'The Simpsons' gingerly supports 'South Park'

Ha, Ginger-ly. Anyone catch The Simpsons‘ subtle chalkboard shout-out to South Park last night? “Simpsons did it!” So did Jon Stewart. Which show will come out in support of last week’s heavily censored South Park next? It’s gotta be House. A Danish wind turbine will huff and puff and blow the words right onto that white board in between “Lupus?” and a rough sketch of Cuddy’s ass.

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  • anastasia

    This is hilarious. And very apt. Everybody should stand up for South Park.

    Oh yeah:


    • Jared


      • Subway_Monster

        Go eat a sub Jared and stop being jealous.

      • anastasia

        I have feelings of low self-worth, and I was just trying to make my existence feel like it meant something. I thought screaming “FIRST!!!” might do the trick, then you went and called me a loser.
        Is being the “FIRST!!!” commenter so wrong???

      • SteveStrifeX

        Anastasia, you should commit seppuku to right the wrong you have caused by shouting “FIRST!” Death before dishonor! Haha, just kidding, Jared is just a troll, ignore him. :)

      • Colin

        yall must be trippin

      • B. Mo.

        @ Jarod

    • Rosalie

      My big question is: If Muslims are so pure and holy, what the hell are they doing watching South Park?! My parents detest South Park because they think it is very tacky. Needless to say they don’t watch it or read anything related to it. So why are Muslims watching this or paying attention to anything that South Park does?

      • Heeby Jeebies

        With respect, Rosalie, I don’t think one’s parents are always the best indicator of what is pure. Not watching a television show doesn’t make one any more or less holy.

      • beau

        it’s the same reason that some of them think it’s perfectly acceptable to murder people who have different viewpoints. What a great religion! Really, all religions are great.

      • Ituri

        Asking “why don’t they just stop watching it” means you don’t understand what they are doing or why they do it. Its religious control over society they demand. This means NO CHOICE, no rights, no freedoms. All behavior bound by their interpretation. Influencing entertainment is a slope-like situation. In Muslim countries, MUSIC IS ILLEGAL. Thats the other end to their scheming.

        That they can influence our entertainment choices at all is pathetic. South Park showed Mohammud fully before 9-11, and nobody blinked… and no Muslim thought thtey could get away with the threats they get away with now, after 9-11.

      • Laura

        I don’t think they actually watch t.v., but I’m sure that they have spies to do and report back to them any real of perceived slight against their Pedophile-in-Chief.

      • EvilIsAsEvilDoes

        Because they never miss an opportunity to be offended so they can use it as an excuse for special accomodations and to further implementing Sharia in non-Muslim countries.

      • Zargax

        Don’t forget that it’s only the extreme right-wing fundamentalist Islamics that have a problem with South Park or depictions of Mohammed, not Muslims in general. Remember, all religions have their far-right whackjobs. Here in the U.S., we’ve got our Christian Fundamentalist crazies, and they’re pretty much identical to the Islamic Fundamentalist crazies.

      • WobblyKnobs

        @Zargax – List some examples of Christian Fundamentalists being “pretty much identical” to Muslims Fundamentalists?

        Christians in the past have done some pretty horrible things, but I don’t remember hearing about any recent Inquisitions or Crusades. The wars in the middle east seem to be more about money than religious ideology.

        I seem to remember a crucifix in a jar of piss and Larry David pissing on a picture of Jesus. South Park and Family Guy regularly depict Jesus as a goofy guy just hanging around. I don’t recall hearing about any death threats…I don’t really remember hearing anything much at all. Except that maybe Christians didn’t appreciate it, but oh well they didn’t kill anyone.

      • Finnish_Fox

        @WobblyKnobs… sure, the Christians have never sent death threats to abortion doctors, have they?

        I understand it isn’t identical as doing it over issues of free speech, but my only point is to illustrate that the Christian fundamentalists can certainly engage in equally violent behavior as any fundamentalist Muslim group.

    • Dud3B3h1nd3u

      ._. wow, get a life

    • bailoutsos

      Hey, they just sent out a call for Muslim fighters to go to Somalia and fight the pirates. Give them about a week to gather then bomb the country and get rid of both.

      • Tom


    • Ellie

      “Gingerly” is right. Bart writing on a blackboard that’s on screen for less than a second, big deal. The Simpsons have made repeated jabs at Christianity, Jews, Hindus and even shown Buddha being handcuffed by cops, but they’ve never touched Islam. How brave and topical!

      • Finnish_Fox

        @Ellie … except for the episode from November 2008… it is an episode in which Bart befriends a Muslim boy and Homer believes the family are covert terrorists.

