'Lost' producers, actors speak about tonight's 'they did not just do that!' shockers

the-candidateImage Credit: Mario Perez/ABCI can only imagine what you’re thinking. I can only imagine what you’re feeling. And if I had to put a voice to those thoughts and emotions, I suspect it would sound something like this: “You know, the last thing I want to read right now is a couple thousand words from Doc Jensen about the relevancy of existential literature, progressive rock, and the films of Andrei Tarkovsky to Lost. What I really want right now is to hear from exec producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof about why they did what they did tonight during ‘The Candidate.'” Spoilers ahead, Losties. SERIOUS MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED “THE CANDIDATE,” STOP READING RIGHT NOW.

But back to your thoughts. “Forget the title of the episode. ‘The Candidate’ had absolutely nothing to do with finding and naming Jacob’s replacement and instead had everything to do with making me feel really, really, REALLY crappy! How dare they take down Jin and Sun in a sinking submarine! How dare they make the Korean couple’s daughter Ji-Yeon an orphan! And how dare they kill Sayid! So what if he died a heroic death and by trying to smother the Locke-ness Monster’s bomb? He’s Sayid! We love him! Why did they have to die? WHY?”

“Because now you know this show is willing and capable of killing anyone,” says Damon Lindelof, suddenly materializing in my office in a puff of brimstone accompanied by Carlton Cuse. (Actually, that isn’t true. I interviewed the producers over hamburgers… but I’ll tell you that boring story in Friday’s Doc Jensen column. On with the important stuff!) Why was it so important for Lost to prove that it can be downright homicidal during its last season? To establish once and for all that the Locke-ness Monster is the true villain of season 6 and quite possibly all of Lost. “There is no ambiguity,” says Cuse. “He is evil and he has to be stopped.”

Or, as Terry O’Quinn told me in a recent interview: “Puffy is one nasty mo-fo.”

To be clear, the producers are not heartless bastards. They’re only semi-heartless bastards. They knew fans would be devastated (and angry) about the deaths and were pretty broken up themselves about offing three beloved creations. “When we watched the death scenes ourselves, it was brutal,” says Cuse. “[But] the story always comes first.” Lindelof elaborates: “In many ways, the season was structured as a long con on behalf of the Man In Black. Once we revealed that Locke was the Monster, we knew the audience would immediately mistrust him, and we would have to spend at least a dozen episodes of Locke trying to convince the audience that he did not have malevolent intention, that all he wanted to do was get off The Island. But everything he was doing was leading up to one moment, which was [trying to] get the candidates in one fell swoop. He knew if he killed just one of them, everyone would know what he was up to.'”

Says Cuse: “There will be very little debate at the end of this episode that [Fake Locke] is evil and bad and has to be stopped. The main narrative reason for him killing our main characters is to establish how much of a bad guy he is and to clearly identify him as the antagonist rolling into the end of the series.”

Lindelof recognizes that there’s something “brutal” about killing Jin and Sun just one episode after their long-awaited reunion — which, he says, is exactly what made the lovers such an apt choice for making a statement about Fake Locke’s malevolence. “At least they got to die in each other’s arms, so they’d have some sense of victory,” he says. And Sayid? Lindelof explains: “Sayid’s entire season-long arc has basically been, if you tell him that he is evil, you can convince him he is evil. But if you tell him he is good, maybe you can convince him he is good. We basically decided that in a moment of pure instinct, if he did something, if he sacrificed his own life in favor of saving the other people’s lives, that would convey to the audience, ‘This guy was actually a good guy.'”

The good news for fans of Lost and fans of Jin, Sun, and Sayid in particular is that they are technically still alive — in the Sideways world. “Still, it’s bittersweet,” Yunjin Kim told me in a recent interview. “They were kept separate for so long, and then they came together to die together.” She found it “beautiful” that Sun and Jin were given an end that served as an affirmation of their love and the heroic sacrifices they made for each other. “We’ve come full circle,” she says. “Sun came back to The Island [and] risked her life to save her friends and Jin, and then Jin does the same thing back.” When I asked her how she prepared for Sun’s final Island moments, Kim told this story: “Right before we started shooting, [director] Jack Bender took me aside and told me about story that he read a long time ago, about this woman who was missing her dead husband, and how she had this beach ball that he blew up before he died. Every day she took a little breath from the beach ball. And that really got me right into the emotional core of where I needed to be to play that scene. Can you imagine that woman, taking that breath little by little every day, just to feel her husband’s presence?”

Daniel Dae Kim’s thoughts on the end of Jin and Sun? “They were the Romeo and Juliet of the show, and the fact they didn’t have a happy ending does make me sad,” says the actor, who then expanded on the greater significance of the deaths to the show — but I’m afraid sharing his insights (including his take on the fate of Ji Yeon) at this point would be a bit too spoilerish. What was it like shooting his watery demise? “It was pretty difficult that day,” says Kim. “Shooting in water is never easy. But the crew was considerate and made the water warm for us, in more ways than one. Let’s just say certain members of the crew who were in that water for a very, very, very long time without ever leaving. I’ll just leave it at that.”

Now that’s evil.

I’m still processing the chilling events of “The Candidate,” and my own thoughts and feelings about the deaths of Sun, Jin, and Sayid. My recap of the episode will post sometime tomorrow. In the meantime, use the message boards below to start the discussion — and express your grief.

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  • elena

    Sun and Jin…how epically tragic. Kind of titanic-esque, but it was a fitting end to both of the characters. Although they were just reunited, so I felt…cheated? Or super-extremely-outraged? And everyone sobbing on the beach after they’d pretty much lost everything…that was some good acting by all.
    Also! Sideways story Jack keeps impressing me. I love his chats with Locke. I miss real Locke…

    • Skip182

      I wouldn’t say cheated. It was tragic, but not a cheat. Jin kept his word and didn’t leave her. So sad…

      • Monty

        I have to say this early because he didnt in the review. WHAT ABOUT LAPEDIS???

      • Peter

        Lapedius is just fine. They didn’t show him for a reason…he still needs to fly the plane out.

      • El Gigante

        Loved Sayid’s death as the moral inverse of a suicide bombing. He blew himself to save lives – a bold statement about the most prominent Muslim character on television.

      • El Gigante

        Yikes. That should have read ‘blew himself up.’

      • elsie

        Lapidus didn’t look fine to me. He got knocked out cold by an exploding door behind which was a wall of water. And was not seen swimming up to shore.

        I think Frank’s toast.

      • Donna

        Lapedius is great. It’s Lapidus I’m worried about.

      • Randy League of Nations

        that plane ain’t flyin anywhere, atleast I don’t think it will, anyway

      • Matt

        @El Gigante, first off, that was HILARIOUS! Sayid blew himself…anyways, yes, that is a GREAT observation that I didn’t even think about the first time around…what perfect irony

      • @El Gigante

        LOL!! Funny mistake.

      • pfitz

        Good point. We saw him get hit by that flying hatch…no way he didn’t drown… I know we don’t have the same investment in him as we do in the original castaways, but still…

      • Laura

        Lapidus is dead, along with the captain on the sub. Lapidus was knocked unconscious by the imploding hatch of the sub and drowned along with Sun and Jin

      • graciegal

        @El Gigante – LOL!! Thanks much for providing a bit of extremely welcome and unexpected comic relief, unintended though it was. And I agree that your insight into Sayid’s having blown himself (up) is brilliant.

      • Stem Cell Fajita

        Hey, with all Sayid has been through, he earned the right to blew himself.

      • james gatlin

        Lapidus is not necessary to get off the island. If somehow Sideways Locke can take control of Smokey, and overcome his guilt about Anthony Cooper’s death, he will be able to fly the plane. Somehow, I don’t think the mention of his certification as a pilot was mentioned idly.

      • Lyndsey

        I couldn’t believe how incrediably sad that was; I was crying like a new-born baby. That was hard but I’m still holding out hope for a happy sideways ending being the true ending. Thank you Daniel Dae Kim for making me laugh after all my tears. I needed some laughter. Great acting by everyone. Emmys are you freakin’ watching this show? If so, hand some out!

      • Amy

        Brilliantly said, El Gigante. Never would’ve thought of that. Was I the only one who cried buckets when Jin and Sun died, when the 3 at the beach bawled and even when Locke was talking about how he and his dad ended up in the wheelchair? What an amazing episode.

      • Anoopfan

        Thank you for Lost. At least we don’t need to watch American Idiots. I mean Idol.

        Sayid’s death is brilliant. Way to die a hero. Wait he is a freaking zombie. We could still see him again gutless.

        Sun and Jin or Jin and Sun. They will not be forgotten.

        But everything seems pointless. When Smokey could kill these candidates as early as the first season. Why wait now?

      • not the only one….

        actually, even if sideways Locke doesn’t make the migration over to the island world, Jack said in the pilot of season 1 that he took a few flying lessons before.

      • J-Mac

        @El Gigante…thanks for making my morning. That was hilarious!

      • Shileeta Buffet

        El Gigante, that was a very insightful observation (and a super-funny goof on the blew himself). Thanks for the wisdom and the laugh!

      • AK

        Sayid got a great heroic ending. I don’t feel so bad about that one. But Sun’s and Jin’s deaths were so unnecessary. I’m still reeling.

      • Carte Blanche

        Anoopfan – The point is, he couldn’t kill them at any point. It’s against the rules for him to do it. But if others do it, well then, it’s ok. He basically engineered it for them to be in the sub with the explosives and timer, figuring one of them would try to disarm it. By trying to disarm it, they’ve in essence killed themselves.

        Which, if you think about it, shouldn’t be allowed either….considering the fizzling dynamite and that it was Sawyer who did it, candidate action shouldn’t be able to kill himself.

      • Red Eyes

        @El Gigante…Who knew that Sayid was Tobias Bluth all along?! Great observation!

      • Psac

        Sayid’s death is a little reminiscent with Michael’s. Also a reedemed soul getting blown to bits saving his friends. Just as Jin and Sun’s deaths were similar to Charlie’s.

      • DeeCee

        From last nights ep and the stuff about next week’s ep I think I have figured something out – JACOB AND MIB ARE BROTHERS!!!!!!! Mark my words – the whole “crazy mother” thing MIB was talking about. Jacob got mom’s approval and MIB didn’t.

      • tanya

        @DeeCee – this is pretty much a given – read about Jacob and Esau online – biblical (just like most of the subjects in Lost). Jacob was good while Esau was evil (so many of the same characteristics). Here is just one of many articles you can find: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacob

      • tanya

        DeeCee – that has been speculated for a long time. Google the biblical story of Jacob and Esau (brothers – one evil/one good – mother and father issues, etc). They are exactly like Jacob and MIB.

      • Jason

        Tanya your absolutely right and that makes the odds that Jack is the next Jacob 98%. Although Ben had daddy issues to. So did Kate but we already know shes out. Sawyers dad was a sucker but his problems were with the real Sawyer. Hurley’s showed up after he won the lottery, but I felt as though they made up. No it has to be Jack. He has that special tattoo and everything.

