Jeff Probst blogs 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' episode 12

jeff-probst-survivorImage Credit: Monty Brinton/CBSRupert:  “There are no other heroes.”

Oh Rupert, I still love you, but after this season concludes you need shave the beard and create a new persona.  The one has grown tired. The lovable pirate who always puts integrity ahead of winning has served you very well and you will always be one of the most popular Survivors ever.  But it’s time for a change.  Listen, to be fair – I know I could take the same advice myself. Get me a new haircut, a different colored shirt and maybe some new dialogue, cause I’m sure the same argument could be made for me.  The Probst act has grown tired.

But, I’m the one writing the blog so that means I’m going to continue to focus my attention outward on everyone else… and leaving the inward thinking for my therapy sessions.

There were a few themes this episode.  Morality, hypocrisy and exhaustion. All three of them in full force.

It started with Rupert and Colby’s character assassination of Candice.

The reason we brought Candice back as a hero in the first place was because she stayed loyal to her alliance in the Cook Islands.  This time she is playing a different game.  Surprise, she wants to win.  But to listen to Rupert and Colby you’d think she had committed treason or some other terrible crime against humanity.

Colby: “Candice is so weak. She’s so pathetic.”
Rupert: “Self centered, greedy, manipulative. She killed us. Candice is a pitiful player.”

Really?  Isn’t she just playing Survivor like everybody else.  This exchange really stood out to me as a stunning example of what happens when you are tired and frustrated and looking for someone or some thing else to blame it on.  I don’t really think Candice is all those things anymore than I think Rupert is the savior he believes himself to be.  It’s all part of playing Survivor and the game is simply taking its toll on these intrepid but exhausted folks.

Case in point…

There is no doubt left in my mind.  The enormous emotional wear and tear of back-to back Survivors is severely impacting Russell’s game.  The man is flat out tired.  The kind of tired that makes you irritated just to be awake, but so tired you can’t fall asleep.  The kind of tired that lets you know you’re gonna bite somebody’s head off before they even say a word, you’re just waiting for them to so much as breathe… like a snake in the grass.  As a result, the microscopic filter system that Russell had been utilizing when in social situations is gone.

The ugliness that came out of his mouth while sitting across the fire from Rupert just made Russell one of the best candidates to take to the end because his chances of winning just took another nose dive. I’m not saying he can’t pull it out, but the odds are plummeting.   It wasn’t even so much what he said it was how he said it.  It was mean spirited, even for Russell.

I’m not making excuses for Russell when I say he’s exhausted.  He’s done a very good job of showing his true colors.  But I do believe that the emotional drain this show exacts is hard for the audience to truly understand.

The truly great players are “focused” on this game every single second of every single minute of every single day.  That kind of intense focus is so exhausting that once the game ends, many Survivors take months to get back to normal.  Think about it…you are in an environment that takes you out of your comfort zone, no creature comforts, where you cannot really trust anyone, where you have to watch your back at all times and on top of it all, you have to be thinking several moves ahead or you will lose the plot and your torch will be snuffed.

As I’ve said many times before, I’m eating and sleeping every day while we’re shooting and even I am exhausted at the end of a season.  I was a disaster after our back to backs in Samoa.  This game is nuts.  This season has been the most intense season we’ve ever had.  I’m amazed at the level of game play from these contestants.  We may never see something like this again.  It’s truly been a treat, but it’s taken its toll.  Look at their faces, their body language.

On my list of players that are still 100% focused on the game and only the game, there are four: Parvati, Sandra, Russell and Danielle.  All villains.  I know that offends everybody else left in the game but here’s my rational:

Colby is certainly a good strategist but his head has been in and out of the game this season and leaves him vulnerable.

Rupert is a decent strategist, but he gets too lost in the morality of what he deems to be appropriate behavior.  It’s wasted energy.

Candice is very smart but she doesn’t commit fast enough and it’s a fatal flaw.

Jerri just doesn’t have it in her DNA to only focus on the game.  Jerri will take time to enjoy a moment or stare at a sunset… I mean really stare at the sunset…and though it’s a great quality in life, it’s not one that works well in this game.

This doesn’t mean Colby, Rupert, Candice and Jerri can’t make it to the end and win. I’m only pointing out that right now there are four people who are truly focused on this game and with each passing day the toll of the game will make it harder and harder for each of them to focus.  Those who hold it together the longest have the best chance of winning.

I continued to be amazed at how quickly people will step out of a challenge for food.  It happens season after season.  People voluntarily stepping out of a challenge for immunity. Nuts.  They always blame it on “I wouldn’t have lasted long anyway.”  But after 20 seasons I believe it is simply evidence of Maslows Hierarchy Of Needs: Physiological needs – breathing, food, water – will always win out.  Playing Survivor does not even make the top five.

Much like Russell can’t help himself from saying ugly things with true malice, when you’re as hungry as these guys are, the desire to eat overpowers the less immediate desire to win a game show and a million dollars.

Sometimes I understand that people believe in their alliance so strongly that they do not feel they are in danger so they take the food.  But Colby was a surprise.  I’m sure by now Donaldson figures I’m picking on him but I’m really not.  Well, a little.  But come on, this is Colby Donaldson.  There are expectations that come with being the original hero.  One of them is you never give up.  The Colby of old would have stayed in that challenge until his arm fell asleep, then held on as it turned blue and only would have given up when the doctors pulled him out due to gangrene setting in.  But the Colby of 2010 is tired.  He stepped out of another immunity challenge despite knowing he is a major target to be voted out.

Rupert & Parvati were the only two that hung in there.  Parvati represented the villains, and her job was to defeat Rupert so they could vote him out at Tribal Council.  Rupert knew his job – win the challenge so he could stay in the game.  He did an admirable job, finally falling out due to a momentary loss of concentration.  Sometimes that’s all it takes.  Rupert, for all of my making fun of you becoming larger than life, I admire your effort in challenges.

Parvati wins another immunity challenge.  Parvati is a player.  She fights hard on all levels and she always wants to win.  Always.

After Russell played the idol at the last tribal council it was put back in play and boy what fun it was to be able to read the clue to the contestants.  You could anticipate the craziness that was going to take place back at camp.

And whadaya know, Sandra the lippiest Survivor in history finds the idol.  The moment just after she found it – where she is trying to hide it on her person and then ultimately hides it in the jungle – is the kind of moment that makes all of us on the production side smile with glee and jump for joy.  Those real moments are fantastic.

But even better than the Sandra moment was Rupert deciding to put a rock in his pocket and pretend it’s an idol.  And it worked.  If not for this brilliant decision and subtle Emmy worthy performance, Rupert was a shoo-in to be voted out.  This gave him life and a chance to stay in the game.  Sometimes that is all you need.  A chance.

Rupert’s acting was a performance that nobody could appreciate more than Russell.  Ironic, given that Russell is the one that fell for it the hardest.  I’m telling you the man is exhausted.  But it was fun to see Russell fail, right?  It’s always fun to see the guy on top… drop.  It reminded me how many times Russell has been right in the past.  Not this time.  He is slowly crumbling and if he doesn’t get it together quickly and wake up, Russell will not make it to the end.

Colby was on Candice again at Tribal Council.  I really don’t get it.  His lecture at tribal council was an admonishment.  Like a parent scolding their child for misbehaving.  It could be the wear and tear alone or it could be that Colby isn’t used to losing and is having a difficult time accepting it.  Either way it seemed misplaced.  Candice is not even top ten of the dirtiest players in this game.  If she were, she’d probably still be in the game.

Oh-oh.  Russell is not happy.

Russell:  “I’m not fully in control of this game right now.  But you know what, I’m gonna take control of this game so fast they’re not gonna know what hit ‘em.”

Russell …just woke up.

I loved this challenge.  It’s exciting, it’s big and anybody can win.  Parvati continues to impress me.  I don’t know that Parvati and I would ever be great friends and I’m pretty sure she’d be a tough woman to date, but if I’m in a fox hole, with the enemy approaching, I’d be very confident in our chances if she was the one who had my back.  The girl plays to win… at everything she does.

Remember how I said Russell woke up.  Well, he is wide-awake now.  With immunity around his neck, he can now attempt to get back in control of this game.

Russell’s attempt to break up his own alliance is a huge move.  Big moves can cost you the game.  Big moves can also get you to the final.  They’re risky, that’s why they are big moves.  Russell wants to win and he’s afraid that he may get left behind.  This is what you call “going for broke.”  It will either work or it won’t, but there will not be any middle ground.

I appreciate the move.  Whether it works or not, Russell’s game play continues to be one of the big reasons this season is so good.  But he’s going up against Parvati and Parvati as stated earlier, does not back down, from anybody.

Russell and Parvati’s argument in the jungle was their first lovers spat.  Go watch it again.  They are behaving like a couple and they are arguing.  Even their language is different.  It’s the language of a couple.  I know a lot of you are laughing at my ridiculousness, but I’m serious.  I know they’re not a real couple per se, but their bond has gotten to a point where the language reflects something different from mere Survivor play.

