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First off, let me just say that I share your “speechlessness” regarding tonight’s episode. By the way, I love creating new words.  Would someone please add “speechlessness” to the Survivor dictionary or at least Wikipedia.  Because after tonight, I feel like all Survivor fans have just shared a bit of Survivor church.  I am still in shock at how good this season is and I was out there shooting it!!  Name another reality show having a better season than Survivor.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Okay, onto the blog…


Well for once this season, Rupert was actually right.  Not only about the game getting “crazy…” but also his gut about whom to trust.. Sandra or JT?  He was spot on in choosing to believe Sandra.  Then again, it was more of a lucky guess than anything else.

Imagine having to make that choice.  Russell or Sandra.

It’s very easy to know the right choice when you’re sitting at home with that big bag of Doritos in your lap, your fingers orange from the artificial flavoring.   But imagine having to choose between trusting Russell or Sandra without any outside help.

What a choice.  They are two of the craftiest players in the game, both of whom are capable of lying with absolute conviction.  I can see why Rupert believed Sandra and I can see why JT did not.


Once again Colby drops out of another challenge.  I think he has been one of the biggest surprises and many would probably say one of the biggest disappointments of this season.  But the truth is it just shows you how unpredictable this game can be and how big of a factor luck can play in how long you last.  The challenges this season have not played to Colby’s strengths so he has struggled.  The alliance he chose didn’t last, so he has struggled.  Because he has struggled, his attitude has waned from wanting to quit to fightin to stay alive. Survivor is not an easy game to play.

This challenge certainly favored women as we witnessed with Danielle, Parvati and Candice battling in the end.  I do not understand why Candice stepped out of the challenge.  Even after questioning her at the challenge it still makes no sense.  Immunity is everything in this game.  She had a very good chance of winning.  I do not understand why you would step down at this point in the game.  I really think Candice is in a good position to go deep in the game right now but her logic in this situation really baffles me.

Not only did she give up personal immunity for herself, but in stepping down she gave immunity to someone from the Villain tribe which gave the Heroes one less person to vote for at Tribal Council.  Add in the two immunity idols that Parvati had and the Heroes really had no chance at Tribal.


Once again Rupert’s observation was spot on.  Noticing how easily Parvati, a true competitor, agreed to bow out of the challenge raised a big red flag to Rupert.  She must have immunity otherwise she would never step down.

He was right.  Parvati had immunity.  Here’s another question I have – and maybe my logic doesn’t make sense as I am literally thinking about it only while I’m sitting in my home office – but since the Heroes knew that Parvati had an idol, why didn’t their thinking continue to the point of realizing that Russell was also lying.  He had said that Parvati played an idol, right?  Maybe I’m missing something obvious, but seems to me Russell may have dodged another bullet tonight.  He was a sitting duck.


In case you’re wondering, my office is pretty small.  It’s not connected to my house either. It has hardwood floors that I had to replace about three years ago after a particularly wet winter.  I have a poster from a movie I wrote and directed, “Finder’s Fee.”  I have a poster from a show I created and hosted, “Live For The Moment” that nobody watched so it’s off the air.  I have two very old paintings from one of my grandpa’s.  I have a flat screen that my brother mounted on the wall that I never watch and wish wasn’t there.  I have an old grandfather clock, a few photos from Survivor, some photos of friends and a few trinkets from my travels.  Now you know.


You knew it was coming.  It was only a matter of time.  Two former allies come together again with one major question on everybody’s mind.   Will they partner or will they battle.  I’m so happy they didn’t partner last night.  It’s time they battled.  I hope it continues. I will admit that I loved that Amanda betrayed Parvati.  She just scored points in my book.  Not because I’m rooting against Parvati, simply because I like seeing Amanda really step up.  It’s about damn time.  Parvati didn’t buy it and that’s why Parvati is neck and neck with Amanda in terms of days played in this game.  Amanda’s tell is when she starts feigning “the weight of the world” on her shoulders.  “I’m so confused.  My head hurts.”  Ah, she was doing so well until she gave it away.  Make no mistake, Amanda is a big part of the reason tonight’s vote went down the way it did.


Now let’s get to the good stuff!  Russell is a great player who is making potentially disastrous mistakes because of good ole hormones.  Say what you want, tell me I’m wrong, I remain convinced that he is doing this because of Parvati’s flirtatious ways.

He would not give that idol to Sandra, even if Sandra was in his alliance.  He wouldn’t give it to Danielle who IS in his alliance.  He wouldn’t give it to anybody else, but for a second time… he gave it to Parvati…with no idea she already had one of her own.

Parvati is ballsy, right?  Wow.  She is knowingly double-crossing the one guy everybody else fears.  You know what that tells me?  She’s not afraid.  Parvati is extremely confident.  She smelled Amanda’s bullsh*t and she doesn’t fear Russell’s.  Could Parvati win this game again?  Maybe.  Or maybe by me suggesting it, it means she won’t.  Or maybe I just gave away that she did.  Could Sandra win this game?  Jerri? What about Rupert?  Danielle?  Amanda?  Candice?  Colby?  JT? (Oops, sorry JT).   Did I miss anybody?


It was an excellent tribal council because we have amazing players left in the game.  The many layers of strategy that played out last night was fascinating.  But the highlight of the night and one of the stand out highlights in a season filled with them came at the hands of Parvati.

It was one of the biggest moves ever and certainly the biggest of this season thus far.

The reactions as she passed out the first… and then the second idol were as good as it gets on Survivor.  This is how you play Survivor.  Full tilt boogie.  Parvati just made it into the Survivor Hall of Fame.


Oh, there will be a big aftermath with Russell and Parvati.  You saw him mouth to her at Tribal, “You got some explaining to do.”  Russell does not suffer fools lightly, especially when he is his own fool.  He’s mad.  Burn your house down mad.  This will be their first lovers quarrel.  Yes, I know they’re not technically lovers, but in the game of Survivor, they’re more than lovers, they’re married and this will result in a major spat.

The question is will it destroy their alliance or will Parvati be able to salvage it.  Any bets?


I respect JT for one simple reason.  The handshake with Russell.  It was classy.  He got played and he knew it.  Instead of pouting he acknowledged the move and with his head held high, left the game.  JT went out with a bang for sure.  Many will say he made the dumbest move in the history of Survivor, but in my book it’s how you finish and JT finished strong.


I have a great job.

See ya next week.

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  • Dana

    Amanda is a horrible liar and her only strategy seems to be holding her head and saying “my head hurts” and “I am so confused”. Of course Parvati knew they were not voting for her after Amanda talked to her. If Amanda does manage to make it to the end yet again she will again loose to whoever else is sitting next to her. Why do people make it so easy for Parvati to manipulate them? She is hot, but not that hot! All the interesting players are slowly being picked off. I do enjoy watching what outfit Coach will wear to tribal council each week. Colby is the most useless player, he sucks at all challenges and is boring to watch at camp.

    • chad

      Remember Jerri feeling all jealous that no white knight had saved her in a tribal council before? Who would have guessed that someone eventually would? And that it would have been PARVITY?!?!

      • Claire

        1) Jerri didn’t actually feel jealous, as far as we know, that was just Parvati’s interpretation/projection.
        2) It’s spelled Parvati, as demonstrated many, many times in Jeff’s blog.

      • StrawBerryCutie

        I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw Parvati give Jerri the idol and saw the look of pure joy on Jerri’s face. That stuff is priceless.

      • TickTock

        I agree with Claire about Parvati interpreting Jerri’s “jealousy” but then it seems like Parv acted on that perception by saving Jerri, so the effect was doubled–she saved the Villains and also manipulated Jerri’s neediness for future use…

      • Dr Zechariah Zenith

        I really wonder what if…

        JT never gave the idol to Russell.

        So both Heroes and Villains has one.

        Villains targeted J.T. with 5 votes.

        Heroes targeted Parvati with 5 votes.

        Then both used the idols for themselves.

        What will happen?

        Jeff, can you answer my question.

      • orville

        Well, if she accomplished nothing else, she certainly bought Jerri’s vote in the final tribal council if she makes it to the finals. Not so sure of Sandra, but possibly hers as well.

        I never much liked Parvati before, but with the way she played the game last night…wow. Quite possibly the best obvious show of gameplay Survivor has ever seen.

      • GoddessLu

        Based on my recollection of scenarios presented in previous seasons, I THINK there would be a re-vote, Russ & Parvati would NOT vote again and no one could vote for them. So everyone else, except for Danielle would have been fair game. Don’t shoot me if I’m wrong though–its just a game. A FREAKIN fantastic game, especially this season. WTG Survivor, still in love with this show, in it since Season 1.