      • RRapier

        The reason he couldn’t just have them kill each other in season 1 is he had to kill Jacob first. Otherwise, Jacob could just go out and touch other people create more candidates. Once Jacob was dead, then he could go after the remaining candidates.

      • Charlotte

        Dear Linderholf and Cuse,

        We already knew Smokey was evil. Anyone who would mindf**k Claire like he did was evil. There was not one moment this season where I thought he might not be evil. We also already knew that you were willing to kill anyone, 6 seasons of Lost taught us that. I will say that I was bawling like a baby when Jin and Sun died. You really got me.

      • Dan

        I actualy think all of them will die except for the one who will eventually be Jacob’s replacement. Their alternate versions will live on, having never crashed on the island.

      • Gee

        Random theory after reading these comments: If MIB and Jacob are brothers maybe the next people to take over their places would be Jack (for Jacob) and Claire (for MIB).

      • mary q contrary

        Gee, I love that theory. Creepy, yet plausible.

      • mike

        To the comment about Sayid blowing himself up to save people being an interesting commentary on suicide bombing. Perhaps. Not sure I buy it. But also, did it seem like a historically significant ending for Sun/Jin going down in the ship/sub as well? Not sure if that is significant by design or just the most romantic.

      • Sydelle

        does it not bother anyone else that sun and jin’s daughter was not mentioned once between them while they decided to both die together?!!! if that was me i would have told jin to save himself and try to get back to their daughter. he never even got to meet her for cryin out loud!!!

      • Razor Boy

        I appreciate the reminders posted here that both Jack and Locke have taken flying lessons – that means Lapidus is expendable now (and likely dead thanks to a 1/2-ton iron door to the head). Also, my personal guess at who Jacob’s replacement will be is Claire. Yes, I know she was not a candidate, but “Shephard” is. Remember though, she is the offspring of Christian Shephard. Locke will kill himself in the end, Jack will fly them off the island, and Claire will replace the original island mother as the keeper of the light.

    • Chris

      I totally agree with you about the sideways Jack, and am so waiting for Ben to take Locke’s body to the temple and resurrect him so he could whoop some Smokey tail. RIP, Sun, Jin, and Sayid.

      • Sydney

        I like sideways Jack too.

        What got to me was the score after Sun and Jin died. That was definitely season 1 music and fit so perfectly with the emotion. Great job Giacchino.

      • Claire

        Me three! I’ve always been very sympathetic to Jack and even when a lot of people were ragging on him I still stood by him. It’s nice to see him this way both off and on the island.

      • Jana

        That was the music from when Charlie died :-(

      • Dave

        It’s not just charlies music everybody major that has died had it besides maybe just Juliet. It’s kind of the lost dying song

      • tahoe967

        @Dave (2:00AM) – go back to Juliet’s death. That music played then also. In fact, when Boone died was the first time we heard it at a death – “The Life and Death” theme!

      • Handsome Smitty

        Locke is like UnLocke said, a pathetic loser. What I would worry about is UnLocke making a transition to Sideways(c) Locke!!! That parting look as Locke wheelchaired away at Jack was creepy!

      • Shileeta Buffet

        Like 24’s ticking clock…the music

      • Shileeta Buffet

        er, silent clock.

      • Carte Blanche

        Handsome Smitty – The look was because it caused a “deja vu” for him, because Locke had essentially said the exact same words to Jack in the “real” timeline shortly before he was killed. Those crossover flashes of consciousness.

      • yes

        I was so glad they let us see the survivors show real emotion on that beach. That got to me as much as anything else. Also – it’s old now – but notice that Kate ran to Jack right away and was scared that she couldn’t find him at first. Puts a nice nail in that coffin if you ask you.

      • tanya

        Explanation of the song: A LONG time ago (maybe season 3 or 4), Claire asked someone to sing that song to her baby since she wouldn’t be there. Her dad (same as Jack’s dad) used to sing it to her when she was a baby (catch a falling star, put it in your pocket.

      • BD

        The real villain is Jacob. He could have saved everyone. (Of course, that would have been a boring show.)

      • shawshank

        That music theme is called “Life and Death”

      • dohrayme

        I’ve noticed that in Sideways world, Jack & Locke’s inner characters have been reversed. Jack is the man of faith; Locke is tormented by his relationship to his father and a failure to deliver.

      • warplayer

        Actually the piano piece is called “Win One For the Reaper,” which I thought was particularly fitting for the scene it was used in last night. The fully orchestrated version is called “Life and Death.” (check Season 1 soundtrack)

      • Lynn

        I’m surprised. I figure no one’s leaving the island. I remember the first few seasons when we were never sure who was going to be killed off. My question has been, “How many will die and how many will choose to stay?”

        Then again – are the sidies coming? I can’t wrap my head around the sideways storyline, but, notice Desmond didn’t contact Gin and Sun. And, let’s just say his contact with Locke was a definite indication of what he wanted from Locke. Who else hasn’t he contacted yet? Is there a connection?

    • Brenda Barrett

      It’s been a while since LOST has made me scream at the TV set this much. I kept trying to warn Sawyer that this was a trap, yelled at him when he trapped Jack INSIDE the sub, and wanted to slap him silly when he didn’t listen to Jack. I knew Sayid’s noble sacrifice was coming, but gotta say I didn’t see Sun’s or Jin’s death coming. Heartbreaking.

      • Becks

        I’ve been worried about what was coming down the pipeline ever since I read the title of the second last episode (“Why They ****” – won’t type it in case people are avoiding possible spoilers in this thread). Still shocking tonight though.

      • Bethany

        Brenda, you can’t say that you blame all of this on Sawyer after reading Darlton’s interview. Jack was working with more info. We as the audience was working with more info. But you read what Darlon said. He set up this con so he could kill them all in one fell swoop. There’s only one person to blame in this and it’s that dasterdly piece of crap MIB.

      • PJ

        Wow, Becks, that’s a tough code to crack.

      • MB

        Still, Sawyer’s going to feel this.

      • Bethany

        Oh he’ll feel it alright. Just like Jack felt it at the end. It’s heartbreaking for all of them.

      • Brenda Barrett

        @Bethany — I DO blame Sawyer because he refused to trust Jack. If he’d trust his heart, he’d know 1) that Jack has always tried to do what’s best, even when it’s hard (i.e. mercy-killing the marshal after Sawyer @#$@ed that up; and 2)Via Miles, Juliet told him that her death was NOT in vain — “it worked” — so he should not be blaming Jack. I mean, Jack just helped him several times in the last 24 hours – ingrate. Sawyer, wise up and don’t let MIB manipulate you!

      • Bethany

        Brenda, I think you’re viewing this a bit emotionally and I totally get that, but what you name are things WE the audience have seen. Sawyer the character hasn’t seen that. Miles never said her death was not in vain. What Sawyer did was logical. Also, I’m not sure I believe that what he did actually caused the bomb to go off. Having read Darlton’s interview I’m even more sure of it. We can play this blame game all night long. I mean who brought the bomb onto the boat? But frankly it’s just useless. There’s only one person to blame for those deaths and his name isn’t Sawyer or Jack.

      • Tony

        Uh-oh. Did you ever open up a can of worms there. Personally, I have to agree with you. It is a little annoying at this point, after all the progress the other characters have made letting go, that Sawyer still won’t trust anyone. Jack and the others trusted everything Sawyer said, they carried out his instructions to the tee, and, still, Sawyer wouldn’t listen. At some point he’s got to learn to occasionally listen and trust others, even if that means Jack sometimes.

      • Needles

        trust his heart??? come on

      • Ship

        Bethany, why would Sawyer trust Jack’s plan when it not only sounded nuts (he wasn’t with Jack when the dynamite fizzled), but the LAST time he followed Jack’s plan, it got Juliet killed.

      • emarie

        @TONY…i think the whole point of this season for sawyer was to revert back to his old self (seasons 1-4) before he and juliet were together in season 5. when they were together we saw a softer more trusting even domestic version of sawyer. but after juliet died that got shot to sh*t and he stopped caring and trusting-keep in mind that it would be hard to trust the man (jack) who you blame for killing the woman you wanted to marry. i have a feeling we will come full circle with sawyer’s character. i really think he and jack will find understanding and he will finally let go and trust the doc. OR one of them will die-after tonight’s episode anythings possible

      • Anthony

        Sawyer and Kate have become irrelevant in recent weeks. I’m glad Sayid went out with some dignity, I still can’t believe they killed Jin and Sun off. I thought they were safe cuz of their baby, now you will see Kate and Claire die so that Aaron can be an orphan also. I cant wait for this show to be over, the weekly suspense is overwhelming and we only got 2 more weeks until the finale.

      • Carla

        OMG, Same here…I was screaming “Dangit, Sawyer! Once in your life, trust someone! Trust Jack!!!! The ending was just heartbreaking.

      • Drus

        I cried buckets last night! Isnt anyone else mad at Jack for just taking the pack from Smokey and putting it on his back? I was screaming at the TV at that point!

      • CP

        I knew the death scene was coming, so I fast-forwarded. I’m glad I did, because it was very emotional in silent fast-forward… I can only imagine what the words/music/lingering-shots would have done.

      • Jeff P

        Can’t wait to see Sun, Jin and Sayid in Ponderosa.

        Sayid: I thought at most we would see a double elimination

        Jin: Yeah never thought it was a triple elimination.

        Sun: I thought there were four of us. Where is Lapidus?

      • Tommaayy!!

        Yeah, Becks, given the context, the third word is pretty obvious, dupe.

      • dohrayme

        I have to think that Jack’s specific choice of words “There is no Sayid” forebodes something for Sideways Sayid.

      • mars plastic

        The one thing that didn’t make any sense to me about Jin & Sun’s death was that neither of them at any time mentioned their kid… is it really possible that after all they did to have that baby she wouldn’t be their first priority? That just rang really false to me.

      • CIndy

        I haven’t watched earlier episodes because I didn’t have access, but I do know it would be hard for me to trust someone that tied me up and tortured me like Jack and Sayid did to Sawyer. No matter what happened after, I would never forgive that son-of-a-bitch. I never have cared for Jack or Kate. I think they are perfect together. Jack will probably end up being the next Jacob. Also, my son is named Jacob, go read up about him in the Bible. He isn’t all that great, but he is God’s chosen one. He stole his birthright however.

    • bountyrae

      It seemed weird to me how anti-climactic their reunion was initially…now I understand why they did it. They were saving the real emotion for tonight. Well played sirs.

      • bountyrae

        I’ve never been very into either character, and I feel like the writers felt like most fans would feel the same, so to really get the moment that they wanted, they had to combine the Charlie death seen and the Penny/Desmond reunion story to get the same reaction. Despite the fact that it seemed to contrived, it still worked for me.

      • To bountyrae

        Speak for yourself…I cried like a baby. And, as much as I don’t like her, I was/still am getting a Kate demise feeling – and it’ll hurt just as much.

        Were in for a rough last three episodes

      • Rob

        I can tell you that most Lost fans don’t feel that way. I know so many fans who love them, especially as a couple. They all commented on the brief reunion, and I can’t wait to discuss this moment from tonight.

