'Lost' post-finale live chat: Replay it!

lost-finale-chatEditor’s note: Whew! What a night for us Losties! Our live chat has ended, but you can scroll down to replay the conversation — and share your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of the post. Make sure to read Doc Jensen’s reaction to tonight’s finale (spoilers!), and come back tomorrow for his full recap. Namaste!

Scroll down to join Losties Margaret Lyons and Mike Bruno as they share their thoughts and facilitate a discussion about tonight’s big finale. They’ll be live-blogging all the way through Jimmy Kimmel’s Lost finale special from 12:05 a.m. – 1:05 a.m. ET.

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  • Danny V

    are there any contingency plans in case the cable or satellite goes out

    • jack hart

      u watch on hulu on abc.go.com

      • Zeddicus Zul’Zorander

        Without a doubt that was THE GREATEST SERIES FINALE OF ALL TIME – I cried at the end.

      • Zeddicus Zul’Zorander

        This was better than any movie I have seen recently – it really reminded me of Lord of The Rings

      • XSE Drake

        Sorry to be negative, but these moderators seem to have watched a completely different show. I am outta here!

      • hope

        I don’t see how this could be the end…they didn’t even try to answer any of the biggest questions/mysteries… which makes me wonder if there is something more that they haven’t told us is coming…it seems like if they weren’t going to be able to address everything, they would attempt the biggest mysteries and tell fans to let it rest w/ some of the smaller ones. But I can’t believe that they would just end it with this…call me an idiot, but I feel like there has to be more. Surely they’re in touch with fans enough to know what would actually be satisfying and what would not…This played out instead as a straightforward narrative, as if they have plenty of time later to deal with answers. (Plus, it raised even more questions.) Until I hear otherwise, I’m going to hope there is more…

      • Lynn

        Hope, which answers weren’t given?

      • Sak

        My 2 cents

        They all die when juliet explodes the bomb and season 6 is purgatory. In the flash sideways again they are all lost.

      • Alex

        I can’t believe J.J.Abrams got away with writing such a loopy plot. The final episode had the same annoying structure the entire series had. We gotta pull the stone out…now we gotta put it back in. We gotta get off the island…now we gotta get back on. I’m glad it’s over cause it stopped being entertaining about 3 years ago. I was just purely hoping that they could revive something in the past few seasons. The last season was, lets be honest, pretty frustrating and terrible. Instead of answering questions and building on meaningful plot, they continue with *pointless* character development and lame cliffhangers till the very end. What they did with Locke was just awful. I can’t believe they turned one of the better characters on TV into a boring, predictable villain. Way to rip the heart of the show out.

    • AT

      That’s what happened in Cleveland. It kept going out during the whole finale.

      • AMO

        I thought LOTR completely when the well stuff went down. But now I see where they went, and some left open. I’m better now than I was earlier saying “cop out cop out” It’s a nice ending and left up to some interpretation

      • Don Cornelius: King of the Apes

        Some questions that will never be answered:
        Why were the numbers unlucky?
        Who built the hatch, as it clearly wasn’t the Darma initiative?
        Why do mother’s die on the island?
        Why out of all the people who are flawed on earth did Jacob choose these few?
        Why was Walt kidnapped?
        Why did Ben tell Widmore that he broke the rules when he killed Alex?
        Who built that giant statue Jacob was living in?
        Why can’t Jacob and the MiB kill each other?
        How did Jacob and MiB’s mother know what happened if you enter the cave?
        Why were the candidate numbers used in the hatch?
        Why did Jacob lead Jack to the lighthouse, and let him destroy it?
        Why, if Kate was crossed of the list due to the fact that she was a mother, was the name Kwon not crossed of the wall when both Jin and Sun were now parents?
        The list goes on.

      • Lo

        Don, let me fill in some of the blanks for you:

        The numbers were never unlucky, that was just Hurley’s perception of them. As for their meaning, they were an ‘easter egg’ that anyone could find out was a Doomsday Equation. The producers said long ago that any further info on them would kill the whole mystery behind them and I happen to agree.
        Who says Dharma didn’t build the hatch?
        Supposedly the mothers dying will be answered on the dvd.
        He didn’t. If you see the wall, there were a lot of names, I’m guessing Jacob had been at it for years once he realized MIB was getting closer to killing him.
        Walt will be explained on the dvd.
        I got nothing for Ben vs. Widmore, sorry.
        The statue is irrelevant. We know that people have been living there for eons, God knows how many cultures have cruised by.
        Jacob and MIB can’t kill each other because their mother, the old protector made it that way. And based on Ben and Hurley’s conversation at the end, the protector can set the rules any way they see fit.
        I think the protector just knowing things sort of has to be taken on faith, perhaps an enlightenment that comes with taking the job.
        I think the numbers associated with the candidates and their corresponding numbers in the lighthouse was just a fun way to show the numbers again.
        The lighthouse no longer had any use, the purpose was for Jack to see and accept. Anything after that was irrelevant.
        I’m going to assume that Kwon was referring to Jin, not Sun. Jin technically was never a parent, he never left the island and was therefore, still a candidate.

        Hope this helped a little for you, but I think we all need to do what Lost had been telling us all along: let go. I don’t think it would have been as much fun if they had micromanaged all these answers for us one after the other. If the island doesn’t retain some mystery, what the hell is the point?

      • Juneau

        @ Lo
        The point is you’re just guessing and not going deep enough. Example Jacob & MIBs mother made it so they couldn’t hurt each other. How could she possibly do that? How did she become the protector? Why did she originally want MIB to take the job before Jacob? We’re just supposed to take all that on faith?

      • RCB

        I’m satisfied that not everything was explained, such as how Mother can make that rule. Otherwise, it would be like Star Wars explaining THE FORCE through the midichlorian count. Totally lame.

      • Lo

        I’m not guessing, I’m inferring based on everything I’ve been shown. If you want something spoon-fed to you, perhaps Lost isn’t the show for you. They gave us as much as was necessary and let our minds run wild with the rest, leaving the discussion wide open for what I expect is many years to come. THAT is the marking of a truly great show. And yes, you ARE supposed to take some of it on faith.

        Exactly, point well-made :)

    • Jessica

      Anyone think that ending was a cop out? 6 years of dead people running around in limbo!

      • JenR

        They were alive on the island. Only the sideways world was them dead.

      • Jamie

        They weren’t in limbo on the island, only in the Sideways world.

      • ledonatella

        I didn’t think the Island was limbo, but the Sideways world was

      • GOB

        That’s not what happened. They weren’t dead on the island. Eventually everyone DID die, and the sideways world was them reuniting in the afterlife.

      • Lostie

        LAME! Utterly disappointed.

      • kateANDSawyer

        yes i agree with you. A stupid ending and a cop out. As a kate and sawyer fan I feel really cheated and poed that the producers even attempted to pretend kate and jack were a couple. they had no connection since season 3.

        Good thing this show is over because it would have been over for me anyway. STUPID ending and a waste of my time

      • jinq2

        That’s not how I saw it at all, Jessica. But one of the great thigns about it is that every viewer will filter it through his/her own belief system and it will mean something different to everyone. That’s part of what made it such a perfect ending in my eyes.

      • Indydon

        About equal to it being a dream, no? Yea, that kind of ruined what up until then had been a fantastic episode.

      • Colleen

        I thought it was like the end of Titanic- Rose dies and goes back to the ship and all the people who died on it. Maybe it will grow on me, but I didn’t get closure. I did cry some buckets, though! Those reunions got to me. Sniff.

      • Nathan

        Well that was instantly forgettable, as we all knew it would be.

      • Becky

        The island was not limbo. It was real. Thats why they mattered to each other. The show was always about the people and relationships. Sideways is where they went to find each other.

      • rb

        Yes! Definite Cop out seeing as how the Sideways world was a story telling device that was added this season so to have the whole series finale hinge on this sideways world doesn’t stay true to the story they have been telling from the beginning…it just doesn’t match up

      • Sommery

        Pretty sure the empty wreckage over the credits showed that nobody actually survived the crash. Ambiguous enough for people to make their own conclusions. It was a very fitting ending.

      • nicolas

        they were alive on the island

      • hutchy

        Basically, it was what Jack said when Desmond was talking about another world: whatever happened, happened. The season 5 plan with the bomb failed utterly. Juliet, Locke, Sayid, Jin/Sun, Faraday, they all died exactly when they died. The Sideways-verse was a limbo, where the castaways were living their self-created “ideal lives”, waiting for each other to receive their “perfect endings” so they could move on to heaven. Basically, the Island is, for lack of a better word, the gateway to heaven. However, everything that happened over 6 seasons on the Island happened in real life, in real time.