      • chad

        Thanks Clair, or is it Clare :) just a typo on my part. I like the idea that even if Parvati mis-interpeted Jerri’s feelings earlier she has for sure solidified a vote/partnership with her now. I really hope Jerri is in the top 4 and wins immunity and makes it to the finals

      • Anya

        Jerri had the “She likes me! She really likes me! I’ve never felt so loved!” look on her face. My advise: enjoy it until you get that knife in your back.

      • Banana Wars

        excellent tribal council!!

        Jeff looks happy again this season.

      • Rob

        Awesome move by Parvati, and I liked the blog Jeff, I like it when you go a little into your private life as well, but don’t stay on it for like half the blog lol. Oh and to the stupid Yin Yang tribe, it doesn’t mean good and evil. Unless you’re describing it in like a second grade presentation.. There’s a little more to it than that. Oh and Rupert, stop acting for the camera all the time!!

        EW can you start moderating the posts before they get sent out. I’m going to say this every week till the end of the season, cuz if it doesn’t get done before Survivor 21 then I’m gonna have to stop reading Jeff’s blog, because there are always spoiler comments on here.

      • pj

        You can read Jeff’s blog, just not the comments. I was disappointed to read spoilers this season and last, so next time just the blogs.

      • Pete

        Survivor is pretty lame this season Jeff, you should stop patting yourself on the back.

      • @Claire

        I really don’t like pleople like Claire. It is not your responsibility to police nor correct the spelling of others – relax and remove the stick out of ur a$$.

      • meandjeff

        Right on Anya… Jerri might put on a ‘tough chick’ front, but she wants to be accepted and liked by others, esp. the popular girls! Or maybe she was purely delighted to be one step closer to a million bucks, and she can buy all the popularity she likes!!

        @Claire… and who made you the ‘spell-check police’ police?? If you don’t like ‘pleople’ like Claire so much, why not just ignore her comments!! LOL

      • jontox06

        good question Dr Zechariah Zenith.

      • paterickschmede

        I think on top of Amanda telling the Heroes’ plan to Parvati. Parvati played them into telling her the rest of the details.

        She took out the idol, and the heroes were still smiling. She gave it to Sandra and they were still smiling. So she knew it had to be Jerri.

        I don’t think she wanted to use her 2nd idol, but had to when she guessed wrong.

    • Dr Zechariah Zenith

      Survivor becomes Idol Gives Back literally. I thought Russell giving Parvati the H.I. was amazing, but Parvati now distributing idols to her teammates. At least officially, J.T, giving Russell the idol becomes the bonehead play of all time. Sad to see JT go, but that hidden immunity idol could have save him this time or at least help the Heroes tribe especially on a 5-5 tie.

      • Wade Kwon

        I hate to agree, but you’re right: JT’s move may have been bold at first, but will go down as one of the worst in show history. It cost not just him the $1 million, but his 4 Hero allies as well.

        At least Parvati got some mileage out of it, uniting her team into something unstoppable.

        Jeff: You gotta share a pic or two of your office.

        More on JT’s downfall:

      • Anya

        Loved JT’s response, “I learned that they call them villains for a reason”.

      • Kasey

        Regarding if votes split and idols used by both sides…revote, then if still a tie a memory or fire challenge would be my guess…

      • cc

        I love JT! But, boy was he stupid this season. This isn’t his first rodeo either. He should have totally known better. Would the tapings overlapped so he didn’t see Russell’s season? If so, why was he so in love with him? Why will no one vote for Russell? Why did no one vote for Parvarti?

      • G

        Yeah, this season starting filming before the last one came out, so no one has seen Russell’s game play.

      • The Real Me

        i agree Doc, I was happy to see JT voted out. He deserved it for that bonehead play, regardless of what Jeff might say about it. Regarding Parvati’s play of both idols, Exceptional! Firstly, she read Amanda to a T, which wasn’t very hard to do. Amanda gave away it was either Sandra or Jerri. I personally believe Amanda told Parvati to her face. Why else would she not offer it to Russell? Especially since he gave it to her. In the end, she placed the Villains in the lead, which would not have been the case had Russell used the idol to save someone. He probably would have saved Parv, and then Parv, if she wanted, would have to choose between Sandra and Jerri for immunity idol number 2. Jeff was right, if the heroes really believed Sandra and their own belief ( except good ol boy JT ) that Parv has the idol and not worried about being sent home, it stands to reason russell lied to them, and maybe they should have written his name. Russell dodges another bullet. P>S> By the way, does anyone know who Sandra voted for at council last Thursday? Thanks

      • Aliensintheattic

        Sandra voted for J.T.

    • Rosalie

      I give credit where credit is due, and Parvati’s move was respectable. However, not telling Russell about your idol is dumb. He is now suspicious of what’s going on with Parvati. What does this mean? Paranoia in the camp. Who knows how to stress and play into people’s paranoia? Sandra. Its GAME OVER for everyone! Sandra will win this, hands down. No one is going to vote against her because everyone thinks she will stick to their side. Wake up! Sandra plays for Sandra only. Unlike everyone else who is always concentrated on voting someone off, Sandra concentrates on how to stay on the game. Jeesh, Heroes and Villains, join forces and get Sandra out of there or you will all be doomed. Sandra already said that she has no alliance, which is GREAT because she doesn’t have to plan with anyone else or worry about getting backstabbed. Oh, and J.T. is STUPID! Colby is just as stupid, he pretty much told Parvati that they were not going to vote for her at Tribal Council. They are making Country folks look dumb as fcuk.

      • Rosalie

        Another reason why Sandra is the BEST PLAYER EVER is because she knows how to sacrifice. She said it very well, she is stuck with Russell! She doesn’t like him but she knows that she needs to keep him around. Russell on the other hand is a VERY EMOTIONAL player. If someone makes him mad, he goes against them and tries to get rid of them. He didn’t like Courtney, and just because of his dislike towards her, he decided to vote her off. That is DUMB, Russell voted her off even though he knew Sandra is a bigger threat and less trustworthy. Sandra said it best, everyone on there might be good, but they have not played with her! Go Sandra, show them how it’s done.

      • TickTock

        Sandra’s my favorite. She’s a tough smart player with 2 of the biggest cuthroats ever leading her alliance. She had to realize she needed to stay alive long enough to get to the merge to make her biggest moves…

      • Jess

        Yep, she’s going to win by beating out Parvati and Russell in the final 3. I can’t wait to watch the moves that Sandra’s going to pull in the remaining episodes.

      • beauty and brains

        Right on Rosalie. Sandra is wicked smart. She knows when to hold em adn knows when to fold em and knows when to play em. Sandra has game and I admire her for it. I also enjoy her potty mouth. I love it when she said “Russell ate that CRAP up.” Indeed, Russell got a mouthful of Sandra’s deceit. She is a great player. Love her game play.

      • Robert

        Do you think Parvati would have been better off to not play either idol? She knew she wasn’t being targeted and she doesn’t have a strong alliance with Sandra so the idols could have come in more handy for her own game in the next couple weeks.

      • Shannon

        Robert, I think Parvati was smart in playing those idols. At least for her own sake. She was offended that no one took her serious in the game and just wanted her gone. Well, it will be hard not to take her serious now!!

      • capecodder

        Pavarti’s solution to calm Russell-just tell him Amanda gave her the idol!

      • Watcher

        Russell has said lie to him or don’t trust him your out. He lost once to a girl he will not risk losing again.

      • Marguerite

        Don’t you think that Sandra will be the one exiting next week? She is shown committing the ultimate sin in Russel-land, plotting to get rid of him. Up to this point, NO ONE who has plotted to oust him has survived the next tribal council.

      • RT

        I don’t know if Sandra will win, but right now she is the swing vote. It’s 4 Heroes, 4 Villains, and Sandra. If she plays it right she can vote with one faction then the other a la Rob Cesternino, and whittle them both down.

        Sandra’s mantra has always been “Anyone but me.” She’s a rare player who can win without an alliance. She can truthfully tell the jury that she never stabbed anyone in the back because she never had anyone’s back in the first place.

      • Jess

        Nope. Sandra will win by beating Parvati and Russell in the final 3.

      • morilloc

        Jess, do you have to spoil it for everyone else?

        Either way, I think Sandra is in a very good spot in the game. She is the swing vote and Russell knows this.

        My guess is next week Russell will get in the head of Candice or Amanda with the help of Parvati and knock out another hero. Sandra is shown plotting against Russell but, it doesn’t show if Russell is aware that she is conspiring against her.

      • Scott F.

        No. Russell and Parvati will be the next two to go. Parvati’s move last night blew up the Villains. Sandra has already shown that she’s willing to work with the Heroes and she go over completely next week. With the idols played, the Villains will be picked off one by one.