      • Claire

        I for one am heartbroken about them dying. I have to tell you I’m very attached to all of them at this point. I don’t think I can handle any more deaths.

      • graciegal

        This is eggZACTly what I thought. I almost smacked myself in the forehead as it sank in, having been incredibly disappointed in the beyond anticlimactic, ho-hum, seemingly tossed-off reunion. I respect the powers behind this series so much, though, that I KNEW there was a very good reason for their having treated that reunion in such a seemingly cavalier fashion. And tonight we found out what it was. My God, the music…the incredibly poignant shot of their hands drifting apart for the very last time…*sob*. Hurley breaking down was another heartbreaker. I do think the jarring & immediate cut (without even a nanosecond’s pause to allow us to close our mouths and dry our tears) to the guy on the dock punching the shark was hideously ill-advised and ill-timed. For a split-second my brain registered something like “my god, it’s michael!!!” Huge kudos to all except for the ad time buyers.

      • Leslie

        Jin & Sun were the only 2 characters that I was really adamantly attached to a happy ending for. I’m not saying I would be happy if any other characters died, but those two went through so much to be together, & I felt like if any characters deserved to get off that darn island once and for all it was them, together. Message-board friendly words cannot describe how angry I am about their deaths.

      • bountyrae

        Just to be clear, I’ve liked Jin and Sun’s story, even if their episodes aren’t the most exiting, but the story kept them apart for over 3 years, and their reunion a couple of weeks ago just felt flat to me. Clearly, the reason was that the writers were setting up this week’s scene.

      • Caleb J

        Ah, but that was not just any shark that bit the man in the commercial!
        It was the Dharma shark last seen when the Island sank in the season premiere!
        It’s just another piece to the puzzle that is LOST.
        Wait until the shark swims in again during the finale and saves the day, eating the MIB before he can smoke his way off the island!

      • graciegal

        @Caleb J – har dee har har. How did I miss that Dharma shark?? :) There’s an interesting wrinkle—the MIB ultimately inhabiting the body of a great white that can morph into the big bad black smoke when the situation warrants. Now I feel as though I’VE been smoking.

      • emarie

        @tony…i think the whole point of this season for sawyer was to revert back to his old self (seasons 1-4) before he and juliet were together in season 5. when they were together we saw a softer more trusting even domestic version of sawyer. but after juliet died that got shot to sh*t and he stopped caring and trusting-keep in mind that it would be hard to trust the man (jack) who you blame for killing the woman you wanted to marry.

        i have a feeling we will come full circle with sawyer’s character. i really think he and jack will find understanding and he will finally let go and trust the doc

        OR one of them will die-after tonight’s episode anythings possible

      • Anthony

        I think most lost fans didnt appreciate Jin and Sun until the fourth season when their characters became more domesticated. Their story-lines in the first few seasons were a bit dull and slow moving but all that is not important anymore. When Hurley broke down, regardless if your an alpha male or plane Jane, there had to been emotion flowing through your body. Sad episode and cant wait till next week.

      • Sharon Mia Opinionstein

        The shark commercial made me laugh right when I needed it.

      • laura

        I agree. I was totally shocked and I didn’t expect it. I knew Sayid was going to die but was not so thrilled with losing Sun and Jin in one episode. My Facebook status was NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Albert

        So I guess that the skeletons in the cave don’t belong to Jin & Sun after all. Only two women left (other than in Widmore’s group), Kate and Claire.

      • Melissa

        I still think the skeletons are Rose & Bernard. We haven’t seen them since all the jumping through time stuff. But it would go right along with the black/white theme – rocks, backgammon, good/evil. Though neither one is evil. Plus they had no intention of leaving the island.

      • murley

        i totally agree. they saved the emotional impact and boy was it effective. i was transformed into living sadness. i am still recovering.

      • Nicole

        I agree that Sun and Jin’s initial reunion appeared anti-climatic. I was happy, though, that Jin got to tell Sun that he saw pictures of their daughter and Sun was able to give Jin his ring back in that episode. But in this episode, you could just feel the love between them. I was rooting for them to be saved, and it was so very sad when they weren’t. I guess if they had to die, the only way to do it was for them to go together. On another note, I have to agree that the commercial with the shark was shown at the worst time. I had tears coming down my face and then there is this stupid commercial! I did get a chuckle out of Caleb J’s comment above, though. Can’t wait to see how this all ends.

    • Celia

      The acting was brilliant. But why did they have to kill them?! Why?! Did Sayid die too?

      • C’mon, really?

        Did you even read the artical?

      • Brenda Barrett

        Did you miss it when Hurley asked Jack about Sayid and Jack said, “There is NO Sayid!” i.e. because he was blown to bits.

      • Ashley G.

        or watch the show? In the words of Jack “there is no more Sayid!”

      • JM

        Did Sayid die???? Do you really think he wouldn’t have been blown to bits when the bomb went off? Good God…..

      • graciegal

        Criminey, what’s with all the short fuses???? Maybe Celia’s TV doesn’t have recording capability. Maybe she just got home from work at 10:45 & she’s dying of curiosity. Maybe she was burping her baby. Jeez. Yes, Celia, Sayid died. On the island. Or, at least, he was blown to smithereens. Or so we’re led to believe. Nothing would surprise me at this juncture.

      • ICE

        You have some Sayid on you….

      • Charles

        graciegal…… Criminey? Really? That’s almost as bad as someone not knowing sayid died.

      • Tim

        Lol. Poor Celia.

      • Ames

        This message board is almost as entertaining as the show (in a completely different way). I prefer “ufda” to criminey, but feel criminey is a perfectly adequate exclamation.

      • dohrayme

        I’m unhappy about Jin & Sun being killed off like almost everyone else. I may not have felt so sad about character deaths since Adric died trying to save the Earth from the Cybermen (an obscure reference for most). But Lost is more than just a drama, it’s always been a tragedy at its core. Lots of happy endings don’t really fit with Lost’s essence.

      • TMB

        Don’t be too hard on Celia, she’s probably a big fan of Heroes, where the main characters never die (even when you think they did or should).

      • char jones

        They killed them because apparently a show which weaved one of the most complex and intelligent stories ever over the last five seasons now has to be dumbed down so that we all “get” that Smokey’s a bad guy. Apparently that is the only thing they could come up with for endgame. I’m disgusted.

      • Celia

        I went to bathroom and when I came back the submarine had a hole in it and Sun was trapped. I’ve learned my lesson: never go to the bathroom during this show AGAIN! I didn’t know Sayid died until after I posted. I was a little upset and I had to post immediately, so I didn’t read the article. But I noticed in the comments that something had happened to Sayid. Anyways, I’m all caught up now and even more miserable. I think it’s pretty obvious that Jack is the candidate.

      • CIndy

        Don’t let all the naysayers get to you. I was busy trying to get my 10 month old to go back to sleep and it didn’t register to me that he died. :)

    • Jon

      It was better than Titanic, because Jin didn’t let her go… during the whole scene, I said don’t pull a Titanic and let her go… and I was very (x10) happy about that…

      • elena

        Not titanic, titanic-esque, with the whole sinking ship motif, “I’ll never let go” idea. Didn’t lessen the “ouch, that death super-hurt” feeling, though.

      • PLK

        As moving as their devotion to each other was, I kept thinking, “Go Jin! You have a daughter. Sun wants you to be there for her. Go! Go!” and felt it was almost a bit self-indulgent not to leave (as hard as that would have been) for the daughter’s sake.I’m glad to hear we’ll learn about how she fares later, but nothing, nothing can replace one’s parents.

      • Keep In Mind

        I think it’s important that we all keep in mind that we don’t know what death in the ‘Island’ world means. While it was immensely sad and compelling, until we know the true nature of ‘Island’ vs. ‘Sideways’, we should hold off on the outrage…

      • pastafarian

        I think the thought of losing/abandoning his wife yet again overwhelmed any sense of fatherly duties toward his daughter, whom he has never met. If you have to weigh those against each other (wife v. daughter), I would believe the choice he made is validated- even if it’s not the choice we would’ve made.

      • Niix Starkyller

        I’d just go ahead and say it was James Cameron-esque. Reminded me more of The Abyss than Titanic, but it’s fair to say it was a mix of the two. And yeah I was fifty-fifty between, “You should go, Jin. Sun, make him go,” and “Don’t you dare leave her!”

      • Kitty Kat

        I also cried like a baby when they died. And watching their hands drift apart was totally heart-breaking. Thank goodness they didn’t show their faces like they did with Charlie. (My thought on the outcome…could be a spoiler…) Here’s a thought…. “Quon” is a candidate. No one knew if it was Jin or Sun. Jacob touched both of them. Sun couldn’t get pregnant until she came to the island. Their daughter is still alive…hmmm.. we’re talking about Lost here…anything can happen.

      • LM

        @pastafarian – but by staying with Sun he didn’t save her. Maybe I am taking this too literally, but it really bothered me that they both seemed to completely forget their daughter. I like these 2 characters very much, I just feel like the writers chose to ignore this in order to give a sentimental ending to Jin and Sun. (Obviously I am in the minority.)

      • traditional biscuits

        No, I agree completely that Jin and Sun not even mentioning Ji Yeon made no sense at all. It seemed to me like the writers couldn’t come up with a piece of dialogue that could possible justify abandoning the daughter, so they just left out any mention of her. It seemed like a glaring omission.

      • LTC

        Remember that Sun left her daughter behind to get on a plane, to find a supposedly dead husband, with the possibility that she will never return, so the baby was already put on the backburner.
        I did expect mention of the daughter, but considering Sun’s actions already, I don’t think it was a glaring omission.

      • Nicole

        @Kitty Kat – Sun and Jin’s last name is spelled KWON for crying out loud! And yes, they have a daughter, but she is a young child. I doubt she can do much to help right now.

    • Ashley G.

      OMG I can’t believe that Sun and Jin died together, I could not stop crying. It was so sad but in a way I am glad that they were able to go together. I think Kate is going to be the next to go. She was shot right above the heart, there is no way she should live.

      • ddnorm

        she was shot in the ‘shoulder’, a good distance from the ‘heart’… im jus sayin…

      • JoJo Truth

        This video proves you are wrong.

    • nk

      elena – i agree with everything you said -although i didn’t feel cheated, i’m just grieving. ditto, ditto on jack!

      • Dustin


    • spk2629

      When they say they will kill anyone, why am I not surprised that Kate is still hanging around? ugggghhhh, get it over w/ already with her.

      • graciegal

        I think I agree that kate’s days might be numbered (though that bullet appeared to be equidistant from her shoulder and some very vital organs)—but if she goes, I think they’ll save it for the finale. Like her or not, she’s been pretty instrumental from Day One—and there’s also the simple fact that, from a dramatic and a ratings standpoint, it’s awfully rare when a series as huge as this one eliminates virtually all women with 3 episodes remaining. Somehow Claire doesn’t fit into the scheme of things (at least to me) as an important enough character, and as an appealing enough actress, to carry the entire distaff side of things on her teensy little shoulders…this series has killed off some incredible women. Can’t we have just one remain to the end?

