'Lost' finale instant reaction: What did you think of 'The End'? Plus! Josh Holloway talks about [SPOILER!]

lost-castSpoiler Alert! Stop reading if you haven’t watched Lost‘s series finale, or else I’m going to have both Desmond and Sayid take you behind a bar and beat some common sense into you. Really. Complete and total spoilers ahead.

Have you ever been in one of those pop culture conversations where you’ve seen a movie that someone else hasn’t, and you trick-spoil them by joking, “And in the end, they all died”? Well, be careful using that punchline if you find yourself at the water cooler tomorrow morning with someone who hasn’t seen tonight’s Lost finale, because yes, they really did all die in the end. (At last, I’m pretty sure they did. Your first question: What was your interpretation of the scene inside Eloise Hawking’s Church of the Blessed Dharma Pendulum, aka The Ark to Heaven?) “The End” was an emotionally draining epic that had me crying with almost every single “awakening” and has left me mulling the true significance of the Sideways world, which was revealed to be a Purgatory-like realm created by the souls of the dead castaways themselves. (Purgatory! The irony!) I was so happy The Island was saved. I was so moved by Jack’s heroism and sacrifice and the glorious significance of ending where he began, as well as that Doubting Thomas allusion there at the end. (You caught that, right?) (Oh, and appendix scar my ass!) I thought that Hurley was a surprising choice for the new Island guardian–and I loved that Ben had a role as his No. 2. The “resurrection” of John Locke rocked my face, and one of the many moments that had me dabbing my eyes was watching Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson play their last duet together. I loved Ben’s contrition. I loved Locke’s forgiveness. I loved it when Ben told him to stand up and walk again, and Locke did. And then there was Vincent. You know, playing the dog card is kinda shameless, but man, did that work for me. I was satisfied. More than satisfied. Do I have quibbles? Yes. Sayid and Shannon—seriously? I wanted more of an explanation from Eloise Hawking for her actions (though I do have a theory that explains them) and I wished we had gotten one substantial Desmond/Penelope moment. But we did get a Sawyer/Juliet reunion, much to the dismay of the Skater set, no doubt. I had a chance to ask Josh Holloway about the finale’s final ‘shipper pairings. Was he happy that Sawyer and Juliet found each other in the Island afterlife? “Absolutely,” he says. “And it leaves Jack and Kate to find each other again—as they always should have. I feel like Kate and Sawyer were not a couple for life. They had an undeniable love. But a life-long thing? I don’t think so. I think Sawyer would want her to be with Jack, anyway. Not to mention that he’s love in with Juliet. So I liked the way it worked out. I thought it was perfect. Because people were always like, ‘Who she going to choose? Who she going to choose?’ Well, she’s obviously going to choose the doctor in my worldview! Why wouldn’t she?”

More from Josh later this week. And more from me tomorrow. Like I said, I have a lot to say… and I’m saving all of it for my recap, which is currently under frantic construction. As I stated earlier today, I’m not going to be the guy who assesses the finale by counting the “answers” it provided. But I am the guy who loves to theorize about the questions. A full report, tomorrow. Until then, please: start your deliberations.

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  • Mike

    Wow, what a finish

    • Zeddicus Zul’Zorander

      Without a doubt – This was the GREATEST SERIES FINALE of all time. The reunions were all so beautiful and when Jack realized the truth at the end, I cried myself. Honestly, I am glad many of the minor questions were left alone ESPECIALLY after Christian’s words at the end – the bigger picture is what mattered most. Absolutely beautiful – I loved Sawyer’s line after seeing Juliet the best – “I only have one dollar left” This surpasses MASH, Cheers, everything, this is the best show in the history of television

      • Thomas

        What was the island? That’s the one question that was never answered. They answered what the flash sideways was, I’m feeling let down. :\

      • Q

        Greatest of all time? That’s a bit much. It didn’t completely suck. It had numerous Kleenex moments and the end was exceptionally depressing (Kate, Sawyer and Claire all escaped the island but didn’t have any family in the afterlife, indicating they never moved on and probably died alone).
        It could’ve been a lot worse and I’m glad only the sideways world was the afterlife (even if all the mysteries were never explained). Hurley had great lines, most everyone got their stories rounded out and we got a proper ending. The writers deserve credit for creating a thought-out show with a nice symmetry. Very good, not great, finale to a show that will be remembered as one of the best.

      • Brad

        I’m sorry, but I have to say I never got into Lost, watched the first episode, asw about ten minutes of the end, and must STRONGLY disagree that it was better than either Cheers or Moreso, M*A*S*H. M*A*S*H had soooo many mofre teary moments in it, and was all around a show that kept interest and didn’t jump everywhere.

      • krys

        thomas they did answer what the island was. It was a cork to keep evil inside

      • Dave

        You should feel let down. Darlton never knew what they were doing. Once JJ Abrams left they could only try. And try they did… and fail they did.

      • @Brad

        If you only saw the first episode then of course the ending wasn’t good and/or emotional for you. It’s only emotional of you are invested in the characters and their stories. You really have no business commenting here at all…

      • Garrett

        Brad, if you’ve only seen the premiere and ten minutes of the finale… you can’t really make the comparison.

        I love MASH and saw the entire series live on the air, and the same with LOST.

        Lost is definitely better… coming from a crazy fan of both shows.

      • Elle

        Totally agree. Why do these people who have only watched “one or two episodes” or “never really got into Lost” come on here and give their opinion about the finale. Ridiculous.

      • vero

        the target commercials were more imaginative than the finale. it was too safe. the acting was superb!!!

      • Awesome-O

        Worst… Finale… Ever…

      • annie

        Hmmm, the produceres always denied purgatory, but it was right there in our faces in the “sideways/alt”. Emotionally rewarding, but not intellectually rewarding.

      • Thomas

        Brad, really? You just admitted you hardly watched the show. So what is the point? I’ve seen a number of episodes of M*A*S*H and never remotely understood its’ appeal. To each their own.

      • zac

        totally explained how i feel….emotionally rewarded, but intellectually unfulfilled.

      • David

        Annie- The Flash Sideways was Purgatory, all the stuff that happened on the island really happened so the producers were telling the truth that what we were seeing was not purgatory!

      • mommydearest

        Subjective I guess…
        It was very good, satisfying a nice bookend but doesn’t come close to 6 Feet Under’s finale.

      • Sweetnasty

        WTF is the island. Sure they wanted to leave the show some mystery but the time travel, electromagnetism, and smoke monster don’t persuade me to believe that the island was their real life. I would have like to know how the island was created and what it’s purpose is….

      • Beckham

        I enjoyed the finale… but I’m left feeling like the finale didn’t fit the history of the show. The first 5 seasons seemed to have been revealed to all be about the ‘light vs dark’… and this final season had been building the big showdown with the MIB. Then the finale comes along and diverts the attention to all the reunions. I agree that it was great to see all of the ‘awakening’ moments… but it seemed that all of the tension and mythology that had been building was wasted. A quick fight on the cliff top, plug the hole again and it’s over. From a character point of view it was a hugely satisfying finale… however the island story seemed to fizzle to nothing.

      • Sweetnasty

        Also, I do feel disappointed with the purgatory ending. Yes they were telling the truth in denying the island being purgatory, but why deny anything. Especially if this was the planned ending. Not surprised though as the producers love to deceive and mislead

      • A

        I totally agree. Greatest series finale of all time. Bang on the money. I am so emotionally drained right now that I can barely breathe. Sorry, I know it sounds overly ridiculous and silly, but it’s true.

      • Judith

        I agree. What an amazing finale. For me, Lost was never about the scientific mysteries, it was about the relationships, the love, the trust, the faith, the mystery, and all of that has been resolved within me now. I won’t let any of you negative nellies ruin this for me. This was a stunning amazing epic show that will go down in time as one of the best ever, and the finale proved it.

      • Josh M

        Numb. And devastated. And inspired. And satisfied.

      • Dan

        Re: Q’s post, on the contrary, I think the Flash-Sideways actually showed us that Sawyer and Miles stayed really tight, and that Claire, Kate, and Aaron remained together. Richard was most likely fulfilled just by regaining his mortality, and… Well, nobody cares about Lapidus. ;)

      • James

        Hmmm. Possibly the most disappointing series finale perhaps. The whole six years defines the saying, “wild goose chase.”

      • payattention

        in the end, they reminded us that it was all about the characters and their journeys. yes, the finale was emotionally satisfying. but it’s also intellectually satisfying because we can debate what it meant for a long time. the show was ambiguous from the start. they kept it that way to the end. life is, by nature, ambiguous and subjective. totally pleased with the ending.

      • Ryan

        I was looking for more intellectual resolutions too, I can’t get the full effect of emotional resolution without the intellectual. One thing that was intellectually satisfying was there were some contradictions cleared up by the sideways world not being in the hydrogen bomb timeline. (I guess the contradictions I’m going to mention can be considered clues now, but seeing how there’s plenty of contradictions on the show, I never saw it that way). Aside from eliminating infinite grandfather paradoxes, also things like the fact the orientation video referred to “the incident,” but the video would have never been made in the sideways timeline. The video would have to have been referring to a different “incident”, but now we can assume it was the bomb. Also, Pierre Chang pushed his family off the island before the incident, but then was he off the island too and had a relationship with Miles in the sideways world. I’m satisfied (intellectually) that the bomb probably did not change future.

      • fifibooboo

        You still don’t get it. The show and the finale was one big prank on the viewers.
        The producers made it as cheesy as possible knowing that pompous dooshbags would rave about “the lost souls finding redemption, the relationships, the love,…” PUKE!

      • fifibooboo

        The show and the finale was one big prank on the viewers.
        The producers made it as cheesy as possible knowing that pompous dooshbags would rave about “the lost souls finding redemption, the relationships, the love,…” PUKE! The lost producers are cheeky guys. They got ya good.

      • Bob Jones

        The Soprano’s and the Wire were the two best series, in the last quarter century. Love lost but it can’t hold a candle to either of those shows. Especially with this happy ending slapped on. Weak, folks weak.

      • payattention

        it’s too bad you feel ripped off, “fifibooboo.” i’m sorry that you invested so much time in an elaborate prank. but the good news is, “the bachelorette” starts tonight, and i hear that all the answers are spelled out so anyone can understand them.

      • jack2211

        Brad. You are correct that M*A*S*H did not feature as much time travel and general mystery as Lost. Cheers I’m not so sure about.

      • wtf

        What I wanna know is, How did Jack get out of the lighthole?

      • Annie W.

        I find it hard to compare other finales to this one. M*A*S*H* and others were all good, but those show didn’t function the same way this one did. Those were more episodic, whereas this one built up a lot over time. So that is why I think this one is great.

        For the type of show that Lost was, I don’t think they could have delivered a better ending.

      • Januar

        This show became so intricate and inexplicable since season 2, that Death was the only possible explanation left. As disappointing as it was to see a show which promised so much when it began, to waste our time with the monsters, the alternate worlds and ridiculous story lines that lead to a sad finale.

      • wakeforce

        there are two fans of Lost- The ones who loved the island life and all their mysteries and the ones who were all about the relationships. Most of the island fans will be disappointed.
        I thought the episode was very emotionally satisfying, but the mystery of the island was NOT solved. the producers always wanted YOU to draw your own conclusions. You can’t satisfy every fan, but they did a pretty good job with me.

      • 2 Cents

        Well…um…how “European” of them?

        These producers dug themselves into a whole a LOOONG time ago.

        When you have to have “special” episodes and go on different talk shows to explain what is happening, there is a problem.

        If they knew what was going on all along, they would have wrapped different things up much earlier and stopped dead-end storylines and all of the extra characters who would appear (at least put the Harlem Globetrotters on the island, too! C’mon!)

        Instead of digging themselves out of their hole, they dug themselves in even further and did a blitzkrieg of PR campaign: the show was about “mystery” and “symbolism.” The truth is they couldn’t wrap up all their loose ends and explain the mess they had created for themselves. Luckily they have apologists to do that for them.

      • Jen

        Loved it. Way to go out Lost. I was laughing and crying. The Sawyer/Juliet awakening was so emotional. One thing I’m not clear on though, what was the significance of Aaron? Through like the 1st season I kept hearing that he had a huge part in the mythology of the island.

      • lostie

        I have NEVER cried this much over a tv show. Unbelievable ending. This blew MASH out of the water.

      • Ra

        @Dan: And here I was probably the only one who cheered so loud that Lapidus had survived the sub! LOL
        And I understand the ending, I was just a little depressed. I see how it’s happy that they all found each other, but (for me) it was just too heartwrenching, though I know I will come to accept it. I was bawling right along with Jack there at the end.

      • Dan

        This was the WORST series finale ever. Such a disappointment after all this build-up… I can’t believe this pile of dren they served us was supposed to be the finale. Hopefully ABC won’t make the mistake of doing another show with these writers again :/

      • kellybelly

        Look, the only reason that we felt emotional about the end, was that we saw our favorites back together again. Like a cool reunion show that gets you all choked up seeing your favs back together. But I am one that watched every episode from day one and I feel let down. I don’t need every question answered. But the ending was basically… “when these people die, they’ll all be together again”. While I loved seeing them together, loved kate & jack’s kiss, loved Sawyer & Juliet, and Claire and Charlie. (Teared up at Sawyer & Juliet). This was NOT a good finale.
        I’m not surprised that they’re altogether in death. Yea, yea, this show was about the characters….good shows are….but you can’t just have good characters and good relationships wandering around on a blank canvas.
        They choose to tell this story about love and relationships and caring in this particular way. So, they needed to NOT do a disservice to the characters, by seemingly completely disregarding the way they choose to tell the story. Because it mattered. It totally effected the way everyone related to one another, their actions, decisions, etc. So, to have it disreagarded in such a manner is, I think, a cop-out.
        (BTW, when Juliet detonated the bomb, the island supposedly sunk and the plane never crashed. But our castaways were still on the island. And the sideways world is purgatory. I think the sideways world is both real and purgatory…)

      • Simone

        So my two major issues are:

        Jack is dying in the pit and then suddenly he is dying in the stream?

        If the island world was real, and the sideways world was purgatory – more like limbo, really – then WHEN/HOW DID THEY DIE?

        We knew about some of the deaths, saw them in previous episodes, but what about the others – since Kate, Sawyer, etc. were shown to escape the island on the plane, and Hurley and Ben stayed on the island, which is supposedly a reality. All of this makes me think that the island was NOT real, but also purgatory/limbo (“Go toward the light” as they say in near death experiences…) and that what really happened is that they died in the initial plane crash. This is the only explanation that makes sense of Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Ben, Clare, etc. Even though I know the producers insist that the island was not purgatory and that they were not dead the whole time. Am I totally missing something obvious???

        Otherwise, beautiful and very satisfying on an emotional level. The awakenings were wonderful. I loved how each was awakened by their most intense relationship. Most interestingly: Kate by the birth of Aaron, and Jack not by Kate but by his father.

      • LisaInFL

        Agree – one of the best series finales ever. Loved it, and the reveal of the sidways world was beautiful, sad, and yet heartwarming.
        Jack’s sacrifice was perfect, and I thought Hurley being Island protector was like a love letter to the fans – what is Hurley if not the “ultimate” fan?
        Just great!

      • kristytru

        To Lisa
        Your comments said it best in my opinion. What were the writers and creators of the show thinking. I feel like a let down fan. I love all the actors on the show and it was nice seeing everybody but what a let down.

      • Erik

        The series finales of M*A*S*H and The Wonder Years blew this away. This couldn’t hold a candle to the finales of those two shows.

        This was a good finale. I just don’t think they convinced me. I wasn’t sold on the whole flash-sideways-is-the-afterlife concept.

        What disappointed me to no end about this season was their constant introduction of new characters that were simply KILLED OFF in following episodes. They wasted too much time on Zoe and the damn temple rather than giving us people we care about. Poor job.

      • josie

        Jack was in the stream because the hew was transpoprted there after he recorked the island. The stream with the cavern was not always available to them. MIB searched the island and couldn’t find it. The “one” had to want to find it for it to be there.

      • fmnjr

        100% agree, ZZZ!

      • Jessica

        i think the ending was like the movie 5 people you meet in heaven. The Sawyer Juliette reunion was rushed. Oh what a happy school reunion in the multi faith church. Juliette’s comment that the jughead worked was not true as they didn’t all leave the island and land in the real world. Kind of a cop out. Was sideways really necessary? How come Jack after mysteriously surviving the cave didn’t become a smoke monster? Or did he?

      • Teresa

        Definitely not better than MASH. MASH had me crying from hour 1 all the way to the end. LOST had me a bit teary but also confused. I thought Kate, Sawyer, Claire, the pilot, Richard and the other dude escaped the Island so how can they be dead when they got away? Was the Island destroyed or does it still exist with Hurley and Ben protecting it? I was thoroughly confused and I don’t like finales that leave you wondering.

      • radiohd10

        Bullsh!t. This show was not only about characters. That is a lazy answer. I didn’t get sucked into this show–more than any other before it–because i wondered if Jack and kate would hook up. I got hooked because they posed some of the most genuinely intriguing mysteries ever seen on network tv. and then they refused to answer most of them. would telling us why walt was important or why babies died on the island really have ruined their little purgatory plan? doubtful. this finale was grey’s anatomy with ghosts. period.

        and btw–those saying this is best finale ever, clearly haven’t seen six feet under…

      • Mythla

        Anyone who wasn’t satisfied with that ending:
        A.) Didn’t watch the series from pilot to finale.
        B.) Didn’t listen to Christian’s expository speech near the end.
        C.) Just doesn’t understand yet what they saw.
        Of course the feeble-minded will yell “I understand plenty, and it was horrible because of X!” But that only proves my point. If you reject the greater philosophical point of the show because you feel slighted that they didn’t answer a specific question then you really are missing the whole point of Lost, and don’t deserve to enjoy this brilliant, epic, timeless finale.

      • Addison

        I liked it emmensely! But the “greatest finale of all time” title belongs to the Star Trek TNG finale, “All Good Things…”

      • Al

        The whole happy purgatory thing took away the impact of the character deaths in earlier episodes.
        The Island bits of the finale were great.
        While I appreciate the sentiment of the happy purgatory, it’s what people realise when they are alive that’s important, not in dreamland.
        I enjoyed it. But it didn’t blow me away like so many other Lost episodes have.

      • @Mythla

        I did watch the show from beginning to end, all 6 seasons. I listened to his expository speech. I understood what I saw, and with a college degree in a rather esoteric field, I am neither feeble-minded nor unable to understand the philosophical point. I just found the touchy-feeling, kumbaya ending to be under-baked and a cop-out. There were parts of this finale that I enjoyed, but it was not brilliant or epic, and will date very quickly, proving that it wasn’t timeless either. But hey, last time I looked, we were all entitled to our own opinions.

      • Dear Dairy

        *I thought Kate, Sawyer, Claire, the pilot, Richard and the other dude escaped the Island so how can they be dead when they got away?*

        They lived their normal lives after returning home. Christian S said that some of the the people died before Jack did, and some after. The ones from the plane died after.

        And the Island went on with Hurley and Ben as protectors. Presumably, they found candidates to take over for them at some point.

      • Terry

        I never watched the show. At the time it started, I was working a night shift and had too many other shows I was taping. Then as the series progressed and I got on different shifts, I just never had the desire to see it. It still doesn’t interest me(have had friends offer to loan me dvds but I just have other things to do), but I came on here to see what the big deal was with the ending. So I guess I can’t debate what the greatest finale of all time is( I’ve never seen an episode of Star Trek TNG either) but I find it funny that someone actually says if you don’t think this is a great finale, well, you just aren’t smart enough to get it. Dude, it’s an effing tv show. Maybe those who don’t get it are too smart.

      • ChargedFan

        Hvae to agree it was absolutely beautiful–my favorite TV series finale ever! But have to agree with Q’s comment in that it was really depressing:

        “It had numerous Kleenex moments and the end was exceptionally depressing (Kate, Sawyer and Claire all escaped the island but didn’t have any family in the afterlife, indicating they never moved on and probably died alone).

        I kind of perceived it that way too, despite having found some others from the island that they connected with without realizing their past until presumably “now”. Kate’s statement about really missing Jack would seem to support that theory that she lived on a long time after flying off the island, missing Jack intensely the entire time. We don’t get to know how long they actually lived after flying off the island–and honestly when I start trying to consider who died first and has been waiting longest, etc. etc. it boggles my mind. It boggles, yet I loved the finale no less for it!

      • Steve

        I totally agree. It really was a great end. It was left open for each fans interpretation and that is what the show is really all about.

      • gbortel

        Agree 100% VERY well-done, beautifully sad/hopeful, and great closure.

      • Mark

        It took me some time to think this through. I had wondered why we didn’t see Jin and Sun’s child, or the family of some of the folks that left the island (e.g., Sawyer). I realize now that these are the people that Jack was connected to. This was HIS enlightenment and passage. Although we saw the enlightenment of other characters, there is no real “time” in the sideways/purgatory. The only inconsistency I have at the moment is why Jack didn’t turn into smoke monster when he was exposed to the light (Desmond could handle it, but we have no reason to expect Jack would).

      • Bagboy23

        The series opened with Jack’s eye in the bambo and forest and closed (pun intended) with his eye closing in the forest. Stylistically that frames the entire series inside Jack’s mind in the brief second or two before he dies from falling out of a plane. The credits of the finale prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt. The wreckage was seen still on the beach. In Season One, the losties get all upset when a storm washes away the remnants from the plane. This however could not and did not happen because the credits show the wreckage still tossed along the beach. The wreckage never moved because Flight 815 crashed and unless your an 8 year old boy in Libya, plane crashes kill people. Great series. The ending is one step above a dream cop-out.

      • Troy

        I was totally let down by this series. Started great – ended lame. What a waste of 6 years!

      • Mark

        I don’t think that’s right. The ending doesn’t make sense if there were no survivors from the crash…they would have died strangers and had no connection. I think it’s clear that only the sideways segments were “post death” in a purgatory type of setting.