      • Steve

        based on next weeks episode trailer i think we will see people switch sides. i think a hero will be voted out and the idols put back in play.

      • ac

        Watcher–at the time Russell was playing Heroes vs. Villains he didn’t know he lost the first time around.

      • George Washington

        Jess, even if you are right about the final three you can’t name the winner. That happens when Probst pulls out the final vote deciding the game in the live finale. You may know the final three and you may know who the others are likely to vote for but until Jeff names the winner, there is no winner. And if we wanted spoilers we would not be here. So keep your spoilers to yourself please.

      • NC

        It will be Sandra, Russell and Pavrati – And with 5 heroes voting, all of whom were screwed over by both Pavrati and Russell, along with the villians already out of the game, Sandra gets the million

      • @capecodder

        Great idea, love that

    • Erich

      JT’s blunder has resulted in the biggest mistake in survivor history. For once he should have listened to Rupert who might be in good shape once the Villians fall apart. Russell has told so many lies that he has backed himself into a corner he can’t get out of. The only way he can survive the next couple of weeks is to win or find immunity. He will hurt himself even more when he confronts Paverty. She made a BIG mistake by not keeping both immunities because she will need them in weeks to come.

      Sandra is a snake in the grass and is no better then Russell. The only difference is he has the guts to make bold moves and play the game… all she does is lay low and complain about how much she hates him behind his back and sucks up to him in person. How pathetic is that??

      Colby and Rupert are positioned to win.

      • beauty and brains

        Erich, Erich, Erich, how soon you forget Sandra’s awesome gameplay. She deftly manipulated Russell into voting for Coach. It was smooth, targeted. Perfect. Sandra’s got skills. You might not respect them but she’s playing hard. She went over to Rupert to dispell the all femal alliance misconceptoin. That was a big bold move. You’ve got to respect game play like that or maybe you are biggoted against women.

      • Jen

        Sorry, Colby and Rupert are positioned to be voted OUT. And good riddance.

      • Jess

        Colby will be out soon and Rupert will make it to at least a few more eps. Sandra’s gonna beat out Russell and Parv in the final 3.

      • Dutch

        totally disagree. Diaz-Twine was hands down the WORST Survivor winner of all-time in my book prior to Heroes and Villans. Up to this point love her game play and love that not only did she totally play Russhole (to Coach’s detriment, poor Coach) but she saved this game from going down the path to hell with Poverty (yes I know the spelling) and Russhole sitting in the Finals with Silicone Danielle. I’m cheering for Rupert and Sandra, so glad that Rupert resuscitated his image, he was playing like a total fool at the beginning with his loyalty to the alliance at the expense of team strength but by sniffing out Russhole he’s redeemed himself. Go Rupert!

      • John

        I hate Sandra, she is so annoying!! Agreed she just lays low and Russell makes the big moves. I cant take her dirty voice and her dirty face anymore, please get rid of her. She’s foul!

      • simia

        I cannot abide Sandra. Whiney, petulant, hypocritical – she proudly bears the fact that her winning strategy was to be submissive and ride coattails, but she moans when people tire of her submissive coattail riding. I find her intensely unpleasant.

      • mark

        your thoughts on Sandra are moronic…why is her strategy so bad? It got her to where she is in an all-star season…and let’s face it, next week is Sandra’s big chance to be the power vote. She controls what happens next week…no one else.

      • blo

        “beauty and brains” –
        Russell didn’t vote for coach. He voted for courtney.

      • Sam

        This is starting to be an old complaint but can somebody please moderate the comments for spoilers. Jess, whoever you are, I hope they ban your IP.

      • Lisa

        Beauty and Brains,if you watched that episode, you know that Russell did NOT vote for Coach. He voted for Courtney after telling Danielle and Parvati that he was going to. Danielle and Parvati are the ones who got Coach out. The “Sandra seed” was planted, but Russell didn’t water it in his own mind, just in Parvati and Danielle’s.

      • Missy

        @Dutch, Sandra is pretty darn brilliant. She has absolutely no athletic ability whatsoever and this is most always a problem for players pre-merge as the first to be voted off are those that can’t contribute to team wins. Sandra knows she can’t so she chooses who she thinks will be the power leader of an alliance and sticks with them to ensure she’s around until the merge. Even pre-merge, she is skilled at keeping the heat off her and putting Sandra seeds into other player’s heads to vote off others. Her lack of athleticism helps her after merge because no one thinks of voting her off. But she doesn’t just use that to get to the end. She focuses on players she’d like to go up against in the final tribal council and she was the lead orchestrating in getting others voted off in her season. I think her strategy of “as long as it ain’t me” is going to continue working for her and could possibly even make her the only person to win survivor twice.

      • The Real Me

        Erich, get real! Sandra is playing this game better than russell. She is subtle, and therefore not ruffling feathers. Russell essentially gets similar results, but at a much greater cost to his overall gameplay. Sandra may be the swimg vote next week, as long as she doesn’t feel she owes a debt of gratitude to Parv?

    • Erich

      This is without a doubt the best survivor season ever… congratulations to the producers for coming up with this concept and choosing the players. The ratings must be very high?? Each episode seems to bring new drama and unexpected twists. I didn’t have a clue that Paverty would waste both idols as she did. This girl is amazing in her manipulation abilities… even though she is incredibly stupid. I think here flirting comes natural which allows her to manipulate but she doesn’t have a clue how to play solid game strategy. If she would have confided in Russell about her idol, he would have helped her use it with the most effect. And how stupid is Russell for giving her another idol?? Jeff is right about his ego and being smitten and under pavertys spell. Russell obviously isn’t use to dealing with women who show interest in him. That is is downfall. His ego and new found female attention given to him… even has him sniffing around Sandra. She will be a key player in his final downfall

      • Shannon

        I think Parvati was playing the best game possible by not telling Russell she had an idol. She needs to prove she is playing a good game to the Jury. Who wants to be a coat-tail rider like Natalie from last season??

      • Anna

        Why would Parvati need to confide about her idol to Russell? Because she needs a man to lead the way and show her the best way to play it? You belong with J.T., you both make me laugh.
        As far as sniffing around Sandra for female attention, you must be seeing things that I’m not as I haven’t noticed any of that, apparently even Russell has some standards.

      • Kyle

        I’d love to be a coatail rider like Natalie, if it gave me a million bucks. I really dont think anyone would care about how they played the game, as long as they got the money at the end.

      • a

        Russell gave her another idol because JT and the heroes told him they were voting for Parvati. He was trying to enact he same plan as before and JT would be gone. He didn’t know the heroes were just testing his loyalty by saying that they were voting for Parvati. That’s not really a dumb move for Russell, it worked

      • G

        Natalie was not a coattail rider. She had mad strategy. She was just quiet about it. Like changing all the girls around on the other tribe. That was her. Just because Russell is more spiteful and deceitful, doesn’t mean he has better strategy.

        I think bad move by Parvati for not telling Russell what she was going to do at tribal though. She clearly just wanted people to be shocked and amazed by her when it could cost her her alliance.

      • Ron

        Parvati was stupid not to tell Russell about her HII because now Russell doesn’t trust her and will take her out as soon as he can. Sure, Parvati may take Russell out before he takes her out. But all this drama could’ve been avoided if Parvati was a little more honest with Russell. Now instead of Parvati blindsiding Russell–it will be expected.

      • Bubbly

        I disagree about Parvati being stupid…make no mistake…the girl is cunning and smart. She knows people and how to work them. Not my favorite one of the bunch, but she is not stupid

      • The Real Me

        No way will Russell target Parvati. He may be pissed, but it won’t upset anything at all. And the reason is: he likes sleeping next to Parvati every night he can. Plain, elementary, simple, but TRUE.

    • Jess

      Amanda won’t make final 3 for sure. Parvati smelled that bull and made a great move. Parvati vs Russell vs Sandra in the final 3!

      • Anti-Jess

        You’re acting a bit spoiled.

      • Tavelle

        Jess – SHUT UP with potential spoilers. It’s obnoxious.

      • Kill JESS

        Jess, you better be lying or else you spoiled it for everyone, WAY TO GO, having millions of views mad because of you…

      • dg

        Jess is one of those troll idiots. Just ban his email and ip address.

      • Bubbly

        It’s looking like it…However, one thing 20 seasons of Survivor has taught me…it never turns out the way you expected!

      • singletiger

        Hey Jess,
        I agree, I would love to see them in the final 3

      • jane

        An opinion is not a spoiler. A spoiler is looking up the outcome on the net the friday before the episode airs here in australia th efollowing tuesday. l wouldn’t have it any other way. l like a game thats more or less done by the end of the first quarter.

