Jeff Probst blogs the finale of 'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains'

jeff-probst-survivorImage Credit: Monty Brinton/CBSAs I type this I am on the plane flying back to Los Angeles less than 12 hours after Sandra became first two-time Survivor winner.  So bear in mind I’m a bit fuzzy headed and therefore may say things I later regret or later realize aren’t funny or even interesting.

I’m not going to argue whether Sandra should have won or not.  I’ve learned from last season that it’s a bit pointless.  The jury is in charge and the jury made their decision.

Having said that… I will go on record and say that I would have voted for Parvati.  No question.

Not taking anything away from Sandra.  Sandra is a very good player and she does one thing very well – she avoids the vote.  Two times played, two times won, two times never voted out.  Hard to argue against that record.

Had I been given a vote, I would have voted for Parvati because she played her ass off.  She zigged and zagged her away through the Samoan jungle like nobody’s business.  I was truly impressed.    She handled Russell in a way nobody else could have.  The double idol play was bold.  The subtle social game she played was spot on.  I think she played an overall better game than Sandra.

However, I do believe the jury lumped her in with Russell and if that’s the case, then Parvati misread the vibe of the group and it cost her the money. Then again,  I’m just the host and as a contestant recently reminded me at a tribal council, I don’t have a vote, so I don’t count.  Truer words never spoken.  I don’t have a vote.  I don’t count.  So let’s move on…

Russell was too hyped up last night at the live Reunion show for me to get much of anything out of him.  I’m sorry I didn’t do a better job because he had a lot of very interesting things to say about the game and the wear and tear it took on him. All I could do last night was to try to keep him seated in his chair long enough for us to get a shot of him on-camera.  In fact the entire night it felt a bit like a fight might break out at anytime.  In case you’re wondering what I would have done…? I would have just let it happen.  I wouldn’t have gone to commercial but instead would have launched right into good ole fashioned Survivor play-by-play.  But it didn’t.  Instead these guys did what they were put on the show to do, they did their best to entertain.

I feel for Russell.  I do not believe he is aware of how out of balance his life is right now.  He is still stuck in “the game” and it was uncomfortable for me to watch him squirm so much last night and scream so loudly for respect.  He doesn’t need to ask for respect.  He has won the Sprint Player of the Game two times.  He has also proven to be extremely good at getting to the end by being a great strategist and intimidator.  There is no question that Russell is an excellent player of Survivor.

But my opinion of Russell changed when he admitted to Boston Rob that he did not play to win.  You can’t be the best if you’re not playing to win.  He can hoop and holler all he wants about “America choosing” but that’s not this game.  This game is about convincing a jury of your peers that you are the most deserving person.  He didn’t do that.  But my problem is not that he didn’t accomplish that goal, it’s that it wasn’t his goal in the first place.

Boston Rob plays to win.  The fact that he hasn’t won doesn’t change the fact that he plays to win.  It’s a philosophical approach to the game and if Russell truly doesn’t play to win then he has no claim to greatest player.

Here’s the rub… I am not convinced Russell truly feels that way.  Stay with me.  I think Russell did play to win.  100%.  I think he just misjudged and didn’t fully understand the game well enough to achieve his goal.  So now he is changing history.  I believe that last night he was scrambling to make sense, scrambling to defend, scrambling to justify another loss, so he decided that all he ever wanted to do was get to the end.

That’s what I mean about “out of balance.”  The man needs a break.  He needs a retreat somewhere far away where he is not allowed to talk about Survivor, not allowed to talk at all.  He needs a rest.  I don’t imagine he’ll take one.  I imagine he’ll let the anger stir inside him and it will haunt him for a long time to come.

Russell, if you’re reading this and I know you are – I hope, I truly hope you will give yourself a break and let the game go… at least for a while.  Come back and revisit it with a fresh mind and see if you can find ways to improve your game.  Otherwise you are doomed to be frustrated by this game and continue to make silly suggestions like “let America vote.”

Onto other thoughts:

I was happy to hear that Coach has gained some personal insight into how he is perceived as a result of his time on Survivor.  As most of you know, I like Coach and his stories don’t bother me but I love anytime someone changes for the better as a result of their time on our show.  Side note:  Coach really wanted to play trumpet with the band during the Reunion show.  He sent me a clip and he’s pretty damn good, but we just didn’t have any extra time and couldn’t work it out.

I was very surprised at the Sprint Player of the Game vote.  I thought Boston Rob was a shoo-in but evidently he was just gone too long.  I also never thought Rupert would be one of the two top vote getters, not only that but it was really close.  Less than 2,000 votes separated the two.

Candice never looked more beautiful than she did last night.  I think it’s the ring on her finger.  That girl is in love and so proud.  This may surprise those of you who read this blog, but the truth is I really like Candice quite a bit and I’m so happy for her happiness.

Man, I don’t exactly know what is going on with Colby but he still seemed mad last night.

I’m not sure what was going on with James either but word on the street is that he was on some pain medication for his knee and as a result was a bit out of it.

Boston Rob and Amber – who knew they’d make such a cute baby.  I saw Amber before the show and she looks great.  All smiles.  She seems very happy being a mom and Rob is about as proud of his family as you can be without being corny and Boston Rob is rarely corny.

Ethan Zohn also stopped by last night to say hi before the show. I had recently hosted Larry King and he was on as a guest to talk about his cancer being in remission.  It was so good to see him in person, give him a hug and tell him how happy I am that he is healthy again.  I’d love to see Ethan back on the beach playing Survivor again one day.  What an inspiration.

Okay the plane is about to land and I’ll be honest, like I always am…  I am ready to put this season to bed.

Heroes v Villains will go down as one of the greatest seasons ever and that’s thanks to the 20 people who played.

It is so easy to sit at my desk in my office with my patio doors open and make fun of these guys all season, just like they could make fun of me if they had a blog.  But most of them don’t.  So in fairness, after a season full of lippy blogs, I think a bit of redemption is in order.

The 20 people who came out and played Survivor again this year did their very best every damn day they were out there.  Survivor is unlike any other game on television.  No other show kicks your ass the way this one does.  No other show taxes you mentally the way this one does.  And no other show puts you in situations that challenge you to be your best but often result in highlighting your worst qualities under the most unflattering conditions.

I tip my hat to the group of heroes and the villains for not only giving us 13 weeks of amazing television but also for everything they put at stake:  reputations, family time, personal plans and careers to name a few.  They put all this at risk while exposing themselves to the ridicule of lippy bloggers, like myself and Dalton Ross.  They knew that was part of the game coming in but it doesn’t make it any easier.  This was not an easy season for any of them.  Every single player endured some kind of pain and/or hardship.  I hope you are all reading this and I hope that at some point in the very near future you raise a glass and toast yourself.  Well done.


Writing this blog and getting your feedback was, for the most part, an enjoyable experience.  I won’t lie, there are days I am not in the mood to write it but then I remember that for those who do read it, you look forward to it and that always compels me to finish.

I am happy to be back for two more seasons of Survivor and we start shooting very soon.  I hope you will come back and stay with us even though we have a lot to live up to following Heroes v. Villains.

To all the people I met in NY this weekend on the streets, in restaurants, at the hotel, at the airport – thanks for the loyal support all these years.  I’m sorry we couldn’t accommodate more people at the live show.  Maybe CBS should open it up to a bigger venue again as they have in the past.

To those of you still applying who have yet to get on the show – I hope you keep applying.  We miss good people all the time, don’t give up the dream.

To those of you who think I suck as a host or as a blogger… kiss it.

Nicaragua.. here we come!

To see Survivor Talk interviews with Sandra, Parvati, and Russell, click on the video player below!

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  • chad

    Great Finale. I think by the time Sandra could have voted Russ out (gave Rupert her Idol, voted for Russ) she did not want to. I mean I would have wanted to take Russ to the end, with the entire Jury hating him. Parvati should have got rid of Russ when Dani got voted out. She would have won if she did that. She needed to distance herself from him.
    Great show, Great blog!

    • DieRussell

      People just dont get it. Russell’s evil ways are partly responsible for him getting to the end, as he is zero threat to win votes. How is that good strategy?
      Parvati probably would’ve gotten my vote, but she she had too much Russell stink on her for the jury. Go Sandra !!

