'Lost': Dead characters speak from the grave!

Harold-Perrineau-lostDeath by shooting. Death by stabbing. Death by explosion. Death by chocolate. There are thousands of ways to die, and we’ve seen a bunch of them on Lost. (Except for the chocolate one. That’d be sweet.) With so many characters biting the big one over the years, we decided to gather our dearly departed for a cool photograph that would be featured in EW’s Lost special issue, which is currently on newsstands. Those able to resurrect themselves for the occasion were: Ian Somerhalder (Boone), Harold Perrineau (Michael), Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet), Rebecca Mader (Charlotte), William Mathoper (Ethan), Cynthis Watros (Libby) Mira Furlan (Rousseau), Marsha Thomason (Naomi), and Daniel Roebuck (Arzt). In addition, John Young and I interviewed the actors about their demise. Highlights from those interviews appear in the magazine, as well as in the video after the jump. And check out this gallery of photo outtakes from the shoot. How did they feel when they learned that they were going six feet under? What do they remember about shooting their death scenes? How would they have liked to die? Journey into “The Dead Zone” by pressing play below, and then let us know: Whose death do you still mourn?

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  • Jenn

    Juliet. I’m still crying. And the total lack of her so far in the flashsideways has been difficult to deal with.

    Wherefore art thou Juliet??

    • elena

      Jenn, are we secret twins? Because this is the EXACT monologue I’ve been having with myself every time I tune into Lost. Juliet! Bring her back! Kate is so…just bring Juliet back, yeah?

      • watched17times

        I am still trying to figure out why people don’t like Kate. She and Jack are what kept me watching the show in season one and then I became addicted. I am so invested in her character that I want to see her have a happy ending. The same goes for Jack, Sawyer, and Hurley. I must have the same taste and mindset of the writers because my fave four are still alive and I never complain about their writing decisions.

        However, I would just like to make a complaint about Jacob’s mother’s acting though. She was totally unbelievable to me. Same with their real mom. I just couldn’t buy into their characters.

        So, truly, what is it about Kate that has everyone not liking her? I felt bad for her when her mom disowned her. I certainly thought going through all of that stupid bank crap to get that toy plane was kind of crazy and then lying to Jack about it. It kinda ticked me off a little when she kissed her childhood sweetheart even though he was married. But all in all, she always helps people, she is a beautiful girl, and she is an exceptional actress.

      • bk

        Why do people hate Kate? -Here is why- People watch movies or shows to identify themselves with the good or the dream character. Kate,from being in custody to heroine of helping people, suffers the wrath of the audience when she stabbed them with a normal behavior of flirting (mind you – she is gemini. More than hating Kate, the audience couldn’t bear to watch Jack suffer. She did her role so good, as Ben, that audience kind of felt they were cheated of their expections of a Dream character. You cant have the cake and eat it too! Well made!

    • aletersnick

      my guess is that she’s the mother of Jack’s son David, but will end up with Sawyer (she and Jack are divorced), leaving Jack to be with Kate

      • Kitty

        My exact thoughts!

      • watched17times

        I hope Kate ends up with Jack. or Sawyer… I don’t know. It just made me mad when they were engaged and then Jack started acting like a jerk and drinking and taking pills. She was all he ever wanted and he blew it. It is just so precious how much he loves and cares about her. She probably never felt like she was good enough for him though. I think that is why she kept being drawn back to Sawyer. He was more her “social class” so to speak. I can totally identify with her. I started crying when Sawyer cried about Juliet and told Kate she could make it back to the temple by nightfall. That’s when she realized (I think) that he really loved Juliet and not her and she started bawling. I cried with her.

        I always got the chills when Sawyer would hug Kate and you would see his large, manly hand hold the back of her head and caress her hair…ahhhhh! I like her with both of them. Maybe one can have her in sideways world and the other can have her in the island world. That would just be too perfect!

      • Gator

        I totally agree, and called this weeks ago! Hope we are both right. All of my friends who love Lost collectively said, “Really??… But what about Sawyer?” Hopefully we will find out for sure during the finale.

    • ComeBackJULIET

      I miss her so much I could scream. However, her dying words about going dutch for coffee give me hope that she will return.

      • watched17times

        I loved how she said that about the coffee. Her voice was so dang cute. I never really liked her very much because she was a “bad guy” for so long. You didn’t get to find out her back story until later. For me, it was too late. The only time I really started to like her was when I felt sorry for her when Sawyer looked at Kate instead of her when they found Rose and Bernard. When she started crying later and said she wants to make it where she never met him so she can’t lose him, I was heartbroken for her. Then when she was falling in the pit…well, who couldn’t help but like her. Part of me was thinking.. oh good, now Sawyer can be with Kate.

