Little girls tackle 'Single Ladies'; make me extremely uncomfortable

Miley, you’ve got nuthin’ on these girls. I’ll admit that these little single ladies, who are supposedly seven, have some serious dance skills. But if little girls must gyrate on stage, is it absolutely essential they wear midriff tops? (Todders & Tiaras fans nod yes.) Even Beyoncé and her back-up dancers were more covered up than this!

That being said, I’m glad these gals are “Single Ladies,” because seven is far too young to have a boyfriend.

P.S. How much is Teresa Giudice’s Gia wishing she was part of this? [Buzzfeed]

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  • emily

    omg! i just saw this video and was like hmmm, i’d like to know what ew has to say about this. and lo & behold two seconds later, it’s already on your site! haha.

  • About that

    They can definitely shake up a storm, but they are little girls… They looked a bit like Rockettes in training!

    • Winona

      Those are not Rockette moves… these girls are NFL cheerleaders in training. Yes, they’re great dancers especially for their age, but this is more than inappropriate for 7-year-olds!!

    • Sarah

      How does this resemble the Rockettes in any way, shape, or form?

  • jen

    where is social services?? This is reprehensible.

    • OMGq

      I (sort of) agree. I mean, I am so not a prude – I think the Miss USA photo “scandal” is a complete joke – but I just don’t think this is anywhere near appropriate. First, the costumes are an issue and while I think the song is fine (it’s a pop culture phenom so i get it) but do they REALLY need to be doing the spiral sqat/leg spread move? I think not. Put them in a one piece costume similar to the one in the video and tame down some of the moves and ok – I get it. But as it is? GROSS.

      • Meme

        You’re right. Beyonce is wearing more clothing in her video than these girls.

  • Silent E

    So sad that such talent is being showcased in this way. These girls have so much potential, and, if not checked, it will be squandered for the balance of their lives. Sadly, as the mother of an 11 year old daughter, I know several women who would embrace this behavior for their own children. Signs of a devolving society, definitely.

  • Anne

    A little disturbed…but must admit they REALLY can dance. Wow.

    • melanie

      if you are just “a little” disturbed then that is very very sad.

    • Ambee

      They are incredible. I think I would be more disturbed if I weren’t so in awe of their attitudes. They sold that… at 7?!?

      • sara

        and that is even more disturbing. How do you not get that??

      • pastafarian

        So now that I watched that, am I gonna end up on familywatchdog?

  • Kim

    They are good but that’s disturbing.

  • Dawn

    OK so let me get this straight…5 mothers sat through numerous rehearsals and costume fittings for this routine and not 1 of them opposed this? My daughter would never be allowed to do such an adult dance to a clearly adult song. We need to preserve the innocence of children for as long as we can not rush them into being mini-adults.

    • Laura

      So totally agree
      These outfits are not for little girls and if they wear this on stage what do they expect to wear in the real world
      Dance moves not appropriate for little girls
      Why do we in this day and age want our kids to grow up so fast

  • Riki

    Equal parts fascinated and horrified. I think I’ll watch it again.

  • harry

    They have skills I give them that. but the outfits hmmm… pretty dicey.

  • J

    I am HORRIFIED!! Do these parents realize this is a pedophiles dream come true? Why do little girls need to be sexualized? Obviously they are good dancers — that would have come across even if they were dancing in clothing to an appropriate song. I prosecute pedophiles everyday. I am so unbelieveably disturbed that aduls let these little girls dress and dance like this!

    • melanie

      apparently several posters here don’t realize this either. This is frightening!

      • t3hdow

        I don’t think it’s them not realizing this ‘horrifying phenomenon’ than them not jumping the gun and screaming pedophilia bait like almost everyone else here. In case you don’t realize this, other cultures have different views regarding children roaming around in bikinis. Nudist colonies obviously don’t reprimand this either, and actually think living in a natural (i.e., unclothed) society actually HELPS prevent pedophilia; mainly because they think the ambivalent views of American sexuality fosters bodily shame and sexual dysfunctions (which is hard to argue against). Do a little research beyond the pedo hunt reports of modern media, and you’ll be surprised how unstable our views on sexuality look compared to other nations.

      • melanie

        t3hdow – they are dancing in a sexual manner. THAT is the point!

    • ann

      This argument makes little sense to me. Pedophiles like little girls because they are little girls. It shouldn’t matter how “sexy” a kid is dressed or is acting, the person in the wrong is the adult who sees this as sexy. So they’re wearing midriff baring outfits, are they “asking for it” if they’re molested? What is up with blaming the victims?

      • jen

        well now, that is the stupidest thing I’ve read here yet.

      • t3hdow

        While people have different ideas on what’s appropriate and inapprorpriate for children, I agree with just about everything else. Too bad your logical opinion is posted here, where people think that just because we’re not all up in arms like them, that means we support pedophilia. What a load of bull.

    • meem

      I agree! this is is pedophilic- what on earth were they thinking and where were their parents and WHO on earth came up with that choreography!!! I mean yes they have talent but there are other and better ways to showcase it!

    • Laura

      Their parents should of said no to this they are setting them up to want to wear this type of clothing in the future
      Yes they can dance but neither the music or clothing is appropriate for their age
      Let little girls be little girls
      Somebody should of said NO!!

      • firemom

        That is the problem!! No one ever does say NO!! MY child is a CHILD not an adult and thus I will let them be innocent and stay that way until they are older enough to understand that taking pride in your self does not mean dancing or dressing in a sexy. YES people everything you “let’ your child be exposed to as a child does Matter. It makes me anger that no one of those littles parents stood up and said NO!!!

  • ahs30

    Okay, they can dance. But did they really need to wear those outfits to showcase their dancing abilities? It’s parents who approve this kind of early kind of sexuality that make me worried–it’s not the non-traditional families “ruining” society, it’s the ones who think this is perfectly acceptable.

  • M

    It’s disturbing, but based on my past experience dancing, pretty common. I’ll never forget an one of my dance recitals from about 2004 watching nine and ten year old girls dancing to “Daisy Dukes” in costumes almost identical to the ones those girls are wearing.

  • mags

    Was entertained, until brought back to reality – these are CHILDREN for goodness sake! I agree with Dawn’s comments about the mothers sitting through rehearsals and approving. Maybe if their FATHERS had been watching….another story all together. And NO, I am no prude – just disturbed by this not being age appropriate.

  • Jim

    Wow….who do you blame first: The parents or the dance instructor for a complete lack of taste…Yet another reason why I feel people need to apply for a license to procreate!

    • ger

      Parents. Blame the parents. Make the parents take responsibility. Good god.

  • Judi

    Little strippers! NO.

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