'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains': And the winner is...

One of the most gripping and topsy-turvy seasons in Survivor history came to a close this evening with three Tribal Councils and, after 39 days, a winner. My full recap will be up soon, [UPDATE: Dalton’s full Survivor recap is now live!] but if you’ve already watched the Heroes vs Villains finale and can’t wait to sound off, then read on after the jump for more. [SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched the season finale of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains.]

34-year-old Sandra Diaz-Twine became the first ever repeat Survivor winner, beating fellow Villains Parvati and Russell in the final three. The episode began with Parvati the endurance queen winning the night’s first immunity competition (which was a redo of China‘s final challenge in which contestants had to stack up dishes on a wobbly arm), leading to Colby becoming the final Hero to be voted off, ending his long yet ultimately disappointing campaign.

Then, after honoring their fallen comrades by torching their names in a giant fire, the final four took part in one of the most riveting final challenges ever, as they went blindfolded through a maze while collecting necklaces. Russell narrowly secured the immunity necklace a split second before Jerri and Parvati could grab it. That split second would cost Jerri, who was the last contestant voted off, setting up a final three of Russell, Parvati, and Sandra. (And don’t get me started on how much I hate final threes as opposed to final twos.)

Much like in Samoa, Russell thought the jury would respect his aggressive play. He thought wrong. Ultimately, they awarded the million dollars to Sandra. (Rupert even personally thanked her “for all the Heroes,” whatever that means.) My full recap is now live, but sound off right here right now about the finale. Did the best person win? Was Parvati — who was a major target from day one yet still made it all the way — robbed? (For me, Sandra is a satisfying winner, but Parvati deserved it more for mastering all three phases of the game: social, strategic, and physical.) Hit the message boards and let us know what you think. Then check out what all of the final five had to say right before the game began in the video player below. And for all the Survivor scoop, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.

Image credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

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  • Chi-cago


    • Charlotte

      People still watch this junk?

      • TJ

        People still make dumb comments about shows they don’t even watch?

      • James D

        I think we all should drop commenting on Survivor and instead insult Charlotte for being a humungous loser.

      • chad

        Sandra deserved it, so did Russ, and so did Parv. Russell lost because he tries to win by being teh center of everything, including the viewing audience, instead of focusing on the jury. Parvati lost because (and she admitted this), she was grouped together with Russell. Sandra said she was against Russell. The difference between this jury vote and the last one with Russell was that Sandra KNEW how to win by reminding the Jury she was not with him.

      • musica1

        Yeah, it always cracks me up when people take the time to comment on articles about shows they don’t watch. I would never take the time to read, much less comment on an article about, say, Desperate Housewives.

      • Snsetblaze

        I cheered when Russell did not get one vote and Sandra one. Sandra was very good in the final tribal. Russell was not and for some reason, neither was Parvati, the latter of which was suprising. Russell just basically kept saying the social aspect of the game is not important. And yes, Sandra was “lippy” but I don’t recall her ever telling another player he or she was useless or a dumbass to their face. To the camera, she made comments – about Russell mostly unless it was Russell. Sandra also should have made sure the jury knew that one of her big moves was to get Russell – the selfproclaimed master to vote Coach off.

      • Snsetblaze

        Oops I meant Sandra won.

        Did anyone else think the jury phase was much too short this time. What happened to each one answering questions?

      • gia


      • JD

        It’s disgraceful that worthless POS Sandra was trying to justify why she won. She won because of a bitter jury, aka luck.
        Sandra had no influence on the outcome of the game. She had no say, she was just there.

      • Charlotte

        James D why are you reading this are you a loser.

      • princesspr

        Yeah you moron!!!

        DO NOT post on a show you clearly do not like or watch!….how stupid are you?

      • KEH

        Best Result posssible except Russel going home the first week.
        Russel had the biggest advantage against the players because he was the only one they had never seen play. He did have disadvantage in that he didn’t take the lesson of knowing he had lost into the the 2nd season.
        But tonight proved that wouldn’t have helped. And Russel If America got a vote you still would have lost by 5 votes.
        I would never do business with Russel and the IRS should audit him because I suspect he does business the same way.. “I don’t care about the people or the fall out I want to control everything.”
        I think Sandra made some key moves including getting Russel to vote out loyal people early on. Get a clue. And Russel’s sourgrapes at the end this time was pathetic like trying to buy the title last time. Russel needs to learn how to play the WHOLE game not just part of the game.

      • sockgal

        Yes, but Russell actually had a strategic reason for hiding the knief and burning the socks. He was creating chaos. Sandra just threw his hat in the fire out of spite, nothing else. Russell played the game, Sandra didn’t do anything again! Didn’t deserve a win and only won because the jury was a big pity party! The last two winners shouldn’t have won, because they didn’t really play much. They won out of luck!

      • Dr Zechariah Zenith

        The real winner is Survivor itself.

        It would have been better if the deserving contestant win.

        But the power falls to the jury and future Survivor must respect that power.

        Technically, Parvati is more deserving than Sandra. But she made a mistake of choosing her rather than Jerri. Since Sandra would definitely voted for her and hence creating a 5-4 result.

        But kudos to Sandra too. She is a former winner and yet no one respected her gameplay. Sure the under the radar is not real Survivor but it falls under the Outwit section of the game.

        Part of the game, part of the rules.

        Sandra ranked 1st in all time Survivor rankings for 301st who have played the game.

      • Al

        Russell – the peoples champion. The most popular player ever

    • Jessica

      Yippie Russell the bully lost!!! Not even 1 sympathy vote from JT. The best scene this whole season was Sandra burning his hat which he totally deserved after all of his bad antics and sock burning he’s done. How did Russell know that he lost the last season??

      • LG

        He has a TV and he can count.

      • Sarah

        Karma for burning socks Russell?? I believe it.

      • mesa

        @LG: except not. this season was filmed right after Samoa when the winner was not announced yet. I think Parvati deserved it most.

      • Von

        I am so glad Russell lost. I cannot believe in his little mind that he still thinks he should of won. I loved it when Boston Rob told him he would like to take him back to the island & kick his ass. He still does not understand the game of Survivor; & is so small minded will not listen when they try to explain.

      • john

        you do realize that he still won 100k and was crowned the best player of the season by America. So he did’t get 5 votes to win but instead got over 10 million.

      • mesa

        Russell is an amazing strategizer and physical player, but he completely lacks a social game. He doesn’t care how people see him, and that’s his only downfall. It’s a huge problem though. He is extremely entertaining to watch and that’s why he won the award.

      • Terry

        So, you’re saying the best player should win and it shouldn’t be a popularity contest, yet then say since Russ won America’s/the popular vote, he deserved to win?

      • darclyte

        The producers probably had him film different versions. One where he said he lost, and one where he said he’ll win again. Also, Russell said last time that he knew that he’d lost. You could tell this time that he knew he lost and probably wasn’t going to get a single vote.

      • Dave

        To the one who mentioned that Russhole won America’s vote, that means nothing. America showed it did not know how to vote when it voted in the idiot currently in the White House.

      • ShannonW

        If you think that guy’s an idiot, you should have seen the dude before him.

      • ck

        ShannonW: Love you for that!!

      • captain canuck

        I thought the same thing but I think it was an editing trick. They took audio out of context and added it to what he was saying. Cuz it sounded lile he said “last time I borught 2 people I thought I could beat -but didn’t- this time…”

      • Jackie Venice

        Dave – shut your pie hole you racist thug!

      • Mark H

        Sandra was the weakest of all 3 Russel played the best game but made a mistake keeping sandra – the jury always votes for the weakest-the tailcoat rider the voting system is not fair- they should re-work the vote to include public

      • newhouf

        Yes! That was such a great moment when Sandra burnt Russell’s hat… he deserved it after sabotaging his camp’s stuff in both the last seasons! But I do think Parvati should have won… she was an amazing player and didn’t let Russell totally push her around! Rob is still my favorite by far though!

      • d

        Sandra won twice on Survivor and still can’t get the fan vote. Russell or Parv deserved the win.

      • ac

        Russell didn’t win best player vote, he won fan favorite vote. The sole survivor doesn’t necessarily always win fan fave–Rupert has proven that, and Russell has shown us that twice, now.

      • acchik

        UGH! NO ANYONE BUT SANDRA! blech! Parv deserved the win!

      • Clt

        I agree. Not just because he was a bully he deserved to lose because his game is deficient. He kept screaming about “he doesn’t care about the jury”. That’s part of the game as he found out for the 2nd time. At least he got a consolation prize. I was disappointed he got that.

      • Dianne

        Russell got gypped again! The “Survivor” creed is “Outwit,outplay,outlast”. Russell did all of that & people are merely jealous of him. Sandra did NOTHING in the game..buh-bye Sandra. Take your million $ and buy some tacos.