      • donknottz

        Great Season Bad lesson. The lesson of the last two seasons unfortunately is to be a mediocre loser. Don’t win challenges, don’t make bold moves, don’t do anything that could the hurt the feelings of the high and honorable jury. If you do they will not take in to account the game but will hold a grudge and you will lose. Great season awful ending yet again. I hope this is not the trend. I am a russell fan but I thought Parvati should have won. If Russel brought Jerri & Sandra it would have been a no brainer for me at least, Thanks Jeffrey!

      • jk

        The game is over, you can let your hate go now. “DieRussell”, are you kidding me?

      • donknottz

        Oh & Jeff please tell your archrival emmy thief to put Russel & Parvati on his show that does not deserve an emmy over yours by any means.

      • Terry

        Sandra sucks. She’s boring and she thinks way too much of herself. I hate the coattail riders,though I will give her credit cause it won her the million. I just thought that these “stars” would have appreciated Russell’s game more. I kind of expect first timers to award a coattail rider, but not veterans. And as far as Russell goes, how boring would this season have been without him?

      • Peter

        Jeff thank you so much.
        this is the end.
        Survivor must come back to the basic.

      • Erich Winnecke

        Sandra won the jury vote because she TRIED to get rid of Russell. It’s a shame to reward someone for not accomplishing something. She would not of won had she not tried to oust Russell which was her goal the entire time. If she would have succeeded… she doesn’t win. So she won by luck!

      • Gigi

        donknottz is a freakin’ genius :)

      • @donknotts

        I disagree, I think the lesson of these last two seaons is that you can’t bulldoze and be a bully and expect to win. Bullies should not be rewarded. Russell is a bully.

      • Dr Zechariah Zenith

        Overall, this was the best Survivor. It deserved an Emmy. But if they could award it to Amazing Race once again. Now the producers felt how everyone feel when Sandra was crowned.

        Parvati technically should have won. But Sandra is a two time winner so the fault goes to Russell and her for not taking her out soon.

      • Micah

        It’s German for The Russell. Don’t you watch The Simpsons? Lol.

      • Donknottz

        Thanks Gigi :^)

      • old john

        While it was may have been a strategic advantage for Russell to have played in the Heroes vs. Villans before the final results show of his season, because many didn’t know how evil he was. It was also a major disadvatage to him, because he played the entire H vs. V season before finding out he lost his season and therefore never had a chance to modify his social gameplay. Like he said, he didn’t play two games, he played one long one.

      • wino

        its not what you do, its HOW you do it. if russ had kept his ego in check and learned to speak to his peers like a normal adults, then he would have received their respect. but getting to the end and DEMANDING their vote is not the way to win this game. he has a lot to learn.

      • Tuzo

        @Donknottz, I agree. I think the real problem is that playing a good social game (and all the diplomacy and politics that entails) MAKES FOR BAD TV! The interesting and entertaining part of the game is the strategy and challenges. Maybe conflict too? But conflict for the sake of conflict gets irritating. So I think there is a basic disconnect between Survivor as an entertaining TV show and Survivor as a game.

      • DieRussell

        Russell’s main strategy is to alienate, and/or intimidate every single person on the jury. Most of us sane people don’t understand the logic of this.
        I will ask this question and dare a coherent answer… How much respect does a guy deserve when he plays a “game” that makes sure he wont win at the final?

      • D

        @Jeff: Regardless if it was to save himself or not, Russell made a good point. Is not, as you put it, a ‘silly suggestion’ to let America have at least a vote. 16 million viewers, or is it 20? A single vote doesn’t seem unreasonable.

      • Bee the Bee

        I don’t get it when people say Russell didn’t know he had lost the first game. I saw Natalie win and I saw him offer her $$ for her to give him her title of survivor winner. He was also awarded $$ for being chosen by America as the best player. So where do people get this that he didn’t know he had lost????? Yes he played back to back, but he went to the jury twice too. So he knew he had lost!

      • Lisa

        Agreeing with Donknottz here. It seems that the final vote has turned into a Miss Congeniality contest. I understand that diplomacy plays a huge part and that alone can get a player deep into the game. But shouldn’t “Outwit” and “Outplay” count in the final vote?

      • Stephen

        Bee the Bee, the seasons were filmed back to back and the final votes for both seasons weren’t read until well after the filming ended for Heroes/Villains. Samoa was filmed from June 11 – July 9. The final vote wasn’t read until December 20. Heroes/Villains was filmed from August 9 – September 6. The final vote was read just this last Sunday. As you can see, Russell was done filming Heroes/Villains almost three full months before the final vote for Somoa was announced, when he finally found out he didn’t win the first season. Then he had to wait another agonizing five months to hear the second outcome. Russell finished filming on the island for Heroes/Villains the day before Somoa had just started airing.

      • Stephen

        Bee the Bee, Russell offering Natalie money for the title has nothing to do with knowing the vote. He offered Natalie the money because he felt he deserved the title for that season (and he may have had a feeling he wouldn’t win this season). He, nor any of the other Survivors, know the final outcome until the last vote is aired live in New York at the end of the aired season. They can always guess, of course, but that’s as good as it gets. Sometimes it’s easier to guess, but it’s still just a guess.

      • Al

        Huge thanks to Russell for all the entertainment. He didn’t win the game, but he changed and impacted the game and it’s fans more than any winner except for Richard Hatch. Can’t wait to see them go up against each other.
        Add to that his family and rags to riches business success – his is a winner in life and an inspiration.

      • DieRussell

        Russell, did u change your name to Al for internet purposes? Or does someone really find him an inspiration?

      • Tayo

        What Sandra did best was Adapt and she did not make any mistake (If she did one please tell me.) Parvati lost when she made the mistake to hide the idol from Russell w/c caused Daniele boot. If Daniele was at the F3 instead of Sandra. She definitely would have won. Don’t even get me started w/ russel.

        Sandra’s moves failed but they where the right moves. Her attempt to help the Heroes created a connection to them. That gave her a well deserving win.

      • montegutdude

        I don’t even expect newcomers to the game to vote based on popularity but this was a group of veterans, Jeff. A large chunk of the viewing public is understandably upset that this seasoned jury wasn’t able to look past the way they were blindsided to vote instead based on the effort expended making that happen. Had they done so, Sandra couldn’t have won. The motto for this season was not “Outwit, Outplay, Outlast,” it was “Return, Revenge, Redemption.” The title itself was Heroes vs. Villains. Therefore, going in, the premise itself sets up a scenario where villany, revenge, and underhanded tactics were to be expected. So if the villains made it to the end, the jury would have to be populated with heroes. A villain victory was doomed by design. Unless the name of this game is going to be changed to “Don’t Make Waves,” “The Quiet Game,” or “Undeserving,” something’s gotta give. Russel has certainly made Survivor history and he should be proud of the fact that he’ll be remembered for a long time to come. The most telling and scandelous fact for me is that I believe that if Colby had made it to the Final 3, he would’ve won it all. Just as with Sandra, it wouldn’t have been based on gameplay, social skills, or strategy. And, that’s just sad. People who coast to the end and win by having offended people the least aren’t master tacticians. They lucked out. Congratulations Sandra, you got lucky. A different jury that valued gameplay over pride and bruised egos may have chosen differently. I know I would have.

      • sanne

        DieRussell, you are stupid.

      • DieRussell

        This is what I mean. I ask for a coherent argument on how much respect u can give someone who plays to lose. Closest i get is “DieRussell, you are stupid”
        I rest my case

      • Dave

        Jeff if you’re reading this I’m sad you didn’t apologize for the a holes who let out all the spoilers! Watching video of colbys loss they were both truly surprised. This year they all knew along with a lot of viewers because of people on here. I don’t know why you guys have media events announcing the winner its truly messed up.

      • Old School Survivor

        How did Parvati not win? She easily played the best all-around game and controlled the play. She orchestrated the best jury scenario possible for herself possible — she kept Russell around as jury-bait and strung Sandra along while getting rid of those who were more liked than Sandra (Jerri, Colby, Rupert). How did the jury not see all that that in the final vote?

        I think the problem lies in the fact that the final vote comes too soon after jurors are voted out — while nerves are still raw — if they were to vote after a longer period of time it would allow more time for perspective and then merit would come more into play and the bitterness of having been voted against would be less of a factor. Unfortunately that’s not the way Survivor is voted because it is not practical.

