'Lost': How much would you be willing to pay to see the finale?

Lost-finaleImage Credit: Mario Perez/ABC You’ve invested six years of your life into this twist-o-rama drama called Lost, and you’ve been brimming with excitement, anxiety, theories, and burning questions. Now, just one day away from the series finale, you’re on the verge of witnessing mystery resolution and learning How It All Ends. But before you do, ponder this hypothetical question: What is that experience worth to you? Can you actually put a price on your curiosity? How much of your hard-earned (or inherited) dough would you be willing to part with to see the last episode of Lost — if that were the only way to see it?

In this scenario, let’s imagine that you’re not so angry that you’ve gotten to see every other episode for free, you would refuse to pay for it on principle. Your viewing experience could be in a movie theater or in your own home — in the words of a certain Island god, you have a choice. Because you’re paying, you do not have to suffer through commerical interruptions. And remember, this will be the only chance you’ll ever have to see it. No waiting for it to come out on DVD a few months later.

I posed this rather ridiculous question to a few of my EW colleagues. Doc Jensen said that he’d shell out $10,000 “as long as I could expense it.” Jason Averett claimed that he’d pony up a non-expensable $250. Dalton Ross insisted that he’d spend only $19.99. (Still, he pointed out that $19.99 “would be the most that I have ever paid to see any movie or TV show.”) As for me? Deeeeeeeeep exhale of consideration…. I know I’m in too deep to let a few Andrew Jacksons stand in the way of ultimate knowledge…. Calculating…. Calculating…. Oh, of course: It has to be… $108! (Now, what if there were an a la carte system, in which you could pay a smaller amount to get an answer to a specific mystery? Yeah, you’re right — too complicated.)

All right, PopWatchers, quickly pore over your financial records and then ask yourself: What is this finale experience worth to you in dollars?

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  • Chris Price

    Broke as hell, so I’d have to put it on layaway.

    • jailyss

      I am broke too but I would pay 500 bucks.

    • Concerned and fearful of this future

      Me, I hate to answer this for fear that studio execs will give us our future finales this way and are actually doing market research.

      • Concerned and fearful of this future

        by the way…shame on you Snierson for asking…although…I would shell out the ticket of a movie price…

      • Bonnie

        Good point! Any time you talk $$ the studios ears perk up, hundreds of miles away.

  • allobidallo

    I think I could shell out 50 bucks. But that’s my limit.

    • Scobes

      11 dollars, how much a movie ticket costs around where I live. That’s it.

    • Hmmm

      Zero dollars. It’s 2010, so someone would see it and eventually be able to post a full recap on Wikipedia. Three or four episodes ago when it seemed the ending would be less general, I would have paid the cost of a basic DVD rental.

  • Tim Perrin

    $500. In Canadian dollars. Honest answer.

    • J

      I don’t know if I believe that. After all, whenever anyone mentions Canada on the show, they’re lying.

    • mary q contrary

      My husband and I just seriously discussed this hypothetical question, and we basically decided that we would be beyond pissed about having to pay for it, but that we would HAVE to see it. If that meant paying, say, Bonnaroo prices (249 apiece), so be it. And to be clear, we ruled out Bonnaroo this year because it was too expensive. But Lost is completely different ballgame.

  • Ryan O’Brien

    I am so broke. In more ways than one. Try paying for surgery to screw back together a broken ankle. Its pricey. Plus, I’m already paying to see the finale. My HD cable bill is like 75 a month

    • Cooper

      I broke your ankle by pushing you out of a window.

      • Louise

        Cooper, do you need a hug?

      • @Louise

        Do you think Cooper might be referring to Locke’s dad pushing him out a window? Maybe? Since we are discussing Lost after all.

    • Concerned and fearful of this future

      I hear you on satellite pricing…already paying. My satellite is $150 per month…getting ripped off

  • Breeze

    I’d pay $40 – but then I’d have to buy my kids tickets too, plus tax, handling charges and popcorn and drinks if it’s at the theatre. So all in it would be about $2,OOO…

    • oowah

      How many kids do you have?!?

    • Moonwvr

      LOL…I have have 4 kids so yeah it would be expensive. I’d only pay for me and my husband. With the kids watching, we wouldn’t be able to hear anything!!!!

  • Jack

    Any amount of money, I don’t have much but I would pay anything to see the finale of LOST!

  • Mrs. James Ford

    Wow! Apparently we’ve reached the bottom of the barrel for Lost material to write about/comment on! Regardless…I wouldn’t pay any more than I have for the previous seasons complete box sets, so, like sixty bucks? Does that make me not a true Lostaholic?