      • Jill

        If they were alive on the island, how does that explain the Ajira group leaving at the end, yet half of them showing up at the Sideways church?

      • andrea

        disagree..they weren’t dead the whole time.

      • hutchy

        The empty wreckage at the end was the original set. I think it is implied that that was how the original set looks in 2010. Notice the graffiti.

      • Michael

        I don’t think that they were alive on the island the entire time…at some point, things got to be way freaky that I don’t think you can say Jack died when he saved the island…honestly, I think that a more logical explanation would be that the 6 that got off the island lived their lives and died while those that stayed died on the island and the last three seasons have been about them trying to find each other in death

      • Amanda

        Sommery, I just rewatched that part, and they clearly show the shelters they had made next to the wreckage in the very last shot. What happened on the island was real.

      • HReyes815

        It was the runnin around that was sooo much fun.It was the journey that was so good not the destination.Fav Eps. “The constant”

      • Snsetblaze

        Ok – I’m glad I’m reading the comments. My questions though – if sideways world was limbo – why was Penny there? And Desmond? I don’t recall either of them dying (especially Penny) and Desmond wasn’t on the original flight. And why did Desmond not take Daniel Farraday and Charlotte? there were other characters there not on the flight? And where were Michael and Walt (I read Walt was supposed to be in the finale)? And Ana Lucia and Eko?

      • JD

        Everything that happened in the last 6 seasons was “real” — EXCEPT for the “flash-sideways” this last season. That was the afterlife for Jack and the other castaways.

      • JD

        Also — everyone died at different times, some before Jack, some years after Jack,,,this was just their reunion in the afterlife. They all looked like how they did in 2004-2007 because that is how Jack rememembered them. Sawyer, Kate, Claire, and the others on the plane DID really leave the island and presumably lead long lives…Hurley and Ben stayed on the island for presumably many, many years.

      • Lynn

        A cop out is when they tack on an inferior ending for some kinds of fears. This was intention. And, the people on the island were alive – until Fake Locke and Jack died.

        This wasn’t a cop out, It was disappointing or unsatidfyinh. New Age religion trying to make sense of life. What was wrong with showing Hugo running the island? Kinda hoped the whisperers could take corporial form again. Have a real community working together. What happened with The Others? The stewardest and the two kids?

        And, although I’m glad all the lovers got back together, but dead? Why? What do they do now “remember?” Not my idea of a good time in the next life, sitting in pews in a church holding on to each other forever.

        Boy, now I feel like I wasted the last 3 years of my life on this show. I should have quit when the island disappeared. The best I can say was, “well, at least it wasn’t a dream (or was it?) and at least it didn’t fade to black when Jack and Fake Locke were fighting.

        So Jack never had a kid? James was never a detective? Locke was never paralized? Frankly, I need a show to really wrap up, not give more questions instead of answer the ones they caused. 20 minutes in a DCD isn’t going to cut it for me.

      • Ashley G.

        they are not dead, everything that happened on the island was real, the sideways stories were the people “holding on” to find eachother again

      • ALAN M

        I honestly don’t care about any lingering questions that the sci-fi nerds don’t think were answered. I have just spent 2 1/2 hours completely emotionally drained and I think these past 6 years were worth it for this killer, amazing, finale.

      • Andrew

        you are an idiot…they were alive all this time, it was the flash “sideways” which was that purgatory state…they waited for each other to leave that place and go into the afterlife so nobody goes alone (live together or die alone)

      • jack2211

        Mike et al – it looks like they weren’t dead on the Island, it really happened… the sideways was the purgatory, where they got to play out their lives like they would have without the Island ever existing, they all made it to this purgatory (or more of a waystation, really) at different times (Christian said some died before Jack and some after and Hurley referred to his years with Ben Linus on the Island after Jack died). I was sad that it meant Jack’s son didn’t really exist…

      • Dirk Pitt

        With the shot of the wreckage at the end…doesn’t that imply that they were dead the entire time? Because the wreckage was washed out to see seasons ago. So what that states is everyone died and the wreckage going out to see hadn’t happened yet because everything we saw over the last 6 seasons was all in the snowglobe. I still liked it though.

      • CAM

        If you listened to Christian, he told Jack that some of the people from the island dies before him, some long after him. The characters died when we saw them die (if we saw it.) Rose and Bernard died on the island after Jack. Kate, Sawyer, Lapidus, Miles and Richard died sometime after they returned home. Jack died after sacrificing him. And Hurley and Ben were #1 and #2, guarding the island as long as they could. (And as Ben said, they didn’t have to rule the rule the way Jacob did.) EXCELLENT!

