'Survivor' react: The eliminated survivor is...

SPOILER ALERT! If you don’t want to know who went home on tonight’s Survivor, take your bananas, and run far, far away from here! If you want to know, click on…One day, J.T. decided to write a letter to Russell. Russell, it read, do you like me? Circle Yes or No. That same day, Russell took that note, crumpled it up, and laughed menacingly as he prepared his plans to break J.T.’s heart. And last night, after Jeff read J.T.’s name as the latest eliminated survivor, Russell turned to the Southern boy and said, “Hey, J.T. Guess what? I circled ‘No.'” Then, as J.T. dejectedly turned away, Russell slapped him on the back and said, “It’s all good, man. I still love you.” J.T.’s stance brightened a bit, and as he walked out of tribal, a “Kick Me” sign attached to his back was seen waving in the wind.

Okay, so none of that really happened. But J.T. did indeed play the part of the dunce tonight, trusting the Villain tribe’s least trustworthy member, Russell, after the merge. But J.T. wasn’t the only one to make questionable moves tonight: Parvati played very dangerously — and I’d argue, stupidly — opting out early of an immunity challenge when she should have pretended to be trying, and playing both her immunity idols when she wasn’t in danger of elimination. (Essentially, she pulled a reverse James.) Also unclear: Why Russell didn’t choose to vote for Parvati at tribal when he knew she was going to play the idol, just so he could continue playing both sides for another week.

But you’ll read all about it in my recap posting later. (UPDATE: Click over now to read Kate Ward’s detailed Survivor recap.) In the meantime, let’s chat about J.T.’s ouster. (And check out this good-bye from J.T. below.) Who’s sad? Happy? Turned on by Coach’s bare chest?

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  • Mike

    I think Parvati made a bold move that payed off. She knew it would be a 5-5 tie. She just made her odds better.
    Dropping out of the challenge was dumb but you have to also fault Candance for that same mistake.

    • del

      I agree that Candace was dumb to drop out, but Parvati assured that Danielle had immunity. Thanks to Amanda’s bad acting skills, she knew they weren’t voting for her, so she was safe, and Russell was JT’s bud, so he was safe. Then she used her 2 idols so that last 2 villians were safe.

      And JT ends up going home with egg on his face.

      ….and who would have thought RUPERT was the voice of reason. Thanks to Sandra, they almost turned the tables on Russell. Amanda just blew it for the heroes.

      • ZM

        I think Candice didn’t want to be viewed as a physical threat. She won the first individual immunity and a lot of times when someone win 2 in a row people view them as a physical threat and are more likely to be inclined to vote them out.

      • del

        I see what you are saying, but that’s risky when your alliance doesn’t have the advantage. She’s lucky she wasn’t on the radar this episode.

      • TickTock

        Well said.

      • NC

        The real key here is that Pavarti pissed off all the remaining heroes and Sandra made herself look great. The heroes will have 5 of the 9 votes.

      • Tre S

        Candice, yes, its Candice, not Candace, might have dropped out because it would make Parvati do exactly what she did. And Candice really wasnt on the block, and had to have known that. So why stick it out for a chance at something you don’t need. If she had hurt herself, she would have to go, and immunity is not going to stop that.

    • Chad

      remember when the big to-do was Jerri feeling jealous that no knight on a white horse has rode into Tribal council and gave her an immunity idol when she needed one? Who would have guessed that she would in the end get one that way? And who EVER would have guessed it would be PARVATI!?! CRAZINESS!

      • Jeff

        Parvati made a BOLD and INSANE moves. That was one of the craziest moves I’ve ever seen on Survivor. This solidifies Parvati as on of the best (if not the best) Survivor players ever. Like her or not, the girl knows how to play!

      • mark

        see i disagree, it was an incredilby risky move that payed off…but, and this is a big but. It didn’t change anything. Sandra hates Russell, and will now cross over to the heroes side, even if its just for one vote. Sandra teams up with the heroes to vote out russell…and at best its back to 4-4 …and parvati has no idols to save her.