        Parv is the best female player ever.
        Boston Rob the best male paler ever.

      • Russell The Brute

        Even for getting to the end, Russell Hantz’s approach to the game only works if he gets insecure people in the game, then he can intimidate all he wants and pawn it off of as “control”. If he gets type-A alpha males or people without insecurity issues in the game, then his oil-riggin brute force one-dimensional game play won’t work.

      • mark

        its so annoying to sit here and read “xxx should have been the winner…” Why does it matter? The jury selects the winner. For those of you saying America should get to decide you’re stupid. Do you know how different someone’s “game” could be perceived just by the TV edit? According to the other survivors from this season Russel’s edit actually made him seem nicer and classier than he really was. You think thats the guy who “deserved” the jury’s vote? once again…STUPID. The whole point of survivor is what boston rob said, “its voting out the people that you know will vote for you to win a million dollars” there’s so much more strategy involved than just bullying and finding immunity idols. Just because you like someone when you’re watching them on TV doesn’t mean they are the best..and it doesn’t mean they are the most deserving. Just move on and deal with it. Sandra, Parvati, and Russell are all good players..but the most deserving winner is always left up to the jury.

      • JaySin420

        Yea Russell simply doesn’t understand the game.

        I totally agree with Jeff calling his suggestion “silly” because that show is called Big Brother, which is the point Jeff was making.

      • judy davies

        It is only a game at the end of the day. Although I wasnt a fan of Russell, I respected him

      • Rafi

        DieRussell, your comment is actually wrong.

        It’s not that Russell doesn’t play to win, he doesn’t understand how to win. Coming from someone who has loved him for the past 2 seasons, I’ve realized that the jury doesn’t care at this point about how good you are at the game. If you wrong too many people, you won’t win. Russell still believes that the jury should be crowning the person who played the best, not the one that is liked the most. And that’s his problem. Just watch his answer to Danielle during the final TC for proof. He doesn’t think about jury votes because he believes that he has the game won already thanks to his strategies.

      • Matt

        I do think Sandra deserved to win.
        The game focuses on people dominating immunity challenges, and these people become the focus as ‘threats’ to the tribe. Sandra realized this so she never did well in challenges so people wouldn’t consider her a threat. While she had the opportunity to go blatantly out and merge with the Heroes tribe, she didn’t. She choose to fly solo. I think her strategy to remain ‘invisible’ as a threat worked well, and all though she had little dominance in regards to who played well. She managed to avoid all the conflict and stick to herself. Her plan was effective. However, I think Pavarti played the best game.

        As Rupert said, lying and cheating is the easy way out. Russell has no skill, he just bullies people into doing what he wants. Russel took that easy way out, anyone could have played those tactics, he didn’t deserve to win, however he was entertaining.

        Congrats Sandra!

    • crows2

      Survivor 24: Winners (The Ultimate Survivor)
      Richard Hatch (Borneo)
      Chris Daughtry (Vanuatu)
      Tom Westman (Palau)
      Aras Baskausas (Exile Island)/Brian Heidik (Thailand)
      Yul Kwon (Cook Islands)
      Todd Herzog (China)
      Bob Crowley (Gabon)
      JT Thomas (Tocantins)
      Tina Wesson (Australia)
      Vecepia Towery (Marquesas)
      Jenna Morasca (Amazon)
      Amber Brkich (All-Stars)
      Sandra Diaz-Twine (Pearl Islands/Heroes vs Villains)
      Danni Boatwright (Guatemala)
      Parvati Shallow (Micronesia)
      Natalie White (Samoa)
      How good would it be to see the winners of Survivor battle it out to see who is the Ultimate Survivor.

      • crows2

        Survivor 22: Second Chance Edition
        Mike S (Australian Outback)
        Silas (Africa)
        Hunter (Marquesas)
        Robb Z (Thailand)
        Andrew Savage (Pearl Islands)
        Rory (Vanuatu)
        Cao-Boi (Cook Islands)
        Ace (Gabon)
        Ben (Samoa)
        Lindsey (Africa)
        Gina (Marquesas)
        Dolly (Vanuatu)
        Angie (Palau)
        Misty (Panama)
        Tracy (Micronesia)
        Sydney (Tocantins)
        Betsy (Samoa)
        Marisa (Samoa)

      • lee

        They should bring back all the people who made it to the final two but didn’t win.

      • who cares

        what about Survivor: Hot Chicks Edition. Just have the most attractive females from prior seasons. The ratings would be tremendous.

      • Parvati’s Man-Servant

        This would be a great Survivor but you would have to omit one name off the list: Parvati Shallow. She has played three times and she may not want to return for a fourth time.

      • Sue

        Jeff, I enjoy your blog almost as much as i enjoy Survivor. I have been on board since the first show and could not agree more that this competing on this show is a deep emotional, physical , and dare I say, spiritual challenge unlike anything else on
        television. Can’t wait for the new season. Hope Survivor nabs that elusive Emmy this year. thanks for the memories.

      • Alley Cat

        If I see Poverty on another season of this show – I am done!!!!! Lets put her to rest.

      • crows2

        Parvati’s proven herself to be one of the best players ever. She is a MUST on a Winners season. I wonder if she can pull it out again.

      • Question

        Where is Ethan?

      • majamababe

        My son and I have thought this would make for a good season – glad someone else thinks the same way. How about those folks who get voted off first, who never even get a chance to play? That would make for an interesting show also.

      • casimir

        Yes Lee, the runners up,edition! Then BOSTON ROB could return and russell

      • Dustin

        I don’t like that idea that much.

        Anyway, Seasons 21 and 22 are going to be in Nicaragua,
        Seasons 23 and 24 are going to be In the Camoan Islands In the Phillipians from what I heard.

        Also, they’ve started shotting back to back seasons in the same location to save money. From what I’ve heard that is.

      • Adele

        Let’s not keep bringing back previous players. It’s getting so old. it still wouldn’t settle the argument of who is the best player anyway because each season is different and because it’s a matter of personal opinion as to how well someone played the game.

      • beauty and brains

        I would LOVE to see all past winners battle it out for the ultimate title. I’ll betcha Sandra would win again !

      • Matilda

        I agree, this would be a great season! I don’t think Richard Hatch would be able to come back, so replace him with Ethan. I also think the runner ups would be a good season. Russell would be back and I would love to see Danielle and Cirie back. This could also bring back Parvati and Amanada. Who knows, the winners would be better, or those that came in second. Maybe combine the two and you have your teams (Winners vs. Runner-Ups)

        I also agree with Jeff, Parvati deserved the win, HANDS DOWN. She had it right when she stated that nobody else would align with her. Parvati is the Ultime Survivor, hands down, sorry Sandra. You were a good player, and may have won twice, but once you play 114 days, make it to two finales, and three times on the jury, you deserve the win.

      • Dr Zechariah Zenith

        If there would be Survivor All Stars or Heroes vs Villains, I say a new format should be drawn.

        Survivor: Rivalry

        We want to see a Boston Rob vs Russell part 2 but with two more teams for 20 survivors.


        Survivor: War of Kings & Queens.

        Choose 4 of the best Survivors who ever played the game and let them draft the ones they like in a pool of 16 on the island.

        The 4 could be Russell, Boston Rob, Sandra and Parvati.

      • CBGB

        Survivor Second Chances is a great name, great concept

      • Jeff Probst


        How can you not have Earl in the All winner’s edition? The “black Yul”, as I call him.

      • will

        i think that the runners-up would be a great season, but it should be of any survivor that has got to the final three or final two of their season even if they got voted out by the person who won the last immunity challenge. Rob from the amazon would be the perfect example he played a great game, but Jenna voted him out in the last immunity challenge. You could also but lex form Africa, Ian from palau,

      • will

        jeff im sooo happy that ur back for two seasons and the game of survivor to me is like the perfect game it combies many things into one and its a great show so please dont leave cause u make it awesome

      • will

        Two things to point out about, Boston Rob was right russ plays this game only to get to the end not to win and Boston Rob would inaialtate russ, if there was a season like that cause rob is like on if the best all round players there is. My second point is that if Russel was really the best player he would know from other seasons that u can’t screw every member of the jury and win the game unless u like tell the jury y u did everything and come completely clean with them.

