'My Fair Lady' remake still in development

Carey-MulliganContrary to Carey Mulligan’s statements at the Cannes Film Festival that the remake of My Fair Lady — which she’s admitted to wanting to be cast in — has “gone away for a little while,” Sony execs tell EW that the studio actively continues to develop the film.

Thank you, film gods! Of all of the actress rumored to be in talks for the iconic role immortalized by Audrey Hepburn in 1964 — including Keira Knightley — I’m rooting most for Mulligan, not so much based on her supporting part in the upcoming Wall Street 2 but for her precociously delightful turn as Jenny in last year’s An Education.

When asked about the role, Mulligan has deferred to her former Pride and Prejudice costar Knightley, who, Mulligan claims, is higher up the Hollywood ranks, but frankly, I think Mulligan would bring far more gravity and depth to the role, not to mention the fact that she would probably nail “The Rain in Spain” with a painful-yet-lovable Cockney accent.

How do you feel about Mulligan slipping into Ms. Doolittle’s shoes?

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  • ValH

    I agree 100%! Mulligan is a better choice. She is so darn cute!

    • Iyad

      Keira Knightley is by far a better choice!!! She has more TALENT than most of hollywood put together!

    • Celia

      I think Mulligan is the better choice between Knightley and Mulligan. However, I hope they’re still looking for someone else. I’m not really sold on either one of them playing the part. Neither Carey or Keira really brings any excitement to the role. They don’t make me want to rush out and see it immediately. They need someone with more UMPF!

  • Josie

    That would be amazing.

  • John

    I think either one of these actresses would be fantastic in it. Both are superbly talented and very reminiscent of Hepburn. I must say that Mulligan seems more bubbly and personable than Knightley, but both women are fine actresses who would turn in great performances.

  • mari

    What the heck is the matter with Hollywood? They should leave all movies with Audrey Hepburn alone. Have they forgotten that travesty of a movie remake they call “Sabrina”???

    • Michelle S

      Or the hideous “The Truth About Charlie” remake of “Charade.” I couldn’t possibly agree with you more.

      • Kurt

        I actually loved “The Truth About Charlie”. It’s not a great movie, but I think it was underrated. And I say this as someone who was raised with “Charade”. That said, remakes in general annoy me– unless it gives itself a reason to exist. Do something new, and I have no problem with it.

      • fiveagainstone

        Dammit! Enough with the frickin’ remakes!!!

    • llevinso

      I know! I’m just sick of remakes in general but especially these classics. Leave them alone!!

      • MsSuniDaze

        I agree. This is so wrong!

      • Anu

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    • Johnification

      Here’s the thing. As classic a film as it is, musicals are fair game for revival and reinterpretation on stage, so why not film? I’d love to see Mulligan take on the role.

      • llevinso

        See Kevin’s point below.

    • Bobby’s Robot

      Actually, a lot of people think the original was not an artistic success. I myself enjoy it.

    • Em

      I TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY AGREE! who could cover up Audrey’s stunning radiance when she appears at Ascot with Colonel Pickering… who can mask that natural prescence she has when she glides down the stairway at Higgins’ house… and the look on his face when he sees the final transformation! Not to mention Professor Higgins’ impeccable skills at enunciating his words and making you believe he really despises the horrid English being spoken in London in the song ‘Why Can’t the English?’…………. NO ONE can replace the magnificently chosen roles from the incredible 1964 movie.

      • Em

        ** actually this comment was supposed to be responded to: mari Tue 05/18/10 4:29 PM… sorry :(

    • Jo Stockton

      This might be a late comment, but it still applies with as much power–
      Why would Hollywood DARE to remake any movies of the immortal Audrey Hpeburn? Just because they are the controlling center of the mass media through films does not mean they should abuse that by screwing up the “instant classics”. Frankly, Hollywood should only tamper with lesser known movies that had great plots and messages, or remake great movies of old times that no longer appeal to modern audiences so that their story can still be told. But, with Audrey Hepburn, she will still be idolized and respected for centuries. For anyone who beleives she can be replaced by Keira Knightley or Carey Mulligan (who are both beautiful and well in their own ways) she cannot, because no one can acheive what Audrey did in life in the spotlight and in real life.