      • BS

        Completely agree. Why must the interpretation of the finale be so literal? It was a beautiful ending to a highly unique show. Closure is not about unveiling insignificant plot details. It’s about understanding the characters.

      • Nateman

        Mark, you asked how Jack could survive his encounter with The Light without being turned into a smoke monster. I think it’s because the MIB was not anointed as The Island’s guardian, but Jack was. Plus, when Jack went down the hole, Dez had already turned off the light; so, Jack was simply turning the light back on. Just as the Island ejected MIB’s body, it ejected Jack; but, because he had been anointed as the Island’s guardian, it didn’t kill him or turn him into a smoke monster. I’m totally cool with that scenario.

      • Becca

        I was excited to see how they would end the show and am very pleased with it. They all experienced this crazy crash on this bizarre island…shared all these crazy experiences and saw crazy things…smoke monster, the Dharmas, polar bears, etc. and that bonded them for life, well, eternity. It was appropriate that they all reunited at the end. I loved it!
        At the same time I kept waiting for the previews foe next week…I can’t believe it’s over!
        August 24th can’t get here quick enough! Thank goodness iTunes had the free download so we can watch it over and over and…..

        One of a kind!

      • Nateman

        Bagboy23, I think you’re completely wrong. When Jack wondered back to the bamboo field, that white shoe from the first episode was all dirty. To me, that was proof that a significant amount of time had passed since the crash. Ending the series with Jack’s eye closing was simply closing the loop with the same image the series began with. It was not all just the dying fantasy of Jack’s mind.

      • TerryK

        Best ending ever? It wasn’t horrible, but there have been much better endings (M*A*S*H probably being the best ever).

        I don’t want to quibble overly much about the “answers” issue, but the one thing I really hated about X-Files was that it ended on more questions than answers. What was the island, really? Why did the light have to be defended? Who was the Man In Black (what was his name? What was the story with his true mother? Why did “adopted mom” kill his real mother (an odd action by a woman claiming to be a protector of life)?

        Where was Michael? Where was Walt?

        Oh well, I said I WASN’T going to focus overly much re: the “answers”, but in the end, the lack of them took the joy out of the ending.

      • solomonrex

        Let’s take a minute and applaud the fact that they still managed to surprise everyone with the ‘sideways’ storyline. That’s incredibly rare in any storytelling nowadays.

      • Billy


        I can only assume you were joking with your post. Honestly, that was one of the single worst episodes I have ever seen. I watched the entire series, for all these years and we got ZERO answers. The writers try to act like they knew where they were headed all along. Well last night showed they had no master plan whatsoever. I wish I had never seen one minute of that show. What a waste.

      • Zeddicus Zul’ Zorander

        @Billy – I stand by everything I wrote, I too watched the show since the beginning and stuck with it even during the creative dip in season 3. I think people are not getting the point of the show – it was perfectly summed up in Christian’s speech. Look, I too wanted some answers to minor questions BUT those should have been taken care of during the course of the season. THIS final episode was entirely appropriate as it addressed the heart of the show. Some things are better left to the imagination/debate. Imagine how hollow it would be if they went about answering questions point by point , checking off a checklist – it would have been boring. As for the bookend of Jack/Vincent – it was beautiful just like how Cheers first episode had Sam come out of the pool room and the last episode had Sam leave and go back into the pool room. As for MASH – that show should have ended long before it did, LOST ended at the right time, I will miss it soo much and ABC could have strung it out for 3 more years and I would have watched but I am glad they went out now leaving us wanting more.

      • Pleasefolks

        So Brad watched ONE episode and knows the show wasn’t any good….ROFLMAO

      • Cheryl

        Please! I liked the Sopranos finale better than this, it was NOTHING compared to Six Feet Under, now THAT was an Epic finale.

      • Tim

        That was without a doubt the lamest ending in TV history. No other show promised so much and then FAILED to deliver. What a waste of 6 years. Shame on Darlton and Cuse.

      • B Wildered

        I watched the entire series and I’m not convinced this was the greatest finale ever. The most moving scenes were in the first two episodes when we learned everyone’s back-story, particular sawyer’s and the Korean couple. The side-ways universe in season 6 was a big waste of time using it as purgatory. It should have ended with Jack and Locke sitting on the beach after replacing Jacob and his evil brother. Everyone else should have ended up on the mainland after some big explosion sent them there. The Island should have been some sort of illusion and the mainland the real world. I like my alternate ending much better and the story could have been told in about an hour’s less time.

      • Doremifah Solatido

        The greatest finale of all time was the Newhart finale. No matter how you spin it, the writers here DELIBERATELY raised issues and invited speculation on plot points that ended up not mattering in the least. Not a total cop-out like Sopranos, or a Dallas “dream” detraction, but still disappointing.

      • Lynn

        1.) Jack passed through the tunnel/cave like MIB, except he lived through it (only to die where he started.)

        2.) Call it what you want, that’s not pergatory. Look up “pergatory.” The idea is to atone for sins, not live another, similar life ad infinitum/adnauseum.

        3.) I HAVE watched the entire show. I HAVE graduated college. I HAVE written plenty of stories myself, and that thing was a major disappointment under any guises of literature. Of course stories are about characters, but they also have to have a beginning, middle and end. This rambled on like fever-induced delirium. No publisher would have published it. I doubt the network would have accepted it, except they went through the first three years looking good, soooooo…. (Same reason I’ve stuck around. I kept thinking it would get back to something.)

        Does Romeo and Juliet get better, if we find out they get to sit in a pew in a church “happily ever after?” (And seriously? That was their reward – to “remember?” Big Whoop!) Does Star Wars get better if Luke’s parents live happily ever after they die? Did Cheers work better if Diane and Sam live happily ever after when they die?

        4.) All in all, I would have rather found out if Desmond and Penny got back together ALIVE! How did Hugo manage the island? Was Ben a good guy? I’d rather have seen the island in action post Jacob and his brother. As is, I got gyped and wasted 3 years of my life, absolutely sure they’d get back to something/anything, once that damn freighter arrived.

        5.) And seriously – what was up with Witmore? Wasn’t like he couldn’t get back.

        6.) As for best finale ever? STILL “Newhart!”

        “Dark Angel,” “The Pretender,” and “Heroes” had better finales then this, and none of those shows knew they were finished.

        (This is written 23 hours after the finale, so this is both my gut reaction and a thought out reaction.)

      • Al

        I’ve thought about it some more and the problem I have is that the whole Sideways/purgatory bit was so unecessary. We didn’t learn anything about the charcaters we didn’t already know.
        The writing and acting had already shown us many times over how the characters cared for each other. So it was all a big encore. Thats fine is you like that sort of thing but it didn’t take us on a new journey or complete anything. It just rehashed.
        And that rehashing took anyway time and energy from properly concluding the surviving charcaters stories.
        And from cluding the story of the main character – the island.
        Every charcater got and extended, over completed love-in. Except the Island. The creators always said the Island wasa charcater. So why conclude every other charcater but not the Island?

      • A J

        I disagree. (And that’s what makes the world go ’round. grins.)

        In my world, SIX FEET UNDER is the greatest series finale of all time.

        Stunning. Still gives me goosebumps when I rewatch it.

        LOST was acceptable. And I’m being generous.

      • JeffinSB

        Wow, Mythia: you should try to get work starting race-riots or some similar line. Your argument was essentially, if you don’t agree with me, you’re an idiot. THanks for that insight.

        I found the finale unfulfilling because they revealed that the flash sideways story went nowhere and didn’t contribute to the plot. If they were all dead, then who gives two shakes of rat’s tail what they had to ‘overcome’ to achieve whatever that bogus conscienceness was (plus, what did charlie do to get his enlightenment, or Desmond, or Libby, or etc, etc). It was lazy and a cheat and the sideways world didn’t inform the Island story, which was, after all, what lost was about.
        Oh, and having Christian give a 10 minute soliloquy was ridiculous. Just b/c Christian SAYS to Jack, it all mattered, etc. doesn’t make it so, any more than me saying, “Sawyer wasn’t really bad a**” doesn’t change the fact that he was. The truth of it is, Christian’s speech to Jack underscored the weakness of their story telling in this episode. You don’t tell a story through exposition unless you can help it.

      • @Simone

        Simone wrote: WHEN/HOW DID THEY DIE?

        The island world was real (and it didn’t sink). Kate, Claire, & Sawyer escaped and went home. Hurly and Ben stayed to guard the island. Jack died from his wounds and went into the afterlife. Jack’s afterlife started with him on the plane at the beginning of this season (recall Jack noticing his appendix scar and asking his mom about it earlier in the season. the scar is actually where Locke stabbed him. Jack hadn’t been Awakended yet and was not yet aware that he was dead, and thus didn’t know what the scar was) and there he met up with everyone. Why were Kate, Claire, and Sawyer there? Because they died too, but sometime after they left the island, and probably many years from now. Time doesn’t really matter in the afterlife and, as they say, you meet up with all your loved ones there. And Jack did.

      • BlackWhiteGrey

        Guess what Doc… it was, enjoyably, ‘caught’…

      • Steele

        Everyone… The producers denied the fact that the island was Purgatory.. and that they died in the plane crash. The last episode clearly stated that the island and the people were real as Christian said that to Jack. They were only dead in the “Flash Sideways” after the island not during. So the producers were not lying because “The Island” was not purgatory that was a “Real” part of their life, hence why they all remembered the island as their life and everything up to their death in the “Flash Sideways” and realized they were dead in the “flash sideways” and were alive on the island.

      • Emma

        I’ll admit, after the episode ended I said out loud: “What?” As in – “what just happened?” I felt violated and cheated. I felt like it had all been for nothing.

        Then I received that beautiful gift of perspective, and I really began to think. This show ended with the reason we started watching – the characters who were on this island in the first place. Once I understood that the flash-sideways world was essentially the meeting place (or purgatory if you will) for them to all accept their deaths and move on with the most important people in their lives, something felt really redemptive about it. For me, I essentially fell in love with this show because of its characters and the journey they have taken us on – in the way that we saw their flaws and saw them overcome their fears. It ended showing us how they overcame these things and found happiness all gathered in a cathartic and beautiful way. It showed us that the simplest theme of the show – the way the Island brought together and tore apart these characters – really was the fundamental theme of the show. There was no point being invested in the mythology of the “why?” of Locke regaining the use of his legs unless it affected the character and his journey. Ultimately, this show was about life and death, destiny and fate, and human lives and meaning. I think the finale summed it up perfectly. So we don’t know everything about the Island. We don’t know every detail about every Egyptian symbol or time-travelling experience. But isn’t it somehow better that way? I don’t think I would have been satisfied with a simple explanation for everything. Instead, we got the explanation of WHY all that had been in the first place – a way to explore and finally bring these characters together at the end of their journeys. I definitely think with a little perspective, people will embrace the finale more and learn to love the show and the journey it took us on.

      • Brains

        Greatest ever! There is no show better than lost and lost ended perfectly. No other show even comes close to being as good as Lost so therefore no finale can ever hope to come close to the finale of lost.

      • Jesserockr


      • Steve A

        Tue 05/25/10 12:45 AMSimone wrote: WHEN/HOW DID THEY DIE?
        The island world was real (and it didn’t sink). Kate, Claire, & Sawyer escaped and went home. Hurly and Ben stayed to guard the island. Jack died from his wounds and went into the afterlife. Jack’s afterlife started with him on the plane at the beginning of this season (recall Jack noticing his appendix scar and asking his mom about it earlier in the season. the scar is actually where Locke stabbed him. Jack hadn’t been Awakended yet and was not yet aware that he was dead, and thus didn’t know what the scar was) and there he met up with everyone. Why were Kate, Claire, and Sawyer there? Because they died too, but sometime after they left the island, and probably many years from now. Time doesn’t really matter in the afterlife and, as they say, you meet up with all your loved ones there. And Jack did.

        @Simone you did the best job of explaining he sideways world/purgatory for me.

        Just a few little things I hope you can help me with:

        1. The absence of Jack’s mother, Walt, Michael,Lapidus and Miles in Purgatory, if time of death not a factor(not “loved ones” of Jack?).

        2. If this was “Jacks Purgatory” why necessary for the other purgatory storylines, awakenings, besides drama(why not have all just meet Jack in the church?)

        3. If Jack awoke in the sideways world on the plane, what was he supposed to accomplish before he could move on?

        Thanks for your first explaination either way.

      • Joyce


      • SRC

        Thank you steve a for your question #2: If flash sideways was just purgatory all along, what was with all the crazy subplots (nadia married to sayid’s brother, jack’s kid, keamy the mobster)? Back in season one people dismissed the island as purgatory theory because it would have been too obvious and simplistic. So why does the sideways world as purgatory get a free pass now? I expected more intellectual stimulation from these guys, which is why I’m clinging to the image of the wreck on the beach at the very end. What does that mean? It must mean something deep and unexpected, right? Please?

      • watched17times

        Yes Brad, take a hike! A long, long hike! You don’t belong here. All I can say is WOW! I was so scared I would be disappointed, but now I am satisfied. If a show can make me cry almost through the entire show, then it is SPECTACULAR! It has always been about the characters for me. Thank God! Although I am devastated about Jack’s death and I would really love to see Hurley and Ben run the island, it is has left me with enough information to be “ok”. I am thankful that fake Locke was killed. When I saw that blood on his lip.. I felt the most satisfaction in history. I knew Jack was gonna kick his ass. I think it is fitting that Kate shot him. She is a badass! I love her. When her and Jack were saying goodbye…OMG. Just like Doc Jensen, every “awakening” had me bawling. Not just tearing up…BAWLING! The thing that made me so happy is that most of my crying was the happy kind! I was a little disappointed that Jack stuck around in that pit even after he put the cork in. It would have been better if he “had” to die. It just being his choice to stay there in the pit when he could have gotten out, kinda made things way too hard. He is too good of a guy to just give up on life that easily.

        One thing I wonder… how about the kids? Did Jack’s son truly exist. Would the Kwons have their daughter in this world and then would she “move on” too? Wouldn’t that mean she was dead? And Aaron too? When Christian said that some died before Jack and some died after, I guess we really don’t know how much time in the future this really takes place, right? If they are all dead, then it could be way, way in the future. Now if they all died by the end of this show, it would make more sense. Anyway.. I don’t want to think about it too much. I just want to remember it as a beautiful show with a good ending and leave it at that. I think I am going to quit coming to LOST sites now and move on with a good memory. I definitely don’t want to hear how people hated it or any criticism!!!!

      • lexi

        It was ok, i love how the answered the flash sideways questions but they never answered the big one, what was the island. I’m sorry some of it was good but was just and overall disappointment

      • LillyCB

        I have to agree… I don’t think there has been a show where its characters affect so much of our lives…. It was an amazing story that we were told by these characters! And I hav eto add that Michael Giacchino is a GENIOUS!! that man knows how to compose a score that gives you the most “goosebumpy goosebumps” (lol) EVER! Congratulations to Mr. Lindelof, Mr. Cuse and Mr. Abrams… Our hats off to you! And director Jack Bender, the imagery given to us in this last episode was magic… I thank you… -_-

      • toadstool

        I do agree that the season finale was one of the best i’ve seen as of late. Every character had closer and their “awakenings” where absolutley well writen and executed to perfection. Sure many mysteries are left unexplained it’s Lost, but I think any true lost fan will agree that the many mysteries that the show had to offer are only a small peice of the Lost puzzle. The real Lost is based on the viewers connections with the charcters and their interactions. Not one lost episode went buy that I wasn’t invested emotionally to each and every character minor or big. As for the fanale, it had everything that makes Lost so special “Great Moments”. I belive that the writers gave us more than enough information to make our own assumptions. Who wants a series finale the dumbs everything down. I sure don’t. I think it took guts for the writers to end it like this. And I say “WELL DONE LOST CREW…WELL DONE”!

      • Dr Zechariah Zenith

        I liked the ending.

        BUT, they should have put an episode or two like Ab Aternato & Across the Sea that explained clearly Black Rock and Adam & Eve Skeleton.

        There were lots of unanswered questions that were simply shoved off.

        Charles Widmore was such an important character, but just like that he was insignificant to the writers. It was vague how he find the island and what did he whisper to Flocke.

        Walt was important in season 1 then kapoof he was gone. No mention why the Others wanted him. Why Shannon saw her?

        Still lots of other stuff to explore like Ilyana, Miles and Hurley’s abilities, Polar Bear, etc.

        But most of all Charlie asked, “Where are we?”

        The Flash Sideways wasted a lot of reel time that could have focused more on what happened in the island.

        It would have been better if the island happened to be purgatory and the Flash Sideways was the real thing.

        Next time Lost should not ask the manager of the Chipmunks to write this things.

      • Lars

        hardly, the greatest season/series finale was Battlestar Galactica… by far.

    • Emily

      That was really sweet, that they decided to find each other in order to move on (to heaven?) together. I think it’s interesting that in the world they created, they made slight changes (choosing the paths they maybe should have taken all along). I just love the idea that no matter what happened to them, they all decided to join each other in the end.

      • mary q contrary

        I agree, Emily, I thought it was a beautiful concept, and they executed it perfectly.

      • Marianne

        Emily-I couldn’t agree more. I think that is one constant throughout all 6 seasons. They couldn’t make it alone, they had to work together, so it was only fitting that they wanted to go out altogether!

      • sandasavi

        I agree. I got it. Some wont and I think that has to do with the idea of letting go. You have to let go to see what it all means. I am glad the island survived too and I am happy Hurley protected it in the end. Very moving, still have tears in my eyes.

      • Mo

        I was mostly dissatisfied with the finale, but I do agree that it was very sweet that it ended with them all “moving on” together (except for, ahem, Walt and Michael…) I like the concept of their awakenings, but the way they were done, all crammed together in such a short time, really took much of the pleasure out of it. I really teared up at the Sawyer-Juliet reunion, though, so sweet, and when I saw them all together in the end. I never bought Jacob’s explanation about the island and couldn’t have cared less if it had sunk into the ocean, as it well should have (I guess I’m not a woman of faith :-) and I think it’s telling that in their made-up purgatory, the survivors had all imagined that it had sunk.) I posted recently, and asked Doc in my unanswered questions e-mail, that wouldn’t it be a funny joke for those of us who have been following the show from the beginning and endured (or contributed to) message boards full of post after post after post theorizing that the island was purgatory, if the sideways world actually was purgatory? Mwahahah. Good one, Darlton.

      • lisa

        absolutely NOT sweet. are you kidding me?? how ridiculous that they tried to make us believe that these people LOVED their crazy time on the island soooo much that they would choose to spend their eternities NOT with their families or friends in the real world, but with their unwashed plane crash comrades whom they spent much of their time fighting with, running through the jungle terrified with, and generally upset the entire series. how on earth do the writers/producers of lost seriously expect us to buy that these people love their plane crash buddies MORE than their parents? or their children (assuming they had them…like jin/sun’s child! their child was not in purgatory with them!)?? it is SUCH a hard pill to swallow that supposedly these people CHOSE to live in eternity with ONLY their island buddies and no one else that they loved. don’t you think they’d want their mamma at least?? no, lost. no i’m NOT buying it. TRAGIC failure of a finale.

      • shaun

        Are you serious guys i’ve watched every episode divulged so much time and energy in relationships and in the mystery’s. I always knew who was gonna end up via sun and jin would always find each other, jack and kate, etc. so to end the show on that note that they all find each other to move on is unfullfilling. I think i am with the majority of lost fans when the ultimate interest in the show was the unexplainable. I feel doopt that not even a smidget was answered in the finale. You end a show you give people some answers but leave enough to think about. They didn’t they focused on the relationships. I AM not satisfied.

      • BA

        @Lisa, you are missing the point. The castaways found redemption with each other. Like Jacob said in the last episode, they needed each other. It’s like Jack said ages ago – Live together, Die Alone. They needed to come together to move forward. That time in their life is most significant because they learned and grew and found redemption. Then together, they can move on. I thought it was very poetic and moving. I love my parents, but, the choices I have made in my life, the ones where I really became who I am, didn’t involve them directly. For some people, it probably does – Jack and Christian, for instance. Christian was there!

      • kristytru

        To Lisa
        I left my first comments in the wrong place. Your comments said it best in my opinion. What were the writers and creators of the show thinking. I feel like a let down fan. I love all the actors on the show and it was nice seeing everybody but what a let down.You added humor to your comments. I laughed when you said their unwashed plane crashed commards.

      • Boz

        Lisa, your point would be good (about staying with their family and such, and not each other) but check out the people themselves. As Jacob said, the island brought them since they were in need of healing.

        Kate has no family anymore. Mom? Hates her.

        Jack’s dad is dead. With him in heaven. Also with sister.

        Sawyer: con man. No family. Alone.

        Jin/Sun: Running from only family.

        Locke: Dad stole from him, tried to kill him.

        Claire: No family to speak of.

        Charlie: A brother, and that’s all we know.

        The list goes on. Point is, many of them had literally nobody to go to. As Christian said in the finale “The best times of your life were on that island.” That redemption is the point of the whole show.

      • BA

        And before anyone jumps on me, I said my parents didn’t “directly” impact my choices. Of course they raised me. And of course, I would love to see them in the afterlife. But the writers left it ambiguous enough that some of us can imagine that parents, siblings etc, would be seen again. What I take away is that the castaways needed each other to move forward, not that they were the only ones who would get to reunite…. Does that make sense? I mean, Helen wasn’t with Locke, but I am guessing that doesn’t mean they won’t ever see each other again. Locke needed to let go to move forward, whatever that may mean to each of us.

      • kevin from Philly

        It’s hardly like they CHOSE to be together – Jacob’s touch was probably what bound them together, not their own choice.

      • angie

        I didn’t understand the part when Lock told Jack “you don’t have a son” when clearly he did. ??

