Jeff Probst blogs 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' episode 11

survivor-jeff-probstImage Credit: Monty Brinton/CBSTHE FALLOUT FROM LAST WEEK

Last week, Parvati played not one but two idols.  Russell had no idea she had the second idol or he never would have given her his idol in the first place!  You knew the fallout was going to come and the anticipation of it reminded me of my youth, growing up in the wheat fields of Kansas.

In Kansas, tornadoes are common and they often cause major damage.  But just before the tornado strikes, there is an eerie calm.  The wind doesn’t rustle, the rain doesn’t fall.  It’s just calm.  You see neighbors rounding up the bicycles or putting away the lawn mower, cause they know the storm is a comin’ and it’s gonna be bad.

Russell is like a tornado.  A tornado that is lingering just outside of town, slowly swirling, building momentum and gearing up to do some major damage.  You could feel his anger growing, you could feel the emotions beginning to gather steam as they worked their way through his body.

Swirling.  Faster and faster…

If Russell is a tornado, Parvati is the tornado chaser.  She loves being in the eye of the storm because she doesn’t fear a tornado but is in fact is drawn to its ferocity.

It’s a bit like a Spielberg movie, right?  The world’s greatest and sexiest tornado chaser taking on the world’s biggest and most destructive tornado… in 3D!

Although Russell’s tornado turned out to be a false warning, it doesn’t mean it has gone away.  The anger inside him is still swirling.  He is still lurking just outside of town and Parvati knows it.  Russell will not soon forget, check that, Russell will never forget that Parvati betrayed him and since Danielle was a part of that betrayal she better put her bicycle away too, cause this is only the first act and Spielberg always finishes with a bang.


Warning: For those of you who find my “adult themed” comments offensive, please skip down to the section titled “BACK TO PG.”  Otherwise, read on at your own risk.

Colby, Danielle, Amanda.  Could you have put together a more perfect group to sleep together on one bed?  Colby -The rugged heroic cowboy.   Amanda, the pretty and often shy cheerleader.  Danielle, the sexy tomboy who despises cheerleaders. All together in one room with one bed for one night. Toss in a bowl of popcorn, a movie and a clue to the hidden idol and you have yourself the makings of a very interesting night.  It feels, looks and sounds like Showtime, but it’s just another great moment in a season of great moments on Survivor.


Wow.  Wouldn’t you like to see the left over footage from that scene?  Let’s set the stage.  Amanda dressed in bikini bottoms with a hoodie on top is surveying the room, looking for the clue.  Danielle, dressed much the same way, is on the bed eating popcorn and also wondering where the clue might be.  Colby is the only one actually watching the damn movie and he downs a handful of popcorn.

Danielle finds the clue in the bowl of popcorn.  She carefully removes it and then tries to hide it from the others by dropping it on the floor next to her.  As Amanda continues her hunt for the clue she spots it on the floor.

Amanda grabs it.  Danielle tries to grab it back.  The cat fight is on.

Two women, dressed only in bikini’s who haven’t showered in weeks fighting over a small piece of parchment in a hotel room while the seemingly oblivious cowboy from Texas continues to watch a movie on the television.  (Take a moment, and let that sink in.  Go ahead and read it again if you want, because that is exactly what happened.)

Amanda has it.  Danielle wants it back.  So now we have an interesting situation.  Who does the note belong to?  I am not there to referee or make a decision so this is left to them to figure out.  Does it belong to Danielle because she found it?  Does it belong to Amanda because she found it after Danielle dropped it on the floor?  Should they have to share it?  Or does it go to the winner of The cat fight?  Of course I would opt for the last scenario – let them fight it out and the winner gets it, cause let’s be honest, that would be fun to watch.

INSIGHT:  From a rules point of view, there is no rule that covers something this unique.  Neither Danielle nor Amanda had a clear-cut case of possession, so it was up in the air.

My call would have been to have them “work it out” which probably would have resulted in all three of them sharing it together.  That’s definitely what I would have said if I had been Amanda or Colby, “Let’s work it out together.”  I would never have let Danielle walk away with it by herself.  Never.

But then the most amazing thing happened.  The seemingly oblivious cowboy from Texas suddenly wakes up and turns into a pretty decent game show host and without asking permission declares himself the arbiter of the dispute.  Colby then states with an amazing sense of authority that the clue belongs to… Danielle.  Well executed. Nicely done, dude.  You should host your own show.  Bravo.

And then… even more jaw dropping… Amanda, acting like a 5 year old whose daddy just told her to give the toy back to her sister, hands over the clue to Danielle!  She gave it to her!  Are you kidding?

It was one of the most fascinating moments this season.  Human dynamics at play in the oddest context imaginable.

Amanda gave the clue back because she wasn’t strong enough to stand up for herself.  It continues to be Amanda’s Achilles heel in life.  Standing up for her self.  I know she is watching this at home and frustrated once again because she could easily still be in this game if she had only stood up for her self and said, “I’m not giving it back.  I have it.  I’m not letting go.  You were foolish enough to set it aside and I grabbed it.  Now back off before I do one of my favorite high schools cheers and toss you over my back and down the stairs.”   But instead she was intimidated and obediently did as instructed by Colby.

That is what Survivor is all about.  No rules.  Work it out.  The person who makes the most compelling argument often wins.  In this case it was Colby, a guy who didn’t even have a stake in the issue.

CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM TO COLBY:  You did a very nice job of handling the moment.  You took charge and you were clear.  You only made one mistake.  When you fell into the host role, you forgot you were also one of the contestants as well.  You should have made a decision that included you getting to see the clue.  At the very least you should have let Amanda see it.  She’s on your tribe!!!  Giving it to Danielle was a mistake.

What do you guys think?  What should have happened?  What would you have done?


“I am the king of hidden immunity idols.”  I’d have to agree.  Over the last two seasons Russell has proven that he has an uncanny ability to find the idols.  In fact, he’s so good at it that he’s forever changed how we will handle idols in future seasons.

INSIGHT:  Next season it will take more than just looking under a rock to find a hidden idol.  I won’t give away what we’re doing, but in planning our creative for next season we coined a phrase, “The Russell Factor” and it influenced how we will play the hidden idol next season.


She’s a slick one.  She knows when to listen and when to talk.  Sandra is smart.  Who else could tell Russell to walk away and get away with it.

I also appreciate Sandra’s ability to know when to give up the fight and go with the flow.

This is why Sandra is so good… her last question to Candice:  “Tell me who you want out, please.”

Sandra is smart enough to know when she is fighting an uphill battle.  Asking that question was her way of giving in without giving up.  She was offering her vote to the majority to ensure she stays in the game at least one more day.  If you’re in the game you have a chance.


Candice is getting herself into a sticky situation.  When you don’t pull the trigger, people start to doubt you.  When they start to doubt you, they stop telling you things.  When they stop telling you things, you’re in trouble.  Candice needs to make a bold move and soon.


I think the wear and tear of Russell playing back to back seasons may be taking it’s toll.  Far be it from me to criticize how he’s playing, but I think he’s talking too much.


Again, I’m not playing so it’s easy to back seat drive but Rupert’s grudge with Russell seems personal.  Let it go.  Stay focused on staying in the game.  Keep your eyes on the prize.

I love these types of challenges.  Taking a basic idea like “House Of Cards” and turning it into a challenge is what our challenge department does best.  It’s a great challenge because anybody can win and it’s also fun for kids watching the show because this is the kind of challenge you can easily replicate for a Survivor themed birthday party.

By the way – Congrats to Jerri for her first individual immunity challenge victory!


Russell’s quote about Amanda is something I could have lived my entire life and been okay not hearing:

Russell: She’s kinda like Boston Rob in a girl’s body.  It’s a quote I don’t need to hear, an image I don’t need in my mind.  But it lingers.  It’s like when you hear an annoying song by Air Supply as you’re just waking up and the song stays in your head all day.  Now all I’m imagining is Amanda in a white tank-top with a Red Sox cap on—- … hang on a second.  Maybe this isn’t such a bad image after all.


I wish we had more moments like this because they remind me of the reality of what the Survivors lives are really like. They have hours upon hours of idle time where life is absolutely boring.  The fire is stoked, the water is boiled, they’re taking a break from strategy and they’re just hanging out.  This is why, when all is said and done, that so many former Survivors become friends.  It’s a bonding experience that few of us in life will ever get the chance to experience.  I miss these moments in the show.   I wish we had more, but the show is about strategy these days and so that’s where most of the stories lead.


I have to admit and I’m surprised to be saying this… but I found myself a little bummed that Amanda is gone.  As frustrating as she can be at times, she’s a tremendous player.  One of the best.  She only lacks one thing from being an absolute dynamo and that’s the killer instinct.  As stated earlier, it’s the confidence to stand up for her self and claim what is rightfully hers.  Had she done that with Danielle in the hotel room she’d probably still be in this game.