      • Finnish_Fox

        oh… and if you didn’t know, The Simpsons has generated somewhat of a cult following and plenty of people take interest in the chalkboard statements.

      • Ellie

        Have not seen that ep, FFox, but let me guess: the Muslims aren’t terrorists? They’re depicted not only as innocent but as totally swell people versus the bigoted Homer? Therefore the whole issue of terrorism is portrayed as mere paranoia? Am I right?

        Cluck, cluck.

    • Robert

      Do you want a prize for being first? What are you 12?

  • Al

    The South Park episode aired here in Canada this weekend on The Comedy Network. They usually air an unbleeped version leaving in the profanity. In this case they had the same bleeps as the Comedy Central one because Comedy Central has not released an unbleeped version.

    • darclyte

      This has been the best season of The Simpsons in YEARS, and this episode had several moments that had me laughing out loud. The South Park shout out was a great kick start to a very funny episode. “You’ve made a very powerful enemy!” LOL!

  • anndalous

    I don’t think this was “gingerly”. I think this was strong
    support for South Park. To say “if we weren’t so afraid” the
    Simpsons folks are stating how ridiculous this situation really
    is. By even putting it on the board they are showing their
    strong support of South Park.

    • Cris

      Yeah, this was about as “subtle” as South Park’s dislike for Family Guy.

    • RyRyNYC

      I agree… support is support.

    • Ed

      I think the “ginger-ly” comment was in reference to South Park’s use of the term “ginger” to define people with red hair and freckles.

  • Dustin

    I’m not a religious man, and I’m all for free speech. However, lets put the shoe on the christian foot for a minute. Would it be more acceptable if the Christian Colition For No Fun were in a uproar instead of the Muslims or Scientologists? Think about it

    • RyRyNYC

      In all fairness, most Christians don’t call for their members to behead tv writers. I’m all for Devil’s Advocate, but lets call a spade a spade…

      • Dustin

        no, they just kill Abortionists, molest children, support the murder of millions of indians, halt advances in science because they dont believe that stem cell research is “good”, and are seen as a support mechanism for cults and the Klu Klux Klan. Your right, the Christian hands are clean.

      • Yes

        People make fun of Christianity all the time, as you are showing right here. You can disagree with Christians but has Comedy Central been afraid to show Jesus? No, they show him all the time and it barely gets noticed.

      • erin

        Neither do most Muslims, Ryry.

      • Will

        @ Yes,

        Comparing showing Jesus and Muhammed are very different. It’s against the Muslim religion to depict Muhammed, not so in the Christian world where Jesus’ face and body is everywhere.

      • @Will

        Will, I’m not sure if you’re saying that it’s OK to threaten those who depict Muhammed. I understand some feel it’s disrespectful to Islam, but does that mean they get to threaten the lives of those who do it in a country that is not even located in the Middle East?

      • Joe


        Gross generalizing is gross… and misplaced.

        The issue here is reaction to the depiction of religious figures not a general view of actions of extremist individuals. The fact remains that there are enough violent muslims out there that any criticism of Allah or his holy prophet can result in your death.

        No matter how hard you try to spin the facts, this just isn’t applicable to modern Christians, even the extreme ones. Let’s stop pretending that all cultures and faiths are equal and realize that the Muslim faith is written much more violently than the Christian faith or the Buddhist faith is.

      • John

        I’m pretty sure that saying Jesus is addicted to crack, porn, and other drugs is doing the same thing as showing a picture. I say we should just eliminate the Muslims who have power to harm us, reair the episode unbleeped, and go on with our lives.

      • Brian

        @Joe: Actually, statistical analysis of the Bible and the Koran show Christianity having many more references of violence and calls to violence by their respective divine overlord. Christianity easily tops Islam in violent history.

      • dallen

        We are not talking history here though. We are talking about the present state of affairs in the world. Historic violence by Christians from centuries ago does not make present threats by Muslim groups okay. Also, those criticizing Christianity on this board are doing so freely without fear of consequence and are unwittingly reinforcing the message that South Park was making on their show.

      • Gary

        Where do you get off, Dustin, accusing all Christian people of those atrocities? You are damning billions of people for the actions of a few who, incidentally, were acting AGAINST the precepts of Christianity, regardless of what they call themselves. Guilt by association is not a valid measure.

      • Anthony

        This whole South Park issue is getting a tad bit ridiculous. It mocks just about every major faith, including Christianity. I’m not going to say of what faith I am, that is irrelevant. But, if people have such a big problem with hearing such or seeing things that go against their faith, why watch it? And if you think that by broadcasting such ‘obsurd’ ideas to our youth is so bad well I only have three words in response to that- Freedom of speech. A concept that many people do not seem to grasp in modern day.