      • TTThunder


        I’d like to propose some ideas:

        1. Survivor – The ones who were voted out first edition…

        This gives a chance to ones who did not have enough face time last time… It will not have an all-star feeling since we barely know any of them!

        2. Survivor – The ones who were never voted out edition… (will included injured players like black Russell, but no previous winner since we will save all winners for the last survivor season, if that ever happens!)

        I think CBS will be more interested in this since they can have Russell back again! (But I think he will be one of the first to be voted out!)

        3. Survivor – The ones who were blind-sighted edition…

        4. Survivor – Boston Rob vs Russell. Get 18 new players, bring them to the islands, introduce BRob and Russell as the team leaders, have them compete with each other (so that BRob can kick Russell ass!) with the winner choose the player first. Both will select 9 players…

        The two team will compete with one extra rule that both teams can only vote out their leader only when they merge. (or I’m afraid Russell will be voted out first! Another benefits are that both can lead the team freely since they know they are safe until the merge, and hopefully, by that time, they have solid alliance…)

        How do you think?

      • D

        @TTThunder- I like idea #4 in principle. After the merge you can see if a “mutiny” will occur against the leader. The bad part, though is that it gives the leader an unfair advantage over the other players. Maybe if they win, they win less $ then. As far as #3, I think a LOT of players have been blindsided :)

      • Al

        Survivor 25 : Survivor Spouses

        Season where all the contestants are related to previous players somehow.

        This idea probably doesn’t have legs, but I’m intrigued anyways. How about just sneaking 1 or 2 of the most interesting ones in sometime?

        Sepcifically :
        Russell Hantz’ wife.
        The NFL player whose wife was on and Jeff said he should be a contestant.

      • crows2

        TTThunder, the problem with having a season of people who were voted out first is that most of the first boots were duds, and were voted off first accordingly. If they have a Second Chance season, it must include anyone who was voted out before the merge/jury in order to find enough interesting people for the cast, as I outlined in the possible cast list above.

      • js

        Russell in my opinion was a plant in the show to boost ratings thats why they brought him back this season.It was a big disappointment that Sandra won,maybe Sandra would make a good host!

      • anonymous

        NO…. No more past contestants. You really want to hand Sandra 3 mil?? So done with them and all their chances… It’s time for NEW faces!!

      • Cowcharge

        How about “Survivor: No Retreads Or Recruits”? Enough of the stupid “mactors”, they’re the lazy ones who always give the money to whoever they like hanging out with the most.

    • Erich Winnecke

      Sandra winning was the worest possible ending to a terrific season. The jury vote was based on getting back at Russell for knocking them off. Rupert, Coach, and JT were furious that they were outplayed by Russell and poisoned the rest of the jury. Sandra didn’t outplay or outwit anyone. She rode the coatails and kept her mouth shut at the right times. Was extremely lucky. Come on… she was by far the weakest in challenges. The game is flawed… the winners the last 2 seasons were lame.

      • @Erich W

        Coach voted for Parvati, not Sandra


        Oh I agree …. what a bunch of lame people on the jury … didn’t someone tell them that they are supose to give it to the best player … which is Russell !!!!

      • Joe

        I don’t think the game is flawed I just seriously think the way the jury votes is flawed. It’s been said many times, but the name of the game is Survivor – Outwit, Outplay, Outlast… Parvati and Russell were both WAY MORE deserving of that title than Sandra. At least it wasn’t quite as bad as last season… Natalie did nothing. It was so obvious Russell deserved to win; the guy was the only one to actually play the game that season. Oh well it is what it is I guess.

      • JS

        Seems to be a pattern here…most people seem to think Sandra should not have won since she didn’t really do anything (I agree). However, to take that and use it as a reason that Russell, who had absolutely no social game and admitted himself that he wasn’t looking to win, just make it to the end, is idiocy. Parvarti deserved the title, and is the one people should be claiming legitimately deserves it.

      • Tyler

        Whose coattails did Sandra exactly ride because as I recall, she was not a part of a solid alliance?

      • qtpii

        It’s amazing to me how the “couch potatoes” can sit back and complain about who should have won and how bad the season was because so*so won. well, it’s hard for me to read the criticism from someone who WAS NOT there. The producers edit the show to let us see what they want us to see. How do we know that Sandra didn’t do anything and she was just a “coatrider”. it’s a game and they all know the rules going in so if the jury wants to vote that way so be it.

      • texangal

        It was Sandra’s idea to get Coach out, not Russell’s.

      • Dan

        It amazes me that people keep saying that Russell is the best survivor. He doesn’t understand how to play the game!! He will never win with his strategy. Simple as that. There have been other hated players that were able to get votes because the jury members respected their game. Nobody respects Russell’s game.

      • d

        Sandra was the worst pick. It showed the major flaw in Survivor – The Jury. An adult version of the high school popularity contest. I haven’t watched Survivor since Australia. One night while flipping channels I caught 5 min of Tribal Council where Russell conducted a blindside on his first season. I was hooked. You can hate the guy but Russell is the reason people tune in.

      • Bee the Bee

        People! Jeff! if you all think Parvati should’ve won, then why don’t you all gather up a million bucks and give it to the girl!!
        Jeff, CBS, why don’t you show Survivor in it’s entirety instead of just the scenes that you think are appropriate for the viewers. I’d love to sit and watch a whole survivor behind the scenes with all the conniving and backstabbing that goes on. Mayb

      • Bee the Bee

        JEFF!! if you think Parvati should’ve won then why don’t you get the people of Survivor to give her a million bucks?

      • Pat

        I don’t think Sandra rode any coattails. She won because she stood up to Russel and was probably the only person besides Boston Rob who tried to get Russel out. For sure she was lucky that she was unsuccessful at that because it ended up winning her the million dollars. If the final 3 had been Colby/Rupert, Parvati/Jerri, and Sandra, I don’t know who would’ve won.

      • Hermanus

        The winners of the last two might have been skewed because of Russell’s ridiculous way of playing. Can’t wait to have a season without that jerk. And Sandra played a good game and has a 100% strike record…

      • ATLgroove

        I dunno, I think everyone is forgetting that Russell got played by Sandra. Parv was steady trying to convince him to get rid of Sandra because she didn’t think her or Russell could beat Sandra. Russell took her anyway because Sandra played into his ego and convinced him that he was right; that she wouldn’t get enough votes to beat him.

        Russell got beat by his own ego after Sandra convinced him he was right. End game.

    • Claudia

      Russell stated that he is a millionaire. He now has an additional $200,000–so why doesn’t he go to the dentist and get his missing tooth fixed????

      Jeff–I looked forward to your blogs each week.

      • texangal

        Additional $400,000, as he was the runner-up and fan favorite last season too.

      • D

        Why would he? He is not in high school anymore. You could also ask the same about Donald Trump, all that money and he doesn’t care for a hair transplant.

      • Kat

        Why would you take a plate on Survivor? I would just have a missing tooth too – way easier.

      • KEH

        Just glad Jeff finally figured out why Russel isn’t as amazing as some kept thinking.. Getting to the end then blaming people you abused for not voting for you makes him above average for all players and below average for any finalist.

    • Annie

      Great Season! Best ever! Great blog. Gracious winner, pathetic loser. Pav should have won. Just curious Jeff,what was up with the whole “We couldn’t go into the water or the jungle”?

      • Beth

        Yes!! Someone please address this issue! Why couldn’t they go in the water or jungle? That seems like such an important part. I can’t find out anything about it.

      • Mary

        Adding to the plea for info on this. please share!

      • joy

        I Think we should vote it is whoever the jury likes. Sandra was not the best player at all Russell. did out wit and out play out last them all

      • Jeff Probst

        Considering Samoa was hit by a Tsunami prior to the filming, I think that reason alone had a lot to due with not “interfering” with the reconstructing.
        And we didn’t want Colby to steal another part of the coral reef again.

      • Rick

        Actually the tsunami hit AFTER both seasons were filmed. So, Jeff Probst (if that’s really you), BUZZ!! Wrong answer!

      • Srvrfan

        So if Sandra is just lucky, she is just lucky twice? She should just play the lottery instead of Survivor. Maybe Tom Weston said it best – little bit of skill, but a lot of LUCK.