    • Lemon

      JULIEEEEEET! *sobs*

    • Shannon

      I’m pretty sure they’re saving Juliet for the finale flashsideways..she’s definitely David’s mother!

    • well

      she IS David’s mother. CONFIRMED. and she IS in the Finale. CONFIRMED. She and Sawyer look at one another, their memories start bleeding in, and the share a kiss at long last. CONFIRMED.

      • BUSTED!

        UM! This is not the spoiler section! You are in big old trouble! Read the rules!

    • youlockeitup

      FYI–That really means “Why are you Juliet” Juliet was saying that if Romeo’s name was some other name then her family would not hate him and they would not be star-crossed lovers. Not to worry– only really nerdy Shakespeare-philes know that.

      • err

        Actually, pretty much everybody knows that….only “really nerdy Shakespeare-philes” think that they need to point it out condescendingly for no reason…

  • stillwellangel

    Awesome, long live Ethan

  • Laura

    I’m still mourning Juliet. I agree with Mitchell: there was so much more for her character to do, but I guess the writers just got tired of her?? Didn’t make any sense then, and still doesn’t make sense. Boo-urns.

    • Casey

      Im still mourning Juliet as well. I also believe Charlotte died too soon.

      • Casey

        Oh and of course Libby. She was another gone too soon. They’ve killed off a lot of major female characters haven’t they?

      • watched17times

        Oh my gosh! Charlotte totally got on my nerves. I hated that little attitude plus the nose wrinkle thing she had goin on. “Should I wring my hands and whisper a prayer?” smack!
        How many times did she have to say..”How should we know, we’re not ON the boat!”

        “Dan, let’s not confuse anyone..”

        She didn’t become very likable until her last episode on the show. By then.. it was too late!

    • WestSayid

      She can’t do V and LOST. The writers had no choice but to write her off the show. It would have happened to Nestor(Richard) a few years ago if his pilot was picked up.

    • Person Who Talks

      They killed Juliet off, because it was essential to the Sawyer’s character development

      • watched17times

        I agree! She helped Sawyer change into a puppy dog really. He always did what he did…for her. I wish I had that kind of power over a man. LOL! She needed to die so that he could become a little more “broken” and angry and closer to his original character. Josh actually said in an interview that “his and Juliet’s relationship did not make good drama.” I am sure the writer’s agreed and that’s why they killed her off. For them to break up would not keep him in the new character he had become. I totally agree with “Person Who Talks”.

  • troia

    what is up with the videos this week???
    they’re all jumpy and buffery and take forever to play fully

    • Kim

      Check your browser.

    • watched17times

      Mine are that way too! They keep freezing up.

  • Josh

    Alot of deaths have bothered me, but Michael’s has not sat well with me at all. Here is a man that killed two ‘friends’ (AL & Libby) to protect and save his son. Yet, he was looked at as nothing more than a pariah. Then, he’s brought back to redeem himself, and he gets blown up and never sees his son again. I have never and will never like or even attempt to understand this. In my opinion, Darlton completely blew it on this one.

    • Johnification


    • watched17times

      You don’t think Michael deserved to die? Here is the thing I don’t understand though. Didn’t he redeem himself when he sacrificed his life to save everyone on the island? Then why is he “stuck” and can’t “move on” from the island? Isn’t redemption the key here? Maybe it wasn’t enough because he took two lives. Sayid took a lot more than two lives and he sacrificed himself. So we’ll see if these two end up with different or similar fates.

  • pop

    sun and jin? i know this was done before but those are two deaths i will be mourning over for awhile. juliets was hard because they showed it in the finale. then when they premiered they showed it on “previously on lost” then in the first few minutes THEN she was alive! but died a little bit later.

    • pop

      oh and Charlie! How can I forget Charlie?

      • watched17times

        For so long Charlie just bugged me to death! He was becoming quite sarcastic there for awhile too.
        “I’m a bloody rock god!”
        “You want to talk to the trees John? Oh yeah, I hear they are great conversationalists.”

        Remember when he pretended to hand the gun to Ana Lucia and then turned to hand it to Sayid? Even though I didn’t like Ana Lucia much.. I thought that was mean. He was just talkin crap the whole way to find the hot air balloon.

        Then he helped Sawyer make fools out of Jack and John and get the guns. He attacked Sun in the jungle. He set that fire to take the baby too.

        Then there was the whole statue thing. He even was talkin crap to Mr. Eko! Pretty brave though, right?

        I started feeling sorry for the poor little bugger when he was writing down his “greatest hits”. However, I thought he was pretty dumb at first when he came up through the moon pool making all that noise. When he was tied up in the Looking Glass I thought to myself..oh that was real smart. Now how are you going to turn off the yellow blinking light if you are tied up or dead? Smooth move ExLax! But when they were in the Looking Glass and the blinking yellow light was finally turned off, he asked Desmond if he had anymore flashes and Desmond said no. I thought Charlie was gonna live and I was actually happy. He sacrificed himself for everyone. The he was smart enough to write that on his hand. When he kicked off the door and did the sign of the cross. That’s when it hit me…along with everyone else.

