'America's Next Top Model' cycle 15 winner will be on the cover of 'Italian Vogue.'

Top-Model-VogueImage Credit: Mike Ruiz/The CWEvery America’s Next Top Model fan knows that since cycle 3, the show might as well have been retitled “America’s” Next “Top” “Model.” (Because the series is really about the crowning of Tyra’s Next Kind of Pretty Girl That Will Quickly Disappear From Pop Culture Existence When She’s Replaced By the Next Kind of Pretty Girl.) BUT. Things might be changing with cycle 15. The CW confirms that the winner of the next season of Top Model will not be shot for the cover of Seventeen. Awww, how sad, I know you’re thinking. They don’t even get a cover shoot anymore? First they lost the chance to be shot by world renowned photographer Gilles Bensimon, and now this?

But, no, Top Model fans! This is a happy thing! According to The CW, the winner of cycle 15 will be on the cover of…Italian Vogue. Yes, you heard me right. Not Liechtensteinian Vogue, or Oklahoman Vogue, but Italian Vogue. That’s quite a step up, no? This batch of girls will really have to perfect their Smize to win the title.

Damn you, Top Model, and your ability to keep me interested cycle after cycle!

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  • Dean

    I gave up on this now-incredibly lame show two “cycles” ago and I don’t miss it one bit. Looooong past its prime.

    • Ash

      I agree with you, Dean. Except, I gave up on this show about 5 “cycles” ago.

    • dancerindc

      I’m with Dean – I quit last cycle and don’t miss it.

    • jenn

      I agree. Just because there is a better prize doesn’t mean the season will be any better.

    • philacop

      been watching last 4 seasons, each is getting betterthan the last. and so what if Tyra is on the cover… She made this happen for the winner…GO TYRA!!!

  • Sina

    Okay so the America’s Next Top Model winner can’t even get a cover on a American magazine? No one is going to buy Italian Vogue just to see the winner’s photo! Heck Italy has their own Top Model show. Those winners make more sense to be on Italian Vogue. What Tyra needs to do is stop with the winner getting a Cover Girl contract. Cover Girl doesn’t even use models anymore for their advertisement. She needs to get with Revlon or Maxfactor. At least they use models for their commericals. Then the winners will get some work.

    • Jules

      Exactly! And I bet Tyra will have to appear on the cover with the winner.

    • Nick T

      What a remarkably ignorant thing to say. Italian Vogue is quite literally the high fashion of all magazines anywhere and they only choose the best models to be on their cover. You have to be a really well known model and be really great at the job. They actually rarely have celebrities on the cover.

    • Jennifer

      Actually being on the cover of Italian Vogue is damn near better than being on the cover of any other fashion magazine in the world. Real top models would give their left arm (and then some) to get a cover. Who did Tyra have to sleep with to arrange this?

      • USS

        Umm..Jennifer. You’re an idiot. This woman is a fashion industry vet; she is one of the most famous American supermodels to have exist. She doesn’t have to sleep with anyone. That such an idiotic statement.

      • Allison


      • Robert

        Actually USS you are the idiot because the point was for a Magazine that has more competition foe the cover then pretty much any other, Tyra had to pull some big strings to get ANTM’s next winner on the cover with no experience and with no relevance to the fashion world besides winning ANTM… Jennifer was being an idiot… you are… I cna only imagine what Tyra had to do to get that as a prize. Plus, I am sure Jennifer wasn’t serious about sleeping with someone, it’s called an expression and isn’t that ignorant.

    • Lonell

      Being on the cover of Italian Vogue could do a s#!%load to hasten the winner possibly being on more renowned American covers than Seventeen. You know, actual FASHION mags. This is a GOOD thing. Now if only they could swipe Covergirl for something more high end…………

  • renee

    last season’s winner krista so deserved that cover. her photo in that swooshing black gown was spectacular.

    • Chichi

      YES! YES! YES! One of the best shots this show has ever produced.

    • maggie

      ew. no.

    • Jennifer

      Ummmm . . . no. Grandma don’t belong in Italian Vogue, ever.

    • bigfanoftyra

      i dont really agree i think rena shold of one she is muchprettier and i just cnt beleive it tht all of the pretty girls were out try and make it betta tyra for cycle 15

    • Zero

      i disagree, i think that the photo of raina with the wind and the water was the best photo the whole season!

  • BTC

    Italian Vogue may be sorry they agreed to this after seeing Tyra’s misfits. If they are anything like Krista and Angelea the only work they’ll book is if government cheese give-aways do a campaign.

    • Lola

      LOL! ouch…yet so true!

      • Shaun

        And the ignorant bigots come out to play…YES YOU BTC and Lola.

  • ashley

    the short one has been pretty successful…she had some deal with alexander mcqueen. but, yeah, usually the girls from this show fade into obscurity. it seems like non – winners from different country versions of the show are more successful than american winners.

    • Javier

      Actually the whole Alexander McQueen thing was just a rumor, however, there have been some girls that got some really great careers Like Molly Sue from cycle 6, or Elyse Sewell from cycle 1, etc..

  • Butters

    What were the people at the Italian Vogue thinking? The girl has yet to make an impact in the industry, maybe that’s why we only see movie stars on most covers these days. :D

    • Datruth82

      They’re thinking they see butter smooth skin, dark almond-shaped eyes, and full pillowy lips.

      She photos like a dream :)

  • Melissa

    This show has long past its prime. It’s too late to “save it” with any Vogue cover or anything else. The show is still tired. Should have been axed 5 seasons ago.

  • matt

    many winners and non winners have gone on to have stable and lucrative modeling careers all over the world. sure, some of the contestants are typical reality show fodder, but looking at many of the top model fan sites include updates on all the work the girls are doing. sure, they’re not pulling Gisele numbers, but let’s be honest, very few models are.

    • D

      It’s America’s Next Top Model, not America’s Next Top Supermodel, after all.

    • Belle

      Matt and D u r SO right! these models may not be like huge in the industry, but really,they ARE models, just, not SUPERMODELS. and only being in the industry for like a few months, whatddya think they r gonna get? its a cool show to watch and itailian vogue is awesome, so just shut up about about how the show sucks, because it doesnt.

  • Vince

    Just when I vowed never to watch again, Tyra pulls me back in…

    • Nick T


  • Jarrell

    most of the women on Top model winners or non winners, tend to find work after the show. just because they aren’t famous doesn’t mean they aren’t better for being on the show. Most of the girls like Caridee, Dani, and Jaslene have been walking in fashion shows. Toccarra had a 14 page spread in Italian vogue which is a a pretty big deal

  • T.

    Well, if this means that editor of Seventeen, Ann C., won’t be on the show anymore, that works for me. Sorry if that sounds petty, but I always find her annoying.

    Either way, it’s an interesting change to not have Seventeen involved, I wonder who’s choice that was?

    • Jen

      lol me too! Italian Vogue is a pretty big deal, I’m surprised ANTM managed to land the deal

      • francisco

        I think ANTM landed that because of Andre Leon Talley!

  • I

    Maybe the next cycle Nigel will finally return to his modeling roots and pose…in a Speedo. Yum!

  • leo

    and now it’s time for this show to lip-sync for its life. and tyra, don’t f it up.

  • Maggie May

    Does that mean they will pick someone that actually has a chance of making it as a model. The last one was 25 — very old if you haven’t made it yet.

    • Belle

      So true


    I say bring back all the girls that went home first .. and give them one more try ….

    • adrien

      Not a bad idea!
      That could be cool, if only they didn’t age!
      Well grandma actualy won last cycle so why not?!

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