PS.  Sorry I forgot to remind you we were back to the PG rating.

Next week is a biggee.  Two immunity challenges.  Two tribal councils.  Two people gone.

See ya then.

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  • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

    First of all, I am a little disappointed that this season was a bit ruined for me by people who post the entire lineup of who will be voted off and in order. I don’t understand how they can get away with posting spoilers on your blog Jeff. I still would love to read your blog in the future and hope you continue to write, but Come on! I was not even looking for it and I read the entire order and who wins. The person or people putting up this stuff must have inside information, because it was totally correct. They get away with putting this up, but I was kicked off the cbs website, had all my comments deleted and, never able to get back on because they had my IP address. For what? After the Online video submisssion contest, to be chosen for Survivor. I found out the truth, that the whole thing was fixed. I guess CBS felt threatened that people will find out the truth. Yet nobody feels threatened here that the integrety of the game is about to go down the toilet when everybody knows who will be voted out each week. Congrats to Jimmy T who won the video submission. You could say that I’m doing the same thing by letting people know who won. However, that thing was fixed. I worked really hard on my video and had the best one out there, only to find out that it was a waste my valuable time.
    Back to this week – Jeff, I know you like Colby, but he is a lousy player. How could you tell Amanda that the clue belongs to Danielle? And Amanda after the beautiful catfight, shame on you for just listening to Colby and handing it over! Russell is playing the best game along with Parvati, however I believe Russell made one stupid move. Not by playing the idol, because if you feel threatened, you need to play it. It would have been stupid not to play it and then find out that you are going home. The stupid thing that Russell did was tell Sandra that he knew she was voting for him and flipping. He gave the Heros and Sandra enough time to change their plans, even though they were not smart enough to get that done. I believe Russell had to tell Sandra that he knew because his ego got in the way. Although Russell is the best to ever play, he does make some dumb decisions because he lets his ego take control. I believe that I can play a better game. I am still a huge Russell fan, but common Russell, don’t make stupid moves like that after brilliant plans of getting Candice to flip. And what’s the story with Russell getting arrested?

    • chad

      She should have ran to the bathroom, read it, flushed it. Colby is a huge dissappointment. And Candice may have a strategy to hook up with Sandra and Jerri when it is down to six, perhaps even pull Colby or Rupert in when it is down to 7 and get Russ, Parv, and Dan out. Odds of any males making it to the end look slim.

      • Dr Zechariah Zenith

        I really think Russell won’t keep his word. Candice is simply cannon fodder.

        Colby should have helped Amanda. I reckon he was drunk from the wine and thought that he was dreaming when he saw two chicks in bikinis having a catfight.

      • Erich

        I like having an immunity idol always in play. That adds an interesting aspect into the game.

      • aa

        Jeff this episode was so funny.

        but sadly Survivor is now a Survivor`s Parody

      • Paul

        Amanda should have taken the clue and run. That’s her problem, she’s too nice. Still, she has played over 100 days of survivor before getting voted off. Not many people could do that. Well done Amanda.

      • Susan

        I would love to see Jerri and Colby in an alliance. That would be a great twist.

        As always, a great blog, Jeff. You are the best!

      • Karen O’Shea

        Best player to never … I wasn’t able to understaand how was able to delete your posts, but a leastt I can answer your other question. In alot of news agencies, take your pick, they all state that on April 23 in Louisiana, Russell Hantz attacked an 18 year old girl, and threw her to the ground. Police on the scene arrested him, and he was charged with Battery. I don’t know if he is still in jail or if he paid bail to get out. Maybe he used one of his immunity idols to get out? I hope he stays there for the finale.

      • geoff

        I agree that the boot list has also spoilt this season a little bit for me. I will continue to read your blog but will have to bypass the comments section in future seasons.

      • Brandy

        Entertainment Weekly – Ban user “fact” and their IP address. Please identify said lame user and fine them $100,000 for listing spoilers. Or post their name, address and state ID pictures. Thank you.

      • NX

        Nah… don’t ban anyone…


        Shouldn’t be bannable

    • Casey

      Why was it stupid to confront Sandra? She was dead set on flipping, and she ended up sticking with them because he put Candace and Sandra in such an uncomfortable position. Like Sandra said, Candace was so afraid to go against Russell – This basically forced Sandra to go along with them.

      • Dr Zechariah Zenith

        It is Candice with an Ice.

      • Survivor Freak

        I get the feeling that as long as the Heroes refuse to vote out Sandra’s biggest competition – Russell – she’s gonna keep playing with the Villains. Keeps her one spot closer to the end.

      • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

        Why was it dumb to tell Sandra? Because the heros could have put some sense into Candice. If they knew how to play the game that is. Colby and Amanda certainly do not know how to play.

      • AmandaFan

        Amanda’s giving over the clue to Danielle is just killing me! Why? Why? Why? I’m so sad. And Colby should be the next one voted out. He’s not playing a great game (besides that one challenge) and he bores me! I guess Tina was the exciting one.

      • helena

        It was a brilliant move to bring Sandra and Candice together and open the cards. What was left there for them to do after that? With Russell holding an idol they were too afraid to vote for a villain: if he uses it right they were the next ones to go for sure. plus the whole blame game was so unusual and made them even more stressed out and afraid to make a risky move.

    • aleoper

      Totally agree on the posting of the tribal council line-up. Jeff, do have any input into the running/editing of this blog, and if so, why do you let people piss all over it, and ruin it for your biggest fans?

      • Sabrina

        Amen. I accidentally stumbled on the supposed final three a few weeks ago and am LIVID. Can’t these comments be moderated?

      • hutchy

        Earlier this season, someone gleefully posted a partial boot result (basically, the final 3), and I tended to think it was the truth, since anytime a boot list gets posted in this situation, it is unfortunately ALWAYS true, even if most people didnt believe it. Most people were skeptical, and the arrogant poster gleefully mentioned how he couldnt wait to see Tyson booted that night. Sure enough, I had one of the biggest Survivor blindsides ever ruined. I havent watched an episode since, as what would be the point? Probst, if your reading this, listen to your faithful blog posters, something HAS to be done about this.

      • TresE

        I agree about posting the order. I don’t want to see it! I want to watch the show and try to figure it out myself. I love to watch the extra clips & secret scenes and then read blogs to see what other people think each week. I do NOT want the order. I’ve come across it several times this season. How did that happen?! Stop it!

      • will wrotniak

        ya and theres a comment bellow that states who wins the game and i like to read comments so i read by accident

      • redriding

        whatever eloper. the whole season has been fixed by the producers, so you reading the boot list is the least of anybody’s worries. hahaha!
        watch my words – I havent even readd the bootlist and I know who the producers have decided will reach the end.
        Russel – of course they planted the seed, it needs to stay all the way to continue the oscar worthy performance
        Parvati – she is best mates with numerous producers, casting directors etc etc
        Someone else – Just to make it look like its not all fixed (this person will probably win because the jury knows this whole charade is crap and they rather give the money to someone who actually played (and wasnt carried)

      • freckles

        yeah, posting the spoilers in the comments has just ruined a truly great season of survivor for me. arg.

      • Survivor Man!

        Hardly fixed. Boston Rob is closer to Probst than any of them. Where is Rob again? You can speculate all you want… the jury’s a little different this time.

      • Arlie

        I like spoilers. I always record Survivor before I watch it on the same night (watch Bones first) then before watching the episode, I fast forward to the end to see who got booted and then play back from the beginning. I just need to know what transpired in the episode to have that person booted. The only episode I didn’t watch was when Boston Rob got booted because I was so mad he got booted so early.

      • freckles

        don’t get me wrong… i like the spoilers too! ;) but counting down the list of jurors in plain sight is wrong.

    • Dr Zechariah Zenith

      I really think that no matter who Russell go with at the end. His best chances are with Candice and Jerri.

      • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

        I agree, I would also put in Danielle. If Russell is in control he should take Candice Jerri or Danielle and nobody else. He will win against any of those 3, not sure if he will win against others, eventhough he is a better player. Part of being a great player is knowing who to take with you to the end.

      • Dr Zechariah Zenith


        Jury wise right now.

        Coach will definitely not vote Russell or Parvati.

        Courtney will vote for Sandra or any of the Heroes left.

        JT will not go for Russell after he gave his own idol.

        Amanda will probably go for Parvati.

      • Jason

        Its goes with, with an es.

      • Jerry

        Can you give it a rest, Grammar police? This isn’t a post-grad discussion board, it’s Survivor chat.