      • liz

        What ever happened to getting down to the final two?
        I’m surprised nobody seems to have commented on Parvati calling Russell her little pet. I thought that was hilarious. Personally I hated Russell’s game play and I hope to never see him again, but I did think that Parvati was playing him all along and he only thought he was in charge because she let him think that. Sandra did play the best social game in that she didn’t hurt anybody’s feelings and I didn’t mind her winning, but I did think that Parvati should have won because of her game play, she really rocks in challenges, perhaps had she made a little more effort in her social game with the others outside her alliance, she would have won. It would be interesting to know had it come down to a final two, who they would have been.

      • Matt

        Russell had a HUGE advantage going into this season in that NO ONE had seen how he played the game. If the rest of the former Survivor players had seen his egomaniacal way of playing the game, they would have gotten rid of him a LONG time ago. Russell, in my opinion, DID need luck to get that far – he lucked out by playing 2 games back to back. And BTW America has to be dumb to give him $$$ for being the best player

      • survivorfan

        Russell did not deserve to win because he could not woo the jury which is a huge part of the game play. The hardest part of the game is to vote off tribe members and still get them to vote for you on the jury. Russell has no social skills because he is too busy proving to himself how great he is. He made several mistakes along the way because of his own ego and lack of self control. Sandra would have never made it to the final 3 if Russell hadn’t been so quick to vote Coach off because he believed Sandra and if he hadn’t let his ego and need for total control outweigh strategy he would have voted Sandra off that night instead of Coach but Sandra knew how to play on his weakness. Sandra managed to survive on hew own without a stron alliance or immunity and that is no small accomplishment. Parv played a great game and would have won if she had dumped Russell a little earlier. I’m just happy that Russell didn’t win 1st or 2nd place because he wasn’t deserving. Just like Jeff Probst said he knows how to get the finals but he doesn’t know how to win. He is a small man in every way and you won’t ever get the finish line in anything in life if you are so self-obsessed and egomaniacal. I am sorry that so many viewers voted for him to win the fan favorite prize because although his fiendish behaior may have its entertaining moments he is totally underserving of praise because he has not mastered the game until he can play all sides which includes a social game plan.

      • survivorfan

        To Dianne: Ok so you aren’t a Sandra fan but to tell her to take her money and “go buy some tacos” REALLY? Her husband is serving our country right now and is willing to die to protect our flad and you can’t do better than a racist remark because your favorite didn’t win. Wow I think you are the real loser!

      • Frank

        I agree with this question. Survivor 19 was shot in June and July. Survivor 20 was shot in August and September. On the season 20 2-hour finale on 5/16 it showed a scene where Russell indicated that he did not win Season 19. Since the season 19 live reunion show did not air until about 3 months later in December, HOW DID RUSSELL KNOW THAT HE DID NOT WIN SEASON 19 WHEN THE SCENE WAS SUPPOSEDLY SHOT 3 MONTHS BEFORE THE SEASON 19 REUNION SHOW?

      • Al

        Russell is the Champion of the people. He is the one the great majority love the most.

      • Dr Zechariah Zenith

        Russell made alot of mistakes along the way.

        The jury results were as follows:

        Russell 0
        Parvati 3 (Coach, Jerri and Danielle) all villians
        Sandra 6 (JT, Amanda, Candice, Rupert, Colby and Courtney) 5 heroes and a villain.

        Mistake #1
        During the time when he had to choose between Sandra and Courtney. He took Sandra thinking Courtney was the better player.

        Imagine if Russell has Courtney and Candice in Final 3, the results could be:

        Candice 0 – everyone hates Candice for turning into a villain
        Courtney 3 (Sandra, Danielle and Parvati)
        Russell 6

        Mistake #2
        During the merge, Russell could have taken out Sandra rather than Candice. She was already on board with him as a villain and extra vote but he decided to still vote for her. Sure Colby and Rupert sneaked their votes but they could have split it between Colby and Rupert rather than Candice and Rupert.

        Russell still have Candice and Danielle for a Final 3

        Candice 0 everyone hates Candice for turning into a villain
        Danielle 3 (Courtney, Sandra and Parvati)
        Russell 6 will get majority since Heroes have no respect for Danielle and Candice. Coach and Jerri will give the warrior award.

        Mistake #3

        Taking out Danielle early. She could have been a better final 3 compared to Sandra or even Parvati. Heroes won’t vote for Danielle after the wrestling match. They also hate Parvati more than Russell. Burning less bridge will get Russell more respect.

        Parvati 2 (Courtney, Sandra)
        Danielle 0
        Russell 7

      • merlin

        Of course Russell would know if he won or not. Don’t forget, the boot lists come out long before the show airs and they are always accurate up to the winner. Can you say “scripted”?

    • AcaseofGeo

      SANDRA!!!!!!!!!! My favorite on Pearl Islands from DAY ONE. She and Cirie are my All Time Faves. Congratulations! Survivor isn’t just about physical dominance!

      • montegutdude

        The theme for this season was NOT “Outwit, Outplay, Outlast” It was changed to “Return, Revenge, Redemption.” It’s a real drag to read constantly that Russell needed to be nicer to people and that’s why he lost. With a season slogan of “Heroes vs. Villains” and “revenge” being one of the qualites on this season’s logo, its a shame in the end that the jury vote was based on popularity. You would think especially with a cast of folks who have played the game before that they would have a respect for the game that would supercede personal feelings. As things turn out, not so much or Russell Hantz would be a million dollars richer.

    • Rosalie

      Did the right person win? Absolutely, say what you will but its Russy’s and Parv’s fault for taking Sandra to the end. Candice said it best when she said that Parv was in an abusive relationship but did nothing to get out of it. Anyhow, Sandra fought from day 1, went into tribal council with her torch lid up, left with her torch lid up. Russy is a cry baby, now he thinks America should vote for the winner? Does he think this is Dancing with the Stars or American Idol? Maybe that’s why gave all those idols away, he thought its Idol gives back or something. Anyhow, Sandra won without the protection of an immunity neckalce or an alliance. She obviously did something right if she has been named SOLE SURVIVOR twice. One last thing, the Jury is not bitter. Would you want to reward someone who treats you like shit while playing a game? it’s call payback and getting even. Also Sandra won back when Survivor had no hidden immunity idols, she won the old school way. Now she won Survivor with hidden immunity idols available. Do you really think that Parv and Russy would have lasted back in the day? Sandra did! Hurray for Sandy, the true SOLE & ULTIMATE SURVIVOR!

      • Sergio

        The reason Sandra didn’t need any protection is because she wasn’t a real target this season. The only time she was a real target was when it was a choice between her and Courtney on who to take to the merge.

        If you really want to call someone out for being an actual target from day 1 and making it to the final tribal, then that would be Parvati. She was targeted by Rob’s alliance early on – and I’m a big Rob fan – then targeted by the heroes, even before the merge.

        Even though her original alliance got decimated, she did have an alliance everyone seems to be ignoring. Parvati and Danielle wanted to get rid of all the heroes first, and that kept Sandra safe for the longest time.

        Sandra’s lacked a social game, a strategic game, and a physical game. It was the bitterness of the jury that handed the victory to her instead of Parvati.

        About the only thing I can agree with Sandra supporters is that Russel and Parvati shouldn’t have brought her to the end. Even I knew she would win if they kept her, as the heroes would be more likely to vote for her than either Russel or Parvati.

      • Chris

        @ Sergio. I didn’t think that was a lock that Sandra would win. These are supposed to be expert players in the game. They are supposed to have respected the game and they all turned into whiny babies. Crying over being outplayed. They didn’t even take into account that Sandra did nothing. Sorry it is true and I like Sandra.

      • Noel

        If it was Danielle or Jerri, they too would have won, its about being the lesser of 3 evils.

    • Karen

      Seriously?!! Get over yourself and Russ!!

      • Dustin

        As much as a love Russell, I thought he handled his defeat like a 2 Year Old Child. “Oh America should vote the winner!” That’s Called American Idol. Still I will view Russell as one of the Top 10 Players to Play the Game, but he has 1 Flaw, he has the Ability to protect his Torch from being Snuffed, but the Inability to Take down the Jury in a way that they will still like you. Because of this, Russel will be crowned as 1 of the best, but will never be “The Best”. Sandra, she’s a Coat-Tail Rider. But she manipulates and Masterminds everything as she rides her Coat-tails. That makes her a great player. And that is why she won. Parvati, as much as I love Parvati, she didn’t deserve to win. She was under Russells Protection the entire time, she was a Coat-Tail rider. She’s still a good player, and at least she wasn’t like Natalie. But when she said that she was Controlling Russell the Entire time I was laughing my head off, it was the other way around.

        Anyway, I’m happy she won. Sandra Deserved it. She went from a hopeless player to the Winner.

        And, I hope one day they do a Rob versus Russell. Cause man, that would be interesting.

      • Snsetblaze

        Rob v. Russell would be a hoot. Russell actually lost this season for the same reason Rob lost his – because of the way they treated people. Rob seems to have learned. Russell did not.

      • JR

        Survivor needs to get rid of a final 3. the jury time and time again will vote for the person that had nothing to do with voting them out so the power alliance was Russell and Parvati, so they voted Sandra. With a final two they ‘could’ be forced to pick a more worthy player, or at least a winning alliance.(they still voted Amber over Rob)
        Time and time again that’s the way it works with Survivor, aka Vecepia, Tina and a Sandra winning. Boring people who never had a real influence on the outcome of the game.

