'Supernatural' season finale recap: Nothing ever really ends...does it?

supernaturalImage Credit: MICHAEL COURTNEY/The CWIt’s been a weird season of Supernatural. Since the beginning of the series, it excelled at taking us all on this great mythological ride. But whereas past seasons found a way to make every episode relevant to the larger story arcs (even the humorous episodes chock full of campy goodness), this season’s main plot seemed to hobble with a limp leg toward resolution. Don’t get me wrong: Each episode was good for what it was meant to be, but some were so lacking in purpose that a few felt like they could have been absorbed by other episodes, which was frustrating as a viewer. Forgivable (because the show is just that fun), but a little frustrating. But last night’s episode sent every minuscule gripe and grievance straight to hell where they belong. In the end, they made it all work and brought me to tears several times in the process. With little regard for the emotional health of their audience, here’s how they did it. Cue “Carry On Wayward Son.”

We opened with Chuck the prophet sitting at his keyboard, hard at work on one of his novels and narrating the history of the beloved Impala. Seemingly random, yes, but like with most things having to do with Chuck, there’s so much more to it. We returned to the Impala history and Chuck’s narration throughout the episode, and I could have listened forever. From Sam’s army men being stuck in the ashtray to Dean shoving Legos in the vents as a kid to the story about the boys driving a thousand miles to catch an Ozzy show, these are the nuggets that have brought these characters to life over the course of the show. And the tiny nods to past episodes in Chuck’s commentary (like Dean convincing his father to buy the Impala) felt like little rewards for tuning in for five seasons. A thank you from the writers and our departing Kripke, if you will. P.S.: You’re welcome.

As expected, Dean hopped on board with his overgrown brother’s plan to say yes to Lucifer and (if necessary) sacrifice himself to put Lucifer back in his cage. There was kind of no choice, both in terms of the boy’s options and in terms of closure for Sam. As he said, “I let him out, I have to put him back in.” So to Detroit they headed, with jugs of demon blood in tow, despite Dean’s (and our) “bad feeling” about it.

Tears part one: On the way, Sam took rare moment of peace (save Castiel’s snoring; “What a little angel”) to have a heart-to-heart with Dean, making him promise not to try to bring him back if he ended up having to jump into Lucifer’s cage. Dean as expected scoffed at the idea of abandoning his brother, but Sam quickly revealed his hopes for Dean. “Go find Lisa, pray she’s dumb enough to take you in, go to barbecues and football games. You go live some normal, apple pie life, Dean.” We later learned Dean promised he would.

But it wasn’t just weepy moment after weepy moment last night because it wouldn’t be a finale if we didn’t have a few moments of pure terror, like when Lucifer!Sam spoke for the first time. “I was just messing with you,” he told Dean in a frighteningly apathetic voice. “Sammy’s long gone.” Or when we saw Sam covered in blood after his demon feast, with his mangled prom date at his side. Ugh.

Of course it all culminated with a battle between Lucifer!Sam and Michael!Adam.  And Dean being Dean, he crashed the party, which neither of the aforementioned reacted very well to. L!S particularly didn’t appreciate when Castiel holy fired M!A, so he blew him up, complete with flying red matter. Tears part 2. To top off the horror, Lucifer snapped Bobby’s neck with a flick of his wrist. Looking back, because Bobby (or Yoda…?) had “just gotten back to eye level,” it wasn’t likely the show would just kill him off, but then again, this is SPN we’re talking about. They’ve killed the main characters several times. So in the moment, I thought Bobby to be dead, which led to tears part 3.

The next part was possibly one of my favorite scenes of Supernatural ever. Still in Lucifer’s control, Sam gave Dean and epic and gruesome beat down. Dean just sat there and took the abuse, convinced Sam would bubble to the surface and regain control. He did; but only after spotting the previously referenced ash tray army man in the back of the Impala. It was the trigger. Seeing the toy set off a series of memories for Sam, dating back to the very first episode, and they were all shown in a quick, moody montage. Tears part 4. Back in control, Sam opened the cage and before Michael could convince him otherwise and jumped in, clutching his nemesis.

Luckily, both Bobby and Cas were brought back after Sam jumped into Lucifer’s cage, and Cas healed Dean’s disgusting bloody face. We closed learning Cas had his angel powers back and possibly new responsibilities in heaven. Dean and Bobby parted ways, with Chuck telling us that it is the last they’ll see each other “for a very long time.” True to his word, Dean went to Lisa’s, and she welcomed him with open arms. Tears part…oh, whatever. I just cried a lot, okay? Especially when Dean asked Lisa in an uncharacteristically  vulnerable voice if it was too late to take her up on her beer offer. Chuck’s (and Kripke’s?) final thoughts sum up the episode best: “No doubt, endings are hard. But then again, nothing ever really ends does it?”