        The hereos are reallly loosing there way in this game. I hope it’s not to late for them too come back.

      • Anna

        IF Russell makes it to the end, and IF he has it to says on who he takes with him, I wouldn’t underestimate Jerri. I don’t know that I’d call her a powerhouse but she’s matured into a fairly solid player of the Survivor game, she hasn’t really alienated anyone and no one (excepting possibly Colby reliving past history) flat out hates her.

      • Stan

        It’s “it’s” with an ‘
        lol at you trying to correct somebody else’s grammar

      • karen

        I’m so over Russell. Last season we watched him play the same way. I love Survivor, but Russell is so getting boring!! He may go to the end but he will never win the game!! There is the social aspect as well as a little luck (finding HII’s) and the outwit part, but the sole Survivor has to have all of these and Russell is failing miserably in his social game!! So I think no matter who he takes to the end he still won’t win the game!!

      • Dee

        Dr ZZ
        I think JT would vote for Russell -I think he shook his hand because he knew he was outplayed and would vote for him for sure.

      • Jason

        Stan, it was part of the joke. If you look a little farther up, the good Dr. Z posted “It is Candice with an Ice.” I was just pointing it out back at him for having poor grammar.

      • Karen O’Shea

        It makes absolutely no difference who is in the final three with Russell, if he makes it that far. There isn’t a jury alive who would vote to give him the first prize of a million bucks. I doubt if he would even get a, that is ONE, vote. He is very feeble at a major part of the game. He has no friends. No one likes him. No one respects him. No one will give their vote to a jailbird, a woman beater no less.

      • Dr Zechariah Zenith

        LOL. I am not correcting anyone’s grammar. I am just pointing that people even Jeff Probst keeps on spelling Candice with Candace.

        So it is Candice with Ice rather than Ace.

      • Survivor Man!

        You knucleheads really need to watch Ponderosa. Russell is a hated man.

    • Jeff2

      Colby is clueless. He’s played a really bad game so far and its amazing he’s still there. I don’t like Russell but I do like how he seems to say the right thing to the right person to survive. He did it to Tyson and now to Candace. Nothing like stabbing your long time alliance in the back. Looking forward to next week!

      • Dr Zechariah Zenith

        Double Elimination looks yummy.

      • Dana

        Evil Russell makes for great TV and he is the master manipulator. Colby is just wasted space. So what if Danielle found the clue, I think once you set it down and it is not on your person then it is fare game. Colby should have helped Amanda or Amanda should have just opened it and read it and then gave it back to her so she at least had the clue as well and then it would be up to whoever found it first. In past seasons people have gone through other people’s bags to see if they had the idol!

      • Survivor Man!

        Colby’s laying low (checked out) because all of his allies are gone. He’s going with the flow and avoiding the radar. It might not be his preferred strategy but it’s all he’s got. He still competes although I’m not sure what he was thinking while watching a movie last week when the girls were actively looking for the clue.

        The idols have got to GO!

    • Mother Goose

      Here is my reply to NOT, the ‘BestPlayer2NeverPLay’…
      your ego is bigger than Russell’s!! Oh, but he is on the show and you are not, nor are you likely to be. You should be arrested for taking the first spot on the blog and for wasting space.
      CBS, make a call to popwatch – ask them to delete his above blog as well.

      • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

        This is coming from mother goose! LOL

      • Tony

        You’re making yourself look like a complete moron with that post. Get a life for crying out loud.

      • Marcy

        Strange. They won’t ban the jerk(s) posting the spoilers, and they refuse outright (believe me, I’ve asked) to ban the mean disgusting posters, but they’ve banned a few of my posts for giving it back to the jerk who keeps on trying to assassinate my character. Jeff, if you don’t pay attention to your blog, I’m afraid the number of commentators next season is going to be very few.

      • ruth

        you should delete mothergoose on fri. 4/30 not nice at all

    • Ron

      Of course Colby is going to tell Amanda that the clue belonged to Danielle. It did, and she found it fair-and-square and Amanda tried to steal it. And Colby is all about the fair-and-square.

      OTOH, Danielle should have been straight up and shared it with them, since they knew she had it. They could have been another sub-alliance that might have advanced all of them further.

      • Shannon

        Very true. That would have given her an edge to flip on Russell. Even though she’s with him, she knows he is only for himself. She should have went in w/ Amanda and Colby and flipped on Russell! I bet she could have went farther than being in Russell’s alliance b/c she is such a strong player, and CLEARLY Russell hates strong women. They would have at least voted Russell, then Parvati, and probably then Candice.

      • Kevin

        I think Colby was right was a normal moral perspective, but in terms of Survivor, it certainly would have helped if he encouraged the clue be read aloud.

      • Ember

        If they knew Danielle had the clue, why not just follow her around camp for the next few days?!

      • mood

        What I don’t get is that Amanda and Colby told the heroes Danielle had the clue and they didn’t have someone shadow her every minute.

      • Teddybear

        The clue belonged to whoever found it … Danielle found it but then dropped it on the floor giving Amanda the chance to find it on the floor so Amanda should NOT have given it back. I wouldn’t have!! Nor would Danielle if the situation was reversed!!!

    • Sophist

      So what exactly are you saying? First you whine about other ppl posting the lineup. Then you tell us you got banned for submitting a video. Then you tell us the whole thing is rigged. Then you editorialize on the game as if it is real…
      What exactly are you saying?

      • Survivor Man!

        He’s a retard… disregard everything he’s said.

      • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

        I think this comment was for me. If you go back to my comment I never said the game was rigged. I would never say anything negative about this show. I love the game and would love to get on the show. I tried applying, but it is basically impossible to get on that way. There was a contest a few months back. You were supposed to upload a minute video of yourself, and explain why you would be the ultimate Survivor. They told us to be creative. There were many rules such as: no use of music or lyrics, as well as we couldn’t have another person in the video. There were over 2000 videos. I went through each and every video, some of them more than once. You could imagine how long that took. I could say about 90% of them were crap. They were supposed to pick the ten best videos and have people decide on their favorite. The person whose video that won the contest will be chosen to be on the next survivor. I have been dying to get on this show and I put a lot of effort into my video. Only to find out when the contest was over that they had chosen recruits or other people that they wanted.(sounds illegal) People found out about this through conversations on Twitter. I know that it has to be true because 5 out of the 10 videos were not creative at all and were crap. 3 other videos actually broke the rules One person sang a song on her guitar another person had someone else in the video. There was only one very good video that was up there and he didn’t actually win. My video however, beat the pants off of all those 10. I really believe the judges did not even go through the videos. They knew beforehand who the were going to choose. I started to comment about this on CBS website and now I can never make another comment again because the took my IP address and deleted all my comments. I never used any foul language or anything inappropriate. Sounds like they took away my free speech. While I love this game, I’m a little P.O.ed with CBS for pulling this stunt.

    • Erich

      Russell has made a serious blunder by not going after Sandra. She is a clever snake and will bring him down if he doesn’t get her first. They are the two most ruthless players and biggest threats. The worest mistake he is making is the half trust he has in her. He doesn’t seem to know she is gunning for him. Colby or Rupert would be smart to team up with either one of them… especially Russell. A team up with Russell by Rupert would give him an excellent chance of getting to the final and if he goes with Russell, he is a lock to win.

      • Survivor Freak

        Can you imagine if it had been Russell, Sandra, Boston Rob final three?

      • TTThunder

        I love Sandra, but if the final three is like that, I’d vote for Boston Rob though…

        Go Sandra!!!

      • Jessica in Maryland

        Ehrich, as for Russell’s biggest mistake not taking Sandra out. Hrm. You know, I think Russ is under-estimating Sandra. He said it, ‘Danielle and Parvati are agressive, Jerri has her own stye, and Sandra is just there.’ I hope she does take him down. It would be fun to watch!

      • Caleb J

        russell knows, but he needed both sandra and Candace. If Sandra flipped his team won’t have the numbers. Getting candace fixes that, and he let sandra know he had 6 so she wouldn’t flip, just as he told candace he had the idol to get her to flip. His only mistake was not telling Parvati abou the idol. It would have made him look better to her, and she might have convinced him to keep it. Go team Russell!

      • princesspr

        I honestly believe Russell is afraid of Sandra. We all know that Russell can’t take women that are strong and not scare of him…at this point he believe he is stronger that Sandra and can beat her because she is a former winner; besides who better to take to the finals than a former winner?

        However, my money is STILL with Sandra, I loved her in Pearl Island and I lover her even more for being the ONLY woman not afraid of Russell and who is still on the island. I going out and say she will be in the finals with Russell; can’t say who will be the third finalist, but Sandra will prevail as the winner.

        This is MY opinion only.