Russell’s decision to bring in Colby and Rupert is a perfect example of the hypocrisy in this game.  Russell who moments earlier had sarcastically called Rupert, “the second coming of Christ” offered to align with him so they could take out Danielle.  First he approached Colby, who had no issue aligning with Russell.  Then he approached Rupert, the man who despised Russell so much he had called him a “disgusting terrible human being.”  They bumped fists like brothers, without so much as a word and just like that… they’re allies.

That’s Survivor.  Right there.  Leave your morality at home.  Save your speeches for the shower.  Here’s the thing though.  Russell’s move doesn’t surprise me at all.  He has always said, “I’m a villain who is playing a game.”  Rupert on the other hand has made his name and a decent living off being the morally superior one. You can’t have it both ways.  You can’t stand on a pedestal and proclaim yourself the most moral of all only to hop off the pedestal the minute a better situation presents itself.  Changing sides and changing your mind is fine – that’s basic Survivor.  But you can’t have it both ways.

Let me be really clear about something.  I do not root for Russell.  I do not root against Rupert. I do not root for or against anybody.  I merely observe and comment.  Russell makes no bones about how he plays.  Neither for that matter does Parvati or Sandra.  They play hard and they know it could cost them in the game.  What is annoying me (now I’m the one losing my mind!) is the holier than thou crap spewing out of people’s mouths.  Rupert just proved the point better than any rant I could ever make.  He’d team up with Russell right now if he thought it would get him to the end.  To repeat, there is nothing wrong with changing strategies, but the lectures about right v wrong have grown tired.

Okay, thank you.  I feel better now.  I think I need to go stand in a good rain storm.   Anybody wanna join me?

Wow.  I have to gather energy to continue because what happened at this tribal council was damn near historic.  A breakdown.  The wear and tear that I’ve been talking about this entire blog showed itself again.  Danielle has played so hard.  She has been so focused.  She has given tremendous effort.  But she lost it tonight.  While Parvati remained calm, Danielle panicked and it cost her.  She lost focus.  She took Russell’s bait and he got inside her head.  If only Danielle could have hit pause on the Tivo she could have gotten it back together.  But Survivor doesn’t have a pause button.  It goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.  I would never criticize somebody for being tired.  It’s a result of playing a very difficult game.  It’s just the way it goes.  There was a showdown.  Russell won.  Danielle lost.

She played a heckuva game but she came up short.  See ya on the jury Danielle.

At the live reunion show in NY on May 16th, we are going to crown one Survivor the winner of the “Dumbest Move” in the history of Survivor.  You will decide who wins the trophy!  Cast your vote at:

See ya next week!

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  • Mary

    Unedited, love you Jeff!

    • Dr Zechariah Zenith

      Rupert with the fake idol faking the king of idols. That was amazing.

      Is it me but Jeff Probst used to have lots of hair in the previous seasons. Now he is always wearing a cap or a hat or something.

      • crows2

        Survivor 22: Second Chance Edition
        Mike S (Australian Outback)
        Silas (Africa)
        Hunter (Marquesas)
        Robb Z (Thailand)
        Andrew Savage (Pearl Islands)
        Rory (Vanuatu)
        Cao-Boi (Cook Islands)
        Ace (Gabon)
        Ben (Samoa)

        Lindsey (Africa)
        Gina (Marquesas)
        Dolly (Vanuatu)
        Angie (Palau)
        Misty (Panama)
        Tracy (Micronesia)
        Sydney (Tocantins)
        Betsy (Samoa)
        Marisa (Samoa)

      • crows2

        Survivor 24: Winners (The Ultimate Survivor)

        Richard Hatch (Borneo)
        Chris Daughtry (Vanuatu)
        Tom Westman (Palau)
        Aras Baskausas (Exile Island)/Brian Heidik (Thailand)
        Yul Kwon (Cook Islands)
        Todd Herzog (China)
        Bob Crowley (Gabon)
        JT Thomas (Tocantins)

        Tina Wesson (Australia)
        Vecepia Towery (Marquesas)
        Jenna Morasca (Amazon)
        Amber Brkich (All-Stars)
        Sandra Diaz-Twine (Pearl Islands)
        Danni Boatwright (Guatemala)
        Parvati Shallow (Micronesia)
        Natalie White (Samoa)

        How good would it be to see the winners of Survivor battle it out to see who is the Ultimate Survivor.

      • Annie

        Crow- You suck

        Jeff, you are not now, nor will you ever be tired. Rupert, on the other hand…

        My favorite quote of the night is Colby waxing about “Im proud of how I’ve played the game…are you”? WTF? Colby, if you are reading this, and I certainly hope you will; you haven’t even SHOWN UP for this game! You are the biggest non-player I’ve ever seen not play this game. I wish you would have quit two days in. Seriously? You dropped out of an immunity challenge with a significant chance that you would be voted out.

        Note to Jeff: On behalf of everyone who loves this game, I beg you, give that Douche’ what he deserves at the finale. Call him out and let him know that if there were a poll for the most pathetic player of all time, he certainly would win. He’s worse than that loser from the “Fans” who quit like three days in.


      • Steven

        I always thought a good season would be winners vs people voted out first.

      • Annie

        For the record, I’ve never liked Colby. I can appreciate a player like Russell, who is out to win it, no holes barred than players like Rupert who are out to make some moral societal statement about how good always triumphs over evil. Ya right, maybe on Mars but not on planet earth.

        I digress; back to the subject of my wrath, Colby. I thought he was an idiot for turning over his million to Tina. There is often a fine line in this game between heroic and idiotic. Colby is a case study in it. A perfect example is last week when he stupidly told Amanda that since Danielle found the clue it was hers. WHAT?! Was he heroic for doing the “morally correct thing” or an imbecile for once again, giving away any chance the “heroes” had of getting a leg up?

        I don’t care who wins, although thanks to AH like Crows2 we all know who wins; but, as long as Colby doesn’t win Im a satisfied viewer.

      • final tribal


      • walt

        Jeff, you’re the man. You would not believe the amount of anger that I built up listening to rupert and colby call candance and russell pathetic and disgusting. Those guys aren’t even playing the game; they have no right to criticize people who are actually trying to win while they try to stand on a moral high ground until inevitably getting voted out. But lo and behold, when Russell approaches them about getting candace out, they immediatly join his side again. Here’s a message to Rupert and Colby: YOU’RE PATHETIC.
        p.s. colby, you’re a loser dude. i guess that’s why you’re proud of the way you played your game…you dumbass

      • mark

        Walt you’re the moron, how can you say that Rupert is not playing this game? Thats the worst statement i’ve read today. 2nd, lay off colby. He’s still there isn’t he? If he would have dominated several challenges do you think he would still be there? I don’t, russell would have gotten him out ages ago. Don’ knock him for his strategy. As for Candice, she was a greedy moron, its not about her strategy. Its about having a lock on the final four and flipping it for the final 6…it cost her, thankfully.

      • crows2

        Umm Annie, when did I say who won Heroes vs Villains?? I don’t even know who won!

      • RD

        Terry Deitz from panama was a great player. He what 8 immunities? he shoud be added to the next HvV Good v Bad

      • UghColby

        Annie, totally agree with you about Colby. He’s proud because he won a game of shuffleboard? That’s all he’s done this season. There’s no way he came up with the plan to vote for Candice to give her 5 votes–he must have heard someone else say it, because he is the least strategic player in this season. I’d take Jerry over Colby because at least she’s not self-righteous!

      • Annie

        Mark- FYI doing nothing in challenges that insure your stay in the game is not a “Strategy”. It’s laziness and a lack of interest in playing the game. It’s clear to everyone who has watched this series for years that Colby is a waste of space, but if you actually read what his team-mates have said about him, they all confirm that he did NOTHING strategically or otherwise in this game. In fact, Candace just confirmed that all he did was “lay around in the shelter all day”.

        Crow-If you’re not the JA who posted the results then my apologies.

      • mickeyjs12

        I agree the Russell is fun to watch but each week I hoped he would be voted off. The social game is a big part of Survivor and he is clueless in that aspect of the game.
        As for Rupert, no he has not been at his game this time around but he made a great move faking an HII and and I dont blame him for his comments about Candice, the Hero’s would have been in charge of the game if she did not flip, if it was me I would have been pissed to. As for him aligning with Russell to vote out Danielle of course he would do that, it kept him in the game a little while longer and that is the hole point of the game isnt it??? It is not like he stabbed someone in the back that he had an aliance with so what is the big deal???

      • Scarecrow

        Crow your ideas for upcoming seasons aren’t bad.

        “Survivor: Second Chance” is promising but I’m not sure about getting a cast full of former winners.

        Some of them are pretty quiet players for one; and how many of them would actually go back to play the game?