I can only hope that as Sera Gamble steers the ship next season as well as Kripke has. But after last night, I see the transition as less of a handing over of the reigns and more of clean slate for her to build upon. All in all, last night was a worthy pay off for our five-year investment. Yes, there will always be minor flaws and criticisms for every season (and season ender for that matter), but much like the Impala, it’s really the blemishes that make Supernatural beautiful.

So what did you think of the episode, PopWatchers? What the hell is Sam? What’s next? Why is Kripke so cruel? And will this pain ever go away?! Ok, I strike the last two questions from the record on a claim of insanity. But nonetheless, wow. Say it with me: wow.

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  • Lindsay

    What happened to Chuck at the end? Is he God?

    • Andrea

      I’m not sure if he is because then why wouldn’t Dean’s “god-tracking” amulet have indicated that God was around? Unless, of course, God deliberately made the amulet not work…hmmm…

      • kate

        Didn’t Dean throw out the amulet after the ep where they went to heaven?

      • Lindsay

        But Dean would have had the amulet in Season 4 when he first met Chuck. I guess I just like the idea that he’s God because the alternative would be that he’s done as a prophet and gone, which I find less satsifying.

      • kate

        oops, forgot about that. still reeling from the whole ‘I’m here Sammy, I’m not leaving…” scene. :(

      • Raven

        Remember, Joshua said the amulet wouldn’t work because God doesn’t want to be found.

      • Buzz

        Chuck isn’t God. He was merely spirited away. A simple flash of light is far more suitable for today’s audience than a fiery chariot.
        I mean, come on, think about it the whole Chuck=God theory doesnt even make sense. He is a prophet, and prophets get a major perk, and that is early boarding on the heaven train. From Elijah to Muhammad they ascend to heaven, why should Chuck be any different. He wrote his new gospel, what else is there for him on earth any way?

      • Lexi

        I love this show, the episodes all came together amazingly!! Kripke you’ll be greatly missed (and clearly in a way higher league than Wheadon). Chuck as God is an interesting idea and Castiel needs to play a large role in the next season, he’s become essential!

    • Christina

      I agree with Andrea. Sense God is supposed to be all knowing, he would’ve known that Dean’s amulet would burn white hot in his presence so I’m thinking he blocked whatever magic the amulet had. After all he is God and he does have the power to do so.

      • Christina

        I meant since..

      • freckles

        agree christina – Chuck had to have done something to the amulet. now i want to go back and watch all the chuck episodes. he is totally God. remember Dean made a comment about how Chuck dumped his virginal gf?

      • Carrie

        Let me throw out a couple of theories of why the God-sensing amulet never worked :

        Castiel was working under the assumption that God could only be located in a single place (or person) at any given time. But (IMHO), he may have missed a big ol’ detail — God is omniscient and omnipresent, existing OUTSIDE of how humans perceive time and space.

        Maybe the amulet was looking for a single “blip” on its radar. However, since God is everywhere at once, its sensors could have gotten overloaded, causing it to switch off like an overtaxed circuit breaker.

        Or maybe it was “programmed” to glow only when it had found God in that single spot — its mission directive, if you will. It’s NOT programmed to look for God EVERYWHERE. In that case, it wouldn’t be malfunctioning. It just hasn’t fulfilled its directive. No directive, no glow.

        Okay, I’m sorry that this strayed into “Lost”-ish territory. Oh, well. Mark’s the bad guy on both. It works.


      • Q

        but then again if joshua was god, dont you think castiel wud have figured it out, and why was the arc angel protecting him, i’m sure god being god, doesnt need any protection

    • laurel

      I THOUGHT THE SAME THING!!!! Why else would he just disappear like that? I think that he was really god and that all that happened was the real plan but he didn’t tell anyone…it was ana amzing episode…i cried waaaay too much!

    • sonus

      I automatically thought that Chuck was God. Unlike the angels and demons he disappeared in a different sort of way (if that makes sense). Also, i think it was Cas that said that maybe God had a hand in helping the boys after all. Anyways, it was just too awesome, I laughed, I cried, I winced (a lot lol). Is this how Kripke intended for the show to end? Where do they go from here?

    • Cautious

      Chuck is God – taking a break and writing the story.

    • shelly

      maybe his job was finished so he went back to heaven.

    • Brad

      The writer usually is God. Good call.

    • Ethan Tillotson

      I guess Chuck could be God and in fact after the episode was over I asked my brother the same question, but I have a few problems with the idea that he is God. First, if he is God then Joshua’s statements to Sam and Dean made no sense. Joshua said he didn’t want to be found and that he was done. Unless, this statement just meant that God didn’t want them to know who he was then this disagrees with your theory. IDK though I think Joshua meant that God is not anywhere near them. Who knows? guess we will have to wait and see.

      P.S. not to mention the fact that cas didn’t know he was God that just seems weird that cas wouldn’t know him as God.

      • Brian

        Or the whole Joshua thing could’ve just been a test/trial from God.

      • Steph

        Castiel always said he never met God and had never seen what God looked like

    • Daran

      Would God hire hookers?