      • Beth

        Lisa, if you think about it, your comment about them chosing to be together at the end rather than being with their families makes no sense. Not only for the reasons cited by Boz, but for the fact that THEY ARE DEAD. Dead people can’t chose to stay with their mommies. They have to move on. And all of the dead people decided to move on together.

      • salli

        How are the people who escaed the Island or stayed in “pugatory”? C. Shepard answered it. “There is no “now” here”. Time dosn’t exist for thse who died. Everybody dies eventually. Remember Hugo and Ben’s exchange about their #1 and #2 positions? That’s when I figured it out that they were all dead. Juliet’s ‘”It worked”, meant they reset the Island in real time.

      • JC

        Lisa, the sideways world was the “in-between”, not the afterlife. I’m quite certain that, assuming Ji-Yeon leads a good life, Jin and Sun will be with her in eternity. The sideways world was just the lobby, where all the unwashed plane crash comrades could meet together one last time before moving on. And its not that they look back on all the suffering and pain and death that they endured on the island fondly, but that they understand that that was where they found redemption and truth.

      • Shawn

        Granted I haven’t read all 95 pages of comments yet, but there is a lot of people assuming they are moving from the church to heaven. They weren’t all Christians. Sayid was Muslim. And the church seemed to support that it was non-denominational, or all-inclusive. As an agnostic, I like to think that it supports the ideas that they were moving on to the next level, whether it was rebirth with a connection or what have you. And it supports the idea of soulmates rather than this big party with all the people you ever knew or all your family. Not everyone likes all their family. Not every couple are actual soulmates.

      • Nateman

        Rose to Jack on the airplane: “You can let go now!” That line summed up what the Sideways World was all about… Jack letting go. And perhaps that was Jack’s dying gift as Island Guardian, he made it possible for all their souls to meet in the afterlife so they could reconnect, have closure and move on together.

      • Nateman

        Lisa, think of it this way, the Island story was all about Jack and his redemption. The Sideways World was all about Jack “letting go.” Because of that, the final scene in the church was all about Jack moving on. That’s why it was just the people closest to Jack who were there. His Dad. His Sister. His Love (Kate). And the people who were part of his redemptive story. This gathering in the church wasn’t about any character other than Jack, so it makes sense that the people who were a part of his redemption were the only ones who were there.

      • Nateman

        Angie, Jack did not have a son. At least, not in the real world. I think Jack had a son in the Sideways world only because Jack wanted to experience what it was like to be a father. Remember the conversation with Hurley just a few weeks ago, when Hurley told him he thought he would be a great dad? Jack clearly had questions about what kind of dad he would be, so in his afterlife/sideways world he was given a chance to find out. But no, Jack never had a son.

      • Cindy

        I can see how these people would choose to wait for each other. For some the bonds they forged on the Island were the best thing that ever happened to them. That’s the POINT! They were all flawed in some way before that. Anyone who went thru something like that together would be changed for life. Did anyone else notice that when Jack succeeded in restoring the light, saving the Island, he was apparently belched up in the same position/spot as the MIB’s lifeless body when he was found by his brother Jacob.

      • Sarah

        I’m so glad there are others out there who seem to understand that this serious wasn’t about the island and its mythology, but about the characters and their journey for redemption. I’m not an overly religious person, but the point did hit home for me.

      • MolKat

        I think the island DID sink, and that’s why Hurley was there…

      • BlackWhiteGrey

        Lynn…. Lynn, lynn, lynn…where do I begin..
        Men are obviously, scared of you! Unlike me, they feel inferior to your ‘take charge and kick ass’ attitude.
        Perhaps a beach vacation is in your future… In which soul-searching exceedes your ego.

      • BlackWhiteGrey

        Well written and commented… Nice job friend.

      • BlackWhiteGrey

        I think I just got a love-chub….
        Seriously…well done friend….

      • donnalynn

        I agree . If you look at the “awakenings” they are all about the realizations of love and acceptance on the island. There was no smoke monster, gunfights, kidnapping rememered just the love.

      • toadstool

        @Lisa. I don’t think you know what your talking about. Purgatory Is a place inbetween heaven and hell. So the parents and friends of the survivors are not neccesarily there. And besides most of the crew didn’t have anyone but the survivors. Jack had his dad and they both needed closer to move on. Kate had her mom but she could of moved on already. Sawyer had a daughter that he might as well not have had, cuz he never meet her, so the had the survivors. Locke had elen in purgatory cuz as we learned she died. Hurley had his mom and dad but refer to kate. and everyone else had pretty much no one. So yes it is perfect that they chose to be with eachother. @MO… First and foremost Micheal had moved on already..hince Christian telling him “he can go now.” After the the bomb on the ship incident. And Walt if in fact was dead when all this was happening, Probalby didnt need purgatory cuz, well its Walt. And I beleive the island did sink, that is hen we saw it, but whos to say destiny and fate can’t be changed.

    • t3hdow

      Forget Avatar induced depression. I’m now suffering from post-Lost induced depression. But that would be too derogatory a term with how beautifully the series ended tonight. Much like the series as a whole, Lost demonstrated the frustrating trials of following a path of faith, but then showing a transcendent reward for retaining that faith, despite the bumps on the road along the way. Bravo Cuse and Lindelof.
      And thanks for giving me a good cry. :’)

      • amber j

        Well said.

      • BlackWhiteGrey

        Well versed friend. Amazing post.

    • Brian Park

      Wow. You wrote all this within like, 5 minutes. I’m impressed that it’s error free.

      • annie

        It’s not error free – reread it.

      • KSpork

        There was an error, a simple typo. Really not significant, but since you had to go and say it, I had to be an ass and respond.

      • Sarah

        (so not error-free!)

      • V

        Um… I was pretty disappointed. There was just way too much left unsaid/unanswered/unexplained. So the final answer is don’t worry about the little things? Really? Any average writer could write that! If the things weren’t important, then why have them happen in the show at any point? It just doesn’t make sense and created a big time let down for those of us who were expecting an actual tie-in style ending instead of a tear-fest reunion show. Oh well…

      • ThisIs The End….

        When they started beating us over the head (including you, Doc Jensen) that this was only about the characters, well I felt that a sickly sweet reunion show would be inevitable, aqnd in that I wasn’t disappointed. The love fest with the flash of each characters time on the island was sentimental. The unresolved mysteries do not matter, because they could never have explained most of them. Any way a dissappointment ending to a long and fabulous series. Did I miss Walt and Michcle?

      • Liked the Finale but wanted Answers

        @ThisIs The End

        No, you didn’t miss Walt and Michael. The side-ways world was a place where the characters who found redemption on the Island could meet before moving on to the next level (aka the afterlife, reincarnation, or any myriad of other religious beliefs). Walt never found redemption on the Island. He was a young boy at the time and didn’t need to be redeemed. And Michael was never redeemed. As he himself told Hurley during his last appearance in the graveyard, he was doomed to be trapped on the Island forever.

      • Joan

        OMG – there are more typos in these articles it boggles the mind. Where is the proofreading????

    • Hiro Kitty

      It seems like the stupid people are the ones who don’t get it.

      • Greg

        I don’t think it is that anyone is stupid but rather it is that some folks are stuck in the flash-sideways purgatory (no doubt asking themselves over and over again “So what is the Island!”) and the rest of us are in the church ready to move on.

      • Cheryl

        So if you don’t like it you’re stupid? That is the dumbest generalized statement I’ve read, you’re an idiot!

      • Lynn

        No. The stupid people say things like, “It seems like the stupid people are the ones who don’t get it.”

      • dc

        Wow. Great argument. Says it all about the people who liked the ending. Your logic is: “If you didn’t like the ending, you’re a stupid poopyhead.” What is that, kindergarten? Yeah, about the level of the ending.

    • MyShepard

      simply glorious is all i can say. what we witnessed was a miracle of television. one thousand theories of what the sideways world is and not one as good as that. the truly happiest they ever were was when they were all together and their souls had to come together to allow them to move on. for some there souls lived their lives and took different routes with there lives and made different choices to get where they are. of course they never answered what exactly would have happened had smokey got off the island. answering that would have answered what the point of protecting the light was. regardless it was one of the most emotional events ever on television. simply wonderful. especially great how christian shepard said to let go of the little things (little answers we wanted that we can simply give our own interpretation to) and look at the big picture (how in life we may be experiencing the best moments of our life, and not even realize it at the time).

      • Judith

        I so agree with you. What an amazing, epic finale. People have to realize that you are not always going to have 100% of your questions answered all of the time in life. THAT’S THE MOTHERFRIGGEN POINT!!!!!!! Life is a mystery, to quote Madonna, and it’s true!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • dazed_and_light

        You said it beautifully- and I thought the episode was everything that I hoped it would be and more. I laughed, I cried, I loved this- I was trying to let myself not have too high of expectations, but it was so emotionally satisfying that I felt that it was written just for me. The awakenings had me in tears, too, and those were the moments that made me really love lost. My husband even said that it was perfect (it made him cry, too.) My brother also shed tears. I can see where others might not like it, but for me, finalle=perfection

      • Jenny

        I agree! What an amazing finale. I have invested so much in this show and I am NOT disappointed. All the people who are complaining and insulting the finale just obviously don’t get it. It doesn’t matter what how this blah blah blah…the end “had to be together to move on” was all that mattered. We have emotionally invested in these characters and seeing them all together…so amazing…Ignore the NEGATIVITY…some people will never understand/appreciate Lost and the finale and thus will always be LOST!

      • Mo

        I am one of those people who didn’t really like the finale, but I’m also one of those who don’t need an answer to every question. I found it deeply unsatisfying that we had to buy Jacob’s story (which was really Mother’s story, and we know she was pretty baaaaaaad) about why the island was special and why it needed to be protected, and especially why it needed to be protected with the kinds of methods Jacob used. So glad Ben of all people told Hurley it could be done differently (spinoff?) Haha, maybe in the end Lost was about how there may be wonder and gods and all that in the world, but you shouldn’t for a second trust the leaders who claim to speak for them! Regardless, whether the last loop was worth it or not, I have enjoyed the rollercoaster ride for the last six years, and my beloved characters all ended up happy, together, and enlightened, dead or not, so who am I to complain? Thanks to everyone who has made Lost and these boards so much fun.

      • Mikeeb86

        ‘Live Together, Die Alone’ – Gives a totally new meaning. ‘They moved on together’ – Poetic.

      • kristen

        yes they did “that” ending, but this show is a big deal and it mattered, its part of the real awakening… star wars, the matrix, avatar, lost…these are blueprints of some deep dna soul mojo and this show was pure prophecy.

      • kristen

        jack never had a son….that’s my new tshirt… that line is my dao answer to people asking me what it all meant…I miss u lost

      • RCB

        I loved the ending. I’m satisfied with how it ended. Will miss Lost.

      • Colleen

        How many years has EW and others been making lists of the ‘top 10 questions fans want answered’? The writers HAD to know that we wouldn’t be satisfied if NONE of them were even addresses. I have been completely hooked on this show since the first episode and I feel like we all got snubbed in a big way. This was supposedly the season for answers and other than the little we learned of Jacob and MIB we got zilch.

      • Lost fan

        Judith, I totally disagree with the “you are not always going to have 100% of your questions answered all of the time in life” comment. This wasn’t life it was a TV show! One that was built around great characters AND great mysteries. Not everything needs to be answered but to ignore the mysteries because life is full of them is a cop out. I love this show but was let down because they weren’t clever enough in the end to tie things together convincingly. Yes, they ended to show the way they wanted on their terms but that doesn’t make it good. But that’s just my opinion, there are plenty who disagree!

      • djgenghis

        The characters are obviously important and the finale was touching and all that. BUT – the show was really about the mysteries. The characters could have been built on story lines that did not involve all of the mysterious/supernatural events. To say that the finale was good because it resolved the characters is a cop out IMO. I’m sure some would argue that the characters could not have been built without the island and its mysteries but that simply isn’t true. You can make an audience understand what makes a character tick without resorting to the (what has now been cheapened by the finale) tactic of showing polar bears on islands, a monster made of smoke, etc.,and hinting that those events would be explained.

      • sue

        Watching all of the seasons, I wanted to know the mystery of the Island. After last nights finale, I wanted the Island to remain a mystery. It’s just like ‘mother’ said, ask a question and it only leads to another question. Good and evil is a mystery and will always be a mystery, and you resolve it in a series finally. In the end relationships and love is what matters. They redeemed themselves and the Island was the catalyst for their redemption.

      • Joan

        Sue – great comment. I’m with you. Maybe the Island was just a place where people could find redemption.

      • modernmetaphor

        yoh-kay – none of you felt any unfairness that each of the characters fought so hard to help each other, to save each other, to make things right by the island whatever that meant, defeat the forces of evil – and did they get justice? Did Sayid get Nadia? Did Claire get reunited with her child? Did Kate get to try a legal life? No – none of them got a second chance. Just creepy Jack’s dad, no apologies ushering them out of this world – how is that OK? Be careful what you accept – that should not be OK.

    • gia

      Crap. Totally a letdown.

      • Sharon Mia Opinionstein

        You probably didnt get it. It’s not meant as an insult. Give it time, you’ll have an AHA moment too.

      • mary q contrary

        Yeah, watch it again, or just sleep on it. There are quite a few moments that have a deeper, more interesting meaning when given a chance to figure them out.

      • Smith

        I love it. Apparently, if you think it was “Crap,” then you “didn’t get it.” Classic. I “got it” and think it was “crap.” Get over yourselves nerds.

      • Taylor

        Agreed. Total crap. No mysteries explained and sideways dead world reveal at the end left so many questions as to how that even makes sense given that the characters all die at different times. It was misleading from the beginning of the season, just like ALL the other mysteries were misleading. When you create these events that need explaining and then treat them as unimportant by not addressing them you mislead everyone. What is the point in six seasons of polar bears, donkey wheels, Faraday’s theories, Dharma, and time travel if everything in the end is just about an island protector for a light? It’s mean to do to people. And the vague spiritual dribble is only satisfying to people who don’t actually have a logical belief system and can explain away our complex world with that stupid “light” talk my Jacob’s mom. I mean, pick any of the major world religions and any one makes more sense than that blended nonsense. So, in summary- crap.

      • Judith

        why do you need every question answered, numbskulls? life doesn’t answer all of our mysteries so why should the show? do some of your own thinking for a change. this was a beautiful show, you’re clearly not a fan, you probably watched the pilot and the finale that’s it.

      • Taylor

        I’ve seen every episode of this show. Why create mysteries and intentionally not solve them.

      • srsly!

        you can’t say we’re ‘clearly not fans’ if we don’t think this finale (if it’s really the end-the end) is the greatest of all time like you. i was in a theater with over 500 die-hard fans–some of whom i knew personally and can attest to the level of devotion–and when the end came, there was a collective WHAT?! serious. we were previously cheering and full of excitement, and i had to literally comfort one of my most die-hard friends who was sitting on the ground outside totally dejected and in shock afterward. don’t tell me he or anyone else is not a real fan–i will set a polar bear across time to slap some compassion into you for those who disagree with you. :D

      • Alan

        Taylor, it’s sad that you wanted every single question answered in this finale. That was never the point of the show,. The producers have said for months that they won’t answer everything. Maybe do some of your own thinking. Maybe it was never about the cold, hard science questions all along. Why do you need everything explained in detail like we are kindergarten? Maybe the mysteries were solved, you just aren’t looking.

      • Josh S.

        I don’t think you get the point of the finale, Taylor. For one, not everything little thing needed to be answered. The whole point of the show were relationships, love, loss, good vs. evil, etc. It was wonderful in that aspect. Secondly, a lot of questions were answered, either it be straight out or more infered. You need to actually pay attention and you will get a lot more answers than you think.

      • PAfan


        Faraday’s theories were significant for two reasons: 1) although Juliet getting the hydrogen bomb to go off didn’t get them off the island, it was necessary to neutralize the electromagnetic energy that the dharma initiative was about the release which would’ve ultimately destroyed the island; 2) He realized that the rules didn’t apply to Desmond, which enable Widmore to discover Desmond’s immunity to electromagnetism. It was imperative that Desmond remove the cork so that the effects/rules of the island could be nullified so that Jack could kill “New Locke” aka MiB. Had anyone else tried to do so, they would’ve been killed. For some reason, the electromagnetism didn’t seem to be a problem after the cork was reinserted since that isn’t what ultimately killed Jack.

        I think we have to remember that Jacob’s ultimate goal was to protect the island. Once he was “the one” he made up rules that were necessary to achieve his task, and allowed/encouraged everything that happened on the island to happen so that everyone would be in the place that was necessary at the times that were necessary to ensure it would all lead up to the final moment where the island would be saved from the smoke monster. Once that threat was over, Hurley was free to make his own rules necessary to keep the island safe.

        I also think we are supposed to learn to be okay with some questions remaining unanswered. The bigger picture is important, and it’s when we lose sight of this and focus on the details (the devil’s in the details) that we stray from our path or make said path more arduous than necessary.

      • Kate

        I think the people that never realized this was a spiritual show are the ones feeling the letdown. I realized it ever since the episode ‘The Moth’ in Season One, so I was looking at it with a CS Lewis/Charles Williams eye. Those who were looking at it through scifi lenses are the ones I’m sure are disappointed.

        But maybe now they know what it was all about, they can look at it for what it is and appreciate it that way.

      • MEL

        I’m in the “this was a cop-out” camp. Yeah, I “get it.” They were trying to make a spiritual statement about the human condition, whatever. If you want a drama based around love, relationships, faith, etc. do a soap-opera. You don’t invent an entire web of story-lines with a complete mythology delving into science fiction and fantasy and then just toss it all to the wind in the finale. “Forget everything we ever brought up in the series. The only important thing is that they all eventually died and they loved each other. The end.” Seriously? More tired than the “it’s all aliens!” bit. It just takes a dump on everything genuinely original and intriguing about the show that kept a lot of people hooked for six years. I honestly feel cheated. Yes, as a matter of fact, I DO want the questions brought up in a story to be answered at the end. Funny how I like closure like that. The entire series was one giant Chekov’s gun that was never fired. What a waste.

      • TL

        @PAfan, You are dead on…. Super-sharp… I thought I had a good grasp on the finale, after reading your comment the light really came on(Pun intended).

      • Mr Dave

        I couldn’t have said it better myself…and I’m a writer.

        *Thank you* for personifying something I was struggling to put into words.

        Honestly, Doc must feel like the greatest fool of all — how many tens-of-thousands of words dedicated to resolving questions that had no answer? How many years of articles? Hypotheses? Sleepless nights? What a waste, indeed.

      • Corey Stewart

        I got it, and if you’re a wash out religious person sure, it’s awesome, but as a non-sheep intellectual, it’s a complete Titanic like cop out. At least Titanic had an amazing visual at the end, we just had crumbling rocks and a left over taste we cant wash out with any ocean water.

      • kristen

        I secretly enjoy the people who are pissed and think its crap…they have a point, and the producers could a done better, haters serve a great purpose by setting such a high bar…us nerds thank u haters for keeping us on our toes….but we nerds effing looooved the ending

      • Jule

        Wow! Amazing how people who have watched the series from the beginning (not on DVD, but seriously…through every season,every episode, every hiatus, etc), can say the finale was crap!?! Really??? Were you not watching the same show? Answers? Seriously? Who expected EVERYTHING to be answered? Again…what show were you watching?
        I haven’t talked to one person (that has actually WATCHED the series since ’04) that was absolutely satisfied w/ the finale. Saddened? Absolutely! But, knowing the show, we had zero expectations…no one has been able to figure out the show since it’s conception. So, we put our faith in the creators. They’ve never let us down, and they delivered once agian (tonight).

      • Angel SD

        Cop out? So what if every little thing didn’t get answered??? Everything that was important about the island and the main storyline was all explained or shown by the end of the series. Sometimes people think they “get it” when they really don’t. It is okay. Usually, you don’t know that you missed something – that’s because you missed it. The relationships drove the characters and the character motivations, but the plot drove the story. The island kept evil in. Imagine a smoke monster loose in the world. That doesn’t happen because of the island and the one protecting the island. If you’re looking for a manual of HOW that works then you’re missing the point of the show and no you didn’t “get it”.

      • MArtin Onassis

        I resent other viewers telling me what I need answered from this show. The show’s attraction was its combination of sci-fi, mystery, and tropical castaway location. Equal was the great casting. The writers, if they had any brains, could have come up with a sci-fi premise or something better than this religious claptrap, which apparently, the religious viewers of ABC are more than happy to swallow whole. I actually think LOST is doing me a favor, because this reminds me of the folly of serial television, and I’m going to avoid the work of these writers and ABC like the plague.

        BTW, if LA was purgatory, then why did they leave the island to get there and then come back? Widmore and Penny weren’t on the plane, but they came from the same world, which was living not purgatory. Sorry, people, its trash. Cuse and Lindelof said they had a good ending. They didnt. They lied. We’ve been had.

      • Boz

        Martin: LA isn’t purgatory. You apparently need to watch it again.

        Island: real
        Seaons 1-5: real
        Flash back, forward: real
        Flash SIDEWAYS: purgatory

        They did go back to LA as the oceanic six, return, finish what they needed to do on the island, and die at different times after the events in the finale. The finale focused on Jack’s death to take us through the experience, show what the flash sideways was (purgatory), and wrap up him, as he was the lead for the show.

        As a fan since day one (and one that read into the clues they GAVE, rather than waiting for it all to be spoon fed in a huge story line) there are very very few questions left unanswered. They said a whole lot more than what was on the written page and told by the cast. Read into the text they hinted at, look up different religious beliefs (since they used pieces from everything in their world), and actually extrapolate. You’ll get nearly everything you are looking for.

      • Matt Gats

        I think the finale was both lovely
        and satisfying. That all the
        questions weren’t answered isn’t all that important, (which is part of ‘the point’, I believe) tho’ I think it’s a sort of personality test to see if you needed perfect clarity or not. If there are multiverses (and as a scientist I have reason to believe there are) then any and every possibility is occuring simultaneously. It makes you think about the nature of good and evil, happiness, souls and the definition of what love is.
        Any show that can do that is magnificent. Twin Peaks, X-Files
        (and the idiotic last years of MASH) all pale in comparison.