      • TTThunder

        I’d love Rob vs Russell…

        This will be a no merge, compete until one tribe is zero… (All the remaining players in the other tribe then share 1M reward…)

        Let them pick players they want, then invite them…

        (But I am afraid that no one will join the devil…)

        Go Rob!!!

      • Jason

        Couldn’t agree more JR—Final 3 is awful! A Russell vs Parvati showdown would have been gold–instead a jury of people that feel they have been wronged will always vote for whoever wronged them least, no matter how they played the game…

      • grace

        you people don’t even know who RUSSELL really is.you all haven’ really watched all of SURVIVORS.Am happy for sandra-but sorry i am a RUSSELL fan!

      • LiLa

        Would a final two of Russell and Parvati actually happened? Russell said he felt no threat from taking Sandra (shows how poorly he reads people) and so, unless Parv won the last immunity, Russell would have likely voted her off. Final two: Russell and Sandra and she would still have won.

      • queen

        Why is that Sandra’s strategy not approeciated? She acknowledged that she was not a physical player and then worked with her strengths. She aligned with a strong player, then worked quietly to change the movement of the game play. It seems that the only strategies appreciated are the physical–I can win the challenges–or the overtly tactical–look at ME and my moves. She made it to the end without an alliance and without immunitiy. Russell and Parv had half a freaking dozen immunity idols that saved them specifically on at least one occasion and saved their allances on others. Give Sandra some respect. She made it to the end and then played the final card–the jury. Russell has no social game (mirroring Sandra’s lack of a physical game) and his EGO is his undoing. Parvarti was too tied to Russell. She let Russell take the credit for the work she did. Outwit is the mental game, outplay is the physical game, and outlast is social game. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad and it won Sandra a million bucks–again.

      • captain obvious

        Sandra lacked a physical game- but thats it. She tried to get the Heroes to take out Russell- but couldnt get those idiots to listen,so she preyed on Russ’ ego and offered up Coach, then realizing what a jerk Russ really was- he wasnt going to get any jury votes- so why get rid of him? aslong as he doesnt target you,let him tick everyone else off.
        Russell’s ego in the finale was appalling, cant give anyone any credit.sad sad man.

    • montegutdude

      I like Sandra well enough. She’s lippy and devious enough to win Survivor twice. That in itself is worth the notoriety so congratulations to her. But I really think that the argument regarding Russell’s lack and need of a better social game is fundamentally flawed…..especially this season. I can accept that you need the votes of the jury members so in any given season you have to balance strategy and tact. Getting to the end isnt in itself enough to win. But the theme of this season in particular was Heroes vs Villains. How can one expect someone to excel at being a “villain” and win, if by doing so they will alienate the jury of supposed heroes? Russell’s winning player of the season…again….only shows that he’s playing a game that’s engaging enough to rally America to his cause. Sandra winning by being the least hated by the jury but through winning no challenges at all just doesn’t leave me with any sense of satisfaction. Survivor continues to be one of my favorite programs on television. Can’t wait for Nicaragua!

      • Dan

        Just because you are a villian doesn’t give you free reign to act like a jerk and expect to be rewarded for it. Russell’s social game is more inept than Sandra’s physical game, which is bad, because this is primarily a social game. As for America’s vote, Rupert almost won, so its not really something to hand your hat on.

      • AliFran

        If, indeed, Russell CARRIED Sandra to the finals then he has no one to blame but himself for his loss. How could he think the jury would pick either him or Parvati considering they both are selfish, devious, morons. You like Parvati, Rebessa C? Beleive me, she would throw you under a bus in a heartbeat if you stood in her way. So, I’m going to say it again, “Parvati is a disgusting twit.”

      • montegutdude

        All this discussion and disagreement has to be great for Survivor. Go Probst! Like him or not, Russell has been great for the ratings of a show heading for its 21st cycle. I guess what irks me (and apparently a lot of other people) is that I believe had Colby made it to the Final 3, he would’ve won too….through pure dumb luck, and a similar lack of gameplay and strategy. It should be obvious even to the most jaded fans that “survival” itself is no longer crucial to winning this program’s grand prize. Sandra won twice because she was least-disliked in the popularity contest and not because of being some master strategist. Put simply, she lucked out. Everyone has an opinion, but mine is playing as little as possible shouldn’t be the best way to win the million dollar prize or even a justifiable strategy. Do nothing, win it all? I’d like to see more hunting, fishing, and camp life in the next season. Let ‘em explore! And let’s figure out a way to reward people in this game for their skills and gameplay instead of placing the social aspect paramount to all it took to get to day 39.

    • darclyte

      Of the 3, Sandra was the least deserving. Russell was right in that there needs to be a change, but he was wrong that it should include “America’s Vote” (especially since they picked the wrong choice for “worst move” and voted for the most recent and not Erik giving up immunity which is CLEARLY the worst move.) There should be a rule that you HAVE to have won at least 1 individual immunity. Sandra’s now won twice without having done it, and while she was more deserving in Pearl Islands than here, she had no business beating Parvati or Russell this time. Even Russell said that Parv SHOULD have won. Russell SHOULD have won Survivor:Samoa, and Parvati SHOULD have won (again) this time.

      • Snsetblaze

        Russell only said Parvati should have won because it got him more face time – for the first part of the reunion, he was saying he should have won.

      • Anna C.

        Sandra did win one immunity challenge didn’t she? the puzzle piece? am I wrong?

      • Genna

        Russell can’t win. Rob said it best; “Russell plays to make it to the jury; not to twin.” Like it or not, Sandra played to win. We don’t live on that island 24/7 with the rest of the jury. I knew that he would never win because his social game is the worst of any player I’ve ever seen. Sandra isn’t my favorite player…but she won fair and square.

      • AliFran

        Sandra was the right person to win. So what if she flew under the radar most of the time – that is a valuable skill and she does it well! If she wasn’t the strongest, she was, in the end, the smartest and that is good enough for me. Russell may have been the most strategic, but he’s a sociopath. Pavarti may have been the strongest, but she is a disgusting twit.

      • becky c

        Pavarti should have won. She was very strong in the challenges and paid attention to the social game.She is not a disgusting twit. Russel was rude, saying everyone he voted off were idiots.He was classless.They should have listened to Sandra and voted him off earlier.

      • Lars

        thing is, sandra didn’t MAKE it to the finals, she was CARRIED there. There is a big difference there that Russel failed to point out in the final tribal. I would have liked to see Russel play a better final tribal and point out that the entire game went the way HE wanted it to. “sorry that you were upset by what I did, but I calculated that those were the best moves to get me here WITH THE PEOPLE I WANTED TO BE HERE WITH ME” I could have chosen any two players to be beside me, but these are the ones I chose, and these are the ones that are here.”

    • jared4ever

      I think Russell is the biggest jackass in the history of Survivor.

      • Staring

        Russell is a jackass. But at least he’s not a hypocrite.

        Rupert’s holier-than- tribe’s thou attitude is pathetic. His biggest Survivor moment was a Russell-like move. Part of his popularity was built on his stealing a tribe’s shoes and selling them.

        Its hard to take him seriously when he talks about honor.

      • Sassafras

        Yes… the Jackass family is the largest in the world..that’s why Russell got the *popular* vote.

      • captain obvious

        Russell cant see beyond his own ego- he believes he ‘carried’ these women to the final 3,when infact they knew he was such a jerk- no one would vote for him, so aslong as they could not vomit or become his next abuse target they carried HIM to the final 3,knowing he was so disliked.
        Rupert stealing the shoes was a classic-one of the best Survivor moments,but yah his ‘Im a hero’ bit is a little overdone.

    • rick

      cant believe they gave russ the abuser $100m. i’m swithching from Sprint to AT&T.

      • jared4ever

        haha totally. REALLY bad advertising for Sprint. I bet they’re regretting that one tonight.

      • Genna

        They gave him $100K – not $100M. Sprint didn’t do it; the people who watched Survivor and voted with Sprint did. And the vote was close. By the way, many people didn’t vote at all.

      • cairparavel6

        I suspect that Russell Sanjaya’d his way into the 100k this time and the last. You can vote as many times as you want to so I’m sure all the idiots that think he’s so great (when clearly the overwhelming majority thinks he’s so not) flooded the voting.

        Russell should be embarrassed for the way he behaves- elementary school students are better losers than he is. What a baby.

    • t.t

      I agree dalton Sandra is a satisfying winner but parvati played the best game ever to be played in the history of survivor and it sucks she can’t be given the title of best player in survivor history

      • AliFran

        But, Pavarti rubbed people the wrong way. She acted like she was the Queen or something, I couldn’t stand her.

      • Chris

        That is why I am done with Survivor. If even people who have played and know or claim to know the game can’t check their egos at the door then forget it. The next seasons will be filled with people who fly under the radar winning. What is the point of being good in challenges and making bold moves.

    • Rochelle Wenko

      America should have the say so on who wins this game. Russell outwitted, out played and out lasted both times he played. Why do you thk he was voted “player of the season” both times?