  • Semaphore

    After this phoned in season I’d instead ask for a refund for everything that came before rather than pay to see the finale.

    • mary q contrary

      go away.

      • Semaphore

        Only Koolaid drinkers need apply? How dare I have an independent opinion. The nerve.

      • Phil

        You weren’t asked to give your opinion, you moron. Pay attention and stop posting stupid comments. Yeesh!

      • Abbey42

        Wow, Mary and Phil, really classy behavior. You two must be loads of fun at parties. I keep imagining a party scenario wher a guest says “I think the quality of Vanity Fair is slipping,” and you two respond with “Go away you moron.”

      • @abbey42

        You discuss Vanity Fair at parties? really?

      • @ abbey

        Go back to your corner.

      • Abbey42

        Yeah. We discuss news, politics, literature and other arts, travel. You know. Smart people stuff.

    • refund?

      Refund of what? You don’t pay to watch broadcast tv you ‘tard. I would certainly pay more than I paid for your momma.

  • Crit

    I’d hand over my credit card, close my eyes and tell them to charge me whatever price they wanted.


    • J

      Right there with ya.

    • canUK

      agreed, i’ve done worse things to my credit card, and this would have minimal regrets (like if this turned out to be a dream, i’d be mighty pissed)

    • Lisa Simpson

      Yeah, I’d probably do that too. Fortunately, I’ve got a lot of savings. “Lost” finale or bathroom remodel? Definitely the “Lost” finale.

    • Shane

      100% right. I think it is priceless.

  • sammy040

    108.00 would also be my limit.

  • Sharlin

    The most I had ever paid for an *NSYNC concert is what I would pay to see LOST. $116.00

  • H2

    With or without adverts? Pausable for bathroom/drink/food breaks? Able to mute everyone else if in a movie theatre? So many variables still so cannot answer. Regardless, my contribution would be meagre at best.

    • josephrileyland

      SO on the money about muting everyone else. I am having a finale get-together (because I feel like close close friends are leaving me and I need moral support!), but there is a strict speak-only-during-commercials-and-even-then-only-about-what-just-happened rule that will be in effect.

    • Bren

      Able to mute everyone is in a movie theatre = priceless.

      • Bren

        Sorry about the typo…I was just so overwhelmed by the comment.

    • MissM

      You’re right about the movie theater. Imagine watching the finale in the theater, only to have some newbie in the row behind you asking “wait-did that guy just turn into smoke?” or “which guy is that dark-haired girl supposed to be with?”

  • Jenna

    Never watched “Lost”. No amount of money could make me.

    • LOL

      So why’d you even answer?

    • mary q contrary

      Your ignorance astounds me. You do realize it’s incredibly immature to talk sh*t about something you’ve never even watched/tried. That’s like my six-year-old, who said he hated corn, even though he had never even eaten it. Once I made him take a bite, he loved it. But at least he was willing to admit that refusing to try it was silly.

      • @Mary

        Your kid was 6 before ever trying corn???

      • mary q contrary

        all of my kids ate anything I would give them until they were about 2 (excluding the youngest, who still eats it all as he is only 20 mos.) Then, they became the pickiest eaters you have ever seen. I let that go on for way too long, and then one day just decided they would have to eat everything I gave them, no ifs ands or buts about it. It worked out great, and they eat a lot more. But yes, to answer you question, my son stopped eating corn from roughly 2 to 6 years old. And it sucked.

      • @Mary

        Based on all your asinine comments, I feel sorry for your spawn.

      • Lisa Simpson

        @@Mary – Who are you to call anyone asinine? She happened to make a very good point. How can you criticize something you’ve never seen or experienced?

    • @Jenna

      You are, however, willing to spend your time reading an article on a show you have no intention of ever watching and taking the time to leave a comment after you finish reading the article – and you did so without anyone paying you anything.
      PS: How much money would it cost to keep you away from Lost-related articles? Or is there no amount of money that would keep you away from reading about a show you claim to have no interest in?

    • @ Jenna

      You are a street walker, right?

    • Moonwvr

      :p Then why are you here?

  • Kay

    I’d try to bargain first. But yeah, sad to admit, I’d be willing to pay up to around $500.

  • emm2thaEff

    I would have paid 20-30 bucks. I can see a day where networks show you 2-3 shows for free and then give you option to buy the rest of the season to replace advertising dollars. I like free, but if commercials could be skipped and you could get the content sent to your ipod / tv, I would definitely be interested in that.

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