        Plus, the acting’s so very good, with the mediocre learning to be excellent over the years and the excellent turning in ‘Oscar’ worthy
        performances on many occasions.

        Plus, Locke looks/sounds/acts exactly like my deceased father, so
        they had me at ‘Hello’ with him anyway.

        You’re a cool bunch.

        ~England Prevails

      • KC

        I always saw the show as religious allegory and loved the spiritual themes more than the scientific (although I can appreciate both). I watched the show from the very beginning. I am a Jack and Kate shipper. I love the characters. I love the mythology. I love a TV show that makes me think. I liked learning more about the mysteries in previous weeks and don’t need an answer for everything. However, I do feel let down by their resolution of the story in this episode. I think it was HOW they did it, maybe more than what. I do think it was in some ways a Long Con. We got what we wanted along the way, but I feel a little cheated.

      • @Alan

        No-one said they needed answers to all the questions this show has raised, but the answers to some of them would’ve been nice. I feel like the producers answered almost nothing satisfactorally. Of course, I will admit the religious allegory turned me off, so that has definitely colored my opinion of the finale.

      • Jennifer

        As someone who was drawn more to the science fiction elements, and not at all to the spiritual ones, I can say that while I enjoyed certain moments of the finale, overall, it was meh. It all felt like a long con to me, and I have to admit to being glad it’s over, considering that was the ultimate resolution. Just wish I’d cottoned on sooner so I could’ve given up on the show back when I still care more and left with a good feeling rather than this bad aftertaste.

      • GeeMoney

        Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Most liked it, most didn’t. Why can’t everyone just let everyone feel and think what they want on these blogs?

        BTW… the finale was touching and sweet, but overall, season 6 was a huge letdown.

      • DL

        Personally, I think if you’re willing to buy into the sci-fi/fantasy aspects of the show, then it’s not necessarily SO DIFFICULT to answer some of the questions about the island yourself.
        On the scientific side of things, I felt confident in thinking that the island, sitting on a hotbed of volcanic and electromagnetic activity, is a place where the laws of physics are bent at a quantum level, thus allowing for some pretty wild stuff. If you want to go that far, you can even ration out that the smoke monster was created when the glowy super-electromagnetic waterfall scrambled MiB’s atoms and turned him into something not entirely human. Since quantum physics posits that time, space, and matter are all relative, it isn’t a huge leap to say that tapping into the island’s massive electromagnetic forces, forces that go beyond any other place on earth, could allow for “moving the island” and the time skips, among other things. You can throw Alison Janney’s speech in the garbage, even. Maybe the real danger is if the island sinks, it’ll destabilize the tectonic plate(s) it sits on and cause widespread natural disasters.
        Conversely, on a more fantastical/spiritual level, I’d conclude the island is the single greatest “Place of Power”, or sacred site, on the planet. Convergence of ley lines and all that sort of stuff. The people on the island were people who needed it, just as the island needed them – people who were looking for something they couldn’t find in their ordinary lives, as Jacob stated. They were on a pilgrimage of sorts, and ultimately had to be responsible for maintaining the place for those in the future who would come to need the island (and whom the island would come to need).
        Now, obviously, this is all conjecture. But the point is that there’s enough information out there for us to postulate these sorts of theories. I think if Darlton tried to explain everything 100%, it would’ve come off as a failure, and totally unsatisfying. After all, there isn’t really one explanation that you can put into words in the context of the show to resolve all the mysteries, unless you plan to devote 5-10 minutes of the finale to Eloise Hawking or sideways-Faraday giving some ridiculous, “Hey, you guys, this is how it is,” speech.
        So, think for yourselves! What do you think the island is? What do you want it to be? There’s more than enough information for us to decide for ourselves. Lost is never a show that’s made things simple or given the audience an easy way out. Just because the show is over doesn’t mean it’s carte blanche to suddenly take everything at face value and stop thinking for ourselves.

      • Alex

        I agree, it was a total letdown. It wasn’t a series finale, it was a season 6 finale because it sure the hell didn’t answer any questions from seasons 1-5. You might as well skip watching the first 5 seasons because nothing gets answered. It’s like they started a new show with season 6, they should have called season 6 alternate season 1 or flash sideways season 1 lol.

      • Marilyn

        Thank you PAfan. Can’t believe no one got it until one-third down the first page of the comments. My other theory about the island is that is was supposed to be just smoke (monster) & mirrors (Jacob/lighthouse) to hide/cork the ultimate evil from being released into the world and shutting the light within every one of us. The cork had to be removed to kill the human form of evil and prevent it from escaping. Once the cork was put back the light in our castaways (& everyone else) remained and the world went on. The castaways created the purgatory world with the incident as a place where they could meet up and move on after they found their own light/redemption.

      • David42

        I’m surprised anyone found season 6 (as a whole) satisfying. If you followed the show for its philosophical/intellectual puzzles and questions; if you ever spent time thinking about why “Locke” and “Hume” and some of these other characters were named after philosophers; if you enjoyed the struggle between religion and science, free will and fate, logic and faith…then you probably don’t find the back story about 2 semi-immortal brothers fighting over a magical glowing cave in the heart of the world intellectually satisfying. If you followed the show for its character development and brilliant acting, then I’m surprised you made it much longer than season 2. I would guess somewhere along the way you got tired of seeing your favorite characters only for a few minutes in an episode once every 4 weeks while you’ve had to wait through a lot of silliness about submarines and magic knives and secret temples. While it was touching when Sun and Jin drowned together in the sub, it was hard for me to really feel emotionally connected to their relationship when all we’ve seen from them for about 2 seasons is him running around in a jumpsuit with an assault rifle and her wandering around in a daze saying “Where’s my husband?”

        If you loved the characters, maybe you feel relieved they all end up with the person they belong with and you get to enjoy a sentimental moment seeing them all reunited in their “happy place.” I can get that. You haven’t been giving a chance to really revel in these characters for a long time and you deserve that happy moment. If you love a good story, you got a wild tall tale with twists and turns for many seasons, but I could see it coming for a while that this was not going to wrap up coherently. There are so many loose threads and dead ends they could never be tied together coherently. The show was focused deeply on mysteries like walt and aaron and their “special abilities” and what is the smoke monster and why can no women get pregnant on the island and what is the Dharma Initiative and who is Charles Widmore and what has Daniel Faraday discovered. They answered some of these questions. They dropped other story lines entirely. And most of the questions they did answer were answered with fairly trite and contrived solutions. There were brilliant moments and episodes even in Season 6, but if you really feel truly satisfied with this finale, then you had lower expectations than I had. And I think the shows writers and creators led us to believe the ending of the story would be more than: after a life of struggle between good and evil, you can end up in a happy place with people you care about if you just “let go.”

      • John Q.

        I agree…A total letdown and a waste of time. I will say one thing…that was some really good drugs the writers got a hold of to come up with this whole idea.

      • Lost fan

        Why is it that if some of us ask for more answers the response always has to do with us wanting EVERYTHING answered as if there’s no middle ground? Yes, a few things were answered occasionally but the idea that a lot of basic questions asked during the series were not addressed is asking for “100%” of things to be answered is absurd. I think it’s silly to create a show that becomes built around mystery and then not deal with most of the mysteries. And I vehemently object to the accusation that if I didn’t like this episode then I’m not a true fan who didn’t watch the series. I certainly don’t/wouldn’t accuse someone who DID like the finale as not being a true fan. True fans don’t have to agree with your OPINION. Almost everyone who posts here is a true fan or regular fan or whatever so stop with the attacks of those who disagree.

      • Lynn

        Maybe that was the problem. No doubt, I got it was “spirtual.” But that was part of the problem. At the end, Jack and Christian were talking in front of a stained glass window with six different religous symbols, indicating six different religious views. Only one halfway fit – Yin-yang. For the rest, it was an insult. I’m from one of the other branches of “spirtual.” Anymore, “spirtuality” really means pretty much what all the Lost malarky was about. It’s insulting (or should be, if people thought over and were convicted of their beliefs) for those of us who don’t buy it. Strangely, that’s the vast majority of the world.

        I also get “you can’t make everyone happy.” One of those six pieces of those stained-glass window panes was more likely to get more people happy. Even Taoism.

        “A little of this and a little of that” simply is laziness, and completely unsatisfying.

      • Skip182

        @Lostfan: because you’re all asking for different crap. “Oh I’m only asking for one or two things, so what’s the big deal?” When everyone wants an answer to a different question, then yes, you are asking for everything. Also, the fact that you should speak for me and what I personally need answered, and if I didn’t get that answer then I sould be mad, is insulting.

    • Rob Krattiger

      What happened to The 6 that got of the island. Claire, Sawyer, Kate, and them.

      • mary q contrary

        When Christian Shepard said that some of them died before him, and some a long time after, I think he was referring to the people on the plane – the plane that crossed through the sky over Jack as he lay dying, letting him know that they made it out alive.

      • H Dawg

        I STRONGLY disagree. The plane wreckage that was on the beach during the credits – that was the plane with Sawyer/Kate/Miles/etc. Widmore loaded it with TNT, remember?

      • Eric

        H Dawg – It was the exact wreckage from Oceanic. It was just nostalgic. MiB took the explosives off the plane and put them in Jack’s backpack

      • Rix

        What about hurly, ben and desmond? They weren’t on that plane but were alive on the island. Christian makes a comment about there being no “now” which means the other people living after Jack dies will die at one point in the future and join the sideways purgatory at same moment as everyone else. Time in purgatory is not in line with island time.

      • KRoof

        @H Dawg – The plane wreckage shown during the credits was the original wreckage of Flight 815. I believe they showed it to us one more time to assure us that everything was real. The C4 that Widmore planted on the Ajira 316 was set to explode once the electrical components were turned on. Well, they got the plane in the air, which means the only bomb that was on 316 was the one that FLocke found and put in Jack’s sub right before he boarded the sub.

      • jodipo

        H Dawg, locke took the tnt out and put it in Jacks backpack, where it blew up in the sub? How did you miss that?

        Yeah, I would say they made it out alive and finished their lives elsewhere, and hugo took care of the island with ben.

        It was a beautiful ending.

      • Rix

        Also Hurly makes comment that Ben WAS a good number 2 and Ben says Hurly WAS a good number 1. Referring to their lives before they died. We don’t see their deaths but they will one day die.

      • Eric C

        The plane wreckage in the end was the remains of Oceanic 815. NOT the Ajira plane.

      • James

        No it was the Oceanic plane. If you look closely at the last frame you will see that the side of the plane has the name on the side of it.

      • cathy

        I’m with Mary Q Contrary on this…because of Christian’s comment. The plane wreckage shots had nothing to do with the series, IMHO. More like a final good-bye to the acting area.

        I think Desmond is key to the whole thing. As the Constant, he is outside time (as we all are, really) but is really the first one to “get it” and share it with the others.

        So it doesn’t matter in the end when everyone died since we — the essence of ourselves — are all outside Time.

      • Gina

        Rob, they lived their lives and eventually died. The plane that flew as Jack passes away was the Ajira plane. Recall what Jack’s dad said after Jack asked him if everyone else was dead, too. “We all die. Some went before you, some after.”

      • lauren

        They were dead before- in the church Aaron is a baby meaning he never made it off the island????

      • Kapkat

        Kate, Sawyer, Claire, Miles, Richard, Lapidus and Desmond eventually left the island; Hurley and Ben stayed. As was already mentioned, some died before Jack and some died long after, but they all came together in the end.

      • mary q contrary

        No, Lauren, I think Aaron was there as a representation, not the actual Aaron. Aaron wouldn’t be moving on with the rest of them. He lived a completely separate life, and probably knew nothing of the island.

      • Tommy

        But Didn’t they burn the fuselage from the original wreckage? That made me think it was the 2nd plane crash!

      • Tim

        Let me just say that I was grad to see Richard and Lapidus still alive. And very happy to see both Claire and Richard get OFF the island finally.

      • Tina

        I thought it was wreckage of the sub. Hence Lapidus.

      • BambooPanda13

        @Lauren, they saw each other as they remembered each other at the time they were together on the island. Obviously Kate probably died later in life yet she still looked the same. And Claire must of died later and Aaron too, but everyone was connected to each other through their time on the island and this bond made them want to reunite in death and they are remembering each other as they were during their time on the island which bonded them together and brought them from strangers to family.

      • Emily

        Don’t you remember Kate telling Jack how she had missed him for so long?

      • ng

        So, why did they psychic tell Claire that Aaron couldn’t be raised by another? (or an other)?

      • Adam

        See, I interpret the last crash scene differently. It told me that they all died in the original plane crash, and nobody survived. Jack’s becoming Jacob is to save everyone’s souls so they can move on.

      • Mark


        I think some people have interpreted it that way – including the idiots on the ABC morning show, but there are many clues to suggest that the island was “real”, they survived the original crash, and only the sideways portions were representative of a time after death (purgatory, reincarnation, etc.) The ending doesn’t make a whole lot of sense if you posit that there were no survivors from the crash….they would have died strangers.

    • Jailyss

      It was beautiful. Nothing short of amazing. I have no gripes and resentment…amazing.

      • London Fog

        It was incredibly beautiful. For me, it was perfect and lovely in every way.

    • Bill

      WORST series finale ever! Give me back all those years I spent thinking about Lost!

      • it was about 125 hours. if that equals “years” in your book, you might be living in lost purgatory time.

      • chris

        BILL your an idiot. Go watch Will and Grace reruns!! Moron

      • Neph

        Technically Bill would have spent 125hrs watching the show…which is different than time spent thinking about it

      • MArtin Onassis

        utter garbage finale. TOtally inconsistent with the first 5 seasons. Hope the DVDs for S6 rot on the shelves, as I’m sure they will.
        If it’s LOST time, its our faults. Stay away from anything by these writers, and ABC. BUHBYE serial tv. YOU dont satisfy. Watch movies. Much less risky.

      • Think not watch

        Obviously none of you THINK about “Lost” other than when you are watching it- for those fans who do it may end up adding to years THINKING about “Lost” :)

    • leo

      in the words of bette midler, “that is the pits ending to a really terrific song”. everyone died? that’s the point of the whole show? can i have the last six years of my tv life back, please?

      • yes

        here you go 6 years back

      • anoyed

        That’s what happened, but that’s not the point of the show. That’s not it’s meaning.

        I interpreted it as this: The people in your life are special, the relationships you have, the connections with others are what makes life worthwhile. They are worth sacrificing for, worth waiting for, and, yes, worth dying for.

        Kind of brings me back to the hated Bai Ling episode. I always loved Jack’s response to the lady who tried to tell him what the tattoo meant. He said, “That’s what it says, but that’s not what it means.”

      • Gina

        That’s not the point. They didn’t die. The crash and and everything that happened on the mysterious island actually happened. They all died eventually. The sideways world wasn’t the aftermath of the bomb. The bomb simply set things right on the island. It, as Miles said, created the issue or didn’t do a thing. So the sideways world was something they made. How? Who knows. Not important. The whole point of the show is we must all live our lives the best we can, and then one day we move on/let go. That was the point. It may not please some fans, but there you are.

      • Taylor


        How can your relationships have meaning if nothing else going on in life has meaning? I can’t buy into these characters “meaningful” lives if the whole show turns out to be an illogical mess

      • Taylor

        Then why spend 6 years talking about all these mysteries. Why not just make it Grey’s Anatomy with a purgatory scene at the end? Why show us all this stuff like sideways world, time travel, etc and then expect everyone to be happy with nothing but a huggy reunion of dead people?

      • Kaelin

        Taylor, I agree with you. That pretty much sums up my dissatisfaction. You can’t ignore all the science and the mysteries and all the questions brought up throughout the 6 seasons of the show. Yes, an emotional ending is definitely important, but it just seemed the writers just threw away the intellectual stuff because they didn’t know how to answer it all. That makes me wonder how much they really knew from the beginning, and how much they made stuff up as they went along.

      • Ryan

        No cuz you suck. Get a life pal.

      • Capt AC

        Everyone dies, nitwit. Not everyone died DUE to the island, it was a flash forward. SPOILER ALERT: You and everyone you love is going to be dead some day.

      • leo

        taylor and kaelin = agreed. it’s a cop out to create all these intellectual mysteries and in the end say none of that matters because it’s all about the emotional satisfaction. disregarding all the questions from six seasons of what was once great tv means that the writers didn’t have one single answer to begin with. and then they continued making things up along the way – which is always fun… until they ran out of time and then they went for the easy way out which is everyone is dead and the island survives. i keep waiting for the black smoke to turn into aston kucher and say we’re been punked for the last six years.

      • BambooPanda13

        Okay, why are people not understanding that it isn’t necessarily “everyone died”. EVERYONE DIES IN LIFE. In real life everyone dies. That was one of the points. In the church there is no real concept of time no “here or now” as Christian put it. So yeah, the ending to LOST and the ending to real life is that EVERYONE DIES. It is sort of reflecting on real life too. Also stated in the show was that some people died way before, and some died much later, but they all came together at this place which is no point in time, so they could move on together. To each of them in the flash sideways it doesn’t seem like any time was spent differently despite the fact they all died at different times.

      • Angel SD

        What intellectual mysteries didn’t get solved? And why do people keep calling them “intellectual mysteries”? The only intellectual mystery is how people keep missing the very basic point of the show and focus on their own nerdgasms. These are the same people that waste time learning Klingon language or elvish language. These are the people that buy the “technical manuals” for space ships. IT DOESN’T ACTUALLY WORK! YOU CAN’T ACTUALLY BUILD IT! Just accept the fact that it is a space ship and move on to the important parts of the story. The island on Lost is what it is. Wondering how it got there or all the specifics of what it can or can’t do is a waste of time. My question is, how do you relaly expect this information to get to you? Do they just stop the show halfway through one episode and scroll a list of things the island can do or can’t do? It is a story and all the “intellectual mysteries” were ignored by the characters because they understood what most of us do – those details aren’t important. Stopping evil from getting into the world, being with the people we love, putting other people before ourselves – these are important things. So when Jack had a plan to take the magic out of the island, he didn’t stop to worry about figuring out where the electromagnatism came from. That wasn’t important. And since he didn’t get to know, you don’t either. If you want to pout about that, that’s fine, but you’re cheating yourself out of a great story.

      • CVH

        I think the people who are so upset about the lack of answers are making the mistake of looking at the show from the outside. It was a character driven show, think of it from their point of view. The unanswered questions seem a lot less significant when you try and feel the relief Jack must’ve felt when he saw the plan fly overhead.

    • A

      Anyone criticizing this episode should be shot. I’ve never cried so much at any TV or movie in my entire life. It was stunning. STUNNING. EPIC.

      • J

        Should be shot? That’s a little harsh. This episode was confusing to say the least and for some, disappointing. There’s many good things about this finale, but also many criticisms to be had as well. Where was Penny this entire time? I think we saw her once. Also I would never trust someone to pilot me on a plane put together with duct tape. I agree it was emotional and I liked it, but it deserves criticism.

      • swimbike run38

        Should be shot?? Pretty harsh words for something thats meant for entertainment. May be you should get a life!!

      • varico

        It was just a frigging tv show. Nothing more. The sow jumped the shark midway through the second season.

      • Bob Jones

        Hate to tell you A but just because you put Stunning and Epic in all caps doesn’t make it so. It just means you have a caps look button. M’kay.

      • Ian

        All those that hated the show are losers anyway, just ignore their trolling. It’s the only way they know how to get attention.

      • Really?

        “the sow jumped the shark”? So I guess you’re saying that pigs can fly.

        Just enjoy the ride it took you on, who cares if you didn’t like how it ended. We’re all going to die eventually, does that mean on your death bed you’re going to go “I don’t like this ending, I want those 88 years back”.

      • Mo

        Thank you J for injecting some sanity and a refreshing lack of self-righteousness into this comment board. The rest of you, whether you loved it or hated it, but sure as hell will take a gun or a bunch of insults to those who disagree with you, take a breath, take a pill, take a glass of warm milk and a nice nap, and remember: IT WAS JUST A TV SHOW. With a message about getting along with other people. Take that part at least to heart, come on.

      • Cheese


        If I was stuck on a deserted island and that duct taped plane was my only possible way off, I should as hell would trust a pilot to fly it. What’s the worst that could happen? You crash?

      • Shaun

        I love how this idiot “A” can praise a finale that was all about the redemptive powers of love, etc., but then say that anyone who didn’t love it should be shot? Perhaps you didn’t really “get it” yourself, did you? Me, I didn’t need to devote six years to obessively watching the show only to find out “All You Need Is Love”… The Beatles said that just as well, and it only took them about four minutes. The ending was cliched, hokey, and a total cop-out IMO. For those of you who liked it, I’m glad you did. I have no desire to ever watch the show again, myself.

      • @Ian

        Not agreeing with your assessment of the finale and being willing to express our own opinions does not make us trolls or losers. Just makes us fans with different opinions. This is a message board, not a love-in.

      • Tommaayy!!

        If you watched LOST for six years, you might well start saying people should be shot. That was often the first solution the casaways tried. :)

    • ALAN M

      You Sci-Fi nerds who are complaining that not enough nerdy science questions were answers are missing the point. In the end, it’s all about the people. The relationships and the emotion. And I am so satisfied. Finally at peace. I don’t give a s**t about any of the sci-fi questions anymore. I loved this finale

      • Jane

        Keep in mind that all “sci-fi nerds” don’t agree with the supposed lack of answers. I consider myself a “sci-fi nerd” and actually loved this finale!

      • jon

        Why does it have to be one way or another? You’ve bought the producers’ propaganda, hook, like and sinker that it’s just about “characters.” But it’s clearly not. It’s about both the characters and the mystery. They didn’t have to tell us every minor detail, but they might have given us a more than they did.