    • Tyler

      @DieRussell. That’s exactly why I don’t think Parvati deserved to win. She may have played the best game, but her jury performance was not as good as Sandra’s. If Parvati really wanted to win, she would have done what Sandra did–tell the jury that she tried to get rid of Russell but when she realized no juror would vote for him, she decided to go to the end with him. She needed to distance herself from Russell. She didn’t do it and that’s why I think she lost. Sandra did do it and that’s why I think she won. Let’s face it, Sandra played the best game because she has the best communication skills.

      • Pat

        Agree. I think Parvati lost some points when she said she kept Russel as her pet. That definitely wasn’t good enough to convince the Heroes and also made her look kind of bad. Don’t get me wrong–I really like Parvati and have a lot of respect for her. She won me over when she gave her idols to Sandra and Jerri. But that’s how I felt when I heard her say that.

      • cherriball

        Yes I agree,Sandra played the best game because she has the best communication skills.

      • James

        Wrong. The jury were poor losers. Simple. They couldn’t admit defeat. They are cry-babies. Head to head Rupert couldn’t beat Parvati in an immunity challenge that would have saved him. The poor thing. The heroes voted en masse. As a unit. They voted against those who beat them. Not for anyone. They would have voted for a toad stool. Or Courtney. Sandra didn’t even need to speak. As I said, a toad stool would have got the votes. That’s sad and shows they have no integrity.

      • chad

        @James I disagree, the Heros voted for Sandra because they came to realize that she wanted what they wanted, to get rid of Russ and Parv. Had they listened to her, believed her, they would be the final 3…I think they voted for Sandra as a way of Apologizing. “We should have listened to you, we could be there instead of Russ and Parv…I will give you my vote.” Just my opinion, is that the ‘best’ logic, not really, but I think that is what they did.

      • puppy dog

        Chad, you are spot on. The only one of the three who should have won did. And I noticed at the end of the reunion Jeff didn’t go up and hug the winner. He hugged Parvati. Hmmmm. Go figure! Sandra IS the ultimate winner. Never voted out, and the only person to ever win the million twice. In response to the above comments on how much wealthier Russhole is…The Sprint prize was $100,000. which he won twice. That makes him $200.000. wealthier minus taxes, so I’d say approximately $134,400, depending on the tax in his home state. Also, a total dental job wouldn’t make his mouth any more pleasant. The tripe that comes out of it makes it ugly regardless of the number of teeth.

      • Moe

        Russell has “short man syndrome” which is a short man with a too big ego of himself. He did make the game interesting; I kept coming back to see if anyone would kick him out! And thank goodness they put some clothes on him so we wouldn’t have to look at his uglyness in dirty underwear the whole season, with a hat on too! Parvati should have won, but I was glad Sandra won. puppy dog you are right on!

    • Rosalie

      I am sad to see that no one is giving Sandra her proper credit. If this people think they are so great because of physical challenges, than they need to be on the olympics not on Survivor! The fact that Sandra got to the end without allies, winning immunity challenges and without the need of hidden idols says alot about her. I mean Russy and Parv both knew she was against them after Russy went looking for the idol. The team had agreeed to leave it alone, but Russy went to look for it and caused chaos in the team. As a result the team went down. I did feel bad for Parv because no one wanted to aligh with her, but her ego was too high for her to go and try to build relationships with the rest of her tribe as well. She is used to people going up to her and not the other way around. I don’t recall her trying to be friends with anyone either. She did the same thing after the merge, no one approached her and she sulked because no one wanted to talk to her, but she did not try to talk to others either. Parv, I have tons of respect for her, but communication is a two way street. Anyhow, congratulations to Sandra, the winner of Survivor, the old school and new way, with or without hidden idols. Sandra is the ULTIMATE & SOLE SURVIVOR!

      • TTThunder

        Totally agree!

        Russell’s mistake – underestimate Sandra (he does not think anyone will vote for that challenge-challenged Sandra!).

        Parv’s mistake – forgot that people like Sandra more than Jerri and thought that the only chance for previous winner is to go against a previous winner.

        I believe if the final 3 were Russell, Parv and Jerri – Parv will win with a landslide! (Maybe 9-0-0, or 8-1-0 with 1 being Coach)

      • Lisa

        Let’s say you apply to be on Survivor. You are a 35-year old female, not very physically strong, but you have a fairly strong personality. You’ve seen every single season of Survivor and studied them for mistakes players made and things players did that worked well. You get picked to go on Survivor and you think about how you want to play the game once you get out there. How will you approach the game?

        (1) read the other players to see who to align yourself with.

        (2) stay under the radar before the merger so you don’t get voted off, especially since you might be a target if you aren’t strong at challenges.

        (3) don’t go out of your way to tick anyone off. Try to be somewhat friendly with people–play the social game.

        (4) be flexible. If the tribe wants to vote someone out who irritates everyone, go with it. As long as the target is not on your back. (This is a legitimate strategy–imagine a season with 20 Russells! Someone would die.)

        (5) stay loyal to your alliance. Remember who was against your alliance. Keep alert for and don’t fall for the b.s.

        (6) Assume people are lying. Since you read people well, you know when you can trust those in your alliance.

        (7) Stay flexible. alter your strategy every day to fit the circumstances.

        (8) After the merge, keep around those people who are disliked the most to take with you to the end. Let them think they’re running the game.

        More people who have played with this strategy have won Survivor than those who played like Russell or Boston Rob. It may not be the strategy that gets great ratings (most of the time), but it wins the game. Beautiful, Sandra.

      • Aldo

        I liked Sandra a lot, but I don’t think she outplayed either Russel or Parvarti. I think she won because a vote for her was a vote against Russel and Parvarti.

    • freckles

      great season Jeff – we love you!!! and btw – if there were another host of survivor, i am not sure i would watch. If Boston Rob made it a little further, he totally would have won player of the game.

      • Ashtrash

        If Tyson wasn’t a complete moron, Boston Rob would’ve WON the entire game!

      • BS

        Boston Rob should become the host of Survivor if Jeff ever leaves the show!

      • TTThunder

        I also thought BRob will win fan favorite!

        (I did not watch his first season, I HATED him in his 2nd season but I LOVE him this season!)

        I did not think Russell will win fan favorite (I LOVED him last season, I did not like him this season)!

        But the most surprise is – how come Rupert is the second??? (I agree with Stephanie that Rupert seems to be jealous of her)

      • mingodude

        I sooo agree that Boston Rob would have won the sprint vote if he had stayed on a little longer and he totally has Tyson to thank for his being gone so soon.

    • FanOfTheShow

      All 3 deserved to win. It doesn’t matter how you get to the end, just that you get there. And the game is definetely NOT FLAWED. It’s been the same for 10 years now. People need to understand how the game work. What makes Survivor so great is the so many different ways for people get to the end and win….Also, for those who believe Sandra was lucky is the game need to realise that Russell and Parv were the real lucky ones. First, Tyson makes one of the dumbest moves in Survivor history by changing his vote for NO REASON. Why would you believe somebody right before TC that your alliance is trying to get rid of. I guess he was focused on that hotdog he wanted in his mouth. Second, Parv was very lucky finding the clue for a HII at the Outback Reward. Third, they were extremely lucky when JT made the biggest blunder in Survivor history, by making a stupid assumption that Russ was on the outs with his tribe without even knowing for sure if that was true and giving him his HII. And finally Danille got lucky finding the clue for a ANOTHER HII, in the bowl of popcorn. HII’s are completely played out. I used to kind of like it, but now there are way to many of them and you dont have to work to find them anymore. One clue and it’s like “I got it.”

      • donknottz

        He made that decision because Russel gave him the idea and talked him into it. You have to give credit when its due. It’s called A Russell Seed Biach!

      • FanOfTheShow

        But there was still no reason to changed his vote. Thats why he was in the top 5 dumbest moves in Survior history. U stupid RussHole nuthugger BIACH!!!

      • TTThunder

        Russell was lucky that Tyson have not watches his season…

        If he did, do you think he will listen to anything Russell says?

      • bob

        Tyson shouldn’t have made the move regardless

    • ACC

      I am surprised that Pavarti did not win this season or the Sprint Player of the season. She was my choice for both. Colby despite all his Shambo-ness this season was my favorite hero.