        Keep the ‘spoilerrs’ coming jess.

    • Jen

      I have come up with a theory after watching this version of Survivor: male heroes are misogynists.

      Here’s my meager proof: Rupert targeted Stephenie with no good reason and was distrustful of Sandra when she was trying to save him, Colby has nothing good to say about Jerri or Candice, and JT is a good’ol boy who makes alliances only with other men and says in his exit “never trust a woman”. All three of them were disrespectful of Parvati when she joined their tribe, making the social queen feel like a leper. Then, let’s add in Coach who was never a true villain – he was a confused Hero miscast. And definitely a woman-hater even though he was attracted to Jerri. Russell on the other hand, a true Villain, thinks everyone is an idiot and is extremely respectful of his dumb-@$$ brunette alliance whom he speaks of saving during his confessionals. Even Boston Rob was respectful of the strength of women, and recognized Sandra’s strength immediately.

      Therefore I declare that to be a true male Hero type, you must have extreme dislike for women and consider them inferior.

      I guess that is why women go for bad boys!!!!!!!

      • mars plastic

        Yeah, couldn’t agree more. The male heroes all think that physical strength is the only way to win the game. They despise and distrust the “weak”. Of course, they have physical strength so it makes sense for them to make the most of it. But it leads them to undervalue the other qualities that can help you win. I love it when (most seasons) the aggressive, over-confident young males eventually get voted out. For all of James’ bullying insults to Colby (flabby superman or whatever), Colby is still there (seen as less of a threat) and James is long gone.

      • StrawBerryCutie

        Agreed. All these guys think they are so much better than the girls. Every single one of them. Including Rob and Russell. Both these guys align themselves with women who they perceive as being weaker players and therefore think that they deserve to be handed the million in the end over these ‘dumb girls’ that they think they control.

      • KWise

        I totally agree Jen. Although I’d place Russell firmly in the misogynistic group too. I think he deliberately aligns w/ women because h has the (mistaken) perception he can boss them around. And although I can’t stand parvati, I’m SOOO glad she’s proving him wrong on that.

      • roberta

        And lets not forget how quick Colby was to want to get rid of Sugar the minute that he could, just because she showed a little interest in him.
        Seems to be a pattern with him ,huh?

      • yomama

        That’s why being gay is a benefit if one is on Survivor – the woman can try all they want with flirting and it does absolutely no good

      • pat

        I don’t take Russell calling S19 girls his dumb-@55 girl alliance to be misogynistic – they _really_ were dumb!

        Notice he never disses Parvati or even Danielle or Jerri, there was an interview with him pre-S19 where he said Parvati was his favorite player. Notice he sends Parvati and Danielle to recruit Jerri – he has faith in them.

        The heroic guys are sheep, they’re heroes because they are moral, but all that means is that they do/think what society tells them to… and society also dictates male/female roles which they are also on board with.

        I noticed that too with them disliking and taking out Stephanie, and their fear of an all-female alliance, Russell betrayed JT, yet JT still leaves saying don’t trust women! It was their distrust of women that did them in (fear and certainty of an all-female alliance leading to them trust Russell)!

      • cougar j

        Colby gay?

      • Ron

        Just because Colby rejected a phony like Sugar, why would that make him gay? It doesn’t mean he’s gay–it means he has good taste.

      • Tavelle

        I’ve always thought Colby is gay. Being from Texas, I guess it would be difficult for him to come out of the closet.

      • singletiger

        Your deduction is a bit reaching at best,and that is not why “some” women go for “bad boys”.
        Question: Did anyone else pick up on the fact that Sandra voted with the “villans” I paid special attention to her vove at the end because of her burning desire to get rid “the ultimate player” Russell,of which he was reported on yahoo that he shoved a woman to the ground.I wonder it he was in survival “mode” LOL

      • The Real Me

        Singletiger, Did you read in Yahoo that Russell pushed a girl to the ground on Survivor, or was it a girl outside of the game, as in real life?

    • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

      Great episode! Heck great season! I am officially changing my screen name from David S. to the BestPlayer2NeverPlay. Too many David’s here. While I am a huge Russell fan, he has made some dumb moves. I also love Parvati. I thought that she was playing a terrific game until this week. She just lost her all star status with me. She made not one, not even two, but at least 3 dumb moves in only ONE episode. 1st of all what the heck was she thinking telling Amanda about the hidden immunity Idol? Next, Why would you make it so obvious to drop out of the challege when everyone on the Heros’s are gunning for you? Lastly, I would have not played both idols. Sorry, you were playing like an all star and then in one episode 3 dumb moves? In my heart I believe that I can beat all these so called “all stars”. Yes, even Russell. Russell is the best to ever play, but I am the best to never play this game. The only thing I can’t figure out is how to get on this darn show. I’ve applied several times. I also tried the online video submission. There were over 2000 videos. My video was one of the best. Congrats to Jimmy T., who won with a crappy video, just because the 10 videos chosen were all predetermined. I hope that one day I will make it on so that I can show everyone how the game is really supposed to be played.
      Now to game play: I hope Russell wins immunity or finds another hidden immunity, because he is in trouble. If Sandra flips the Heros will have 5 against 4. If I were Sandra I would vote off Russell and then it will be 4 against 4 and then she can flip again back to the villians. If Russell wins immunity, she can knock off Parvati. She can flip flop both ways. She has the best position now. She can go far, because she is in control of the voting on both teams. She is the deciding factor, in who goes home. If I were Russell I would keep an eye on her as well as tell her that he will take her to final 3. He should let her know that she has nothing to lose even if she doesn’t trust him. He should tell her that if she goes to hero’s all she would get is final 5 because they are very tight. If you go with me and don’t trust me you will also get final 5 because we definitely want all the heros gone b4 you. Either way you make to final 5. But if you go with me I will take you to final 3.
      If I were one of the heros, I need Sandra and would be convincing her as well that she will be going to final 3 or 2. If I were ANY of the players, there is also something else that I would do at this point, that I have never seen done before. It’s a very imprtant strategy to do at this point of the game. However, I do not want to reveal the strategy, just in case I ever get on this show.

      • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

        Parvati has Amanda on her side. Amaanda must have told Parvati, who the heros were voting for otherwise parvati would have used it to save herself. However, Parvati still should have kept it secret from Amanda that she had the hidden immunity idol.

      • Just Jules

        I think Parvati got a read on the Heroes when she gave the idol to Sandra and they all smirked. She had to make that split second decision to give the idol to Jerri. Smart move.. just like Russell did when he gave his Idol to Parvati. It is about reading people and making a split second decision (something other players have not done and have gotten voted out for).

        IMO – Parvati gained a lot this week, Jerri will vote for her at final tribal and Sandra will probably not vote her out anytime in the near future. Sandra gains, because the Heroes now know she can be trusted and they can use her next week at tribal. Problem is, I suspect Russell will find another HII and Parvati will win Immunity and they will control the next vote (after they argue out the secret idol issue – they are going to stay together – because they need each other).

        Jeff, great blog as usual.. and I can only imagine how awesome after 19 seasons.. you got to see this season upfront and in person.. This season will go down as LEGENDARY!

      • brookiesmom

        I was so bummed out after Boston Rob got voted off that I swore I wouldn’t watch the rest of the season. Boy, am I glad I changed my mind. This has been an amazing season and last night’s finish at Tribal was priceless. Still voting for Boston Rob for fan fave, though! He deserves that!

      • anonymous

        Brookie is a MILF with horns.

      • me

        Oh man, I’d be so sad if Russell won that fan fave over Rob. I wish we could vote multiple times…

      • Kaylin

        can you already vote?

      • Jeff Probst

        Do you cheat at other things in life?

      • Dawn

        I agree, love Boston Rob. He is a real thinker. I knew there was a big possibility that Rob would go home early as he is that good. If you want to win, you must get rid of the threats. Why people are not smart enough to get rid of Parvati and Russell is beyond me. I would get rid of Russell just because he is way too creepy to look at. How Parvati can even be flirtatious with Russell, even for a possibility to win a million is disgusting. When Parvati held up the two hidden immunity idols and said that she had two little green men looking out for her in the game, I think she forgot about the third little troll, Russell Hantz.

      • Jeff Probst

        Many people never see the Dawn and none of us listen to Dawn.

      • Dr Zechariah Zenith

        Are you really Jeff Probst?

      • dg

        Imitation is a form of flattery. In blogs nic imitation is a little bit of insecurity.