    • smmbcj

      Russell lost twice when by all rights he WON TWICE. These survivors have no trouble “playing the game” until they get voted out and then they expect the finalists to play nice. Those jury members need chucked to the side never to be seen again. Two-faced losers.

  • Grumbly Tomato

    Poor Russell. I was really hoping he had a shot at winning after he got that final immunity. That being said, I think Parvati deserved the win more so than Sandra. She played the game so much better than Sandra did. I’m a little disappointed with Sandra’s win. I feel like that does put a small dark spot on what was otherwise the most awesome season ever.

    • Sloan

      The turning point for Sandra was hammering away the point that she tried to get rid of Russel 3x and that the heroes never listened to her. Rupert’s thank you speech to her was key. Russel is an amazing player but he does need to soften his approach a bit. Todd Herzog played the exact same game and used the same strategy but he was not as arrogant.

      • Meredith

        Exactly. All Sandra had to do was emphasize her opposition to Russell and she had it in the bag.
        And you’re right about Todd. He did the same thing but wasn’t a total d0uche about it, which is why deserved to win and did. Russell should have watched China before he played his first round!

      • alex

        if she tried to get rid of russ, all she had to do was throw a few votes on him with her last idol…dont even start with that…she isnt half the strategist russ is

      • sinefile

        but her strategy to get rid of Russell never worked! who is todd herzog?

      • D

        Hey Alex- her strategy was to get rid of Russel up until a certain point in the game where maybe she figured out that it was to her advantage to have him with her at the end. Looks like it worked. She played him well.

    • Von

      I do think Sandra deserved to win. Early in the game her aliance was gone & she had to survive alone & she did. Her game is talking & planting doubt in their minds & she is good at it. She speaks her mind & let you know exactly how she feels, I think she is a very good player. Several have played the game her way & won. You cannot bully people & lie to every person there & expect that they are not going to talk & figure you out, especially in the jury house, they discuss what you did more that the ones left in the game.

      • 13

        Sandra’s only move was planting the Coach seed in Russell’s head buying her another day before the merge. Other than that the only reason she made it was that there was always someone else Russell was targeting.

    • roz89us

      I think this was the best season ever. Until Sandra won, she had no buisness being in the final three, she is just lucky. She talks like she is such a player and so tough. She is a horrible player and person, you can tell from her mouth. Russel or Parv should have won hands down. Great season, ended awful.

      • Kohavy

        I totally agree with you… This season, just like Pearl-Islands, was an awsome season that ended awful by giving the win to a coat-tail riding loud-mouth weakling spoiled bitch… It was just uglier this time…

        Parv’s play in the Cook-Islands was poor, but she redeemed for it in Micronesia and in this season (which is why she was the only one I was rooting for more than Russell)…
        I was hoping Sandra would do the same thing when I was forced to the TDT spoilers site and heard she’s gonna win, but once again, that bitch got a so undeserved million…

        Besides, when she was asked why is she back, she said “Hands down, the money!”… But she already won a million in Pearl Islands… Why would a millionaire want more money? My guess, she abused all of that million, or she wants to be the richest woman alive, or maybe both reasons…

      • PinkITGirl

        Agreed–Russell was awesome this season, making it all the way to the end despite the major target on his back from Day 1. Everyone dislikes Russell for being such a sneaky and loathesome person. But everyone knew that going in and yet he still managed to have them keep him around which was brilliant play on his part. Sandra was much more mean-spirited than he was this season(removing Sugar’s top and burning Russell’s hat, both spiteful, jealous actions of a bitter woman). If she would have burned a possession of someone who everyone liked, she would have been judged like Russell was for things he had done, so there is a double standard. Sandra did not win because she was a good player, she won by default because the jury would never vote for Russell unfortunately so they had to split their votes on the lesser of two evils. The actions of the jury shows they acted out of emotion and not as true students of the game or they would have rewarded people who could manipulate (outwit), make it to the end (outlast)and win challenges (outplay)rather than coat-tail riders who relied strictly on luck.

      • Genna

        Sorry, but Russell just can’t win because everyone there on the island just couldn’t stand the man — and for good reason. That’s part of the social game he loses every time. It’s not all about “strategy,” lying, and stabbing everyone in the back to make it to the jury. Jeff P. tried to explain this to Russell during the Reunion segment. It flew over his head with the speed of a 747, at the laughter of all of the other contestants sitting behind him. How embarrassing. What Russell proved last night is that he is definitely not the brightest bulb on the street.

        As for having Americans take part in the final vote? No way…that would ruin this show. We’re not on that island 24/7 and we’re definitely not playing the game. Russell should forgo the sour grapes routine and try American Idol instead.

    • Kathryn

      I thought Parvarti should have won too. I had a feeling she wasn’t going to win when Candice told her she was like an abused wife of Russell’s or some such nonsense. I don’t like Russell, but that comment seemed over-the-top. I think that the heroes really didn’t appreciate Parv’s game play and gave undue credit to Russell, especially JT’s ouster. That move was pure Parv, not Russell. Also, Parv didn’t do as well at the final tribal council as she should have.

  • Tim

    This show is a damn joke now. How the hell does the best player doesn’t win again?

    • Terry

      Nobody wants to give 1M to somebody that treated them like sh*t.

      • Blake

        It’s a game, not a popularity contest. The best player should win.

      • Johnson

        He had 2 times to figure out that if you’re going to backstab people, at least be subtle about it. I loved him for the entertainment, but it was obvious that he was not going to win.

      • AJ

        Blake- Actually that’s the whole point. It is a popularity contest once you get to the final three and everyone playing knows this going in, so you must play knowing that in the end, if you aren’t making friends you won’t win. That’s what makes Russell’s strategy a poor choice for winning, but a good choice for coming in 2nd or 3rd (and a good choice for getting invited back for another season).

      • Irene

        That’s exactly right – it gets very, very personal and no one can dissociate their emotions from the vote at the end.

      • LS

        He wasn’t the best player. Parvati was. If anyone should win by what they deserve, it should’ve been her.

      • Snsetblaze

        If Russell had won, it would be like saying that the person who should have is the won who treats people like garbage.

      • Kyle

        People can’t stand that they got played so bad. That is the only reason Russell didn’t win. People are petty when they get so thoroughly dominate.

      • wakeforce

        The best singer should win Idol, the best dancer, Dancing with the Stars, but we ALL know that doesn’t happen.
        Spoiler list= 100& accurate. Somebody should assure this list doesn’t get out.

      • d

        The game has turned in to a popularity contest. Get rid of the final 3!!! Leeches don’t deserve a million dollars!!!

      • mike

        Do I believe that Russell desrved to win? Yes. Do I also believe that Sandra and or Pavartti could make any case at all,that they deserved to win. Yes again. Unfortunately for Russell the players he needed to take were both sitting on the jury Jerri and Colby (who was a disgrace).Everyone forgets how Sandra won Pearl Islands, which she basically repeated this season. I think Russell underestimated Sandras game play and how it would play out with the jury. Parv played a great game though it was Russell basically calling the shots. Ultimately I was disappointed in the jury as they even refused to acknowlege Russells game play. BTW, when JT grabbed the letter, how close do you think Russell was close to punching him in the face before he regained his composure. That would have been great. I like JT but touch somethings that’s not yours and all bets are off.

      • shortee

        Thank you. I agree. It’s a game, not a popularity contest.

    • Rich

      What a frickin joke. Russel won that game hands down. The only reason he didn’t win was because the jury was a bunch of cry babies. He beat them and they cried.

      • AJ

        Russell didn’t learn the most important part of the game, that in order to win you must have a number of friends on the jury. He is good at playing a different game with different rules, where your actions have no consequences.

      • sara

        Russell is an idiot who gets off on treating people like crap. He didn’t play the game. He was just who he is. A jerk.

      • Eileen

        Actually, it’s Russell behaving like a crybaby. Not even one vote? Maybe that’s why he didn’t get voted out. He’s just so beatable at the end.

      • Scot

        This just proves to me that Richard Hatch was and is the greatest Survivor ever. He was the hand that sent the whole jury home, yet they still voted for him to win.

      • chad

        I like Russell, but he leaves something unsaid at the Final Counsel. He nees to say “I planned from the start to make it to the end by being a pompous jerk, knowing everyone would want to take me. Well here I am, that was my strategy, and it worked.

      • Cherish

        At the end of the day Russ was right: it should be half America/ half jury. The jury is too emotional about what happened during the game to truely vote for someone who outwit, outplayed, and outlast. The fact of the matter is that is what they should be required to prove when they give their votes, not who hurt my feelings the most. People can say whatever they want about Russ but he is what made me watch the show everyweek, his moves during the game, made it fun to watch and talk about the next day. CBS should reward him for being the most entertaining player to ever play the game. Obviously America voted him the best player twice in a row so that says something. Yes he is a jerk but we don’t watch reality tv for the Jerri’s we watch it for the Russell’s. Anyone that says differently is either lying or full of crap. Reality TV is only interesting because of Evil Villains like Russell, cry baby whinny boys like Rupert would not have made me tune in every week.