        I’m with you that it didn’t have to be a catalog of “answers,” but that doesn’t mean they had to completely deprecate all of that, either.

      • Angel SD

        Yes, Jon. The producers of the show – the people that created and developed this show – they know nothing about the show or what it is about. YOU know what the show is about. Not them. How would the producers know what the show is about anyway? All they did was approve and edit every decision about the show’s direction and production. And they think that gives them the right to know what the show is about? Psh. No, Jon knows what it is really about. Don’t let those producers fool you into thinking otherwise.

      • T

        Some people loved the characters, some people loved the mysteries.

        If you loved the characters, you got a rewarding ending. If you loved the mysteries, you didn’t get much answers to them.

        To each, their own kind.

    • i am PISSED

      Yes, it was emotional,
      yes, I understand that this season they were in purgatory,
      yes, i understand that what happened on the island was “real”

      Just because they provided answers about the events of THIS season does let the writers off the hook from providing answers about the show overall.

      What was the island? What were its powers? How did it move? How did it heal people? How did Jacob/the island “bring” people to the island? How did these characters all meet each other over and over and over again before they crashed?

      All of the BASIC questions (not the nitpicky ones about polar bears or skeletons — but the CENTRAL questions) that we wanted answered for the past six years were just ignored, and instead we were given answers only to the questions from THIS season.

      TOTAL COP-OUT!!!!

      • Gina

        Can anyone really give you answers for those questions? It’s not possible. It’s all things that don’t exist. The island simply is what it is. It’s a made-up place. Do people ask how things in Lord of the Rings exist? Why would a ring fix everything? Lost only showed what was important. If someone told you how the island could move, would that answer anything really besides telling you how an island can move? The island can move because it can. That’s it. It’s a sci-fi/fantasy show! And what do you mean about them meeting over and over before the crash? They didn’t.

      • Alan

        Do you always need every question in your life answered for you? Take some time, think about it on your own. Grab a brain. Why do you have to be force fed every answer? That’s the whole freaking point!! God, people like you are so stupid!!

      • HolyCrap!

        i feel ya!

      • Dduellman

        They answered what the island was. It held the soul of the world, as evidenced by the fact that when Christian opened the door it was the same light as the islands.

      • wow, Alan is a total ass

        No, I do not need EVERYTHING “spoon fed” for me.

        There are a MILLION questions that LOST posed which it did not answer (ie – about Walt’s powers, failed island pregnancies, etc), that I am NOT asking about. Many viewers care about knowing ALL the answers to ALL the questions. But I am not one of those people.

        As I said in my first message, I am not asking about trivial things like polar bears. I am asking about the BASIC PREMISE of the show. The writers built a show around certain basic premises, and then after six years, they did not answer those questions.

        The only questions that they answered were the questions they raised THIS season.

        And that is a cop-out.

      • ani

        I think that any answer they would have given wouldn’t have been accepted. So they just let us decide whatever we’d want.

        But here’s my question..that afterlife, is it just Jack’s? If Aaron led a full life, I highly doubt his afterlife would involve a bunch of strangers and him as a baby. Similary, Christian Shepherd’s soul would not care to be reunited with any of those people other than Jack and Claire. Can there be multiple planes of “existence”? So are there many afterlives that these people live through/exist in and their souls can pass through them until a series of events occur that leads to their awakening? At that point, they become enlightened and can what…become one with God? with the universe? with the essence of life?

        i’ve just been mindf*cked.

      • PAfan

        The island was what Jacob and his mother said it was. It was the heartbeat of the island, encompassing all that’s good and evil. If the island perished, we are told something to the effect of ‘everything that you know and love would be gone.’ When Jacob explains the role of the island to Richard and Jack, he uses the cork/wine bottle as a metaphor to explain it. It turns out the metaphor is true in that the cork is what keeps the light/electromagnetism alive in the cave. If the cork is removed the island is destroyed; if the island is destroyed we perish. The island is what allows us to have an afterlife where we can be with those we love, and experience peace.

      • HolyCrap!

        you are exactly right to be pissed! it’s “all about relationships” is what we’re supposed to live with. they could have had answers to your (everyone’s) questions too. wouldn’t have been too hard. but whatever, they’re in heaven now. yay!

      • Hey Gina

        ummm…. YES, the characters DID meet before they crashed. Did you even watch the first season?

        We saw numerous characters have chance encounters with each other before they got to the island. (Hurley and Libby in the same hospital, Jack and Desmond jogging together, Sawyer and Jack’s dad in a bar, Locke’s father being the same man who ruined Sawyer’s parents, Claire and Jack having the same father, Desmond meeting Charlie while he plays guitar on the street, etc. Etc. ETC…)

        These big coincidences were a CENTRAL THEME of the first year. And it was never explained!!!

      • emstro

        How much better would you feel about the show, RIGHT NOW, if all of those questions had been answered? What answers to those questions would have satisfied you? I decided after “Man Of Science, Man Of Faith”, the first episode of the second season, that the answers would never be as good as the questions, and just got on with the business of enjoying the ride and the characters. Which, ironically, has turned out to be the main theme of the show.

        Exposition is a strange thing in sci-fi or fantasy shows, because it can often create a kind of “dead air” where the pause for explanation kills drama and character development dead.

        Furthermore, if the show had spelt out everything, it would now be spent. As it is, it will go on feeding the curiosity of those who revel in mystery for a lifetime.

        Your loss…

      • @ Emstro

        There is a BIG difference between needing to have answers to every little question, versus wanting answers to the few big questions that were CENTRAL to the very premise of the show.
        Please don’t patronize those of us who wanted the writers to uphold their end of the bargain they made with us in the first season.

      • RadioRental

        I can’t answer all the questions you posed, but there are several episodes throughout Seasons 5 & 6 that show Jacob manipulating events off the island in order to bring the candidates to the island.

      • @namecallers

        I think it’s okay to be pissed at the show when some others might not be.

      • @ RadioRental

        What you said about Jacob is not true.
        They showed him meeting the castaways, yes.
        But touching Kate on the shoulder when she is 8 years old is not the same thing as explaining how she ended up on the same plane as everyone else. All of the coincidences in the first season (like how all these characters’ lives were so interconnected, and how they met each other at various times before they were ever on the plane) was a CENTRAL issue in the first season, and it was never explained.

      • matt

        i was wondering how jacob left the island so many times to go visit them during their lives? they said that not being able to leave was just the way jacob ran things but how did he move around the world? and the timelines didnt make much scense. who built the massive statue? and why are there egyptian writing all over the walls in the cave where ben went to ‘be judged’ by the smoke monster?

      • LBP

        there are no concrete answers. but there is love, light and belonging beyond our understading, but not beyond what we feel and “know”.

      • Right On

        Yeah, explain every detail and every mystery. Don’t use allusion or “themes”. Make sure it is very clear and has no inconsistencies.


      • Barbara

        I wanted all the answers too… but I agree with ‘the others’…ha ha…that this was rich with emotional fullfillment, love, connectedness. I loved the ending. This show worked well on two levels…sci fi mythology, and character study. That is hard to pull off…but they did it. They chose to tell the ending in this character driven way. I am pleased. There could always be more. Two more years, a movie with emphasis on what the heck was the island/ I’ll buy a ticket…Love you Lost…Many thanks…we’ll miss you. xo

      • Dizzle

        Agree 100%. Many are saying, “you don’t need every question answered to appreciate the mythos”, etc. But the huge, glaring, fundamental-from-day-one answers are important. Like the history and nature of the island itself. Where did it come from? Who inhabited it first? Other questions, important but less so: how can the island move? How is it connected to Tunisian desert? The island’s history is probably the one thing I would’ve really liked to learn about in some detail in S6. I went back and rewatched seasons 1-5 over a several weeks prior to this season starting and there are some holes (and again, like the poster said, not nit-picky “polar bear” holes but fundamental things. I love the emotional connectedness and the ultimate resolution but you can’t completely eschew all the sci-fi/scientific stuff built through 100+ episodes).

        Secondarily, Walt seemed like a crucial character, with his “specialness”, yet we get nothing about him. I swore when Jack was at the bottom of the source fountain laying there that Walt was going to say something, a la Locke in the Dharma death hole.

        From a macro standpoint I was down with the finale. There were some key micro pieces that really needed to be addressed. At the very least a little more info about the island. Here’s hoping for some dvd extras.

      • Dizzle

        Lost in some ways is like the movie Signs. An entire story is built up as a vehicle to deliver what ultimately is a different (and more profound) message. The island in Lost is like the aliens in Signs; neither is “the point”, just artistic slight of hand for a deeper metaphor delivered later.

        The journey proved more important than the destination, which isn’t a bad thing.

      • Jennifer

        I’m sorry, but I don’t get all these people saying that answers aren’t necessary. IT’S A TV SHOW. NOT LIFE.

        There are writers who sit around and consciously choose what should and shouldn’t be included. For whatever reason, they decided to give Lost a sci-fi/fantasy bent and spend six years building up mysteries. If they never wanted to answer any of the questions about the plot they created, then perhaps they should have made a different backdrop to their story. Since it’s “all about the characters” and not about the plot having a coherent resolution, I guess this show could have been set anywhere and any time and been exactly the same, right?

      • Chad

        I’d feel better knowing why women couldn’t give birth on the island… which was a plotline for a good 4 seasons… and they left it hanging. Or why Sun didn’t flashback to 1977 along with everyone else when they returned to the island… you know, important pieces of the plot. They explained the polar bears and skeletons and stuff, but forgot to address the big questions that kept the show running for 6 years.

      • justin


        I was thinking that the reason there were so many chance encounters between the LOSTIES early on, was because Jacob had touched each of them.

      • bjh

        Hanso Foundation, DeGruts, Faraday/Charlotte, Dharma Initiative, characters with philosophical names (Locke, Burke), Egyptian statues, a temple, Lost mystery websites/easter eggs… and it’s JUST about relationships and love?! I seriously don’t get people being so dismissive of the mythology side. The build up of “the island’s mysteries” was unmistakable.

      • LUKE

        Yeah im disapointed as well. As far as people saying its the best finale ever.. seriously? The whole 6 seasons could have taken place anywhere, with any events, and the ending could be exactly the same, and it wouldnt matter. The end made the rest of the show seem extremely unimportant. Favorite finale ever?? THE SHIELD. Made every moment from every previous season that much more important and impacting.

      • Donna

        I have a lot of nerve commenting since I never saw ONE episode of this show, but I really think that basic premises should be explained. Star Trek, for example, while requiring a suspension of disbelief, really did provide satisfactory explanations for why things worked the way they did. I have to say that if a show is built upon the premise of the Island having some sort of “specialness” to it, then it would make sense to–at some point–explain what that is. Again, go ahead and flame me since I’ve never seen this show, but it seems like a bunch of actual fans are feeling ripped off.

      • Catch

        But maybe none of the island stuff was “real” at all. It all depends on WHEN these characters died. Did they die in the plane crash at the start of the series? Did they die when the bomb went off at the end of Season 5? Clearly, they died before this season began. One thing the finale did is make it possible for skeptics to ignore the mythological aspects of the show (Temple, magic pool, lighthouse, Jacob, MIB, etc.) and see the whole thing as what flashes before your eyes in the seconds before death.

      • Joe

        The question about how the island healed was answered in season 1 I think? ELECTROMAGNETISM! Seriously, do you really need a neat and full explanation to these questions? I know audiences hate this but with lost you have to do some of the work yourself and if you do you will get all the answers you need. And I stopped caring about Walt after season 3.

      • pjgatz

        All emotion…no intellect. Leads me to believe these writers and producers have gone the way of the ‘Sopranos’…a nice vague ending that will lead to a movie. I just hope they provide some information on the Island somewhere in the movie. Let down.

      • JS


        I think Sun didn’t flash back because she was not the Kwon written on the wall–it was Jin. The same reason Ben/Lapidus didn’t.

      • DL

        Regarding bringing up the failed pregnancies again and again, has anyone considered that the problem had to do with the island being a hotbed of electromagnetic radiation? Only a fetus that had the opportunity to first develop in a more forgiving environment could be brought to term. It’s not a 100% scientifically accurate explanation, but it’s not far-fetched as far as Lost goes, and it makes sense. Think for yourselves, people. Stop expecting to be spoon-fed everything.

      • DL

        As for how the island can move, how it’s connected to Tunisia, how it can do everything, it all comes down to quantum physics and the nature of time, space, and matter. We’re all just clumps of atoms vibrating in a field. Clearly the island was connected to very real, elemental forces that made the fabric of reality less static than it is out in the world. If a spaceship can travel through a wormhole in a space-faring sci-fi show, isn’t it basically the same concept with the island? Forces that are beyond our comprehension with today’s science served to transport the island through space, and to transport people (perhaps through a “wormhole”) from one place to another. These very same forces served to deconstruct a man at the sub-atomic level and reassemble him into a cloud of smoke. There’s no possible way for anyone to explain, physically, how that happened, but the hints as to how the island works are there, and that’s my interpretation of them. What’s yours?

      • MC

        I won’t lie, I wanted as many answers as the next guy, but after thinking more and more about it, I think the end justified the entire series. I’m glad someone actually used Lord of the Rings (I actually thought the same as an example) to illustrate that we don’t need answers when it comes to fantasy. It’s not real, how can it really be explained to us. And when there are 6 seasons of a show, there has to be substance to keep us intrigued, and the supernatural aspect of the show did that. But the overall mysteries were solved. If you don’t know what the island is by now, you weren’t paying attention. And obviously it’s been there quite a while, so statues and caves and “Egyptian” writing could have been done by inhabitants from the past. But all of the crazy events either set something in motion, or posed challenges to different survivors that helped them achieve redemption. Jacob probably knew he would eventually be killed, so he needed a replacement to continue to protect the island so that all of the lost souls could be saved, and Jack was able to save the island so those people could leave. Personally, I don’t care for happily-ever-after endings where everyone ends up together, but since they were all dead, I guess it was a loophole to satisfy people like me and those who want it to end happily. I liked it, and since we’re all talking it about it now, I think the creators are probably pretty happy. And after all, there are always people who are unhappy with the ending. We’re just sad that it’s over, and naturally, we still want more.

    • Peter

      In a word….perfect.

      • ng

        It was perfect – until the last 10 minutes.

    • dave

      The island was never explained!!!!! THe numbers, walt, aaron, room 23, etc…. this was such a let down!!!! yes they definitely explained the sideways but what the heck about the island itself?

      • Angel SD

        It keeps true evil from getting into the world. What would happen if the smoke monster had free reign to wander Earth? No one wants that, hence the island. That got explained many weeks ago.

      • solomonrex

        Nonsense. This isn’t scientific. This isn’t real. They can’t explain everything, because it will just be nonsense, and then someone will say that doesn’t make sense, or answer this next question, ad infinitum.

        Time and Space and souls are electromagnetic, ok? Does that make you feel better? Now you know enough to figure the rest out.

      • Liked the Finale but wanted Answers

        There was nothing to explain about Aaron. The psychic who told Claire that he was special was later revealed to be a fraud.

    • Seinfeld

      I’ve seen better endings.
      (Not on my show…I’m just saying)

      • kkkkk

        haha : D

      • T

        Senifeld and Lost- both shows about nothing.

        Or, relationships and nothing else.

    • VickiH

      I thought the finale was fantastic. For me, I have always loved Lost for the characters. The mythology kept things interesting, but for me was not the main focus of the show. It was always about the characters and their interactions, relationships, and redemption. I do realize though that many people are into the mythology of the show and for them I can see why they would not be satisfied. I hope one day when people watch the series again, knowing how it ends will give them the opportunity to look at with new eyes and appreciate what Damon and Carlton made. For me, I have never loved and obsessed about a show like I did this one and I don’t think I ever will again.

      • Mary

        I think you will again–I hope I will. Because I think Damon and Carlton inspired future creators and themselves will create new things. I hope within a few years we get something as epic and intelligent as LOST. TV, I believe in you dude.

    • Robert R.

      It’s like olives. Not everybody understands them, but you know you can eat them. After eating one, some people like them and some people don’t. And some people will be like, “but who put the pimento in it!?!? I need answers!!”

      • Robert Singleton

        And the eternal struggle is between black olives and green olives?

      • Cary

        Very Funny!!

      • Ama

        Haha, that’s perfect.

    • Lulu

      Don’t know that it was the greatest finale of all time but it truly was a great finale! So much to sort out. I agree that it was more about relationships and what we do with our life jumbled by alot of sci-fi stuff. I am fulfilled by the whole saga and for some strange reason – fulifilled by the ending. Knowing all the answers of the strange makings of the island would have been nice but I am letting my imagination wonder as it has after each show. The love sequences and just the thought that we all may have a special meeting place – it was enough for me. Really love knowing that we all will continue to be able to talk about this for a long time to come!

    • Deborah

      I am satisfied with how it ended. Still left with questions, sure, but satisfied nonetheless. And hey, Richard didn’t get killed by Smokey and got his first grey hair!

    • Charlotte

      The Doubting Thomas allusion, Doc Jensen? Do you mean at the end we see only footage of the plane wreckage? Are you implying that they all died in the crash? You’ll never convince me of that.

      • RAndi

        I doubt it too as there were no bodies on the beach

      • Sabrina

        Doc means the knife wound in Jack’s side. That’s the literal allusion.

      • Robert Singleton

        I think Doc meant that some people would need to see the wreckage to believe that the plane crash (and the whole Island experience) was real. Wreckage was pretty tusty,too, indicating that that Island continued to survive, and that it had been protected.

      • kellybelly

        Crash wreckage at the end credits, was the Oceanic 815 flight from the beginning. It was just the creators way of showing an “empty stage” at the end of a show. (And all the trash that they’ll have to clean up.)
        You can tell, cause there’s the blue tarps they used for protection, piles of stuff that they scavenged, etc.

      • otherbot

        Sabrina is right.

      • JHM

        That was the original wreckage of 815, but clearly there were survivors–look at all the footprints in the sand. I think that snippet of wreckage was to show that the island is still there, even now.

    • Emily

      I agree. I only wish that we had seen when Penny remembered who Desmond was!

      • ender

        I was really shocked we didn’t get this scene.

      • Adam

        Agreed. I felt those enlightenment moments were rushed. They could have cut half of ‘Across the Sea’ and write in the Des/Penn moment instead. Actually cut that whole Temple crap will be nice too.

        Finale is OK. Could have been better.

      • SJ Missy

        Correct me if I’m wrong but WHY would Des and Penny need an enlightened moment. Remember Desmond walked away from the Lighthouse before they went back on Aljira flight. Penny was left on the boat with her son. Later, Des was kidnapped by Widmore and brought back to the island. Penny just probably died of old age (purgatory is timeless) Des somehow got back to her. Remember Hurley as the new “Jacob” could change the rules as he saw fit.

    • David

      Although I was brought to tears, I cannot except that we still have no explanation as the “why” of the light and the Island.

      • Angel SD

        Why? The island kept evil from getting out into the world. They explained that. No smoke monster roaming the world is a good thing. Or do you mean the “how” and expect a technical manual on how the island works and what it does?

      • JHM

        My theory is that the island is a reference to the Biblical garden of Eden. When Adam and Eve got kicked out, it wasn’t just punishment for disobedience, it was to prevent them from having further access to the “tree of life”–immortality, in other words. And after they were kicked out, God posted angels to prevent anyone from getting back in. That’s the story in Genesis, anyway.

        I think the island’s “light” was the tree of life. People stumble upon it and want some of that light–extra life. The guardians–Jacob, his fake mom, Jack, and eventually Hurley, were just a few in a long line of those protectors who were there to keep people from accessing/exploiting that light.

    • Danielle

      I thought the finale lived up perfectly to the show’s reputation, as one long, drawn-out, cliff-hanger that kept people coming back for more despite a cohesive plot or story line. The finale was one big jumble of nonsense, just like the entire series was. Sure, the characters are enduring but the show was a big hoax, with promises of answers to wild concepts that not even the most genius of physicists can answer. I suppose that it was easy for these writers to swindle idiot masses to keep watching as the plots became more and more absurd. After all, the audience already had so much invested, they couldn’t stop watching. It’s like the financial bubble of television shows that finally burst last night and left everyone empty handed. Or like the wizard of oz, at the end of the day it was all a facade with a little man behind a fancy curtain. I challenge anyone to explain the entire premise, lessons and purpose of the show. It’s impossible, unless done in an overly simplistic way that negates most of the details of the show. It’s utterly mind-numbing and pointless. For anyone with even the slightest of philosophical minds, this show is enough to make one hurl. It was all a bunch of writers, dappling in broad ideas, pontificating on for 6 seasons in a way that convinced audiences that it actually had something to share with the world. No, don’t be fooled, you’re better off reading the works of Locke, Rousseau, Benthum, Bakunin, Thomas Carlyle, Edmund Burke, and Hume, or what of scientist Michael Faraday? Lost turned all of it into a farce and served to stifle any real debate or creativity.

      • ?

        If you didn’t like the show, then why are you wasting your time watching the finale and commenting here?

      • Julie

        Aaaand…that goes to prove you’re full of hot air and didn’t watch a single episode. Go back to your chemistry set, little Einstein.

      • Steve Evans

        I watched every episode and I’d call your analysis Brilliant!I never knew I was watching some new age religous theory, I always thought there woulld be some kind of at least psuedo scientific explanation.

      • MC

        Really? You didn’t realize the the underlying theme was spiritual? A smoke monster, black vs. white, good versus evil, guarding an island so that the light wouldn’t go out? You really didn’t see that coming?

    • jake

      One of the best finales ever, it actually made you grateful that you watched the series and for me even made me love the series EVEN MORE. I’m so glad that they didn’t spit in the face of the audience as some series do, not intentionally. The finale of Lost was so emotional and for some reason I didn’t expect it to be and if it doesn’t get an emmy this year, it will be truly insane.

