Next 'Batman' sequel scheduled for July 2012

dark-knight-previewThe Dark Knight sequel finally has a release date. Almost two years after the killer clown crime epic dominated the box office and spawned a million Halloween costumes, Warner Bros. has announced that the still-untitled Batman 3 will be released on July 20, 2012, according to The Hollywood Reporter. (In other news, I’m going off the grid from July 19, 2012 through August 1, 2012.)

There’s not a whole lot of information about the movie, which is still in the very early planning stages. Director Christopher Nolan and writer David Goyer have always been focused on presenting a more realistic take on the Batman mythos, so we’re probably not going to see Killer Croc, Mr. Freeze, or Clayface. Even though he’s a bit more outlandish, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Riddler, if only because his presence could pump up Batman’s mystery-solving detective side. But what do I know? None of my films have ever grossed over a billion dollars.

PopWatchers, what would you want to see in Batman 3? And what should they call the thing? I’d go with something vintage, like Shadow of the Bat, but I remember reading a rumor that it might be called Gotham City, which would be nifty.

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  • Ashley


    • Silent Rage

      congrats, you’ve won nothing.

      • Momo

        Not true. She has won my envy and adoration.

      • Chris

        That’s not true. She’s won the Moron of the Day award.

      • Jack Burton

        Hi, I just wanted to go on the internet and insult a complete stranger with an unnecessarily acerbic comment for no reason. That is all.

      • Maybe she has . . .

        But that’s not worth anything, Momo.

      • Momo

        Oh, I assure you, it is.

      • TheJody

        Sounds like someone else is envious as well. Heh heh! Funny when folks lives suck so bad that they rain on others to try and bring them down to their miserable level! I love it!

      • CRJ

        “Hi, I just wanted to go on the internet and insult a complete stranger with an unnecessarily acerbic comment for no reason. That is all.” haha, exactly! What a doosh peeps like Chris are.

      • CRJ

        “doosh” was also purposely spelled that way, I wasn’t sure if I’d get flagged for the appropriate spelling :)

      • JULIO


      • rip stick

        did u get this from the facebook page ” Congratulations! You got the first comment! Your prize: absolutely nothing”?

    • Jersey Jeff

      This is not AICN, so nobody cares!

      • tipsy

        Considering this is the most replied-to post on any board, a lot of people care one way or the other. :)

      • barry

        so who will die in their sleep? tallpeopledate

      • Tina from Texas

        The third batman movie should be called: “The Real Batwives of Gotham City.”

    • Ashley

      I am also an idiot.. teehee

      • Tina from Texas

        More like tramp

      • Gravy

        Aw man, SICK BURN!

    • jay

      How about NO Bale?

      • haters to the lefT

        how about no YOU?

      • jayhasAIDS

        No Bale? That’s what they said to you after appearing on Dateline: To Catch A Predator.

        No bail

      • James S.

        Seriously? It’s 2010, and “JayhasAIDS” is the best you could do? I’m guessing you still say “coloreds” and “commies.” Loser.

    • jared4ever

      Why not say “first” and actually comment on the article? Isn’t that what the post is for?

      • Mr. F.

        Agreed! Enough with the “firsting” and the snarky back-and-forth, please.

    • Celia

      HOLY CRAP!!! And HP7 part two comes out during the same time. WB is going to make so much freakin’ money! :D

      • Tina

        why are you smiling about this?

      • Celia

        I have a thing for smileys. I can’t help it. Plus, it’s exciting news. :D

    • Celia

      Scratch that…HP7 comes out in 2011, duh! But WB will still make a buttload of moolah! I can’t wait to see it! I hope casting announcements start soon.

      • K


    • Ashley G.

      and moving on…………. I would like to see The riddler, he was my favorite baddie in the first series of movies and Jim Carrey was amazing in that movie. It would be fun to see who could fill his shoes!

      • Chris

        You know, i’d like to see Jim Carrey do it again. I think that’d be fun.
        I understand that Nolan prefers to humanize the Batman saga but I think he could realistically introduce Killer Croc, Mr Freeze or Poison Ivy? (I mean its not like Harvey Dent’s Left-side was realistically possible.)

      • billy

        well, if you’ve read the graphic novels you would see that batman isn’t so upbeat and fun as the tim burton movies were
        instead it’s dark and intense
        i would like to see the birds of prey ,doctor aesop, lady shiva, the queen of hearts or mr zsasz but maybe that’s just me…

    • jayhasAIDS


      • Ohai thar

        no u

    • jake chowning

      please let christian bale be batman he was the best batman ever PLEASE

  • Ceballos

    As soon as I buy a 2012 calendar, July 20 will be the first date marked.

