Lindsay Lohan to play Linda Lovelace, producer says: Smart move for her?

Lindsay-LohanImage Credit: Tom Briglia/FilmMagic.comLindsay Lohan will portray a porn star, according to Wali Razaqi, the producer of the film Inferno. And not just any porn star: Linda Lovelace, the Deep Throat superstar who later became a feminist crusader against pornography. Razaqi confirmed to that “Lindsay Lohan has been cast as Linda Lovelace” in Inferno, and also told The Los Angeles Times that “We’ve all thought that Lindsay would be a great choice for a while now, and we’re all convinced that she is going to do it.”

Razaqi says he plans to make an official announcement at Cannes this month, but Lindsay hasn’t confirmed it herself (several of her reps have not responded to a request for comment). And Razaqi’s assertion that “we’re all convinced that she is going to do it” doesn’t exactly sound ironclad.”

I have mixed feelings about the potential collision of Lohan with Lovelace. Lovelace is a rich, complex character, and if the script is decent, the role has the potential to be a game-changer for any brave actress willing to bare…well, everything. But is it wise for an actress who seems to be struggling with her own demons to tackle a character who promises to venture into some really dark places? Lohan’s life seems bright in contrast to Lovelace’s lowest moments, which included claims of serial rape, battles with drugs, and reluctant appearances in hardcore porn. Is this a character whose skin Lohan really needs to wear right now?

Despite Lohan’s reputation, I still sense a wealth of goodwill towards her from fans who still point to Mean Girls as evidence of her talent. But talent isn’t the only issue. After all, Courtney Love was amazing in The People vs. Larry Flynt, playing Flynt’s drug-addicted stripper wife, but I’m not sure that role did much good for her image or her health. If Lohan does play Lovelace, I hope it’s the beginning of something great and not a sad punchline that further consumes her.

Is Lovelace a good or bad thing for Lohan? If it’s a bad thing, what roles should she be seeking instead?

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  • Sean

    Not sure about this role, it may be difficult for her to research !

    • Rock Golf

      Ah! I see how she got the role. In the job description, there was a clause that the actress must provide her own appropriately monogrammed towels.

      • A.S.

        She can kick this movie’s ass. I’ll never give up on her. Game-changer indeed.a Go for it Lindsay.

    • stan

      She’d be a good fluffer.

  • Julie

    I don’t think she should be seeking any roles. I think she should be getting her life cleaned up and in a stable place. The girl is still a train wreck and it will be another needless tragedy when she winds up dead.

  • Terry

    I totally agree with Jeff. This is a potentially complex, meaty role that could be accolade-and-award bait for the actress who ventures into it, HOWEVER…Lohan’s own personal demons could either make her performance an amazingly truthful, honest, realistic one, or could further destroy the actress’ fragile sanity. I hope that if she does it, it becomes the start of a positive new phase in her career…

    • TheObserver

      While I agree with you Terry, the problem with having Lohan in this role is that it subjects the work to caricature. ‘Lindsay Lohan plays a pornstar’ is just too ripe for comedy picking for many people to look beyond that to the potential for it to be a true career changing role for her.

    • bet

      she cannot play this role to it’s fullest. she has too many problems that she is in denial about, so there will be little for her to tap into. it will be a shallow performance. even if she could get the porn star aspect she will likely tank at being the empowered feminist leader. its almost a guranteeded poor performance, but probaby a comercial success.

      • all stakes

        I see it all on the flip-side. I can’t see this film being a commercial success in any way whatsoever. BUT I do see it as a perfect way for her to let out her emotion in a creative fashion.

        Has anyone seen the Cinco De Mayo trailer for Machete? It’s very campy. She has no chance of being America’s Sweetheart anymore, she’s accepting that. Based on that, she should channel herself into the next Chloe Sevigny. Remember when Chloe performed oral on film? Yeah, now she’s on Big Love, still makes film, AND she has a career in editorial fashion. That’s what Lindsay needs, Chloe’s people.