      • Holly

        You are a genius my friend, and that is a great GREAT question. The answer being, no. He’d probably just teleport one from somewhere. Honestly. Chuck is NOT God. God is sitting on an island somewhere, snapping his fingers to do those little favors he did. He probably is jumping around (spiritually) from human host to human host, trying to understand where he went wrong in creating the humans.

    • Ares654

      Chuck has to be God, Kripke stated that we will being seeing God before the end of the season. There is no other person that was shown to most likely be God more than Chuck.

      • Holly

        He meant that we would be seeing God’s grace, or whatever word you would use to describe his aid. Chuck is a whiney prophet man who shells up in his little home turning visions to prose and masturbating.

      • Lucian

        But, wouldn’t that be the perfect disguise for God. He doesn’t want anyone (human, angel, demon, etc.) to know he’s God. So, which makes more sense, pretending to be a hapless man with no talent who happens to be a prophet or walking around like he’s the most supreme human being?

    • Amanda

      No, Chuck is just a profet.

  • John K.

    And what about Chuck being God? I don’t know why I didn’t see that coming. It never registered that God would be among the brothers until Dean asked Cas if he were God.

    Loved it!

    • laurie b.

      Ditto, I got chills when he disappeared!

      • sw

        When Chuck vanished, I turned to my husband and said Chuck is God. It never registered previously, but makes perfect sense. Definitely got chills there.

    • Alia

      I have to go back and watch all of Season 4 now, just to see if they had that planned all along.

    • B

      Why would God give himself crippling migraines to have visions of what was happening to the Winchesters? That happened before anyone else was around (last season). He could have made up a story and told the Winchesters he had headaches when he didn’t, but we saw it separately. I don’t think Chuck was God, unless Kripke just threw out continuity and went for the cheesy reveal.

      • msdeb

        i think it makes sense for him to say he has headaches before a vision, most likely castiel knows how prophets work, so if he would have made up something else, the winchester would have found out, because castiel would have told them, he had to make it believable

      • psyche

        and they also made him a drunken slob/nervous babbler, with cash flow problems and with, as dean put it, a “virgins and hookers” complex? nah, if chuck=god i call retcon

      • SYR

        Because Chuck was still in a human vessel, much like Castiels body craved cheese burgers. Chuck was also the only “phophet” we saw through the entire season, wouldn’t there be more than just one?

  • Andrea

    Although I enjoyed the episode overall, I felt that it was a bit of a cop-out too. Castiel and Bobby die but wait…they’re not actually really dead. Sound familiar? Sam jumps into the pit and is gone forever…or is he? Even in episode 21, the much vaunted showdown with Death just ended up being a conversation over pizza (???). Don’t get me wrong, I love SPN and will definitely watch season 6 (especially if Castiel is around, hahaha) but I just felt like the writers took the easy way out with this finale, like they were too scared to actually kill anyone off for fear of angering the fans. Anyway, overall I’d give this a B.

    • Grignac

      It was originally supposed to be the end of the series, now they have at least 1 more year. And they were fighting Satan himself. I think they had to take an easy way out so that they can create something new next year. Here’s a good question though. Crowley has Bobby’s soul, so what happened to him when he died.

      • Jackie

        I don’t think Crowley has Bobby’s soul anymore. It was “on loan”, remember? He needed Bobby’s soul for insurance that Dean would go along with his plan to get Death’s ring, which he got, so I think Bobby got his soul back when that happened.

      • Alia

        It wasn’t really super clear where we landed on the whole Crowley/Bobby’s soul issue. Maybe that will be brought up in the premiere, although I’m not sure, what with the whole “very long time” thing. You know, honestly, with the exception of the “what the hell is Sam” issue, this really felt like a series finale. Especially with the “THE END” from God?!Chuck.

      • David

        Maybe, Bobby should check his shoulder for Castiel’s handprints.

      • SYR

        Bobby got his soul back when he got his legs back, that was part of the deal that Cowley did for Bobby, that was explained….

    • Mike

      I liked the way that Death was portrayed, as an eternal power of his own tricked into servitude by Lucifer. I think that was a very original and interesting idea, that Death shall even one day reap god himself.
      Really, though the boys were able to defeat the other horsemen, with Castiel’s help, how do you defeat Death itself. Excellent writing in my opinion.

    • ani

      Agreed. I think Bobby and/or Castiel should have stayed dead. While I love them, it all just felt very anticlimactic. I can’t imagine what they’ll do for season 6, but I think it would have been pretty cool to see them in a post-Apocalyptic world. Ah well. Maybe next time…

      • Kalie

        I didn’t think it was anticlimactic for Cas and Bobby to come back. They shocked us by having 2 major characters die one after the other, but it made sense that God gave Cas even more power to manage the chaos up there after Michael fell into the pit. As soon as he reappeared & healed Dean’s face, I was practically jumping up and down for him to save Bobby. I also get the feeling that Cas won’t be back next season. I doubt he’ll be a regular, anyway.