      • Beauty and Brains

        For a million dollars you couldn’t flirt? Ah, I would do it for much less. Parvati listens and smiles and laughs and gives hugs. Everyone wants and needsd someone to listen to them adn someone to make them feel special. Danielle is just as beeautiful as Parvati and has a beautiful smile too but she doesn’t listen as well or smile as much. Parvati IS the queen ! She is the queen of hearts. Those who likely hate her (JT) simply targeted Parvati first and therefore she has a right to shoot back at them. So disgusting how JT said more than anything else he’s learned is that he can’t TRUST WOMEN. TRUST WOMEN? a man betrayed JT and JT thanked him. So sexist.

      • Indy

        I agree 100 percent. I’m going to take it a little further. Not only has Parv secured loyalty from Jerri and Sandra, she has also gained favor from those on the jury who were in Jerri and Sandra’s alliances. In addition, she may have cost Russell his power in the game. It just keeps on getting better!
        Jeff, I watched LFTM!

      • Jules

        Thank you for watching LFTM, Indy!!!

      • Steven

        Totally Agree with you on that :D I think Sandra might do a big thing next episode and Gun for the Villains but I think she’ll spare Parvati this time because of what Parv did last Tribal. But we’ll never really know :)

      • dg

        Amanda was trying to use Parvati to eventually get Parvati an early book. Parvati can not rely on amanda.

      • Jeff Probst

        Amanda is gone next week so enjoy that bikini while it lasts.

    • DevdogAZ

      With regards to a tie – The teams would revote, with the two players that received votes not voting and those two players being the only ones for whom votes can be cast. The point of the revote is to see if anyone switches sides. If it’s still a deadlock after the tie, then the two players that received votes are safe and everyone else draws for the rock of death. This was confirmed in an interview with Coach where he explained why he didn’t vote for Russell. He stated that they’d been told that a tie would mean everyone else would draw rocks, and he didn’t want to go home.

      • MarkO

        Drawing rocks is before merger. After merge is fire building.

      • will

        @marko that not true they only do fire when there not enough for rocks. IN palau they had to do fire befroe the merger because only steph and bobby jon were in the tribe

    • Kaylin

      I agree! She’s a terrible liar and even though Parvati is a great player I just don’t want to watch the Parvati show again– once was enough! And I kept thinking– can JT even bear to watch this right now???

      • D

        I would watch the Parvati show over the Coach show ANY day.

    • JennWadhwa

      I seriously find this whole shabang quite boring. PPl might find that shocking but seriously all the interesting players are off. Imagine what it might have been like with Rob, Cirie, Tom, Coach and Courtney still arnd. It wouldve been brilliant. survivor is not just about great tribal councils (that only lasts 5mins), its about the game, the people, the strategy. yes parvati is good but the rest are super dull. especially russel. I mean come on talk about the guy getting lucky. if JT had watched Samoa – he would never have given the idol to the self-proclaimed Idol King in the first place. I cant believe Jeff is promoting this ridiculous parody that survivor has become. Its such a shame – the game used to be great. something so unique. I loved the game for what it used to be – about ppl trying to SURVIVE THE ELEMENTS while battling against human nature NOT WHO CAN PUT UP THE BEST TRIBAL COUNCIL.
      so disappointed with this season :-( and so disappointed with Jeff and the crew for trying to manipulate viewers into buying this crap.

      also jeff – with regards to your rubbish about the twat russel not having an advantage. I mean you have got to be kidding me. This whole tribal council you are lauding today wld never have happened if ppl had seen russel play. he wld never have got the idol.

    • MattColorado

      Agree Amanda IS a horrible liar and a mediocre player. Parvati, IMO, established herself tonite as THE premiere female player ever. She saw right thru Amanda’s BS, and put herself on even keel with Russell. Regarless of whether she wins, Parv is the best female ever.
      I like how Russell totally saved Parvati without her knowing, then Parv totally saves Russel without him knowing. His post-merge plan was weak, but her amazing move gave them the upper hand. They are on even ground now.

      • Bubbly

        Parvati established herself as a premier player, period, male or female. She’s not my favorite…but her move was nothing less than AMAZING!

    • Anthony

      Dana, Parvati not that hot? Are you for real. She’s without doubt the hottest person on the planet. I’d love to see her unblurred. P.S. If you’re reading Parvati I wouldn’t mind if you gave me a peek :)

    • Bob

      Mark my words Colby will start dominating Challenges. He is a fighter, and just like in his first season, he will be someone everyone wishes they could vote off but can’t because he keeps winning! Colby will fight on!

    • Beth

      I know for a fact that Sandra, Russell, and Parvati make it to the final 3 and Sandra wins it all

  • Piba

    One of the best episodes of Survivor ever. I’m sure this one will go down in history.

    I respect Parvati’s gameplay a lot more now than I ever have before. She is in the power position in this game. Hopefully it doesn’t backfire on her…

    • Dee

      She did sort of put a target on her back now didn’t she. But now they have the numbers (IF Sandra doesn’t switch and vote with the Heroes to out Russell)

      • Teresa

        She may have put a target on her back, but she’s also making some bold moves in front of a jury that is going to be asking “what did you do to get yourself here.” She knows that following Russell is not going to cut it with this jury. She is already playing her end game. Whether she gets there or not is the question.

      • argo

        Sandra won’t vote with the heroes to get rid of Russell. She’ll vote with the girls to get rid of Russell.

      • Dee

        @argo -but will that be before or fater they’ve picked off the Hero’s tribe?

      • Jess

        Target on her back or not, she’s in the final 3 along with Russell and Sandra. Gonna be interesting to see how that unfolds.

      • teresa

        Jess, you are a sad little man. you have given away the final three not once, but twice here. are you compensating for something “tiny” in your life? I feel sorry for you.

      • roberta

        Jess you suck. stop spoiling it for everyone.

      • samantha Gowdy

        Jess is not spoiling anything! He is just giving his opinion.

      • boycott ellen

        problem is samantha, his “opinion” is not his , but gleaned from other sites which have proven to be pretty reliable for coming up with spoiler info … whatever happened to the confidentiality clause the players had to sign…apparently cbs doesn’t care anymore

        i have seen the same boot list and it has been remarkablly accurate … with the exception of where tyson and courtney were voted off…they had him going out at 11 and her at 14th

    • Dr Zechariah Zenith

      Russell probably regrets voting Coach and Courtney over Sandra. Perhaps more so with Courtney since she is not a threat compared to Sandra. She didn’t win Pearl Islands for nothing.

    • KEH

      I had already turned to my wife and said Russel is goint to be PO’d she kept the other idol secret. Even though she excuted thier goal in the only way it would have worked, he is going to cause a fuss because he wasn’t the “mastermind” Parvati is now the top Dog using Russel. Its Survivor Beauty and the Beast!!
      As has been said in another post.. Parvarty made a good short term play, but knowing what WE know thier numbers advantage will be short lived. And no idols (for now to play) That was maybe the most surprising Tribal EVER..and I can only pray for Russels fall..Then we can bring on Beauty vs the Beast with Parvary vs Ruppert.. as alliance leaders. (though Sandra might well become the pupet master)

      • Rebecca

        Hurray, Russell has finally proven to the world that he is not the best player of the game. Parvati totally outplayed him by doing her own thing. You can manipulate some of the people some of the time but you can’t manipulate all of the people all of the time. And he can’t turn against her which is his usual tactic. Queen traps king. Checkmate!!

      • Caleb Jones

        parvatti played the 2 idols perfectly. But she didn’t outplay Russell. Keeping information from him isn’t the same as outplaying him. Russell gave her the idol because he expected the other tribe to target her. He did so to keep his alliance members safe. Parvati showed the idol to Amanda to let the other tribe know she had one so they would not waste their votes on her. She knew they suspected Russell had the idol still, so they would waste their votes again if they voted for him. She knew they knew Sandra was on the outs so they would not vote for her hoping to get her on their side. That left Danielle and jerri. Parvatti knew they would target one of those two, and she happened to have 2 idols… so she saved their tribe/alliance with them. russell won’t like not being told, but he will appreciate that she stayed true to him and the alliance, and will respect her more than he will dislike the secret she kept, in my opinion.

    • redriding

      whatever. nobody cares anymore really. its a joke. I want Rob back.

      • Caleb Jones

        Rob wouldn’t know what to do with a hidden idol if the other tribe gave him one. not that any tribe would be stupid enough to actually do that… oh wait… never mind.

      • Bubbly

        If ANYONE could stop the Parvati/Russell “using of others” in their own way tactic, it would be Rob…If only Survivor brought voted-out members back into the game, it would turn this season on its heels. Love me some Rob!

    • singletiger

      That move by Parvati was by far the BEST move yet on Survivor, I had to watch it twice,single-handed maneuver and she dropped a bomb on the heros,they never saw it comming and that is how the game is to be played,she is not my favorite but way to go PAV. KILLER MOVE!!!!