    • Erich

      Yes Russell made a stupid move by confronting Sandra. His ego is his downfall. He would do much better in an all men Survivor or even better if he could take a hormone suppressant. It was truly unbleivable that Amanda gave the clue back simply because Colby said too. No way should she have left that room without knowing the clue.

      • anna

        Warning! The entire boot list is posted further down on this page.

      • dd


        Warning! The entire boot list is posted further down on this page

      • S Wang

        And with that, I’m now officially done with this blog. I also had the final three ruined early on right here in the Comments. If no one’s going to moderate the posts and people are going to get their rocks off ruining the show for everyone else, I guess I’ll just stick to Jeff’s post and skip all the user comments. A shame, since I really enjoyed reading them and posting a few of my own. But I’m done.

    • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

      I want to add a comment that I have been thinking about for a long time and I think it will make the game better. The people on the jury that get voted out each week, SHOULD NOT be put on the same island, Ponderosa. They SHOULD NOT be able to talk to each other and convince each other who do vote for. Sometimes people that get voted out don’t know who blindsided them but then someone else gets voted out and gets screwed by the same person. He/ she goes to Ponderosa and tells the other Jury member what happened and the both agree that the person that screwed them will not get their votes. It would be a lot better and I think the right person will win each time, if the Jury members dod not get to talk to each other. Maybe Russell would have won last season if all the members didn’t tell each other how angry they were with him. Just a thought – if others could comment about it I would love to hear other thoughts about this.

      • Newman

        It’s a necessity because it allows everyone to get all sides of the story and understand better what was really going on. End of the day people make their own decisions.

      • Play the Game

        The problem is that eliminated contestants do not appreciate that they were eliminated by superior strategy or manipulation and so, when they are on the jury, they are bitter and twisted and out for revenge by denying the prize to the person(s) who eliminated them. Of course this is a relevant social factor that people need to take into account but the logical endpoint of that is that *all* players will try to fly under the radar or flip to the strongest side and we will never again see bold moves in this game. Russell respects people who respect the game but unfortunately most of the people who make it to the juries are on the wrong end of bold moves and cast their votes out of spite rather than out of acknowledgement of superior strategic or manipulative play. The game is not to Outflip, Outsleep, Out-of-sight, and the juries should vote for the person who did the most to get to the final 2 or 3 rather than the person who did the least to get there.

      • Cyberkimmy

        Agree, even though I think life on the Ponderosa, would in of itself, make a great show. The jury should not be allow to deliberate until the last 3 are in front of them. They could easily produce an hour of jury deliberation (if and only if the women stay in their bikinis).

      • vivian c.

        @Play the Game:
        There’s a bit of a flaw in your reasoning. The point of FTC is to convince the people you voted out to vote for you and take into consideration that they WILL be bitter. If the human aspect of it weren’t taken into consideration, then the producers could just give the jurists a check-off list of requirements for winning Survivor and be done with it.
        And sure, we all love bold moves. It’s what makes great TV and what keeps pulling us back. But if I were in their position, I would sure as hell try to fly under the radar because I’m playing primarily to win $1 million, not entertain the audience. So whatever gets you to the end and gives you that shot at a million is fair game.

    • Finester

      You hit the nail on the head with Russell’s stupid move. He’s had a few this season. Jeff nailed it to with his “Russell needs to shut up” comment. However I learned last season to provide that evil genius some latitude as he is never to be underestimated or counted out. I’m the classic arm chair quarter back calling who’s headed home for their big mistake but anytime I find myself about to say Russell your next I always have to add the * and say russell your at greater risk, that was stupid and Ican’t wait to see if you can talk your way past this.
      Amanda = hot with no balls and Colby is asleep at the wheel and still in the game by luck. He’s past his prime. It’s like bringing Buzz Aldrin on dancing with the stars. Likable but is out classed by his competition.

    • tom

      Remember during the first season and it was “Leaked” that Gervase won the whole thing? People posting the final 3 or probably “leaking” falsr information. I bet the final 3 are completely different people. Don’t believe them when they post they know who wims.

      • iheartpoco

        Well the hundreds of people who saw the whole freakin boot list a few weeks ago will tell you that so far, it has been 100% accurate! Each week I hope it is wrong, but at this point I have stopped hoping. Survivor is not as much fun this season. Seriously, The Bachelor’s ratings were UP this season when every twist and turn was listed on Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but if CBS isn’t okaying the leaks posted here, they at least don’t mind it. Most of us are still watching, right? Remember, it’s not about good TV, it’s about higher ratings leading to higher ad rates. CBS, Jeff, and EW do not CARE!

      • dohrayme

        I’ve thought much the same for a few weeks now (in case this gets routed somewhere other than below iheartpoco’s 4-30 9:16 post, that CBS has condoned leaking the boot list). A few years back CBS tracked player-order leaks to some crew members via Central American internet gambling sites. Those crew members were fired, at least those were the reports. Then the leaks seemed to (mostly) subside, until this season, when the list came early and consistently accurately. I think CBS decided with this cast of returnees that people had emotional investments in already, the leaks wouldn’t harm viewership & maybe could be a net gain as people tuned in to see how things went down. It will be interesting to see if there’s a similar type leak next season, when it’s new players.

    • Marie

      The “best player ever” must at least win the game. Russell does not qualify.

      • Caleb J


      • vivian c.


    • Rachel

      Hey Jeff, I have a great idea for a challenge for sixty years from now when you do a Survivor Nursing Home Edition: Have the contestants play shuffleboard and then as a reward they get to go to a museum and watch a black and white “talkie”…oh…wait…

      • anna

        Ha ha! Great comment Rachel!

      • DidYouClimbInFromSpace

        How about Survivour Cougars v Cubs?

    • duranmom

      REALLY?!? You just posted this when someone said above that they wished it wasn’t posted? You suck.

    • Jennifer E

      Wilbur, to quote Boston Rob’s parting shot to Coach, “You are a little man.”

      • John Dee

        I guess you are overly excited to know, for once in your life, something that a few other people don’t know. What a loser!

    • Liz

      Yes I’m rooting for Sandra at this point. I’m happy if this is true!

      • sinicalgrl

        you and me both

    • Liz

      P.S. I’m not too upset about this being posted because this season has been ruined by immunity idols. There have been way to many and they ruined the game.

      • Nko

        that’s always the way they did it, everytime one is used it’s replaced except the 2 first from each island, it’s not their fault is every single one end up in the villains end, heroes sucked
        it could have worked out for the better
        and the last idols they put, like that one in the hotel was certainly not aimed for the villains as there was 2 of them heroes… if Amanda would have get it, it could have made a heroe win the game…

    • amvic

      How can the winner be predicted if the finale is a live show????

      • Nko

        It’s a prediction right ? it’s not a read of the future, but a far obvious prediction…

      • supervivor

        Uh, this was filmed many months ago…votes were casted then…

    • joshua

      How could they know the winner since the votes are revealed live. Unless jury got together and discussed their votes and one of them leaked the winner, it is not possible to know who wins.

      • rodney

        Sorry whoever you are constantly posting the spoilers. I can look at the ending of a book and still want to read it to find out how things play out. Sorry.

      • beauty and brains

        I’m not saying the show is entirely scripted nor that someone did leak the boot list but it is possible because all the votes are already in the jar. Anyone authorized can read the votes before the show finale goes on the air, months after the final filming on the island.

    • joshua

      My guess is Courtney leaked the results; she is a pathetic human.

      • Beethoven

        joshua you are wrong about courtney. she wasn’t on season 19 when the first correct bootlist spoiler appeared on this blog. This is the second consecutive season that the bootlist spoiler is correct again. If anyone, it is that poor sport, little loser troll, called russhole that is ruining it for everyone. Remember, he is now a convict. He beat up a little 18 year old girl. What a man

    • Laura

      GO SANDRA! :) Can’t wait to see Russell go down in flames.

    • iEatrainbowz

      I mean seriously? Did you have to put that right there? and you seemed so proud of it that you even put “It has been reported that Sandra is the winner, with Parvati finishing 2nd and Russell finishing 3rd” Bullsh!t.

    • Jeff Probst

      B player if you put this much effort into your life you could produce your own show. Try 25 words or less next time.

      • will wrotniak

        hey jeff ur awesome keep hosting this show and it will always be an awesome show when im 18 im going to try to get on

      • will wrotniak

        and danielle colby and amanda should have made a final three alliance there

      • will wrotniak

        last thing is that if you liked the old seasons start producing them like that again. The challenge where they stand on the wooden perch and u guys temot them. That brings up memories from the Amazon. Also in the amazon theres a conversation at night that is exactly like u said before the strategy at night, its the first night of jacare

      • geoff

        I think B player has a very good point here.