      • Found

        Kate most likely will not die from the bullet wound… as Jack said, the bullet went in and out. It’s just a flesh wound, but damn I wish Widmore’s people were better shots!

      • Niix Starkyller

        She has to survive to be the one who says the most tearful goodbye to the one chosen as The Candidate in the end. ‘course, that’s just a working theory.

      • Ames

        I think it’s been clear from the beginning that the writers feel Kate is much more interesting than the audience, so I’m not surprised she’s alive. But, I was really touched when she huggeed Jack at the end. She has always been running — even from Aaron, but maybe now she recognizes Jack as her home base she doesn’t need to run from.

      • iceman

        They should have just added Kate to the list of death from last night. As Sawyer said, they don’t need her. Get it over with already.

      • booomerang

        Jack is totally Kate’s home base! And I think that she is somehow integral to the finale… just haven’t figured out why yet…

      • Albert

        Maybe Kate falls down a hole and gets blown up by a nuclear bomb?

      • LM

        @Ames – “I think it’s been clear from the beginning that the writers feel Kate is much more interesting than the audience.” This is so true. In fact, I am really tired of them almost killing Kate and then not doing it (which seems to have happened a thousand times this season). It kind of feels like the writers are giving a big “neener-neener” to the audience.

      • mary q contrary

        Hey, guys, speak for yourself. I understand disliking a character, but when you jump to invent a group mentality that doesn’t actually exist, your credibility as a mature, level-headed fan of the show weakens. As I said, it’s totally fine to dislike an actor, or even a whole character. But please don’t speak for the rest of us when you complain about said person, because you couldn’t be farther from the truth for some of us.

      • Niix Starkyller

        I concur (with Mary). Kate fan, right here.

      • macey

        Evangeline Lily is the bigger star, and Kate a more iconic “Lost” character — THAT’s why Kate is still alive and Sun, Jin and Sayid aren’t. Yes, that’s cynical, but it also looks to be true, and it makes me angry as a Sun-Jin fan. Fans would’ve taken to the streets if Hurley had died. Or what if Sawyer had been the one to grab the bomb and run? True, Sayid’s fate has been sealed since the temple. But Sun and Jin were peripheral, expendable characters whose deaths would grip fans but not make them too angry or shocked to stop watching. Because the “main” characters will still be there next week, after all. Granted, I’m sure Sideways Sun and Jin will have the happy ending we want them to. But at this point in such a so-called groundbreaking show, I would’ve loved to see one of the Big 4 (Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley) go. Could you imagine how daring THAT episode would’ve been?

    • djkallen

      totally agree elana, i thought their death was like Charlie in the looking glass meets Titanic esque tradegy. And i love the sideways jack as well, and i particularily liked his change in motive on the island towards a man who knows what he wants, and knows when to believe.

    • Colleen

      My first thought was Titanic too! I’m so sad, Sun and Jin are finally together and boom. Sayid proved himself the hero though. Terry O’Quinn’s facial expressions are amazing.

      • Diana

        I made my FB status last night – Terry O’Quinn, here is an Emmy for the facial expression you just made.

      • iceman

        Diana, you are so right. When he made that disturbing face when he told claire, you don’t want to be on that sub. I was like…ooooh. Man, that was good, almost gave me chills.

      • LM

        Also agree about Terry O’Quinn’s expressions. It takes a great actor to be able to say so much with just a twitch of his face.

    • paris loves lost

      I feel that was why they made their reunion so anti-climatic..they were setting us up for their titanic moment

    • starmaid

      very well said–I thought Jack was so good tonight–and that last talk with John, so heart felt. I would have been so unhappy if Jin and left Sun–and I knew it was not going to happen. It’s still pretty stunning that three of them got wiped out all at once.

    • Trish in NorCal

      So Sideways Locke had a pilot’s license. I thought that Jack would be the other pilot hinted at in “Totally Lost”…remember that in the very first episode, he told Kate he took some flying lessons, so I figured Sideways Jack had his license.

    • lame

      This really sucked.

    • Kim

      I am so glad that Jin never left Sun’s side. She begged him to go, but he knew that he could not live without her. His sacrifice for her was something he could never do until now. I am so sad to lose them both, but I am glad they stayed together until the end. Sayid had to redeem himself and what a better way than self-sacrifice. It will be interesting to see what Sawyer has to say when he finds out what has happened.

      • Nicole

        I am also curious to see what Sawyer’s reaction will be. He will probably be angry when he wakes up and realizes he is back on the Island. Jack, Kate, and Hurley’s immediate reactions were all the same – sad and devastated by the death of Sun and Jin. I feel like Sawyer’s reaction to the whole situation will be anger and the need for vengeance. I can’t wait to see how this show is going to end.

    • Kelley

      Jacob said in an earlier ep that he’s been bringing people to the island. When Hurley(?) asked what happened to them he stated they all died. I really think that if Jack is his replacement, the rest of them will die since there can only be one candidate.

      • huh?

        jacob was still “alive” before. although, i assume that the little boy that’s been bugging locke is jacob somehow. but when jack (or whoever the candidate ends up being) proves the MIB wrong, i think the candidate will take MIB’s place on the island… Then again, why does there need to be a replacement? If Jacob and MIB were born on the island, then they weren’t always there. They shouldn’t need to be always there…

    • simone

      I agree, i wish jin and sun didnt have to die, but i am glad they were able to be together…the last scene with everyone breaking down was really great acting; it made me teary eyed…i miss real locke too and i wish he would let jack do the surgery…

    • Dave

      How come in Season 3 when Locke blew up the Dharma sub with C4 it REALLY blew up and this time the C4 just KINDA made the sub blow up? That was the most unbelievable part of this episode for me. Also, the shoot out at the dock with Widmores people was lame and flat. I was too upset with the lameness of those two things that the death scene of Jin and Sun seemed ho-hum to me. I was more upset that Lapidus got knocked out with a hatch. But the look on his face reminded me of when he first got to the island and saw that cow.

      • Kelley

        That whole room was filled with C4 back in Season 3. This bomb had only a couple sticks.

    • shawshank

      Re: Lapidus. I couldn’t believe no one on the beach said, “Hey! What about Lapidus??” It’s like they forgot he was on the sub with them.

    • Qupert

      This might sound stupid to you Losties that understand all these deep deep theories upon watching (unlike myself), but I think it would be cool if this cross-over consciousness is temporary until a final decision is made. i.e. If you die on the island, you get to live your life in the sideways world, but if you choose to stay and live on the island *coughJackcough*, then you die in the sideways world.

      • maulpartin

        That’s an interesting concept. I was thinking about a similar situation myself. For a while I thought that all of the characters might be the same person, but I don’t think that holds water anymore.

      • Sharon

        Not a bad theory, and you might understand more then you think you do. . . .many theories out there are the that two timelines have to converge at one point. Rememeber, sideways is when plane landed (2004), present island is roughly 2007. . . they have to meet at some point because regardless of time traveling abilities—there can’t be TWO of any person!

      • Myra

        I think everyone has to die on the island to get off of it and live in Sideways. Remember,as tragic as Jin and Sun dying was, Sun is still pregnant in Sideways; they will still be together as a family. Locke will fly the plane but it will crash. It gets a little fuzzy after that. Either Locke will die in Sideways and continue to live on the island, or the island will be destroyed by the bomb, maybe both. Like I said in another post, my brain hurts.

      • Irusty

        interesting idea

      • Rusty

        So what about when Claire and Jack looked in the mirror in the sideways world, what did it mean?

    • J

      Jin and Sun’s death was totally Titanic: “You have to go on and live and be strong, Rose (oops I mean Jin)! “No! I’ll never let go! I’ll never let go, Jack (oops, I mean Sun)!”

    • jodipo

      it was tragic, and made me really angry, but thats just cause they were favorites of mine.

      My only question about last nights episode is if Locke and Widmore are working together

    • Cindy

      How ’bout this for a literary reference: Sayid sacrifices himself – of course I immediately thought of Charlie’s sacrifiial death – but what about Sydney Carton in one of my fav books, Dicken’s “Tale of Two Cities”: self loathing character (Carton)tells himself, “It’s a far, far better thing I do than I have ever done before..”, or something to that effect.

    • Fred

      I agree with the “Titanic”-esque demise of Sun and Jin/Jack; I actually thought that while I was watching them die. Holding hands in the water as one drowned and everyone watching it was balling their eyes out was much alike for both. Also, the epicness of both love stories is very similar.

    • ashlee

      I felt terribly sad for Jin and Sun. Even if their deaths were very poetic..their hands slowly pulling apart as they died. I also always thought Sayid was a good guy. I will miss the characters.

    • innercity

      The Kate Winslett character in “Titanic” did not die, if I recall correctly. Jin and Sun’s exit was more reminiscent of Charlie’s, sans the NOT PENNY’S BOAT note.

  • elena

    But! Jack was revealed as the candidate by Sayid, before he blew himself up. I knew it. Now it’s up to Jack to keep everyone together…

    • Renee

      It just occured to me that Jack’s itch to “fix” everything could have been a clue or omen to the fact that he is the candidate…and that he in fact can fix everything.

      • mary q contrary

        Good thinking, I agree.

      • @mary

        I read in another post that you and your hubby have a great sex life :)

      • Claire

        Oh, that’s really interesting!

      • mary q contrary

        Oh, man, you guys are making me blush. It’s totally true, though, and I’m probably going to need a little loving after tonight’s episode ;)

      • etm

        LOL. Good for you, Mary!;)

      • elena

        That sounds totally plausible. I like the idea of Jack as the Jacob-replacement, though, only because Jack has always been that guy: the I-can-do-this-no-seriously-I-can-do-this leader guy. And now his whole personality is kind of justified because he IS this important guy, and it makes sense he was so take-charge before.

      • Mo

        I still think that the series will end with Jack/Jacob and Locke/MIB stuck in the island to keep playing their little games forever… So where did I miss that it was MIB behind the Others all along, because otherwise I just can’t take Jacob as the good guy, sorry, not ever.

      • Robyn

        and hence everyone is alive and well in the sideways world….

      • Michele

        Jack had to give up the illusion that he could control outcomes all the time in order to move into Jacob’s role. Remember, Jacob said to Richard something about “what would be the point” if he intervened with others’ free will. He is trying to prove to MIB that worthy candidates (or people) are good and capable of learning to act based on more than their own self-interest.

      • Dan

        Mo – Good call. I agree Jack & “NotLocke” will be the stuck on the island together. Everyone else will either be dead or gone. The final shot will be Jack & NotLocke sitting on the beach next to the statue ruins looking out at the ocean. NotLocke will say “You know how much I want to kill you…” and then fade to black.

      • Big Walt

        Dan, have you ever been on any of these Lost comment boards before? Seems like a good 50% of commenters think the last line will be “Do you know how much I want to kill you?” Too obvious and it isn’t an ending.

    • Amy

      Could someone tell me what exactly were Sayid’s words to Jack before he went all ‘Charlie’?