  • Matt

    It wasn’t just a lucky guess by Rupert. He was actually paying attention. He correctly thought that Russell using the phrase “I swear on my kids” was overly strong and evidence of his deceit. Rupert had it pegged perfectly.

    • Dr Zechariah Zenith

      As I recall Johnny Fairplay did that too in Pearl Islands.

      So the swearing in Survivor doesn’t really take into effect outside.

    • Soap On A Rope

      It was a breath of fresh air to see the old Rupert that we all came to love from his first appearance on Survivor. I only wish that this had happened at the beginning rather than now. To me, he finally had his head in the game.

      • kross

        Rupert hasn’t done anything in this game. He couldn’t even convince his own tribe to get rid of Russell.

      • Duude

        You can lead a horse to water…
        No way JT was listening.

      • sandy

        I’m done with Rupert…when he started in on Stephanie he lost my vote….He is a MAJOR disappointment this season…I hope he never makes it back to another show…He does not deserve it…They should have brought Shane instead of him this year…

      • D

        Um, sandy, are you saying Shane was a hero? I don’t think so.

      • dg

        I got the impression JT was bull headed and couldn’t be made to listen to reason. JT didn’t have the staying power

    • Erich

      I agree that Rupert was very perceptive when Russell swore on his kids/wife. Anyone who needs to promise like that is probably lying. I think Rupert will become a key player once Russell is gone. He is in a good position if the villians don’t start picking them off. It’s more likely the villians will fall apart due to Sandra’s hatred of Russell and Russell’s need to be in total control. He is now a sitting duck waiting to be plucked by just about everyone. He will regret giving away his idols to the queen of manipulation.

      • StrawBerryCutie

        Rupert only became perceptive about Russell’s promises after Sandra had told him the truth. Until that point he whole-heartedly trusted Russell. Besides, Rupert wasn’t able to do anything about his amazing moment of clarity.

      • Jennie

        Yes – Rupert didn’t figure anything out on his own. Sandra told him. And then he even questioned Sandra. Rupert has been a waste of space since Pearl Islands. He never had any “strategical” (to use a word invented by JT)game. And Russell proved himself to be back in the minor leagues by not making sure Sandra was with him before the merge. She exposed his lie 5 min after he told it.

      • Caleb Jones

        jennie didn’t russell take that into account? I thought I heard him say that no one would likely believe her, and only Rupert did believe her. Not JT for sure!

    • Dutch

      What amazes me is the Heroes *cough* JT *cough* thought that Russhole was this honorable guy. You know he was on the last season of Survivor and is on the VILLAINS tribe FOR A REASON! Thank God Rupert was wise enough to orchestrate a test vote to see where Russhole stood. Too bad for JT but sorry pal, you were a FOOL.

      • The Real Me

        JT must really hate girls, to say what he did as he exited the game. He gave kudo’s to Russell, his “redneck, good ol’ country boy” He was so afraid of an all-girl alliance, that he threw his chance to continue in Survivor, to the wind. All because he thought he could trust another redneck! He owes at least half of the million to Stephen, from the season where he won. In reality, Stephen won the game for JT, alot like the season Boston Rob won the million for Amber. At least Rob got half, lol

  • Chocolatestu

    That was the most insane Tribal Council I have ever seen! I figured Parvati would play an idol, but giving them both away…? I never saw it coming. Genius, though, once she figured out that Amanda was playing her. I’m not a Parvati fan, generally speaking, but that girl is one incredible Survivor player! Russell, on the other hand, has this huge Achille’s heel – his ego. I think that ego is the one reason why he will never be able to actually WIN a game of Survivor, no matter how many times he plays.

    • Dee

      I agree – I have amazing respect for her as a player now. Time will tell how Russell feels about this.

      • Dr Zechariah Zenith

        If there is a overall Survivor ranking, it will blow the mind who to rank best.

        But Parvati is way up already. If she wins again. Hands down she is the queen of Survivor.

    • StrawBerryCutie

      I’ve always thought Parvati plays an excellent game. She was the one who masterminded the women’s alliance in Micronesia and she is the only woman to stand up to Russell so far and actually get away with it. (Russell might be mad at Parvati, but he’s still a bigger target than she is).

      • Jess

        True. Either way, they’re both in the final 3 along with Sandra. Great season!!

      • am

        Jess keeps coming up with “I know who’s in the final 3 and you don’t” posts. Leads me to think he wants to be the centre of attention. Sad.

      • John Dee

        Jess, have you figured out yet how stupid you look to everyone here?

    • frog0568

      I yelled out loud and clapped so loud my son came running down from upstairs to see what the heck was going on! Loved tribal council tonight! Hope Parvati can smooth over Russell next week. She will probably have him eating out of her hands in like five minutes! Gotta love her.

    • Diane

      I think Parvati’s move last night was very short-sighted. Sure she established herself as the Queen Bee, but given the tease from next week’s show of Sandra flipping on the Villains, how on earth are she going to survive without an idol if she doesn’t win individual immunity? The same goes for Russell…Then again, the tease was likely showing Sandra lying yet again. She would probably welcome going to Tribal Council with Russell and Pavarti since everyone has shown how much they want those 2 out of the game.

      • Diane

        oops–how on earth *is* she going to survive

    • samantha Gowdy

      I totally agree with you. My family thinks the best outcome would be Russell and Parvati in the final 2 and Russell loses again!!

  • Harold

    I think the fact that an endurance challenge happened so quickly after the recent, very similar challenge proves that the producers wanted to give the upper hand to the mostly-female group of villains. I was surprised to see them be so obvious about it.

    I loved the double idol thing but it’s hard for me to get over the all-too-obvious manipulation of the game.

    • Jason

      I totally agree with Harold… what’s up with all the girl-friendly challenges?? It’s like the producers are really intent on having Parvati and/or Amanda extend theirs streaks!!!!

      • l lock

        So, let me get this straight – you would think that man-friendly challenges that favour brute strength and power, would be much more fair?

      • BestSeasonInALongTime

        @l lock. Uh no. I think Jason was implying there are many gender-neutral challenges that can be done. And I totally agree with him. Either gender-friendly challenges are manipulative once you get to the individual immunity rounds.

    • Dee

      The last challenge Courtney still went home- so no skewing there.
      The first individual immunity challenge is usually a how bad do you want it challenge. And from here out that tends to be the case.

      • Heather

        Sure, how bad do you want it, but they have had endurance challenges that didn’t favor people with small feet. How about having everyone stand around a pole and have to keep their hand on it the entire time? Favors neither sex, but still has that “How bad do you want it” quality.

    • Kerry O

      Although it was bada**, I don’t think she should have given away both. She has now incurred Russell’s suspicion, and given away her own secret immunity power. I think it was an ego driven move. Parvati didn’t need Sandra and could have had Russell work on JT or she could have worked on Candace.

      • SteveT

        @ KerryO She had to give both idols away to ensure the villians stayed 5 strong, she also gained Sandras trust as well as Jerry’s to ensure that her (parv) russel and daniel go to the finals, I just dont know how daniel ends up going and sandra getting in, I am thinking sandra wins immunity when there are the 4 people left. It wasa very good play on parv’s part.

        I wish I wouldnt have seen the spoiler list of who getsvoted out and who goes to the finals and I would be enjoying this season allot more. I still like trying to figure out how things are playing out but if I didnt know I would be so excited to watch, now its just watching to see if what I predicted in my fantasy comes true each week lol

      • The Real Me

        Parv probably didn’t need to play both idols. for that matter, she didn’t need to play either. So what if either Sandra or jerri were o be voted out? Parv didn’t have a strong alliance with Sandra, and Sandra knew/knows it. Also, jerri is an ally, but Parv has allies on the heroes too (Amanda). It was a real SHOWY move, and got big bold ratings from Survivor peeps, but if you think about it, maybe having 2 idols in your back pocket would be worth more than Jerri’s alliance?

    • Lil Tuts

      STFU. Almost all challenges are biased towards men, and as soon as there are a couple biased for women you start complaining about it? WTF? Oh and did you forget that OZZY won this challenge in the Cooks and TYSON won this challenge in Tocantins.

      • davey

        Thanks for being the voice of reason Lil…I’m so tired of all this “producer-manipulation” crap that people are spewing. Just because your favourites are being picked off, stop with all the BS about the players who are left and making this season of Survivor the best in a LONG while!

      • Ricky G

        Oooh .. Lil Tuts got ya’ll .. haha

        And look Jeff actually spelled CanDICE this time!! lol

    • StrawBerryCutie

      Actually…the first and last individual immunity challenges are always endurance challenges. So its not like this was very special. Also, the endurance challenge that was in the last episode was a reward challenge – nothing to do with immunity so it did not affect the result at all.