      • Anna

        We see one hour out of one hundred and sixty eight hours of footage filmed each week. There is no way, Cherish, that America will ever be able to make a truly informed vote for the winner. Only those who were out there, living the experience are qualified to vote for a winner. Furthermore, anyone can look good and anyone can look bad once editing is through with them, it is an inherently biased and subjective process. For every one person that watched because of Russell there stands another who continued watching in spite of Russell. I’m one of them, Russell is a loathsome bottom feeder who represents the very worst of human nature and is about as entertaining as watching ants fry under a magnifying glass on a hot summer’s day.

      • Raphael

        with all due respect Anna, i have to disagree.

        I have no problem with Russell not winning even though i feel he was by far the best player (Outwit. Outplay. Oulast. he literally did all of that). He did lack the social aspect. But just like Tom said, if you win, you deserved to win.
        Any of the final 3 were deserving if only because they were sitting in a seat that everyone in that jury wasn’t.

        What I hate most besides the sanctimonious sermonizing at the end of these games (physician, heal thyself!) but the fact is every finalist benefitted from the one aspect of the game that people crucify them for. Parvati lost pts for riding with Russell but it was by far the smartest alliance. Sandra was perceived as “weak” but it kept her under the radar. Russell was manipulative and generally loathed but he’s a back to back finalist in a game where 3 time players haven’t sniffed the trophy.

        It’s fine to play favorites and to have opinions. but give credit where credit is due. All the finalists played a great game, including Russell.
        Btw, hate him if you will but let’s ease up on the hyperbole. Russ was a good manipulator but Johnny Fairplay LITERALLY lied on his granmother’s grave. I’m not judging him. I’m just saying Russell was nowhere near as 2-faced or loathsome as people are imagining.

        Lastly you can’t say that jury members are better equipped to judged based on editing. They each only saw things through their own eyes and experience. At least we saw multiple sides and were objective (if subject to editing). If anything Probst is the most objective and knows and sees all and even he at least appreciates the superior game that Russell played.

        Look, these were the 3 best players and they all went home with money. Let’s just applaud a great season and look forward to the next all-star season: Russell vs Boston Rob!

      • Brian

        With Russell’s way, America should have to vote at each tribal council too to be fair.

        If you can get voted out for being a jerk, then you can have people not vote to give you the money for the same reason.

        Please, that just means the most colorful people who stay due to the pure viewer entertainment value.

      • Lenny

        Russell didn’t win, in fact I saw him get exactly 0 votes. If the jury don’t respect you and don’t want to vote for you it’s your own fault, that’s the only goal of this game, there’s no prizes for who backstabs the most people or who insults the most people to their face.

        Russell is a crybaby, a moron & a terrible player. Seriously America should vote, that’s a joke, what makes everyone think America is capable of voting, the editors have too much impact on the outcome of the show to allow that to happen & the jury is what makes Survivor such a great concept and one so hard to master. Don’t take away the point of survivor, and that is getting jury votes.

        Sandra was the best player, she got to the end her own way and she got the jury to vote for her, she was the last member of her alliance, made moves and gave a great final tribal performance. Deserving winner.

      • Anna

        Thank you for your thoughtful reply. We’re not so far apart in our thoughts than one might initially think. I accept Russell’s place in the final three, I would have accepted it if he had won, but I just don’t enjoy his style of game play. It’s unnecessarily crass and far too often downright menacing. Odd as this sounds, I think Russell would have made an outstanding jury member as he’s totally able to separate emotion from cold calculation. I truly would have been okay with him winning, it’s a game, he played it. Having said that, I really wish he’d been voted out and sent to Ponderosa a couple of weeks ago. Not out of a vindictive need to see him lose but out of an interest to see what he’s like outside of and on the other side of the game. The man is a thesis waiting to be written.

      • Danny

        crybabies always blame the other players, or the rules, or the referees, no one is a genious but them. Russell will never be able to play his game again, he only had one plan, show them how superior i was, and it doesn’t seem to be working. maybe he can sing on american idol and get the troll vote.

      • Genna


        I agree. Many people didn’t even vote in the Sprint contest this season because they didn’t like the final three. Russell will NEVER win this game. People who sit and judge from afar just don’t get it…had they been on that island, they wouldn’t have voted for Russell either. That’s the irony of the Sprint vote. It didn’t mean much this season at all.

      • Clt

        Jeff tells them from day 1 it’s part strategy, part physical, and part social. Russell sucks at the social and still says he doesn’t care about the jury and doesn’t care. He can’t change this to American Idol to suit his strengths. The game makes you get votes from the jury you played with, not “America”. He’s deficient.

      • Matt

        THe ONLY reason Russell was even there in the end was because NO ONE on this season had seen him play before – therefore they didn’t know his tactics. He had a huge advantage by coming in w/ no preconceived notions about him. I’m glad Russell lost again – he’s a total douche & not deserving of being called sole survivor.

    • Rider

      Probst has been hinting at this all season in his blog. Russell has NO social game whatsoever. Sandra stood up to the bully publicly (whereas Parvati was an obvious manipulator) and she gained votes and respect for it.

      • Snsetblaze

        You hit it on the head. Had Parvati ever truly stood up to Russell and at least tried to get him out him out, she would have won. Sandra repeatedly tried to get him out and stood up to him (and actually beat him when she convinced him to vote out Coach). She was a woman who argued witht he “great” Russell and was still standing.

      • Clt

        I loved when he tried that “Are you with me are against me?” and she said “i’m against you Russell” and laughed in his face. If Jerri hadn’t been so fearful of him, she would have won. He voted her out because he “knew” he had her vote even though she voted for Parvati.

      • Paul

        Parv did stand up to Russell when she played 2 idols without telling him her plan and when she talked to Danielle when he tried to split them up.

      • vivian c.

        Totally agree. She got votes because she realized that everyone on the jury hated Russell just as much as she did and used that to her advantage.

    • Joe

      I’m tired of people calling Russell “the best player.” He’s 0 for 2. The objective of the game is to get the most votes at the end. He obviously does not have a strategy to do it. People let him run the show until the end because everyone knows he can’t win.

      • Rich

        The only reason he didn’t get all the votes is because the jury was crying that Russell got them canned.

      • rhonda

        I am so pro russell but i really agree with what your saying, i suppose everyone is letting him run things,lol. just to be a scapegoat

      • AJ

        Russell’s strategy is terrible for winning the game of Survivor, where the players must realize that their cast mates will be choosing the eventual winner. It’s not about crying, it’s about rewarding people that played the game better. Back-stabbing everyone is a terrible strategy for coming up with the 1 million, no matter how much people would like that to change.

      • nomoretrolls

        Russell’s ego will never permit him to win. He not only has to be the alpha dog at all times, but he insists that everyone acknowledge it. He wants everyone to play HIS

      • nomoretrolls

        Russell wants everyone to play HIS game, but to win Survivor you sometimes have to know when to go along and play someone else’s game.

      • Dbalcer

        The other players aren’t crybabies Russell is a bully and that will always cost him the game. The only reason he won favorite player is that the vote for the others was split. People who liked him didn’t split their vote. He is a loser with a capital L and he doesn’t get it.

      • Snsetblaze

        Nomoretrolls – you hit it exactly. Both Sandra and Parvati know when to go along and play someone else’s game for a while. Plus, Russell just did not understand the jury has the final say and that he should consider this when dealing with people – he seemed to think the bullying should have lasted through the jury phase as well. He outright acknowledged this at the reunion show when he kept saying that he did not care about the jury.

      • Lenny

        Sandra is the best player ever & Parvati’s probably 2nd best. Those 2 are undeniably the best 2 players. They understand how to play this game, Russell Hantz does not, he’s absolutely terrible at understanding the 1 goal of the game (to get the jury to vote for you at the end).

      • Genna


        It’s how the jury feels that counts in the game! Had you been there, I can guarantee that you would not have voted for him either. I don’t know who is dumber this season — JT or the Russell fans who think he lost unfairly.

      • ac

        Rich–Last season’s jury was a bunch of crybabies. This season I didn’t think so. They just had less respect for Russell’s way of playing than they did for Parvati’s and Sandra’s.

      • shortee

        Why is everyone crying about Russell when both Parvati and Sandra have won the title of “Survivor” before? They both should have been voted out a long time ago. Also, the Heroes have no one to blame but themselves for being on that jury.

    • Eileen

      He’s the best player of a game that doesn’t exist, or exists only in his own mind. Not even one vote! That says it all!

    • sara

      pssast – if he was the best player he would have won. NOBODY voted for him. That is due to terrible gameplay. He didn’t deserve to win.

    • KC

      And how the hell does the laziest loser win twice? Sandra? WTF?

      • Joe


      • Karen

        How do you figure Sandra is lazy? She went into the merge with 1 ally, and she managed to keep from getting voted off without ANY help from Russell, Parvati, Jerri or ANYONE!!! No help at all, she deserved to win! YOU GO GIRL!!!!