      • Gary

        Oh, and Brian – your comment about Christianity being more violent than Islam… What history book are you reading? That is blatantly and provably false. Islam began as a religion of conquest and glorification of violence. Its early spread was by conquest. Christianity began as a religion of peace whose followers voluntarily suffered violence at the hands of others for the first three centuries of its existence. Making up facts to support your ridiculously false claims does not make your case any stronger.

      • richunix

        Hey, I like this one: I just drew a picture of Muhammed doing the hokie with gaot and I live in Washingtion, DC… Come aand get me!

      • Finnish_Fox

        @RyRy… the Christians may not call for TV writer and producers to be beheaded. Bombing abortion clinics, now that’s a whole ‘nother ballpark, eh?

      • Jobs Steve

        Lets put some things in order Catholicism is not the same as Christianity like baptist or pentecostal.Though unfortunaly both in the same pile of christians.One doesnt believe in worshiping statues while the other one still worships gods or “saints” with heriditary links to pagan roman gods.The practice put in place to quell civil unrest while they went through a religous transition. Therefore a catholic church needs to contain a relic consisting of body part of a human saint within it’s walls to be considered a catholic church. A modicum pagan belief a parishanor must sacrifice, among others, in order to be part of the club. One loves to touch little boys and the other lie about doing things gays things but one is a pandemic, the latter is common living. An abortionist killed doesnt mean we have riots in the streets with christians killing abortionist doctors. And killing Indians? My man you dont like where you live then I’m sorry give it up to someone that likes it. Conquest is not done by asking. Your forefathers did what you and I dont have the testes to do. Take land to progress and prosper its seed. Antiquated yes but still male and human. Stupid modern times has made us soft and flowery, causing us to judge. Apologize to the Indians and MOVE ON. Since 1970 50 million aborted babies have been killed. Knew that? Know how a bloody a abortion is? how they liquify the fetus in the womb to have it just gush out? who’s fighting for the babies? You Dustin? I know I’m not. When it becomes an issue then we’ll deal with it. “Save fur neglect the babies”. Is killing an abortionist doctor wrong? Of course. But comparing is not a contest. One is oppresion the other is protection. And last but not least. IT’S NOT CHRISTIANS HISTORY IT’S JEWISH HISTORY. Plain and simple. JUDAISM= Jew History-No Messiah CHRISTIANITY= Jew History-Jesus Messiah
        MUSLIM= Jew History-No Messiah.Only prophet(their man Momo)
        But not only doesnt anyone EVER talk about the jews account in this BUT THEY DONT EVEN VOICE THEIR OWENERSHIP TO IT LOLOL. They always stay out of our obnoxious tirads.
        So who’s the violent history? JEWS history. And theres no connection to violence it’s just human nature.Why don’t you go complain about the Aztec god who wanted blood all the time. Pick a book and learn something. Half of you sound Pathetic. A fool talks without facts just opinion. Complain about Muslims 2 years ago pulling people out their homes from the opposite sect and putting one in their head in front of their house in Iraq.FOR BLOCKS. Look it up. Someone needs to draw Mohammud and put him in the Marilyn Monroe scene with his dress flaying up with the wind looking coy and Youtube the shiz. We have to be scared that we cant say anything cause we dont know where the threat is coming from well someone need to shove globalization and acceptance of other cultures down their throat if not we going to lose someone in the media to this BS. Dustin I understand you dont like christianity but dont comparare oranges to pencil lead. Nothing and I mean NOTHING in modern time is like Muslim radicals. We might be at war and fight like humans but they crazy from beheadings to controling over womens education and their thinking independance. Dustin get your head out the xbox learn whats happening around you. Read Ituri’s statment so you could learn something.
        P.S. PLEASE PEOPLE STOP DISSMISSING OTHER CULTURES AND PEOPLE ALIKE LIKE MATT. If you dont feel you dont feel. If nothing moves you then nothing moves you. Since the dawn of time whether its for dark or white religion people feel and practice accordingly. Not one person on earth has a santa cluase religion yet theres religions lasting centuries due to their ability to feel something move them. If not the it’s a waste. Sunday morning church is not a new thing. Who doesn’t want to sleep in on a weekend?Who worships at home doing rituals passed down for generations without giving a dime for tithing without feeling anything? Stop thinking your higher than your predecessors because you don’t feel anything since your head is neck deep in your blackberry; when you made of the same stock.We just happen to be more diluted. We’re NOT intuned with nature, animals, earth or our food source. Everywhere our social family structure is out of whack due to it. Everyone before the the Industrial Revolution had that human privilege. We’re not better but Weaker physically. The exchange should be the autobalamce of mental prowesss.
        A blatant violation of your hmanity is ridiculing histories past and where we came from without ampathy to it’s occupants. Respect the past and it’ll teach you. Transgres and inteligence will treat you accordingly.