    • Dr Zechariah Zenith

      I say it again. Survivor is the Superbowl of Reality show.

      20 seasons and it is still fresh.

      How the game has evolved?

      From Richard Hatch to Russell Hantz.

      From Amber to Parvati.

      Hopefully for newcomers wanting to join, please watch 20 seasons of Survivor and avoid the pitfalls.

      • Greg

        Dr, I agree. Not only is Survivor the Superbowl of Reality TV, but maybe the best TV ever. Even the very best TV script writer would never have dreamed up this season’s plot line.

        I’d love to see Russell win, but there is going to be a Russell/Parvarti showdown which will be one of the great “games” in Survivor history.

    • JillS

      Exactly! The minute I saw the challege I rolled my eyes and said, “Sooo, basically a girl is gonna win this one.”

    • PJM

      Not wishing to go into research into past Survivor challenges, but I also was surprised that this challenge was “female oriented”. Remember, a few seasons ago when the footholds were adjusted according to the size of the contestant’s feet. It made for a more “level” playing field.

    • Sam

      When that challenge was first played during the Cook Islands, Ozzy won it. So, not sure what your whole thing about gender-friendly challenge goes. History says otherwise. Candace just had the right position to stay there for awhile. Why she dropped out is a freaking mystery to me!

      • jeannie

        Its not a mystery..its production..No way would Candace give up that easily in an immunity challenge..Wish there were no idols conspicuous that Russell is the one who always gets them..he ain’t that smart.I no longer Believe!!!

    • Shaze

      I thought the exact same thing – why have another challenge that a female is so obviously going to win?

  • Casey

    Parvati just took control of the game. Now she has Danielle, Sandra, and Jerri on her side – with Russell vying to be relevant in their Alliance.

    • chad

      Sandra is not on her side
      Sandra knows she can not make final 3 with that group. She will go to the heros, and hook up with 2 of them…or one of them and Jerri…either way I think Russell is done next week

      • Lil Tuts

        Sandra needs 2 villains with her at the end. Russell is a perfect goat, and Parv too because she’s a former winner and has pissed people off. Russell is NOT done next week, they wouldn’t make it that obvious in the previews.

      • Dee

        It NEVER goes the way they present it in the previews. I’m thinking Colby it out next.

      • TickTock

        I keep wondering about Candice…She’s definitely flippable. If I were Russell and my main ally had kept me out of the loop the way Parvati did–and made a huge move–at the very least I’d want insurance by buddying up to Colby and Candice…

      • timmy t

        Yeah, I wouldn’t put any money on Russell going home next week…he’s going to the final 3. And Dee, you’re wrong. Colby isn’t out next week.

      • Dee

        @timmy t
        I hope you are not one of those people who have actual spoiler info and this is a discussion based on speculation…
        But you are correct -I I thought it through some more and if they are picking off the Heroes it would be Amanda or Rupert to go next. They are seen as bigger threats than Candace and Colby right now. Pavarti knows Amanda, so I’m not sure if that makes her more or less likely to be a target.

      • Jess

        @timmy t You’re right. Russell is gonna make final 3 with Parvati and Sandra. Too bad Russell won’t win.

      • tala

        Sandra is on her own side. Parvarti might be able to talk her around now, especially if she talks about getting Russell gone after a few heroes leave.

      • Caleb Jones

        again stupid jess, NO ONE knows who wins. The votes are all in a jar in Probst ofice until it’s time to take it to the season finale. Unless you saw every vote being written, you COULD NOT know who wins. Maybe you know who DIDN’t win but any of the final 3 can win. Go away, troll!

    • Daniel

      And potential votes from the jury, especially Coach after saving Jerri. I’m a big fan of Russel since day one but I think he lost the game already, he never saw this coming. Parvati told him, “I don’t ride coattails baby” and he replied you’ll ride these but, I think he failed to realise she is not in the same position as Natalie or Mike were.

      • kross

        Parvati is not a Natalie! If she wins it will be because she fought for it and deserved it!

      • Liz

        Agreed. Russell’s problem is that he forgets that Survivor is a social game. It;s not about how many backs you’ve stabbed it’s about who you can get to vote for you.

    • Mike Reeves

      People People People!!!! 1st quit getting worked up over “JESS” and the suppose spoilers.. its his opinion not fact. I Love russel he plays the game like no other! has anyone of you all thought maybe just maybe he goes to the Hero side because of the distrust of parvati and he starts picking off sandra then parvati and so on and makes it to the final 3? he is that good of a player to switch things up like that!

  • MattO

    Craziest. Episode. Ever. EVER!

  • bongbong

    Hey Jeff!
    You missed Russell as the potential winner.. LOL

    • StrawBerryCutie

      I noticed that too…

    • Dee

      That’s just playing into the previews we saw for next week. Don’t fall for it.

    • Hollywoodaholic

      He just won a pair of handcuffs – he was arrested this morning for battery at a music festival in Louisiana. I guess he’s STILL pissed off (at probably NOT winning this season).

      • D

        Jazz Fest in New Orleans???

      • The Real Me

        I would be very surprised to find out that Russell Hantz doesn’t already have a rap sheet. One look at those “Charlie Manson” eyes, is all intuitive people need, to figure out if he is trustworthy or not. Russell”I swear on my children lives …” It seems he was bullying some girl at the Jazz fest in New Orleans? Coach had him pegged, as did Boston Rob.

  • Dee

    I think Candice stepped down because she wanted to fly under the radar a bit. Not sure what else she was thinking. I know you (Jeff) like everyone to five it their all for every challenge, but I think this was part of her strategy.

    I do agree that Pavarti tipped her hand to the idol when she stepped off the challenge. I think Russell’s name never came up because JT was still sold on the Hero’s having 6 and Russel being in with him. I’m amazed Rupert convinced Russell to even “test” his loyalty.

    Speaking of -not sure why Russell didn’t at least write down Pavarti’s name.

    I think Pavarti’s move puts her in the position where every one of those villans feels connected to her. Everyone one!!

    • Miss Em

      Russell didn’t write down Parvati’s name because he no longer cares about pretending to be aligned with the Heroes. The purpose of that ruse was to get through the first merged Tribal Council and give the Villains the numbers.

      • Dee

        But he could have kept the ruse up one more week to gain an even bigger advantage -because it wouldn’t be impossible for Sandra to flip.

      • Caleb Jones

        he could have but not now. Since Parvatti played both Idols, the heroes know russell didn’t play his and lied to them. He would have been suspect if Parvatti had played the idol he gave her as well so why play out the ruse any longer in either case. Strawberry, we think alike!

    • StrawBerryCutie

      Russell believed that the Heroes were voting off Parvati and that she was going to play the idol he gave her to save herself. Once Parvati played the idol they would know that Russell had lied to them anyway so if he did vote for Parvati, he would be taking a huge risk with his own alliance. He wanted the Villains to know that no matter what the Heroes thought, he was with them.

      • Dee

        I guess that would have given it away. Russell didn’t seem surprised by the fact that they voted a different way from what they told him though. I guess he was too surprised by Pavarti’s move.

  • Maggie May

    WOW — I have never been a Parvati fan but last night’s episode may have changed my mind. btw the name you left off the list was Russell (please tell he is NOT in the final again — CAN NOT STAND HIM!!!!)

    • Maggie May

      ps — Jerri’s deleted scene from this episode completely explains my feelings about Rupert — go check it out

      • Kathleen

        It was an amazing survivor last evening and I couldn’t believe what happened. I just hope Russell gets voted off next week, he is so disrespectful towards women, feel bad about JT but he never should have given away his idol to Russell, he should have known better, the next few survivors will be very interesting, good for Parvati quite the show

      • Margaret

        Where do you find the deleted scenes?

      • Maggie May

        TV Watch (on this website) Survivor recap has the deleted scene at the end of the recap(and more comments)

      • Dawn

        deleted scenes are found at The call them “secret scenes” I love the Ponderosa footage. You see a whole other side to the players. I actually LIKE Courtney at Ponderosa!

      • D

        @Dawn. I really liked Courtney during the game, but she is SO nice at Ponderosa. Now hopefully she’ll gain around 20 pounds.

  • Rob

    Sandra owns this game better than anyone who’s ever played it – and she’s proving it week after week.

    • Lil Tuts

      Sandra didn’t do anything this episode.

      • Dee

        What??? If Sandra hadn’t given the Heroes the heads up on Russell they would have walked into the trap hook line and sinker and the villains would still have the HIIs.

      • Jess

        And yet she’s going to beat out Russell and Parvati in the final 3 to win it all :D

      • Play the Game

        Wow Jess, you’ve read the spoiler posts. How awesome that you can share that with all of us who are too stupid to look that up for ourselves!