        I think CBS should take a serious look at your second chance idea and tweak the cast a little more. That’s definitely an all-star season worth peek for me.

        P.S. – If anyone from CBS actually reads this I think Russell H. is a good addition to the cast. I know he’s played Samoa and is currently playing HvsV but no one on the island has actually seen him play on the T.V.

        It will be very interesting to see how he fares with people who actually knows how he plays the game.

      • Old School Survivor

        Crows good idea. I like your second chance list choices. Jeff any interest from CBS in an idea like this?…we’re starting to tire a bit of seeing that first tier of survivor “celebs” compete in now their 2nd and 3rd seasons (as can be evidenced by the infinite number Colby and Rupert putdowns posted in this blog) … So how about giving a chance to some of the B-list interesting characters of the past that left us wishing to see how they could have done if they got further toward the end of the game — people like Silas, Savage, Mike Skupin, Dolly, Lindsey and the always crazy and entertaining Cao-Boi. As a Survivor-aholic it would be way more interesting for me to see this group of favorite underdogs get another chance than seeing another season with brand new players.

        Crow, your second idea of winners is also good but not as intriguing to me. Many of the winners change and lose their survivor “edge” once they become millionaires (see Jenna Morasca in All-Stars) so I don’t think it would make as interesting a show — but I could be wrong.

      • Old School Survivor

        Annie, I think you got something stuck in one of your “no holes barred” from taking this show way too personally. You need to take your anger toward your TV (I mean toward the image of Colby playing Survivor) and apply it to something more constructive than pathetically spewing hatred in an anonymous blog.

        P.S. The saying is “no holds barred” … comes from the world of wrestling ;-)

      • Scarecrow

        @Old School

        They can’t put all star seasons back to back. That would be like having no off season on the NFL or the NBA.

        The next season is well underway anyway so we’ll just have to wait and see.

      • 190

        crows2 – Two great ideas.
        Annie- get some help for the anger problem.

      • TTThunder

        Instead of having all winners season, I think it may be more entertaining to have:

        – Voted-out-first season
        – Never-voted-out-but-never-win season
        – Out-by-blindsighted season

      • will

        @ annie colby is no where near johnny fair play no where close. Colby hasnt quit and he wont so its no even close

      • Jeff Probst

        And just to clarify the constant rumors about a “Second Chance…”
        It’s never going to happen. Survivor has thrived on the mentality and social skills of players and most, if not all, qualified players made it into their respective juries.

        And to all commentators, please stop spamming the “Sandra beats Russell” lines. It’s tedious and unnecessary considering anyone with a brain can sum up that Russell will not have the sufficient votes to win the game.

        And how can you deem a winners season without Earl from Fiji? That dude alone has more smarts than the entire cast of woman I banged on Survivor.

      • Bedj

        what if they decided to do an all star season?
        winners vs Losers?

        winners, obviously..and Losers are the castaways who made it to the final 2/3 but did not win…


        Yul (cook islands)
        Aras (exile island)
        Richard (borneo)
        JT (tocantins)
        Todd (china)
        Jenna (amazon)
        Danni (guatemala)
        Parvati (micronesia)
        Natalie (samoa)
        amber (all star)

        Rob Mariano (all star)
        Mick (samoa)
        ozzy (cook islands)
        Dre (fiji)
        Clay (thailand)
        Amanda (china and micronesia)
        Neleh (marquesas)
        Stephenie (guatemala)
        Sugar (gabon)
        Katie (palau)

        watcha think?

      • Annie

        Hummm…Interesting that some of you have added emotions to my posts. Maybe you’ve added inflection where there is none?

        Perhaps, Im just a person who loves the show and has a opinion about how a player is playing the game?

        Perhaps all of you who think Im angry are yourself angry reading my words?

        Cause Im not angry. I just think Colby sucks at Survior. :) LOL

      • Earl

        Survivor Tip #815

        Don’t Alienate Your Cast Members!!!

        Look what happened to Shambo. That changed the game.

        Look what happened to Sugar in Gabon.

        Look what happened to Candice now.

        So Future Survivors, make everyone FEEL they are part of the group even if they are not.

      • Beth

        Final 3 is Sandra, Russell and Parvatti and Sandra wins it all!

      • Diggy

        Beth, you are an @$$hole.
        Is it fun to post the frickin’ spoiler, huh?

    • Al

      Say what you like about Russell.
      Yes he is a liar. Yes he is paranoid. Yes he has no awareness of how he affects people and so will never win a jury vote.

      But he is money. He has created the great majority of the entertainment and intrigue for the last two seasons. For that alone he deserves millions from the producers.
      Without him, there’s every chance we’d all be talking about Survivor having jumped the shark.

      • Jesse

        We need to enjoy every single moment that Russell provides because if he EVER plays this game again, there is NO way he makes it past the first tribal council. Like him (which I do) or hate him, Russell has breathed life into this show and future players will hopefully model themselves after him and tweak the social game. I think it’s hopeless, but GO RUSSELL!

      • Kevin

        I agree completely. Russell is the only reason these past 2 seasons are watchable. The day he said he was an oil tycoon worth millions while burning socks and dumping water was the day he became my all time favorite. I just love how he doesn’t play the way everyone else in the past has, he has seen how the game is suppose to be played and ignores it. He constantly make big moves and plays the way everyone should. Check you conscience at the door and do what it takes to remain in control.

      • Greg

        Good point Jesse, he’ll probably be voted out first in future seasons…although, maybe he won;t, he’s just that good!

      • Fish

        I thought the same thing. This is the last time we’ll see Russell play “Survivor” because if he ever gets cast again, he’ll be the first one voted out. He didn’t learn his lesson from Samoa–you can’t lie, connive and betray people in the the vicious way he does and expect to get jury votes at the end.

      • Erich

        Yes Russell has been a great source of entertainment and is the best player ever in manipulating others to do what he wants. However, he has no clue how to play the social game which means he can never win. I suspect that snake Sandra will win because she knows how to ride coat tails without pissing people off. That is the one flaw in the game. People who are totally insignificant in the challenges and making big moves… yet they still win a million dollars. Last season was a perfect example and Sandra winning here will prove my point. She is annoying and obnoxious in her comments on what she is going to do… which by the way never happens.

      • mrdoug

        I’d agree he’d be voted off 1st… unless there is an immunity idol within 200 miles of where ever they’re playing… then I’m not so sure.

      • jayemeff

        Some people say Russell deserves to win because he is the best player ever. But he isn’t. He is the MOST ENTERTAINING ever. That may get you praise and admiration from viewers, but it won’t get you a million bucks from the jury.

      • Lisa

        Erich, I get that most people seem to hate the “under the radar” strategy in Survivor. But, it is a strategy that in some seasons has worked (and is especially effective in the final tribal vote when the competition has pissed off everyone on the jury). Sandra has made a few strategic moves herself this season, so I think she’s a worthy winner if she does win. Think about how long she was on the outs in the villain tribe before the merge, yet here she remains. She picks and chooses when to speak out, and she’s been dead on with her decisions. Over the years I’ve loved watching some of the under-the-radar players when they sneakily do things that put a wrench in the plans of the players who think they’re running the show. I’d hate a season of all Russells. I love to watch all the personalities and conflicts. My least favorite: Jerri–I think she’s gazed at one too many sunsets in her life for this game.

      • rykat

        The jury SHOULD vote on who played the BEST game period. If Russell makes it to the end (and I hope he does)he should win hands down – based on game play. Like him or not – he plays this game BETTER than anyone EVER has.

      • Erich

        Lisa… As much as I dislike Sandra I will admit she is no idiot. You don’t win Survivor by being dumb. It’s just that she is so annoying with he snarl and comments on what she is going to do someone. She is a follower and not a leader is the thing I object to most. In an ideal Survivor, the person who learns how to lead people to do what they want would win. Isn’t that how you would really survive on a remote island? I don’t like boston Rob but he was the best natural and likeable leader. He just didn’t know how to make alliances with people he didn’t necessarily care for. That is why he is gone and Russell is still there.

      • D

        @Erich-I think that Russell is totally insignificant in the individual challenges. I mean, has he ever won individual immunity before last night? It shows only a limited appreciation of the game to randomly pick finding and playing of HIIs and bullying people around as the only factors important in this game. I LOVE watching Sandra. She doesn’t let people push her around and is often on the outs but manages to find a way to SURVIVE. That is a big part of the game to me. It is like in sports-offense vs. defense. Sandra is one of the greatest (maybe THE greatest) defensive player ever on Survivor. Defense involves actions and purposeful decisions NOT to act. Too bad you don’t appreciate her game. It’s awesome.

      • kross

        love him or hate have to admit..without him it would be so boring to watch. And as Jeff stated last week, because of Russell they will have to rethink how they use the HII for seasons to come!