    • timmy t

      Yup. That’s the list I’ve been following – hasn’t been wrong yet. Sandra wins. Sandra, Russell and Pavarti final 3.

    • Beth

      the final 3 is Sandra, Russell and Parvatti with Sandra winning it all!

      • will wrotniak

        you want to not do that, because that just ruins the whole thing

      • Caleb J

        again, the votes are in a jar. NO ONE KNOWS WHO WON THIS GAME UNTIL IT IS REVEALED LIVE!!!
        Stop saying who won. You DON’t Know!

      • D

        @Caleb-it would seem to me to be especially easy to keep the final winner a secret. No one needs to know until the votes are read live on the the finale except the whoever normally handles those votes. If CBS has not been able to keep the final winner secret, it means that they are condoning the leaks this season. LAME!

    • Beth

      Final Three is for sure Russell, Parvati, and Sandra. Sandra wins it all. How do I know? Dont u think that the camermen who video the final vote know who won?

      • nuffsaid

        Uh …. Aren’t the FINAL votes read live? I’m assuming (hoping) that NO ONE is aware of who actually wins, although it IS possible to know who the final three are by someone leaking the info.

      • 190

        You should get out of bed with him.

      • 190

        Comment to Beth

      • 190

        You should get out of bed with the cameraman.

    • richie lee

      where is the list of how the players are voted out and who wins?

    • richie lee

      how do u know who final 3 and winner is? u have a link?

    • Rob

      I agree ‘Bestplayer2neverplay’, this website needs to moderate the votes before they are posted, it’s ridiculous EW, because honestly I like Jeff’s blog, but I also like to read the comments as well, but I won’t read either next season if you don’t MODERATE!

      I liked the blog Jeff, from the sounds of it you preferred the older seasons, why not for Survivor 21 don’t you go back to editing it like that, half strategy and half them simply, well, surviving.

      I think Colby is just too nice of a guy for Survivor. In Australia it was his downfall taking Tina to the final tribal (who he should have beaten) and now again this season, when he should have tried to share the clue, but his morals made him have to make the right decision, I mean it was pretty obviously Danielle’s.

      Very glad to see Amanda gone, she was so annoying and put this depressing vibe on the show every time she was on screen. I know you will, but if you could, please don’t invite her back to ever play again.

      Oh and see EW, just noticed the douchebag above me has posted the final three. Good work guys, seriously. Jeff take your blog to another website, this one is too useless at moderating comments, I mean the worst thing that can possibly happen to a Survivor fan in terms of the show, is them to find out the final three!!


        Yeah I agree, Jeff please adress this in your blog next week, how can you let, season after season, the ranking list be leaked to the public. I thought CBS was a little more professional than that, but I guess not. But yeah Jeff move your blog to another site that actually moderates! It’s terrible when you see the boot list, it ruins the whole season for us dedicated fans that like to discuss the show, and you always like to talk about how important and dedicated the fans are of the show, so why don’t you actually start to act like you care about us for once instead of your fat paycheck!!

      • D

        I agree on Amanda. She was pathetic to watch this season-just pathetic. I guess the tribes do mean something because I don’t know why she didn’t do a better job of aligning with Parvati. Typical Hero behavior. Also, I agree totally on the comments being made about the boot list. I DON”T want to know these things. I have managed to avert my eyes on the full boot list but I know the final three and alleged “winner”. The WINNER should be secret. No way does ANYONE even those working on the show need to know the winner. Maybe they are using that to change their edit? Jeff, is that the case? Give us some inside baseball here.

    • Shannon

      I saw the entire boot list before the season started as well, and it’s been absolutely correct. What a bummer. I was expecting speculation, but not that. Why is that shows like The Amazing Race and Lost can keep their endings top secret but Survivor can’t? This is the first season of Survivor I haven’t watched, and it would have been such a good one.

      • dohrayme

        scroll up to my post just after tom 11:03am. I have a theory.

    • allobidallo

      Yeah, it stunk that I accidentally saw the boot order on the comments section. For the next season, I’ll just have to make sure I read no comments after reading the blogs and recaps. Maybe then I won’t be spoiled. I still love and watch the show, but it’s a little sad when you know who’s going.

    • jd

      I have it on good inside knowledge that Pavrati won. The spoiler was leaked to mislead you up to a certain point.

      • Anonymous

        My knowledge is that the winner is pink on the inside. Stole that line from Alecia Moore known to all as the singer PINK.

      • CanadianRob

        Big Fat Fag
        how old are you 12?

      • Survivor Man!

        You should give that line back ’cause it’s lame.

    • iheartpoco

      I couldn’t agree more. This season has been absolutely RUINED for me due to a) CBS doesn’t care enough to prevent leaks and/or can’t/won’t track them down, and b) EW boards do not seem to be monitored or edited AT ALL! Why can’t there be a flag button so only one person has the season spoiled for them and then they can report it? Why do hundreds or even thousands of us have to be vicitimized by a few mean people who post spoilers?

      Why? Because CBS doesn’t care! Jeff doesn’t care! They know that the whole season of The Bachelor was so spoiled that you could not avoid knowing who won, even if you stayed off the message boards, and people still watched. In fact, The Bachelor’s ratings were up over last season. Heck, we’re all still watching, but it’s really NOT the same. Jeff, if you or your bosses actually care, please address this in your blog next week. Why aren’t you working to get the spoilers off these boards.

      And EW – FWIW (probably not much) – I’m a loyal reader of your message boards. Sadly I can’t enjoy the Survivor ones this season because you won’t monitor them. That makes me hate you a little bit, even though you’re my 2nd-favorite website ( is a waaay better site, especially since they snapped up Josh Wolk. They are edgier, and I have yet to see a spoiler over there.)

      Note to anyone reading this who has not had the season spoiled yet: stop reading now. There is a post about 3 down that tells the boot list. Don’t ever come back to these boards. EW doesn’t care, Jeff doesn’t care, CBS doesn’t care.

      • Pete

        Get over it you big cry baby!! It’s not the end of the world, it’s a stupid reality show, that follows the same boring format every season.

      • Go Parv

        I get it. If the spoiler is true it makes me not want to watch because I can’t stand Sandra. It upset me that someone posted it here and yet I couldn’t NOT read it. And now, because I don’t like the outcome, I’m upset. Do I believe it will play out that way? Not necessarily. But it’s just not the same now.

      • dohrayme

        You’re right. CBS, ew, they don’t care. Ratings and revenues are all that matter to them.

    • Brandy

      I agree with everything you said. I’ve seen the spoilers which is why I am not very weary to read any comments. I read a few and close my browser. People who ruin the game should have their IP address traced, banned and CBS should sue them for the breach. Even if they weren’t on the show. Spreading the list should be punishable.

      Anyway, I really liked Russell but these past few episodes he is back to that guy I loathed at the beginning of last season. He’s scary threatening. He does talk to much. He should never have said anything about Candice’s vote. And the way he is speaking to the girls in the preview for next week is the same tone my dad used before he would beat me up. So for someone like me, it’s very uncomfortable and upsetting.

    • DorianB


    • John Dee

      Yes Jeff, something has got to be done about the spoilers. Can you move to a moderated blog next season?
      Reading your’s and viewer’s insight gets me more into the game. I’m about to convert my Dad into a new viewer but I won’t send him a link to this blog because he could accidentally see a boot list.
      It would be so easy for one person per shift to quickly screen each post for a boot list. Can’t CBS or the production company afford that? I think your blog and the comments could help build a stronger Survivor fan base.

      • John Dee

        Well said self! Well said!

    • HiddenImmunityBeGone

      Jeff, isn’t there a rule that no one can steal anything from anyone? May it be HII, clues, or personal item? There was a clear-cut owner of that clue – Danielle. It was not on the floor, it was under Danielles’ pillow. Isn’t there a rule as well that players should not be engaging in physical fights w/ another player for it will be an automatic expulsion from the game? Amanda could have been easily disqualified if she did not give it back and she together with Danielle should have been disqualified for the catfight. Please if you’re doing a reality show, show the real thing.

      PS There are too many HII. Come on!

      • Survivor Man!

        There’s something fishy about that whole Treasure Island watching clue scene. The clue’s on the floor then the pillow, Colby’s checked out, in Amanda’s exit interview she declined to comment… nothing adds up.

      • D

        I thought that the rule only applied to the HIIs and regular immunity idols. I mean weren’t Jaison’s socks that Russell burned a “personal item”. Russell wasn’t booted from the game because of that. Unless you mean their luxury item?

    • Duude

      Russell is not even close to best ever, b/c he won’t win twice. And you’re not ‘Best to never play’.