      • Akane

        I bet Bobby and Castiel will be back at some point next season, yes it was weird to see them died and then alive again, but I am glad they are OK. good episode but it felt more like a series finale, not sure how Dean and Lisa are going to play out next season, although I am pretty sure Sam is completely alive, cant wait to see what is next.

    • Carrie Ann

      I loved Dean’s conversation with Death over pizza. That was awesome. I don’t think Dean or Sam would’ve stood a chance in a showdown with Death, so they did something very clever for their confrontation. I still found Death chilling, and it gave me goosebumps when he arrived to that creepy music.

      • Helen

        I know! ‘Oh Death’ was a perfect choice. I remember the trailers and really hoped they would use it in the series. The way they portrayed Death was spot on! Death would have been around since God or before so for him to be controlled by a bratty son who is angry at his dad, I can understand him assisting Dean.

    • ALEX

      Remember what Death told Dean you cant cheat death! So whatever they were discussing leaves way for Death to collect on whatever deal he and Dean made!! Lucifer has no power over Death anymore I assume since Lucifer went into the pit!! Looking forward to season 6 I already have some theories!!

    • nat

      I agree with you Andrea. This ep lacked the emotional impact it should’ve had because everything seemed to come too easy. Death was easy to get past, no one really died, and the big showdown to end the apocalypse was underwhelming.
      Still love the show though, and enjoyed the eps, just wasn’t blown away like I hoped to be.

    • Logan

      Chuck being god a possibility but the reason why i think he is not god is he does have a arc angel watching over him. The arc angel should have known the puff at the end means he was done as prophet for that part of the gospel. Plus i don’t think the writers took the easy way out you just have to read a little deeper. When Dean say he the Devil is in Detroit it click to me that it was all a trap that the devil set. Think about it Lucifer didnt want to fight Micheal so it was trap to trap Micheal in the box. He knew about the rings and he knows how to get out of it. That is why death gave them the ring and make sam say yes in detroit like the devil said it was going to play out. At the end of the episode you see Sam out of Hell looking at Dean. This is why i think it was the DEVIL’s Plan

      • Kathy

        That’s a great theory,
        I didn’t think of that!
        That would also play into the next season really well.
        i like!!!

    • SYR

      I agree, if they are going to say “it is the last time Dean and Bobby see each other for a long time”, they could have killed off Bobby, because that sounds like he won’t be back next season. So no one actually died this finale?

  • aby

    I think Chuck was God. I like how they didn’t spell it out for you though, just let him wink out and let you figure it out on your own. Excellent finale. That scene on the hood of the Impala was horrifying and beautiful at the same time. Jensen and Jared did an amazing job. Kripke you are a cruel and twisted man, and I adore you for it. You have reached Joss Whedon levels of heartbreak. I look forward to Sera Gamble’s steering of the ship and hope that somehow some way we see Castiel again, because even though the show will be just fine without him I will miss Misha’s pretty face if he doesn’t ever return.

    • Andre Otherton

      Eric Kripke puts Joss Whedon to shame. I freaking loved this episode. I loved Mark Pelligrino, “Fiddle of gold against your soul says I’m better than you”. I loved the ending because it sets up the premiere perfectly and its going to be similar to the pilot except its Sam who is taking Dean away from his normal life and that exactly doesn’t spell anything good for Lisa. I loved Dean making his final stand to the forever classic “Rock of Ages”. And no matter how much they play I will always shed a tear when they play “Carry on My Wayward Son”. Also, it might be I am stupid but I didn’t get the feeling that Chuck was god, I just think that maybe prophets can do that but I am probably wrong. It would actually be cool for Chuck to be good.

      • EARL

        Now, I LOVE me some Supernatural, but Eric Kripke puts Joss Whedon to shame? REALLY??? That’s a bit of an overstatement.

      • Sasha

        Thank you Earl. I love Supernatural and Kripke too – but he’s got many miles to go before he reaches Whedon Level.

      • Brooke

        I don’t think Kripke puts Whedon to shame, but I do think they stand pretty equally in the dishing out of quality heartbreak. Television is better because of their work.

      • Alissa

        The man is responsible for Dollhouse… maybe Kripke doesn’t put him to shame per se, but I’d like to believe they belong in the same battlefield.

      • Mariah

        I’ll take Kripke over Whedon any day. Kripke actually appreciates his fans.

      • Hilndlas

        Whedon is king of the netherworld as far as I’m concerned but last night Kripke made me a true believer. Loved the Rock of Ages touch — and Sam’s amazing smack down of Satan. Team Winchester 1 team Lucifer 0 – woohoo

      • John

        As someone who likes Whedon, and has read his comics as well, Kripke does put him to shame. The level of storytelling on Supernatural is about 3 or 4 levels beyond what Whedon’s doing. To be honest, as good as Whedon is, he’s slightly overrated whereas Kripke is underrated. Even the humor on Supernatural is a slightly more natural and integrated than on Whedon shows.