      • alex

        yep…I am just sitting back and enjoying his show…since like said by others…it wont happen again…Ever…

      • sOuLReBeL

        @D: Russell had already won immunity challenge in Samoa… the very last challenge where he beat Brett (probably the most important challenge of the season ;-) )

      • mish

        i agree! my hubby and i r huge fans, yearly hosting survivor thursday get-togethers and always making a huge spread the week that has food auctions, rupert used to be my fav of all time until russell , i cried when he lost out to natalie, and hope he wins this season, if not, gets awarded the fan fav million, i just hope his wife doesnt kill him when he gets home for being so close w/ parvarti, shes a maneater!

      • camel

        I still think an amazing season would be to pit the 1st person voted out of every season against each other. No alliances, no real experiences as survivors. It would be a redemption season.

      • Cyberkimmy

        I have got to say that I never watched Survivor until there was Russell, and omg, what a player! He is the reason I am watching it and is the whole show as far as I am concerned. If he stays to the end I get to watch and if he gets voted off I also get watch the response of the jury (at the Ponderosa) to his snarling, amoral, backstabbing, and lying play. It just great entertainment! 2 shows for the price of one.

        Russell, you have all my admiration and even though you have forever changed the game of Survivor, and if you ever get a chance to play the game, will probably be voted off the first thing, it is my hope that you will leave a trail of trolls, demons, imposters, and scallywags so evil that they will keep us on the edge of our seats every Thursday night (in may town any ways). You go Russell and I will miss you (but not really) when you do. And no I do not want to be friends.

      • @Erich

        What? If Russell was so great at manipulating others to do what he wants, then why did he fail so miserably with Parvati? Russell is so overrated and last nite’s episode proved it. And, Jeff, I don’t buy for a minute that Russell’s stupid move was due to fatigue. It was due to paranoia and arrogance, which is why Russell is not one of the best players ever.

      • beth

        Boston Rob manipulates people. Russell manipulates the game and that is why he is the greatest player ever. Russell is always thinking 10 steps ahead of everyone. The guy DOESN’T NEED social skills because he is a master chess player. Other contestants are drawn to him because they recognize this strength. Over two seasons, every time Russell is the lone one standing without an alliance or has his back against a wall or is threatened by another competitor he takes them out. It is amazing to watch. Trust me, the guy could come back for a 3rd season will end up in the top 4.

      • Scarecrow


        I don’t think there’s enough star power in the people who got voted off first to actually base a full season on :S

        Might as well get a totally different cast. Survivor’s casting team does a good job anyway.

      • TTThunder


        This game is called “Survivor”, not “Dominator”, so you don’t need to dominate to win games…

        You just need to ‘survive’!!!

        This is why I can never understand why people hate Sandra with her anyone-but-me strategy. It’s not like she is riding someone until the end (Like Natalie in Samoa). She did made some little moves for herself without making anyone hates her…

        Go Sandra!!!

      • Lenny

        Some people are idiots. Russell was not robbed, the jury concept has been there from day one and they can vote for you for whatever reason they want. It’s your own fault if they don’t want to vote for you. Hatch, Heidik & Todd were all dickish strategists but they got the jury to vote for them.

        And for those that say Sandra has no game, I suggest you actually watch Pearl Islands (or even this season without the inside of Russell’s ass blinding you). Sandra was the target at the final 5, she took control of the game and got 0 votes at that tribal. She convinced Lil to take her over Johnny Fairplay.

        She knows when to take control of the game and she knows when to sit back and roll with the flow, she knows how to make sure it’s not her going home in which she has gotten 0 votes so far in her 2 seasons playing and the second is after winning it last time.

        There has always been a social aspect & there has always been a jury to vote. Russell wasn’t robbed, he knew of these things he just doesn’t know how to play that way.

      • sonny

        I think he owes the producers of survivor a million bucks. You can’t buy that amoun of face time over the public airwaves.

    • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

      Jeff, if your reading the comments in your blog -GET ME ON SURVIVOR! I did have the best video in the online contest, but I’m not going to get into
      that again (it’s still on you tube if you didn’t see it). I need to give everyone a real lesson on how to play survivor! I am going to point out another dumb move by Russell once again. I seem to always find his faults, maybe because he is the best player to ever play this game. I am a huge Russell fan. First of all, I am very happy to see Rupert fight to stay in, unlike Colby who has
      checked in awhile ago. I thought that Rupert made a great move by putting that rock in his pocket. I saw him feel inside his pocket when it was time to
      play at tribal. What I would have done differently if I were Rupert, when Jeff said “if anyone wants to play the idol, now is the time to do so”, I would have stood up and pretend to get ready to use it and then make a comment like I think I will roll the dice and take my chances. I’m going to hold
      onto it for just one more time. And then I would sit down. OK back to Russell. Russell is a brilliant player he knew he needed to break up the alliance between Parvati and Danielle. The way he went about it however almost blew up in his face when Parvati said “No, I’m going to talk to Danielle and
      find out what is going on”. But I’m not going to harp on that. YES BREAK UP THE ALLIANCE AND GET ONE OF THEM OFF. But why in the hell would he vote off the weak person in the alliance and keep the strongest? The one who is also controlling the game. It’s obvious to everyone that Russel AND PARVATI are in control. Rupert even pointed that out. Now was your chance to get
      rid of the strongest player who can beat you at the end. Instead 2 players went home last night that he could beat easily at the end. At this point of the game you need to be thinking for votes at the end. Parvati can beat him, Danielle CANNOT. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is anyone left that Russell will beat with Jury votes except for Jerry. Believe me, for the viewers it was much better to get rid of Danielle, she is a weak player and not interesting. What was that breakdown at tribal? Come on give me a break! I prefer to see Parvati. I love her, she is a great player. That is why as a player, Russell picked the wrong one out of the alliance. Maybe he just didn’t have the kahunes to get rid of Parvati.

      • Annie

        Hey “best2never”…you are what we call “bestarmchair” in the biz.

      • scott

        You’re a moron. Everyone thinks they can play survivor when they are on their couch and privy to everyone’s conversations. You’ll never get on the show.

      • chad

        It’s so easy to tell others what the Survivors should and shouldn’t do. Especially sitting on a comfy couch, Pringle crumbs on your chin, ice-cold beverage in your hand, and a wire-tap into every conversation. Dude…give it a rest will you?

      • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

        All right. I will concede that I have an advantage being at home and listing to everyone’s conversations. Perhaps I am not as good as I use to believe. I think I will hang up my ‘Survivor Hat’. Thank you all.

      • jerome

        Finally! Somebody got him to close his trap! Thank you chad!

      • Marc

        Hear Hear!!

      • musica1

        How can you say Colby wasn’t playing? It was his idea for him and Rupert to throw their two votes in with the villains 3 votes for Candace. If they hadn’t done that, the villains’ strategy would’ve succeeded.

      • mary mac

        What is your video titled? I want to see it.

      • KEH

        Jeff and Russel should get a room or something..

        Jeef is now sounding like the PR team for Russel INC. Yes poor Russel the only All Star who got to play without anyone seeing his game play. We all know if they had seend even a 2 hour best of version of Russel’s season.. the troll would be gone. SO lets not whine for the troll getting tired.
        Rupert out witted him with the pretend idol.
        Russel should enjoy the Survivor love fest from Jeff and Production because if he ever plays again.. he will be hard pressed to get quick alliances.
        Producers give Russel and unfair advantage thn Jeff has to make excuses. Face it Rupert wanted to push his buttons and push them he did. And yes Candice chose a key stupid moment to jump ship.. and I am glad it cost her.
        but enough with the Russel love please..May he crash and burn soon

      • BestPlayertoNeverPlay

        Fri 05/07/10 3:24 PM Don’t listen to that crap someone else used my name.

      • Laura

        Your suggestion about Rupert at Tribal counsel standing like he was going to play the idol(aka the rock) and then sitting back down and stating he was going to wait…Brilliant! I would have loved to have seen him do that. It would have been a brilliant move.

      • chad

        @ BestPlayer2NeverPlay
        I used your name. To prove a point. In your mind yu can control what you say, what people respond, what the situation’s outcome is. But in REALITY you have no control over the latter 2. I used your name, made a statement as you, and people believed it. Just like in Survivor, you cannot dictact or predict what others will do or say to get you off the island.

      • cdfahey

        Russell did not vote out Parvity because she makes him feel powerful. Parvity is brilliant.

    • Jeff Probst

      Grow up Mary!

      • Jeff’s mama

        Yes, Mary, you hussy, leave my jugeared boy alone.

      • Cyberkimmy

        Jeff, I really like the way you confront the players at the tribal councils. I’d like to see more of that.

      • will

        JEfffff i live close to NYC and i want to go the renuion how can i get tickets???????? by the way ur awesome and u sahould never leave this show its what u were born to do!

    • darclyte

      Thank you for doing these blogs, Jeff!