      • lori

        At the end Christian told Jack that all these people died at some point or another.. meaning time does not exist in “limbo”.. hurley had already been #1 for a while and died somehow while Ben was #2 and also died at some point.. including Penny and Des.. doesn’t matter when they died.. before or after the castaways.. he said there is no “now” here. Makes total sense.. great ending… don’t know why everyone is still so lost.

      • ramone

        jess it sucked i didnt like it and whats the sideways world?

      • Ian

        In the sideways world, it doesn’t matter when someone died in their actual life. Like showing Desmond and Penny there. They may have lived to be 100 years-old, and Boone died when he died on the island, but in their afterlife, they’re still all there together, regardless of when they died. As Christian said “there’s no past or future here. Some died before you, some long after”. THAT’S what the sideways was. Their way of finding each other in the afterlife, and moving on together because the time they spent together on the island was the most important time of their lives.

      • Joe G

        The island story was real..the sideways world was Limbo/Purgatory.

      • Jeremiah

        I do. It was Nuking the Fridge. Should have never done the Sideways story thread.

      • elizabeth

        The final shot of the crash site suggested to me that it would be a miracle that anyone could survive such a crash, let alone 48 plus the Tailies. The shelters suggested that a few survived for a little while, but keep in mind that in S1 the tide supposedly came in and took the crash debris out to sea. So to me the island was both physically real for some AND part of the after-life preparation for moving on for others. And while were assessing the “real,” there is no way any of the island people could’ve survived an H-Bomb, let alone travel from 77 to 07 as a result of it. That to me, was all about Jack’s preparation journey. (Although I think Richard’s comments about them all dying leave this open to interpretation too.) And I can’t help but wonder if Jack’s journey really began during the appendicitis. In any event, why do the value of the stories have to rest on whether the island was real? They’re good stories, and if these were the arcs these people needed to be redeemed, find love, and prepare to “move on,” then I’m fine with it. Good stories are good stories.

      • BlackWhiteGrey

        In a way, you are exactly correct. On the other hand, perhaps the journey is more important than the destination. We all play the cards that were dealt: the larger issue is weather or not we choose to play them.

      • FindMe

        I agree with hutchy – I think people are reading too much into the credit shot. I think they were just showing the empty set, a sort of metadramatic moment to send us out.

        I, like others here, am disappointed at the significance of the Sideways world. Total cheese…even though the “awakenings” made me cry, I was angry that they did. Even more unanswered questions than I expected. All that said, I will probably still go back over the summer and watch the entire series again – if only to prove to myself that I didn’t miss anything and the ending still sucks.

      • mostmonsters

        So why wasn’t pilot Frank Lapidis, Walt, Walt’s son and the asian dude who can sense things from the dead at the church at the end with the rest of the castaways?

      • khrynna

        Agreed. They took the easy way out.

      • SEO

        I have never been so freaking pissed of about any other show/series that I have watched. The first 4 years of LOST were great and always keep you wondering what was the island all about, and what was going to happen next. By the end of the 5th season it started to get stupid and when this final season started, I would watch each show and wonder if the writers had run out of steam. We, the fans, were promised at the beginning of this final season that all the mysteries of the island would be answered, well I for one am still waiting.
        If the shows writers goal was to answer any questions or explain any mysteries then they were way off their mark. However, if their plan was to piss off their entire viewing audience, well at least 95% of it, then they were right on the nose.
        So in closing I would like to say that I certainly do think that the conclusion of LOST was indeed a cop out and a major disappointment. I wish I had never started watching LOST in the first place, thanks for wasting the last six years of my life.

      • wade

        you moron they werent in limbo, god i swear people that say they were in purgatory the whole time are simply dumb. Did you watch the finale at all?

    • Emily

      So sweet at the end, they all decided to come together (setting clues for themselves to remember and get back together) so that they could all move on (to heaven I suppose) together.

      • Ashley G.

        I know, such a fitting ending, I just cried and cried, and I am so glad that Kate and Jack finally “ended” up together

      • these are people are

        these are people are MAD!!! except you too. why can’t we keep it simple and explain as they were in couple of lines. It is what it was. A life changer for many, tv history, insane six years and the greatest love story of all .