      • LauraT

        I don’t think Whedon deserves god status that no one else can touch. Pund for pound, his five seasons stand up against the best of Whedon’s, even including Once More, With Feeling The Body. And — no offense to SMG — but his lead actors are infinitely better than Buffy herself.

        Also: Castiel kicks Angel`s ass.

      • LauraT

        Damn — bad grammar. That second sentence should read `Pound for pound, Kripke`s five seasons stand up against the best of Whedon`s.`

      • Andre Otherton

        Okay First of all, I still think Eric Kripke puts Joss Whedon to shame but that doesn’t mean I don’t love Joss Whedon I just don’t think he deserves all the hype that he gets and in fact I think Eric Kripke wants to stay as far away from that comparison that he can be because Eric Kripke doesn’t want to be the “hype” supernatural show like Angle or Buffy was (no offense to anyone who love those shows because in fact I myself love those shows). Second of all, I can’t believe I got eight replies (nine if you count LauraT’s correcting herself).

      • Andre Otherton

        Another one quick thing is the reason I said what I said about Joss Whedon is because aby said that this episode made Eric Kripke reach Joss Whedon levels of heartbreak…. Really? Have you been watching the last five seasons? This is the episode that made Eric Kripke reach the almighty Joss Whedon’s level of heart break? Gimme a break

      • Alia

        Keep in mind there’s a commonality between Kripke and Whedon: Ben Edlund. (-:

        I love Kripke AND Whedon. I couldn’t choose between the two.

      • Lisa

        Back to your original comment Andre about Chuck. Maybe we are both stupid, but I got the same feeling that prophets could go ‘poof’ too. I don’t think Chuck is God.

      • Se

        I didn’t think Chuck was God either after that scene where he vanished. I just assumed that his purpose as a prophet was to have visions of Sam and Dean’s involvement in the Apocalypse leading up to the end of it and since the Apocalypse storyline is done, so is Chuck’s story and his purpose as a prophet was fulfilled so he was taken to heaven, that’s why he disappeared after writing “THE END”. I think it’s a really cool idea for Chuck to be God but I just didn’t get that at all.

      • Lisa

        I definitely think Chuck is GOD and it makes perfect sense to me. I loved that. Didn’t even see it coming. I think next season is going to start off with Sam not even letting Dean know that he was saved. He wants Dean to have that norma

      • Andre Otherton

        Again I think that next season is going to start off similar to how the pilot started. Sam is going to convince Dean to come with him and away from his “normal” life. I think at least Lisa has to die if not both Ben and Lisa

    • D

      I really do not think Chuck is God I think when Lucifer blew up Cas then Cas Came back healed Dean and Bobby he was actually God think about it i really do not think he was given michaels Job he was different when he came back.

  • Jackie

    HOLY CRAP! I realize that there are probably tons of people who hated the way this ended, but I loved it! This gives us so many possibilities for season six :) There are three things I would infer from seeing Sam standing there, watching Dean at the end.


    The first was – I think Sam feels like it’s his fault that Dean never got to have the life he deserved, stability, family, a home, etc (Dean’s life, his world, have been about one thing – “watch out for Sammy”). I think that God saved Sam, just like he saved Cas, so now that he’s seen Dean fulfill his promise to go and have a life with Lisa, he’s going to keep the fact that he’s alive hidden to allow Dean to have that life, and he’ll probably go hunting on his own. Of course, Dean will eventually find out Sam’s alive, and they’ll get back together.


    The second – and this goes along with a theory I had a while ago – Sam has no memory. God saved him and dropped him in Dean’s front yard, and Sam was standing there staring because he senses something familiar about this person that he’s watching, but he’s afraid to approach. Maybe season six will start right where five leaves off, and Dean will look outside and see Sam. This also means that Dean will have to help Sam find himself again, only Dean will be the only one carrying the emotional baggage, and he’ll have to wonder how much he should let Sam remember.


    The third – and wackiest! – as a reward for his strength and sacrifice, God saved Sam and made him an angel, hence the flickering lights outside Dean’s house heralding his arrival (just like the flickering lights heralded Cas’s arrival in the warehouse during “Lazarus Rising”). Plus, Sam was the one who always had faith, he prayed every day, and he always kept his faith and hope even though there were so many reasons to give up and everyone around him WAS giving up.


    In any case, I think season six will be about Sam and Dean reconnecting.


    Last – am I alone in thinking that maybe Sam knew there was a slight chance he would be saved in the end, but he made Dean make that promise about going and having a life with Lisa anyway?

    • Jackie

      Sorry, had to get that all out! Breathing again :)

      • Nicotine

        I like the ‘wacky’ theory. I think Sam is an angel now too, and he’s just keeping watch over his brother. Of course, that all could (and probably will) change once season 6 starts.
        I hope the change in showrunner doesn’t suck too bad. I expect to see some differences, but hopefully not too much. Kripke is a bastard for leaving, and even more of a bastard for making the past couple season so damn awesome. I love you man!