      For future seasons —

      ONLY cast STRONG women like Pavarti & Sandra. Survivor is usually good with the men, but uneven with the women. Pavarti could lead this guy on a dog-chain anytime she wanted to.

      CLOSE ALL SPOILER LEAKS (you have been better with this with regard inside seasons) — somebody (possibly an inside leak) revealed all the people being voted off in correct order including Sandra as the winner.


      STOP CASTING CUTE BLAND ‘RECRUITS’ who are just there to look good in swimsuits & want TV-vacation time & don’t really care about the game.

      CAST people who WANT to be on the show to PLAY the game — creates more drama, more tension — better seasons.


      I AM SURE THERE ARE PLENTY OF EDUCATED, GOOD-LOOKING PROPER APPLICANT-FANS you can draw from as long there as also a BALANCE of types who may not be as educated or good-looking BUT LOVE THE GAME.

      COMB THROUGH PAST SUBMISSIONS, SURVIVOR BLOGS & MESSAGE BOARDS & select potential applicants from there.


      • ACC

        On earlier posts I was wrong about Pavariti — totally wrong. Some people are annoyed with bringing back the same people — not me — but you do need to do A 2ND CHANCES SEASON. (Pei-Gei, Betsy,

      • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

        I agree with everything you said acc! Wish I could figure a way to get on this show. I have some great ideas that can give a real edge on winning. I haven’t seen any all stars come up with these ideas.

    • Simone

      Russell doesn’t win because he treats people with disdain. When part of the game is social, you will lose if you do that. When you can’t play the social part of the game, you are not a great player. You might make it to the end, but you will never win. Failing to play the social part of the game means that you don’t understand the game at all. It means you are a poor strategist. Russell still does not get this. He’s not a great player at all, maybe not even a good player.

      In the early days, Parvati said that about her alliance with Russell that she had thrown in with the devil (or something like that, but she did use that word). That choice bit her at the final jury vote.

      Sandra won because she stood alone for probably two-thirds of the game and in spite of that she tried to get the heroes to get rid of Russell. Sandra was the only one who stood up to him and lasted.

    • Be honest Jeff

      Cmon Jeff we all diya on this site – but Survivor needs its Villians to win – if Kelly Wiggelsworth had won season one instead of Richard Hatch, I don’t think you’d have gotten to 20 seasons, Russel is the new “Hatch” and could have re-generated the passion in fans – sandra is just going to go back into hiding, seen occasionally at an Outback steakhose near you – if Richard Hatch didn’t win season 1 – guarantee you Jeff – you would have been a game show host of a reality show – prob on Fox – “Who wants to Marry a Dumb$$?

    • still me

      Great season! One suggestion: show the votes at end of reunion, so we can see who voted for winner!

      • TTThunder

        It is better to ask them why they voted like that!

    • Hilary

      here here!! couldn’t agree more!

    • Logic

      Russell and his trolls/I mean fans don’t understand playing to the end does not justify as the winner. Anyone can get to the end. The game is designed so that people are constantly eliminated. You can have a tribe full of lazy asses doing nothing and you would still end up with 2 or 3 finalists since elimination is mandatory. So Russell Hantz using the excuse that he worked hard to get to the end is not a good excuse, if anything it shows the game may be too much for him since he “worked hard”. Smart players don’t or shouldn’t have to work hard. Not like you’re building something and at the end you say you’ve worked hard, or like running a race and at the end you say you ran hard or you worked hard during training. This game Survivor is mainly a mind game. If you say you’ve worked hard using your mind then maybe you’re too dumb in the head and trying too hard. Smart player wouldn’t have to “work hard” just to get to the end since by default through the voting/eliminations someone or some 2 or 3 contestants will end up in the end naturally/eventually. Besides, the end isn’t really the end since you need jury votes. Since this is a mind game because the main focus is jury management, a smart player would use someone or some group of people to do the work for the smart player as the game progresses. A smart player would convince or indirectly get someone else i.e. the tool to vote on the smart player’s behalf and make that tool think that tool made the decision to vote someone else off. So when it comes to the jury, the jury would think it was the tool’s decision to vote them off, so the jury would blame the tool and antagonize the tool, while giving the winning votes to the smart player. That’s a mind game. That’s what Survivor is. For Russell and his fans to say that he deserves to be the winner because he worked hard to get to the end is just dumb. That’s like rewarding a special needs kid for just finishing the race. And Survivor is not that kind of a physical race where you cross the finish line you win, or a strength challenge like World’s Strongest Man where they’re judged by a concrete criteria that is physical strength, or a national TV game show like American Idol where the majority of TV viewers phone in to vote and decide. When you boil down to it, Survivor is about playing the people/the contestants and the majority of those who end up in the jury decide the winner, so it’s a mind game, a social game. Certainly reaching to the last day of Survivor is not the finish line, but just part of the game.

      For the jury to vote one way or another, no matter how unpopular the votes may be, the jury gets the final say, not TV viewers. That’s the game. Besides, TV viewers only get a glimpse of what goes on over there or what the Survivor editors want us to see for entertainment values. Viewers don’t live with contestants 24/7, so what viewers see doesn’t reflect the complete story. Voting based off of that incomplete information would not do contestants justice.


        “Russell and his trolls…”
        Before you call others “trolls”, maybe you should think about how you’ve copied and pasted your silly diatribe into multiple topics, forums, and even web sites! No matter where I go, there’s your SPAM. With the amount of SPAMMING you’re doing, I’m wondering if you’re related to Sandra, or are Sandra herself. Get a life.

      • GS

        Stopped reading after “Anyone can get to the end…”. Most ridiculous statement ever and there have been some really bad ones.

    • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

      Russell is a great player, but not good enough to win. I love Russell because he is interesting and a real character. He knows how to get to the end, but that is it. He hasn’t figured out how to win. There are two main reasons why he lost. 1. You have to screw people over to win but you do not have to piss them off. You can do it in a way where you put the blame on others. You have to be very sneaky. There is no reason to call people names. The way Russell spoke to Rupert and others did not help Russell in any way. 2. At the finsl tribal council, you need to convince the jury why they should vote for you. Russell didn’t do a good enough job with that. This time he lost to 2 good players. Last time he lost to someone that didn’t do much. Mostly because he pissed people off. Interesting side comment – I notice everything about this game. Russell mentiomed that he lost the first time around, which means the producers told him that he lost, since this was taped before the 1st live finale. Were they alowed to do that? Next season I hope the word does not get out on the order of who gets booted. Someone had an insider that knew the entire order as well as who won, who came in 2nd and 3rd. It was a little disappointing to read and find out that it was all true. I hope that Jimmy T does not get on the next show. Not that I don’t like him. I’m sure he is a nice guy. However, I feel that my online video submission was ten times better. This was a great season. However there are still certain things that I havent seen, that I have expected to see from the all stars. The are a couple of things that could give you an edge in this game that nobody has figured out so far. I am dying to share it but have decided not to, on the real off chance that I get on this show. I am sure someone will figure it out eventually, because someone always does. There have been 2 ideas of mine that others have figured out. 1. Pretend you have a Hidden immunity idol, when you don’t ( I like the idea of making a fake one better, but I will be honest and tell you I didn’t think of that) 2. Make fire with glasses. These are the types of ideas that can give you an edge. I really have a perfect idea that would give an edge into winning the entire game! Maybe one of these days I will share.

      • GS

        Yes. Russell is a great strategist and a dominant player, but he needed these lesson to future contestants:
        Be respectful and leave everyone with their dignity.
        Even if you blindside someone or openly dominate your biggest opponent, do not kick them when they are down or trash talk them.
        Show some class when you lose, and especially when you win. JT shaking Russell’s hand after being voted out was classy.
        Lying is part of the game. It keeps you and your teammates alive. It should not be used maliciously or personally.
        I’m sure there are more but these immediately came to mind.

    • iah

      in my heart russell won.