    • Rosalie

      Sandra is a bad a$$ bitch from the Molin Rogue! She is the best player out there. Rather than trying to figure out how to get people voted out, she is trying to figure out how to stay in the game. It is survivor, not survivors. At the end she will be the last one standing. The woman is wreckless and not afraid to speak her mind in any setting,nor is she afraid of the consequenses. Don’t get me wrong, Parvatis move is bold and respectable, and alot of the players now how to strategize. However, they do it in groups, Sandra on the other hand knows how to catch the knife that is coming towards her back and aim it at another direction. The stupidest thing was to keep her in the game, she should have been the first one from the villains to go. Since everyone was so concerned about Parvati, Russell and Rob’s fight, and taking control, they forgot about the real threat towards everyone: Sandra. And for sheer stupidity on everyone’s part, Sandra will take home the money. No one will vote her out, everyone is counting on her to stick to them. Dumbasses!

    • Al

      Dropping out of the challenge was a smart move by Parvati because it made the Heroes think she would use the idol to save herself.

      • Alex2000

        This is exactly right. I think they had this plan worked out *before* the individual immunity challenge.

        If Parvati had won she would have had to divide the two immunities between 3 people.

      • S Wang

        I actually thought of it as Parvati letting Danielle have a win, a nice gesture that would endear Danielle to Parv. As a great social strategist, I could see that being part of her plan.

  • Joe S

    I didn’t get Candice dropping out either, she just gave up might as well send her home.

    • Argonut

      She knew she was safe. Girls alliance.

  • kate

    best. tribal. ever.

    • DH

      ^ +1

    • jill

      It certainly was an entertaining show this evening. I loved it!! I could care less who wins. It is just fun to watch.

      • Chad

        jill….I have had a feeling all season watching this, but could not put my finger on it. I keep asking myself, “who am I rooting for?” and yet, every week, I am so completely entertained, talk about it with about 20 friends, etc. And jill..you answered my nagging question…I don’t care who wins. I just enjoy being entertained. Thank you!

      • wakeforce

        I don’t really care who wins as long as Russell does not, and I have more than a hunch tat he won’t!

      • samantha

        i can honestly say i agree with you. two seasons in a row with russell has been too much for me.. although i would like to parvati win.

      • mark

        i’m torn on this season. Russell and Parvati are hands down the 2 most exciting players to watch…i dont want them to get voted out…yet i don’t want them to make it to the end either. The Cognitive dissonance is killing me.

  • Just a Thought

    J.T.’s mistake comes back to bite him in the butt. Amanda is one of the worst actresses when it comes to her trying to talk Parvati into something. The Heroes made no visable attempt to try and get Sandra ontotheir side. The Heroes are pathetic.

    • lori

      why oh why are people not voting russell. boston rob’s alliance and the heroes alliance both missed the boat. even though he had the idol, he wasn’t playing it tonight. the heroes should’ve voted for him they would have been up 5-4, they didn’t need him to give them the advantage. intersting move by parvati.
      sandra may flip next week and then they are 4-4 again.

      • Mike

        I think you have your numbers wrong, there were 10 members so if they tried to vote out Russell it would have been a 5-5 tie & if Sandra does flip next week it will be 5-4 advantage for heros

      • ac

        Could Parvati have made a move tonight to have Russell voted out? She knew he didn’t have an idol. But it would have been tough getting them to trust her . . . what a great episode this was, though!

      • S Wang

        Every one of the Heroes wants Parvati gone. Russell is one of the few people who actually wants to keep her around. So Parvati has zero incentive to vote him out. The Heroes would just take her out next.

  • Karen

    Didn’t see that one coming. Amanda screwed up big time trying to talk to Parvati and set up a pretend alliance/friendship with her. And Russell isNOT going to forgive Parvati for keeping secrets. He might not forgive her.

  • ChinaD

    Crazy move by Parvati, but very brave. She did a good job reading the situation. I’m gonna assume that after handing Sandra the first one, she looked over to her right, saw the enormous grins on the heroes faces and knew for sure she had to give the second one to Jerri. Sucks to lose them both, but it was the right move.

    • leah

      You’re absolutely right … I didn’t think of that she gave one to Sandra and saw that she needed to give the other to Jerri. Brilliant!

    • JH

      Though, the Heroes big grins could’ve meant they had really voted for Parvati. It was still an extremely risky move. I think she was way more lucky than smart there.

      • S Wang

        Interestingly though, I think the Heroes played it exactly right. They thought there might be two idols out there and most likely with Russell and Parvati. So instead of voting for one of them (the most likely ones to use the 2 idols), they voted for someone else in their alliance. A good strategic move that other tribes have screwed up on more than one occasion. Just didn’t seem to work out for them though.