      • James

        I’m sorry, but why is Jeff sticking up for Candice. Of course Colby and Rupert are gonna be angry at her, she betrayed them, what doesn’t make sense about that? Is Jeff still trying to justify the decision to make her a hero? She never was and never will be, move on. I’m just glad shes gone.
        But even more glad that Danielle is gone. She really had this high opinion of herself. Like during 2nd council she tried to make it sound like it wasn’t just Parvati and Russell running things.

    • lana

      I’m with jeff. It bothers me that these superstars of Survivor, the only people out there who truly know what it takes to play the game, are getting their feelings hurt when they get out-maneuvered by a better player. Like Samoa Part 1, when that jury of amateurs felt bad and crowned Natalie the winner when clearly Russell was the better player. I figured these players would crown the true winner instead of sulking. I hope they do, but it’s not looking good.

      • D

        Just so you know the true winner is who they crown and not the audience’s opinion of who it should have been. Go Parvati and Sandra!

      • mark

        please, the “better player” if Candice is a better player than any of the remaining survivors…i’ll eat russell’s hat.

      • Kiki

        The better player is the one that wins. It’s as simple as that.

      • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

        Part of being a great player also is a social game as well as knowing who to take with you. I believe that Russell took the right person last time but he pissed off too many people. I still believe he deserved to win. This time around he again is pissing off too many people, and this time he is taking the wrong people to the end. A double whammy. Although I am a huge Russell fan and I hope he wins I am not so sure that he will. A side note- I believe the outcome would be more interesting and fair if the Jury were not able to talk to each other after being voted off.

      • chad

        you mentioned that last week about the jury…nobody agreed with you then.

      • TTThunder


        Russell did not take the best player with him last time…

        He should have voted out Natalie and took Jaison. He then can tell Natalie later that ‘I’m sorry, I need all the men’s help to get II to get rid of Brett!’… He will surely get 1 vote from her!

        And I do not think the jury will vote for the arrogant-but-did-nothing Jaison (like they did not vote for Mick)…

      • musica1

        Russell wasn’t the better player, and that is exactly why he lost. To be a successful player in Survivor, you have to have great strategy, great alliances, AND a great social game. You have to be able to vote people off while not completely pissing them off. Russell has no clue how to play the social game. He doesn’t just vote people off, he treats them with such animosity and disdain that there is no way they can vote for him. That is a MAJOR flaw in a Survivor player. See Parvati’s (Fans vs Favorite) or Todd’s (China) play to see how the game should be played to be strategic, aggressive and still win.

    • Rosalie

      Im not a Russy fan at all. I think he is a very ENTERTAINING player, but so was Shambo, Rudy in Season 1 and Big Tom in season 3. I rank Russy with the likes of those players. Yes, he knows when to use hidden Idols, but he can no longer find them without clues. He is an average strategist, and unfortunately his social game sucks. Russy is a very EMOTIONAL player. His moves are baseed out of fear & anger(emotions). However, I will defend him today because there was no need for Rupert to insult him. First of all it was Rupert who thought there was a female alliance and went with the plan to give Russy the hidden idol. Colby also thought they were doing a historic move! Do not blame Russell/Candice or call them names when it was J.T., Colby and Rupert who put the first and final nail on the Heroes coffin. Russell took advantege of the situation. Candice also thought she was taking advantage of a situation, just like Rupert did when he was asked buy Russy to vote against Dannielle. Russy was really stupid to think that Parv would not talk to Dannielle after Russy told him what “Danielle” had said. HE did the same thing last week when Candice told him Sandy was voting against him, he went and talked to Sandra. Why would he think that Parv would not go and talk to Danielle? Anyhow, Sandra continues to amaze me. Not one person knows she has the hidden idol yet. Does who say she plays under the radar, please explain to me how. She is loud and is not afraid to speak her mind in any situation. Even when she was in the outs in the villains camp, she told the others that they lost the bowling challenge on their own and that it was not her and Courtney’s fault they were loosers. LOL. Go Sandra!

      • Jane

        y r u calling him russy?

      • HeckuvaJobBrownie

        Russell, Parv and Sandra – each is an awesome player in my book–I’d be very happy if one of them wins. Check out those vids of russell on youtube–I think his nephew did them, they’re great

      • sonny

        His name is Russ-Hole dammit. At least that is what is on his rap sheet in Louisiana. Arrested on April 23rd and charged with Battery, for beating on an 18 year old girl. He can’t possibly ever win Survivor, nor can he ever win the fan favorite. That’s like voting Charlie Manson most personable.

      • Rosalie

        Try to respond with something intelligent next time there sonny. Add something to the conversation. I’m not a russell fan and even I know that TMZ retracted their statement.
        “Hantz was at the Festive International de Louisiane, when he was accused of pushing a woman down to the pavement.

        The woman victim was a member of Russell Hantz’s party guests. She told police Hantz didn’t push her or battered her. Cops told her since they had a witness statement, they would go ahead and arrest Russell Hantz.”

      • sonny

        Rosalie, I don’t know if you are lying intentionally, or just making up things erroneously, but either way, you are WRONG. If you go to and search for russell hantz or russhole hantz, there are 15 resulting postings. NONE and I repeat NONE, say that the charges were dropped, or that tmz retracted any of their original posts. Russhole is due back in court on JUne 24 to face charges of Battery. it doesn’t sound like his “party guest” is retracting her original statement either. He probably forgot to offer her 10 thousand dollars to say he isn’t the best batterer in the history of battering woman.

      • Rosalie

        ‘Survivor’ Star May Go After Cops — Legally
        Originally posted Apr 24th 2010 12:25 AM PDT by TMZ Staff
        The “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” star who was arrested for battery in Louisiana yesterday claims the whole thing is a “misunderstanding” — and is considering taking legal action against the cops who busted him.

        A source close to Russell Hantz tells TMZ the reality star was partying near a bar he owns in Lafayette, LA Friday morning when some random partygoer told cops they saw Hantz push a woman.

        We’re told the alleged victim was a member of Hantz’s party crew and she told cops that Hantz never touched her. But according to our source, cops told Hantz that because they had a witness statement, they were going to arrest him anyway.

        We’re told Hantz believes the cops mistreated him during the incident — and now he’s considering taking legal action against the arresting officers.
        Search the title in google to find the original story ON TMZ. I don’t know it you are to stupid to find it or if you are the lier but its all right there.

      • Rosalie


      • Hazy Janey

        How do you think that it is a retracted story? Just because Russhole says it’s all a misunderstanding? there is an arraignment on June 24th and I am not a lier, whatever that may be??? You my dear Rosalie, are a liar!

      • Hahaha

        What sonny? Had to change your name? Don’t want people to know it was you luring children into giving out there emails on the internet? You’re a sick freak sonny.
        Also since you are to stupid to understand the english language.
        Lier -a person or thing that lies, as in wait or in ambush.
        Dumba$$, Ha

    • freckles

      Hi Jeff – ANY time you need someone to chill with in the rain, you can call me.

      • qtpii

        oh yeah……….

    • Dutch

      Rupert and Colby were ABSOLUTELY right to call out Candice. Twine was ready to flip to the Heroes side and Candice flushed that down the toilet. Was it a good move for Candice? Apparently not. Agree Donaldson’s play is 1/4 a$$ at best. Put the popcorn down buddy and make Danielle/Amber READ the clue in the room! Don’t give up a challenge for donuts. Oddly his lackluster play saved him. As for Rupert I hated his “loyalty to his alliance” early in the season when he was making moves based solely on that but he smeeled out Russhole a few weeks ago, and it may be self righteous to “scold” Russhole but I did enjoy it. Russhole is an egomanical swine, pure and simple. Did enjoy seeing him throw Fakey under the bus. Bye-bye Danielle!

      • Jeanette

        I COMPLETELY agree with you, Dutch! I love Jeff Probst, but I think he has it all wrong! Candice swtiched her alliance and that caused Colby and Rupert to be sitting ducks. Of course they were angry! Of course the called her names. I certainly would have!

        As for Rupert “alligning” with Russell…I don’t think I would call that an alliance! He voted against someone he would have voted for anyway. It is not like he betrayed his alliance to vote with Russell. If Russell would have approached him about getting rid of Colby to stay in the game, that would have been hypocritical.

        Jeff Probst

      • Juneau

        Even though I’ve not been a heroes fan this season Colby and Rupert were right to call out Candice. She flip-flopped all day (not to mention running to Russell to tell on Sandra)and SWORE to Colby and Rupert that she was voting with them. Then Sandra had to work hard to pin her down on who she wanted out (which was Amanda – and at Ponderosa she’s still lying about it being Sandra who wanted Amanda out). Colby was just saying that she should have told them what she was doing before TC. Better players than Candice have done as much. And to betray her 4 for a bottom 6 spot on the Villains was really stupid. It wasn’t a risky move as she suggested, it was suicide. LAME-O, not a Hero.

    • Ashley G.