    • Annie

      Colby is a total waste of space. He was a total idiot when he handed his million over to Tina and he has continued with his total lack of excitement and passion for this game. James was incorrect when he called him a “Superman in a fat suit”; what he is a middle aged decent looking guy riding his looks out as long as he can to make up for his total lack of intelligence and personality. (run on sentance)

      I loath watching him and frankly he has ruined an otherwise decent season of Survivor.

      • D

        I find him a very interesting foil to the villains though. The villains will find a way to win because they are not hung up on real-life morals. Colby will never win the game but he is nicer to look at than the remaining males, for sure.

    • Arlie

      I like spoilers. I always record Survivor before I watch it on the same night (watch Bones first) then before watching the episode, I fast forward to the end to see who got booted and then play back from the beginning. I just need to know what transpired in the episode to have that person booted. The only episode I didn’t watch was when Boston Rob got booted because I was so mad he got booted so early.


      Well don’t read the spoilers and you won’t be disappointed!

  • Casey

    Can’t believe she gave the clue away. She’s going to regret that one for a loooong time.

    • Dr Zechariah Zenith

      Agree. Jeff did put out that there was no rule regarding CLUES.

      So it was up for grabs at that point.

      Danielle left it on the floor. She should have put it where no one dares to go.

      • Clara


      • D

        Surely she could have gone to a bathroom when she found it?

    • Survivor Freak

      That was such a stupid move. Jeff, what are the rules regarding physically attacking another player in the game? It gets you kicked off of other reality shows – how does it affect Survivor??

      • Drew

        During the Pearl Islands finale, Jeff said “no hitting” was one of the rules, (in responce to the Fairplay and Sean arguements where it almost came to blows.) It is true that Amanda and Danielle didn’t actually “hit” each other. Still, I always thought that the “no hitting” rule meant no physical attacks outside of a challenge. I mean seasons 1-19 we’ve really never seen anything like that have we?

      • Survivor Freak

        Nope, another moment of Survivor history. I guess if James can make up his own Immunity Challenge, then the girls can make up their own Reward Challenge! LOL

    • Play the Game

      I find Amanda to be one of the most attractive players ever on Survivor, both physically and for her character. But, that same character that I find attractive makes her unsuitable as a Survivor winner. She lacks the killer instinct; her attempts at manipulation fail because she can’t sell the lie. She lacks confidence so she always needs to be part of a group/alliance. She also can’t convincingly talk about someone else’s failings while talking herself up. She takes criticism to heart rather than just letting it run off her back. To cut a long story short: Amanda is too genuinely nice to win Survivor. And she’s pretty ;)

      • Ben Karkis

        I”ll take Danielle, Courtney, and Parvati over Amanada.

        Sorry – Danielle first, Parv and Courtney tied for second.

      • Wong

        100% agree

      • Dan

        amanda has a big face. she freaks me out. i wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole.

      • Survivor Man!

        You’ve just described all the other attractive losers of Survivor.

      • D

        Meh-Amanda is totally boring, this episode notwithstanding.

    • Cyberkimmy

      Does anyone remember what Danielle did with the clue? She told Russell. What was she thinking. Kind of makes JTs impassionate letter look like a brilliant move now.

      • Anna

        She was thinking that she was in an established alliance with him. If she wanted to match J.T.’s level of stupidity she would have had to go out, find the idol, and hand it over to Amanda for safe keeping.

  • Drew


    Candice’s pre tribal interview was obviously her post tribal next morning interview. Your editing team caught with their pants down on that one.

    Hopefully Candice goes next week.

    • TresE

      I thought that too.

  • feryac

    Amanda pay the price for quit to the clue to the idol, now I go for Danielle, Sandra, Parvati and Russell to the final four

  • Dr Zechariah Zenith

    Darn, Candice.

    That was the wrong move. At least keep with the Heroes regardless if the ship is sinking.

    • Survivor Freak

      C’mon Dr. Z – this is Survivor! You do NOT go down with the ship. You play like Sandra – live another day and win $1 million, cause in the end, respect for playing the game CAN outweigh staying loyal to your original tribe.

      • Dr Zechariah Zenith

        I know that you do whatever it takes to survive.

        But the Heroes at that moment had a chance to knock Russell off.

        Sandra was willing.

        But Candice spilled the beans and the cat got out of the bag quick.

      • vivian c.

        I don’t think their ship was sinking. For once they actually had the numbers to dictate the game with Sandra being more than willing to flip. I don’t even know how to explain/rationalize Candice’s move.

      • D

        @Vivian-it was Russell’s superior game play in drawing her in.

    • KathyB

      I agree. Who switches from 4th position to 6th? Stupid!!! Stick with the heroes, break up the three person alliance and then realign with Sandra and Jerri. Poof…you’re top 3.

      • Candice sucks

        I agree! I’ve hated Candice since Day 1 but I’ve never hated her more than I do now. If she’s not doing nothing, she’s making dumb moves. I don’t know why she was even considered for this season.

      • Rob

        I think she probably felt like the heroes are too useless to make it to the end, Russell/Production team are gonna do anything to get his alliance to the end, she would have felt safer going with them.

    • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

      Was it smart or dumb for Candace to flip? First of all she knew that Russell had the idol, but she could have still flushed it out without voting for him as they did yesterday. So once the idol is gone, Russell is offering Candice a spot at final 3. The question is do you take an iffy, not so believable, final 3 or do you stay with your tribe and take a most definite final 4? I personally think the smart move is to go with more definite final 4.

      • vivian c.

        That’s something I was thinking about too. I mean, Colby and Rupert have shown to be weak, non-strategic players and easily manipulated/maneuvered. Whereas it would take some serious scheming to get rid of Russell and Parvati.

      • mike

        But Candice couldn’t beat Rupert, Colby or even Amanda in front of the jury. Russell is a great goat.

  • I’m first

    I’m first!!

    • Anna

      At what?!!?

      • Caleb J

        at being 85th!

  • ATLgroove

    I can’t lie – I think Sandra is a tremendous player. Say what you will about her Elimination Challenge skills, but the girl’s got a killer instinct for the social aspect.

    • Casey

      Agreed. She flew under the radar at first, which worked out as she wasn’t targeted at all, and got her to the merge. She put herself in a good position, she had the posibility of making a big move with the Heroes, but kept her options open with the Villains if it looked like they were keep the majority (which they were).

      • ZRob

        Love Sandra, she is a great social and strategic player. She is deadly! I hope she wins again, totally.

    • StrawBerryCutie

      I’m sorry but I have to disagree with you about Sandra being an amazing player. Being an amazing player is making big moves and getting people to do what you want and have them think its their idea. Twice, Sandra has tried to get people to vote off Russell or Parvati. First was when she told the Heroes about Russell’s lie. She was absolutely right but she wasn’t able to convince anyone to do anything about it. Even though she was telling the truth, none of the heroes except Rupert believed her…
      In this episode, she again tried to convince Candice to go with the Heroes and not with Russell, yet in the end Candice did what Russell told her to, not what Sandra said.
      The claim that Sandra has these amazing deductive skills about when to push and when to give in is not really true because she was trying very very hard to convince Candice but it was very clear Candice was not listening to anything Sandra was saying and she outright told Sandra to vote for Amanda. Sandra had no choice…she knew that…but not because she’s amazing at figuring out where the majority is, its because Candice told her exactly what she was going to do.
      That being said, I do appreciate Sandra’s ‘go with the majority/as long as its not me’ game play.

      • StrawBerryCutie

        I’d also like to add that instead of helping her position, telling Rupert about Russell and Parvati’s alliance got her in trouble. Remember that at the last tribal council, the Heroes were choosing between Sandra and Jerri. It was very close to being Sandra instead of Jerri and it was Parvati’s big move that saved her and Jerri.

      • Erich

        Yes Sandra tries to run the show but no one listens to her… then she follows what the power players say. Her only strength is staying under the radar and avoiding confrontation. She is a vindictive Bi*ch and can’t even figure out how to exercise her vengence. She said it herself: “I’ve been trying to get Russell for 30 days”… and still hasn’t been able to do it. How pathetic is she??

      • Angie


        “Being an amazing player is making big moves and getting people to do what you want and have them think its their idea.”

        That’s where I disagree with you. And that’s where Russell’s downfall is. He THINKS he’s the best player because he APPEARS to be the most dominant by making big moves. But big moves don’t win you the game, they just make you memorable.

        I think Jeff pointed out earlier that people are too distracted by their “who they’re going to vote out” mentality. The players that WIN are the ones whose solid focus is how they’re going to SURVIVE, and with the approval of the jury.

