots of drama and now reading this Rated R will have his drama as well……

    • FLGrl

      I too noticed all the ill-fitting suits. What’s the deal with that?

  • Here & There

    I like spoilers when I seek them out, but I don’t like spoilers or idiots who place spoilers on these sites. I believe Stephen has an inferiority complex and tiny manhood.

  • mnm

    Hey EW – I’m so grateful for the spoiler comments right under the article, thanks for ruining the entire show for me.

  • Christina

    Stephen….you’re a total moron. I also didn’t want to know the ending. (Chris H….there’s got to be a screening first before any of these comments are put up). Regardless…I’ll still be watching the show. And Stephen…go away already!!!

    • Nobody

      You’ve just proven something that many have mentioned many times before. It doesn’t matter how much of the season is spoiled beforehand, the dip sticks who believe this crap show is real will still watch it. So why even complain in the first place?

  • Ame

    So, while I didn’t really want to know who she picked, I do like who the spoilers said. Those 2 seem like some of the best so far. Looks like there is going to be a lot of drama too – bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you. Cops? Seriously! Oh boy. Should be interesting… :)

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