    • Matt

      I’ve been exceptionally critical of season 6, as it really hung people out to dry if they were more interested in the show for the mystical, the mysteries, and the mythology, but for everyone who loved the show for the characters and their resolution, it was absolutely amazing.. I had the feeling it was a B+ finale after it ended, and as of this moment, 10 hours later, I have changed it to an A+. I think the the beauty of the Jack storyline and the resolutions and the reveal of the nature of the new flash is just brilliant.

    • Mythla

      Emotionally rewarding. Intellectually satisfying. I’m puzzled by all the people who claim the show “Didn’t explain X” when it obviously did. They answered what the Island is over the last few episodes. Christian basically turned to the slower-minded audience members and explained what the sideways world was (and if you think it was purgatory, then you don’t really understand what purgatory is.) Overall that was a perfect way to end the most monumentally epic TV show ever. The “haters” will be out in droves at first, but with a little reflection anyone who wants to understand and figure out the ending should be able to, and the ending will definitely hold up over time.

      • ender

        Thanks. How high is your horse anyway? Also, do we look like ants from way up there?

      • Wendy

        @ender – best comment of the day LOL

      • kellybelly

        @ender. Hilarious!

      • donnalynn

        I agree Martha. Did no one watch the enhanced replay of Ep 1 the night before. It plainly said Walt was kidnapped to use as leverage and that the others got more that they bargained for with his abilities which were enhanced on the island . It explained what the island was …the cork to hold evil in .So they gave us answers the night before not all of them but enough to satisfy me. Also for those sayng these people would rather spend their afterlife with their families..they were a family. Look around that church alomst every one of them at one point or another risked or sacrificed their life for the the others without thought for themselves.Shannon,Boone and Libby were there because they found love or redemtion before dying on the island Penny is there for her love of Desmond being so great went againist her father to find him only to lose him again .(Micheal is not there because in my opinion because everything he did was for himself even dying on the freighter trying to redeem himself) I loved the show and watched last night with a box of kleenex ..the reunions were so joyful they made me cry even at the end I cried tears but of joy at them all being together and moving forward. Thanks -you LOST for the entertainment and thought provoking show you gave me for 6 years

    • Luciana Lambert

      I liked it very much. It was a beautiful finale. Eternity, the after-death (call it purgatory, hell…) can be all that: your mind, or soul, tricking you into different “realities” that connect you with the past or with one moment of it. Anyone who thinks they will have a detailed explanation for every unanswered question when they die had better think again. Great finale!

    • stevie b

      Why was Michael not in the Purgatory??

      • PMD

        He is trapped on the island. And whispers to everyone else.

      • Becca

        Michael was not in purgatory because he was doomed to haunt the island (the whispers) as punishment for killing two people (Anna Lucia and Hurley’s girl)

      • sdm

        He either already moved on or wasn’t ready to move on. He was never really a part of that gang emotionally or spiritually. Walt was they only person who was important to Michael.

    • Dysthymia

      I cried and cried. Especially when Vincent lay down beside Jack. The finale of Lost was perfectly beautiful.

    • ninja_please

      To me .. the ending of LOST is like this …

      I have been standing in a line for 3 hours, waiting to ride the most adrenaline-pumping, heart-pounding, sphincter-tightening roller-coaster ever created . . . the
      “G-Force Gastric Bypass.”

      So, after standing forever, I finally get up to the entry row and buckle my a$$ into the first car, swing the foam-engorged protection bar down over my head, and start off on my journey to vomit-city.

      I’m in! YES!!!

      The coaster dips, swirls, rolls, roars down the track.

      Faster and faster!

      So far , so good … so many turns and dips – Oh yeah!
      I am about to hurl!
      And here it comes! – the last hill, the big one!
      The mother of all back-breaking, seizure-inducing, neck-snapping roller-coaster plummets awaits!
      . . . clack-a clack-a clack-a clack-a clack-a . . .

      The roller-coaster cars stop.

      A speaker announces:
      “the ride is over.”

      The coaster cars lock into position and the doors swing open and the protection foam bar lifts up.

      The riders all look bewildered at one another and realize that the ride really is over.

      That’s it?
      No big finale … nothing.

      The exit walkway is here.


      sooooo disappointed. but the ride was ok …

      • OldJan

        Boy, that sums it up for me too! All the years of watching, anticipating, enjoying the roller coaster ride–then it ends like that. Boy I feel dumb now to have invested all those years on the “ride” then it ends like a love fest reunion show. No more serial tv shows for me–i’m too old for roller coaster rides that end like that anyway. Got to find other things to think about and do now.

      • sockgal

        I agree! What a great way to say what I was feeling. However I think all the pre-talk beforehand that most questions wouldn’t be answered, kind of made me think the finale would be less of a big dramatic closing. All views seem to know that the questions wouldn’t be answered and many things would be left for interpretation, but I really wanted some clearer cut ending. Some question that only had one answer and not a dozen different possible outcomes. Hard for viewers in invest in a TV show like lost and be disappointed. I do believe that it makes people question which shows they should invest in watching long term. I know I do think about what the payoff will be. Of course all my TV viewing hours have been really dissappointing since Battlestar Galactica said goodbye last year. Still crying over that one!

    • AphoenixJe

      Loved Loved Loved it – I agree – best finale ever. What a life lesson for us all. There is peace, love, and all that we seek here on this earth – HERE and NOW – as Christian says, there is ONLY now. Thank you for such a profound and beautiful ending to one of the best TV shows.

      • seriously?

        you’re an idiot. why the hell did they set it on an island then. it could have been set in space for gods sake

    • stapler

      My first take was that it was a major disappointment. But then as I slept on it and thought about it more, it really was a good finale. It didn’t satisfy all of the questions that I had, but it made me think about a question I wasn’t looking for an answer for – why are we all here!

    • Daniel

      I dunno. I could have watched the first episode and the last episode and not have been … well … Lost. After last night’s finale, I feel like everything between the two episodes were meaningless.

      • Mark

        That’s like saying, “life is meaningless, we’re all going to die anyway.” It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

      • kellybelly

        Mark – the journey is important,and they didn’t address it. It was like the whole show only served to get these people to meet and have relationships. But the journey totally informed everything that they did. I think it was a pretty simplistic ending for a show that took us on a pretty wild journey. And thus, was not a great finale. While it was good, it wasn’t great. And in some respects even, it was just okay.

    • who cares

      acceptable finale, but not satisfying

    • Tony T

      Totally letdown, myself. Assuming they all died when the plane crashed, which is implied by Claire’s baby Aaron, as an infant in the church, then nothing was real. The writers could have written anything. Big time cop out. And assuming they all died on the plane, its seems they all had to die a second time, for the reunion to occur. It also meant that Miles and crew would have never went to the island (to search for dead people). Why show the turning wheel? Just a part of a group dream? Why show Locke going down, once people left to make them return, if they were all already dead? If, as some have suggested that they were now all together because they died at soon point (like the people on the plane leaving the island or Hurley and Ben) why are all the original people who died the same age? No one had aged. Bad ending to a great show.

      • Cary

        I don’t think the baby should have been in the church. The people are the same age because as Jack’s dad stated they created this “world” so they could find one another and therefore they all took on the form of when they were on the plane together. He also clearly stated some died before Jack and some died long after Jack. Therefore, they did not all together on the plane.

      • Mark

        These are the people as Jack knew them (he did not know Aaron as an adult). I now take the church scene as Jack’s vision and passage. As mentioned elsewhere here, there is ample evidence that they did not die on the original plane (my season 1 hypothesis). The coming together and enlightenment makes no sense under those conditions…they would have died relative strangers and not formed the connections that they obviously had.

      • Jeff

        I’m really quite astounded by how many people were confused by the ending. I mean Christian spelled it right out for us. The island WAS REAL. Everything that happened outside of the season 6 flash-sideways WAS REAL. Some people died during the course of the show (Libby, Juliet), others died in the finale (Jack), others got off the island and lived long lives (Kate, Sawyer) while still others stayed and became the new caretakers of the island (Hurley, Ben) living for God knows how long. The point is, they all died AT SOME POINT, and the sideways world is a place they collectively created as a means to “move on” together into whatever happens to us after death. Bottom line, everything we saw was very real, and did happen.

        Not saying I love the ending (still processing, but liking it more than I did last night), but I do understand it.

      • MattB

        I can’t understand how so many people think they all died in the plane crash. That makes no sense. Claire’s baby was just a part of the “reality” they created (as Christian explained) in an attempt to come together for eternity. As far as no one aging…again, that is the world they created as they remembered each other.

        This was truly a great ending to the greatest adventure ever televised!

      • Thomas

        I think they all died at the begininng hence the plane scene at the end with all their belongings still scattered about, and the people who died before were the others on the island – already dead, Dharma people – already dead, Richard – already dead, the other people who came to the island – also died from the helicopter crashes, subway explosions, etc. I think the whole 6 years was the story of the dead in the spirit worlds making connections – hence no new life could be born on the island (from dead people). The incident killed all the dharma people and all those time flashes were in the netherworld among the ghosts – hence time didn’t really go on as in real-life. The people who died again on the island were overtaken by the good or evil presences (Jacob and his brother) who yearned to escape the purgatory or whatever the island was. I don’t think it was real-life on the island but the idea that even in the spirit world ghosts continue to make connections, and those flashes were the ghosts yearning to be back to their lives, thinking about what could have been had they lived, etc. No telling, guess we will never know what the authors had in mind unless they were to come out some day and tell us. I enjoyed all 6 seasons though and thought the end did bring closure even though many mysteries remain.

    • Jeff C.

      In the end, after all the fantastic mysteries and magical wonders that had perplexed and intrigued us, fade from the TV set, I’m left completely and utterly satisfied – and proud…proud to have realized that it was never about “answers” that I as a viewer thought I wanted. It was something more – something profound about the art of storytelling on a level that left me emotionally invested in these characters’ lives for the past 6 years. Last night’s finale was an affirmation that above all else, it’s the people, their hopes, dreams, faults, that we care about – it’s how we all relate to each other here in the “real world.” We project our own experiences and fantastic tales upon one another, but in the end, we all need each other to share in the experience – to make it whole, complete.

      As the final segment began…and we get Christian’s explanations to Jack – Jack’s revelation at his own death – and then Lost did what it always did best – the criss crossing between the story lines – Jack’s footsteps into the church are his footsteps through the bamboo field…his sitting at the pew mirroring his slump down the bamboo shoot and laying on his back..and Vincent! My goodness, that instant just broke me down with a mix of sadness and happiness all at once – Vincent comforting Jack in his last moments – Jack smiling, seeing the plane pass overhead – his friends saved – his life, complete – the eye closing – the music throughout this scene – it was the most profound television watching experience I’ve ever had. It was simply beautiful.

      • Mark

        Makes me weepy again just thinking about Vincent lying down next to Jack.

      • London Fog

        I love your comments. They mirror my own feelings exactly but stated much more eloquently than I could have done.

      • Billychic

        Really, really well-said.

      • BlackWhiteGrey

        Amazing insight, and comment. Thanks. Unfortunately, this was not a love story…Sometimes the ‘truth’ is wrapped in pretty paper and becomes ‘enveloped’ in what is expected and wanted.
        I expected and wanted zero answers…The journey was enough.

    • JD

      Hmm, Ben can be forgiven and included, but no sign of Michael.

      • Becca

        Maybe he redeemed himself by protecting the Island with Hurley but Michael never had that chance.

      • modernmetaphor

        I fully expected Ben to pull a gun on Hurley and force him to say the magic words while he drank the water – seriously? He was running with Lock even through the final episode and suddenly he’s honored to serve Hugo? Again, non-sense. I want Ben to be redeemed, but make it a teeny bit believable – start it 3 episodes ago or something and then if it’s true, let him be dead and good enough for the group…

    • amj

      I loved it! It made me cry, laugh and I felt genuinely happy about its ending. And, correction to wakeforce, there are 3 types of LOST fans..the third are ones like me that find the relationships and the mythology equally important to one another. I feel like the finale was perfect and left the mythology to all of us to end since it may not have mattered in the first place. The flashback sideways (yes, I said it they weren’t in the present..they were in the past based on the island time)revelations were a beautiful way to play those beautiful montages without looking corny. And, I agree, just about everyone of them made me cry just like Doc. Beautiful and touching. I couldn’t have been happier seeing Charlie and Claire together or Sawyer and Juliet together. And, even as a recently made Kate Hater I was pleased to see her and Jack together. And, I for one was excited to see Sayid reunited with Shannon. Great stuff!

      • Suz

        Yes, but wasn’t Nadia Sayid’s great love. Shannon was just an affair on the island! Sayid should have Nadia in the end (even Flocke ‘promised’ him this!)

    • Robin Hixon

      Lost was one big lesson in the basic of Catholicism. Freewill is given to us. We struggle with the evil around every corner. We choose other journeys in life unable to let go, unable to give up the freewill, but if we do… if we let go…we accept our destiny, our journey is complete and we find peace!
      That was “Lost” in a nut shell …. but a wonderful parable!

      • modernmetaphor

        that is quite a theology – give up the freewill and accept destiny – a poetic ring and yet not remotely Catholic – since “destiny” is not a Christian concept and freewill means you make choices and take responsibility for consequences, which is quite different than the quasi-mystical perhaps nonsensical concept of “letting go” – have you ever asked yourself if that actually means anything?

    • Some understanding here

      Okay lets see if I can help explain better why there is so much bitterness for those gushing a love fest. Trying to speak for most of us who are critical but we actually loved the alt world and the way that story ended. That was a fantastic finish so in that way the finale was fantastic. Our problem is all the stuff that should have been dealt with before we got to this point that leaves us feeling let down after the finale ended. We were presented a mystery with all kinds of whodunits. Yet the story focused (extremely well) on the character arcs of the victims and those left behind without ever actually answering the mysteries. Great story arcs but the writers presented this (and many invested in it because of this presentation) as a mystery and failed to live up to that end of the bargain. We were expecting something that enhanced the rewatching of the series to revisit each scene for different meaning but this did nothing for that.

      • kellybelly

        Thank you. You explained this great.
        After it ended, I went, okay, good. Then, what? What about all this other stuff?

    • mish17

      Mark and others who posed this question, the reason Jack didn’t turn into the smoke monster is because when Desmond unplugged the cork shutting off the light of the island it also shut off the magical powers that the island held. This is why Richard got his first Grey hair (he is finally able to age)and why Smokey (Locke) was able to be killed.

      • Mark

        I meant, after Jack recorked it….the light came back on again….wouldn’t Jack then be affected?

      • JHM

        No, Richard got his first gray hair long before the light got shut off. I think he finally started to age because Jacob was dead, and it was Jacob who had given him eternal life. Once Jacob was dead, he no longer had that gift–which he’d come to consider a curse anyway.

    • Julee

      I agree with Josh M.-I am numb, devastated, inspired, and satisfied.

      I don’t really care all that much that some of the “logical” questions didn’t get answered. I went into the finale with one set of questions and have come out with a different set. I really don’t need those questions answered any more. I think what is most important is the “now” and the fact that we can’t do it (live life) alone. Thank you LOST.

      I am emotionally drained.

    • kellybelly

      1.Why didn’t Jack use the “magic words” over the water before he gave it to Hurley as the new caretaker?
      (Both Mother and Jacob did the magic words)
      -I wasn’t sure if it was an oversight or it meant something.

      2. Vincent looked different.I wasn’t sure if Jack had time-traveled, cause the dog looked way younger.

      3. Not a great finale. I was glad for the reunions. But, by saying everyone is together after they die. Well, who didn’t already think that? Yea, the show was character driven, but the ending just seemed kinda a cop out. The whole show was about the journey. And how those relationships were formed. The journey informed everything they did. All their choices and their loves. So, to not to have fully addressed the circumstances which informed everything about them (which would make them want to be together in the afterlife)….I think did a disservice to the show.
      So, good ending, but not a great finale. And I agree that this will go down as a “seinfield” type finale. As opposed to the greats of the past.

      • JHM

        Maybe they weren’t “magic words” but instead just some kind of prayer. I thought it was interesting that Jack didn’t say anything–I figured that represented a new type of guardianship.

    • Scott

      I’ve been a fan since Day 1 and by the end of Season 1 had constantly called this “the best show of all time”. Although I appreciated the emotional reunions, so many things seemed either baffling or disappointing to me:

      1) Sayid ended up with Shannon (whom he had known for a few weeks) and not Nadia, the love of his life that he went on and on about and even rescued her from certain death
      2) Eloise Hawking did everything she could to prevent this reunion that ultimately happened anyway. Why did she not want them leaving purgatory and moving on to heaven? Is she some kind of devil? OK, I don’t think she’s the devil but I didn’t understand her motivations for not wanting people to “move on”.
      3) People like Michael, Walt, Mr. Eko were not part of this purgatory/movement to heaven, but why? Michael’s soul is stuck on the island (and presumably Mr. Eko’s) but the others who died on the island are not? I don’t understand why. Michael and Mr. Eko weren’t the only murderers on the island. Yet Kate and Sayid were allowed to move on. Why the difference?
      4) The most BAFFLING thing to me was that after all these people died they had strange/false memories. After Sun & Jin died in the boat, they both had memories of being unmarried and bearing a child out of wedlock (and for Sun, being shot)? Why? Jack dies and suddenly remembers having a son who’s a masterful piano player? Then, in purgatory he’s reminded twice that he NEVER had a son, and in a sense, he now has to grieve over the son he thought he knew but now doesn’t have and never did? And I’m supposed to feel happy about this?
      5)I guess the most DISAPPOINTING feeling about the way the end played out was the fact that except for about 8 people, everyone we came to know (and love and feel for) on the island met a sad, early, tragic death in their young-mid adulthood – Boone, Shannon, Sun, Jin, Charlie, Jack, Juliet, Michael, Libby, Locke, Alex, Charlotte, Daniel Faraday – it saddened me IMMENSELY to realize that they really did get shot, drown, explode or meet a tragic end AT A RATHER YOUNG AGE IN LIFE. I couldn’t get over that. Yes, I know that they had people to meet them in purgatory. But in real life, when someone you know/love/care for dies in their 20s or 30s, for instance, it’s hard to get all happy and say “WOW – I’m thrilled with joy that they’ve just reunited with their grandparents/parents (etc.) now.”
      So while I guess I’ll still call this the best show of all time, I have to put an asterisk with it that says I was disappointed in the last 10 minutes. Was anyone else upset/saddened that all these people really did die at such a young age? I wish I felt happier about the ending. (Yes, in heaven, they reunite but that whole FlashSideways world really got my hopes up that they somehow lived longer and never really had their tragic deaths.)

      • Marilyn

        These are the answers I made up for myself for questions similar to yours:
        -Sayid had to let go of Nadia and find a love that he could really call his own. That was Shannon and loving her led him to choose that love and his choice to be good–his redemption.
        -Eloise did not want them to succeed because she did not want Daniel to go with them in the sideways world
        -Sun & Jin were not married because their marriage was not a happy one at the beginning
        -It was not sad to me that the people died when they did because they found redemption in their death and could leave and go to the “waiting area” where they lived a more enlightened life than they had before the crash.
        Michael was never redeemed so he got stuck on the island as one of the whispers. (I thought he was redeemed by blowing up the freighter, but then I realized it was Smoke Monster that made him do that [in the form of Christian] so it was not a real redemption.
        -None of the freigher people were in the church and I think that is because they were not brought to the island in the original crash.

        These are my answers to those questions. Maybe they will help you too.

      • losttiltheend

        You can answer most of your questions by remembering that this is all from Jack’s perspective. In the end he reunites with these important people in his life before moving on. Sayid ended up with Shannon because he was with Shannon while Jack knew him. If this was Sayid’s perspective of moving on he probably would be with Nadia. Michael never got redemption so never moved on. He told Hurly he is doomed to roam the island as one of the whisperers. Also the sideways world was never real. Jack never had a son except in the sideways world. And finally, if these people that had meant so much to Jack for such a short time had died at such a young age why wouldn’t he want to see them before he moved on.

      • Emek

        What does one thing Michael, Walt and Mr. Eko have in common?

    • DJ

      I miss Mr. Ecko

    • pete

      why was Widmore and his wife against Desmond revealing the truth to everybody?

      • JHM

        I think it was because they didn’t want Daniel to find out–they spent a huge amount of their lives feeling guilt over Eloise’s accidental killing of Daniel and wanted to keep him for themselves as long as possible–they weren’t interested in “letting go” of him. That’s why Eloise asks Desmond at the concert “Are you going to take Daniel with you?” and Desmond says “No, not with me.” Daniel will move on at some point, in other words, but not with Desmond. And sure enough, even though he ran into Charlotte, he didn’t have his “awakening,” and he wasn’t in the church at the end.

    • RON

      A great finale except for the last 10 minutes. Enough with the father-son hangups with Jack. I did like Jack as the ultimate hero, but Christian did not deserve the high profile at the end. Plus, I wanted to see Hurley at the guardian.

    • Morgan

      I am depressed now that it’s over. I haven’t when Jack laid down alone in that same bamboo field and closed his eyes…yiyiyi, I Lost it. I haven’t read any commentary,so I am unsure of where the “purgatory” began. Was it when they detonated the hydrogen bomb?

      I already miss the Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sun, Jim, Charlie, Claire, Sawyer, Sayid, Ben, and Locke.

    • Morgan

      No, I think they actually did live in the island and the Oceanic 6 did scape for 3 years and come back for sure. I believe Purgatory started with the Sideways life, but I’m not so sure both lives were then going on simultaneously. I think at that point the “island” life of Jacob / Jack vs Smoky Locke was a flashback from Purgatory life. What I’m trying to figure out is did all these folks die at separate times, after living long, full lives or did they die relatively close to when Jack did? Was that Aaron in the church with Claire? Did little boy Aaron, who was safe with Grandma in LA live a short life? What about Jack’s son? Did he die? I do believe that quite possible the plane crash at the very end was Lapido’s failed attempt at getting off the island with a duct-taped plane. I think they did crash and most of them died. There were foot prints n the sand by the crash, however. Did some of them live -like Richard and the pilot (is that why they weren’t in the church scene?) or were those footprints Desmond’s, Ben’s, or Hurley’s? I am grateful for the emotional reunion ending, but I also did want more questions answered.