        William James: Religion, whatever it is, is a man’s total reaction upon life.

    • Mel

      Christians have been in an uproar for thing on South Park many times but the network did not censor them because no one threatened violence. Normally when religious people get upset other people don’t care. These threats were from a group that has killed for this reason before.

    • Robbie P

      Last I checked, South Park has had JESUS CHRIST as a secondary character for years, and no one threatened anybody for that.

      • Dustin

        Maybe christians should try harder. They are getting shown up by the underdog religions. Definitley not making jesus look good if he is getting made fun of but muhammed and scientology are getting what they want. WORK HARDER CHRISTIANS, START THREATENING VIOLENCE.

      • bear

        Wow, when someone tries harder doesn’t necessary mean that you threaten death on writers. Try harder means choosing to let other speak realizing that your faith is stronger than other people’s verbal abuse

      • Will

        It’s not the same thing Robbie. It’s against the Muslim religion to depict or illustrate Muhammed.

      • Catlag

        @Will Maybe so, but I’m sure that the South Park creators aren’t muslims so they are not technically acting against anything. Are we bound to follow every other religion now? People who make such threats should be behind bars.

      • Muhammad

        Screw Muhammad! hes not real!

      • Jeff

        @ Will: It is against the religion of Muslim to depict or illustrate Muhammed as you say. However, since we’re not followers of that religion, why do we have to do as it says? We don’t require all Muslims to fast on lent or Good Friday or whatever just because it’s our tradition. Can’t they just exact out some punishment on their own followers who violate their laws?

    • Jeff

      “I’m not a religious man, and I’m all for free speech. However, lets put the shoe on the christian foot for a minute. Would it be more acceptable if the Christian Colition For No Fun were in a uproar instead of the Muslims or Scientologists? Think about it”

      Good example of when some random person on the internet tells you to “think about it,” it’s because they haven’t thought about anything.

      This very eposide treated Jesus with vastly more disregard than Muhammad, including having Jesus use his own name in vain on several occassions.

      And the point S.P. was making was that the Christians would not be in an uproar over it, rather, the uproar would come from one place. Low and behold, they were right– it was only the Islamists.

      In short, Matt and Trey have already made a mockery of your “point” and the facts have already proven them correct. “Think about it.”

      • erin

        You can’t compare apples and oranges. Christianity does not have any problem with the depiction of Jesus, obviously. Islam does not allow for the depiction of Muhammed.

      • Will

        You’re really not comparing the same thing. Jeff, you really didn’t “think about it”

      • GAC

        Erin, this is 100% wrong. It’s even one of the 10 commandments that taking the name of the Lord in vain is wrong. Couldn’t be more cut and dry.

      • Ben

        Not so GAC. Depicting Jesus and taking the Lord’s name in vain are two totally 100% different things. ‘In vain’ is to curse, to blaspheme.

        According to Christians, Jesus is God, and therefore it is acceptable to depict him, for means of worship. In Islam, Muhammad is merely a prophet of Allah, and therefore not acceptable to worship, so there are to be no depictions of him. Read about the Iconoclasm on Wikipedia, the period of time where many great works of religious art were destroyed for this very reason.

      • Nate

        Hmmm….lets really think about this. Whys is it the responsibility of the Sout Park creators to abide by a rule set by a religion that they themselves are not even a part of? I am all for respecting the beliefs of others and would defend those rights to the best of my ability however, those who would take offense to this would not offer the same in return. It has already been stated by “extremests” in this country that they (south park creators) will probably end up dead. How is that a rational response?

        And on a side note….I would not quote Wikipedia as fact….

      • Ellie

        Erin, you don’t get it. So what if Islam “does not allow” depictions of Muslims? That only applies to Muslims, not to the rest of us.

        Christianity “does not allow” premarital sex. You expect all non-Christians to abide by that too?

      • Ivan


        You have to stop saying “Think About It”. It presumes that you’re right and you’re not.

    • JR

      “What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. I award you no points… and my God have mercy on your soul.”

      Seriously… is that supposed to be a rebuttal? A “put the shoe on the other foot” response? Give me a break. It doesn’t even come close to being analogous. When was the last time you heard of plots to murder someone (a la Salman Rushdie) by a group of Christians? If it EVER happens, it’s incredibly rare, as opposed to Islamic fundamentalists in practically every country who seem to be walking around with a chip on their shoulder looking for a reason to off people based on being “offended.” There is no common ground to be had with such people. Their worldview is incompatible with a free society, and they ought to be expelled back to their hell hole countries where they can continue oppressing one another for eternity.

