Lindsay Lohan gunning for controversy with new pics

lindsay-lohan-gun_320.jpg Image Credit: Tyler ShieldsAs anyone who has been nearby a computer knows, Lindsay Lohan has had a rough week. First, her father brought the LAPD to her house to check on her younger sister, Ali, who was staying at the residence at the time. Then, the actress was fired from her next film, The Other Side, after financiers were hesitant to fund the film with Lohan in the leading role. Then there was that whole HIV fiasco on her father’s Twitter. Paging Daniel Powter!

Well, Linds is grappling with controversy yet again today thanks to a picture posted on her Twitter account showing the actress holding a gun up to her mouth. The pic is from a photo shoot with photographer Tyler Shields, which also included the slightly different photo pictured here. (Several more can be found posted on his website.) [Lohan’s lawyer has yet to respond to EW’s request for comment.] Of course, as we discovered back in 2007 with those cutlery photos, Lohan enjoys taking photographs with dangerous objects. But is this simply a bad omen? Is she going too far this time around? Or is this sexy/dangerous art and we should just let the girl do her thing?

If that isn’t enough, there was blood involved in all this as well, apparently. If you want to see that, and more from the shoot, check out the (pretty gross) video below. Warning: Video rated PG-Sleazy.

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  • Pola

    I thought the shoot was provocative and sexy. I must give her props. The photographer is great, as well. I love his work!

    • trio x

      So when is she eating crow? I’m getting bored here

    • Laurie

      Puh-leeze. She is trying so hard to seem edgy. It’s embarrassing, really.

      • Muffy

        I don’t she’s going make that comeback. Yes, I know she’s still young, but even young stars become has-beens.

  • Elizabeth

    At least she’s getting work?

  • Joboots

    Should we officially blacklist her,
    for all her cluelessnes???

    • Cris

      See, I think this is the best thing that could happen to her. As long as sites like EW and the gossip shows continue to show her embarrassing exploits (and let’s face it, as long as we continue to watch, read and comment on them), it’s like validation, no matter how far she’s fallen. I really think the best thing that could happen for her would be to drop off the radar for a while, learn that there’s more to life than getting her picture taken by the paparazzi, and get clean and sober.

  • Jo

    I adore Tyler Shield’s work and it’s very normal to see this in his work. Most of his pictures tend to be very sexualised and slightly violent. It makes interesting photography and it’s sad that they’re blaming her. I’m hardly her biggest fan but it’s just the way Shields works, not her.

    • Steve

      Who the hell cares about Lindsay Lohan or Tyler Shield? Seriously, she got fired from a movie, how professional is that? She needs to take her life and fame seriously before its gone. And who the hell cares about the photographer?! F him.

      • Brian

        Wow, what a thoughtless, emotional rant. A worthless comment, Steve. You sound like a crochety old man.

      • sarah

        She got unfairly fired from a movie before it even started filming, because the studio decided she wasn’t profitable, how professional is that?. Honestly, the girl does seem to be trying to pull her career back together and between the stupid media and her idiot family she keeps getting slammed from all sides. Ignorant comments from people who have no idea what really goes on in her life aren’t helping.

  • Amie

    She needs to start realizing that being a party girl doesn’t pay as much as a film star. Wasn’t her last gig on ABCfamily? She can do better, Linds pull a Drew Barrymore and clean up your act.

  • jason.

    If it were someone who weren’t near the bottom of their downard spiral-flush through the toilet, I might consider it art. This is the kind of thing that gets lauded as edgy now and seen as an ignored warning sign later.

    Seriously, you can’t take a train wreck and call it sculpture.

    Now if we stop rewarding crazy and bad behaviour with attention, maybe it’ll go away.

    • Molly

      Well put. Truly wish someone could do a citizen’s arrest to get Mike & Dina for parental neglect and appoint a court-ordered guardian NOT from her family for this troubled girl. Her choices are getting worse & worse – and that’s just for work!

      • Cas

        I know! This girl is in desperate need of some good parenting. I kind of want to unleash my Grammy on her.

      • Dave

        Britney Spears’ dad seems to have done a pretty good job fixing Britney’s life. Maybe he can fix Lindsay too.

      • Hi

        The sad thing is that her dad IS trying to save her and it’s totally backfiring! Maybe he’s going about it the wrong way, but I believe it’s really in his heart to help her.

        Her STUPID star-crazed mother is going to be VERY regretful one day!

  • whatevs

    What’s controversial about this? That she’s pathetic?

  • Richard

    Let her do her thing. Then forget about her. turn the page. Yawn!

  • Grant

    I love tyler shield. He is a gifted artist and these sort of pictures are his style and I am surprised at how well Lindsay fit into his style. She seems kinda perfect for his models he uses. Perfect mix of glamour, sex, violence, and trashiness. I like them alot. I hope people understand the art involved and that I think this was a smart move for her. My liking of lindsay has gone up for this.
    P.S. Everyone pray that her crazy partying stops. I don’t want to see another young talent die.

    • Seth

      Sorry, but this was done many times (and much better) in the sixties and seventies. Nothing new here, just a recycling of old ideas. Yawn.

  • Scott

    She looks a tad rancid in the picture on this page. Her lips look like clown lips and she looks like she just smelled something horrible. It also kind of looks like her face was pasted on. No matter how “edgy” the pictures might be, I’ll be passing on the rest.

  • Kelly

    It’s only a matter of time before she shows up dead. Sad but true.

    • Brian

      I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time before everyone shows up dead. Either that or I findamentally misunderstand biology and physics.

      • ellie

        You are today’s winner.

  • MrNiceGuy

    I though maybe she was photographed while shopping for a Rolex or some furs.

  • thebigone

    Lindsey is a manipulative b***h. She is sick in the head and needs help. Short of that, maybe she should do what she want and just go away. Nobody should care. We certainly won’t miss the dirtbag!!!

  • mcm

    Alas, this is all that is left for this lost, lost soul. Her comeback (although a never was can’t even be considered a has-been) will never be. Even Brittany could at least call herself a singer in the age of no talent success stories. What’s this one got, veteran acting chops from her Love Bug days.

    Just one “look at me” moment strung like a foul smelling pearl to the next.

    If there was no Internet, she would not even have that. Still, a pretty good living, enough to suck in cash from the freak show purveyors.

  • jb

    People think this is art??? It is sick to glamorize violence, that is what this stupid idiot is doing. He can be a great photographer and not glamorize something that looks like murder.

    • Lala

      I guess you don’t watch Law & Order or CSI, or watched a movie or read a book that features a gun and blood in it. It’s pretty surprising how worked-up people get over a still picture, then happily turn around and pop a copy of Die Hard into the DVD player. These pictures are a part of Lindsay’s weekly attempt to be relevant. In my opinion, after all of the drugs and horrible situations Lindsay has put herself into in REAL life, playing with a toy gun in comparison is literally child’s play.

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