  • Keith

    Wow — one of the best tribal councils EVER!!

    • etm

      Yes, it was awesome!! Survivor is a great show – I look forward to it every Thursday.

    • wakeforce

      Yes, Parvati proved why she maybe one of the best females to play the game! Keep ‘em guessing.

      • SmittyTV

        Not just “best females” but one of, if not THE BEST of all time. I really don’t like her personality, but remember she already has a million in her pocket and is now running a All Star game. Amanda — loose lips sink ships.

  • Becca

    Yay!!! J.T is gone!!! Never liked him… I think Parvati shouldnt have given her idol to Sandra,just Jerri. Then she would still have one and Russell wouldnt know about it………

  • Sara

    Parvati is not dumb. She told Amanda that she had the idol because she knew that they would try to flush it out. She also can read Amanda. BTW Amanda is a crappy liar. There was a very small risk for her. I also don’t think Russell can claim that he did anything here. It is JT’s bold yet dumb move and Parvati’s game play that lets him sit on a currently dominating team. People can not give him all the credit.

    • mark

      dominating team? All that happened last night was that Parvati used two immunity idols to vote out a member of the heroes…only to send one of her alliance members (sandra) over to the heroes side. Russell is gone thanks to parvati. At least thats the way i see it going down. Amanda lying to parvati pretty much insured that amanda sticks with the heroes till the end. Villains are still in hot water.

  • Mother Goose

    Oh my gosh, this season is just the best. I had a “huh” moment
    with Kates comment about Russel playing both sides tonight. That
    may have worked for him, but his ego could not take it. It is
    Parvati agreed that should have let Russel in on her plans – or
    the wrath of Russel is now upon her. It will knock off the best
    laid plans, as well as Sandra if she flips she will still be at
    the bottom 5 no matter whether she sticks Hero or Villain.

    • D

      It would be smart of Rupert and Colby to guarantee Sandra top 3. Don’t think they will come up with that plan though.

  • Justin C.

    Parvati just seems to have a good read on whether she’s in jeopardy. Remember in Micronesia when she found the hidden idol at exile and didn’t even bother to bring it back to play it? She was so sure she was safe…and she was right. I do, of course, wish she and Candice had both waited until their bodies gave out completely before stepping down.

    • S Wang

      “…wish she and Candice had both waited until their bodies gave out completely before stepping down.” Actually this may be the best explanation for Parv stepping down, now that you mention it. Once it was down to Parv and Danielle, why duke it out with your own teammate and potentially exhaust yourself for future challenges when you can settle it quickly and save yourself some energy? Especially if you might already have a plan in place.

  • Allobidallo

    Yeah, if Russel somehow makes it to the end, I don’t think he’ll get the votes to win. It seems that other villains are playing better than he is. If villains make it to the final three, and Russel’s one of them, I think it’s over for him, as far as getting that check.

    • S Wang

      Actually, I think Russell has been playing really well this season and making some of the boldest moves. The big problem for him is that the Heroes haven’t seen any of that. So they’ll just assume Parvati has been calling the shots the whole time and he’s just been along for the ride.

  • Kim

    That tribal council was hilarious! I think Russell figured out (or Parvati told him) that the heroes weren’t really voting Parvati, so if he voted for her, the heroes could have voted out whoever they wanted and he wanted to keep the villain tribe whole. As for Parvati, I didn’t see that coming, but I thought it was great. It might have seemed more impressive if she just gave the idol to Jerri, but this way she might get some loyalty from Sandra, too. So I don’t think it was dumb at all. Idols always get replaced, anyways.

    • jill

      I agree too. I think she gave both idols for the loyalty.

      • Snsetblaze

        And had it been Courtney, Parvati might have gotten the loyalty. But Sandra will do what is best for Sandra.

  • Dianne

    Move over Simon Baker. Parvati is the real “Mentalist!”

  • miss r

    JT=CHUMP…RUSSELL=STUPID & NAIVE..GIRL ALLIANCE-GAME ON!! ONLY SMART PERSON TONIGHT-RUPERT!!! Stupid is as stupid does…I can’t BELIEVE that Pavarti played BOTH idols!! She, too, could be a goner if another idol doesn’t surface or she doesn’t win immunity…GAME ON!!!

    • D

      It’s like Rupert woke up for the first time all season tonight.

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