      I couldn’t hear them all that well!

      • Chris

        He said Desmond is in the well and Locke put him there and that Jack had to get to him before Locke did.

      • Ne Oublie

        He said to get Des out the well, before Flocke gets to him.

      • Becky

        He told him about Desmond being alive in the well, that Jack would need him because Locke wanted (Desmond) dead. I think Jack asked why Sayid was telling him this and Sayid said “Because its you” Or “because its going to be you” and grabbed the bomb and ran.

      • billy

        I’m pretty sure he said “Because it’s going to be you, Jack”

      • d

        I think Sayid made it clear that Jack is THE Candidate. Not sure why most people aren’t picking that up.

      • JM

        Pretty sure he also said you are going to need him – Desmond is the Key!!!!!

      • MB

        There’s a well on the main island, half a mile south of the camp we just left. Desmond’s inside it. Locke wants him dead, which means you’re going to need him. Do you understand me?

        Because it’s going to be you, Jack.

      • Found

        Sayid was not saying Jack was THE candidate. He told Jack about Desmond because if he didnt, no one could save him. Jack has to save Desmond now because Sayid sacrificed his life for everyone else! Sayid was the only person besides MiB who knew where Desmond was, hence Sayid telling Jack, “its going to be you [that saves Desmond now that I told you where he is].”

      • Michele

        At first I thought he said, “it’s good to be you, Jack,” then someone else wrote that it was “it’s going to be you, Jack,” which made more sense.

      • iceman

        He said, I need to go pull a Charlie, gotta run!

      • Kitty Kat

        Amy, thanks for asking. I was wondering about that too. I’m also wondering why Desmond is so important. In sideways life (or whatever it’s called), why is he the one stalking everyone that was on the island? Could he be the new Ben the next time around? He seems very friendly with Witmore. Every time I think of a possible answer to something, ten more questions pop up! GRRRRRRRR…

      • Pantagathus

        To me this was the lynch pin of the episode for setting up what is to come. Loved the quick reveal that Desmond was alive and Sayid saying he’s important because MiB wants him dead

    • Jennifer

      I know! So why does Doc say it had nothing to do with the candidate?!!!

      • Amiana

        Because Doc consistently misses the forest for the trees when it comes to Lost.

  • BJC

    I was sort of hoping you’d offer a hug at the opening of this instant reaction, Doc. I sure could use one after tonights episode.

    • Ne Oublie

      One giant collective hug!

      • Jeff Jensen

        I will hug you tomorrow in the recap.

      • Amanda

        Thanks, Doc. :(

      • Amanda

        (That was my thanks, I need a hug sad face. )

      • Q

        Aw, but I need a hug now…

    • Fletch from Ga.

      I have to say that tonight’s episode if for sure in my top 10 Lost episodes of the entire series. I was freakin out cause i knew that sawyer was gonna pull those darn wires and screw everything up. Lapidus, Sayid, Sun, Jin all dead, bummer. It’s been a great show all along but it just got REAL interesting REAL quick tonight!

      • PLK

        Sadly, maybe Sawyer pulling those wires is the only way he and Jack can be reconciled (I’m rooting for Sawyer *not* becoming the MIB but the MIB staying the MIB). Maybe he needs to realize Jack’s no the only one that can mess up when it comes to bomb detonations.

      • Big Walt

        Why would anyone become the “new MIB”?

      • dohrayme

        Yes, Sawyer gets the role of screwing things up. But will anyone consider that FLocke rigged the bomb to explode regardless of how they handled it?

      • ALM

        @dohrayme: I’m with you. There was just a difference in how fast the timer ran out. It was going to explode no matter what, I just don’t understand why Jack thought they were all safe if they didn’t touch it?

      • Big Walt

        Because FLocke couldn’t kill them. Sawyer tampering with the bomb made Sawyer the one responsible then, not FLocke. Had no one touched it it would have just reached zero and nothing would have happened.

  • Lindsay

    sobs are just starting to dry up. What a sucker punch. Could Locke sense that the 4 survived? He seemed to know right away. Don’t forget about Lapidus! I’ll miss him.

    • Jobless

      They never really made it clear what happened to Widmore. Did he die? Same with Lapidus, although his fate looks less promising.

      • mary q contrary

        Why would Widmore be dead? That wasn’t him in the sub. That was just a submarine “pilot” or whatever you call it, not sure.

      • bountyrae

        Besides Jack, Kate, Hugo, and Sawyer, we still have some other players left…Ben, Desmond, Richard, Miles, Clare, and Widmore…interestingly, all of the other people except Clare were on the island at some point before 815 crashed….that has to be significant right?

      • kidsib

        I thought that Flock was going to turn around and shoot Claire before he went off to “finish what he started.” That would have had huge shock value. Also, hopefully we can look forward to sideways sun, jun, and baby.

      • Ames

        @Bountyrae — Don’t forget about Rose and Bernard. They are on the island somewhere “staying out of this nonsense.”

      • Option Year 5

        KIDSIB – Flock needs Claire to help kill the candidates he cannot kill.

      • DGM

        @Ames: And don’t forget Vincent too! Vincent may be the only survivor of Oceanic Flight 815 when all is said and done.

      • Ames

        good point DGM. Is there a rule that says Jacob’s replacement must be human? A believe Vincent can sit around on a beach and do nothing just as well as Jack could — maybe even better! Jack would have to interfere.

      • ALM

        @DGM: I love it! Vincent as a candidate! Maybe he’ll be the new Jacob…

      • transporter200

        They’re all going to die and awaken in the flash sideways. Everyone that died on the island will completely awaken to their memories and live their lives, except Jack. He’ll have to keep MIB in check.

      • mary q contrary

        Agggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh! WHO is David’s mom?!

    • toonaspie

      Same here. Though I knew Lapidus had to bite the bullet eventually.

      Now the question is, what the hell ever happened to Miles, Ben, and Richard? They traveled over to put bombs on the plane like a long time ago and we havent heard squat from them.

      And why do I get the feeling that everyone will die except for maybe Jack? I have a feeling that Kate and Sawyer will likely go next and then Hurley. And then Jack will be left to face the whole Jacob/MIB mess.

      • Mike

        I’m going to subscribe to the “no body, no death” rule for Lapidus. Wouldn’t everyone had to have stepped over him to leave the sub if he was in fact dead?

      • mary q contrary

        I also don’t think Lapidus is dead. Wondering what his significance is going to be. Have a feeling it’s going to be BIG. I agree that Jack is probably going to be the only one left at the end, too. He is definitely the candidate, and I, for one, can’t wait to find out if that officially means he’s supposed to replace Jacob, or if it means something different altogether.

      • Ne Oublie

        I hope Alpert, Linus, and Straume are planning something good…

      • Jowiho

        Itll be interesting to see Jack and Flocke playing on a beach and Flocke says to Jack ” Do you have any idea how much I want to kill you?”

      • belle

        Okay…someone go back and watch the episode on their Tivo to confirm this..but when it shows jack and sawyer swimming out of the sub door when it is under water..you can’t really see things clearly, but in the upper right corner I thought I remembered seeing part of a floating body and you could see the persons shaggy hair sort of moving around in the water..and I thought since this body was near the door that Jack swam out of, I thought that was Lapidus’s body..you can’t see the face, but I thought for sure that was supposed to be him.

      • kibler

        I worry about the same thing… it almost feels Shakespearean, or like Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None”. I really really hope I’m wrong and they don’t all die one by one until only Jack is left.

      • Laura

        Lapidus is definitely dead, but feel free to refuse to believe it. He was in the passageway right in front of the hatch door that was creaking just before the water burst in. He even stopped, looked, listened and said something like, “Oh, no, don’t tell me…” before it blew in, hit him, knocking him unconscious. And, with the amount of water in the sub, stepping on someone was not an issue in terms of getting out.

      • Erin

        I really don’t think I can take it if they kill off Hurley. He’s always been my fav.

      • Big Walt

        I’m thinking something along the lines of Lapidus is the true leader/referee over the whole Island and right now he’s just there observing everything that’s happening. Once one side wins he’s going to reveal his true self and explain everything to the winner(s). Or probably not.

      • Linda Simonson

        Yeah-what happened to Ben and others?
        We know Desmond is still in the well and that Sayid did not kill him as ordered. I also wondered why bad Locke, as he was about to get on the plane, stopped and took the watch off the man he killed. If he was planning to blow them up all along, why didn’t he have that part figured out? why did it look like a spur of the moment act?

      • donnalynn

        New poster here . What if there must always be two on the island to balance it hence good/evil. Then … Jack wants to stay Sawyer wants to go(now love sawyer so not saying he is evil) can see the two of them last scene on the beach Sawyer telling Jack how much he wants to kill him for keeping them there.

    • LisaC

      Sucker punch to the gut… sobs still here…

    • Big Walt

      I don’t believe Lapidus is dead. For one they never really showed him die and for two why keep him around all this time just to end him like that? Makes no sense.

      • Brenda Barrett

        Agreed. I am not certain that Frank is dead — he could have escaped and we just weren’t shown. I never believe they’re dead ’til I see ‘em die.

      • jeff

        lapidus wasn’t a central character, we knew nothing about his background and he basically was a foot soldier for the group this whole season…the only people left now are hurley sawyer jack and kate. they don’t need anymore soldiers, it’s down the generals; thats why lapidus is dead: they don’t want to deal with his character anymore

      • Liz

        I agree about Lapidus. If he was dead they would have showed him die . . . wait or did they? He did get hit by that door (I would imagin sub doors are pretty heavy). . . hmmmm

      • mary q contrary

        Lapidus is NOT just a foot soldier. These guys put way too much thought into this season for that to be the case. He’s got a role to play still. Can’t wait to find out what it is.

      • Lisa Simpson

        Lapidus was misdirection. He was kept around to make the audience think that they were going to fly off the Island. Of course, with no pilot, who can fly the plane now? Looks like we’re going to have to call on Ted Striker again.

      • MyShepard

        WHYYYYYYYY? my god what a great episode. This show is a true miracle of television. And its really sad when i cry and my girlfriend stares at me with disgust. ive never screamed so hard at my T.V. pleas Jeff inspire me with your logic. I think it would be a fair comparison for you to compare this episode with the final 100 pages of harry potter and the deathly hallows considering the overwhelmth of deaths and the strong sense of desperation in the show to make us literally wheep for the characters struggles as they attempt to rid the world of evil

      • Brian

        Maybe the revelation that sideways Locke is a pilot will be important. I dont think Lapedis is dead but he did get hit pretty hard by that door. Maybe somehow sideways Locke will use his pilot skills once the two universes combine (if they ever do).

      • mary q contrary

        Brian, that is very interesting. I hadn’t thought about that. Don’t know if it will come into play, but interesting, nonetheless.

      • Amber

        @MyShepard… I think that is a fantastic idea, and that Doc will be more than happy to take you up on it…

      • kibler

        @MyShephard: YYYEEESSSS!!! That describes exactly how I felt tonight, with everyone dying to show that the villain means business. Just like Harry vs Voldy and that final battle at Hogwarts.