      • Sal

        That’s how Jenna won Amazon. Sandra may have lost challenges, but she was still sneaky and she played socially and strategically.

      • Snsetblaze

        Calling Sandra lazy because she’s not a physically strong player and is not good in challenges is ridiculous. Sandra is very good at something that Russell is not – reading people.

      • barbara

        russ was by far the smartest,played the best,should have won. the people he out smarted where very childish in not voteing for him.there egos were toooo small to realize he out played,out smarted them all!!!!!too bad t.v. viewers couldn’t vote, it would have been a landslide!!!!! russ you are the best player in the history of the game.we will not be watching anymore as the the least deserving always seems to take the popular vote.anyone of the jury would cut the throat of another to end up the last three,my family will no longer be watch your show, sorry jeff.

      • lf

        @Barbara, see ya, I don’t think Jeff and the gang will miss you or your family.

      • aaronbnool

        @Barbara And you think he wasn’t childish at all during the Reunion? give me a break. And the reason why you probably think the others ego’s are too small is because Russell’s ego is deluded and grotesquely huge.
        Survivor will always be part surviving the elements and part social experiment (as stated by Jeff Probst in the first 5 minutes of season 1 through voice over. Don’t believe me? Watch the first season on DVD). Russell will never win this game because he’s a poor social player. And mind you out of the 15 hours we see on tv, about 900 hours of footage is left on the cutting room floor and after that, producers and editors shape it so specific people fit certain caricatures and/or stand out for ratings purposes. I do admit that Russel was amazing to watch in Samoa, but this season just proved to me that we as an audience fall for the edit. The jury knows best, they live and breathe the game and know these people more than what the audience sees. and I believe they chose the best person to win.

    • Anth

      I love how Russell and his fans’ initial reaction to him losing is not “Oh, I guess I screwed up” but “There’s a flaw in the game.” That’s the way it’s been played for 20 seasons now; how did it work for 18 seasons and then suddenly it’s flawed? You guys are way more bitter than you could ever accuse all those jurors who don’t vote for him of being.

      • alex

        it was equally flawed with boston rob’s loss

      • Raphael

        right. and he said, if she can win twice something is wrong.
        Look, the game is the game and Russ failed to take social into acct but he has a pt. when jury member can say “pick a number” or “girl power” it kinda undermines everything that’s happened.
        That said, any of the 3 would have been deserving.
        btw, all this talk about “winning strategy” from players that have never been to a final, let alone two is a little disingenuous. it does you no good to have the whole jury in your pocket if you’re also sitting in it.

      • Danny

        i suggest he try Big Brother (the Evil D i c k rematch) or world wrestling.

    • cattyfan

      The best player DID win. Russell hasn’t figured out that being a bully is a not a winning strategy…and Parvarti alligned with the delusional bully.

      Good for Sandra.

      • puppy

        totally agree. go sandra!!

      • JR

        Sandra winning is a disgrace to the show of Suvivor. The fact is they had Parvati as an out, but they picked someone who had no influence on the outcome of the game, Sandra, so this will go down as one of the bitterest juries ever.
        Sandra voters should lose their allstar status, because the harmed the show.

      • Will Price

        If Sandra was really the best player, they should cancel the show because it’s stupid.

        No really. I love Survivor, but this is just broken. It’s almost as bad as Vecepia winning which caused to turn it off for a couple seasons.Fundamentally, the show needs to recognize strategic play. If Russell didn’t win fine, then give it to Parvati. Giving it to Sandra is just some kind of obvious error.

        I think an earlier poster made the best observation by noting that the breakage is most easily solved by returning to a final two instead of final three.

      • Anna C.

        As much as I think Parvati deserved it more, I think Sandra did all she could. So what if she sucks in challenges. It’s not like she did what Colby did. Sat around and did nothing. She put her butt on the line countless times to be in a better position. She didn’t go sunbathing or eating popcorn when there’s an HII out there. I’m glad it was her if it couldn’t have been Parvati.. Good for her!

      • Genna

        I’ve posted this three times before. YOU WEREN’T THERE! It’s how she played the game, and how she spoke in front of the jury that counted. If you don’t understand how Survivor works, or is played, then don’t watch it!

    • james

      russell got robbed again! this show is done!

      • Maria

        russell losing saved the game!! future players can see the being a bully and a psycopath will not will over the jury. the social game is just as important as the physical game. RUSSELL FANS REALLY NEED TO GET OVER THEMSELVES!! RUSSELL IS NOT THE BEST PLAYER IN SURVIVOR HISTORY BECAUSE HE DOESN’T HAVE A SOCIAL GAME!!!

      • Pete

        RUSSELL WASN’T ROBBED!! I swear, Russell fans are so stupid!! Russell has a big mouth and he likes to talk about himself, but he’s not a great player. The producers gave him a great edit! The loud mouth bully that causes drama is a producers wet dream. In reality Russell was basically Parvati’s puppet. She even talked him into voting out Jerri. So even at the end Russell wasn’t really in charge of the game, he just delivered a great sound bite and you ate it up because you’re a moron! Both women played the game better and were more deserving of the win.

      • captain obvious

        Being a bully is a poor strategy,when you get in someones face and tell them ‘your next’ and then a week later expect them to vote for you? Todd Herzog did it right-connive and backstab fine-but admit it as the only way u could win- not Russ- who bullied because the rest of the players were morons who didnt know how good he was.

    • Christof

      This isn’t American Idol… if you want your vote to count… go there… this is Survivor, where there are various elements!

      • Danny

        yes, if you want phone banks of teeny-boppers texting in justin Beiber’s name let’s go to Idol-style voting. Russell still wouldn’t win because he doesn’t sing in the church choir.

    • Juneau

      The best player is the one who gets to the end WHILE simultaneously managing the jury (like Danielle said). Russell said several times that he doesn’t care about that part of the game. That’s like saying you only focus on offence during a football game. You’ll never win. LIke Jeff said, Russell is thinking he’s playing a whole different game. He didn’t deserve a single vote.

    • Philip

      You’re exactly right. Sandra should not have won. The jury members cannot get over the fact that they were outplayed by Russell, so of course they vote for the person who they like the most, not the person who actually deserved to win.

      • D

        The reason they can’t get over the fact that they were outplayed was because of the MANNER that Russel used when he did so. It is possible to make the same strategic moves and not be such an ahole about it. Then the jury may have been more logical in their decision.

    • Brian

      He’s not the best player because he doesn’t understand the fundamentals of the game – the social aspect which he doesn’t care about.

    • Vick

      She did, her name is Sandra. What show were you watching? Celebrity Apprentice?

    • rick

      your 3 foot troll was always the biggest joke in the game, he’s so controlling he still doesn’t get that dominating this game and winning aren’t the same thing. like to see him mix it up with Sandra’s husband.

      • Susan

        Rick’s reply was the best response yet. I’d like to see that toothless snake go up against Sandra’s husband, he’d still whine that he was at a disadvantage, sore loser!!

      • D

        Very funny comment, rick!

    • Lenny

      The best player did win, the player who won deserved to win.

    • ac

      Because that is a myth. Great player, of course. Entertaining player, the best ever. But best player? It was proven for a second time last night that he just can’t comprehend the need for a good social game.

    • Anne B

      Hey, Pinkitgirl, everyone on this season DID NOT know what Russell’s game was. Russell was the ONLY player without a record the other 19 could view. If the other 19 had seen his season (which did not air until they were already competing in season 20), Russell would have been voted off early. Certainly, no female player would have been taken in by his misogynistic play. He is an amoral, despicable, racist, narcissistic, pathologically lying human being. It is sad that any people out there would actually text a vote for him. However, remember “America” did NOT vote for him. . .only a small number of Americans voted for him. Remember, there are so many deluded and disturbed people out there. . .but the majority of Survivor viewers don’t “vote” in these contests. I also fault Survivor for giving Russell so much airtime in the season which is SO extremely edited. Also, why even have a live reunion “Russell Show” for the last two seasons? Jeff said, “Russell you have 10 seconds,” and then proceeded to allow him to go on and on and on. I have watched all 20 seasons and no contestant has been as purely evil as Russell. (His recent arrest was possibly covered up by CBS as it certainly disappeared after one small mention in the news. Although, according to Russell, he owns an oil company and is a millionaire so he already has his own power.)
      Again, he only got this far in season 20 because the other 19 players were not able to watch season 19. Russell was the only player with this unfair advantage.

      • GS

        They were on to Russell very early and the majority of his tribe wanted him gone. With numbers against him, he went head to head with Boston Rob and took him down. Boston Rob might be my favorite player, but that was a great battle. The flip side of playing back to back was Russell didn’t have any preexisting relationships. Everyone says the previous survivors are very social and keep in touch with each other. Many of the pre-game interviews mentioned alliances having already been formed before ever setting foot on the beach. It’s a pretty serious disadvantage to be odd man out before the game even begins.

  • Simon

    I’m done with Survivor. Really. When a do nothing like Sandra wins, there really isn’t any reason to respect the game.

    • Rich

      I hear that.