  • Charles

    5 best deaths in lost excluding last 2 episodes. Juliette, Arzt, Eko, Farraday, and Charlie.

  • La


    • Lea

      BOOOOOONE!!!! Aw man. I was miserable after that. :(

      • watched17times

        I just don’t get it???? Although Boone was super good looking, his whiney personality made him unattractive to me. I don’t get why people liked him so much. I guess it was really the first shocker of a death.

        It really bugged me when he took the last of the camp’s water, was doing CPR incorrectly on Rose, was yelling at Jack that he runs a business and Jack isn’t the only one who knows what to do, made fun of Shannon even though she deserved it, asked if Shannon could come untie him when Locke drugged him, complained to the cops in Australia for not doing anything about Shannon’s boyfriend and figuring he should throw around his mom’s name as the owner of the largest wedding planner in the United States, fell asleep on sentry duty, tried to steal the gun from Sawyer while he was sleeping, and kept giving John a hard time about the hatch. The only time I really liked his character was when he went into the Beechcraft and when he told Jack to let him die instead of chopping off his leg. Oh, and I hated his mother. It wasn’t really fair that he had a trust fund and Shannon didn’t get squat! No wonder she was so bitter and hateful!

        Sorry, I just don’t see the attraction! I’m sorry it makes you sad though!

  • jimmyd

    Certainly Juliet’s was the tragic one but the death of Ben’s daughter at the hands of Keamy was unnerving and haunting. Each time I see it referenced I get emotional. Not quite Sophie’s Choice but certainly one of the most dramatic deaths in TV history.

    • Gator

      You are absolutely correct, jimmy. Alex getting shot was one of the most sudden and shocking deaths on the show. It was just so abrupt, and so deplorably cruel.

      At least Keamy got killed in retaliation – twice, technically!

  • scott

    Juliet and Charlie! Two of the best characters on LOST, period. Both deaths were emotionally satisfying, though Juliet’s didn’t need to drawn out to the 6th season premiere. I think Mr. Eko had great potential as a character, and his death was the most abrupt and half-assed, except, maybe for Ilana’s. I think Harold Perrineau is a great actor in his other work, notably, Oz, yet Michael almost seemed 2-dimensional. The writers are at fault for that one. Boone needed to go; he was too pretty, too gullible and too CW. The same was true for Shannon, until, frustratingly, she showed promise in the same episode in which she was offed. Libby was sweet, but unmemorable aside from the fact that she was somehow in a mental hospital with Hurley. With Ana Lucia, I think the writers tried to be provacative, challenging the viewers to dislike her, and it backfired. I liked her, but a lot of other fans rejoiced when she bit the dust. Charlotte was growing on me; yet, the writers do seem to have out for any female protagonist who isn’t a certain romantically waffling, patricidal, gorgeous tomboy on the run. Similarly, I have a feeling Farraday was so good, he was seen as competition for Jack. He would have been one of my favorites had he been around longer. I complain, but I still know LOST was the awesomest show ever, with the best writers around. My favorite deaths were Nikki and Paulo, not because they were so loathed, but, because, somehow the writers were able to turn it into a pretty cool episode.

    • C Love

      thank you the nikki and paulo ep never got the respect it deserved I loved it!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS SO RANDOM BUT GREAT

    • bree

      ugh don’t diss Boone!!! I cried so much when he died it was so emotional. The first big death on the show! And he was such a sweet guy.

  • Tracy

    Juliet! Locke! Two of the most tragic characters on LOST. I miss both characters so much!

  • Megan

    Everybody cleans up so nicely!!

    • agreed

      so true… the sideways world could be quite pretty with all of them in it like this!

  • Henry

    I remember when “Deus Ex Machina” aired (at least, I think that was the episode) and it was just a real shock to see Boone die. I mean, here was a major character (albeit a bit annoying) and he was bleeding out and dying. It was the first time Lost said, “Yeah, this is Lost and we’re serious about killing major characters. No one is safe.” And I still mourn Charlie’s death. I mean, the first time they “killed” him in “All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues,” they really did it well. The pacing between the “death” and resurrection was as perfect as a television show can do. The third season finale just had so much greatness in it that Charlie’s heroic death/sacrifice was one of many cherries on top.

  • Vivi

    Charlie Pace (Dominic M.) should have been in this photo shoot. Was he tied up or something? EW could have worked around his schedule. Charlie’s death still hits me till this day.

  • spk2629

    so where is Doc J and his take on last night’s epi? Still trying to shake the stink off it?

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