      Obviously the dumbest move was JT giving russell the immunity idol

  • Stephen

    sofa!With this move,Russell seemed to be tell everyone “don’t vote for me in the Final Tribal Council”.It’s a big move,but he lost long-term interest,lost their trust,lost jury’s votes,and most importantly his fans.
    I am a big fan from China.We watch the show through the Internet.One advice:please don’t let the hidden idols affect the game.There are too many idols this season,and it’s too easy-finding.

    • Dr Zechariah Zenith


      For consideration on Survivor Heroes vs Villains 2.

      Brett Clouser, Samoa
      Bob Crowley, Gabon
      Yul Kwon, Cook
      Todd Herzog, China
      Terry Deitz, Panama
      Kelly Wiglesworth, Borneo
      Danni Boatwright, Guatemala
      Natalie White, Samoa

      Stephen Firshbach, Tocantins
      Shane Powers, Panama
      Earl Cole, Fiji
      Chris Daugherty, American Idol
      Natalie Bolton, Micronesia
      Corrine Kaplan, Gabon
      Twila Tanner, Vanuatu


        That’s gotta be the most boring cast list for an “all star” season

      • Laura

        God, that would be the worst season of Survivor ever. How is Todd a hero and Earl a villian?

      • Kyle

        Gotta agree with Laura. That season would suck.

        Why the hell would Brett be asked back? The man got about 5 minutes of airtime the whole Samoa season over.

      • UM

        Worst line up ever! You are awarded no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

      • Rob

        Wtf, “Chris Daugherty, American Idol?”

      • UM

        Chris Daugherty from Vanuatu.

      • Tayo

        Someone Don’t have know all the survivor winners

      • Tayo

        Someone don’t know all the survivor winners

      • Eric

        Wow! How often do you get a chance to quote “Billy Madison”?

      • UM

        Haha…not often enough! I’m glad someone caught it, I was beginning to think no one understood my sense of humor.

      • @Dr Zechariah Zenith

        Chris Daugherty, American Idol!! That was Chris Daughtry who was on AI. Your list just sucks so bad. Survivor would be canned if they put this lineup on TV.

      • Lisap

        I’ve got to agree that Natalie Bolton deserves to play this game again, and I’d love to watch it. Though I don’t think Cirie* ever got enough credit for convincing Eric to give up the idol, Natalie’s the one how did most of the footwork to make it happen. Plus, she was beyond entertaining when talking with the camera.

        BUT Kelly Wiglesworth? Seriously? How do you even figure her for a hero, the only reason she looked good was because Richard and Susan were so much worse by comparison.

        And I know Bob Crowley was nice and smart and all that jazz, but he was so so boring. The heroes this season have suffered from a lack of doing anything interesting and all of them were at least exciting to watch on their respective seasons.

        *I mean seriously, it was her idea. Yes she need other people’s help to do it but she was the mastermind of the whole thing and knew enough to tell the other girls how to go about convincing him, it would never have been possible without her. It wouldn’t even have occurred to the others. And she played that tribal council so subtle, knowing how to push him just enough to think it was his only hope at winning without overselling it. Brilliant.

      • Victor

        Big WTF’s for Todd being a hero and for Bob and Earl being on the list at all. As for Brett, it’s not his fault he was completely ignored so the editors could cram more of their precious RussTroll down our throats.

      • smith

        terrible list

      • Aisling

        I believe it’s Chris DALTRY (or Daltrey), not Daughtry, fool.

      • Aisling

        Why are Kelly Wigglesworth and Terry Dietz “heroes?” Two of the most unpleasant players ever.

      • Stacey

        What about a Survivor – ALL VILLIANS! We can sit back and watch them all eat eachothers heads off until only one is left!

      • Bailey

        Ok, three major problems with this.
        1. How is Earl a villian? He got every single jury vote.
        2. How is Todd a hero?
        3. Chris Daughtery-American Idol WTF?

      • Rob

        Ohhh Chris from Vanuatu, yeah he was awesome, single handedly took down the only remaining alliance which was completely made of Woman.

      • i’MNotHereToMakeFriends

        God spare us from another rendition of HvV. And 1000 HIIs. How about Millionaires only or War of the Runners Up or Villains Only (could be like Prison Island)

      • Earl

        I would be happy to be a Villain rather than a Hero.

        Being a Hero, you are heavily restricted to outwit others. Backstab all you want but maintain the game.

        I would definitely kicked Russell @$$ behind.

    • The Vicster

      Hey, I am in China too, I’m not Chinese, but watch it on Tudou

      • cdfahey

        Yes all the winners, that would be great. Bring it on!

    • Greg

      Russel never lost me as a fan, in fact he GAINED me as a fan

  • Jenn

    Yet another fantastic Blog Jeff! I look forward to these every Friday morning. Last night’s episode was one of the best 2 total blindsides. I don’t like Danielle so I’m very glad that she’s gone. I haven’t like Russell since last season and I like him even less now. If he wins.. ugghh I don’t even want to think about it.
    Next week looks just as incredible!

  • Dr Zechariah Zenith

    That was a big mistake by Russell. He ruined a perfectly good gameplay.

    Candice going out was easy. But on a jury’s perspective, everybody hated her especially the Heroes. It would be wiser to take her to the final 3.

    I guess Russell thought of that too and it was ruined so he wanted to take out Danielle now rather than later. But Danielle won’t win compared to the very likable Sandra.

    Russell should have voted her off first. It was a million dollar mistake.

    • Lil Tuts

      No it wasn’t. He wouldn’t win against Sandra OR Danielle, it doesn’t matter what he does anymore.

    • Rob

      Russell didn’t want her to go, didn’t Rupert and Colby just sneakily add their votes on for Candice when the Villains alliance split the vote?

      • qtpii

        Russell wanted the split to be between Colby & Rupert. Jerri convinced Danielle & Parvati to vote for Candice and Colby overheard them and he and Rupert jumped at the opportunity for revenge. Serious mistake by Russell breaking up his alliance; he should have waited. But I’m not sad Danielle is gone (buck teeth and all).

    • Lisap

      I won’t agree that Sandra is likable, to be honest I can’t stand her. And if her alliance had made it I bet we’d be seeing her in a much different light.

      She has proven herself to be a great player this game though. She has openly opposed Russell multiple times and is still here, just name another player that has managed that. This episode showed how she might be able to be the last standing member of her alliance since before the merge but still make it to the final; she is the only person this entire game who has managed (through strategy and luck) to find an idol and keep it COMPLETELY secret. No one even suspects her. This is how the hidden idols are supposed to be played.

      • Tayo

        Well said.

      • Lisa

        I completely agree with you, Lisap. Somehow she chooses very carefully and wisely when to speak out and when to lie. She’s always playing. She may play under the radar, but she’s no coattail rider this season.

      • simboopix

        Agree – I never liked her before but am starting to appreciate her style – love the way she talks to Russell

      • D

        She proved it to me the first time she played, you know, when she won the million dollars?

      • Anna

        Russell’s mistake, and he keeps making it, is dismissing Sandra as insignificant. She’s not.

      • BeeBee

        I can’t wait to see if Sandra remembers where she hid the HI and if she’ll ever get to read the note that it was wrapped. I think that note could be very crucial to her game.

      • TTThunder

        I like it when Sandra talked to Russell and everything she said is a lie…

        Man, she knows who she should lie to…

        I also love it when she replied “I am against you Russell”…

        Go Sandra!!!

    • BeeBee

      Has anyone thouhgt that Russ has a good ole case of jelousy? He’s finally putting 2 & 2 together… His girl Parv and Danielle and he did’nt like the looks of it! Go Parv!!


    HI JEFF I REALLY LIKE YOU HAHAHAHHAHAHA also this episode was great


    • TTThunder


      Since this is All Star reunion, will it be possible for CBS to make it 2 hours?

      Go Jeff!!!

  • Dr Zechariah Zenith

    Great show once again.

    This show is really unpredictable. It deserved not just the Emmy’s but an Oscar as well.

    I mean it is the Superbowl of Reality TV Show.

  • Liz

    Jeff, can we lessen the amount of HII next season? I mean every freakin episode one pops out and it’s ridiculous. It’s to the point that it really is ruining the game for me.

    • Dee

      There’s always one in play per tribe. So after Russell played it, they had to have a new one. Sandra hasn’t played hers, so there won’t be one next week.

      This means at every TC a HII could be played, so it is always a factor which I think makes it a solid constant.

    • Survivor Freak

      The “rule” is that one HII per tribe stays in play until final four. When it gets played at Tribal, it gets hidden again. If no one had played an idol yet, it wouldn’t be coming up every week. In other words, it’s the players, not the producers.
      Perhaps “The Russell Factor” will be that you only get to find and play it one time for yourself – making it crucial that you hold on to it until you truly need it.