    • Jeff

      I agree. I am extremely disappointed. Russell should have won again. I’m pretty much done with this show as well. I can’t stand winners who just ride coattails. Rupert is wrong… that’s the easy way out. What Russell does is hard.

      Russell is right, the game is flawed. I don’t think the jury should vote until the Reunion Show, after they seen the season and know all the facts. Their votes are completely emotional and biased. It’s a joke.

      • Eileen

        And the audience only know the facts as they’ve been edited for TV.

      • Joe

        You guys don’t get it. Russell would still lose. The point of the game is to get to the end without pissing everyone off. Russell can’t do that! In fact I would argue everyone ends up using Russell. They don’t try to blind side him because they want him there in the end because no one will vote for him!

      • Jeff

        @Eileen – I would wager the jury probably has less information than the audience does, so that would be better by default. But I didn’t say anything about the audience voting. The jury should vote after they also seen the show and seen all sides of the story. This show is great until the last tribal, then it’s pretty much ruined half the time.

      • Karen

        Good! glad your done with it, now next season we can read comments from people who appreciate the show for what it is, A GAME!!!! Get over yourselves already! Russell is a jerk, over and out!

      • nomoretrolls

        Who’s coat tails did Sandra ride? After Courtney left she had no alliance so she did what she had to do which was make sure that she wasn’t the one going home and she’s the only one who did that without ever sucking up to Russell.

      • vivian c.

        @Jeff: the way you would want it would pretty much reduce the voting to a checklist of requirements. That is not what Survivor is about. There is no requirement that the winner has to have been the top dog or the loudest all the way to the end. That makes for great TV, but that’s about it. The whole point of the game is to vote off your comrades but still get their votes as the end. And when you deal with any human being, you must deal with the emotions, reactions, and tendencies that make us human. That includes bitterness, jealousy, anger, etc. that people think make “bitter juries”. Every jury will be bitter and winning depends on how you manage those feelings to still get them to give you the $1 million at the end.

      • Joshua

        Nash: The game is flawed.
        Hansen: Ah, the hubris of the defeated.

        – A Beautiful Mind (2001)

      • Jeff

        @Vivian – I understand your point and I understand how Survivor works. Doesn’t mean I can’t be extremely disappointed in the outcome of the last two seasons and wonder if the winner should be determined a little differently. *shrug*

      • Kai

        @Jeff, How can you say that the audience has more info than the jury? All we have is editing. I’d say that is about 50 percent, at most. You cannot have everyone you play the game with hate you and expect to win, that is NOT good strategy.

      • ShannonW

        Exactly who’s coat tails was Sandra riding? Chick literally had NOBODY! I just say she flew under the radar and acted when she needed to.

      • Brian

        That’s the whole point and challenge of the game. How vote people out of the game and then get them to give you the money.

      • TTThunder

        This show is called SURVIVOR, not DOMINATOR…

        Think again, among the three, who was the one that really survive??

      • Christy

        Sandra won because she knows how to talk a good talk. That being said, what did she really do, compared to Parvati, that was such great game play? She won because the jury had such huge egos that couldn’t stand that they had been played. I’m surprised how many people thought she deserved to win.

    • Jackie Venice


    • KC

      I hear ya. Ridiculous. Parvati should have won. She fought like crazy.

      • Ian

        Sandra deserved it more. Parvati was never in danger like Sandra was each TC after the merge. She got most of the votes and won, period end of story, go cry somewhere else.

      • Sabz

        I agree parvati should have one. she played the best game out there

    • Todd

      Good! We won’t miss you here.

    • Lenny

      Please go away, Survivor will survive (no pun intended) without the Russtards, it survived (and strived) before him and will continue. Russell Hantz has made Survivor Fans as a whole dumber than they were and shit on the legacy of survivor. Thank god the Russell Hantz era is over, we will all be better for it.

    • GS

      Let’s face it. We’ll all watch again next season and most of us will hope there is strategy and game play instead of everyone just going with the flow.

  • Rachel

    It shouldve been Parv. She killed this season, but Sandra wanting to get rid of Russel vs. Parv being his partner killed her. This sucks!!

    • Blake

      She didn’t do crap but rid ethe wave with Russell.

      • KC

        Her supporters will say that’s what her game was. I have a hard time being a fan of someone who can’t do ANY challenge well, in any way, and only gets pushed along because she’s not a threat. Hard to be a fan of that.

      • nomoretrolls

        Well obviously she was a threat and the failure to see that was a fault in Russell’s game. Parvati saw it. I agree that Parvati should have won, but people who are putting down Sandra don’t understand the game.

      • KWise

        Parvati did NOT ride Russell’s coattails! Think of how much c-rap she had to put up w/, dealing w/ Russell and keeping him happy every week. And never pissing him off enough to vote her off. And never getting frustrated w/ him to his face. That’s a LOT of effort on her part. She didn’t ride under his wings: she smoothed and massaged him and did a great job reading him. Parvati should have won, hands down.

      • Snsetblaze

        Candice did have a point – Russell and Parvati was sort of like an abusive relationship. While I wouldn’t say she was quite under his thumb, Parvati kept having to constantly massage Russell’s ego and if she did not do what he wanted, she screwed up. Parvati’s flaw was not knowing when to get rid of him. If she had, and it had been Jerry in the final three, she may have won (Russell would have voted for her if he respected gameplay as he claimed though Coach may have voted for his damsel, Jerri. Wonder what would have happened if it had been 4 to 4 to 1.

    • Drew

      Parvati is the most deserving, but I don’t think any other player in this season could have talked the jury out of the win Parv deserved than Sandra. I don’t really care that Sandra rode coattails. It’s boring from a viewer standpoint, but if different types of players weren’t allowed in the competition, then the show would be filled with 20-something physical powerhouses with at least a 140 IQ and perfect social skills. It’s not, and not respecting different aspects of the game is kind of lame, IMO.

      • nomoretrolls

        I agree with most of what you said, but I want to point out, again, that Sandra did not ride anyone’s coattails. She had no alliance. She wasn’t attached at the hip to anyone. She simply played a smart game and stayed out of the crosshairs and she did it without ever stroking Russell’s ego.

      • Snsetblaze

        Agree nomoretrolls. Sandra did actually make some moves and attempt to make some moves (that didn’t work out but at least she tried). Coattail riders were: Danielle in her first season, Katie in Tom Westman’s season and Clay in Brian Heidek’s season.

      • TTThunder

        1. In fact, if I were the jury, I’d vote to give both Sandra and Parvati 1 million each!

        Sandra – she really survived! She should have been gone when Coach, Courtney were voted out…

        Parvati – this season she was so good at challenge and the social game (giving out idol). With the way she won immunity, you cannot say that she is Russell’s coattail riders…

        2. How can you forget ‘Natalie’ as Coattail riders last season?

    • Ralph

      Ha Ha!

      • Sabz

        Yes parvati deserved to win, she definetaly did not ride coatails yet neither did Sandra. All sandra did was fly under the radar and not be seen as a threat. I don’t think those thing should entitle someone to a win. Parvati played a good social, physical, menatal and strategic game and moreso than anybody else I don’t see how she can be denied the money.

  • Matt

    Pathetic. Losers electing a loser once again. As bad as when Boston Rob got robbed, except this time two great players got robbed.

  • MC

    I agree. Parvati was deserving of this win.

    • Rich

      R u high?

      • Anon

        Na, MC’s not. Parv might have let Russell do the heavy lifting early, but when it mattered in the second half of the game, she was the key player in nearly every elimination. She was the best.

      • Anna C.

        Uhm yeah she deserved it! who in their right mind would take Parvati to the finale?!?! the fact that she was able to be in the final 3 says a lot of what she has accomplished. She repeatedly betrayed Russell’s trust yet he STILL took her to the finale. My jaw DROPPED and I realized that I’ve been giving Russell too much credit.

    • Tammy

      well too bad for her ’cause she should have cut Russell’s throat when she had the chance then she would have gotten the million.

    • Carl

      Nah, Sandra was a better strategist than Parv. She manage to get ALL the Heroes votes and that was key. How? She pointed out the fact that she tried to team up with them twice. Where was Parv then? Parv lacks in the social game.

  • Simon

    Russel should easily have been the winner. To get mad at him for how he played is like disliking a poker player for bluffing. Total BS.

    • AJ

      Making friends is part of the game. You know that you need to have friends on the jury to get $1 million. Continually ignoring that main component of the game makes Russell a bad player.

      • KW

        The one’s that keep bleating “Russell unibrow Neanderthal
        should have won” are probably sneaky vile lowlifes like him that drag the rest of us down because of their anti-social weak behaviour. Get over it bogans. Pleased Sandra won!

    • Dan

      Maybe you should stick to watching poker and leave us Survivor fans here without you. Crying like a baby on the boards will not help
      your situation.

  • HD

    Um, clearly she did something right because she won.

    • thegame546444

      The only thing she did right was have a husband in Afghanistan and a dead mother.

      P.S. If I was her husband I to would rather take my chances with Al Qaida versus having to live with that unibrowed retard.

      • Blake


      • Rich

        Hell yeah!!!

      • jerzeegirl

        Damn game… do you know these people?? Get over it..