        Russell plays a lame social game. He’s a bully who lures you in with trust, but as far as social preference goes, he’s not a popular guy. He even admits that the reason he played is because he wanted to show that he could manipulate the all-stars. He’s got no focus in making people like him so he’ll win. He just wants to use people.

      • Play the Game

        Agreed. Sandra has never, in her Survivor career, made a move that has had any real impact on the game. She wanted to get rid of Russell, she failed. She is a passenger, not a driver. If she wins by flip-flopping and every move she tries to make is ineffectual, it will be a travesty.

      • StrawBerryCutie

        Angie, I agree that Russell sucks at the social game. He does not know how to play the social game at all…but he knows how to strategize and get the votes to go the way he wants them to. I think Parvati is definitely a better player than Russell because she can play strategically as well as socially. I’m just saying that Sandra is not this amazing player. Jeff also says that you need to make big moves in the game to make it to the end and win. Sandra tries…but it doesn’t work…she may make it to the end and she may even win…i just think it would be a shame to reward someone for doing absolutely nothing…

      • will wrotniak

        ya but u can not make big moves and win, she did it in pearl islands, that phrase she has, “As long as it ain’t me as a deadly,” is a very deadly thing and im positive jeff would agree

      • Rosalie

        Strawberry, that is the beauty of Sandra. The girl knows when to deal them and when to modify her plans. She knew that if she didn’t go with Candice, Russell would know that she flipped. Sandra is not an emotional player at all. Look at the players left. They get their feelings hurt, they get mad, they get scared, they get sad. I mean, look at Parvati when the tribes first merged. She was almost in tears because no one wanted to hang with her. Sandra is very smart because she always keeps her options open. Besides, many little moves can accomplish way more than one big move. Sandra knows that to get to the end she has to do a little bit at a time. Besides, her talking to Candice and telling Russell to leaver her alone for a minute was not a big move, it was a humongous move.

      • vivian c.

        A big move may not necessarily equal a great TV moment. For example, Natalie’s convincing the girls to vote out Erik, their own tribe mate last season was a big move but never even came close to the amount of time it got compared to Russell’s rants. So yes, everyone’s got to make a big move sooner or later but the point is to make it and NOT gloat about it to everyone and their mothers. No need to rub salt in the wound. Especially if the wounded are the ones handing you a million.

      • D

        Rosalie-I agree with you! She really does not care what other people think about her (that much anyway) and she still finds a way to get to the end. Strawberry-I think it is a sign of MATURITY to see which way the wind is blowing and not impose your will onto people who do not want to do what you want to do. Even Russell has exhibited this attribute last season. He wanted to vote someone off (I forget who, probably one of the females) when Ben was being a racist that everyone else wanted off. He sucked it up and went along to get along. The heroes are way too stupid and obstinate for Sandra to be able to deal with them rationally.

    • Snsetblaze

      Sandra is a very interesting player. She reads people well. She has played with the anyone but me strategy but also attempted to make big moves when she needed to. This season she was prepared to flip but others blocked her. Her social game is wierd though. She knows when to keep quiet and back off. She let most of the big alpha males take each other out before making a move. She mostly bonds with the more caustic type players instead of the flirty type players. She’s not afraid to confront people when needed though. But for the most part she doesn’t outright piss people off like Russell does.

      • Kelly

        For the person who said Sandra never made any moves even during Pearl Islands must of not watched that season. She convinced Darrah and Lil to vote out Burton, then convinced Lil to take her to the final 2. I guess since Russhole people think big moves is trolling around for idols. Sandra is brilliant. She knows when to shut up, she isn’t afraid of Russell and reads the whole tribe so well and she isn’t afraid to tell you how it is.

      • D

        The thing that impressed me is that she won her season despite sucking at challenges. That shows some real intelligence and fortitude.

  • Mike


    Next season please dont have so many hidden idols, it really is starting to ruin the game.

    • AK

      The immunity idol has become a joke. When it was first introduced into the game, players had to work for it. Russell found it so many times, so easily because it they barely even hide anymore. I think it’s kind of sad that it took Russell making a mockery out of the whole hidden immunity idol process to get the “Survivor” team to finally realize that.

      • b.w.

        Russell found the hidden immunity so many times last year without clues due to the fact that he spent HOURS AND HOURS looking for them. the editing of the show made it look like he found them right off the bat, but he admitted at the finale it wasn’t so easy. he is also the 1rst player ever to actually think to look for the hidden idols with no clues. a very simple yet brilliant strategy. it kinda perplexes me why he hasn’t tried looking for them this year without clues unless the producers told him he couldn’t b/c he’s so damn good at it, people thought it was set up last year. i know they told him that he couldn’t talk about last season at all, which so far he hasn’t.
        either that or they have edited out him looking for them, which i highly doubt.
        anyone who thinks that russell isn’t an all time great, needs a reality check. probst just admitted they would enforce the “russell effect” starting next season, for hidden idols. that say’s alot to me. that and alot of fans keep harping on how russell only plays for himself. so what! so is everybody else! russell just plays it a little harder imo. lol.
        i do think russell has to win to be considered the greatest player ever though. i think he can make it to the final 3, but the jury will always be a problem. last season people took it to personal. Natalie, with all due respect was NOT the best player. coatailing is NOT a strategy, it’s just lucking out. hopefully the “all-stars” the seasoned veterans will have a little thicker skin, but so far it doesn’t seem that way. survivor is not real life, and people need to understand that. can’t wait till next week! :)

      • D

        Natalie convinced Galu to vote out Erik. That was the absolute turning point of the game. None of them make it to final four if she hadn’t done that. She was NOT a coat-tailer.

    • Survivor Freak

      Actually, there’s only one per tribe in play at a time. When castaways sit on them, no more are put into the game. Now that there’s only one tribe, there’s only one idol; Russell played it again last night, so it’ll be ‘hidden’ again next week.
      I agree, AK, that it seems too easy for players to find, but I’m sure there’s a fine line between making it findable and making someone work for it. But there’s editing involved, too. I, for one, like the concept of the idol and I can’t wait to see what ‘The Russell Factor’ entails.

      • StrawBerryCutie

        Agreed! I’ve always liked the concept of Hidden immunity idols..although it’s gotten to be a little too much lately with the amount they’re being played. I can’t wait to see how the producers manage to rethink the whole idol thing taking ‘the russell factor’ into account. Maybe something like each person can only use one hidden immunity idol. They can find all of them if they want…but can only use it for themselves once…that could make it more interesting…

    • Krista

      I totally agree! The idols added an exciting element to the game but now they are just annoying, especially when the same people seem to get them every time! I am glad to hear you will be changing it up next season but I wonder if it is necessary, unless you plan on bringing Russell back again?! He definitely has good Idol Karma!

      • Erich

        Having an immunity idol in play at all times adds another important strategic aspect to the game. Everyone must consider that factor before they decide who to vote out. That is exactly why the majority can’t pick off the minority one at a time. When that starts… the game becomes boring.
        Keep the idols flowing and the players guessing who has it. The extra idols have brought some of the most memorable moves in survivor history and has prevented the orderly “pick offs”.

    • John

      Jeff, please don’t refer to hiding idols as “The Russell Factor”. That will confirm for all his haters that the producers do, in fact, stash them in his rectum.

      • ;sadjgsjd

        hahahahaha, that’s funny

    • Michelle

      AGREED! The survivors now expect the hidden immunity idol to be replaced after one gets played, it takes the surprise out of it. If you know that there will be a clue waiting for the next one after a hidden immunity idol is played, it gives you no incentive to keep the idol for the right time. I liked when there was one hidden immunity idol and you had to keep it, strategically think about when the best time to play it was, and that was it.

      Also, whats up with the clues being so easy this time? I remember in past seasons when you needed at least two or three clues to be able to actually find the idol (granted, this was prior to Russell), but just having one clue that leads you right to the “hidden” immunity idol doesn’t make it challenging.

  • Shannon

    I am incredibly mad that Amanda is gone due to Candice’s inability to play the game. She won’t make it any farther than to be the last Hero picked off. If she would have kept Amanda in the game, she might have gone a little farther.

    I kept asking myself why I watch this show last night. It just gets my blood pressure sky high.

    • Casey

      Yeah, but from Candice’s perspective, she’s the bottom of the totem pole no matter what team she goes with. She’s was probably the first or last Hero to go either way.

      She probably felt she had a better physical advantage against the Villains than the Heroes, so maybe she could win challenges to get her further. Not to mention, there are obvious cracks in the Villain alliance, if she can exploit that and get them to turn on each other…She has a chance. Slim, but still a chance.

      Was a big move by Candice, I think a lot of it was fueled by her dislike of Amanda.

      • Drew

        What was Candice’s problem with Amanduh?
        I do not see Candice even making the top 5 at this point.