      • D

        I don’t think that is a good idea. It is inconsistent with the fact that you can hand over your individual immunity idol to someone else in the game. Maybe if you can only PLAY it one time for yourself and then after that if you find one you HAVE to give it to someone else (or at least not play it)?

      • D

        I like the idols being played. It adds to the unpredictability of the game.

      • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

        I like that- a nice twist

    • Lu

      I know the rule but I don’t like it. In the past two seasons the idols have been played so frequently you don’t really need to do anything but find the idols. I think it really detracts from the game.

      • cdfahey

        I like the idols too, I think is does add to the game.

    • Annie

      Liz-Amen. The HII are out of control. Lets go back to the days when if you were voted out…you were voted out.

    • Jenn

      Yes. I’m getting sick of there being idols all over the place.

    • Maggie May

      I miss how they started – with multiple clues before you actually got to the HII.

  • The Vicster


    • Heather


    • JS


      I’m not sure what’s more pathetic – your need to “first” post, or the fact that it was about halfway down the page, behind a ton of other comments!

      • jj11

        The screen name is def more pathetic. The Vicster? Puke

    • Rob

      hahaha so fail.

  • Green Screen

    I’m confused with Jerri. In Tribal #2 she flipped her vote to Colby, Rupert, and Russell’s to vote off Danielle, abandoning her three Villains girls. This makes sense, not because of the empty threats that Russell was giving Jerri, but because she was at the bottom of the Villains alliance and without a switch to Colby and Rupert she likely would likely have been voted off soon. But now it looks like Jerry is staying with the very people she abandoned (Sandra and Parvati) while Russell joins the Heroes. I understand Russell’s switch (Parvati and Sandra are dangerous) but Jerri’s? It doesn’t make sense but maybe Russell got to the Heroes first, maybe Sandra showed the Idol, who knows. It just looked like this was the most logical time for Jerri’s big move and instead she stayed with the alliance she just voted against, the only logical purpose for the vote I can see being to switch alliances.

    • Dave

      I doubt Russell is really flipping to the heroes. It doesn’t make sense from a numbers point of view.

      • UM

        I agree, Dave. Why would you want to bring a hero to the finals with a jury of heroes. It would be a huge mistake, even though I highly doubt Russell can win a jury over anyways.

      • Linda

        BUT he did screw Parvati over. I think their alliance is finished. Both of them will be scrambling next week to get the numbers. Russell knows that Parvati is furious with him for Danielle being voted off, and he also knows that Parvati is much better-liked than he is. Next week is going to be GREAT!!!

      • Lisap

        In my experience the jury has a tendency to surprise. There have been several season where jury members have voted for people they seemingly hated. Russell did manage to get some votes last season, and based on people’s attitudes during the game and final tribal I’m still scratching my head about Parvati beating Amanda for the million.

      • Rob

        It’s the producers trying to make, once again, it look like Russell’s in trouble, they do it in every freakin preview for the next episode. “Next time on……Survivor. Russell is on the outs with his tribe…”. Jeez whats new. I miss survivor when it was an ensemble cast. Not just the main character being Russell with a supporting cast of everyone else..

    • Walter

      I agree. I also thought the initial switch was dumb of Jerri. She stood a better chance with the villains. Russell and Parvati would have turned on each other pretty soon anyway. Wasting your switch and back-stab on Danielle, who wasn’t going to win is useless. Russell doesn’t trust you now, Parvati is pissed and Sandra’s smart enough to be playing for herself. Jerri gained nothing, and probably lost, with that move. Dumb. Also it bothered me how easily she swung at Tribal. It makes her look weak-minded. Also, sad as it is, Rupert and Colby, who both think they’re still in their prime, really only trust other guys (Tom, JT) in their alliance anyway. So you’re still going to be 4th in a 4 person alliance. Which is where she already stood with the villains (behind Parvati, Russell and Danielle but before Sandra).

      • HeckuvaJobBrownie

        I get what you’re saying, but have to disagree a bit about Jerri – by allowing herself to be “bullied” by Russell into voting off Danielle, doesn’t that move Jerri into Danielle’s spot now she’s gone? To me it looked like a weak-willed move that actually benefited Jerri. Candice is gone, Russell discounts Sandra (mistake), that leaves Jerri, no?

      • i’MNotHereToMakeFriends

        Hah! Didn’t read Linda’s comment below before typing

    • Linda

      I understood Jerri’s vote. When Danielle said that she, Parvati and Russell were a tight alliance of three, it was clear on Jerri’s face: “Umm .. THREE? Don’t you mean FOUR?” I think it hit her like a ton of bricks: these people had no intention of ever taking me any further than this. When Danielle stumbled and cried during tribal council and made the comment about the *three* being an alliance, Jerri had to go with her gut and I don’t blame her for thinking that voting for Danielle and keeping the alliance of THREE intact was working against her best interests.

      • Shannon

        Exactly. Well said.

      • Lisa

        You’re right, Linda. That’s exactly how I interpreted the situation. I think the producers even added an obvious “bing” noise when Jerri reacted to Danielle’s “we’ve had an alliance of three from the beginning.”

      • Hollywoodaholic

        Right. If Danielle kept her mouth shut at tribal, Jerri sticks with her original vote. Didn’t hear the ‘bing,’ but obviously Jerri finally did through the curls and blank eyes.

      • Rob

        Yeah true, I hadn’t really thought of that, Chur Linda lol.

    • Connie

      My take on it was that Russell told Jerri to vote for Danielle because he knows shes in his pocket, but did not tell Sandra because he thought she might tell Parvati & Danielle-thus Sandra thought she WAS voting with the villains. Next week is going to be AWESOME!!!

    • Jeanene

      Jerri did exactly what Russell told her to do. Talk about riding coattails. That’s Jerri.

  • James

    oh man, how can Jeff say that Russell spoke with great malice when he was just defending himself against Rupert’s attempt to take him down, that it was so insightful really just showed that Russell is good at reading people.

    make no mistake; this season was concocted for Russell. And Russell’s desire to shake things up and go for Danielle just seems like he has been asked/paid to do so by the producers, it made no sense and ruined the episode.

    • Claire

      lol seriously? everyone needs to give up on this whole conspiracy theory. Russell believes that he is the greatest player ever and as we’ve seen the most important thing for him is to believe that he is in complete control. He felt that his control of the game was threatened by the Parvati/ Danielle relastionship, that is why he got rid of Danielle. There is no way russell would allow a producer or anyone tell him how to play the game.

    • John

      Disagree with the conspiracy. Agree, however, that Jeff was basically purposefully baiting Danielle into an emotional breakdown. Not that it was hard. I think breathing in her direction would have caused her to breakdown at that point. She should have kept it together better, especially when you could tell she knew her emotions were starting to swing it against her.

      • Lil Tuts

        WTF? Where do you get off telling people who have been stressed out living on an island (with RUSSELL) for 30 days to “keep it together better” it must have been HARD. Sure, it cost her the game, but I don’t blame her at all, how can you?

      • Ian

        Because she’s played before. She knew what she was getting into, and it was lame. Danielle and the worst breast implants ever can go home now. Boo hoo….

      • Victor

        That’s his job as host: push as many buttons as he can find.

      • BarbSC

        It must have been extremely frustrating to have Russell sitting next to you & saying he never said what he said. I might have screamed & taken a swing at him!!!

    • Billy

      One thing is for sure, there is no way Danielle is voting for Russell now IF he makes it that far.

    • Survivor Freak

      Russell has played two seasons back to back on the idea that “if I can control their emotions, I can control their minds”. It is an incredibly insightful strategy as the majority of the game is played psychologically. Russell specializes in creating chaos to keep everyone off-balance emotionally. This is why he is one of the best players ever.
      Danielle has my sympathy, though I never thought she should win. I have always had a hard time with being accused of lying when I wasn’t, and I don’t have the exhaustion excuse.

      • Lu

        Yea but nobody likes to be messed with emotionally and that’s why he won’t win. It’s why he lost his first season and it’s why he’ll lose this one. He plays a god awful social game and thinks that people will put their emotions (which he dragged through the mud) aside and vote for him because he found a bunch of idols.

    • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

      It made perfect sense to break things up with Danielle and Parvati. Whoever says that the producers told him to do that must be smoking something. I do believe in conspiracy theories but I do not believe that is the case here. I know CBS fixed the entire online application contest for survivor. So they are capable of fixing contests and shows. But I find it hard to believe that this is the case. Russell is a smart player. Parvati and Danielle were too close. Parvati shared information about her HII with Danielle and not Russell. That pissed off Russell and he was still not over that. It was smart to break that off because that could mess up a game plan when 2 people are that close. The only dumb move was he picked the wrong one off to vote off (not for a viewers point but for a players point of view). Why would you vote off someone who you could beat at the end and keep Parvati, who you could lose to. Either Parvati is really playing Russell with her charm, or she is playing him with her tough game play and he didn’t have the Kahunas to go for it. Either way big mistake. However, in my book, Russell is the best player to ever play. I on the other hand can beat any of these so called “all stars”. This game is 85% strategy 10% physical strength and 5% luck.