      • Christie

        Thanks for the theories–I much prefer the idea that Sam has either been returned (even with no memory) because of his sacrifice or the Angel theory than to think that Sam is still somehow in Hell’s grasp. And boy was I glad when Sam/Lucifer dragged Adam/Michael into the pit with him. I know Michael was meant to be self-righteous but that stick up his butt made ME want to hurl holy fire at him. (Cas and ‘ass-butt’ curse–hilarious.)

      • Jackie

        Ha ha, I’m glad my sleeplessness lent itself to some good theorizing.

      • Janet

        people sam is not a angel season six is gonna bring a sister and it will be dean and her hunting and sam will not be on the season 2 much i thinh the ending was great i love it i have a 100 questions and no answer and about chuck bn god well we all have 2 remember the case wit gabriel he was wit them all alone and the brothers were thinkin that he was a demon so i think that chuck is god in the end they show that everything was meant 2 happen this way sam alwasy had his demons wit him and of scourse dean always had his angels wit him…

      • LauraT

        To Janet:

        I hope you`re wrong about the sister, as they`ve Cousin Oliver`d it enough with Adam, which worked very well. But twice, not so nice. I don`t see why they would do that.

        Also: Jo was their pseudo-sister, and I never felt she worked.

      • Suze

        What makes you think Sam won’t be in season 6? Didn’t you see the end of the end where he was staring at Dean through the window and what’s her name’s house? Sam will definately be in next season. My guess is he’s still Lucifer.

    • Fridge

      I was in so much shock after the ending last night that I couldn’t even come up with a viable idea of what Sam was, but I like your wacky idea of Sam being an angel. I was just trying to figure out how the heck Sam had gotten out. Does anyone else what happened to Adam/Michael? Maybe he’ll be back too next season?

      • Emily Franz

        I have no idea what happened with Adam/Michael, since Sam got out apparently, but is anyone else bothered by the fact that Dean was Michael’s only vessel and then it just changed? I feel that was a cop out on the writer’s part, it didn’t make a lot of sense.

    • Lorinda

      I like the Sam’s an Angel Theory.

      • kate

        could Sam be Michael? if they duked it out in hell, and Michael got Lucifer in the cage, couldn’t Michael have taken Sam’s meatsuit since it was in the Wincester lineage?

      • Jackie

        Even thought Sam is part of the Winchester lineage, I don’t think Sam is Michael. It was Sam’s destiny to be Lucifer’s vessel, and it was Sam’s brother’s destiny to be Michael’s, which is why Michael was able to use Adam as a vessel, because Adam was still Sam’s brother.

      • Brian

        I don’t think Sam’s an angel. That doesn’t track with the show’s mythology or Biblical definitions of humans and angels–they’re different species.
        Now, Sam could be a “hybrid” meant to stop the in-fighting between God’s kids, but he’s not an angel.
        I think he’s either in Heaven or Hell, watching Dean, and is not physically on Earth anymore. The light going out was thematic, not literal, IMO.

      • Moongoddess8971

        So do I, I think that Sam is an angel because he sacrifices himself to save everybody so i think that they should bring him back as an angel, not Lucifer or even Michael but an angel in his own right. sent back to watch over Dean and help him battle the evils of the world.

    • Felicia

      I like the Sam as angel theory. Nice spin on things Jackie. If next season is the final season, it could be plausible that Sam is now an angel. It would bring things full circle, no? The redemption of hell’s golden boy… god this is my favorite show ever.

    • Ana Maria

      …Just wanted to thnk you Jackie for writing about what happens to Sam; I live in Reynosa, Mexico and we’re behind 2, 3 episodes(last night watched Hammer of the Gods)…and then read the recap and started reading the comments hoipng someone commented on exactly what happens with Sam…so, thank you!…

      • Ivan Salinas

        Hola Ana Maria eres de Reynosa? yo tmb. que coincidencia y aparte te gusta Supernatural, que buena onda.

      • shelby

        you kno if you go on to tvduck u can see supernatural they have all the links and the recent ones can be found on cw

    • Orac

      Or it might be Sam at all, it could still be Lucifer. Who is an angel, and the flickering lights would fit the profile perfectly.

      • Orac

        Make that “NOT be Sam at all.”

    • Blueslovergal

      I really liked your evaluation comments and think that you have great insight on the characters. I think Sam is an Angel,now. Either way, I am glad he is out of the pit. He deserves it for his bravery and good looks ( ;

    • Andre Otherton

      That would be perfect if Sam is an angle. I love that idea is so much.

    • Lisa

      My first thought when the show ended was that God saved Sam and made him an angel to watch over Dean.