        I think she can pull it off.

        BUILD LINDSAY AS THE NEXT CHLOE… she ain’t Julia Roberts.

      • Diane

        To all stakes: You said exactly what I was thinking

      • stan

        Your inability to use upper-case letters is a big problem, too.

  • Liv

    Dude, I think any good will Lindsay had with her fans has been burned away by now. Seriously, Mean Girls was 6 LOOOONG years ago. In the meantime, we’ve had “I Know Who Killed Me,” “Labor Pains,” and that horrible half stint on “Ugly Betty.” Lindsay WAS talented but right now she kind of sucks the big one… haha then again Linda Lovelace would be the perfect role!

  • &&

    I suppose more the question here is: is she a good enough actor to actually play someone else? Don’t get me wrong, I like Mean Girls and think she was good in it, but she has been characters that are close to her own personality in the past. I think roles like this can bother or even destroy good actors who embody the character (I’m thinking of Heath Ledger being the Joker here) but that is good actors. If she phones it in for this movie, as she easily could, it would probably have no affect on her at all other than giving her more money and another chance at stardom.

  • Bridget

    I’ve never understood why everyone said she was so great in “Mean Girls” considering that the real standout was Rachel McAdams. And Lohan’s acting in other roles (as well as the fiction she tries to uphold in her own life) is just awful. Seriously, I wouldn’t pay any money to watch this woman on screen, and it’s made worse by the fact that she’s just an icky human being.

    • Jennifer

      Exactly. I think the bigger question is would people actually go and pay money to see her act? Her movies flop because no one wants to do just that. I’m not entirely convinced that a good role will change people’s minds, given the circus that is her life.

  • petuniafromhell

    hmm..ok, i don’t understand what the obsession is with LL’s performance in Mean Girls..mean girls was a high school movie, yes, she could act, but that’s about it. I think the rest of her work speaks for itself, she needs to go away.

    • huh?

      exactly. how much acting does it take for a high school student who’s kind of entitled to play a high school student who’s kind of entitled. people talk about parent trap, but even that was only impressive just because she was young. hayley mills did a much better job in the original imho. freaky friday i was relatively impressed with. but she didn’t do anything phenomenal, just what i would expect any real actor to be able to do. she phoned in prairie home, georgia rule, i know who killed me blew all over (what were director/producers/writers smoking?) havent seen labor pains, oh and that movie where she was supposed to be unlucky? awful. really, she’s just not that talented.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Well if you are good at something…

  • Justin

    She should stay in the nightclubs, she’s no actress.

  • ZurichHottie

    Girl needs money. Can Tina Fey toss her a bone?! Twofer’s girlfriend? Lutz’ sister?

    • Rye

      LOL… maybe one of Cerie’s cousin?

      • Steve

        Its funny I hope they both go down. Anyone high enough to sing a song a sky full of lihgetrs has to be on something. They are both are people that are odd.

    • Damisson

      The biggest turn offs to me are girls who have yeast gnoiwrg in their vagina. I always tell the girl: If you’ve got yeast in your hole, this date is over.

  • Ally

    Geeezzz she looks horrible, like she’s 55 years old :0

    • Emma

      I was also considering age here. Isn’t she too young for this role? She may not look her age but she hardly look older than 25.

      • me

        Lovelace was 22 when she made Deep Throat.

  • Alicia

    Maybe playing the part will help her come to terms with her demons.

  • Murderpuss

    I’d be amazed if she could stop partying long enough to actually show up on set every day and complete a starring role in a film that makes it into theaters. Nobody’s going to hire her to play anything but a drug addict or messed up whore, so she might as well take what’s being offered.

    • stan

      There’s something to be said for the coke buffet behind the scenes. She’ll show up, alright.

  • Kingfish

    Perfect role for her !

    • Rock Golf

      Lin— Lo— playing Lin– Lo——.

  • greyhoundmom

    ….and the circle of skank is complete.

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