'South Park' creators 'warned' by radical Muslim website: Um, holy [bleep]!

south-park-censoredSouth Park has been tackling so many sacred cows and hot potatoes for so long now — from Scientology to Steven Spielberg, NAMBLA to the N-word — that when I watched last week’s episode, I barely winced when creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone decided to celebrate South Park‘s 200th episode by taking on the depiction of the Muslim prophet Muhammad, for the second time.

Then, on Sunday, Revolutionmuslim.com, a radical Islamic website, reportedly posted an item about the South Park episode referencing Theo van Gogh, the Dutch filmmaker who was killed by a Muslim extremist for his 2004 short documentary Submission, about women, violence, and Islam. “We have to warn Matt and Trey that what they are doing is stupid and they will probably wind up like Theo van Gogh for airing this show,” said the post. “This is not a threat, but a warning of the reality of what will likely happen to them.” The site then featured a graphic photo of the mutilated filmmaker, and published the addresses of Comedy Central New York offices and the South Park production company in Los Angeles. Finally, it embedded a video of a radical Muslim preacher calling for the assassination of anyone who has “defamed” Muhammad which included photos of Parker, Stone, and van Gogh.

As the characters on South Park would say: Holy [bleeping] [bleep]!

In case you missed last week’s South Park, some background: Hundreds of celebrities ridiculed by the show (including Tom Cruise and Rob Reiner) threaten a class-action lawsuit if the titular Colorado town does not produce the prophet Muhammad. See, the celebs believe the founder of Islam possesses a power that saves him from all ridicule, and they want it for themselves. Of course, as South Park fans know, the show tried to depict Muhammad in an April 2006 two-part episode about censorship, only to be censored by Comedy Central — ironic, given that the show had already depicted Muhammad in a July 2001 episode (watch the clip below) entitled the Super Best Friends, in which the central figures of all religions fight together for the greater good. Both of those earlier episodes were referenced last week, to pretty hilarious effect. Eventually, as often happens on South Park, Muhammad ends up in a silly bear mascot costume. Hence, the outrage.

Comedy Central isn’t commenting about the Revolutionmuslim.com post. But the episode in question, entitled “200,” ended with a cliff-hanger, and Parker and Stone — famous for handing in episodes at literally the last minute — are likely just wrapping up tonight’s follow up episode, which airs at 10 p.m. ET (9 p.m. CT). Who wants to bet they incorporate this “warning,” complete with a cheeky reference to Vincent van Gogh? (My guess — someone will lose an ear.) Do you think the show will be able to represent Muhammad as they once did in the more innocent, pre-9/11 era?

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  • trio x

    Meh.. this show hasn’t been funny in years

    • Jen

      Completely disagree, this show is so under rated and has only gotten better. The early seasons pale in comparison

      • Aspen

        Agree. They are getting even better. I especially enjoyed many episodes from the last season

      • Big Walt

        The advertising/support for South Park seems to have completely disappeared. It’s as funny as ever but I feel like I never know when new episodes are on.

      • darclyte


      • Meier

        @Big Walt,
        The new episodes have always… ALWAYS debuted at 10 pm on Wednesdays.

      • bill

        totally agree… it’s gotten far more interesting over the years. they are the ultimate subversive satirists of all things dopey and hypocritical.

      • Big Walt

        My point was you never know when the new season is starting.

      • SKR

        Trio X, you must not have watched it in years, South Park is the funniest/smartest show on TV….by far. Big wait, new episodes almost always start in March/October with 8 episode runs each.

    • Dave

      trio x, I think you meant to post that for the “Family Guy” article….

      • Big Walt

        Ha, Dave FTW!

      • jack

        these people are idiots. muhammed this, muhammed that. they didn’t care when the super best friends episode came out. Which i will be watching and laughing at the image of muhammed the entire time. take that religious d bags.

      • lucy

        scary stuff doctorsfriends

    • Siggie

      The show has gotten better with age! Did you all see the Facebook episode? Hilarious!

    • Brett

      trio x, I think you meant to post that for the “30 Rock” article. Or the “Parks and Recreation” article.