      • william

        The whole sam as an angel would make perfect sense bcuz of the fact that Dean always saw it as his responsiblity to watch out for Sam. Its now Sams job to watch over Dean

    • Casey

      The idea of Sam as an angel is definitely intriguing to me. Sort of Dean’s personal guardian angel. It would be an amazing twist. And Sera, if you’re reading this, you have a freaking lot to live up to. Please do. I can’t give up on my beloved ‘Supernatural’ just yet.

    • Meghalee

      I really liked your theories! I ws in shock after seeing the finale, too many things happened one after another bam bam bam. But what you said makes sense. A friend of mine suggested that we dont know how long dean has been with lisa, and how much time has passed when they show the last scene. So Sammy’s time in that hell cage will be a lot more than time on earth like dean spent 40 years although only a couple of months passed on earth. That must have changed him, made him more stoic, i dunno! His expression didn’t give away anything!!!

    • Debra

      Speculation, Smeculation. We’ll all tune in for next season just to see. I seriously doubt, truly, that Chuck is God. Really??? I’m just a LITTLE angry over the lack of information on the fact that this was possibly a Series Finale. I missed all the news, I guess!!! Anybody know who I can protest to? Those people who dare contemplate the end of my most favorite tv series ever!

    • Lisa

      I was under the impression that since the light bulb burst when Sammy appeared at the end that he is still possessed, and he’s back to mess with Dean. Definitely not thinking he’s of the angel persuasion.

    • Jus

      Jackie I like your third idea the best think it makes sense why otherwise would the light flicker unless its something we just don’t understand yet….and for the record my first natural thought when Chuck vanished is his job was done atleast for now and like someone earlier said he went to Heaven…remember he seemed to hate it on Earth in gerneral always drinking and whatnot I do not nor did I think Chuck is was god

  • jennie

    I didn’t watch it because i knew i cry like a little child, but it is on DVR and will be watched this weekend with a box of tissues. I always figured Chuck was something more than what Cas originally told us! I LOVE this story line!! I hope Sera comes back next season with something awesome! I don’t mind is Lisa is involved either, but i hope they don’t kill her off at some point just to prove a point.

    • Joe

      Why are you reading this article then? You just ruined it.

  • Ferniesfreckles

    Great ending!! Loved it.

    Hopefully we will see Castiel again next season.

    • Jackie

      I hope so too! My new favorite insult is “@ss butt”.

      • Fridge

        OMG–I was laughing so hard when he said that! I think I may have to start using that as an insult. Only an angel would come up with an insult like that.

      • elena

        Dean’s look to Cas after he said that…priceless. Those guys have a good rapport. I’m glad he’s not dead.

      • KK

        i watched an interview online about season 6 and Cas will be involved again

      • Me

        Seriously, I can’t wait to see the look on my brother’s face when I call him an @ss butt.

    • KK

      we will he is in season 6 i saw an online interview where he said, he is in the 6th season, that is all i do know, oooh man… i wish i knew more

    • Alex

      and bobby too!

  • winston

    I love this show and everything about it, I LOVE Castiel! So much takes place you have to tape it to watch again. Can’t wait for next season!!

  • Teresa

    Wow is a good word for it Sandra. Yes this season has been a bit disjointed, but it all came together in the end. I had tears in my eyes as well. I love SPN and love those Winchester boys. Can’t wait for next season.

  • Fridge

    I loved how they used Chuck to be the voice of Kripke in this episode, especially with the line talking about how not everyone will be happy and how the loose ends don’t always get tied up. Jared was amazing in the episode–I loved how anguished and innocent he looked as Sam, and how cool, calculating, and detatched he was as Lucifer. Jensen never fails to make me cry as soon as his eyes start tearing up–I had the tissues ready for this episode from the beginning. I’m looking forward to next season, but I agree with others that I hope they don’t give Dean this happy life and then rip it away by killing of Lisa or Ben–how much heartache can one guy take?

    • Jenn

      Lisa won’t last long – she’s a female cast member on SPN. And I have no complaints about that – she’s a woman Dean spent a weekend with 10-11 years ago and he only went to her because of a promise he made to his brother. He doesn’t want to be there – he wants to be dead. Aside from the fact that they don’t really know each other, this doesn’t spell out happily-ever-after.

      • madgaleena

        I agree with you on Lisa. I actually found the idea that Dean would ‘settle’ with her sadder than most of the scenarios. He’s left with the IDEA of a family instead of a real one.

        I just hope that Castiel’s line about peace or freedom foreshadows that Dean will choose freedom (the hunter’s life) over false ‘peace.’

      • Kristine

        I agree with you. I think Sam sent Dean to Lisa because Dean said he pictures himself happy with her. She’s got a kid (who is remarkably like Dean) and she represents to him the “apple pie” life he never had. If this had been the series finale (as it was meant to be), I think Dean would stay with Lisa and he would have said something a bit more meaningful than “Can I take you up on that beer offer now?” It would have been clearer what Sam was while he was standing outside. Maybe we’d have seen his wings, and he was watching over Dean, or something of that nature. Or maybe he wouldn’t have been there at all. But now that there’s a season six, I think we can definitely say that Lisa symbolizes a normal life. But obviously something will happen that will keep Dean from staying there too long. Dean and Lisa can’t stand each other for long periods, Sam’s still around in some way, etc..