    I don’t even feel like speculating on what the plot or title should be because I have confidence that whatever Nolan comes up with will be BRILLIANT. (I still remember the mixture of “huh” and s—storm he caused when Heath Ledger was first cast as the Joker.)

    • Zeddicus “Zedd” Zu’l Zorander

      So long as there is no talk of Catwoman which is ridiculous and rumors of the current “IT” girl playing her. I find it hard to believe such a character would find its way into Nolan’s real as it gets Gotham. Based on the Dark Knight it seems clear that the Joker was set to come back and play a role of some kind and I hope they do that with Joseph Gordon Levitt taking on the role.

      • Joe

        +1 No catwoman, dumbest comic character ever… Also, editor “Darren Franich” if you did any bit of research you would find that Christopher Nolan stated on several occasions that he would never do a Mr Freeze. Maybe EW could hire me since I obviously know more?!

      • Really?

        Catwoman is at best a Femme Fatale Cat Burglar. I think she would probably work better then most of the other characters in Nolan’s universe. As for Joseph Gordon Levitt, I’d love to see him in Batman, but not as Heath Ledger’s understudy.

      • MB

        If you’ll remember, Batman: Year One, which ostensibly was the premise for this series of Batman films, featured Catwoman prominently.

      • Jed Fish Gould

        There shalt be no Catwoman.

        There shall be more detective vibe in DKnight.

      • Tlee

        Catwoman always adds sex appeal to the story. How could you hate on Catwoman?

      • pdy

        Which villain would be the most “realistic” for the Batman 3 movie? The Riddler would be a good candidate presenting a challenge to Batman’s detective skills. Also Dr. Hugo Strange would make a strong case since he likes to play mental games. Or how about the Black Hood who leads a criminal organization that is trying to take over the Gotham underworld from the crime lords?

      • harley quinn

        I assumed they killed off the insipid Rachel in part to pave the way for a stronger female lead, and Selena Kyle seems like the obvious choice. Pretty sure it’s easy to gritty up Catwoman. Off the top of my head, Nolan could make her a female modern day Robin Hood-esque character, robbing from the rich for some hidden more altruistic purpose. Kind of the other side of the vigilante coin, which makes her a decent foil for Bruce. She’ll never be the primary villain, though, and NO to some Hollywood IT girl playing her.

        That said, I vote for harley quinn, just because. And there are so many ways to go with The Riddler, although my favorite version is less manic and more cerebral and ordered and ruled by his OCD.

      • jackturndjoker

        @harley quinn, i def agree with u but my thing is how could they have harley quinn with no joker since historically (I mean in some instances) her storyline is attached to that of the joker. in that case i think they would need a new joker which could open up a whole can of worms.
        cat woman could also work to as long as she’s not gawdy or obnoxious in her persona. there has to be an element of realism to her unlike that of michelle pfieffer who, did a really good job in tim burtonville of course. but i digress, i think the riddler should be the big bad and icks-nay on the hollywood it girl casting (did you hear that megan fox?! stay away from nolan’s 2012 masterpiece.)

      • raven

        Catwoman could go well if they did some major changes to her back story to make her more realistic. I could see some really cool, different directions they could take the character in.

      • gigi

        If that “it” girl you are speaking of is Megan Fox. Then definitely NO CATWOMAN! Now if we’re talking Tariji P. Hensen…then YES!

      • dave

        ooooooooo I think Harly quin could work if the joker were to dissapear like escape. He’s rumored to be dead but no one knows. A group of crazies have taken up his cause and are using his image to continue crime. Then Harlyquin could be one (sorry for my spelling).

        Also riddler could be really scary and cool if they went witht he psycho serial killer zodiac-esque image that was rumored a year ago.

        Cat woman can work of course. They just give her a realistic story line unlike the one in batman returns where cats licked her to become evil, lol. It could definitely work if she were some kind of superspy/cat burgler like Catherine Zeta jones in entrapment.

      • Ryan

        Interesting idea, I like it

    • dave

      Anyone catch this? Nolan discussing the look and plot of the new Batman and Superman:

      • AJ

        Arkham Asylum- should base in on the graphic novel and set the entire movie in there…

  • Colin

    They need to finally give Scarecrow his due. He has popped up in the last two films, and they seem to be dancing around the idea of Batman taking him on.