      • MattB

        The plane on the beach at the very end was most definitely the Oceanic plane, not the Ajira plane that Lapedis (spelling?) flew off the island. I was led to believe that they made it off safe and sound as they were seen flying just fine over Jack at the end. I think the shot of the Oceanic plane on the beach was simply for the sake of nostalgia and remembering where it all began.

    • Ouijaman

      The sideways story that led to the church scene was designed to give the fans a parting reunion/farewell.

    • Emek

      Don’t you think it was all a little racist? All the good guys are white American (apart from the woman who had cancer to start with and she is married to a white dude and a couple of Koreans thrown in just to add colour) the only ‘real’ baddie (lost/ confused/ selfish one)was Michael and obviously did not deserve to go to heaven. There was another priest guy who was black but we never heard from him. He just died, never came back and obviously didnt deserve to go to heaven eighter. Said also managed to sell his soul to the devil at some stage! (What was he doing in ‘heaven’?. I really dislike the term MIB- Jesus, which century do we live in?
      I have been a total lost lunactic since day one but lets face it this was a totally wishy washy ending for a great show. So American & diabolical! Overtly disappointing.

      • MattB

        Are you serious? I hardly think Jin and Sun were “thrown in to add color”! They were paramount to the storyline and in my observation, two of the most beloved characters. The same goes for Mr. Ecko…he was a big part of the storyline and even his death was extremely symbolic. All of them “sold their souls to the devil” in some sense at some point. They all screwed up and were tempted by the dark forces on the island. To single Sayid out in that respect is just ignorant. Again, he was redeemed just like the rest of them in the end.
        To bring race into this discussion is simply ignorant and displays a lack of attention to the show.

    • Not Lost

      Did the producers come out and say that they were aiming for the “BEST FINALE EVER” ? Do fans of the show feel less of themselves if it wasn’t?
      Do fans feel better about themselves if it was? I had hoped for more tying up of loose ends but overall, it satisfied me because I was very interested in character development and the writing in particular. As a finale it worked for me. As a season…I believe that Season 6 failed for the same reasons that I liked the finale. They got away from the main characters and the writing was weak compared to earlier seasons. Will I buy Season 6 on DVD? Yes. Will I see the season on a whole differently? I hope so. And I’ll offer this up not as a measure of my Ego but as an informed opinion…Six Feet Under created a masterful finale. Get the DVD’s if you want quality entertainment.

    • Carla

      It was a wholly satisfying ending for one of the best series ever.

    • Eric

      Many people are asking what the island really was when the show plainly answers it. The island was the stepping stone from Earth to Heaven nothing more, nothing less

    • Debra

      I’m mixed. I am really appreciative of the happy ending, and all the people pairing up with the proper person. I also feel like – it was a punt when they should have gone for the home run. What was the point of all the drama? All in all, I give it high marks as one of the greatest feats of writing and acting in this modern world. I’ll always want more, but I can live with that which was given. Thanks to all who made this a modern miracle of creativity in a world of re-makes and one-ups manship.

    • BlackWhiteGrey

      As usual….perfect….the journey is filled with ebbs and flows… the destination means nothing without the journey…
      Thanks Doc, for stearing our ‘ship’ journey into the abiss, and beyond.
      We will miss you bud.

    • KatyCharles

      I loved that they didn’t tell us exactly what the island was. It was never about the purpose of the island. It was always about the characters and their relationships to one another–finding that connection that they were all lacking in their lives. The reason Jacob brought them there to begin with. Everyone that was missing that connection in the beginning found it in the end. Found who they wanted to be with and who they wanted to love. They all moved on together.

      I would’ve also loved a Desmond/Penny moment, as they were my favorite love story… Maybe in the DVD extras? *hinthint*

      But really, with all the characters that we’ve loved and lost, rallied with and felt betrayed by… who cares what EXACTLY the island was when you have answers to their relationships and happiness. The writers did exactly what they said they were going to do from the beginning–they didn’t dumb it down for us. Draw your own conclusions about what exactly the island is… because chances are, you were never going to be pleased with what the outcome was that they would have created anyway… :)
      It was brilliant. I feel well taken care of.

      Thank you, LOST.

    • Jan

      I watched every single episode, and I think the end was a huge, huge let down. What a disappointment. They all died? When did they all die? How did they die? This is like a story where the author got tired halfway through and decided to just hurry up and finish the book. So many questions unanswered.

    • Did I miss something?

      What’s Lost?

    • kat

      I just finished the series finale of Star Trek TNG from 1994, (All Good Things), Superb! Wrapped up full circle.Lost had twisted sensibilities from the very first episode and it carried through 6 seasons. The ending broke my heart, it could have been so much more.It betrayed all the loyal viewers, and I will never watch anything else those idiots turn out.

  • moi

    It was an 7/10.
    I’m happy with it but not completely satisfied!
    Does Jack has electromagnetic powers too?
    What about the wheel?

    • Roy

      I think plugging the hole back with the stone didn’t require any electro-magnetic immunity, only the opposite did. and he simply got flushed out the same way M.I.B. was.

      • justin

        good point…we saw the water starting to fill up in there, and Jack smiling…

    • liked it

      This was a good way to end the finale. It would’ve been dumb to just answer all of the nerdy mythology behind it, sure it would fulfill our quest for knowledge but it the long run it would’ve been looked back on as stupid.

      They brought it back to the core of what Lost is about, life and death, faith and science, etc. They had messages about self-improvement but we aren’t in it alone. I think an emotional conclusion that conveys a theme about life’s simple truths (we all die) was better than talking about electromagnetic powers .

      • Jeff

        I think that explains it perfectly

      • Alan of Montreal

        it’s a bit of a postmodern ending

      • ALAN M

        EXACTLY. If the finale was a cold Sci-Fi nerd-fest that answered every question, I would have been angry. THAT’S NOT THE POINT AND NEVER HAS BEEN.

      • Alie

        or maybe we are all dead?

      • ani

        even moreso, they brought it back to the essence of Lost: everything is character driven. It’s about the people. This show has produced some fantastic acting.

      • Right On

        To those who think explaining everything makes a story better I have one word:


      • loved it

        @Right On: HEAR, HEAR! So, so true. I am just not getting the “What is the island??!!” fervor. It’s an island. It’s got some interesting qualities. People have lived and died there for centuries. Because of its electromagnetic properties, it occasionally jumps around in space/time, perhaps as a defense mechanism against all the men who wanted to exploit it, the ones that Jacob warned against.
        Answers, shmanswers. At the end of your life, do you want a bunch of doctors yapping your ear off about exactly the condition of your degenerating body, about the cellular degradation from whatever is killing you? Or do you want your family and loved ones with you, holding your hand, and helping you let go?
        As for folks wondering about why everyone in the church at the end looked just like their island selves, when Christian had said that some “died later,” (so why weren’t they older, at the ages they died), I want you to think about a bunch of people who’ve experienced something SO PROFOUND that no one else in the world could possibly understand it, or understand them, except for those who experienced it. That’s why they all looked the same. Their island experience, like Christian said, is what mattered the most.

      • kristen

        I agree, very succinct and masterful answer, well played sir…I’m going to bed now, u nailed it

      • Lucy Lawless

        A wizard did it.

      • Damn the Midiclorians

        Right On – 100% agree. One of the worst mistakes Lucas made was trying to scientifically explain the force. I believe the magic of Lost was in the character development, and in the questions that the show provided us. Questions that inspire to make people think. What is right, what is wrong, what is good, what is evil, who are we, and why are we here? If the writers provided us with all the answers I think the majority of fans would have been completely disappointed. But JIC you all need an answer to the unanswer Lost questions… The answer is 42.

  • UGH

    Soooooo bad. I really had faith all season and right up until the end, but it was so much worse than I could have imagined.

    • chris

      Geez that sucks for you. I loved it!!! Sorry you couldn’t enjoy it.

      • andrea

        You are absolutely correct… did the writers run out of imagination.. besides it looked like it would have made more sense to leave it unplugged…the rest of you are couch potatoes, amused by simple things

      • mary q contrary

        Or, Andrea, you are a cynic who will live your whole life unimpressed and unsatisfied with things that don’t live up to YOUR expectations. Personally, I thought it was a gorgeous, smart, perfect ending to the most incredible television show of all time. I may be a couch potato, I may not, but what I do know is that I am an intelligent, free-thinking individual who loves that show, finale included. It’s a shame you’re letting your limited view spoil things for you. Hope you’re looking forward to a lifetime of disappointment.

      • Ashley G.

        I think that a lot of the people who “didn’t like it” are people that either
        A) Don’t understand what happened
        B) Were not listening to Christian Shepard at the end or
        C)Have not watched the show from the pilot till the end, from the beginning

        As a true fan of the show I am completely satisfied with how it concluded and I can not really imagine it ending any other way

      • Larry

        I’ve seen every single episode and followed all the commentary that I could find online and after watching the finale i was slightly let down.

        Overall I give it a 8/10, it was put together beautifully and the acting was amazing but I feel like parts of the story that weren’t explained were filled with mushy, melodramatic scenes that led the viewer to just draw some bullshit conclusion.

        I don’t think there is anything wrong with being disappointed with the ending, I don’t think it makes you a cynic. The ending did just kinda sucked . . . .

        I enjoyed most of the emotional scenes and I really did get emotionally invested in most of the characters but throughout the whole series they had a lot of scientific crap that just can’t be ignored.

        The show appealed to a lot of people and I think it was messed up that they didn’t explain the source of the light, the origins of the island, and other scientific/ historical background information.

        If you’re going to write a long series filled with geeky/problem – solving situations, you owe it to the nerdy viewers to give them a little more closure.

        Overall it was good, but I was let down a little.

      • Lane

        I understand, and I have heard. Am I satisfied? Yes and No.
        Even though I didn’t like the idea of the sideway’s world, I would prefer that their actions could have resulted in the alternate timeline that would enable everyone to survive. As it is now, sideway were giving us false hope. I loved the characters so I would loved for them to live full lives and not die in their early- to mid- adulthood. This island was special, they could travel in time, they could see dead people, there was a smoke monster, they could live forever. So why couldn’t they just change something that would enable them to change the past and prevent the crash? I get it WHAT HAPPENED HAPPENED. The island is special but there is no do-overs, and it’s consistent so Jacob couldn’t travel in time to change his actions, he could only live forward, same goes for the castaways.
        I didn’t like the sideways, but I liked the idea of the reunion, with the loved ones in the afterlife.
        Overall it’s still one of the best shows I have ever watched, including the finale. For me it was all about the characters who had an amazing adventure and now I am sad because the show is over, and if that wasn’t bad, they died.

      • Maria

        Well said mary q contrary, except for your last sentence. I’m sure some ppl. are on your last nerve right now. lol
        I loved the ending…Perfect!

      • Mo

        Oy, Ashley G., I am sorry to tell you, but you come across as very patronizing. You understood what was happening, you listened to what Christian Shephard had to say, and you are a true fan who has been watching the show from day one. Well, guess what, that all applies to me, too, but the episode left me mostly very unsatisfied. I’m glad you liked it, but since there are almost as many different tastes as there are people, it’s simply impossible to please us all. And that is the simple explanation for all the disagreement here, not that one side or the other is emotionally/intellectually superior to the other, or a truer fan.

      • Kaelin

        Hi Lane,
        I do think that most of them probably lived full lives and likely died naturally in old age, but when they were brought back and reunited they returned to the age they were on the island because that is how they wanted to continue into heaven, in the age that they all remembered each other. Yeah I do kind of agree that it would have been nice if the hydrogen bomb prevented the crash and allowed them to start over, but then I guess they never would have experienced their life on the island together, and their relationships with each other would never have started.

    • BNC

      you are nuts — no offense

      • Ashley G.

        even a blind squirrel finds a nut =)

      • Get over it!

        Yes, all you Lost fans are a little too defensive of your territory. Chill out it is a TV show. “but I invested so much time emotionally with these characters!11!”

    • Steve

      There’s always someone.

      • patrick

        and then, there are the masses.

    • Rochelle

      There were some intense emotional moments – like Sawyer and Juliet – but overall I was disappointed. It was not a good ending after six seasons.

      • Becca

        the part that made me cry first was when Claire and Charlie remembered each other (my fav pairing…)

    • John

      If you didn’t like that, then you have no taste. Plain and simple. It was beautiful beyond words

      • Eric

        Taste is subjective. If you did like it, perhaps you are a mindless ‘shipper.

      • Kaity

        It was not that great. ood, not bad not great. I wanted more from a show I had thought was one of the best ever.

      • Nichelle

        Taste is subjective. If you didn’t like it, perhaps you are a mindless douchebag.

      • @Kaity

        You put it better than I’ve managed to: not great, not bad. I didn’t hate it, but I wanted more. So, overall, unsatisfied but I can live with it.

    • waldo

      They could have run this season after season one, because 2-5 were totally pointless. They set up most of the emotional back story in season one. This was blatant emotional manipulation. Making us cry because we feel for the characters does not equal greatness. Of course we are all going to be asked to pay later to get more information (DVD, movies, etc.).

      • gray

        2-5 weren’t totally pointless. The castaways had to work towards getting rescued (2-3) so that they could be rescued in order for them to realize that there was nothing left for them in the real world (4). Then, they had to try and reverse it all (5), but when that didn’t work, they had to try and protect the place that had become their new home (6). And they died protecting it. But in the process they had created bonds with each other that they maintained in the Sideways world and later the afterlife, whatever it is. Though it may have been thrown together as it went along, I think the writers, producers, and actors did a great job of telling a thorough story from start to finish. Great job.

      • BlackWhiteGrey

        Only one word on your post: perfect.
        Nicely done friend.

    • HolyCrap!

      i couldn’t agree more – i was sure they would just make it a time travel type ending where they took their lessons on with them in an alternate universe but no, it’s pre-heaven purgatory?! right, thanks. there couldn’t be an older trick in the book, sci-fi just would’ve been way more fun IMHO! and it could have made sense! it was worse than my worst expectations! still love the show though.

      • lisa

        COMPLETELY agree! most of the episodes now don’t make any sense. why? if the answer is that they all end up together in la la fairy land happily ever after, then why all that crap before this episode that now is completely irrelevant?! none of it even matters. the sideways world is purgatory? it’s a world they “created” themselves?? so they could all stay together forever?? they seriously don’t love their families back home more than their island cast-off friends?? wow. they wouldn’t want to be with their parents or children in their afterlife?? they ONLY want to spend forever with their island buddies??? SO hard to swallow this pill, abc. it really is.

      • solomonrex

        Seeing dead loved ones, the whispers, the smoke monster, Jacob, etc. Couldn’t have been done with hard sci-fi and it wouldn’t have been appealing to most of the audience. Look at the Matrix, Star Wars, Star Trek. The more then explain and answer, the worse they get.

        Come on, there was going to be a scientific explanation for the smoke monster? Besides, science or religion, the smoke monster can’t exist, so what difference does it make how they explain it? You like one, I like the other.

        Will you feel better if I tell you that Jacob and his mom were nano-machines that time traveled from a plane crash on the island in 2050, and the island experiences time in reverse and Jacob was half nano, ie a cyborg? Feel better?

        The more science explains, the more we see that life is a mystery. And the show’s name is ‘Lost’, people!

      • Angel SD

        Lisa, you didn’t understand the ending, clearly. They don’t spend forever together. That was a place they created for themselves to help each other move on. It was a stop they got to make BEFORE the afterlife, to be with each other again one last time BEFORE whatever comes next. It was a profound experience that they went through together and they all lost people in tragic and horrible ways. They may have had other family and friends, but nothing they went through was as significant as what happened to them on the island. Many of them died on the island like Boone, Shannon, and Charlie. And some died later – Kate, Claire, and Hugo. Take Charlie for example. He died in the Looking Glass. He never got to see Claire again. He never got to see Hugo again. They never got to see him. But that experience was so profound that it bonded them into the afterlife (which has no time limitations). They got to be together again one more time in this other space and time. That was the point of the alternate reality. Christian Shepard explained that.

      • losttiltheend

        To Lisa…I’m reading this well after your post. The sideways world was purgatory…a temporary situation. The church was where they all reunited before moving on…also temporary. When Christian opened the door that led to the afterlife where they would all move on to. We didn’t see that afterlife, it’s another of those “it’s what you make of it” moments but I would like to think that is where you see your family and loved ones.

    • Jason J

      I agree. It was terrible. I think that the only people who liked it are those who never paid any attention to the previous episodes. If you carefully watched the series they led you to think that there were all kinds of mysteries that were going to be solved eventually. But instead of answering all of the questions that they gave us, they just handed us a bag of crap. . . And now all of these casual viewers are saying “oh it’s beautiful!” Like a bunch of sheep looking at a Mondrian painting and saying it’s wonderful just because they think that’s what you’re supposed to say. It was a nightmarish ending and a horrible waste of our 120 hours of watching. Thanks for nothing Lost-writers.

      • Shane

        I’d hardly consider myself a casual viewer. I’ve watched since season 1 and have been theorizing ever since. Those of us who enjoyed the finale appreciated it for what it was. A story of the characters finding peace, even if that’s only in the afterlife. Sure, there were mysteries I would’ve loved answers to (The Dharma folk, Eloise & Widmore, The Sickness) but they didn’t matter to the remaining castaways, so why would Darlton answer them? In the end, the story of LOST was not one of science and mythos, but one of redemption and love and it concluded beautifully.

      • Mark

        I think they answered more questions than not throughout the last two seasons. I can live with some of the unanswered ones. My interetreptation of the final scene is that it is only from Jack’s perspective. Hew would have the people that were part of his redemption, not everyone that meant something to him. Each character would probably have some different people at their “moving on” party.

      • Emma

        I thought the ending proved it essentially was more a philosophical show rather than a scientific one. The point of the mysteries and the science was to make you THINK about life and the human condition. I know I wouldn’t have been satisfied if they ended with some outrageous scientific explanation. Instead they made a beautiful and redemptive finale that will be open to interpretation for years to come for people to debate on what it really means. Some of the best literary and philosophical works do it – why can’t television shows? Life is a mystery.

      • Missy

        I’m not a casual viewer. I believe that – in their Promos for Lost this season – ABC promised we’d get lots of answers. I don’t think Lost writers/producers made those promises. Overall I was satisfied with The End.

    • Neil

      No matter what TV show or movie out there, it will not please everyone. It’s impossible actually and you unfortunately fall within the criteria of viewers that can’t be pleased.

      • kristen

        The people who are upset are very powerful and should be applauded…I for one loved the finale but hope the outcry for answers is understood by studio execs…dvd nerd answers are your only hope, don’t tank

  • manolo


  • darron

    holy crap – not sure what to think

    • bec

      It was awesome.I am at total peace, even if there are questions unanswered. I loved the reunions. I love these characters. Well done. I can’t wait to rewatch it later.

  • Mike

    I guess the people who got off the island went on to live their lives and we meet them at the end-whenever that is?

    • Spender H


    • Anne

      Yes Mike, I think that’s right.

    • patsy

      no…? they showed the newly crashed plane at the end? right?

      • ken


      • Trevor

        No, that was the old wreakage.

      • mary q contrary

        I agree, Trevor. That was the old wreckage, and just a sort of homage to the entire show.

      • H Dawg

        100% agree. They didn’t get off the Island. Widmore loaded the plane with explosives, remember?

      • Cris

        No, if you’ve got Season 1 on DVD, watch the Pilot. That’s the original Oceanic 815 wreckage.

      • Ashley G.

        That was just the beach with the initial wreckage, it was meant to symbolize how far the show has come and sort of complete the circle.

      • scott

        and smokey/evil locke took the explosives off the plane.

      • Mark

        Locke took the C4 off the plane and put it in the backpack, which went into the sub.

      • Astrofan

        Nooooo, that was the original Oceanic wreckage. They all died in the plane crash. See CS Lewis’ Last Battle.

      • Chaz Winterbottom

        Like other have said, the plane wreckage at the end was just a nod to Season 1. It was the show producers saying, “hey you just saw the ending of the entire series. Isn’t it crazy how far we’ve come from season 1″?

      • joey

        The wreckage at the end was 815 flashback. Ajira 316 flight didn’t explode. TNT was taken off plane..also in sideways when Jack and Kate reunite she’s says hows she’s missed him. .its because she goes on to live out her life without Jack.

      • justin

        joey – good point….about kate missing him…smart. so was the show really centered around Jack then in away? My friend was mentioning Bardo. Which I didn’t know much about but I think you can now look at the show as sort of Jack experience one of the stages of Bardo, being tested…before moving onto the next stage…next level/reincarnation/heaven whatever you want to call it.

      • cris

        Since we could see the original plane crashed and it didnt’ seem to be any survivors, I thought the died from the moment the plane hit tHe ground…

      • Cary

        I viewed it as a shot of the plane crash after all the people have died (the last of those people being Hugo, Ben, Kate, Claire, etc. in a future we will never see). Note no skeletons or dead bodies and the island is clearly not under water. The island stuff was ALL real.

      • Becca

        they just gave us a last view of the set, as a farewell.

    • Capt AC

      Probably, but someone commented earlier that the people on the plane must have had crappy unfulfilled lives and died alone because none of them had new lovers or children with them in the afterlife.

      As far as the ending cares, they could easily have died on the plane ride off the island. If there’s no “now” and they’re together forever in eternity, it doesn’t really matter, does it?

      • Al

        I don’t understand… did anyone see dead bodies at the original crash scene at the end? As in, perhaps they all died in the plane crash in the first place (which would be most plausible)?