      • smith

        they fixed the contest because you didn’t get on the show? you really need to stop posting.

      • qtpii

        hey best2never play, I thought you said earlier that you were thorough posting; yet here you are again. give it up dude. you’re never going to play, especially with your theories.

      • musica1

        Everyone commenting on Jeff’s blog is the Best Player 2 Never Play Survivor. Being an armchair player means that in our minds, we would never make the dumb mistakes any of these people do, AND that we would have brilliant strategy going always! We’re also smart enough to see when someone is just a sore loser, be it in the game of Survivor or in the online competition to be on survivor.

    • Aisling

      Man, I loved seeing Russell take down that hypocritical twerp Rupert. Sorry, Probst, but Rupert’s squandered any good will he had previously, and he will NOT be considered a “favorite” any longer (especially now that people feel stupid for letting themselves fall for all the producer hype about what a great guy Rupert is). He’s a mean cretin, and he deserved every word Russell said to him. Can’t wait to see him booted off next week, when Russell is back in full force.

      • duude

        your opinion. I think Rupert was disgusted by Russell’s tactics. That doesn’t mean he should roll over and quit. Calling out Candice is part of his character. Remember what he did to Johnny FP?
        Rupert doesn’t suffer traitors.

    • cdfahey

      Conspiracy theory anyone?

  • Greg

    Loved this episode!!!!!!!!!!! DOuble Immunity challenges!!!!!!!!!! Thank God Ruperts still there!!!!!!!!!

  • Portion Control

    I am loving Russell again this season, but he’s officialy cooked and I think he knows it. His actions last night reminded me of a suicide bomber, just looking for someone, anyone to take down with him. Aside from maybe Jerri, I don’t see him being able to win a final vote against any of the remaining Survivors. He’s been a lot of fun to watch, and a great player, but I don’t think his style can win a final vote.

    • JDMOM

      You know what his actions remind me of, I just watched a documnetary on Charles Manson and when Russell was doing his little side interviews, his actions, eyes, mannerism, attitude, almost everything, reminded me of Manson. They manipulative and need to be in control! Did you see how mad he was when he thought he wasn’t in control. It was really creepy for me!!

      • allison

        He is kind of Mansonesque. It’s the crazy eyes! I checked out those home vids on youtube that have him with his family though. Interesting b/c they show a totally different side to hiim–he has a great happy family.

      • allison

        Manson ate out my once. Thought you should know that too.

  • Hubert Cumberdale

    Speaking of hypocrisy I notice no mention was made of Sandra’s regarding the hidden immunity idol.

    Great episode btw.

    • D

      It was mentioned in Probst’s blog above, if you read it. I don’t see what that has to do with hypocrisy either.

      • Hubert Cumberdale

        The idol was mentioned, the hypocrisy wasn’t.

        You dont think it’s hypocritical for Sandra to go searching for an idol (and then finding it) after her and Rob were criticising Russel for looking for it in an earlier episode?

        Oh and after all her talk against the idols she didn’t have a problem accepting one from Poverty either did she.

      • vivian c.

        It wasn’t hypocritical. Russell was condemned that first time because he went against the group agreement to not look for it. I personally don’t remember her talking against idols; I just remember her talking against Russell. Yet at the same time, Sandra’s not stupid. When you’re facing the threat of elimination, you’re not going to refuse an idol that was GIVEN to you. Use some common sense.

      • Hubert Cumberdale

        Episode 4: “It’s not fair for one person to have an immunity idol” and that was before Russel went looking for it btw… oh wait let me guess that only applies before the merge? yeah nice excuse.

      • duude

        Hubert, that was during team portion of game. Its everyone for themselves now.

    • sandra fan

      last time the villians all agreed not to look for the idol, no such agreement this episode

    • cdfahey

      I thought Sandra’s play of the idol was one of the best moves this season.

  • Isabelle

    Wow. Jeff I mostly agree with your blog, because you usually know what you’re talking about. NOT TODAY.

    Sorry but your blogs DO tend to have a pro-Russell perspective. To be fair, most of the time this is justified because he does make big moves in the game.

    But why so much despise for the Heroes?

    I was INCREDIBLY surprised with your attitude towards RUPERT.
    1) Earlier in the season, you blatantly called him out at a tribal council for being loyal…pretty much calling his strategy stupid. So at this point you felt loyalty would be his downfall.

    2)RUPERT HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO VOTE FOR DANIELLE! What were his options? It was either HIM or DANIELLE.

    Surely deciding to NOT get voted out does not count as sneaky and hypocritical behavior. It’s called logic.

    Rupert is a good guy. When he decided to vote with Russell, what other option did he have? It was going to be him or Danielle. Why waste a vote and get voted out in the process? Contrary to what you think, being a hero and being stupid are NOT the same thing.

    3) Colby and Rupert were justified in their anger towards Candace. She dropped the ball and switched. Sandra was willing to help the Heroes, but Candace blew it. Wouldn’t you be angry?

    When Russell or Parvati get angry that’s fine. But when Rupert and Colby get angry its hypocritical? Gimme a break.

    4)Rupert’s argument with Russell was great strategy on Rupert’s behalf. Give the tie-dye man some credit! He exposed Russell’s vindictiveness and the fact that he has no hesitation to swear on his children. THEN, he faked an idol in his pocket which ended up ultimately saving him at tribal. If Russell had done these moves you would be screaming GENIUS from the rooftops. Why don’t you give some props to Rupert?

    • Sarah

      Well said!

      • Sarah

        i was referring to the post by Isabelle not you Jeff. haha

    • TEENA


    • Josh

      You’re so confused! Sure, it’s fine for Colby and Rupert to get angry; it’s their hypocrital sermonizing that Probst criticized them for. Rupert is NOT a good guy–he’s a bullheaded near-Cro-Magnon who didn’t deserve to be on Heroes vs Villains in the first place (especially after his dismal performance in the last All-Stars). Rupert deserves no props, you moron.

      • duude

        dismal performance on first All-Stars? He finished 4th.

    • mickeyjs12

      I could not have said it better myself.

      • david

        I agree it was very dismal. He ended up in fourth because he was used by Rob and that’s the highest he could get. Despite knowing and even voicing that the duo of Rob and Amber had to be broken, he did nothing to make that happen. He just went along for the ride, let others play the game to win, and then was dropped when he was no longer useful. Rupert is a horrible Survivor player. Moreover, I can’t believe how he treated Candace for flipping, calling her names. Would he have felt the same way about Sandra if she had flipped to the heroes side? I doubt it. Rupert is a sore loser.

  • Tanner

    Why so much hate for rupert?

    • UM

      He sucks

    • Lisap

      I don’t get why Rupert is playing up the Hero angle this season. Wasn’t he the one who stole the opposing tribe’s shoes in Pearl Islands? He seems to want to play whatever character the Survivor producers give him. Props for raising the red flag as soon as Russell swore on his kid’s life. He was right, anyone making such bold statements of honest in Survivor are definitely lying.

      • mark

        1. thats just ruperts style. 2. I don’t understand why all the rupert bashing from this episode. He clearly spelled out what he was trying to do. He was trying to get Russell MAD. Even Russell said it. Ruperts idea was to fluster Russell and show his true colors to his alliance. IT WORKED!

      • qtpii

        @ Mark. I totally agree. Rupert’s point was to expose Russell and get him angry. He knew Russell’s Achilles’ heel and he took advantage of it. Great play Rupert. You are still in the game as a result.

    • Josh

      He sucks big time–always has.

    • Lenny

      Yeah I actually enjoyed Rupert here, I didn’t like him in PI, he was tolerable in AllStars cause he backed off the over the top stuff and it wasn’t all about him. Then he went back to terrible at the beginning of this season. But since the merge he’s been great, he’s actually showed some brains & his instincts and play have been spot on. Lying is one thing but swearing on your kids life to advance in a game is too far and shows what a bad father Russell is (along with being a bad player). That’s what Rupert was talking about, not lying.

      People are just pissed that the tye dye wearing pirate played the almighty Russell Hantz.

      • Aggie, Frankfort

        Oh, bull. There’s nothing wrong with swearing on your kids’ lives–it’s just a game and you should say whatever you think will help you. Of course he didn’t mean it literally. It says nothing whatsoever about his parenting skills. Stop being so judgmental. And Russell is a very good player. I don’t know that he’s the best ever, because his abrasive social interactions ensure that he stands very little chance of winning. But he is very good.

        And I am not pissed that Rupert played Russell; on the contrary, I thought it was a great moment. Just goes to show that, good as he is, Russell can be played just like anyone else.

        I just don’t want Parvati or Sandra to win. I don’t like either one of them. Parvati relies too much of her supposed good looks and charisma (neither of which I can see), and Sandra is just obnoxious with her superiority complex.

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