      • Pa Gal

        Yeah, Jess, so you’ve read the boot-list. How many times already have you written down the names of who you think are in the final 3. Knock it off, OK?

      • roberta

        damn jess your posting spoilers. gtfo!

    • Play the Game

      Sandra just flips and flops to whoever is making the running. She has no big moves. She managed to get Coach kicked instead of Courtney – so what? Courtney went the next week. All she did is change the order. For some reason people let the miserable sad-sack with the family sob-story skate through. She never wins challenges, she never makes bold moves. What has America come to when they reward the whining free-loader? This week she makes it her mission to get rid of Russell. Does she succeed? If she can’t make a move when she tries, does she deserve to win?

      • StrawBerryCutie

        I’m not a fan of Sandra and I don’t like the way she plays the game. She did not manipulate Russell into voting off Coach. The Heroes did that. They thought there was a girl alliance and Russell decided he would play into that so that once they’d merged the Heroes would trust him (and look – it worked. They trusted Russell over Sandra in the end). Russell voting off Coach had nothing to do with Sandra.

      • Survivor fanatic

        I’m not a fan of Sandra but she totally manipulate Russell in the voting off of Coach. End. of. Story. You can deny it all you want, StrawBerryCutie, but it won’t change the facts.

      • D

        I really admire Sandra BECAUSE she is able to get so far in the game without winning the challenges. She is there on pure manipulation of others and ability to measure which way the wind is blowing. She has the outwit and outlast parts down pat. She’s really funny too.

      • Lenny

        how did Sandra not play Russell. Did you not hear Russell say to Parvati “Coach wants me out, so we have to get rid of him”. Where else did that come from, the heroes I suppose told him that as well. Anyway Russell’s being exposed as mediocre, Parvati is completely playing him & he has no idea what’s going on.

      • Anonymous

        Its called EDITING. Yes, Sandra talked to Russell about Coach wanting Russell gone but that was not what pushed Russell over the edge to vote off coach…it was the whole woman’s alliance thing. How can you not see that based on how the whole thing played out? Besides, its not like Coach wasn’t trying to get rid of Russell. He tried to get rid of Russell with Courtney and Sandra…it just didn’t work because he didn’t have numbers. Telling Russell the truth about Coach isn’t some amazing master manipulation. Parvati is what you call an amazing manipulator, not Sandra.

    • Erich

      I agree that Sandra is weak and keeps in by staying under the radar and following other players directions. She has only done one thing which was to lie to Russell so he would vote off Coach. Other than that all she does is sit around and bitch and moan about how much she hates Russell… behind his back. He told her [to he face] she needed to go home. she is one of the most obnoxious survivors ever…

      • D

        He tells her to her face that she needs to go home and SANDRA is the obnoxious player? Unbelievable statement. Russell is the obnoxious one, but Sandra is bright enough not to start actively plotting against him until the time is right. See how far Marissa and Betsy got in the game last season?

    • A

      jess stop it! people like survivor and your ruining it! dont post your opinion theres no way you could know. go away. get a hobby. something.

  • Dave From GP

    Parvati steps off the challenge to make it obvious she has the idol and therefore nothing to lose. The heroes fall for it. She figured out their plan to flush the idol by then. The Russell seasons have breathed a new life in to Survivor. I had alsmost given up a year or so ago. You should be giving Russell a cut of the royalties nevermind the million dollars he was cheated out of in his previous season!

    • Dana

      Russell sure was cheated last season! Love him or hate him, he did an awesome job and had the jury not been a bunch of sore losers he’d have won.

      • Miss Em

        Everyone talks about how Russell was ‘cheated’ out of a win by a bitter jury. What you forget is that earning jury votes is a part of the game. That’s what makes Survivor so fascinating: you have to step on people to get to the top, but then turn around and try to persuade them to vote for you. There are no rules about how the jury has to vote, or what criteria they make their decision based on. It is entirely personal.

        It’s a part of the game, and because Russell failed to earn enough votes to win, he failed at a part of the game. He is a formidable strategist, no doubt about that, but I don’t believe he can be considered the greatest Survivor of all time until he masters the jury portion of the game as well.

      • LiLa

        Had Russell played a better social game, maybe more of the jury would have been in his corner.

      • JD

        Another thing we have to remember is that the jury members lived with Russell 24/7 for however many days before they were voted off. We saw less than 1 hour a week –
        So it doesn’t matter if we, the viewers, think he played a great game. The jury knows a heck of a lot more than we do and they are the ones who get to vote.

      • Maggie May

        Russell is an @$$. The man could not get in front of enough microphones after he didn’t win last time to complain about not winning and that (whatever her name was) was undeserving.

      • Play the Game

        Last season Russell made all the moves and deserved to win much more than [random player] who just rode his coattails. This season there are two players who deserve to win from the moves they have made so far: Russell and Parvati. How it plays from here on should decide which of those two should be made winner but unfortunately the game is at the mercy of jealous and bitter jury members who can award the prize and title to the least deserving person out of shear spite and malice just to alleviate their shame at having been “outwitted, outplayed and outlasted”.

      • Cyberkimmy

        I totally agree with Miss Em. Russell is burning bridges with most of the Jury. By the way has clips of the Jury’s day on the Ponderosa, which consists of many of their opinions of their fellow players. Particularly interesting are the comment regarding Russell.

      • Elizabeth

        does anyone even remember what’s her names name? I don’t and i watched every episode. Russell makes it interesting for those of us who love the game and is unforgettable.

      • StrawBerryCutie

        The fact that people don’t even remember Natalie’s name proves that she did absolutely nothing to deserve that win. I’m not going to say that Russell was robbed because getting jury votes is a key part of the game. However, Natalie would not have made it to the finals without Russell. She came into the merge down in numbers and Russell did all the work. Finding idols, getting Shambo on their side, getting John to flip his vote on Laura…all those key moves were made by Russell and while everyone says that he wasn’t robbed because he alienated the jury, if he hadn’t done what he had to do, none of his alliance members would have made it to the finals to beat him in the first place.

      • Shannon

        What’s her name’s name is Natalie.

        And, I don’t care how many people think that Russell is one of the only people making big moves, he is failing to grasp the concept that you CAN’T p*ss everyone off in the process of trying to win! The Jury picks who wins!! Russell has burned EVERYONE, except maybe Parvati, twice over. I don’t care how many times he gets on the show and plays the game, he will NEVER win; and that is exactly why. You have to at least APPEAR to be honerable in your dealings and misdealings in this game, but Russell just gloats and goes on and on, and doesn’t even TRY to be noble or stoic about it!!

      • G

        People don’t remember her name because she was not in to getting air time as much as Russell was, not because she was bad at strategy and didn’t deserve to win. Jesus! I love Russell, but Natalie played well last season and won over the jury and that’s why she won.

    • Lil Tuts

      o_O FOAD please

    • old john

      Danielle was the only one who knew for sure that Parvati had the idol. She told others and acted like she had one, but if you haven’t seen it, it could be just a ploy. Pretend you have an idol so everyone doesn’t waste their votes on you.

  • Jennifer in San Diego

    Great recap, great show! I was on pins and needles during the final vote. When Parvati handed the idol to Sandra, my heart nearly stopped! Then, the second idol to Jerri! Amazing stuff.

    • beauty and brains

      YEs, Jennifer ! Right on. To have TWO immunity idols and gave both away AND GAVE the challenge to Danielle. Parvati was cementing her all women alliance. She was keeping them close to her as she says, closer than anyone else and putting something in the jury bank for later. of course Danielle and Jerri will remember how parvati generously gave both of them immunity and Sandra, if on the jury, might remember Parvati’s generosity too. AMAZING STUFF. If Parvati won again, she would be the best Survivor player ever. I’d give that queen her crown. QUEEN PARVATI !

    • Maynard G Ferguson

      Why is everyone dismissing that Parvati no longer has an idol? Hero’s 4 Villians 4 and Sandra – I could see Parvati gone next week. She was smiling and cutsy when she made her move but come on…Russell will take her out. All he has to do is align with the hero’s for one week and hope Parvati doesn’t get an HII. I can easily see Parvati gone next week.

  • TickTock

    Parvati and Sandra totally knock me out – wasn’t that familiar with either of them before this season. And Jerri’s deleted scene shows how perceptive SHE is. It’s funny how the women are driving the show now even with Russell in the mix. That’s some power right there…

  • jordan

    I watched Live for the Moment! Unfortunately, I don’t have a Nielsen box :(
    Great episode, I’m a bigger Parvati fan than ever.

    • Survivor fanatic

      I LOVE Parvati more now too :) Like Jerri said, wish I could bottle that up and use it in real life.

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