      • Shane

        No AI, the final scene was nothing more than a nod to where the series began. (I’m sure Darlton is now regretting that decision) As Christian explaines, they all died at different times. Some before Jack (Charlie, Juliet, Sun & Jin) and some after (Kate, Sawyer, Hurley). Everything that happened in seasons 1 – 5 was real as well as everything that happened on the island during S6. The only story that was “imagined” by our castaways was the Sideways world, which proved to be a created spiritual world to give them a chance to find eachother before “moving on”.

    • Michele

      I think so, I also thing the reawakenings took place at different times, I don’t think they took place at the same time. I think their “letting go” happened when each person was ready. I also think they needed Jack to let go so they could cross to the other side together. “No one does this alone” as Christian said. I think Jack took the longest to let go of his issues and when he was ready, that group of people could move one.

  • SerenityBlue

    It was absolutely beautiful. My heart is happy, even if my head is still on the confused side. I think I’ll have to watch it a few more times. Not gonna say anything more now cause I don’t wanna spoil it, but I can at least say that the one prediction I made aloud to my mom was right. That’s kinda kewl.

    • mary q contrary

      You’re not spoiling anything here. This is the place for people to discuss the show. People know not to come to this one unless they’ve seen it. Just look at Doc’s huge spoiler alerts up there.

  • Bobbie Sperry

    Can someone say, “Psych!”? Anyone?

  • Mike

    I called Hurley taking over a few days ago.

    • Carina

      I called that before i even knew they were in competition for the spot. :p hehe

    • Capt AC

      I thought Ben was going to stab Hurley right on the spot and then say, “Well Jack, I guess *I* have to be your chosen one now, don’t I? :-)

    • Missy

      I yelled “I told you it would be Hurley!” Hurt my husband’s ears.

  • posertheoutcast

    just beautiful. i was fine until the damn dog showed up, and the tears just started flying everywhere

    • Liz

      OMG, me too! When Vincent laid down next to Jack I just started BAWLING!!!

      • allie

        me too! I cried a lot when Charlie and Claire reunited, was surprisingly unmoved by Sawyer and Juliet although I was rooting for them, but sobbed like a baby when Vincent laid down to be with Jack. Damn, welling up again just thinking about it. And, no, I don’t care about spoilers – if you are reading this and haven’t seen it yet then it is YOUR fault.

      • John

        No one really wants to die alone…

      • HRFE

        Aliie, I had the exact same reaction. I SOBBED when Charlie say Claire, Aaron was born (with Charlie coming over after) and then right at the end. But nothing else got me.

      • mary q contrary

        Seriously, was it just me, or did Charlie give the most convincing “enlightenment” performance, or what?! The look on his face after he realized what was going on was AMAZING. Kudos, Dominic!

      • PMD

        I held it throughout. I mean even with Juliet and Sawyer, I had tears in my eyes, but I was okay. And than the minute Vincent lied down next to Jack it was game over – I am tearing up all over again. Than my friend said, “dog is God spelled backward”. And I got it. I had a theory of purgatory but everything just kind of fell into place – Christian Shepard, purgatory, meeting the people that are important to you, and moving on. And I started bawling even more.

        I am not sure if it is the best series finale ever. I was very against the character storyline and the whole idea that it was all a love story. But at the end I found myself loving the characters more and realizing that it really is all about love (I know super duper corny, but it is was it is). However, I think that the fact that the sci-fi storyline was not answered as well as the characters, does seriously weaken the whole series. But, again, it does not matter. Because it was beautiful.

      • KT

        I was totally fine up until the dog laid down next to jack and then came the tears…dogs will get me all the time

      • alexah

        I cried at the Vincent part as well. I also cried when Christian was speaking to Jack and Jack finally realized. Also, the shoe hanging from the tree. It just made me remember how far we’ve gone from the first things. Silly to cry over a shoe, but still. Lost is my favorite show and yet I only found myself crying in the last five minutes.. but that doesn’t matter. I didn’t know how to feel about it for a good hour or so, but reading these comments from people who have been with me for the past six years made me appreciate and love how it ended. I now feel completely satisfied. Thank you fellow Losties for helping me realize this truly was the best finale and best show that has ever aired on television (though I knew it was the best show ever :) ).

      • @ mary q

        I thought the same thing. The look on his face was heartbreaking in a good way. Magnificent acting.

      • kellybelly

        Didn’t anyone notice that the dog wasn’t the same dog as “vincent”. I got confused, cause the dog at the end with Jack, looked a lot younger – like a bit older than a puppy. I was thinking we were getting a time-travel moment. But at the JKL show afterwards, they said that there were 3dogs used for Vincent, so maybe they used a younger looking one for that moment, not realizing how it looked.

      • Travrt

        I’m glad it wasn’t just me. I had tears before then a couple of times, but with Vincent/Jack, I broke into racking sobs, and am starting to cry all over again now. Powerful, powerful ending.

      • Mary

        You guys are making me cry right now talking about Vincent. Most beautiful moment of the entire series.

      • Becca

        And then I was sure that Rose would come up behind the dog and save Jack… but alas that was not meant to be.

      • Mark

        PMD…thanks for pointing out the DOG = GOD reference. Not sure how I missed it, but the emotional power of the scene overwhelmed my critical thinking…it still has me choked up.

    • BP

      same here

      • BlackWhitlleGrey

        Girl.. it’s Island time to learn than and then….this is not a tweet sight for the weak minded…

      • BlackWhitlleGrey

        Doc..I am glad to see your use of ( ) As you use it well sir…
        The implications are unlimited….

    • kate

      That’s what did it for me, too! Love this show!

    • tinkthespike

      That’s what a friend of mine who was over watching with me said! Ha! I’ll be sure to tell her she’s not alone. :)

    • ChargedFan

      I was trying to explain the finale to my Mom this morning (she’s never watched the show, so needless to say I was condensing greatly), and when I told her about Vincent laying down with Jack, I couldn’t get it out without crying all over again! I can’t wait to rewatch it. All the “letting go” references make much more sense now, but I’m looking forward to rewatching for other things that might have seemed for questionable or even insignificant previously actually being significant now that I know what was happening.

  • Audrey

    HUH?!?! I DON’T GET IT!!!

    • Christina

      I didn’t get it either until reading this… remember Christian tells Jack there is no time here.. they all died at separate times and waited for each other in purgatory.. Jack died on the island, the ones on the plane went on to live their lives..

      • Mark

        Correct! That’s why Hurley says to Ben that he was a great No 2.

      • Chaz Winterbottom

        Yeah I think that part of the reason that they included the Hurley/Ben sideways moment was to hammer home the point that the two of them spent a great deal of time working together on the island after the events of the finale.

      • sergio

        thats why Ben wasn’t ready to leave purgatory he still had work to do there.. same with Ana Lucia. Desmond said that she wasn’t “ready” yet.. ready to leave purgatory she still needed to wait for people or people that mattered for her

      • jaysmusicman

        thanks sergio, Your right on the Ana Lucia thing, i had to rewatch the escape seen and stuff, not an Ana fan (think this is the one and only time she gets mentioned in this page hehe) but was wondering where she was in the reunion, and I agree with all of ya, with the Ben, Hurley thing, Ben was not ready he still had to wait for maybe alex or something … HAPPY!

    • Capt AC

      Too bad, it made perfect sense for smart people. Good news though, the Blue Collar Comedy Tour is on TV next week.

      • Brandon

        Lol, well said.

      • ender

        Capt when you wake up in the morning do you have a difficult time getting out of bed because of all the morons you are going to have to deal with during your day? It must be hard for you.

      • Skeeter

        Capt AC. I understood the ending completely and thought it was utter crap. You must feel pretty proud of yourself that you understood the ending to a TV show written by the former writers of Nash Bridges.

      • dc

        Wow, you are so smart. You understand an ending that makes Hallmark look original.

  • Nic

    one heck of a finish – still processing

  • chris

    so the sideways world was totally pointless, thanks

    • Jan

      sideways world was purgatory, it’s what the show was leading up to, pointless no , poignant yes

    • Spender H

      Not like we had invested 6 seasons in the side-ways world. It was one season.

    • RyanK

      The sideways world showed the connections that they had built for one-another. And the realization through it all that they were better people because of each other.

      • Mark

        No gay love on the island, though…unless….Hurley and Ben……noooooooooooo!

    • Eric

      I agree with Chris. Pointless. No other show needs to show us the afterlife. This show gave us a season of it. And Sayid and Shannon? Seriously? Nice fanfiction.

      • Johnsu

        Nice one! Way to watch season 1 and see sayid and shannon falling for each other!

      • Brian

        So what if no other show “needed” to show it? What does that have to do with Lost, unless you want everything to be the same as everything else.

    • JHM

      Sideways world was their chance to process their own lives and deaths. A sort of psychological debriefing to prepare for the real afterlife, which I guess is heaven, based on the white light that flooded the church when Christian opened the door. And sideways world was critical to Christian’s point that we “don’t do this alone.”

      • BlackWhitlleGrey

        Amazing comment.. Well done freind.
        I luv the fact that Doc is using my sideways ( )…those bad boys are literaryly fun…Enjoy Doc..

  • josh

    Absolutely loved and a great way to end a series that envolped the last 6 years of my life.

    • Mythla

      I think I can safely say that the people who don’t like the ending of Lost aren’t big fans of books. Quality literary narrative never sits the reader down at the end to spell out every mystery/theme/question in the book letter by letter. That is the reader’s job to do on their own, so that they have an internalized personal conclusion to the story. Lost has always frustrated the book-hating TV lovers who refuse to assimilate new information and make their own conclusion; these people insist on being spoon-fed answers and Lost is way to sophisticated for that. So why expect Lost to pander to those too lazy to figure things out for themselves in the finale? This story has always been more literary than normal television, and the finale ended just like a great book. It’s a shame how many people are mentally unequipped to piece together the vast amounts of information we were given this season, because almost every answer they crave has been addressed at some point, but it went over their heads.

      • Deb

        Couldn’t agree with you more Mythia.

      • You are small minded

        Mythia you are the small minded one. You must love grisham and his weak ass endings after his great starts.

      • Xtina

        This argument is completely incorrect. I am a lover of literature, as are MANY of the Lost fans out there, and I was disappointed in the ending. To the contrary, I think that people who are satisfied with soap opera, melodramatic endings are the only ones who truly *loved* this ending. For the people who love literature and all the works of science, philosophy, etc, that Lost has hinted at through all the seasons, we’re the ones left hanging.

        Was the ending emotionally satisfying? Sure. I like a good reunion and a symmetrical beginning and ending as much as the next person. I also agree that the finale should have focused primarily on the characters and not the mythos of the Island.

        However, to try to tell true Lost fans that after 6 years of watching the mythology and folklore build up about this Island and the strange, fateful connections the characters had to one another, that NONE of it really mattered except as a vehicle to bring these people to a beautiful afterlife is a bit insulting.

        The Island and its mysteries were as much a character on this show as any other. If they weren’t, the creators wouldn’t have spent 6 years hiding Easter Egg clues in Lost video games, etc. I did not expect every single, tiny mystery to be answered but I didn’t expect that the series finale would serve as nothing more than a fairly good stand-alone episode that someone who hadn’t watched an episode past Season One could have loved as much as any other rabid fan of the series.

      • Linds

        Mythla, I think I can also safely say that you are wrong. I am a huge lover of books, both those that are character-driven and those that are driven by mystery. Speaking for the character arcs of Lost, the finale was hugely rewarding. But if you’re going to sell a show as being a ‘character-driven, sci-fi MYSTERY,’ then yes, you should think up some answers for the plotlines you introduce. Not all of them, of course. A question such as ‘what is the island’ cannot be easily answered. People SHOULD speculate and come up with their own answers for that.

        But to spend entire episodes – even huge season arcs – focusing on why women can’t have children on the island and why walt is special and on and on and on and then to just let those slide…why bring them up in the first place? Did those elements have an effect on character? No. They were pure mystery. And they were ignored. Good writers – and good novelists – don’t just let plot lines hang because they can’t think of a way to tie everything together in the end.

        That being said, I still cried like a little girl at the end.

      • Dana

        I love books of all kinds, and read about 2-3 a week on average, am highly educated and hold multiple degrees and have watched Lost from the first episode. All of this aside, I was left disappointed with the final episode. Why do so many people on this board seem to think if you disliked the ending you must not have understood it, or be mentally unequipped as you put it? Everyone has different tastes and opinions. If you go through life telling everyone with an opinion different then your own that they are mentally unequipped you will probably live alone and die alone. Some loved Lost for its characters and some loved Lost for the island and its mystery, while many loved it for both. I loved the characters and the mysteries, but what really made me fall in love with the show was the stunning setting and all the mysteries it brought. I never expected nor desired for the writers to answer every question but I did hope to have learned more about the island and the many mysteries that accompanied it. I can appreciate the last episode for other reasons though; I did enjoy the great acting as I always do and it was satisfying on some emotional levels. For myself however the final episode of Lost did not fully satisfy me intellectually.

      • stellatex

        I have a master’s degree in English literature, and I thought it was a cop-out. Typical BS for American the American audience.

      • JeffinSB

        Mythia, Mythia, Mythia. What are we going to do with you? I kind of hope that you are really just a 17 year old version of myself snickering as you type, saying to yourself, “ahh this one’ll REALLY P*ss people off!” and then smiling as we take the bait.
        That being said, let me take the bait.
        Your stated, “Quality literary narrative never sits the reader down at the end to spell out every mystery/theme/question in the book letter by letter”. Ummmmm….isn’t this what Darlton did with Christian Shepherd’s ridiculous info dump to Jack? Straight exposition with 5 minutes left saying, ‘Uh okay, so here’s what the h*ll happened, and here’s why it was important. Oh, and in case you think that we violated our own rule and created a scenario that doesn’t ultimately matter (like purgatory)– umm, well, I’ll tell you here that it DID matter. So THERE.”
        This is not good writing either. Damon and Carlton are talented, but this was sloppy and lazy.
        That being said, you are awesome at setting up straw man arguments and also have a strong manichean bent. good luck with that.

      • dc

        Wow Mythia. I have a masters in fiction and am a professional writer. Take it from me, Lost was terrible. It would never have been published had it been a book. It’s sad I have to explain this, but here goes: Any book makes a contract with the reader; if you pick up a mystery book, for instance, you expect the clues to lead to a solution and you expect the solution to be clever and satisfying, but unexpected. Chekhov has a famous dictum in which he says that if you put a gun on a wall in Act I, it must go off by the final Act. This means that all threads must be tied; nothing should be unessential. This goes for any genre, not just mystery, but mystery is most easily illustrated. Imagine an Agatha Christie mystery, for instance, instead of tying together all the multiple clues and taking your breath away, or even tying the clues together in a way you predicted, ending instead with Hercule Poirot giving a long speech with a glowing light behind him in a church, saying everyone goes to heaven and is reunited, so be happy. Imagine a fantasy book, or a philosophical novel, or an intricrately threaded plot driven novel filled with paradox and myth–imagine all of these just leaving all the multiple plot holes that drove the plot forward for 700 pages, and ignoring them and instead saying, “And the characters lived happily ever after in heaven!”

        The writing is really…well, I wanted to say amateurish, but that’s too polite. At least an amateur attempts to close a few plot holes and stays true to his vision and respects the readers intelligence. The writers were lazy and really unprofessional.

        Now back to books. I will never watch another TV series. I’m saddened by all these fans going into contortions finding excuses for the horrible writing.

      • MattB

        dc, that’s your OPINION of what a book/tv show/movie should look like…not fact as you are presenting it. I for one enjoy a story that ends with some loose ends and unsolved mysteries. It’s good for the imagination. I also find it interesting how many lay-people so easily critique some of the (whether you like them or not) most successful writers/producers in the world right now and past/likely future Emmy winners. My thought is, don’t be too critical until you compose your own 6 year, Emmy winning, multi-million viewer, storyline.

        Just my opinion..

      • MattB

        And “amateur” is a bold label to place on Emmy winning producers…

    • BlackWhiteGrey

      enveloped…no worries friend..I do that all the time.

  • Gretchen

    Though it didnt answer many “questions”, I am satisfied how it ended…waterworks at the Claire/Charlie reunion then at the end w/ Jack lying where he landed, Vincent laying down next to him (I have a lab, so that contributed) and him seeing his friends get away safely

    • Diana

      I liked the end, but have questions. Christian Shepard – was he Jesus? What about the whole Dharma initiative thing? Was that just all in their minds? Was the island stuff all true, or did they all die on impact? The plane was supposed to be loaded with explosives – did they blow up and it wasn’t shown. And what was with the Jacob, Man in Black, and fake mother thing. Was she Mother Earth, was it a Cain & Able thing? Just really confused.

      • waldo

        These explanations would have taken effort on the show/writer’s part to keep continuity with the rules of the game. Showing people that we care about hugging happily while sappy music plays is easy. But people who equate an emotional response with greatness no doubt loved it.

      • gray

        The island is real, since people could get on and off it. (Remember Ben saying, “That was Jacob’s rule?” when Hurley asked about getting off the island?) I don’t think the island was some sort of vision/dream/pre-purgatory-type place. The energy that the island was situated over maybe brought it closer to the Sideways world or whatever other supernatural phenomena may have occurred, and maybe that’s why it was so vital to keep the MiB from escaping it. But it was never hell or purgatory itself. It was just an island with some mystical stuff goin’ on.

      • Nikolas

        Simple: yes the island and all that happened on it was real. It’s not that they were all dead. Think of what Juliet says before she died, or what Desmond says in two near death experiences. Christian is saying all you need to know, “some have died before you and some will die long after your gone. It’s about helping you move on. The flash sideways they have been showing us this season is merely a plain of mental existence. It is what they are seeing before they die; a way of reconciling there intersecting lives like a flash bulb before they pass. This is not taking place in real time as some would get there later than others i.e. those that flew off the island; however, they all meet up in the end. Look at the exchange between Hurley and Ben outside the church, “You were a good number 2″…..”You were a good number 1″. They lived out there life as protector and guide on the island after Jack died. To pass on they have to remember those they loved and were connected to.

      • James

        As someone said in an earlier comment, the ending was emotionally satisfying, but not intellectually satisfying. To me the mythology of Lost was a critical element to the appeal of the show, and in the end anyone needing a sense of intellectual closure was left high and dry. Turns out the series was an elaborate soap opera in which the compelling mysteries were just a prop.

      • Alan

        James, I think sci-fi nerds who though the entire series was going to be a running Q&A of science questions that wrapped everything up neatly in the end are delusional. The way you separate “intellectual” from “emotional” is patronizing and off point. I love how they didnt answer everything. I would much rather have cried and felt deep emotion for 2 hours than have a cold, Q&A that answered every tiny detail from the past 6 years. Figure that out on your own – that’s what producers have been saying for months now.

      • RadioRental

        All the events on the island really happened. The plane didn’t have the explosives on it anymore as the Man in Black(as John Locke) removed them in an attempt to kill all the candidates on the submarine.

      • Stacy

        Diana – No, christian sheppard absolutely was not jesus. he was the last person/most important person that jack needed to help him truly let go and move on into the afterlife and not be stuck in some sort of purgatory like state/the sideways world. jack has had daddy issues for 6 seasons (all the best cowboys have daddy issues, the white rabbit, the episodes that demonstrate this go on and on). each of the characters needed to personally resolve/make peace with/’let go’ of things from their pasts before they could move on. the people that had the largest impact on their lives could help them move on, not jesus.

    • RG

      Feels like we’re trying to make excuses for the producers who should get the average fan who wants some answers and loved the science elements (seriously, if you take that away from the show, what do you have?)…and I am far from a “science nerd” (I didn’t even take physics in h.s. b/c I didn’t want to screw my GPA!). It’s not that we wanted a “cold Q&A.” The fact is that they just couldn’t answer everything in a few episodes. They needed another season to play it out in pieces but were too obsessed with finishing when they said they would. Which is why I still can’t believe that there’s nothing more after this…And please, no more ‘i’m a real fan and you’re not”–that is what is patronizing. We are ALL fans whether or not we were satisfied. I thought Lost fans would be more open-minded toward each other than this.

      • Kris

        Loved it. Very satisfied. Watched it with best friends and my brother and am SO glad I did. LOTS of tears. SO much crying…

        My only intense disappointed. I felt like it was an easy win to have Jack/Kate & Sawyer/Juliet together. Like, obviously they wanted everybody to have their pairing… and Juliet/Jack just didn’t really work, so they couldn’t quite manage Sawyer/Kate without leaving Jack the hero pairless… in the simple romantic world, I mean. -Unfortunate decision-

      • Diana

        RG Read the post by Nikolas who seems to have summarized the producers intended gestalt of the finale best. I agree that it is unkind of others to disparage other fans who do not agree with their views. (I think it was the …” what do you have” comment that incited that reaction.) Having watched every episode of Lost it is by far my favorite TV series of all time. You may recall that there was talk of cancelling it a couple of years ago, at which time the producers worked out an agreement to fewer episodes per season and a specific end date. That alone was a remarkable achievement, most really promising sci-fi themed shows just disappear no conclusion no explanation. I loved the emotional aspects of the finale (so not my usual thing) but after 6 years invested in these characters it was a great payoff. I too would have liked some answers to the really big questions.. What was the island? How could Jacob who never believed anyplace else existed get off the island to to “touch” the candidates, how did he even know they existed? What was up with the magic mirrors in the lighthouse? That doesn’t even touch on the time travel issues and all the others. Looking forward to Doc Jensen’s theories and comments and hope the more “open-minded” fans will post theirs. As a life long lover of sci-fi and fantasy I hope the producers get together with JJ Abrams and Joss Whedon and create another epic series.

      • justin

        I was wanting a lot of questions this season, and a lot of them weren’t answered. But now I can also see that they didn’t matter. That they were going somewhere bigger than I was thinking. And when they did answer questions season – with Michael explaining the whispers, or showing the cave and how Smokey was created…I found it to be dissapointing. So I think Darlton did a darn good job….

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