      • Jess

        I don’t think Lapidus is dead because they never confirmed it (like with Desmond). You’ll notice, Hurley asked about Sayid, Sun, and Jin, but Lapidus was ignored. Nobody brought him up. If he was really dead, you’d think team Darlton would have made some effort to confirm that.

      • Found

        I’m really not buying that Lapidus bit the dust in this episode. R.I.P. Sayid, Sun, and Jin….

      • Manic Mommy

        Lapidus is dead. He just wasn’t a central enough character to ponder too long. I agree he was misdirection.

      • laura

        They don’t need Lapidus which is why we have the Locke know how to fly storyline in the Sideways world. Somehow Locke is coming to the island!!!!!!!!! He can fly the plane after he forgives himself for hurting his father.

      • ALM

        If everyone else but Jack dies, then a pilot won’t be necessary?

      • murley

        i agree, lapidus was misdirection. we thought he was sticking around so someone could fly the plane but in fact he was there so we would think someone could fly the plane.

    • Mark

      Other view on this is that somehow he realized that Desmond wasn’t dead and set off to kill him thinking that he was the only remaining person keeping him on island. I don’t disagree with your view though. They’re both possibilities.

      • emily

        des is not a canidate but a very important person for locke. well everyone. remember the sideways episode where he was trying to get to penny and trying to everyone to remember being there and such. he plays a very important role. we will see

      • annie

        emily, Mark didn’t say Desmond was a candidate. I agree with Mark that Locke is on his way to look for Desmond to, “finish what (he) started.”

      • Mark

        Exactly what I was thinking, Annie. Locke might be surmising that bc everyone on the sub died (which obviously isn’t true) then it must be Desmond that is keeping him on island. That somehow he has missed the boat on Des. Clearly he expected that once the sub was sunk, something catastrophic or hugely significant would be triggered that would lead to his end goal.

      • vl

        I couldn’t figure out how MIB was able to intuit that only some of our cast died in the explosion, but not that Desmond was still alive. Of course, Des is such a “special snowflake” that his thoughts could be masked from MIB. But then MIB could have “scanned” Sayid’s thoughts to ascertain whether he had been telling the truth about offing Desmond. Or maybe he did just that, but his priority then was going after Sawyer & company. I have to keep telling myself that this is TV, & not everything has to make perfect sense. But the writing on Lost is so tight & there are so few (loop)holes ever left open that my expectations are higher than with any other show before.

      • paris loves lost

        im thining that if they had all died he would have been released or something and that’s how he knew they weren’t all dead. just a guess though

      • Boone

        Des is Wallace. Wer don’t know his childhood story. He could have been adopted. Also, I think Des is Jacob’s son. Just a thought.

      • Found

        Im surmising that the reason MiB knew that some of the candidates were still alive was because he was expecting to be released the very moment the deed was done. When he realized the sub sank and nothing happened he knew that something didnt go according to his plan, so he trekked off to finish the job.

      • caitfc

        I think that ‘finish what he started’ is a reference to the war and finishing off Widmore. And will Alpert, Linus and Staume be with him? Was it their explosives (which I guess they found in Dharamvile) that Lock took off the plane?

        And now I know why both Locke and Jack have been carrying around the silly look-alike backpacks this season. It makes sort a sense that Jack would have one (first aid kit, water, food) but the Old Smokey? He doesn’t need any of that, so I figured he just had tricky stuff with him.

        I do also think that he is aware that some of the Losties survived the sub sinking. I pretty much expected that Sun & Jin would die in this epi — too many promises of ‘we’ll always be together,’ which has been used in the show to telegraph spirtual, rather than corporeal, togetherness. Sad about Sayid, though I figured he would go out heroically, I hoped it wouldn’t be tonight. Sigh. And are we sure that the Nerdherders shot Kate? Could it have been Claire? And now what will Claire do, as she should know for sure that MIB is a bad thing and in opposition to her half-brother and Kate, who has promised her Aaron.

        Poor Sawyer: like Jack in Season 1, almost all of his decisions have been impulsive, emotional and wrong.

      • mommydearest

        Maybe to finish with Ben, Richard and Miles?

      • Flaming Moe

        If Sayid didn’t kill Desmond, why would he leave him in the well?

    • Tasha

      I think he knew that everyone was not dead because he couldn’t leave the island. If they were all dead he should have been able to leave.

      • ddnorm

        Sm-ocke SAID that he knew everyone hadnt died on the sub… were you not paying attn…

    • KaterHater

      So I guess we will never know of the “deal” Sun had with Widmore? Just one of the many mysteries that will never be resolved. I for one felt cheated by this episode, and with with the swift offing of Sun and Jin. I just got back to my assessment that this entire season has been rushed, and that LOST deserved a 7th season to wrap everything up properly.

      • Mo

        Yeah, with all the stuff still to answer, I’m still wondering why they bothered introducing all the new characters this year. They were all pretty pointless and time wasters, I think.

      • mary q contrary

        Guys, I know it sucks not getting an answer to each question you are personally curious about, but you are ruining this moment for yourselves. Let it go! You’ll never be able to enjoy anything if you always expect it to live up to your ridiculously high-set expectations.

    • Michele

      At first I thought FLocke was sensing that Jack, Hurley, Sawyer and Kate were still alive, but I think now that he was referring to Desmond in the well. I suspect he couldn’t kill Desmond either unless all of the other candidate’s were dead. He will go after Des, and the 4 plus maybe Richard, Ben, and Miles (WTF are they?:) will show up and have some sort of encounter with the MIB.


      Maybe because if all the candidates were dead the island would dissapear?

    • captain obvious

      Locke knows somethings not right, he mustve been expecting some kind of drama when the sub blew up. So either he senses their are survivors- or he knows that Desmond isnt dead. It also means that we dont know what exactly happens with all the candidates dead- what is Flocke’s end game?

  • AKP

    Holy CRAP, my heart is broken.

    • Maddie

      Mine too.

    • Leslie

      me too :(

  • Ne Oublie

    Very, very sad. Our Sayid, Sun & Jin, and even Lapidus- all perished tonight. I was crying-so sad to see them break down at the beach… don’t know what to say

    • Big Walt

      Why would Sun not insist that Jin leave so their daughter isn’t an orphan?

      • Emil

        I AGREE!!! I was so upset that they chose to put their child second to themselves. Wouldn’t Sun insist that their daughter be with the father she hasn’t known since she was born?? ughhh that’s what makes their deaths so bittersweet for me

      • Jack

        Don’t you think that was Sun’s motivation when she said “Go!”? C’mon, she didn’t have to say the exact words to get across the sentiment.

      • etm

        I know! What about Ji-Yeon??? Poor little cutie pie.

      • toonaspie

        Wouldnt have the same emotional impact. I knew that once everyone started bailing out that Jin & Sun were gonna die together. It was sad but fitting.

      • jin and sun forever

        I really don’t think Jin would have left her there even if she said to go to their daughter. They had been seperated for so long already. Poor baby girl.

      • Big Walt

        It would have been the worst thing ever to leave her but you have to. You have a daughter to raise.

      • Alicia

        Jin couldn’t leave Sun. They live on in Ji-Yeon.

      • Lynn

        I found it totally unbelievable that she wouldn’t insist he leave for the sake of their child. I can’t imagine ANY mother not putting her child before herself — especially when all she got out of it was a minute of watching her husband die. Spoiled the whole thing with the unbelievability.

      • mary q contrary

        It’s a shame you all let your overactive imaginations ruin that scene for you. Take it for what it is, stop wishing you wrote the show, and deal with it. Are you really going to let the absence of that ONE thing ruin it for you?

      • Lisa Simpson

        I agree, Mary. Besides, Jin would be a complete stranger to Ji Yeon.

      • Kathryn

        That’s what I was thinking and was angry at Jin for not saying that…but They might still be alive in the sideways.

      • Kate

        None of them are EVER getting away from that island alive. I’m glad they went together…tho I’d have really liked it if they hadn’t killed them!!!

      • Renee

        I second that, Mary.

      • xopher

        Hello! He promised he would never leave her.

      • Big Walt

        @Lisa Simpson – are you serious with that stranger comment? Come on!

      • Kyle

        I’ve been wondering if the candidate named Kwon has been their daughter all along.

      • mary q contrary

        No, the possibility of Kwon being a candidate died tonight, just as it did for the others we saw crossed out. They were possibilities at one time, as well. Is anyone else still wondering if maybe Smokey is Aaron? Maybe that is why he is protective of Claire, and why Kate’s name was crossed off, with seemingly no reason behind it? Just a thought, and trust me, I do realize there is next to NO chance it’s true.

      • belle

        It was fitting that he didn’t leave her. The whole season was them trying to find each other and be together..and not even just in this season, they had always had this dynamic of trying to come together again (physically or in terms of loving each other in their relationship). A child is obviously important, but he has no real connection to his daughter in that moment, and every connection to his wife whom he loves more than anything. She tried to tell him to go, so it’s not like she didn’t try, but at this point they probably didn’t think they were getting off the island anyway (sub was sinking, they weren’t going to use the plane..). The child was safe and in good care, and the point of this moment was to show that they had finally truely come together physically and emotionally for each other. so I didn’t find it unrealistic.

      • PLK

        @Lisa I have to disagree. Anyone who lost a parent as an infant or a young child, and who had been told he or she was a good person, aches to know the parent. It doesn’t matter that you’ve never met the parent or can’t remember the parent. You want them.

      • graciegal

        @BigWalt – huh??? I thought she WAS insisting. She pleaded with him, to the extent that her broken and crushed body would allow her to…she pleaded with her eyes in a big way. And given her physical trauma, she may simply not have had the capabilities to launch into an impassioned speech about their daughter. She was dying…and she was dying painfully.

      • Big Walt

        She never mentioned her daughter. You can say it was implied all you want but she never said, “Jin go, go be with Ji Yeon”.

      • crella

        @big walt…Do you really think Sun’s family would have let Jin have their grand daughter?

      • Go Blue 23

        There will be 2 orphans – Ji Yeon and Aaron – I think the final scene will be these two getting on a plane to go to Australia for their honeymoon. A little turbulence and THE END – it will show that the battle between good and evil will always continue.

      • Rio

        I spent the whole death scene waiting for Sun to force Jin to leave so that their daughter would have a father. I was shocked, and ticked, when it didn’t happen. I turned to my husband and said – “You’d better leave me and get home to our kid in the same situation.” She needed a parent more than those two needed not to be separated. I’m still so ticked, I can’t even grieve yet!

      • Big Walt

        And if Jin wouldn’t have left she should have started gulping water before it got too high and made sure she died before it was too late for Jin to escape.

      • IBALLMOM

        But really, Sun has left her with grandma for years to go traipsing around for Widmore and then to return to the island for Jin. So grandma has really been raising her all along.

      • bigworm

        lots of Chinese kids get adopted by Americans; so she will be fine.