    • devin findlater

      i dont think this seasons all that great this year, they’re getting way to political. and there not taking on the just random funny things they used to.. wheres hanky? i mean yea season just started but there trying to hard to put messages in

      • Patrick

        Maybe you’re not their audience. They are probably focusing their attention on the demographic of people who are old and wise enough to understand the difference between “two, to, and too.”

      • Jay

        Haha. “TOO” funny Patrick. Notice the “two” letter o’s I used “to” distinguish it Devin. South Park have grown up content/topic wise with us as we have grown up as viewers. It’s like a band maturing and developing their sound (probably study “their,” “there” and “they’re” too Devin… It’s in the dictionary).

      • devin

        oh give me a break I wrote this too fast to notice that i guess..
        and honestly the last three episodes have been funny and, they’re predictable. wow cant show Mohammed, obviously they would cover him up anyways. i love south park, don’t get me wrong i just think they can do better. Agree, or disagree its just my opinion.

    • dustin

      I agree. Not near as good as the early seasons. But this season has been the best since 6

    • jack

      screw you buddy. one of the best shows on television. Plus, it shows how dumb religions can really be

      • Jason

        So, based on your logic here, I assume you would not be offended if someone were to publish or air how dumb you are?
        Like how terrible your basic punctuation skills are? Or about how your sense of humor is par with animal feces?

        It’s all good though; people like you, when in need, are helped by people of ‘religion’ every day.

    • Gr8 Say10

      Well, personally I feel that this Prophet Moohamid can lick my sweaty, turd-flavored cornhole. Am I controversial too? Will someone warn me about what’ll happen to me too? Why is it that these all-powerful deities who can conjure planets with the blink of an eye, always need uneducated and impoverished hoodlums to defend their virtue. Back in the day, ol’ Zeus dealt with troublemakers directly by zappin’ em with lightning bolts but nowadays the henchmen do everything. These new gods are so high maintenance.

      • jimmyg869

        Gr8 Say10,
        I am one to beat my check and shout out “1st amendment!” but I even know there is a fine line to draw.

        South Park has done it for years. Family Guy has done it for years.

        These threats are not amusing but disturbing and should be treated as a “warning shot across the bow”

        Although, I am not a religious type, however I have a feeling about Karma and what goes around…

        So in conclusion…
        Will someone place a coin under your tongue so that the ferryman will get you to the other side?

      • Ian

        Nothing will happen to you because you didn’t have the balls to attach your name to your post. Parker and Stone (and Comedy Central, too) however DID have the balls to put their names on something as potentially dangerous as this. BIG difference.

    • Rick

      Are you kidding me?! That show is one of the funniest things on TV! How can you say it isn’t funny?! What with “Screw you guys, I’m goin’ home!” and “Oh Kyle you dirty girl! You LOVE those balls!!!” how can you say that?! I disagree! South Park is 100% hilarious!! And you… BLASPHEMY!!!!

    • ratm

      Dont watch, it’s not hard. Vote with your feet, ant Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiteurrrrrrt!

  • Jon

    Parker & Stone are great Americans. I’m glad that there are prominent names out there showing that they’re not cowed by this bullcrap.

    • Henry

      Eh, they’ve made a career out of provoking people. I’m not advocating the murder of cartoonists, but isn’t this the ultimate culmination of their efforts to make fun of/poke and prod everybody. Quite the get for them.

      • DeeCee

        Provoking? Hardly. This is a show about social commentary. It’s the smartest show on television and has been for some time. The proper reaction to a South Park episode is reflection. Stop and think for a minute about our society and the crazy things we do. If you think you are being provoked then you should take a long look in the mirror.

      • Taller Ghost Walt

        Come on, Henry. Are you basically saying that they’re asking for it? They’re trying to make a very important point. They often do in their episodes. For instance, I’m Catholic. Every time they do pedophile commentary on the show, it makes me supremely uncomfortable and defensive (it’s not “The Church” as if the whole system and followers are bad people! It’s just certain leaders!) BUT then I have to be honest with myself and say, you know what? They’ve got a good point, and it’s important for the discussion to be out there and taking place. And Catholics won’t threaten them in any way, not even under the guise of a “warning.” Why is it then okay for certain (but obviously not all) Muslims to blindly lash out at any kind of intellectual converation on the subject of showing Muhammed? And yes, South Park DOES count as intellectual conversation – they just wrap it up in juvenile comedy. That’s the brilliance of the show. They like to make jokes, but at the same time, they are pointing out the utter hypocrisy of the world.