    • Confused

      Ummmm…..so am i one of the obsessive LOST fans who just didn’t get it?? I mean if the sideways world was the limbo world then why is kate, sawyer, claire and so allive and well flying in a plane to who knows where?? and what about hurley, desmond and ben? they’re still on the island, alive thank you. I’m just not buying the pile of BS they decided to make the ending, if they were all in limbo waiting to reunite, then they all should of died on the island in order to do so.

      • Not Lost

        Kate and Sawyer and Claire all died…just at different times.

      • MOMO623

        They died EVENTUALLY not necessarily on the island. The sideways world was like their “station” so to speak. Once they died, they gathered there until they were ready (remember hearing that a lot this season??) to move on to the place they created so they could be together. It was a very satisfying ending to me. Very, very Chronicles of Narnia like. CS Lewis was the most important Easter Egg of all.

      • ryan madison

        the sideways world was purgatory or limbo, and i believe the island was real…christian made a comment during his final talk with jack about, “some died before and other after” this limbo world is another dimension meaning there is no when or no time…they all died at different times, but can be together in death at the same time…

      • Lynn

        Purgatory/limbo is supposed to be where you clean up your sins and prepare fot heaven. It’s a Roman Catholic invention that simply doesn’t work for Lost. Call it sideways world, because they had completely different lives and not repenting at all. Never dawned on them that they need rependence. It wasn’t purgatory or limbo.

      • Barry

        I agree. WTF. Where was Frodo? They made me cry like 6 or 7 times during this “thing” and the best they could come up with is they were dead and reunited in heaven? Fail.

      • bluehose

        Christian Shepherd said, “Everyone dies. Some before you. Some after you.” Or something like that.

        They were all waiting in the sideways world so they could move on together (at the same time). So, some waited longer than others.

      • Lynn

        Did you hear Ben and Hugo outside the church. Hugo said that Ben “had been” a great second man. They did what they were supposed to do on the island, and eventually died. You are more than welcome to think everyone is still alive, but the show clearly told us they weren’t when they all met at the church. Obviously what happened on the island was earlier.

      • Leslie

        remember what christian shepherd told jack, “There is now Now, Here, they al died, some before you, some after you”

      • jason

        At the end Ben said to Hurley your were a great #1. Hurley said Ben was a great #2 which meant they lived a long life on the island, ALIVE. Everyone at the end was dead. But the plane leaving they were alive and God knows what kind of life they lived if they even made it. The end made perfect sense.

      • chalie

        I agree. What was the significance? if they all died at separate times – I get that. But why were they linked to the island? why them? it seemed like a random grouping at the end too.

      • Dirk Pitt

        Why is Ana Lucia there at all then? Is she really there or is a a fembot?

      • Artie

        I’ve never thought this until after the finale aired and I started reading people’s reactions to it, but if you can’t figure it out from all the explaining they did, then you are a moron and you WERE wasting your time while watching the past 6 seasons, because the show and the storytelling were WAY over your head. Try Jersey Shore or Dancing With the Has-Beens instead. It’s definitely more your speed.

      • Artie

        @ Dirk Pitt — She’s there because she’s dead just like the rest of them. She’s not moving on because she’s not ready yet. I know it’s complicated to figure it out when Desmond used all those big words when he said “She’s not ready yet.”, but you’ll just have to trust the people who can watch TV and use their brains at the same time.

      • Joe G

        If you recall Christian said. There is no here and now…some died before you some died after you. Implying this could be any time in the future after everyone has died. Could be 3010 for all we know.

      • FWIW

        Joe G – no, this is not “in” time at all, so it is not in the future or the past. It is outside of time.

      • BlackWhiteGrey

        Great comments people. Yet, you are focusing on the little nuances of life. Open up your Jack mind’s eye, and see this 6 year run for what it truely is…

      • seahag

        Here’s one possible reason that Miles, Lapidus and Richard were not in the final scene…although Miles is in the sideways world (but this could be part of Sawyer’s construct)- perhaps Sawyer, Kate and Claire never made it to the plane. It looked so unlikely that they could have made it in time but maybe their collective yearning created that memory of flying with the other three off the island. Miles and Lapidus were not meant to be on the island you could argue and the appearance of a grey hair on Richard’s head, making him realise that he wanted to live, might all have been a clue that they escaped the island (Richard, finally released) to live out their lives. Its possible that Sawyer and Kate never even survived the jump from the cliff but then again…

    • Ashley G.

      omg I live in denver and the stupid news is still on and they are not showing jkimmel! grrrrrrrrr!