      • Dr Zechariah Zenith

        Russell told Candice that someone else will be voting with him regardless if she joins.

        Candice pressumes it was Amanda who will throw her under the bus. Which technically what Amanda did initially.

        The Russell Seed played on Candice’s mind.

      • StrawBerryCutie

        The Heroes made Candice feel the way Sandra felt with the Villains: alienated and on the outside of the core alliance. None of the heroes made Candice any promises in the game. Russell at least gave her a life line – a promise of final 3 and a sneak peek at the Hidden immunity idol. Candice did not owe the Heroes anything and she felt like the got a better offer with Russell so she took it. I think it was probably the best move she could have made because none of the Heroes were going to take her to the end. With the Villains she at least has a chance.

      • vivian c.

        I’m not so sure about that. The Heros are definitely much weaker strategically than the Villains. Even if she did feel alienated, she should have stuck with her alliance and picked off Russell, Parvati, and Danielle, keeping Jerri and Sandra to vote with her against Amanda and maybe manipulate another Hero (because they are so much easier to deal with) to get rid of her because she has been to FTC so many times and is a threat.

    • chad

      I think everyone needs to look at what Candice did from a slightly different angle…she secured herself as the last hero to go. at that point it will be 6, she, Sandra and Jerri vs the other 3. Candice could be ina 50/50 to make it to the end. OR, she pulls in the 2nd to last hero with Jerri and Sandra and gets rid of those other 3. I think she actually made a pretty damn smart move and could be setting herself up nicely. or it could blow up in her face :)

      • John M

        If Candice makes it to the final 3, what do you think the chanches of any of the Heroes voting for her would be? No chance! She is totally screwed now.

      • chad

        Agreed…but by not switching she has no chance of making it to the finals at all, unless she wins every immunity and/or HII

      • b.w.

        good points,John M and chad. :-)

      • vivian c.

        I doubt Jerri would vote with Sandra and Candice. She’s way too into Russell and Parvati to think to turn against them.
        On the other hand, Candice sticking with the heros would have taken her to 4th and then she would have had to win just one IC. The heroes are also much easier to manipulate and convincing them to vote out Amanda could possibly work given the fact that Amanda has gotten to FTC twice.
        I can understand your reasoning but it still seems to me as if she would have been better off with the heroes.

      • chad

        @vivian c.
        thank you. Its nice that there is actually some real conversation going on. I agree she should have stayed with the Heros. I wanted her to. But I tried to reason what she could be thinking. thanks again

  • Pat

    Yeah, if this thing is filmed in secrecy, how do all the spoiler sites get the info about who gets voted off and when? Also, if the final vote is secret, how do they know before the live broadcast?

    I agree with BestPlayer – spoiler sites suck and CBS needs to do a better job of keeping things under wrap.

    • Play the Game

      A player who makes it to the final 3 or any of the jury members knows all the tribal council results and they probably blab them to friends and family. The jury almost certainly talk to one another and probably give up their votes either explicitly or by inferrence. Anyway, I’m sure all you have to do to find out someone’s vote is buy them a few drinks in a bar and get them chatting.

      • Rob

        Good point lol, I don’t really care if other people know or if it gets leaked, I mean it must be pretty hard to keep it secretive. But I don’t want to find out myself, all they need to do is moderate these comments before they go public. I mean, this is the only place I can possibly read spoilers because I don’t go on other survivor sites, just Jeff’s blog, and that’s probably the case with a lot of people.

  • Ethan

    Candice is dumb! She could have taken control of the Heroes tribe along with Sandra. What does she have to gain by flipping and being at the bottom of the totem pole of Russell’s alliance.

    Amanda is dumb! It wasn’t stealing when Danielle put it down. I would have just read it in the open.

    Colby is dumb and dumber! “I was watching Treasure Island”. NOT FUNNY but LAME. If Russell didn’t have the idol, Candice may not have flipped. He is a moron for telling Amanda to give it back to Danielle. I hope he goes home next!

    • Sue

      Candice has not made friends with any of the girls on Heroes. She always was on the outskirts because I don’t think she tries. I don’t think she has an issue with Amanda – she just does have a friend. I can’t figure her personality out -and also – Colby is such a dud! He seems like he just does not care one way or the other what happens. That reward was perfect for him – dud – not even a shower do they get?

      • D

        I know-you would think they would get a shower at least…

  • JMB

    Amanda should have listened to Colby but first opened the clue, read it right there AND THEN handed it to Danielle and said, “Here’s your clue Danielle”. I also didn’t understand why they didn’t arrive back in camp screaming “Danielle has a clue!!!” And followed her non-stop. There were a lot of places they screwed up, not just handing it away.

    • Ken

      Bingo…why didn’t Amanda at least scream “Danielle has a HII clue!” and put all the focus on her? Remember Samoa when Dave Ball and company -finally- got a HII clue at the same time as Russell, and as soon as Russell took off for the idol they were trailing him? (I’m still surprised that Russell, upon seeing the clue on the phone that season, didn’t delete the evidence that it was ever there.)

      • D

        Not tech savvy enough.

    • Dee

      ITA -I was wondering if that just got cut in editing -I mean why didn’t they follow when they all got up to go look for the things. I was very confused by that.

    • Rob

      Wtf guys, they are out their 24/7. They’re not going to follow people around the whole time, that would be a new level of creepy. Like, Sugar with Colby creepy. And they probably don’t wanna look like an ass and yell that out, because remember they have to live with these people, they probably don’t want to be completely hated on by everyone else. And it is Amanda and Colby, they are not the type of people to do that.

  • ALLY

    Didn’t like Sandra when she won the first time, but now I see her scheming her way into the end-game, I have to respect her and give her props. She is doing a great job of staying with the dominant players and of course the jury will like her more than the aggressive, dominant one.

    • ATLgroove

      That’s what I meant by her killer instinct. She knows her strengths and runs with them. That plus she hasn’t really pissed off anyone in the jury (well, maybe Coach since she set him up, but he doesn’t know it yet).

    • Kevin

      Same here. Couldn’t stand here on Pearl Islands and at first in HvV, but she is beginning to win me over.

  • Angel

    Right after Jeff said “I’ll go tally the votes”, did anyone notice Courtney said “You go do that”. I miss her snark!

    • Michael

      She’s annoying and keeps hamming it up for the camera to get her extra bit of “fame”. They cut to her no less than 3 times doing crap like that. Her fake puking at Russell, her huge overacting laughs, and the needless “you go do that” to Jeff were all ridiculous. She’s like a High School kid who isn’t getting any attention and has to keep commenting on anything just to keep the focus on her.

      • Casey

        Yeah, she’s obnoxious. I don’t know anyone that was sad to see her gross disgusting skeleton body voted out. And now that she is out, can we just pretend she was never on the show?

      • sandy

        I agree…I am so done with that girl…

      • Shannon

        Wish she would have been voted out earlier so we did not have to watch her act an A$$ at tribal all the time now….

      • Ben Karkis

        I agree she is NOT that funny unless you are 10 years old I guess.

      • Daniel

        She is incredibly annoying. It sucks she made it to the jury. Now we’ll have to watch her stupid faces the rest of the season.

      • D

        I thought it was funny when she was talking back to Jeff in TC when she was still in the game. I don’t really need jury antics though.

  • Pappy

    Best ass ever out of the game…what was she thinking? She is just so adorable, I can forgive her…
    The way russell finds those idols…its like Gollum and the one ring to rule them all…they are drawn to each other…though I am starting to think there is something to the cries that the producers are helping him…i don’t quite believe it, but come on…

    • Shannon

      I’m with you on that one Pappy. I’d really HATE to believe these stupid rumors that its all set up… but the more you watch it, the more it seems likely…

    • Lisa

      There are far too many idols being put into the game.

      And I also suspect that the producers try to help their fav player whenever possible. Survivor is getting to be too much like Big Brother.

    • Clara

      first i belived that the producers are working with Russell, then i read and i was sure the Producers are helping Parvati..on to the next one!

      • DanieuBleau

        Hi Jeff,
        Thanks for blogging the season for us, it’s been fun.

        Best part:
        Finding out about your non-attached office.

        So how far from your house you talkin?

        You know what’d be cool? On location blogs this summer.

        Jeff, with hope that you still read your comments, I was wondering if you could please help me out on a mission to get Billy, and Flicka from S13, Cook Islands featured on the CBS page:

        As you can see, there’s 18 of the 20 contestants featured, and it’s so unfair that Billy, and Flicka are not.

        We’d so appreciate any help you can throw our way.

        Thanks again,
        p.s. if you do go for the summer on location blogs, I’d be more than happy to moderate your comment section for you.

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