    • DC

      Batman did take him on…..and kicked his ass twice. Next

      • Zeddicus “Zedd” Zu’l Zorander

        Yes, but I guess the point is they could focus on him even more so.

      • Momo

        That would just be repetitive. NEXT!

      • KS

        I will probably catch some flak for this, but what about Robin? Is there any way to do that character in a cool way? ps: always up for more scarecrow, too…

      • Travis

        Bale said he wouldn’t do batman if robin came on

      • Chris

        Really, Christian Bale said that? Ah, Bale. He’s so ‘extra’ sometimes. I would love to see Robin in the next film.

      • Brandon

        Let’s do robin then so Bale leaves and part 3 doesn’t have to get saved by a real actor of ends up giving his life for his art at the end.

      • A.J. Simon

        If you want robin watch the Adam West series.

    • A

      Not crazy about Scarecrow but would love more Cillian Murphy, so fine by me!

      • Andy

        Batman Vs. The Hobbit: EPIC.

  • Sarah

    The Hobbit AND Batman 3? 2012 is shaping up to be the bets movie year ever.

    • Sarah

      excuse me, best.

      • Sarah

        Ooh, and I forgot about The Avengers, also scheduled for 2012.
        Seriously, best movie year EVER.

      • Matt1

        What about Star Trek 2!!??
        If the world does end in 2 years, please let me see these movies first!!!

      • Sarah

        Is Star Trek 2 really schedule for 2012 as well?
        Jeez, how we going to make through 2011?

      • yep

        heeheehee that is my geeky side going child like crazy knowing that 2012 will be a great movie year.
        So if its going to end in that year looks like I’ll end it in the movies.

    • DTF

      Seeing as how the world is going to end, its only fitting Hollywood goes out with a bang

    • john

      If there is going to be a 2012. lol

    • jd

      Wow, hearing about this and all the other big movies slated for 2012, it kinda makes Summer 2010 Movie calender look kinda weak as far as the blockbuster movies are concerened.

    • Raptor

      At least we will have some good movies before that wacky Mayan Doomsday!

    • Tartorus

      Don’t forget The Avengers

  • kate

    Harley Quinn!!!! Please finally put Harley into a Batman movie….would make me and so many other people very happy.

    • DK

      I love this idea!

    • JaySin420

      Yea I’m not sure if she can be the main villain but she’d be perfect for the next movie.

    • fireflystare221

      Yeah and Sarah Michelle Gellar should play her!

      • eric

        good frakkin casting call there with SMG. Not this is a Nolan problem, but the main thing to avoid with Harley Quinn is the camp factor.

      • jackturndjoker

        YES! america needs SMG back in Hollywood she’s so effing good!

      • kevin

        SMG as any character in Nolan’s Batman universe would be perfect casting, That woman can do anything, it is a shame Hollywood has not fully caught on to this

    • Tajah


    • Saskatchawanable

      Absolutely! I was thinking, since Batman does not make it in time to save Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character in The Dark Knight, what if she actually survived and decided to come back? Thinking he chose to save Aaron Eckhart instead of her, she returns insane with revenge and takes a page out of The Joker’s book and dons the Harley Quinn persona!

      • datruth82

        Best suggestion on here – would love it! Another possibly neat idea for Harley – we all know her as the cute, bubbly blond with a wicked streak, but wouldn’t it be neat if the person who played her wasn’t really blonde, or even white? What if they got an actress of another race to play her (remember she wears white clown makeup, so no one ever really sees her true face)? Batman could spend the movie chasing down various leads that ‘make sense’ (they’re white, with blue eyes, etc.), only to have the big reveal be that Harley is anything but what makes sense (fits with the character) – heck, make her the daughter of Morgan Freeman’s character, Lucius Fox. So, Lucius goes through the same journey of loss of loved ones like Bruce, only in a different way – continuing the theme at the core of the Batman series. And, it would be a pretty unexpected reveal.

      • Monty

        Absolutly the worst two ideas on the board yet. Leave Rachel dead. No stupid Lucius’s kid is bad. Nolan’s been pretty solid at expanding the Batman universe while keeping it true to the backstory of characters. He tweaks, he doesn’t change.

        The long Halloween would be an epic movie, plays into the detective aspect. However, I think The Riddler would be the best bet here. For this to be a ‘real’ batman, we need to stay away from the mutated characters (clayface, killer croc, etc) and even though he was great, not bring back Ras a Gaul (lazarus pool would be too sci fi) and even the birth disorder (penguin). Riddler makes the most sense. JGL is likely to be on the top of many casting lists for whatever male role becomes open though due to him being in Nolan’s Inception this summer. He’d do a solid Riddler.