      • Julie

        “When was the last time you heard of plots to murder someone (a la Salman Rushdie) by a group of Christians? If it EVER happens, it’s incredibly rare”
        Tell that to the people who’ve been killed or maimed by fundamentalist groups that shoot up or bomb abortion clinics. Every one of those groups would call themselves Christians.

      • Ellie

        Julie: abortion clinic attacks ARE incredibly rare, and are usually perpetrated by certified nutcases. Islamic terrorist attacks, on the other hand, occur all around the globe on a daily basis.

      • Steve Jobs

        Yeah Julie fails

      • Finnish_Fox

        @Ellie… I’d like to see those stats.

      • Jobs Steve

        @F_Fox Excatly…there are no stats. Since 2000 there has been no abortion killings. Abortion clinic bombings. First link on a G search. But it’s nice to compare trying to save unborn fetuses to beheading you for drawing someone. Makes sense.

    • 76United

      You obviously did not see the episode. South Park portrayed Jesus as a jerk who watches internet porn and Vishnu (I think) doing lines of cocaine.
      Point is, there were no death threats from their religion, and all South Park did was mention Muhammad by name. You never even saw him.
      Sorry muslims, your faith goes counter to civilized human society.

    • mainer

      No ones religion is clean. Maybe the Buddhists are clean handed but that’s another story. Don’t blame all abuse, murder, exploitation on the “christians” doorstep. It’s a “human” disorder this murder, molesting, fanaticism, etc. etc. etc……

  • Jackson

    Why should we stand up for “South Park?” Truth is, Matt and Trey need to grow up and get a clue. When somebody tells you to stop doing something that’s offensive to them both personally and on a very sacred, religious level, you STOP. This little juvenile kids don’t seem to understand that, and they need to grow up.

    • Rabbi Rock Golf

      Yeah. Give in to religious intolerance. That worked so well in 1930’s Germany.

    • Chip H

      Hardly. Your religious beliefs are your religious beliefs. I will not stand in your way to hold them or practice them so long as it does not affect me, but I will not respect them, ever, and I will certainly not care if I offend them. In fact, I’ll be thrilled to have gotten under the skin of a backward, superstitious idiot once again. If a non-Muslim’s cartoon moves you to violence, or even thoughts of violence, you need to get a clue. The world would be a lot better if the whole Jewish-Christian-Muslim triumvirate of self-contradictory stupidity had never been foisted on the Earth.

      • Mike

        Chip- I find it interesting being a physician and scientist (I’ve spent years studying empiric phenomenon and human pathophysiology) yet being labeled a superstitious idiot because I have deep religious convictions. Do I stand by the right to express one’s ideology?- of course. It seems from the first sentence of your post you espouse the idea of tolerance and free expression. The question I have for you, is being “thrilled to have gotten under the skin…” consistent with the idea of tolerance?

      • Matt

        I’m sorry, but if anyone has deep religious convictions I see them with an inferior mental capacity to myself. How can anyone believe so deeply in a fairy tale? No adult deeply believes in Santa Claus because no one has ever had a fat man climb down their chimney and leave presents. The story is just as believable as the Bible or the Koran it just doesn’t have crazy people that deeply believe in it. If I told you for $20 I’d sell you 1,000,000 magazines but you would only receive them after you die would you give me money? I didn’t think so, why would you give money to the church when the story they teach can only be proven after death?

      • RyanK

        Matt, first off, you’re not sorry. So don’t say you are. And second, I find it funny that you consider yourself to be more intelligent than religious types, and yet you choose to sum up all of Islam and Christianity through the single concept of belief in an afterlife. There’s JUST A BIT MORE TO IT THAN THAT. How can you claim to be more intelligent and yet remain so narrow-minded? I’m not telling you to “get religion”. Believe what you wish. But don’t belittle those who have more faith than you, and assume it must be because they aren’t as smart. I think the majority of my fellow Mensa members, both atheist and religious, would agree.

      • Matt

        I am sorry because it sounds like I’ve offended you. To say there’s a bit more to it is an understatement, in my mind (remember, this is my opinion) this was also done intentionally to cause confusion over interpretation. Any good scam is extremely complex to mask the basic intent. Religion has been used for thousands of years to willingly control the masses rather than forcefully. Bernie Madoff was seen as a Godly figure among the Wall Street elite, I don’t see organized religion being any different than a ponzi scheme. Madoff promised wealth that was impossible to attain yet people believed he was just smarter than they were so they went along with it. It was only after their money was gone that they realized they had been bilked. I just hate to see good people with good intentions be taken advantage of.

