'Sarah Silverman Program' canceled: A sad day for poop-joke comedy

sarah-silvermanImage Credit: Comedy Central Poor Sarah Silverman. As first reported in Deadline, the pigtailed, foul-mouth comic’s comedy series, The Sarah Silverman Program, has been canceled. (Comedy Central confirmed to EW: “We will not be renewing it for a fourth season.”) Somehow, I blame God. (Or Ben Affleck.) Because, as we know, Sarah rejected the needy King of Kings. So I imagine his hands are all over this. Either way, I’ll miss Silverman’s irreverent brand of comedy on television, and plan on growing a mustache while in mourning. But who am I kidding? I could never pull it off like she does.

PopWatchers, will you miss The Sarah Silverman Program? And are you, like me, hoping Brian Posehn finds another gig very, very soon?

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  • LeftyNova

    This show was just exhaustingly unfunny. The sister was hot, though.

    • Chappel


      • SteevoNYC

        SS is hot, but her schtick is overrated and overdone.

      • Joe


        I get it. She’s all cool and can burp and drink beer and smoke cigars like the boys. She’s not a girly-girl. She’s hot, but attainable for the fugly guys like Jimmy Kimmel.

        Got it, Sarah. Can you do anything else?

    • LOL

      I never talked to one person to watched it.

      • LOL

        “who watched it” (typo)

      • kristen

        @LOL: “implying someone watched it” = typo

        not a funny show… sarah silverman is a poor excuse for a comedian.

      • Brian

        It was one of the funniest shows on television. It will be sorely missed by me, for one. At least we’ll still get to hear from writers Dan Sterling and Harris Wittels on Community and Parks and Rec. ZAAAAACH BRAFFFFFFFFFFFF

      • D

        I only watched it twice and it wasn’t for me.

      • OMGq

        I watch it every week – and have from the beginning. This show is TOO funny!!! Figures – it seems the 1 thing the people of the U.S. need is a sense of humor.

    • blinkone

      Thanks leftynova. Finally, someone speaks the truth. Silverman you are an overrated mess.

    • leftynovaisamoron

      wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. Sarah Silverman is a brilliant & talented comedienne. Her show was wonderful & it will be greatly missed.

    • stunnedone

      the show was friggin funny

  • Big Walt

    I will very much so miss it. So wrong and so funny. Can’t wait for her next project.

  • Joseph T

    boo! it was so funny but I could tell it was not looking good when they moved the time slot to after daily show/colbert.

    • Brian

      Yes, because network execs’ opinions of a show have always been right. Ratings are THE DETERMINING FACTOR OF QUALITY. Jay Leno is a comedy god!

      • Brian

        Sorry, Joseph T, I didn’t mean for this to post under your comment. Grief/anger’s got me worked up.

      • Ryan

        wow dude now I know you have no idea what comedy is.Jay Leno is the least funny person on Tv right behind Craig Ferguson.

    • alice

      really. now its on at 130 am on the west coast. they did this right after the new season premered. dimitri martin will be probably be next.

  • BHM1304

    How can they cancel a show this funny? This show had the greatest gay couple of all time in “Brian” and “Steve” and the greatest dog of all time in Sarah’s strange yet adorable puppy. This is a travesty. You knew it was in trouble when they aired the new episodes at midnight this season. And yes find Brian Posehn a new role ASAP. Why didn’t the show’s other network, LOGO, step up and take it on?

  • Brett

    I guess the Logo channel has no interest in picking this show up as a first-run series? (They run old episodes of the show.)

  • meh

    The sister is much funnier and hotter, I would rather see her have her own show. Besides, Sarah Silverman is overrated, I just can’t stand her voice, it feels like I’m hearing a cat being gang rape every time she opens her mouth.. it’s just too jewish…

    • Big Walt

      You know it’s her real sister right?

    • Matt

      You’re joking, right, meh? “Too Jewish”? I find that comment both offensive – for all the obvious reasons – and cowardly – for posting it via the anonymity of this comment section. Normally I never respond to these comments, but I couldn’t in good conscience allow what you said to stand without a response. Just to be clear, such a statement is bigoted.

      • SayWhat

        Yeah, cause we all know that Sarah herself never made any bigoted comments or “jokes.” Matt, you can’t get on your high horse when you’re trying to defend a jack—.

      • Sara

        Matt are you serious??? If you are offended b/c of the statement “too jewish” then you must not be a fan of SS. She is gross, unfunny, overrated & disgusting. Comedy Central is a crap station

      • meh

        @matt: so it’s ok for her to “joke” that all black people look like kayne west and that latinas smell but if someone points out her jewishness, then that is wrong? You’re an idiot

      • SteevoNYC

        Hahaha, Matt, you whiney little liberal c-ntrag, you got BOOM ROASTED!

      • Thom

        Sarah would agree with Matt. Read her book. Meh is someone who’s got a “throat full of blood laughs.” Bigotry (what meh exhibited in his comment) is different from a joke about a bigot (what Sarah Silverman deftly traded in).

      • meh

        @Thom: right, and I am against racism and bigotry, that’s why my comment was an observation (much like Sarah Silverman makes) about stereotypes… so see? There, I’m good now

      • Thom

        Meh, she doesn’t make observations about stereotypes. She adopts the oblivious personas of people who hold stereotypes and rely on them too heavily. To say she’s “too Jewish” is to be one of those idiots. These pancakes are ishy.

      • @Thom

        Do you know how much of an idiot you sound by defending her? Have you seen any of her stand up acts? You claim that She makes fun of racism by repeating and “mocking” what racist say, yet what she really does is embrace it too just to shock people and get a reaction out of it. So if she can say degrading things about everyone else, then we should be allow to do the same thing against her

      • Brett

        Such a statement is NOT “bigoted,” Matt. If your skin is too thin to abide the comment, that’s fine, but if a comedian’s humor is too deeply rooted in an ethnicity or a culture that remains foreign to the majority of the television viewing audience, then “too Jewish” is an apt phrase.

        Me, I just find SS annoying in anything other than the “F***ing Matt Damon” video.

      • stan

        Matt, you are too sensitive. Grow a pair, buddy.

  • Ne Oublie

    I watched the show-sorry to see it go!

  • Jennifer


  • tim

    Hilarious show. Sad to see it go. Prefer her uncensored, tho.

  • joblo

    Adios and good riddance!

  • UncleWalty

    I liked this show. Oh well…

  • izikavazo

    I loved all the Sarah storylines. But I can’t imagine that there were a lot of people enjoying the rest of the episodes.

    • Brian

      Brian & Steve and Laura & Jay were great. And Tig! And Doug. I’ll miss them all.

  • Maria Thompson

    So glad to see her gone! “Humor”
    is growing tiresome!

    • dlauthor

      Yes! Down with humor! We need more melancholy on Comedy Central!

      • kristen


        I call for a 24-hour marathon of “Precious”!

  • C

    Comedy Central WTH? Terribly funny show with great comedic actors. Looks like Jay will have to find another cop gig. We will miss you till we see you again Brian and Sarah.

  • steph

    we will miss sarah and the rest of the gang – best group o’ hilarious actors since Seinfeld: Jay and the two big orange gay guys and Doug and even Sarah’s dad – we love you!!

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