  • Jillian

    No one will ever top Audrey Hepburn’s performance. And especially, neither Mulligan nor Knightley have the chops to do it.

  • Mothra

    TOTALLY agree, mari. What’s next? Casablanca with those tweens from Twilight? Gone With The Wind with Miley Cyrus and George Clooney? Some stuff should just NOT BE REMADE. EVVVVVER.

  • no

    neither. mulligan is ugly

    • Kevin

      Uhhhh…yeah, OK. Idiot.

    • Celia

      Carey is gorgeous. Just because she doesn’t have the stereotypical Hollywood look doesn’t make her ugly. I’m so sick of people saying that.

  • michelle

    what is the point of remaking a classic? i just don’t understand. come up with an original idea for god’s sake.

    • Johnification

      I said something like it above, but shows like this get reinterpreted and revived over and over on stage, so I think it’s silly to disqualify filmmakers from giving it a go?

      • Kevin

        Stage is different… it’s a LIVE experience and the reason people go to see revivals is because they can’t go back in time to see the original Broadway show. Films last forever and can be revisited over and over again… why bother seeing a new presentation of a movie that is a classic??

      • Johnification

        That’s very true Kevin, a great point. I think what I’m saying is that that necessity has spawned a way of thinking in the artistic community to not only get out there and take a stab at something, but also a desire to SEE different people’s takes. Your argument could also mean that because there’s a Hepburn movie that I’d never need to see, say, Sally Murphy play Eliza at Signature in Arlington, or to see Jenna Coker-Jones doing “Little Shop of Horrors” at Ford’s Theatre and arguably doing it as well as Ellen Greene either on screen or stage. Film is another canvas, and just because the original interpretation is viewable doesn’t mean others don’t deserve to exist. On the contrary: nothing will ever take the original away, and therefore there shouldn’t be any fear of it disappearing since it will always exist.

  • filmboymichael

    Maybe this time they will cast an actress who actually sings her own songs…..

    • Lee

      Actually Audrey DID record the songs. But the movie execs made the last minute decision to change them, much to Audreys disappointment. I wish I knew why. I mean its not like she wa a terrible singer. (have you heard her “moon river” version? Beautiful!)

      • Erislene

        03.06.10 at 10:28 amFred Smoot’s JockstrapThough she reached the age of coennst a good while ago, a google image search will confirm that when Helen Mirren had it, MAN ALIVE did she have it. I never knew!

  • Cara

    If they must remake it, could they please cast an actress who can SING? Have we learned nothing since the day when they wouldn’t put Julie Andrews in the movie of “My Fair Lady”?

  • mike

    two director dropped out.this movie Is Probably “Dead”

    • Celia

      Yeah, but Emma Thompson is writing the script, which is a really good sign.

  • Kaelyn

    If they make it more like pygmalion and less like the musical, it could be really interesting.

    • Johnification

      And infinitely more pretentious. Sorry, but Shaw bugs the crap out of me. Did you know he didn’t even regard Pygmalion as a comedy? Rather, it was a scathing indightment of society and Higgins a true villain, to him.

  • Kevin

    I don’t understand why this is getting remade. Are they changing anything? Is it modernized? Will there be a new song or two? Not that I’m endorsing such things but I’m just trying to figure out why anyone would feel the need to remake a perfect film in the first place.

  • joesmom

    Gawd awful idea. All these remakes of classics just makes me want to hurl. . all the way to a good book!

  • Julia

    Okay, people, let’s get one thing straight: AUDREY HEPBURN COULD SING. Proof: “Funny Face.” She even practiced the songs for “My Fair Lady”, but the execs decided to dub her voice. Give Hepburn the credit she so very much deserves.

    Kaelyn, I agree. If they use Shaw’s original ending rather than the musical’s more upbeat, less realistic ending, I will be intrigued.

    • Cara

      But was she as good as Julie Andrews or Marni Nixon? No. The songs from MFL have quite a range, and the lead needs to be able to do more than sing pretty well…

    • Irvan

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