      • Mike

        Matt- I suggest you look at the logic of science- every scientific experiment is based on a logical fallacy- affirming the antecedent (A followed B ergo A caused B). we never “know” what actually caused the result- Science only has power to convince not prove- Allowing yourself to be convinced is submitting yourself to have faith in something- something based on a false logical statement. Believe it or not you are a man of faith it is only the place where you put your faith that differs.

      • Jobs Steve

        If anyone understands Mike
        then you my friend are on the right track to your own enlightenment. I’m christian but I’ve come to the realization that the “7 days” bit is phases not days. Evolution is real and the seventh day which he rested is not here. Which is why there is no chickens in the dinosuar days(if they were they would have most assuredly been the original chicken mcnuggets. Or that we’re still finding animals and insects in the amazon and the likes or sea life in the depths of the oceans we never knew were there. Its hard to grasp creation when we bioengineer things in labs but we fail to create life from scratch or give rebirth to extinct animals. To submit an addition to Mike: Putting faith in something based on a “false logical statement” as religion helps the mind in hindsight understand why it is that cells, to their nano form dont have a universal language of rule and order. Yet there is still rule and common law even in a random fractal archetype as a tree without a common cellular language? We reside in that Living Order yet we’re incapable of Ever hasnessing it’s power. This thesis is true from the Earth to the Cosmos and beyond. Or therefore for that matter why there is only ONE Earth as far as the telescopic eye could see? You are special. Live with it.

      • Jobs Steve

        Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.
        Albert Einstein

    • South Park Fan

      Jackson you are the one that needs to grow up and get a clue. This is about way more than juvenile toilet humor. This is about taking a stand for what’s right and not backing down in the face of barbarians who threaten our very way of life. This is about so much more and for you to just disregard it and call Matt and Try juvenile only shows how clueless you really are about big issues like this.

      • Matt

        The Islamics are like the bully at school trying to take our lunch money, if we give in now we will never be able to eat lunch!!

    • Subway_Monster

      Jackson, Part of me wants to lash out at you, scream obscenities and otherwise stoop to an unbecomming level. I am going to refrain and try to let a more civil tone prevail. Still, how can you justify a position that is more insulting than well-reasoned? You have offered nothing of value to this discourse and instead cast dispersions on two men and their creation that is respected, adored, and welcomed into millions of homes every Wednesday night. I think I’ve learned something today…if you don’t point out the hypocrisy that surrounds us, you eventually will fall victim to it and become a hypocrite yourself.

      • Prophet_Bear

        You are so right Subway_Monster…so, so right!

    • Ying-Yang

      So you are saying that in the 60’s when the civil rights movement “offended” white people, it should have stopped? Freedom of speech is our FIRST amendment and most important, ESPECIALLY when others don’t agree. That is how we grow. If you choose not to offend someone, great. Others have absolute right to speak their mind. If people are offended, DEAL WITH IT. This is America. Every social advancement in history “offended” someone. I guess they all were wrong!

      • jeremy Selenfriend

        Smartest comment I’ve read yet. No sacrcasm whatsoever, so please don’t infer any.

      • Steve Jobs

        stop being so sarcastic

    • Jeff

      “Jackson Mon 04/26/10 12:59 PMWhy should we stand up for “South Park?” Truth is, Matt and Trey need to grow up and get a clue. When somebody tells you to stop doing something that’s offensive to them both personally and on a very sacred, religious level, you STOP. This little juvenile kids don’t seem to understand that, and they need to grow up.”

      If you are letting your little kids watch South Park, you should be spending less time on the internet and more time getting a clue.

      • Matt

        You are the one who needs to get a clue, if you offend your mother or your wife then you stop. If you offend someone overseas that does not watch your weekly comedy show that is broadcast on a paid cable channel in a free country then you by no means stop because someone finds it offensive. It’s not like this is a national broadcast on a free over the air signal, this is paid cable. If you don’t like it then DON’T WATCH!!

      • Matt

        I don’t like Al Jazeera TV, that is why I don’t watch Al Jazeera TV.

      • Finnish_Fox

        @Jeff… what you have just said has offended me greatly. I suggest you take your own advice and stop immediately.

    • Shanna

      So take away their right of freedom of speech? Give into terrorist demands? If I find killing and eating meat because of my religion and because it is sacred to me YOU need to stop doing it to? That, my friend, is childish.

    • Chris

      Who cares if someone is offended. Free speech, if you dont like it dont watch it. Noone is forcing you to watch it. If I am watching TV and something “offensive: and/or distastful comes on I change the channel.

