Tim Urban exit Q&A: Bye-bye, lustrous hair!

Tim-Urban-American-IdolImage Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty ImagesThat hair. Those teeth. Those vocal cords…. Well, two outta three ain’t bad.  Pretty boy Tim Urban may have gotten the boot last night for an uninspiring rendition of the Goo Goo Dolls’ “Better Days,” but he’s already counting the days down until his next career starts. Anyone out there looking for a super dreamy Joseph?

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Tim, I have to say I loved you and I’m sorry you’re gone.
Thanks. I love you too.

Millions of teenage girls just died inside. So now that you’re off the show is it a relief at all that you won’t be berated every week on live television?
Yes, there is a little bit of relief because of that. It’s nice because going forward I get to perform for people but I don’t have to sit afterwards and listen to criticism.

Way back when, when you didn’t even make it to the top 24, were you devastated?
It was one of those things that I didn’t have an expectation for how far I would make it. I kept making it through rounds at Hollywood week and going, ‘Wow. I made it.’ So when I went home I just thought it’s time to get back to normal life. And then I got the call. It’s been such a crazy ride.

How crazy was it that even your fellow contestants seemed to be ogling over your shiny white teeth and superhero smile?
I feel like we have an awful lot of fun backstage. We’re all like a family and everyone has a role. My role was to be the lighthearted guy who encourages people. So I thought it was really funny that that’s what they chose to talk about — my smile.

And now you have millions of people like me talking about your smile and hair. Before Idol, did you have any of that?
It had been there a little bit.  Obviously, it wasn’t nearly at this scale. This has been quite bizarre, to be honest. I definitely was not expecting this.

When you would go out in LA, did people start crying at the sight of you?
Not too much. It’s funny because I can blend in with the crowd better than some of the other contestants. I’m not Big Mike or Casey. When people did recognize me, nobody freaked out. Well, except maybe in Las Vegas they got kind of loud. But that might have had something to do with what they were doing before they saw me. But it wasn’t so bad for me. Crystal couldn’t go anywhere without people screaming “Crystal!”

I liked your rendition of “Better Days.” Did you think it went okay, or did you expect the criticism?
I thought they were either really going to love it or think I was reaching too far. I wasn’t shocked by their reaction to it. I was hoping it was going to be another step in my growth. I’m happy with it though. I watched it back and I thought it was a pretty good performance for me.

How did you stay calm when the judges told you not to sing, questioned your intelligence, said they could only judge you on your own performances, as if you weren’t worthy of being judged against the other contestants?
Some of the comments were kind of discouraging. For me, it just made me want  to work harder. I was seeing the improvement in myself. I was just waiting for the judges to see it. When Randy said it was “a good Tim performance,” I thought, “I’ll take what I can get.” You just try not to take things personally.

I think your high point was probably Elvis week when you sang “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”  Was that your favorite week?
It really was. I love that song. We all get the list of songs we can choose from at the same time every week. And I immediately went and chose that song.

Ellen said you should pursue acting, in a bizarre backhanded compliment. What are your plans for after the tour? Is acting in the cards?
I would love to pursue music and I would also love to pursue acting. I’m open to whatever is out there. If I did acting, I would still be doing music. And if I did music, I would still be trying to act.

Have you ever acted before?
I’ve done some theater. I had a lead role in a production in December.

Oh, really? What was it?
It was a Christmas musical called Two from Galilee. It was in Garland, [Tex.] which is north of Dallas.

Did you play Jesus?
No, it was more about Mary and Joseph, and I played Joseph. So that gave me some experience.

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  • Cait

    Did the writer REALLY ask if he played Jesus in a “Christmas” play?

    • Blaaaake!

      lol.. I know… that made me chuckle!

      • crispy

        OMG Tim Urban should so play Justin Bieber’s older brother in his movie he has coming out about his life. I would melt, both of those amazing, perfect guys together! Could you imagine all the girls going to see this? I could! This would sale like hotcakes guaranteed. TIM URBAN AND JUSTIN BIEBER MOVIE PETITION IS NEEDED IMMIDATELY!! GIRLS GET TO WORK!!

      • love tim urban!

        All right! But frankly, I prefer Tim to Justin B.

      • Charm

        Tim is a charming star! I always think of when he sang the song Allelujah. Awesome song. He sang it great. Tim has a awesome natural voice. His voice is similar to Matt Nathanson. Tim sang Matts song Come on get higher on the show. I love Matt-his music is beautiful! I think Tim should keep smiling a lot, there is nothing wronge with him smiling a lot. He is a strong guy and in life you need to smile a lot more than anything. Tim is interesting and he is adorable on the inside and out and thats why so many people admire him. I thought his performance of Better Days was wonderful. He chose a lot of fun songs during the show, he is such a fun down to earth guy. He definitely has star charm! :)!!!!!!! <3

      • Amelia

        Lol, I didn’t even realize that that question was odd. It’s like the question, “How many of each animal did Moses take on the ark?” I have to think about it for an embarrassingly long moment.

    • Jay

      My thoughs exactly! I imagined Tim in a large rib with a baby hat and diaper on!