      • henry

        If South Park is leading to reflection then ‘provoking’ (i.e. derivative of provocative) seems to be the appropriate term. And I agree, there is an element of social commentary/satire to their work that is worth discussing. BUT I would also say they also seem to be motivated in part by seeing how many sacred cows (I mean this as a secular metaphor) they can burn for titillation purposes, i.e. they’re purposes aren’t all benign or academic. They’re kind of like kids who shove things in the electrical socket for the shock value – they started with paper clips and got a small buzz, but now they’re shoving knives into the thing and they’re getting shocked. I mean, it would be great if religious fundamentalist had a better sense of humor, but Matt and Trey had plenty of previous examples of what they could expect as a result of this episode (Theo van Gogh, Danish cartoonist, Salman Rushdie, etc.) so my point is only that they intentionally provoked and they got what they wanted.

      • Jason

        Whoa…let’s back up here. There is a ‘proper’ reaction to South Park? Hardly. There is more a ‘proper’ reaction for AP reports or peer-reviewed journal articles, not IQ-lowering, toilet humor.
        That show is complete garbage, and unfortunately reveals the very immature and, as posted prior, juvenile side of most of its audience is. Sad.

    • ratm

      Yeh, but I would go further and claim them for the world. I am an Australian and South Park is one of the few glimmers of hope left in this dopey globe. Shout it out boys, no one can intimidate you, not even their gods of evil , hate and lies!

  • Chad

    America, f*@k yeah!

  • Jack

    Keep going guys, you’re amongst the very few with any real cajones left.

    • Steve

      I agree. Just because Comedy Central won’t man up and protect the first amendment doesn’t mean you should change a thing. The moment you give into one threat then you are letting terrorism win.

  • Butters

    Oh Hamburgers!

    • Ajay C

      @ Butters..

      What the hell is that suppose to mean “Oh Hamburgers”. Make some sense you jack ass!

      • Butters2

        i’ve got something in my front pocket for you…

      • DZLPAW

        if you don’t get the oh hamburgers! remark then you must not watch the show. That’s what butters always says instead of cursing

      • Ray

        You’re the idiot for not knowing what it means. Watch South Park and you’ll know.

      • ratm

        Yeh, what a giant douche!

  • Chad

    Let’s hope Parker and Stone go after those Westboro douche bags next.

    • topher

      Now that you point it out, it’s sorta shocking they haven’t already mocked the Phelps clan yet.

      • Jenna

        Maybe it’s because their stupidity is too obvious. The Westboro group is already a joke. Not much they can add to that.

    • Frank

      That is exactly what the WBC wants. That whole family is a bunch of publicity whores. At times, I don’t even think they believe in what they say. They just want to see their faces on TV.

  • Shannon S.

    I think they need to take into consideration that there’s other people who work at Comedy Central & the South Park production offices who they’re putting in harm’s way. I think it’s horrible to censor anyone, but these groups have shown in the past that they will act on these threats. Matt Stone & Trey Parker are just trying to prove again that they can get away with whatever they want. I love South Park, and I’m eagerly awaiting tonight’s episode…but intentionally instigating a fight with terrorists is just stupid.

    • Jon

      So what you’re saying is… they should be scared of the terrorists?

      • Jaymii

        Their issue with the entire thing is that it was okay to show an image five years ago, but its not anymore.

      • Big Walt

        If they don’t show Muhammed then the terrorists win. And by terrorists, I mean censors.

    • gustiq

      are you kidding me shannon?!?!?! i’m anti-Bush and voted for Obama, and my point truly isn’t about politics. but i MUST say that if we [America, Parker & Stone, the world, you, me] cower from these douchecanoe mudslum extremists, then they win.
      South Park is a brilliant show, albeit crude and offensive. but that’s subjective. when i saw the episode about the statue of the Virgin Mary bleeding out of her a$$, i LAUGHED and had no intention of killing stone & parker for “disgracing” a key figure in my religion.
      what good are those that want to end human life? what good are those that want to end human life because of a drawing?

      ok, sorry, got on a rant. but really. REALLY?