    • Ellie

      Jackson, I happen to find your post offensive. Therefore, according to your own twisted logic, you must now STOP posting.

  • Dustin

    But Pro-Lifers can call Abortion Murder, even though Pr-Choicers tell them to stop. If i tell christians to stop telling me that im going to hell because i dont buy what they are selling, will they stop?

    • Shamrock

      You are way off topic. This is about censorship of a TV show, not a pulpit for your religious views.

      • Dustin

        But when it involves an extreme religion, its Entertainment fodder? interesting.

      • Shamrock

        We are depicting the way a religious figure is being depicted, you are going off on some tangent about abortion.

      • Ellie

        Hey, Shamrock’s being religiously intolerant! Call the Sensitivity Police!!

  • Shawn

    I think you missed the point of that episode. South park has already made fun of all three religions a lot on many occasions. If they stop now, other super moronically conservative advocate groups will petition for other episodes to be censored, then taken off, until eventually the show is canceled, until eventually other comedy shows that poke fun at life or critique life in general are close down, until eventually American TV will be controlled elusively by the government and no longer by private companies/very rich fat cats. This effectively ends one form of free speech…

    • WhitneyD

      My favorite part is that Muhammad was already ON their series, but nobody cared back then.

      • Mehdi

        No one cared because that was before 9/11

  • Spandrell

    No, Annie, here is how it should go…

    House (to random Furry in the clinic): Hey, Mohammed, did you confuse New Jersey for South Park?

    Because, obviously, the only thing missing from HOUSE is a furry…

  • Dog


    You are frankly disgusting. People like you are the reason why we have fascists and political censorship.

    If we banned people from saying offensive things, we could have NO FREE SPEECH WHATSOEVER. Anyone could find anything offensive and have it petitioned for removal.

    I find your speech very offensive personally and it goes against my core beliefs (I am not religious, but my core beliefs are very close to my heart). Does that mean I think it should be banned? No, you have the right to free speech. I’m embarrassed that you can’t see such things. If I were like you, I’d want you be banned from this website for posting such offensive comments.

    That’s the price of living in a free, democratic society. You do not have the right to NOT be offended.

    Somehow, if it’s religious, it’s gets off without any attacks. Since the 30 years war was religious, we can’t criticize it. People honestly thought they were doing God’s sacred work by massacring those who differed religiously.

    • Mike

      Dog- I think you judge jackson a bit too harshly. I think – I could be wrong- he was calling, albeit naively, for a return to civil conduct. There is such a push to expand the boundaries that dialog has increasingly become so shrill it is nearly impossible to be heard with a quiet voice of reason- caution- kindness

    • Jobs Steve

      Mike I have to disagree with you on this one. Civil conduct is respecting one another in a formal platform. Life is a source of folly for comedy in all subjects from birth to death. To think we have to adhere to the rules of a religion that threatens death if we dont abide by their rules is not subject for civil respect when it precludes us from keeping free speech, the cornerstone of our society. It’s religious war by proxy, if you could allow me to make that stretch. To contribute complementary Caution or Reasoning for this problem of extremism, should be a strategy now put into action while we think of a way to combat this ideology in the long term before we lose something or someone of national value that gives regret on ‘ignoring what festers’.

  • RichieRich

    You sound very closed minded and immature. You have your talking points, but you show no depth. No original thought. I’m sure you’re loads of fun to hang with…not. Life is short, quit hating.

    • Dustin

      Close Minded? Immature? Is this because i compared the race between religions to Wacky Races? Or called out the hippocracy of one religion compared to another? Or is it because Christianity stands on such a pedistal that anything they want (from Abortion, Gay Marriage, Stem Cell, Etc) is backed simply by “What the bible says”. And while they stand on that pedistal, Muslims have to actually threaten violence to get respected. I mean, if the had Jerry Fowler, Rev. Sharpton, Tim Teebow, George W Bush or other powerful christian mouthpieces, they would probably get more respect. Being the case, Its not what you know, its who you know.

      • GAC

        Thank you for reinforcing Richie’s point.

      • Anson

        Case in point. Just stop talking. You look dumber by the second.

      • reen

        This is the funniest (in a sad way) comment Dustin said on this forum: “Muslims have to actually threaten violence to get respected.” I guess he is one of the many people who mistake fear for respect.
        By the way, Dustin, “hippocracy” in Greek would mean something like “the power of horses”. It’s “hypocrisy”.

    • Jobs Steve

      LMAO @ reen…..Sweet!!!! Giddyapp

  • Agustina

    I love The Simpsons and South Park, and I love how both shows seem to have great respect for each other ^^
    I just wish that more tv shows do the same that The Simpsons did.. and show their support for free speech!