    • James H

      very fitting ending. I laughed, I cried. Am not sure the story meant as much as the saying goodbye means. For those who are not understanding – the island was real – the flash sideways was the waiting room for them to pass on to the “next” together. Always knew Hurley was the “chosen one.” Was the least obvious choice. NOW what ate we going to watch??? :o(

    • flutiefan

      my only question:
      if the sideways world was purgatory/limbo/stopover station, why did they have jobs and divorces and school, etc? seems to me they’d want to make their waiting room as pleasant as possible, not doing these mundane things. and none of them in purgatory knew about the rest until they “remembered”??? why? i thought they’d built the place so they could all meet up, so wouldn’t they know all along?

      • seajas

        The sideways world was a world they created. What did they want? To get off the island and get back to their lives.

      • RCB

        How can you possibly question the writers’ interpretation of limbo or purgatory?

      • wordgames

        My Catholic childhood experience tells me that purgatory is a kind of loop. YOu get there and its really hard to get out —unless someone helps you. You have to have a lot of ‘intercession’ — a saint or two is helpful. but the whole idea of purgatory and needing help to get out (and go somewhere-hopefully heaven as I remember) meant that I was good to my friends. If i ended up in purgatory, I wanted people to want me to move on. I kinda like the way C & D made purgatory real. It was always such a mystery for me as a kid and an adult. Now it has a whole LOST narrative. Loved the finale.

      • BlackWhiteGrey

        My only response…never get tied down in the mondane and the little things in life. Lost was, and is, meant to do just the opposite.
        Stop thinking about the little details, and focus on the bigger picture…. only then, will these small questions be wipped away by the sands of time, and only then will your mind be free to see the horizons from sea level.

    • jesus

      i wanted everyone to die,but then be alive because jack blew up the island but life isnt answers its about the people you love along the way.i hope there is a church when i die with all my loved ones

    • BlackWhiteGrey

      Let us all bow our heads to the qwerty literary genius that is ‘Doc’. Many have complained about his corporate skill-set, yet, I can see a true literary Island God when such is presented…
      Not only a gifted writter, Doc sinks all bloggers with a gift that is soo rare: an ability to provide humor, integrity, and insight that most never knew was available. Doc’s insights were the glue that held the ‘losties’ and the show together… we never need the true answers, just the innate desire to quest for open ocean truth…
      The horizon always is ominous and promising, we just have to have the foresight to sail into the night before light presents itself.

    • BlackWhiteGrey

      The only contingency plan is this… Let us all thank Doc for his dilegent efforts in his qwerty amazing way of enlightening us through this amazing ship-torn quest. We all realize and know Doc’s gift of the Qwerty kind, but let us thank him, from the light of our Island soul…
      Well done, and we will miss you…

    • Lori

      Funny you should ask. All of us depending on the Cleveland affiliate were screaming at the television as the “we are experiencing technical difficulties” scrolled across the bottom of the screen! So…no, there wasn’t a back up plan. Thank God ABC replays all episodes online!

  • Donny

    In case you couldn’t make it to the Times Talk Live Lost event last night, Damon and Carlton confirmed we will be seeing/learning more about Walt in the finale!! And, they advised there will be some explanation/significance to Desmond’s “You’ve got to lift it up, brotha” line to Jack in their season 2 meeting after running in the stadium

  • Antonio

    LOL.. thats what happened in nyc at TIMES TALKS LOST LIVE.. the screen went dark for 5 minutes.

  • wakeforce

    One question: Tv Guide says there’s a two-hour “retrospective” followed by the series finale. Abc says the finale starts at 7-6 central followed by JKL Live. Which is it?

    • Heather

      retrospective is 7-9
      show is 9-11:30
      local news is 11:30-12
      Jimmy Kimmel is @ 12

      adjust accordingly for your time zone! (all of the above is EST)

      • wakeforce

        thank you! I’ll be watching the East coast feed of Celeb Apprentice (go Bret!) on my computer and Lost live at 9.

    • Leslie 2


  • ollie

    this is what happens when you dont have a labtop or at least a computer in the same room as the tv. hope the blogging will be going all night so i can be a part of it.

  • chalky

    I got my Dharma Initiative label wine at the ready.

  • Jose

    So far, so perfect. I started tearing up the moment it started.