    • Eddie

      One thing for sure to cause Sandra wins is, she always remember the only way to win in this game is to survive until last tribal council and convince/please the jury to vote her for a million dolar. A lot of constentants only remember to survive until last tribal council but always forgot the final step is to please the juries. Kelly (Borneo), Colby(Australia), Matthew(Africa),Boston Rob(All Stars),Kathy(Palau),Danielle(Exile Island), Cassandra & Dreamz (Fiji), Amanda (China & Micronesia)and Russell(Samoa) are having the same problems of this. There is another situation that the finalists could not convince/please the juries due to their ways to fight staying in the game cause them a million dollars such as Neleh(Marquesea),Twila(Vanuatu),Stephanie (Guatamala),Stephen(Tocantin),Parvati(Heroes Vs Villains), these finalists got no choice but to backstab or piss off the tribemates to survive which cause them a million dollar in the final tribal council.

  • jack hart

    JEFF .. dude u are awesome and fantastic blogger. i luv it when u are @ tribal council and progress the story, also your blog insights. been a fan since season 1 .. waiting 4 nicaragua

    • Daria

      I fully agree! Jeff, I love reading your insight, your comments, your jokes! It just wouldn’t be the same without you. Thank you for being the greatest host and blogger!

      • Ashtrash

        Dear Jeff, PLEASE. DON’T. LEAVE!!! Only two more seasons of Survivor is not enough!!

    • Michelle

      1. Jeff is awesome ~ the best.
      2. Sandra deserves to win because she won. SHE was my pick from DAY ONE. LOVE her.
      3. I could watch this show forever. Surviving, socializing, challenges, scheming. It’s THE best competition reality show. And Jeff does the play-by-plays effortlessly.

      • dennis

        Ithink all 3 played well, but parvarti should of won. But parv and russel did make 1 big mistake that cost them. Never understood why they took sandra to merge instead of courtney. Also don’t think parvarti could have distanced herself from russell the same way as sandra cause it would be a lie. She needed him and he her. I like sandra but did not think her jury speech was that good. Kind of annoying that she considers her best move was trying to get russel out, yet that moved failed and jury still gave it to her

      • D

        Her best move was not in trying to get Russell out per se. Her best move was in trying WARN the Heroes about Russell and form an alliance with the Heroes. The Heroes then repeatedly and stupidly would carry the information back to Russell. She could not save them from themselves. I think it is a powerful argument that she outplayed the Heroes, and yet, they still have to respect her for trying to help them. Brilliant.

  • David

    Jeff is the man. Survivor should have a season for best players that haven’t won the game or have all the winners play against each other for a larger prize. I have a feeling we may get a Rob Vs Russell season at some point too.

    • Seangthegodfather

      Sandra sucks and Russell is right the game is flawed it’s outwit out last outplay not who’s the most likable.

      • lf

        Sandra is not the most likeable. Russell is a bully doesn’t deserve to win (no social game). Parvati should have won, she had it all.

      • Tyler

        If Russell thinks the game is flawed then why did he play it twice? He’s even more of an idiot than I thought he was.

      • cmlawyer

        Part of the game is being likable. And Russell was not likable. People who go out there and treat others like dirt – in real life, like on Survivor- rarely get the people they treated like dirt to support them. Tom Westerman who led his tribe like a fire battalion, and Ethan Zohn who led his like a soccer team showed how it should be done.

      • Anna

        I would hardly call Sandra the most likeable. Her mean streak is just as big as Russell’s. The difference is that she has better control of herself, it’s not the game that’s flawed, it’s Russell.

      • TTThunder

        I think it’s not likeable, I think it is more of a respectable…

        Last season, the rocket scientist and Shambo respected Russell play, so they voted for him… (I think the rocket scientist did not even like him)

        This season, no jury respected Russell, so 0 vote…

  • Rae

    Jeff — I always enjoy your blog and your insights. Looking forward to many more!

    • Kathryn

      Jeff, Love how you don’t let the players get away with anything–you call them on it on the spot. Great job! In our house we’ve been watching since the end of season one. A casting suggestion:

      Russell is good ratings, but if you watch last season the people who he played with were terrible at reading other people and it made them all look like idiots. This season was much more fun because Russell wasn’t the only one who could read people well and manipulate the game. With your casting, please make sure at least half of the players are able to read people well, and you’ll have fireworks to match this season.

      One other thought: a few others have mentioned this: stop with so many Hii’s. Yes, luck is part of the game, but when so many twists in the game are a direct result of one person having the Hii that many times, it gets old. I’d imagine your group of creative gurus can come up with some new twist next season that will enable you to lighten up on the number of Hii’s.

      Great season, and great job as host. If you ever leave Survivor won’t be the same without you! Thank you for a job well done!

      • Ahuva

        I think a great change for the hidden immunity idols would be having finding them require cooperation between players. This way, they will have to be shared or negotiated. This could lead to some great twists and turns in the social dynamics.

  • Lanie

    I think you’re a fine host as well as a fine blogger Jeff. Thank you for a superior Survivor season. I did not like the ultimate outcome, but you never know how a jury will vote on Survivor or in Court, so we take what we are given. The contestants this year were enjoyable for the most part. I’m ready for a new team of players; new future “heroes and villains”, yes? Thanks for hosting one of my favorite shows.

    • Mike

      Love the show – love the blog!

      I agree, poverty had the game, she should have won. I didn’t like the last challenge though. It should be the type of challenge that I have seen in the past, where the one that wants it the most wins the challenge. The blindfold challenge has skill, but a fair amount of luck. Parv would have outlasted the other two and would have taken Russ and Jerri to the final and ultimately would have won.

  • Karen

    Thank you for taking the time to write this blog, I do look forward to it every week, I like reading your unique perspective. I also would have voted for Parvati if I had a vote, I never really liked her, but she more than earned my respect by the end of the season.
    I am not a fan of reality TV for the most part, but this is one of my favorite shows, looking forward to another season.

  • Wilson

    Wow overall this was a great season. The final challenge was so intense and I was happy that Russell won it. He didn’t deserve to win the game, Parvati did, but he was a very interesting and funny player. The reunion was pretty funny, I especially liked Russell’s laminated note from J.T. I can’t wait to watch this fall when you are in Nicaragua!

  • Stephen

    I was at the live taping. Jeff Probst is nothing but a complete professional. He was kind and considerate to the contestants and the audience members. He even introduced the Prime Minister of Samoa. It was great seeing Jeff in his element. My partner and I look forward to Survivor mainly because of him. Thanks Jeff for being awesome.

    • cHERIWB

      I would agree.. I have nothing but respect for you… you are AWESOME!!

      • Mickie

        I AGREE! Jeff you make this show! You are the best host ever. Please stay for a few more years, Survivor will not be the same without you! I look forward to your blog every Friday morning.

      • Ashtrash

        Dear Jeff #2: I have 3 words for you – “Rob v. Russell” – let’s make this happen huh? (Not immediately, of course, my up-chuck/eye-rolling reflex needs to recover after 2 straight seasons of the Toothless Troll…) But now that Russell no longer has the advantage of anonymity, Boston Rob really would kick Russell’s trash all over the island! I’d pay big money to see that!

    • Tommy peemepants

      Probst is a tool

      • Lisa

        Yes, he is, and I’m sure he’s a very capable tool. He can sit in my tool belt any day!

  • grangran

    Love Survivor – It’s the BEST show on t.v. and you are the perrrfect host… we are currently in Survivor Withdrawal so need to know when your new season starts? And, hope it continues more than the two years you wrote about in your blog. (and Hook ‘Em Russell – Hope to see you again)

  • Lukas Hassel

    I’m so happy that Jeff put all my thoughts on Russell’s game play out there as I thought it wasn’t covered in the reunion show. He dopesn’t get the jury part of the game and so he’s not as great at this game as he thinks.
    Also, agree with Jeff that Parvati should have won – and here’s the only flaw of the game:
    If you get a group of people on the jury who can’t see past bitterness at being voted off, as opposed to sit back and evaluate who made great moves, who played strategically, who was just plain nasty and unworthy etc., then you get a vote like this season where Sandra won.
    And for someone who dreams of having a gig like Jeff, kudos for doing an excellent job season after season! You’re engaging, savvy and professional!

    • Gator

      See, I still don’t see it as a flaw of the game. Parvati looked like the better player to us sitting at home watching the edited version. We knew that she was not under Russell’s wing, she was pulling his strings as much as he was her. But those in the game didn’t see that. That is why they voted how they did. If she made a better speech to the jury at the end, explaining some of the things she did to prove she wasn’t underneath Russell, then she would have had a better chance. Everyone on the jury knew that Sandra was her own person out there,and tried to get rid of Russell the whole time. And they respected her for that, and voted her as the winner for that.