      • Jay

        Ooops! I meant CRIB!

      • KC

        Now I’m imagining Jesus in a large rib with a baby hat and diaper on.

      • SaraS

        You people are idiots. Jesus wasn’t ALWAYS a baby in a manger, he did grow up according to the Bible.

      • AcaseofGeo

        SaraS they are NOT idiots. There is NOT ONE SINGLE Christmas story where Jesus is an adult and not a swaddled baby. Correct me if I’m wrong, I’d like to read it.

      • Niix Starkyller

        Easy there, SaraS. I don’t Mr. Christ would be happy about how you’re attacking people. If I were Jesus, in fact, I’d probably look back at the last two thousand years and say, “Whoa, dudes. You got it all wrong and stop using my name to do really, really un-Me things. It really fracking bugs me.” (Yes, Jesus watched BSG. Get over it.)

      • Niix Starkyller

        Er, I mean “I don’t think…”
        [insert obvious joke here]

      • mona

        baby with six-pack abs?

    • Strepsi

      Now I’m imagining Tim with a diaper on. And it’s all kinds of wrong, yet so right.

    • hanna

      Well Jesus was perfect and so are Tim’s abs. Makes sense… Excuse me while I get struck down for saying that.

      • Lauren

        Is it bad that your comment made perfect sense in my brain?

      • Gina

        Good one, hanna! :)

    • candacetx

      hey! I live in Garland… thanks Tim for the G-Land shout out!

    • Gail

      Jesus did celebrate 33 birthdays…

      • Niix Starkyller

        I wonder if the Apostles ever threw a surprise party for him. Or would that put them in a bind?
        JOHN: He’s gonna love it.
        LUKE: Well, he kinda loves everything..
        MARK: Anyway, it’ll be in the evening.
        JOHN: What if he asks what we’re doing?
        MARK: Just make something up.
        JOHN: Wait, you want me to lie to him?
        MARK: Oh, right.
        LUKE: Yeah, I’m not gonna be the one.
        JUDAS: I’ll do it.

      • DivaSoulSista

        Yes, Jesus did celebrate 33 birthdays but Christmas is about his first birthday. Still I can totally see Tim playing Joseph.

    • allie08


    • watergirl

      Yea think he is a little to big to play “baby” Jesus. lol
      Tim your a class act and I always enjoyed your positive attitude. I wish you only the best.

    • Amelia

      Tim is about the same amount too old to play Joseph (who was in his 30s) as he is too young to play baby Jesus ;)

    • Jay

      Remember…this is EW, not the NYT.

  • Allie

    tim seems like a sweet guy. wonder if he’ll get a role on glee! he can sing, just not as great as some other contestants who were voted off before him. i’d see him in a theatre production.

    • TRE

      He actually cannot sing.

      • liz

        who cares? no body is listening to him sing.

    • Allison M

      Glee? Please no. He in no way measures up to the performers on Glee.

      • Amy

        He’s better than Cory Monteith.

      • Allie

        i kind of agree with amy. cory isn’t that great of a singer, but he’s not bad. tim’s got good looks and can sing, so he’d be good for something on glee

      • Canyon

        Don’t forget that all of the performances on Glee are studio enhanced.

      • my vote

        tim’s way better than cory monteith, in looks, charisma, & vocal ability.

        problem is, he’d be giving puck a run for his money… ;)

      • Lauren

        I vote for Tim on Glee too! Maybe he isn’t the best singer, but as others have said, he certainly beats Puck.

      • Niix Starkyller

        No way, Jose 9er, Lauren). Puck’s sour makes all the saccharine palatable. You lose him and you prolly lose me.

      • ray

        Well, at least Cory Monteith can act. Which I cannot say for the actor playing Puck. He cannot deliver his lines.

    • Wendy

      Tim can sing. I’ve listened to his pre-Idol songs on YT. If Tim did get a role on Glee, he could be one of the “younger” students, since Finn and Puck are like 28 years old in real life! Just my opinion, but Tim is cuter and a better singer than Cory.

    • Maddie

      And Kurt’s boyfriend has offically been cast. LOL

  • Quirky

    I want to see Tim, Norman Gentle, and Sanjaya form a new boy band just for the train wreck potential.

    • amandam38

      Hey – Can we throw the blind guy from last season into that band? Talk about a train wreck!!!

      • Quirky

        Yes, but only if he’s always facing the wrong way with his back to the audience.

  • Cunegonde

    Tim Urban is not that bad. He can carry a tune and remains tuneful most of the time but the rap he got from the judges made their way to the people who automatically think of him as a bad singer. I like his personality and sometimes that’s what makes for a longevity in career. Good luck, Tim Urban (I cannot call him Tim Urban Tim as it sounds weird without the ‘Urban’ so it will always be Tim Urban)

  • Cook fan

    I think it was wrong of the judges to bring him into the top 24, as their last-minute replacement pick, knowing he was not at the same caliber as previous years contestants. Heck, most fo the top 24 were not up to par, and it’s judges fault for giving them a false sense of greatness. I hope Tim has a successful career in music, (perhaps as a backup singer or in production?) or whatever he wants. He’s been classy the whole way through, and really proven himself to be s standup guy which is rare in the music business. Enjoy the Idols Tour, Tim!