  • Antonio

    I’m teary eyed 2.

  • np

    Never thought I’d actually be happy (and teary) to see Shannon back!

    • Get over it!

      And I Never thought I’d be so happy for a television show to be over! No more Lost covers or headlines after this! THANK YOU JESUSSSS!

      • sh

        You are an idiot. If you don’t like Lost, get the hell off our message boards

      • jodipo

        bite it douche

      • English

        Why waste your time bashing us? If you dont like it then go away!

      • JPX

        God, you’re such jerk. I think Nick at Nite has Full House reruns, perhaps that’s more your speed?

      • Get over it!

        I am entitled to speaking my thoughts wherever I please, that includes douchey serious Lost boardz. zomg LOST! LSDIGHLSGH

      • hello

        Get over it: the fact that you need to come to a site of fans of a show that you hate, reveals that you have major issues, guy. Yes, you have the freedom to be a jerk and fulfill your sad pathetic needs. It’s just that you reveal yourself to be that sad damaged person when you do.

      • Lynn

        a.) This isn’t a message board, it’s a comment section to an EW article.b/) He’s here, probably for the same reason I am. We WERE fans. This show took turns we didn’t like. The ending was less that desirable. and c.) When you own “the message board.” THEN you get the right to determine who stays and who goes.

        Face it, the ending, and the last few seasons went down hill/too unbelievable. We were loyal fans, so we have as much right to gripe as you have the right to go on and on about how great it was. That’s life.

      • Ashley G.

        Troll alert! quit bashing all us lost fans, no one is making u watch the show or read these posts

      • CAM

        Sorry Lynn, you actually want us to believe you were a fan the first few season because it was all so believable? A show that started with a plane crash that should have killed all if not most of the people on board? A show that began with a character in a wheel chair waking up and walking? Do I need to go on? (Um… a polar bear?)

      • elizabeth

        I would sincerely appreciate it if other fans would stop making “face it” pronouncements that this season was this, that season was that, this ep was this, this finale was that, and so on. We need to each respect each other’s appreciation for a show most here loved most of the time. NOT ONE of us will have the exact same interpretation of the storytelling, and that is EXACTLY how a good story is supposed to work. That is my one and only pronouncement. Thank you for your attention.

    • Sommery

      Hope Darlton owns stock in Kleenex. I cried almost the entire episode. LOVED EVERY SECOND!

  • Danny V

    Great, there is a fire in the Bosque, and they are showing the fire and lost, side by side

    • Wes

      Haha that was pissing me off. My friend called the station about it lol

  • Jose

    F*ck this sh!t is awesome.

    • np

      Can’t believe they went to commercial when Jack was about to pounce on FLocke.

      • Mike

        way too many commercials. I think they dragged it our for the extra 1/2 hour just to put more commercials in there.

  • Falkor

    This is ridiculous!

    • Gerard

      No. THIS. IS. SPARTAAA!!!!!

      • hbosch

        Haha..Thank you! I couldn’t remember where I had seen Jack jumping at Flocke before..it was 300!

      • Skip182

        Nono, it was more Iron Man.

  • dmatt

    im watching it in northeast ohio (WEWS)and they are having technical difficulties. But they will rerun it next week. I think I just watched my last program on WEWS.

    • Jose

      Wow, I feel bad for you.

      • Get over it!

        I am ashamed for you.

      • Upper Class Twit of the Year

        Hey, Get over it! Get over yourself!

    • Moonwvr

      You’ve got to be kidding! Well, you can always watch it tomorrow on ABC.com

      • HReyes815

        I download them on my 360.They don’t post them as fast but then I can watch them on my TV.

    • Jen

      I hear you. We are watching on WEWS and it is terrible. Of all nights! WT!!!

    • Jose

      Run to a friend’s house who doesn’t have WEWS, don’t die on us Jack!

    • Marsaili

      I’m watching it on WEWS and while they said there were technical difficulties, we didn’t ever lost the feed or anything–we saw the entire finale. I can’t stop crying!

    • Moosie

      Watched it on WEWS too! Thought I was going to go insane! Luckily they did get it mostly fixed after the first hour.

    • Erin

      I was watching WEWS also….it was horrible.

  • Erin

    Completely nailing this episode! Way to go out … one hour left!!

  • Kevin

    This is freaking unbelievable…everytime they remember I tear up..LOL

    • Alicia

      Same here…I can’t believe how sad and beautiful each flashback was.

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