      • Brynne

        Too funny and so true!! Sandra is a dummy, but a $$$ dummy now.

      • Jessica

        Come on now, she didn’t do a Jonny Fairplay. She won by the rules of the game. Courtney wow, if you ever doubted that she loved Sandra that jury session was proof and sweet to see. BFF. Steph just had to plug her living.

      • thegame546444

        I just hate seeing undeserving people get something that rightfully belongs to someone else. She milked the “military wife” bit and “my mommy died” bit for all it was worth because she sure as hell wasn’t playing the game. I can appreciate someone that plays hard. I can’t stand a slime ball like Sandra.

      • nomoretrolls

        Are you always this ugly when you don’t get your way? You really need to gain a little perspective. It’s a tv show – get over it.

      • Von

        This is a really low blow to say that Sandra played the poor “military wife”

      • Von

        The only time Sandra said anything about being a “military wife” was the diary camera shots for the audience. Maybe I missed it but I didn’t hear anything about her mother except when the family members visited the contestants. Either way these remarks about her & her family are uncalled for. Maybe if you were man enough to serve our country you would not make a statement like this.

      • Steve

        And that’s why your a 40 year old virgin loser living in your dad’s garage.

      • Play the Game

        She wore those bleeding heart t-shirt messages through the whole game. If it were up to me I would have kicked her first chance for making such a transparent hustle for sympathy.

      • thegame546444

        I’ll be “man enough” to serve in the military when we have a justified, legal war. But that’s another subject for another day. For the record, I didn’t say anything about her family. She’s the one that decided to inject her personal life into the game and it was only for sympathy.

        Steve, I’m actually 35 and I lost my virginity when I nutted in your mom’s cancer wig at the tender age of 17. Tell her I said hi!

      • Desmo

        If we were on Survivor thegame56444 would not get my vote in Jury. Must be a Russell fan with his wonderfully developed social game.

      • AliFran

        Actually, I think that loser living in her dad’s garage is Parvati – but I doubt she’s a virgin. Wasn’t that “daddy” who visited her on family day? No boyfriend? No friend even -hmmmm.

    • Urban Hippie

      Russell still has never been voted out…..obviously they only hate him once he makes them the fool!!! They only hate him in retrospect….if they hated him during the game, he would have been voted out!

      • Eileen

        Or keep the hated jerk around for the final?

      • cattyfan

        They keep him because it’s an easy win against him. Two trips to the finals…no votes. Russell may be the WORST player of all time.

      • nomoretrolls

        Did you actually watch the show? No body, other than JT and Coach, ever had a good word to say about Russell. They kept him around because at any given moment they thought he was either useful or they were afraid of his wrath if they went after him and failed.

      • Steve

        Exactly! Who would vote for a troll? Apparently all those morons that voted for him winning the Sprint best player. What show were they watching? Is sniffing glue the IN thing again?

      • Anna C.

        and not to mention Rupert?? seriously???

    • roz89us

      Umm HD she won because she was lazy and stayed under the rador. How can you respect that she gave 30 percent if even that in challanges. I think the jury this year was just a bunch of cry babies. I used to like Rupert, he calls russel out as being a horrible human being, yet the first chance rupert thought he had to be in russel pack he bumps fists with him. What ever Rupert shave your beard and get rid of the tie dye. Sandra you suck and should be ashamed of your nasty mouth and attitude.

      • wakeforce

        What about Russell’s nasty mouth and attitude- Oh, i get it, that’s only men’s domain? Hypocrite!

      • Clay

        She played twice and won twice! In your face sore loser!

      • aaronbnool

        I think your problem is your perception of “Under The Rader” To the viewing audience it’s boring, but to be in this type of situation is a valid strategy. She used this strategy both times she played and it got her to the end. Both times her alliances were voted off and she was on her own (Rupert being blindsided, and Christa being voted off for everyone hating her in pearl islands. Boston Rob & Courtney this season). To fly under the radar in a situation where 16-20 people are constantly watching and paying attention to your every move for 24 hours a day for 39 ddays is a very daunting and tiring task. For that I have mad respect for Sandra and has 2 million dollars to prove it!

      • D

        @aaronbnool-I think that Sandra’s strategy is awesome. It is easy for people to watch a one-hour show each week and think they know everything that is going on. To be out there and living it is another matter altogether. The fact she is able to win without “cheap” immunity wins is even more impressive.

    • Jilly

      Yep, she was, in the end, the sole Survivor. That’s the name and point of the game. It doesn’t matter how you get there – that’s the goal. You can win all the challenges, have a strong alliance with your tribe or bully and strong arm your way to the end. Players have done something right to make it to the final, one way or another. There is no perfect formula for this game or else it wouldn’t still be going strong this long.

  • Urban Hippie

    Has Russell gotten any votes in a final? He MADE that the best season ever….He manipulated that game to make it what is was!!! Fellow players hate him….but as a viewer [and CBS] Looooove HIM!

    • Terry

      Great entertainment and I’m glad he was on both seasons, but he was always playing for 2nd place…would you give 1M to somebody that treated you like dirt?

      • AntiTerry

        they only hate them once he plays them and voted them out…..they are so bitter they cannot vote for him, because they got played by him. their emotions turn, if they hated him, why do they not vote him out???? because he is *that* good!

      • Terry

        Ooooh…AntiTerry! He was a great player but should have kept the arrogance and egotism for the confessionals.

      • Rich

        I would. He beat them hands down. He was in control the whole time.

      • cattyfan

        AntiTerry…look at past seasons. Plenty of players have engineered the ouster of their competition, yet gotten those people’s votes. (The proto-type is Richard Hatch.) Russell is a lousy player…and a vile human being. That will ALWAYS be his downfall.

      • Snsetblaze

        And he did not even get second place this time – Parvati did.

      • Anti-AntiTerry

        No he is THAT crappy at the game. He should give his spot to a smart player if ever he’s asked again. In the end, he looked like a fool, twice! How fricken humiliating. I hear he got arrested. I see jail time for this lunatic in the future.

    • Von

      I do not love him, I can’t stand him. He comes across as a uneducated bully.

  • 24yanks

    Does anyone know what would have happened if there was a 3-way tie?

    • Nobody

      Yeah, Parvati and Amanda strip down naked, oil each other up, and make passionate lezbo love with each other.

      • Discovision

        Now *that* I’d watch!

      • Victor

        Love the tiebreaker idea. Every season should end in a tie so we can have Parvmanda oil wrestling.

      • thegame546444

        Ladies and gentlemen, I think you’ve just created the mosted watched survivor ever…and btw, BOING!!!!

  • Kerri

    I’m tired of the lame contestants winning survivor. The title belonged to Russell twice now.

    • Victor

      The title doesn’t belong to Russell – that is for the jury to decide, and they chose to give it to Sandra. Therefore, she is the rightful holder of the Sole Survivor title.

    • Billy

      Haha! You must be so depressed. Sandra beat your boy down!

  • Chris

    Russ was robbed again! What a joke i think I’m done watching my self these people are retarts.

    • thegame546444

      Retarts? If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle a beach ball.

    • Brian

      How was he robbed? It’s not like there was a bad call by a ref. He made his bed and he’s lying in it.

    • Billy

      Now you can finally get a life, loser!

  • Josh

    Russel deserved it :)

    • D

      If you mean having his hat burned by Sandra, I agree.

  • chacha

    i think russell should have won he knows how to play the game ITS JUST A GAME !!! they are playing for a million if it wasnt for him parvati and sandra wouldnt be there

    • Johnson

      39 days of somebody being an ass to you, and you vote to give them 1 million dollars? Watching the show and living it are 2 different beasts.

      • Rich

        You cry just like the jury. You big baby.

      • Terry

        You russ-tards are the ones crying, because your player who admittedly provided great entertainment value couldn’t close the deal.

      • @Rich

        What I see is Rich crying like a 2 year old because Russell lost again, haha. Waaah waahh baby Rich.

    • jenn

      the problem is Russell does NOT know how to play the game. He refuses to change his style and never thinks about the jury. Thinking about the final vote is part of the game!

      • Meredith

        That was my problem with Russell. I wanted him to win last season, but he didn’t learn from his mistake. He didn’t know if he had won, but her knew the jury had not appreciated his game because of the social aspect. Had he kept the nastiness to the confessionals, he could have won.

    • mia

      hello – part of the game is getting people to vote for you in the end. Russell FAILED big time on that. His fans really are painfully clueless to that fact.

      • Matt

        True enough, but that doesn’t mean a win by default(aka Sandra) is remotely satisfying either. That jury would have given the win to whichever coat-tail rider showed up. I also sense a gender bias in the last two juries. If Sandra was a respectable male doctor(i.e. Mick) she would not have won(no respect for strong professional men who ride coat-tails)…Natalie and Sandra on the other hand…

    • Brian

      And if it wasn’t for Jerri, Russell would be there.

    • Brian

      And if it wasn’t for Jerri, Russell would not be there.

      • TTThunder

        To be accurate,

        If it weren’t for Tyson, Russell would have gone long time ago…

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