This week's cover: Inside 'Sex and the City 2'

EW-Cover-1103You’ve seen the trailers, but what’s really going on in Sex and the City 2 (in theaters May 27)? The splashy sequel to 2008’s worldwide blockbuster picks up two years after Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Big (Chris Noth) finally tied the knot in a low-key city-hall ceremony, and finds the gals dealing with their share of grown-up concerns: Carrie is settling into marriage, Charlotte (Kristin Davis) is struggling with motherhood, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) has a boss from hell, and Samantha (Kim Cattrall) is fighting menopause. So when a wealthy potential client of Samantha’s offers to whisk them off on an all-expenses paid, five-star vacation in exotic Abu Dhabi, the gals pack their designer bags and hit the jet-setting road. Parker and her costars all rave about shooting in Morocco (which doubles for Abu Dhabi) — as does John Corbett, the only male cast member to shoot in North Africa. Corbett reprised his role as Carrie’s tenderhearted ex-fiancé Aidan, and needless to say, the other actors were envious that only he got to make the trip abroad. Playing up their on-screen rivalry, Noth and Corbett had plenty to say about the matter:

“I had [the series finale in] Paris, but I was still really f—ing pissed! Corbett gets to go? I said, ‘If there’s another one, Carrie and Big are going on a worldwide f—ing tour because we need to spruce things up before her first baby or something.’ I don’t know. I’m making it up.” — Chris Noth

“I love it, because I was ultra-jealous of those guys when they got to be in the first movie. I called Noth on his birthday while I was there. I passed the phone around. I couldn’t wait to rub it in, ­because he was really bummed out that he couldn’t come. I like creating jealousy.”John Corbett

For more on Sex and the City 2, including an oral history and writer-director Michael Patrick King’s stab at a sci-fi sequel, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Friday, May 14.

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  • Jill

    Nice cover but why did you put all the words on top of Cynthia & Kristin?

    • helen

      So you focus on their legs. Great legs ladies.

      • KG

        LOL. So funny and so true. Those legs look awesome.

      • Holly

        Uh, you know their “legs” are digitally-altered and airbrushed, right?

      • apollo

        Was Cynthia Nixon even at the photo shoot? Her arm is around Kristen Davis and their sholders are toching, but her feet are about a foot ahead of everyone else’s. It look weird.

      • Ambient Lite

        Whoa!! Photoshopped to the extreme! All of their heads look pasted on, SJP is so veiny in actuality, she probably hasn’t been this smooth since she was 2. Her real legs and feet are shocking. And is that Kim Catrall or Jenna Bush Hager???

      • elle

        Yeah, their heads are not in the right proportion to their bodies. As a graphic designer, I take person offense to the awful photoshop skills at work here!

    • LOL

      Z zz z z z z

    • Bobby

      They should’ve used the words to cover up their wrinkly,old faces.

    • PNK

      So Samantha and Carrie would be unobstructed. It’s prob in their contract.

  • c

    Ah so excited for this issue. I think this must be an inkling of the feeling Twihards get when their franchise is yet again covered…

  • JRB

    EW has a pathological obsession with Sex and the City. Knowing them, I’d assume the whole issue is dedicated to the new movie, right? The same over-the-top attention the last movie got.

    • UGH

      That was one of the biggest reasons why I cancelled my subscription.

      • Tre

        Oh please.

      • gimme a break

        you cancelled your subscription but still take time the to comment on a movie you hate. WHATEVA DOOFUS!!!

    • Jason

      Their obsession with SATC is exceeded only by their obsessions with Lost and Twilight.

      • nancy

        girl you need to get with the program. SATC 4EVA.

      • severine


      • Greg

        I like Lost & Twilight, but POOH! on SATC!! I was happy when it left TV. Just put that stupid show to bed once and for all. Why don’t they make a movie out of “Queer As Folk”? That was a hit show on Showtime. Discrimination! I tell you, discrimination!! Women suck and Gays RULE!!!!