    • Giselle

      I 100% agree with your comment. Until you said that he’s a “standup guy” — how do we know? To me he looks like a dim guy who could be a total jerk, but knows how to flash a smile, who knows. You are right about the judges picking the Top 24 though. Horrid.

    • Lisa

      @Giselle: You have a point that we shouldn’t just assume that the contestants are exactly as they are portrayed on television. However, let’s not assume Tim is stupid just because he smiles a lot. I have watched his Idol interviews, and he truly is articulate and thoughtful. Out of all the top 12 finalists, I would actually say he’s one of the most well-spoken. Sorry, but I would hardly consider Lee or Casey articulate. Lee stumbles over his words, and Casey is rather taciturn. And Siobhan and Didi were rambling messes whenever they tried to defend themselves against the judges. Hopefully, Tim is a genuinely caring person, because if he isn’t, then he’s a very convincing actor.

  • SoSueMe

    Tim actually has a nice clear tone to his voice…but just like with most pop singers., he doesn’t have a very solid technique. He just needs some more training in that department.

  • Diane

    Why is it that I think Tim Urban is a perfect Disney star? They can create some kind of Jonas-like semi-reality show about him being on a reality tv show and then needing to go back to high school and dealing with fame at 15.

    • Gail

      Because he looks like Oliver from “Hannah Montana”

      • Tracy

        Tim and Mitchell Musso might have similar haircuts, but Tim is much, much, much hotter. Sorry, but Tim could play the love interest on a Disney show, while Oliver is relegated merely to be Miley’s platonic friend. By the way, I have been unfortunate enough to hear Musso’s singing, and Tim’s voice is way better. Sorry, I don’t mean to hate on Musso, but you brought up the comparison.

    • Allie

      diane i actually was thinking that tim should do music voice overs for disney! and tim is hotter than mitchel, and i’m sorry but more likable in my opinion.

  • Walter

    I’m sure going to miss him on Idol. It won’t be half as much fun. I’m glad he’ll get to tour, and I’m sure, with his personality, he’ll get to do pretty much whatever he wants.

  • liv

    is it just me or does tim look like the cheshire cat from alice in wonderland when he smiles?? lol

  • Elle

    I think theatre is the perfect avenue for his voice. Maybe some Off-Off Broadway to start. He has a very theatrical thing about him. I don’t think TV is a great place for him. Also, he really needs to learn how to relax and not do the blank face when he sings. It’s distracting.

  • Joe

    I actually think if he would have made it to big band week he would have done very well. He has that smooth kind of voice that works for that genre.

  • brodincin

    He actually IS perfect for Joseph…as in JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT…and he’d get to show off his abs too!

    • Tracy

      Ha-ha, I immediately thought he was talking about Joesph and Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, too! I remembered that Anthony Federov and Diana Degarmo were in a production of it last year. I think he looks too young to be Joseph, but maybe he could play the younger brother.

  • lala

    Man, is Tim a douche. He’s almost as big of a douche as Adam Lambert and Barack Obama, a.k.a., the Terrorist-in-Chief.

    • TaTa

      lala, a gay basher, KKK or Tea Party tool = a fear-monger individual who gets off on thinking ‘white and straight’ is American. FO with your inappropriate and unwarranted politics. Comments are about AI, dolt!

      • Gen of Montreal

        lala copies and pastes this exact post in every comment section about Tim Urban; a real original person

  • Canyon

    Say what you want, but Tim’s parents raised a well spoken, polite, even tempered, humble young man. Any parent should be thankful to have done so well.

    • V

      Yeah, that’s great, but AI is a singing competition, not a nice kid — which he really does seem to be — competition

    • Sanjaya’s Girlfriend

      Big Mike should take a few lessons in humility from Tim…

    • ??

      What does this have to do with a (potentially) successful singing/acting career?

      Oh wait, nothing.

      • Sierra

        Humility and politeness don’t have anything to do with acting or singing. However, Tim does possess the “it” factor. He is photogenic and yes, has a very buff body. That alone could get him a guest starring role on The CW. (The people on 90210 aren’t exactly master thespians themselves, but they look good!) In addition, he is charming and articulate, which makes him appealing to a TV audience.

  • Trish

    As with many of the contestants, Tim obviously wasn’t going to win, so he enjoyed the experience for what it was. I was so impressed with how gracious he was during the goodbye clip–the kid’s a sweetie, even if he isn’t an American Idol. I think he’d do well as a Disney teen heart throb, as someone else suggested.

    And the Jesus/Christmas/diaper posts at the opening of these comments were hilarious.

    • SoSueMe

      Idol is a juggernaut with lots of cash to burn…why don’t they create a cable channel along the lines of Disney or Nickelodeon and create shows around young and likable AI contestants…I thought Jason Castro would have been perfect for his own tween/teen show…same with Haeley Vaughn, Katie Stevens, Kevin Covais, Paris Bennett, Tim Urban, Diana DeGarmo…the list goes on. Give these kids a chance to shine in other capacities outside of music.

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