Hayden Panettiere in talks for 'Scream 4.' Should she trade the small screen for the big screen?

Hayden-PanetierreImage Credit: Noel Vasquez/FilmMagic.comSince the cheerleader herself couldn’t even save Heroes from its inevitable demise, Hayden Panettiere is back on the market. Career-wise, that is. And it looks like she’s already moving on from the NBC superhero series by booking her first post-Heroes gig: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Panettiere is in talks to star in Wes Craven’s upcoming sequel Scream 4. (The actress would play Neve Campbell’s cousin’s “nerdy film geek” pal; Twilight‘s Ashley Greene is in talks to play Campbell’s cousin.)

It seems wise for Panettiere to attach herself to an anticipated franchise film — even if she might get lost amongst the film’s large ensemble — but I’m hoping the actress finds another TV vehicle worthy of her small-screen talents. After all, with the exception of schmaltzy guilty pleasure Remember the Titans, Panettiere has yet to hit on the big screen: Raising Helen, Ice Princess, and I Love You, Beth Cooper hardly made an impression audience- and box-office-wise — and those are some of her more high-profile projects. (As for Bring It On: All or Nothing — well, Panettiere should probably retire her cheerleader’s uniform to avoid typecasting, right?) Though I stopped watching Heroes in the middle of season 2, I can confidently say that Panettiere was one of season 1’s highlights: She possesses that rare on-screen relatability and manages to make even the cheesiest TV moments (e.g., all that Burnt Toast Diner craziness, Claire’s showdown with Debbie, Claire’s in-air flight with West) bearable. (Okay, I’ll admit it: Meryl Streep couldn’t even make that last Superman-inspired moment bearable.) Plus, as we’ve seen since her days as child actor in Titans and Ally McBeal, the girl’s got acting chops. So I’m crossing my fingers that Panettiere graces my television set again soon — and not just in one of her Neutrogena ads.

Who’s with me, PopWatchers? Do you agree Panettiere deserves her own series?

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  • Terry Boone

    Love her! I hope she gets the gig, and I’m calling it now…she’ll probably be the film’s now famed “First Kill”. Maybe her film career will get a huge boost out of being brutally murdered in a SCREAM film,just like what happened when then has-been Drew Barrymore was infamously killed in the first SCREAM!

    • H Dawg


      • Bill

        What Panettiere does in the future doesn”t matter. Cast the lead chick from ‘The Vampire Diaries’ as Sidney 2.0! I already dislike the cast tremendously, Rory Culkin? Ashley Greene? I can’t see these actors standing next to one another on the poster, for me it’s as mismatched as the cast for ‘Scream 3′. I hope this is all a joke. H Dawg is right, no.

      • avenger


      • Celia

        I respect Hayden, because of all she’s done to save the whales and dolphins. However, I haven’t been a fan of her acting since Remember the Titans.

      • SXiPPY

        Right, I thought the same thing about Nina Dobrev because she aleady has an inside to working with Kevin Williamson. I’d like to see Katie Holmes, another Williamson familiar and has-been de jour, get ripped apart in the opening sequence. Maybe then she can resurrect the career Tom Cruise helped ruin.

    • Erin

      Agree, H Dawg. Hayden Panettiere is an awful actress. Can’t stand her voice. We can only hope she will be the first one killed and then we can forget about her.

      Just please stop acting Britney Spear’s younger sister.

      • Rill Rill

        I’m starting to like the idea of her opening the film, but that’s only if she’s wearing a cheerleading costume. She sounds like this generation’s Randy, so maybe she’ll lay down the rules for the new trilogy and then peace out… in a cheerleading costume. Kill the cheerleader.

      • lorna

        plus hayden is an arrogant b*tch, never heard a nice thing bout her personality.

    • Bobbo

      If I knew you I’d bet you money on Sidney (or is it Sidney being the first kill. They’ll promote the hell out Neve Cambpell, Courtney Cox, and David Arquette being in the movie but I bed Sidney would die and her cousin would be the main character.

      • Brian

        I thought (hoped) Sydney would be the first kill too–I’m so tired of her constantly being the reactive victim, when Gale and Dewey actually drive the plot and are interesting.
        But didn’t they say they’ve mapped these characters out for a possible Scream 5-6? If so, that may eliminate Sydney as a death.

    • Danny

      She won’t be the first to die. If she is the geeky pal then it seems like she is the Jamie Kennedy type of character from the first 2.

  • Shane

    Does this mean Scream 4 is going to be terrible? Is there no chance of it actually being good with casting like this? I think so.

  • Silent Rage

    I love Hayden but after googling Ashley Greene’s pictures I hope she gets it, she looks like she could pull off the “nerdy film geek” better…hmm wonder if this character’s the killer.

  • God

    She’s not very talented.

  • Terry Boone

    Yeah, because a film’s overall quality is determined by the casting of what will probably amount to a small role. Then it’s settled, the film will not only be horrible, but it will flop miserably, and ALL BECAUSE Panettiere will have a minor role in it… *groan*

  • Frank from NYC

    She’s a good choice . . . for the pre-credits victim!

  • Brett

    I don’t know why you feel the need to limit Ms. Pannettiere’s career, Ms. Ward. She’s no less talented than half of the young women currently getting big screen roles, despite what the troglodytes whose comments precede mine are suggesting.

  • Ceballos

    Hayden would be the “nerdy film geek pal?”

    I smell a new Randy (Jamie Kennedy).

    • Brian

      He was one of the red herrings in the first film…maybe this time the nerd’s the killer. Or one of the killers.
      But she’ll definitely end up explaining the new horror rules.

  • if she’s got a small small role, fine, whatever. but if this role gets a lot of screen time, HELL NO. she’s not very talented.

  • Michael Wardlaw :)

    I love Hayden,
    she’s my favourite actress. She’s a great singer too, she has the whole package, looks, acting + singing. She’d be great in a horror, some Heroes scenes were horror – like, I love her, I hope she gets it cause i don’t want a twishite star steeling the role. Plus, Hayden can scream. She’d be amazing, that’s all there is to it.

  • Rill Rill

    ONLY if she’s the opening death sequence. If I had to watch another movie with her, I’d slit my other wrist (I really didn’t appreciate ‘I Love You Beth Cooper’).

  • jdtv1313

    Put Katie Cassidy in Scream 4 instead. She deserves a bigger role than the one in the new Nightmare on Elm Street…plus she can scream…the next big scream Queen for that matter.

    • lorna

      katie is the best! been a big fan for awhile, she was AMAZING on Harper’s Island.

  • Anonymous

    She’s a bitch with an ego as big as her head. She’ll be on a reality show in about 5 years’ time.

  • um…

    these people speak of talent as if they could do any better…i dont see any of them in tv/movies…jeeze…it is always easier to complain than to do anything about what “troubles” them…

    • mac

      true scream fans do not want fame-sleezes runing the franchise..especially if there is no talent to back them up..its a gun to the bum LMAO
      twicrap and such give me a break..its not like this generation will distinguish the difference between films as long as they are cast lol

      • Dan

        I love how people act like this is movie deserves indie-type casting with quality casting. Its a big budget horror flick, Panettiere is a big name, put two and two together.

    • thin

      No, they’re speaking of talent as if they’d prefer to see someone else.

  • whatevs

    The thing that made Scream different (other than reintroducing the slasher genre) was that it wasn’t full of one dimensional characters who couldn’t act. They should just cast Hayden in the next scary movie that comes out; they’re essentially all the same.

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