      • Alex

        I agree with Kristine. The way they portrayed Dean in those last few moments weren’t exactly so ‘meaningful’ as you put it. I hope Dean chooses a hunters freedom! Cant wait for the next season-anyone know when it’s coming out??

  • Vince

    How can anyone say that this isn’t one of the best shows on T.V.??? Can’t wait till next season just to see how Sam and Dean will be brought back together!!! The whole Sam thing has got me wondering….. Is he good??? Did Lucifer prevail???? or maybe something completely off the charts??? That what I love about this show, once you start thinking along the same storyline as the plot goes and then BAM!!! It changes.

  • Melody

    First: I am still reeling from this episode. I didn’t want to watch it because I knew how emotional I would get. Second: I loved the episode, the emotion, the heartbreak and ultimately the greatness of our guys. Third: Only one thing bothered me and that was that they all lived. I knew that Sam and Dean would be back next season, I wasn’t worried, but I’d read that one of our favorite characters was going to die and I’d built this emotional wall around me to deal with it. So, when Cas blew up I was able to hold it together until Bobby was taken out and then I was a pile of sobs. Although this was terribly painful to watch, it was gratifying to know they were willing to sacrifice themselves and to see them die a heros death was so very admirable. Then, they were back, just like that and I feel like the show pointlessly messed with my emotions and there was no real payoff. I’m glad they are alive, but somehow it seems false. Fourth: I hated seeing Dean sitting at that table and if that had been the end of the series I would have had to send a molotov cocktail Kripke’s way because that was bullsh!t. But, because it isn’t the end, I’m quite happy because I think it’s going to make for some awesome drama next year.
    Final thoughts: Chuck is something, but as a commenter pointed out he can’t be God because Dean’s little detector should have gone off. I really want to see that thing back in action, somebody put it back on that hottie. Since Cas is alive, I find it quite annoying that he’s headed back to deal with his angel friends who we’ve spent the year, actually more because I ever trusted Zachariah, wanting to kick their asses. He’s a good brother and I admire that, but I’d prefer he stick around and help out our boys. The whole Impala voice over was wonderful and emotional and really spoke to what this whole series is about: family. As we see with the arrival of Cas and Bobby in the cemetery, family isn’t blood, it’s those who we love and care about and those love and care about us.
    Bring on season six – why do we have to wait three and half months?

  • CJ

    I have mixed feelings on the ending. I would have been completely content with Sam going out in a blaze of heroic glory (considering his actions in Season 4, what could be more redeeming then giving your life to save the world…but more importantly your brother?) And Dean getting the semi-apple pie kind of life he desired/deserves. I could even have lived with Bobby and Cas being killed because, in war there are the worse kind of tragedies. And that is how I think Kripke intended this show to end.

    Because of that…I do somewhat agree with the poster who wondered if the outright ending was a cop out. I don’t know if it was much a cop out in as much as “we’ve seen it before”. How many times can one character die on a TV show and then be brought back? And we are left with the same questions regarding Sam that we had at the end of Season 2 — is the Sam that we saw good, bad, etc. We’ve been down this road before, so I do wonder if SG has truly been given a clean slate.

    SPN has always been one of my favorite TV shows so I will tune in come next September..but I will always wonder how Season 5 would have differed and what the series finale would have been, had Kripke done it his way and not having to deal with a next season.

  • Christie

    And I want a t-shirt that says “The Devil’s in Detroit” Of course I live there. Some great lines in the show as usual but I’m too tired to think of them at the moment.

    • tush

      I have to say that there is not much irony in stating the devil’s in Detroit. us in michigan have know that for a while.

      • AshleyBrooke

        LMAO!!!! I know, I was like, Detroit! I’m like 5 mins away from Detroit. And I’m like, to myself, “Wow, those alleys are really clean in Detroit, what section are they in?!” ;-)

      • Alex

        hahahahaha you mean those alleys in Vancouver are really clean :)

      • AshleyBrooke

        Oh trust me, there was no way I’d believe they were here in Detroit, because those alleys were wwwwaaaayyyy to clean!!!!

    • Asumlawsum

      As soon as that line was said, we all said we are getting that on a tshirt! Love all the clever one liners from Supernatural and we repeat them all the time. And totally loved when Dean put the cassette in and it was Rock Of Ages. Classic. Can’t wait til next fall.

      • Christie

        Oh yea, the music was great. Starting off with “Wayward Son” and then “Rock of Ages” (thanks, for the life of me, I could not remember the song title)–perfect, I couldn’t stop chuckling.

  • scott

    chuck is god & sam is an angel!

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