Will Ferrell says 'Anchorman 2' might not be dead: 'We're still going back and forth'

AnchormanImage Credit: Frank MasiCould Ron Burgundy live to anchor another nightly newscast after all? Last Thursday, Anchorman director/co-writer Adam McKay suggested via Twitter that the long-gestating sequel was a no-go: “So bummed. Paramount basically passed on Anchorman 2. Even after we cut our budget down. We tried.”

Talking to EW today, McKay’s star and co-writer Will Ferrell struck a similarly bemused tone. But wait! Ferrell wouldn’t rule out the possibility that Anchorman 2 might get made after all. Read on for our Q&A.

Meanwhile, sources close to Paramount confirm to EW that negotiations are ongoing, and say it all comes down to money. They say the studio won’t make another Anchorman for more than $50 million, due to concerns about the first one’s overseas gross, and that McKay and Ferrell have asked for closer to $70 million. Ferrell’s camp, however, tells EW that those numbers are not accurate. —Additional reporting by Nicole Sperling

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Anchorman has been back in the headlines with Paramount passing on the sequel. What happened with that? How do you feel about that?
WILL FERRELL: Well, you know, yeah, it’s a little peculiar. On the one hand, [we were] being begged to do a sequel for such a long time, and then we finally came up with a concept that we liked, we talked to all the guys, and everyone was up for it. And then to get the reaction we got, yeah, it’s slightly puzzling to us. But you know what? It’s also their money. They get to do or not do whatever they want. So we’ll see. We’re still going back and forth. Maybe there is a solution. Or, I know in talking to Adam, if it never happens, then it never happens. And that’s fine, too. So we’ll just see.

Were you at the actual meeting where they turned it down?
No, I was there when we said we were up for doing this. That was met with a lot of, like, “Oh wow, oh my God, amazing, great!” The other stuff came later.

It sounds like you wouldn’t rule out that it might come back around.
We’re in such a weird kind of time right now in terms of the studios and where they want to put their money or not. Yeah. You never know. They may circle back. It’s always a negotiation, even if it’s a “No.” You just never know. Six months from now, they could have some movies fall apart and their slate is a little light, and, like, “Hey, let’s revisit that.” So we’ll just kind of keep moving on, see what happens.

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  • susan

    I just want to know who Will Ferrels boy friend is and if he is still taking classes on how to be funny

    • Fake Susan

      Hi, I’m Susan! I’m super sour and disparage differing senses of humor! Also, I like using “boyfriend” as an insult because I find homosexuality inherently sickening. Yay for me!

      • real susan

        I am a turdy

      • Really Fake Susan

        Thanks for the attention, everybody!

      • Love Lamp

        Why don’t you go back to your home on Whore Island

      • Susan

        We heterosexuals don’t need proper spelling or grammar.

    • jack

      wow susan, what a SUPER lame comment.

    • Tom

      Hey susan-

      Look at that perfect rainbow! Do me on it!

  • Johnification

    You know what else people thought was dead that came back? Baxter.

    • LOL

      HA! Exactly!

  • Madd

    His apartment smells of rich mahogany.

    • J ROCK

      haha boy your a funny guy

  • Stacy

    Hollywod negotiations: 60% of the time, it works every time.

    • kt

      It stings the nostrils….lol

      • J.

        That is pungent.

  • Jerry

    Paramount Studios, which of course in German means… a whale’s vagina.

  • Funny

    I laugh at anyone who tries to read these message boards who hasn’t seen the movie. It has to be the weirdest read. Also, I’m kind of a big deal.

    • Anne

      I watched the movie once, but apparently not with the level of detail needed to keep up with the board. I obviously, need to watch again.

  • Mike

    Paramount is cheap . . . they couldn’t afford to promote Shutter Island last fall, which grossed a healthy $125 mil when it finally got released this spring.

  • Ali

    He should put some Sex Panther on before he goes into the meeting. If they still say no, then they can just eat cat poop.

  • Robert

    They are passing Anchorman 2 not because of the foreign gross of the first Anchorman but the combined grosses of his last three films. SEMI PRO, STEP BROTHERS and LAND OF THE LOST anyone? Anyone???

    • Love Lamp

      Semi-Pro was a big hit and actually outgrossed Anchorman. Why don’t you go back to your home on whore island.

    • Heather

      Seriously, you’re putting Step Brothers in the same league as the other two? If so, I doubt whatever opinion you have on the matter.

      • Tom Brazelton

        Paramount’s concerns over Anchorman’s overseas box office is a smokescreen. American comedies RARELY do well overseas. Just like French comedies RARELY do well over here. Every culture has a different sense of what is funny. Plus, I doubt some dude in Thailand is going to grasp what is ironic about a 1970’s local market anchorman.

      • Mike

        ….step brothers was magnificent. you clearly don’t understand what a good opinion is.

  • fireflystare221


  • Kel Varnsen

    It makes sense that it is a money thing. I mean today both Steve Carell and Paul Rudd are pretty big stars (not to mention so is Rogan) so to get either Brian Fantana or Brick Tamland to show up is going to cost some cash.

    • Jen

      Good point, and congrats on posting the only intelligent comment on this whole thread.

    • Stan

      Actually, McKay said that both Carell and Rudd really lowered their normal rates to be in and help out the movie. But I’m sure it’s not as low as their checks for Anchorman.

  • Maryann

    Will ferrell is the funiest man alive, and I was so looking forward to this movie

  • mr. rosewater

    Milk was a bad choice

  • nat

    I enjoyed the first Anchorman, but $70 mill? Even $50 mill seems like a crazy amount of money for a comedy. No wonder the studio doesn’t want to invest.

  • Ron Burgundy

    Anchorman is my favorite movie of all time. Hell,me and my friends still recite lines from it every day.I mean cmon,”great oden’s raven!” , “what’s that Baxter?You pooped in the refrigerator?Wow…Im not even mad,im actually impressed” and “sex panther:60% of the time,it works every time” are some of the best lines out there for comedies!Oh,let’s not forget: “Brick,where’d you get that hand grenade?””I dont know”

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