  • bear

    Isn’t it great that free speech is allowed so that individuals are able to discuss their faiths free of hate

    • Katja

      LOL at your excellent point about “free of hate”…in a sad way! Why do people need to get so nasty about all this? Didn’t we all learn as children how to express ourselves politely? Here’s my thoughts:
      1) It’s not Matt and Trey’s job to try NOT offend people. Their job is to create funny and intelligent satire. And they don’t have to spread the love and be equal opportunity offenders, but they do it anyway, and I really respect that. I support them being able to be as offensive as they choose, because if they are restricted, that puts us all on a dark road toward greater and greater restriction of expression. Look at China and the government’s restriction of the internet. I don’t even want to begin heading in that direction of having strangers decide what’s appropriate for me to say and see.
      2) Having a particular set of religious beliefs that has been mocked on the show, I acknowledge that that can be uncomfortable to watch. But it doesn’t change the fact that I can still see that it’s kind of funny, and no way would I presume to dictate to the rest of the world what they should and shouldn’t watch.
      3) I think it’s also important to make efforts to avoid judging an entire group of people based on the loudest and most obnoxious in their midst. I know that most Muslims are nice, good people who don’t want to kill anyone. I know that most Catholics are nice, good people who are horrified by the sins of those who were supposed to be their leaders, and will not tolerate such behaviors in the future. I know that most other Christians are nice, good people who don’t all hate on gays or people who choose to have abortions, even if they may not like the idea. I know that most atheists are nice, good people who are just as caring and loving as religious people; they just prefer to take the real world at face value rather than buying into the concept of faith. There’s no need to get so worked up about religious/anti-religious institutions that have done both terrible and wonderful things throughout the course of history. Some people just need to relax and enjoy the revelation of Cartman’s father!

      • Jaclyn

        Indeed. The one thing above all that I can’t figure out, is WHY people are getting so upset now? NOW? When LITERALLY every joke was a repeat. There was NO NEW humor, new takes on old jokes maybe… But it’s all been done before and is more censored than ever… Why, why why??? WHY?!?!?! IS there an uproar over already DONE JOKES?!

        Aside from that, all the current arguments are again old news… and aren’t worth the time to debate. They’ve been debated before, they will again, and as always there are too many voices shouting over each other for any of them to be “right”.

      • springs

        Well said Katja. I completely agree.

      • Tommy Davis

        Seems like you don’t know why there’s an uproar. Allow me to give you an explanation. It’s not about “DONE JOKES” it’s about the fact that South Park was bullied to censored itself.

        I bet you like expressing your point of view. Just like you did above. Well, what if someone threaten to decapitate you ’cause you simply choose to express yourself. You wouldn’t be fond of that, now would you?

      • Gary

        Katja, thank you for being the voice of reason and compassionate tolerance. Your post gives me hope.

    • stewent

      It’s hard not to hate when you see people dying as a result of one groups “morals” being forced on everyone. If you had a child that had a terminal disease that could possibly be cured with stem cell research you would feel animosity towards those who stood in it’s way. If you had a friend who had an abortion to save her own life yet you witnessed her being called things like “killer” “sinner” and “whore” by others because of their religion it might affect you the same way. I’m not saying we shouldn’t pursue civil discourse, but I can understand where some of that hatred comes from.

  • a random jerk

    I gotta laugh a little and the venomous arguments I’ve read here. Yeah, I guess democracy is a messy business. I applaud the Simpsons support of South Park. I grew up on the simpsons and love that humor. I haven’t seen much of South Park, but I’ve seen them take on self-important public figures a time or two, which i totally applaud. This issue is about one thing, terror. These humorless whack jobs are all about power and control through terror. Religion is a secondary matter at most. These men want the ego rush of the masses cowering and doing their bidding. What needs to happen is for the rest of the world to present a united front against these men. But, that isn’t going to happen. That unity won’t come about because of how easily we divide against ourselves. Just as demonstrated here. Several of you lost sight of the point. This is about standing up to a bully who has an affinity for strapping bombs to himself.

    • Tommy Davis

      “That unity won’t come about because of how easily we divide against ourselves”

      We live in the age of technology my friend. Unity is a strike of the keyboard away. There are different social networks that are organizing and planning to do “something” (what ever that might be) to show that they are for freedom of speech as should every citizen of the world shoule be.

  • Jackson

    I gotta say, sorry about what I wrote. I thought this was more than just some extremist group getting pissy.

  • LOL

    Freedom costs a “buck-o-five.”

    • Jobs Steve

      Actually Freedom costs……..”tree fitty…..ok how bout two fitty??”

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