      • Alexander

        Man you have one awesome suggestion! Maggie comes back….Harley….EXCELLENT!

    • Celia

      I hope they do! Helena Bonham-Carter would be the perfect person to play her, but I think she’s not young enough for the role.

    • Mr. F.

      Amanda Seyfried for Harley!

      Come on, surely I;m not the only one who wants to see her in that outfit… And *out* of it! Zing!


    • Peter

      Greta Gerwig for Harley Quinn.

    • Aaron

      Harley Quinn is inextricably linked with the Joker. Since he’s toast I can’t see how they’ll be able to use her.

      • Celia

        Well according to the Dark Knight, the Joker is in jail, not dead. So, Harley can try to avenge him or something.

      • Ron J

        Harley is the pschologist who gets the Joker’s case, and between his attempts to mess with her mind and her over the top curiosity of him, she goes crazy… so with The Joker being in Arkham (presumably) after the second film, this could TOTALLY work out!

    • SAB

      Christina Ricci for Harley Quinn! Young, petite, and a little strange.

      • tipsy

        Young,petite and little strange sound like Ellen Page too.

  • Di

    Holy toolbelt, Batman, this is going to be awesome.

    I’d love to see what kind of take they’d put on Robin.

    • Sarah

      I’d love to see Anton Yelchin or Joseph Gordon-Levitt play Robin.

      • XSE Drake

        I’d love to see Robin kept out of this.

      • Celia

        I agree with XSE Drake. No Robin, please.
        I think everyone will agree that the series needs another FEMALE, so the question is which one will it be?

        Harley Quinn
        Poison Ivy
        Talia al Ghul
        Vicki Vale
        Julie Madison

    • jason

      I have actually heard that Nolan has no intention of doing Robin since Bat’s is supposed to be early in his career at this point.

      • RR

        They need to figure out how to keep Bale from ageing if they are still going with the “young Batman” angle. 7 years between the Batman Begins and Batman 3 filming…

  • Yes.

    I think the Riddler would be amazing to see, especially if Johnny Depp could play it. If they could make Ledger could make the Joker a realistic character, I think Depp could pull of the Riddler.

    • rerun

      Riddler and Victor Zsasz. They would work in the Nolan Bat-Universe.

      • The Batbrain

        i agree with the Victor Zsasz as he was in Batman Begins in the begginning and when the convicts were released from Arkham. I dont know if they could do a movie soley with him though, but maybe they could do somethin with Arkham.

      • Meier

        I think Poison Ivy would work and would love to see her as an actual threat! But if we’re talking Riddler, I see nobody better for the role than Alan Tudyk.

    • ZhaneEndrick

      No to Johnny Depp. I like him, and he could do it (he can do anything), but no.
      David Tennant. There’s your Riddler.

      • Laura


      • kja

        I completely agree! David Tennant is where it’s at!

      • Rebekah

        Oh please, oh please, oh please! I would LOVE David Tennant as the Riddler.

      • tex

        Excellent call on DT!!!

      • William

        John C. McGinley. Not even lying.

      • film4future

        Yes, yes to David Tennant! Brilliant call. Nolan has to be aware of his excellent work in Doctor Who.

      • tipsy

        Haven`t seen Tennant in anything but I agree about No to Depp. Love him but he`s weirdo schtick is getting old and he is too big a star for this franchise. It would be totally distracting. No need for another TomKat type of media frenzy that has nothing to do with the movie`s quality.

      • Person Who Talks

        Michael Emerson as The Riddler. Enough said. Also have the Black Mask in there, that could totally work, and his story is dark as he**! And yes, they need another woman in the series, as long as she is not Catwoman of Poison Ivy. Finally: Make this third one the last, and have a big emotional and final ending, like Batman dying or something, it would really bring it full circle.

      • Monty

        Person who talks needs to shut his/her mouth. Kill Batman? Please leave now.

      • Person Who Still Talks

        I meant no offense to anyone Monty. Batmans still a total bada**, no disrepect to the character’s legacy was intended. Were all entitled to our opinions.

    • GimplyGump ☺

      James Earl Haley as Riddler

    • Person Who Talks

      They NEED to have Michael Emerson play a villain in it! And give Gary Oldman’s character some emotional depth.

    • efrain

      Thank you Yes! I would love to see Johnny Depp play the Riddler!