      • Dan

        Thank you Gator! That is exactly what I’ve been thinking. Parvati was great and she may have deserved to win based on her success in challenges, but to the jury (the only voters who matter in Survivor) she was too closely linked to Russell. Only Danielle and Sandra knew that Parv was running her own alliance while everybody else saw Russell as the king manipulator. The villians all voted for Parv except for Courtney because she knew what was going on within the tribe; the heroes went with Sandra for trying to get rid of Russell which is something Parv never did. Had Parv flipped and gotten rid of Russell then I believe she would’ve won.

      • crows2

        No, most players consistently acknowledged that Parvati and Russell were in control of the game. Putting jealousy aside, they would’ve voted Parvati to win. I don’t think its a flaw in the game though. The jury should just be encouraged to vote on the motto “Outwit, Outplay, Outlast”.

      • rodney

        According to an interview with Sandra, she got six votes to Parvati’s three. All the heroes connected with Sandra which makes me wonder if the votes were partially from vengeance, redemption for their collective stupidity and who they liked more. Remember Parvati was a target from day one, within her own tribe AND from the heroes tribe. The woman had no choice but to scramble to find an ally and since she and Russell were outside their tribe’s main alliance it made sense to join up with him. Some of the comments at final council made no sense to me, esp. Candice. Her play changed the direction of the game permanently against the heroes when she believed Russell’s promise to be #2 in his alliance. Yet she blasted Parvati for basically being that person (#2) in Russell’s alliance. According to Sandra, she was friends with Candice from Fayettville, NC also. I also wonder if Amanda didn’t have it in the back of her mind she lost to Parvati in Micronesia for the million and didn’t want to give her another win. Sigh, that’s the way the game is, it’s human nature. When you’re 11 people away from cashing a check for one million and some of those people tricked you, exploited your weakness, it’s hard to be objective. A shame, I think Parvati really deserved to win, she gambled on an alliance that won control of her tribe, she sat back and let a stronger player lead, she made moves to protect her interests, she held her ground when she clashed with Russell’s interests, she was loyal to her allies until they had to choose among themselves and she won challenges when she really needed to. Compare that to Sandra’s accomplishments and it should’ve been clear who the winner was. But that’s the game, take it or leave it.

      • Linda Zak

        How ’bout tiddly winks or jacks for challenges. That way the really skilled players can lay low and put more effort into their social game since that’s all that really matters. As for the jury: the men were just mad because Russell outplayed them and rubbed their noses in it and the girls p/oed because they felt betrayed!

      • Bee the Bee

        Thank you Gator, I agree!

      • James

        If Sandra was so vocal about getting rid of Russell, why didn’t she flip at the merge and make the numbers 6-4 for the heroes. Because she was too dumb and so were the heroes.

        The heroes voted purely on spite. Nothing Parvati could do. That’s a flaw in the game. To me, it should be a final 2 to limit this happening.

      • Lisa


        She might have, but remember JT thought Russell was on their side. Sandra talked to Rupert and told him about Russell. Rupert tried to tell JT and JT didn’t believe it. So, if Sandra had flipped at that point she knew she would have been Russell’s next target. No one can say THAT would have been a good strategy. So what to do? Stay low and wait for another opportunity. And she did that.

    • Ashley

      I don’t think that’s a flaw either. Part of having a great strategy is limiting the bitterness that jury members feel towards you, and it can be done.

      I agree about Parvati, I was rooting for her all season and every episode I liked her more.

      Thanks for blogging Jeff, I love reading this in addition to Dalton’s recaps.

    • Tayo

      Why Sandra won over Parvati is simple. Sandra connected to the Heroes by trying to help them but Parvati was not shown trying to get close to them. Sandra deserved her win. None of the Juries are bitter. Courtney – pro Sandra. Heroes – Pro Sandra vote.
      Coach,Jerri,Daniel – pro Parv votes. There is not a Single anti- parv , anti-Russell or anti Sandra vote.

      • lila

        Candace was an anti Parv/Russell vote, she compared Parv to a battered woman embracing her abuser. Amanda was still bitter over her loss to Parv in Micronesia. Danielle was plenty bitter towards Russell, said he would not get a single vote and was right.

      • D

        @lila-Danielle had every reason to be bitter against Russell. He certainly did not deserve HER vote.

      • Soap On A Roap

        You are right. Russell was very mean to Danielle and should be ashamed of himself.

  • jj11

    Thanks for all of the awesome blogs this season. Just yummy icing on the moist survivor cake. Not having Survivor in is the only thing I hate about summer.

    • Marylu

      …having the whole season on tape helps get me through the summer! It’s enlightening to watch it again and know the outcome…especially the villain wins with Rob!

      • Yes, yes..

        Long live Boston Rob…


    HI Jeff… I respect your opinoions! Personally I really, really wanted either Rupert or Colby to win! They have been my favorite since day one they play honest and wih no malice!… having said that… Russel was the man I loved to hate he was evil and arrogant, I am glad he ended up with ZIP!!! That is what he deserves!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jamij

      wow, wish i could say that $200,000 was ZIP! lol

      • Parvati’s Man-Servant

        200,000 plus 100,000 for last season and I think 80,000 for third place.

      • lf

        Russell does not care about the money what he really covets is the title of sole survivor. He couldn’t buy it last season, and he couldn’t get it this season, therefore, he got zip, yipee!

  • The Watcher

    Russell’s complete inability to judge other people’s emotions was the final nail in the coffin for him.

    As well, I noticed that when he met his wife on the island, he didn’t kiss her. Just perfunctory hugs.

    Is his marriage in trouble?

    • Jim

      You do realize that it’s entirely possible for them to have kissed when the cameras weren’t rolling? I think you’re reading too much into this situation.

      • Soap On A Rope

        I’m sure that his wife loves and trusts him.

    • magnolia

      No.. He is in the game. I have said the same thing if I were on Survivor don’t expect me to go blubbering when the family showed up. Stay in the game.

    • John

      And if you saw the video Sandra made with Dalton, she said Russell stank so bad his wife proved how much she loved him by even getting near him!

      • Dallas

        I’m sure she was a breath of fresh air herself!

    • stlcardsfan

      I’m sure he was nowhere close to minty fresh! would you want to swap spit in that situation?

    • changesurvivor?

      This was a question I know I had no right to ask, but still wanted to know. How did Russell’s wife react to his man-crush on Parvati? I kinda like that they didn’t address it though.

  • Ralph

    Thanks for these blogs, Jeff! They really add something to the experience for me. Great season.

  • Keith

    Excellent summary Jeff. I agree with everything you said especially about how Russell needs a break. Since he can’t seem to let go of the game, could it be possible to just bring Russell back every season and let that be his permanent job? Ok, I know that’s not possible but it would be enteraining as hell. hah

    • Deb

      I vote for Russell to be on every season! The past two seasons were awesome because of him!

      • Margaret

        I think they should go back to 2 finalists. When there are 3, the winneris always the dull one that didn’t make anyone mad and didn’t do anything except ride coat tails. Not fair.

      • Maria

        Please NO!!! I can’t stand Russell and stopped watching this season because I was soooo SICK of him and psychotic behaviour!! I wouldn’t watch Survivor if they brought him back. Unless he was the first one voted off. That would be awesome!!

      • NO!!!!!!!!

        Ugh, Half my family quit watching because Russell was on again. NO THANK YOU.

      • Tayo

        @Margaret please tell me who The coat tail Sandra rode? She has no solid alliance, as she sadi at FTC she worked by herself.

      • lila

        it would be interesting to see if he had the ability to change up his strategy and not totally alienate everyone, but I doubt it.

      • Pinland

        i just cant stand the jury just cant accept how he plays the game. cmon.

    • Etta

      Survivor had 18 seasons without Mr. Thinks He’s Magnificent But He Isn’t, and the TV ratings were much better for most of those other 18 seasons. I preferred that Boston Rob would have stayed; and if the Bungleboys–JT and Tyson–wouldn’t have made such stupid moves, he would have lasted longer. The jury knew what it was doing. If they had given a win to a grown man who whines and throws a tantrum on two different Survivor finales would have been a disgrace.

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