      • jj

        I am sure Jin and Sun knew why Sun was urging him to go, not only for himself but for their child. But it would have been better if they had actually mentioned their child. It takes away from the Titanic romanticism of the moment that Jin chose to die rather than take care of their daughter.

      • donnar

        you guys don’t understand. sun was jin’s soulmate… like someone said before, he wouldn’t be able to live without her. and besides, it’s not like he knew his daughter. he had never even met her. and besides, it wouldn’t be a sure thing that he’d ever get to meet her anyway. :(

        Jin and Sun were my favorite characters aside from Charlie. And they all died the same way. drowning. cried my eyes out and even when i think about it, i still want to cry.

      • susan


        are you serious? After all these seasons do you not know Jin and Sun are korean? Or are you trying to be funny… also adoption will make it ok for Ji-Yeon? what an insensitive comment, not even remotely funny.

    • VL

      @N’oublie: Thanks to some pigeffer commenting on Doc’s earlier post today I already knew that Sun-Jun were going to bite the dust (I stopped reading so I didn’t know about Sayid-Frank). I was so irate to have been spoiled, but in a way now I’m almost thankful that the blow was softened beforehand. I kept yelling NO at the tv from the moment the MIB grabbed Claire on the dock until J & S washed ashore, but it was when Hurley broke down on the beach that I started crying along with him- and I NEVER cry! There are likely more deaths to come- I just hope Hurley makes it till the end above all others. That’s how powerfully these characters are written- many thousands of rational people worldwide are mourning fictional characters tonight. I am thankful to both Kims for infusing their characters with so much soul.

      • Lavender

        EXACTLY my experience. I was so ticked off at seeing the spoilers in the comments earlier today – in all caps no less. So, unfortunately, I was prepared for Sun and Jin’s deaths. But the Hurley breakdown – that killed me. Waterworks.

      • etm

        I am glad I didn’t read that. Why do a$$holes have to go and post spoilers? Oh right, because they’re a$$holes!

      • mary q contrary

        Just so you guys know, before Doc posted this, I blasted them for spoiling in the comments section of that article, and they acted like I was a fool for it. I hope you’re all reading this, and realize you spoiled this amazing episode for these people. Sorry guys. I tried to take up for you, but I was labeled a “douche” and a “moral crusader”.

      • Kris10

        Lesson: avoid all comments made in caps.

      • Ne Oublie

        It is sad and unfortunate about the spoilage. It is so damn hard to avoid! I actually think EW removed it. So do try to warn others (everyone has a choice) and also contact EW about it.

      • Ne Oublie

        Or straightaway to Jensen! (@ewdocjensen)

      • (the other) Amy

        Yeah I saw that spoiler too. Jacka$$. I’m angry that I’ll have to censor my comment reading from now until the finale. I’m right there with you..I cried when Jin and Sun died. But what really got me was when they were on the beach and that tear rolled down Hurley’s face…I completely lost it.

  • Wesside


    • Pam

      Jin had never met Ji-Yeon. And she is being raised by someone who loves her very much. Jin loves sun more than anything and wanted to die with her. Because he hadn’t been a part of his daughters life it’s of no impact to her.

      • Brenda Barrett

        It’s of no impact to her? Never knowing her father will have no impact on her? Glad I’m not part of your family.

      • Daughter

        Clearly you’ve never lost a father at a young age. I know plenty of people who have (and I have) and we’d all say the same thing. The impact is profound.

      • Daughter

        To clarify, I mean lost a father at an age too young to remember. The impact isn’t less profound because you never remembered him. In fact, it might be worse.

      • mary q contrary

        Gah! So many of you are missing the bigger picture with all your talk about the Kwon girl. Leave it alone.

      • graciegal

        @mary – couldn’t agree more. Sheesh! Am just trying to replay the jin-sun scene in my head, with her broken body pinned to the wall and her life clearly dwindling away…and then watching her husband give her one last kiss, one last look, and then swimming away. Does he turn around and look at her one last time? My God!! This was simply an incredibly dramatic moment in a legendary series, and all the recriminations and belaboring of the daughter piece are so beside the point. Of course the daughter is important! I still think it would have been devastating, as a viewer, to watch Jin follow Jack and Sawyer out that hole, followed by the inevitable shot of the lone Sun as the water inched higher and higher. I would have detested Jin if he’d left her to die alone.

      • The truth

        Can you tell who has children and who doesnt on the board? Reason the parents have issues with the way it played is it was not a realistic scene (not that lost is filled with them). A parent choosing to die over caring for a child would NEVER happen and the spouse would NEVER let it happen either.

      • mary q contrary

        @The truth: So, you think you can tell who has kids, huh? Then this might just blow your all-knowing mind: I’m a mother of three, ages 8, 7 (as of next Wednesday), and 20 months. My single greatest pleasure in life is spending time with my children, and I’ve said to my husband on many occasions that I finally figured out the meaning of life (watching your children grow from infants beyond is the most amazing interactive entertainment experience you’ll ever have). BUT, I know when to separate those feelings. This is a television show, guys. A TELEVISION SHOW. And you’re ruining it for yourselves!

      • syphax

        My dad died when I was 6. I barely remember him. It matters.

  • Jailyss

    Let’s give it up to Michael Giacchino for the best score on TV. The acting was incredible and Hurley’s sobs made me just sob right along with him and Jack. I can’t stop myself from being pissed at Sawyer though, he needs to get over his ego and jump on board… he better be after Jack saved his ass. I think that Locke thinks Desmond is the only one alive… it will be a race next week or the week after too see who can get to Desmond first, Jack or Locke.

    • Jack

      Sawyer…yeeesh. I guess it’s now jack’s right to kick the crap out of him.

      • me

        Sawyer has every reason to not have trusted Jack, last time he believed in his “were not gonna die when this bomb explodes” plot he ended up losing Juliet , so while the audience is aware of the fact that he MIGHT be right ,Sawyer was completely logical in doing what he did.

      • Claire

        I agree Me. What he did was completely logical. Sawyer had no advantage of being taken to the Lighthouse, seeing his childhood house, hearing that Jacob needs him, the whole Hurley talking to dead people, and most importantly the not dying by dynamite aspect. When Jack says that he’s working with a huge informational advantage over Sawyer and frankly everyone else. Also, let’s be honest. It was Sayid’s advice. And seeing he’s had military experience I’d trust him. The person to blame for this is MIB. Not Sawyer or Jack or anyone else.

      • Lane

        sorry claire, but I don’t fully understand your paragraph. You’ve written several incomplete sentences. I wish I could understand your entire message, because parts that I understand sound interesting.

      • Claire

        Lane – sorry about that. I’m writing on an iPhone. I was referring to Me’s comment about Jack saying that they wouldn’t die if the bomb went off. I’m talking about Jack having had the advantage of going to the Lighthouse with Hurley, at Jacob’s request. Jack seeing his childhood home in the mirror at the Lighthouse. And his experience with Hurley speaking to the dead. I’m also talking most specifically of Jack’s experience in the Black Rock with Richard. Sawyer did not have the advantage of experiencing those circumstances therefore working with the knowledge he did have what he did was the most logical decision. Hope that cleared up my post.

      • mary q contrary

        Picky, picky, Lane. You understood full well what Claire was getting at. You’re just a grouch.

      • M&M’s

        I totally agree with you, mary q contrary…Lane is just knit picking.

      • Lane

        It’s “nit” picking actually.

    • etm

      Yes, the music is the BEST!! Just hearing the piano makes me choke up.

      • juju56

        I agree, the musical theme has always tugged at me….always kinds of considered it Sun and Jin’s theme music.

      • Ne Oublie

        When that music starts-you know

      • Down the Creek

        I don’t know if it would be considered music or sound effects but when Locke comes back out of the airplane the usual “ticka ticka” sound of the smoke monster is done with drums. It was very foreboding and gave me chills. It just reinforced that he was up to no good.

    • Eric

      Yeah, more than grief I was feeling rage towards Sawyer after this ep. This is a much bigger mistake than the one he THOUGHT Jack made that led to Juliet’s death–and most likely wasn’t a mistake at all. I guess the theme (if we didn’t know already) is “You gotta have faith”.

      • Brendan

        This is what will probably bring Sawyer and Jack together finally. Jack killed Juliet. Sawyer killed Sun, Jin, Sayid, and Lapidus. Even?!?

      • Claire

        Really guys? Really? Sawyer killed them? Did you read Darlton’s interview above? Sawyer isn’t to blame. MIB is. That bomb was going off no matter what.

      • MB

        No. That bomb was not going off until Sawyer pulled the wires. Locke couldn’t kill them and needed one of them to put it into motion.

      • Jana

        The part of Juliet was played by Jack tonight:
        Sawyer “You got my back?”
        Jack “Absolutely” (same tone and inflection as Jules)
        Then Jack saves Sawyer. Does this make them a couple?

      • Bethany

        But are you saying Locke had the time to rig that bomb on the plane? How would Locke know that Kate would get shot and that Jack would ask for a shirt from the bag? Seems like a pretty iffy way of offing everyone if that was your plan. What if they had looked in the bag three hours after getting on the sub?

      • mary q contrary

        No, that bomb was not going off one way or the other. FLocke can’t kill them. That thing was just a watch strapped to some dynamite before Sawyer messed with it. But, I don’t blame him. He’s desperate, and for good reason. He’s had no reason to trust Jack up until this point, and did what a good percentage of people would do were they in his shoes, and had experienced what he has for the last few years. Give the guy a break. It was just one in a long line of mistakes the castaways have made.

      • ten_sixth

        Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t figure out WHY the C4 detonated in the first place.

        a) FLocke can’t kill them.
        b) As proven in ep. “Dr. Linus,” the candidates (and Richard) can’t kill themselves.

        Seeing as how six of the seven people around that bomb were candidates, why did it blow to begin with?!?! Especially since Sawyer (candidate) was the one who fiddled with the wires. I need answers!!!!

      • Found

        You can’t blame Sawyer for what happened, he was only trying to save everyone. C’mon, how many of you instantly second guessed Jack once the timer stopped and the bomb didnt immediately explode!! After all the epic fails Sawyer has witnessed of Jack, you guys need to get real and face the fact that Sawyer had every right to take things into his hands after Jack started talking about the bomb not going off. It made no sense to him, and probably still won’t because even us as the audience can’t be 100% certain that the bomb would not have exploded had Sawyer let it count all the way down. It still very well could have went BOOM!!

      • M&M’s

        ten sixth…I have been totally confused over this.
        Jack had just finished saying they couldn’t kill each other. ( The Candidates. )

      • Jr

        FLocke didnt kill the candidates, and neither did the c4(sayid was no longer a candidate) but the sinking of the submarine is what killed them… well played I say!!

      • Manic Mommy

        ten_sixth: I think they were able to die because they were no longer on the island – they were at sea.

      • JasonInDFW

        I realize I am pretty late reading/posting. Locke cannot kill the candidates, so if they had done nothing, like Jack wanted, then nothing would have happened. Candidates cannot kill themselves, but they can kill each other. So if Sawyer pulled the wires and they all stood there looking at the bomb, nothing would have happened. But instead, Sayid ran off with it, so in essence, Sawyer killed Sayid, which is legal. I think.