    • Amanda

      I completely agree. Johnny Depp would be awesome as the Riddler!

      • efrain

        Thank you Amanda! They could simply name it Gotham City! As far as the Joker and Harly Quinn are concerned! Leonardo Dicaprio & Anjelina Jolie! I’m just saying. If they are going to recast the Joker then have a great young actor portray him!

  • inframeandout

    As long as Robin and Megan Fox are no where near the project, I am fine with anything. I would like for another less well known villain. I also think it is time for one of the female villains.

  • Kate

    I thought we have all had this discussion and we all agreed the Riddler made the most sense and we all kind of wanted David Tennant to play him. And it would be playing up the scientist side of the Riddler before he goes nuts or whatever was wrong with him.

    • who cares

      who is this ‘we’ you refer to?

    • mo-NEEK-a

      i can dig it

    • RJKL

      OOOOOH. I’m sure he’d be absolutely brilliant at it. The hair alone *LOL*

    • katie

      Not this we over here. No don’t want.

    • Brett

    • Peter

      Oh HECK YEAH! David Tennat would be an awesome Riddler he has the build and demeanor to pull it off.

      I read there was a Rumor of Phillip Seymour Hoffman being in the mix as Penguin. That would be awesome as well

    • Amanda


  • sc1128

    im just glad its coming out before 12/21/2012

  • Nate

    How about the guy from Dexter as the Riddler?

    • Momo

      Great call! I would love to see Michael C. Hall on the big scream, and from Dexter, we know he can do maniacal very, very well.

      • Elvis

        I love Michael C Hall but Riddler wouldn’t totally work for him. He tried being a villain in that movie Gamer and as small of a role it was, he wasn’t that good in it. I say Ed Norton

    • Celia

      Oh SWEET!! He would be awesome! His voice is so deliciously creepy too.

    • Skip182

      that guy can’t act his way out of a paper sack.

      • mrselfdestruct

        watch six feet under if you think MCH can’t act. Dexter is fun but is not the best example of his acting skills.

      • Celia

        I think he’s excellent on Dexter and Six Feet Under. He’s very talented.

    • kyle

      He was the first one I thought of and was surprised to scroll down and find others who agree. I think he could do it well without making the Riddler seem too campy.

  • Robert

    They should use The Riddler and Catwoman as the main villains with Penguin as a mob boss operating in the shadows, setting up a fourth movie.

    • TheObserver

      Don’t know about Penguin but I would die, literally die if Batman 3 had Johnny Depp as the Riddler and an unknown (someone Zoe Saldana-esque) as Catwoman…with the Nolans at the helm? Seriously, I would die….in which case it would probably be best if they didn’t do that despite how badly I want it :(

      • Seattle Kevin

        an unknown type like Zoe Saldana? You do know she’s been in the #1 movie ($$-wise) of all time, right? And a little film called “Star Trek.” That would be an Ah-nold as Mr. Freeze” debacle….

      • Bren

        Yeah, but before last summer she was pretty much unknown and I think that’s what the poster is referring to…someone who is about to be big, but isn’t there right now.

  • Matt

    Let’s call it The Dark Knight Returns (yes, I know Frank Miller used it) go with Black Mask and the Riddler as the primary villians and thank God that Nolan’s already said there will never be a Robin in his Batman movies.

  • Schmuck

    They could create a new villian, the Putz. Played by Adam West.

    • Eric


  • MovieBuffer

    They considered Johnny Depp to play the riddler but I don’t know if it’s still on. They could make him less homosexually appealing and more technologically advanced I suppose. Taking a few cues from Batman: Arkham Asylumm wouldn’t be a bad idea. Better yet, they should scrap the sorry excuse for Scarecrow they have now and replace him with Billy Bob Thornton as a masochistic/sadistic “Jigsaw” like serial killer/Anesthesiologist. Now that would be badass.

    • therealeverton

      Current Scarecrow is brilliant. Let’s give him more to do and see the continuation of the Ra’s al Ghul thread; especially with the introduction of Talia.

    • Daryl

      Less homosexually appealing…what the hell?!?? You are a moron.

      • Brandon

        He’s rigth I’d go gay for johnny deep. But only JD.
        But i’d have to say no Scarecrow, They already made him in to a wuss in the first movie. They’d need a new baddie and i personally kind hope they make one up that’s not from the comics.

    • CaptFamous

      Except then it wouldn’t be the Scarecrow in any remotely recognizable form.

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