    • Fridge

      EW goes over the top for a lot of things–it’s not just SATC. I am beyond happy that Lost is finally coming to an end, last week’s issue was a complete waste.

      • dgh

        Its not EW’s fault that LOST is awesome get with the program fella!!!

      • AMEN!!

        everyone is not goo goo for LOST.

    • Hutchy

      My wife, as big a fan as I’ve seen of that show, saw the trailer for SATC2, slowly turned to me in the theater, and with a tragic look on her face, exclaimed “That looks like one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen in my life. Are they kidding?”. Of course, I had to quietly do the husbandly fist pump at the news that I wouldnt be exposed to this dreck in the theater a 2nd time.

      • filmboymichael

        that is because this movie was really made for the true demographic of the show – gay men like me – who are dying in anticipation of May 27!

      • so what

        if u don’t like SATC, don’t go to see it. your opinion will not affect the diehards either way.

      • GGG

        Michael, the demographic is single women AND gay men… I myself am a single woman and can’t wait either!

      • txsrue

        right there with you filmboymichael & GGG. we love SATC in TX.

  • Kevin

    Good job EW. Nice colors

  • Andrew

    FIRST! Ahh! Yay–I love it, they all look soooooooooooo gorgeous! Can’t wait for the movie to be released! =]

    • Andrew

      Wow. Definitely NOT first, haha.

    • Sarah

      Fail! Now go jump off a cliff.

      • @Sarah

        bitter much???

  • KC


    • nobody asked you

      so there!

  • Liz

    LOL! You gotta love those guys!

  • elle

    Whhoa Photoshop much. Kristen’s head looks pasted onto her body

  • Joelle

    What is it with all the photoshop on Kim Katrall’s face? She looks awful in the official SATC2 poster and here too, she’s barely recognizable. Come on! She’s a great looking woman, regardless of her age and she does not need to be photoshopped beyond recognition.

  • chaha

    They look ridiculous.

  • Dave

    Is this movie about 3 prostitutes and their mother?

    • Mothra

      Stewie Griffin! You get off the computer right now! It’s time for your nap!

    • Dylan

      That lame joke wasn’t funny the first 500 times it’s been told.

    • LOL

      Dave FTW!

    • mohamed ali


  • Dustin


  • DFMR

    So much airbrushing-It is not a good representation of who they are at this moment-They are actually too old to play these parts and I will not be watching it this time

    • nancy

      thanks for your opinion. it doesn’t matter to anyone but you.

      • Biff

        and thanks for yours, Nancy, because yours matters even less.

    • Traci

      Each of the women is with in 3 years of the age of the character they play. I don’t think it’s to weird for a 43 year old to play a 40 year old.

      • THANK YOU!!

        it’s about time someone actually made some sense!

      • Shawn

        All of them are old, and SJP has the added burden of being butt-ugly.

    • Jen

      How are they too old to play these parts? They are playing grown women living in new york city, which..they are.

    • Hannah

      How are they too old? Samantha’s in her early 50s, Miranda and Carries are in their early 40s and Charlotte, what late 30s? Seems right to me. I’m not sure if you ever watched the show, but they’re NOT pretending to be 20-something ingenues or anything. They’re very up-front about the characters’ ages.

    • filmboymichael

      they are actually playing – wait for it – their age….

    • PNK

      Samantha turned 50 at the end of the first movie. Carrie was 40 in the beginning of that movie. Duh, they pretty much are playing their ages. It even says Sam is dealing with menopause in the plot, so they are right-on. Maybe you just wanna see 20-somethings all the time.

      • Michelle Poulos

        I don’t get the menopause thing — in the series, Sam had cancer and chemo which put her into menopause, right? I know it’s probably a Hollywood thing to make the movie more interesting, but who wants to go through menopause twice?????

  • Matt

    It looks like a Lavalife cartoon ad.

  • ERIC

    Who’s the tranny on the right?

    • Send in the Trolls

      and so it begins….

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