    • xopher

      Not next week. Next week’s episode is the famous (infamous) Alison Janney episode that takes place back when. We’re not back with our O6 (4?) for a fortnight. Peace the spork out Jin, Sun, Sayid and Frank.

      • Needles

        i wish I hadn’t read that Alison Janney is in the ep next week

      • graciegal

        I’m really hoping the A. Janney reference is some sort of sick joke, but I also have the sinking feeling that it’s not. aarrgghhh

      • mary q contrary

        Seriously, guys, what’s your problem with Alison Janney? She’s wonderful, and extremely talented. I, for one, can’t wait to see what role she plays. My money is on the mother of Jacob and MIB.

    • pd

      I agree, Michael G’s music brings a new note to sadness on that show. His is the music of hearbreak.

    • Big Walt

      Desmond isn’t and never has been a candidate.

      • Jailyss

        I know… but he is the link between the alternate worlds… if he is alive then to me a part of them remains on the island… hence why he needs to die.

      • sasha

        i would bet alot of money that jacob has inhabited desmond’s body.

      • wallace

        We don’t know that. The lists on the cave and in the lighthouse were different. Kate’s name is crossed off in the cave, but not in the Lighthouse. Maybe Wallace is Desmond. Jacob could be using a alias for Desmond in order to protect him. We also can’t be sure that there isn’t another location where the names of the candidates are written.

      • Big Walt

        Sasha I wish we knew each other because I would love to take a lot of your money from you.

      • Jailyss

        also, if Desmond wasn’t “special” why wouldn’t MIB have killed Desmond himself? I think like the other candidates he can’t kill Desmond for some unknown reason

      • Tammi

        Desmond is the constant!!!!!!! He ties the whole thing together.

    • pam

      Brilliant! I had not made that connection. Thought he was talking re Hurley et al. That’s why I love reading the posts. Question: Since Sideways Locke has his pilot’s license will Locke somehow get the Ajira flight off the ground? How does that play in?

    • Casey

      I don’t blame him one bit for not deciding to go on Jack’s gut feeling. His last gut feeling led to Juliet’s death. Ego had nothing to do with it.

      • Maddie

        I’m sure you can find an excuse for every stupid thing Sawyer’s done.

      • Walter Bishop

        Thank you! It was the absolute most logical thing to do. And Sawyer put his ego aside when he thanked Jack for coming back for them. To me that was him acknowledging he was wrong for telling him to jump off the boat.

      • Penny

        Well that was just a brilliant addition to the conversation, Maddie. Just brilliant.

      • Brenda Barrett

        But Jack’s gut feeling was RIGHT — as Juliet said, “It worked!” And Sawyer knew that, if he’d chosen to believe what Miles told him.

      • Jess

        I think what Sawyer did was stupid, but in hindsight, we knew more about the situation than he did, so it was easier to trust in Jack. All Sawyer really knew was that the last time Jack had one of his “big plans”, his almost-fiance had died. Not really a trust-building moment…

    • Sanjaya’s Girlfriend

      I did not start crying until Hurley did…

      • aleksa

        I cried before that, like a big old baby. I’d calmed down until Hurley started crying. Then the waterworks started up again.

      • Chandler

        I cried for the last 15 minutes of the show. I haven’t cried over a TV in years. That was some amazingly powerful stuff.

    • Casey

      This didn’t post in the right spot earlier. Regarding Sawyer, I don’t blame him one bit for not deciding to go on Jack’s gut feeling. His last gut feeling led to Juliet’s death. Ego had nothing to do with it.

      • Casey

        I give up trying to respond to the correct comment.

      • vl

        @ Casey- Perfect- I was just thinking the same thing!

      • Caleb J

        Jack didn’t kill Juliet, Sawyer… er Casey. It was the bomb that killed fair Juliet. Jack was right that they wouldn’t be killed, but how could he know she would be dragged into the hole by electo-magnetism? NO ONE else on Team Jack died that night, not even Sayid. Life is a risk and it took Juliet, not Jack.

    • Jailyss

      Sawyer has always had it in for Jack, besides their woman issues (kate AND juliet), Sawyer has often been sick of following Jacks orders (stealing the guns, choosing Locke’s camp, abandoning jack on Hydra island). He has a history of ignoring Jack and doing his own thing… Juliets death is an excuse to keep with the same pattern.

      • Jailyss

        Desmond = the off island Richard? Showing the alternate world castaways the way??

    • Needles

      Locke seemed to know that not everyone died and knew the sub sank..so he must know des isn’t dead too..i don’t really know how he knows all of that

      • Reality

        Fake Locke (Flocke) knew that someone survived because he wasn’t freed from being tethered to the island.
        He knows that all of the candidates must be dead in order for him to leave – if they aren’t all dead, he will know.
        I don’t know if he is going to find Desmond, or just rig up/plan a new trap for the survivors:
        Claire: Where are you going?
        Flocke: To finish what I started.

  • Donna

    Did Lapidus escape as well? My observation was that he died also, but Doc Jensen only references the main three…(still crying, btw)

  • Mel

    I really hope the sideways world is a creation by Jacob as a failsafe for those who die on the island so that if (when?) they merge, we can have everyone back and alive! I don’t think I’ve cried as much at a show as I did tonight!

    • Mel

      one more thing- pure Jin has the worst luck with nautical vehicles and bombs… I guess third time’s a charm :(

      • Mel

        and by pure I meant poor- but i would also consider Jin a “pure soul”

      • mscisluv

        Good point! Raft blew up, freighter blew up, sub blew up!

      • holly

        and he’s a fisherman…how ironic

    • Tony

      I hope they don’t all come back. And no, I don’t just mean Claire. It would be kind of a cheat – very Bobby Ewing takng a shower – and would probably make the whole series seem a little worthless.

  • mike


  • Nikki

    Amazing–that could have been the finale….absolutely amazing

    • Dan

      That would be the worst ending ever…

  • kates

    amazing! still crying.

  • Damon

    Let’s also give some love to Lapidus.

    • Alicia

      Don’t think Frank is dead. And the plane hasn’t been blown up yet. They can still get off the Island. If they are meant to.

      • Jac

        Could be that Frank is needed to fly the plane off, but I have a feeling he is dead. We learned tonight there is someone else who could (potentially) fly the plane of the island. What if in the merge of the sideways and the island world we somehow get real Locke (not Smokey) back? The flash sideways revealed Locke got his pilot license. Maybe some sort of foreshadowing? Otherwise that seems like a rather random way for him to become paralyzed…

      • Alicia

        Jac, the crash of Flight 815 gave paralyzed Locke the use of his legs. Hardly random. So, he lost the use of his legs in a plane crash in Sideways reality.

      • elsie

        I think he’s dead, after seeing that blast door crash on him.

        Besides, they can still get off the Island by turning the wheel. There are at least three people alive on the Island who know this and could divulge it if they had to. (Ben, Widmore, Richard)

      • greenofleek

        Just to interject- as a commercial pilot, I would like to say that there is no way a private pilot who just got his licence would be capable of flying a jet that size off a proper runway, even with a trained FO beside him, nevermind off a bush strip on an island, in a damaged aircraft. Poor Frank, I hope he survived. But if he didn’t, I can’t see that plane going anywhere anymore.

      • Caleb J

        didn’t jack take flying lessons too??? !

      • Jac

        You make a fantastic point Alicia. I do tend to do a fantastic job of overlooking the obvious. :)

        Greenofleek, I totally agree with what you’re saying- but stranger things have happened!

      • Grrr

        @ Elsie. I’ve been wondering the same thing all season about the donkey wheel. Nobody has mentioned it. You’d think Ben would’ve used once all this Flocke business popped off (unless the scared act is all part of HIS con). Sawyer and Miles know about the wheel too, b/c Locke told them Ben used it to leave the island, and they both helped Locke get down into the well/future Orchid station to stop the flashes.

      • Myra

        Jac – I agree about maybe getting the real Locke back. I think he is cognizant of both universes. No need to have Sideways Jack operate on his legs. There’s something going on there.

  • lovey

    Sayid has already been dead–but Sun/Jin/Lapidus? So wrong. What about the baby? Jin was a coward (I’m in the anger phase)

    • Casey

      How the hell is Jin a coward? He decided to die instead of let his wife perish by herself.

      • Alicia

        Jin did the right thing. Jin and Sun live on in their daughter.

      • graciegal

        Ditto. Jin a coward? Whaaaa??? IMO he was noble and he reeked of courage and he was a helluva guy.

      • Big Walt

        I don’t necessarily agree with it but you could say he’s a coward because he knew he wouldn’t be able to live with leaving Sun even if it meant being with his daughter.

      • holly

        I don’t think Jin was a coward so much, but I do think Sun was SELFISH. She should have MADE him leave that sub.

      • Mike

        I dunno about ‘coward’ – but he did decide to stay with Sun instead of getting home to his child, who now has neither a mother or a father.

      • Big Walt

        The other annoying thing about it is that him staying there to die with her completely negates her coming to find him to begin with. Her going there to save him is completely worthless now.

      • Myra

        Big Wait – I don’t think because Sun did not know what the end result would be made the journey worthless.

      • Reality

        The Powers That Be have already stated they didn’t address the daughter because they didn’t want to detract from the emotion of Sun and Jin dying together. They didn’t want to introduce a distracting aspect tot he moment.

      • Reality

        The Powers That Be have already stated they didn’t address Ji Yeon because they didn’t want to detract from the emotion of Sun and Jin dying together. They didn’t want to introduce a distracting aspect to the moment.

    • Ashley G.

      to die with your true love makes u a coward? I would have done the same thing, can u even imagine being reunited with your wife after several years apart, then to finally think your getting off the island and to have the damn sub blow up, he probably thought they were all going to die anyways so why not atleast be there with your wife in your final moments. That is not cowardice at all, what he did took a lot of courage.

      • Jen

        Why not? Because he has a daughter to raise.

    • Nicotine

      I wouldn’t classify Jin a coward, but I wouldn’t have stayed knowing I have a daughter out there that I’ve never seen and will need a parent. I think his actions were honorable. The same goes for Sayid. That was a very redeeming act on Sayid’s part.

      • d

        Sayid’s storyline this season runs parallel with Michael’s.

      • Jude10

        Jin knew that the chances of returning to Ji Yeon were next to impossible with a.) the plane being loaded with explosives, b.) the sub sinking around him. He did the right thing staying with Sun and it made for heart-wrenching TV.

      • Big Walt

        Right thing for him, not the right thing for his daughter.

      • Allen

        Actually we only heard Locke CLAIM the plane COULD have more explosives other than the ones he found. Finding and removing the explosives are all that remain for making it useful again.

    • dohrayme

      I chalk it up to plot contrivance. A ‘real’ Sun would have insisted Jin go to raise their daughter & a ‘real’ Jin reluctantly would have.

      • jen99

        Why does everyone keep assuming Lapidus is dead? I thought Hurley swam off the sub, dragging him along behind him, like Jack dragged Sawyer.

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