      • @gustiq

        If you were a possible target, would you feel the same way? It’s all right to talk about not letting terrorists win, but would you be willing to sacrifice your life to prevent this “win”?

      • NT

        Just to clarify, the difference between the virgin Mary and Mohammed is that Muslims believe strongly in not having visual representations of him, out of the belief that believers should not worship ‘false idols’. The fear is that an image of Mohammed might turn people to thinking that HE was a god, rather than a mere human servant of Allah.

        Certainly doesn’t making threatening to harming people okay at all….just trying to explain where that reaction is based.

      • @NT

        NT, I actually REALLY like the logic behind that practice, and the practice itself, given its intention. However, psychos wanting to kill people over it is el loco poyo. It’s whatever script that allows for the interpretation of retaliation against those that depict Muhammad’s face that should be criticized here.

      • Lingo

        Not to sound paranoid, but aren’t Americans already targets of these extremist groups.

      • Jed

        You are truly an idiot for voting for Obama.
        You are truly an idiot again for admitting that you voted for Obama.

    • Freddy

      So is OK to mock Jesus, Moses, Bhuda et al but not no Muhammad?…Religion of peace my a*$

      • Big Walt

        Well, their religions don’t explicitly forbid showing their images so it does make sense. To that point it’s not the mocking as much as it is just showing the image.

      • @ Big Walt

        Exactly Big Walt. THEIR religion forbids images of The Prophet. Other religions do not. Therefore, non Muslims should be free to depict and speak about what their faiths allow, without worrying about the actions of others. I remember, many years ago, a textbook I had in history class. There was a drawing of Mohammed placing The Black Stone inside the Kaaba. I dont seem to recall any backlash against that publisher.

      • Big Walt

        It doesn’t bother me but I understand where they’re coming from. It’s showing them some respect and respecting their traditions and beliefs. You wouldn’t walk through a synagogue wolfing down bacon and shrimp would you?

      • Carlos

        Those religions forbid blasphemy, and Mary bleeding from her a@@ is kind of blasphemous.

      • Big Walt

        I don’t know Carlos, I’m pretty sure that’s in the Bible.

      • @ Big Walt

        I don’t believe that either Trey Parker or Matt Stone would EVER personally walk through a mosque or a synagogue wolfing down bacon, neither would I. That would be desecration, not satire. Making a joke is not the same, no matter how offensive. The irony is that Parker and Stone DO NOT portray Mohammed’s image in the disputed episode.

      • ann

        The most important difference being – if you walked through a Jewish synagogue wolfing down bacon, you’d be looked at as rude and tacky. You wouldn’t receive death threats or asassination attempts.

      • jimmyg869

        I’m sorry, if I come a bit of a prude, but mockery of any religion seems a bit crass and juvenile, as if you are ignorant and intolerant of other’s belief. It may be all of fun, but and I would not “shun” people for their mockery or blasphemy. I just think “they” went too far.

        Just remember: What goes around…

      • Danno

        Man, who would have thought that mocking imaginary characters from ancient works of fiction would stir up such a fuss.

      • Rob

        Very true my friend!! Muhammad’s claims are farce, and Islam is a religion of power by violence.

    • lalala

      I understand the concern Shannon. Of course it is ridiculous to kill someone over something like this, drawings of their god. It does mean terrorists win if we cower and heed them. But I also know that much violence, deaths, and death threats have been carried out by these extreme muslim groups because of these depictions. Just look at the Danish artist who drew those depictions of Muhammad in the newspaper – how much violence, attempted killings, death threats resulted after that. To have to live in fear of death for many years to come, not being to go anywhere without police protection all the time, etc. So good on the South Park people if they have the guts to go against these extreme groups, but they and their families should also be prepared for the retaliation that comes with it. The retaliation is not right, but it is a fact of life unfortunately.

      • Lisa Simpson

        Mohammed is their prophet, not their god.

      • photop

        The USA, Unlike little Denmark,would not stand for radicals attacking US citizens especially those radicals in question.

    • Kate

      Watch Cartoon Wars – it explicitly lays out how they feel about this issue. And they are right about one thing, it’s easy to stand up for freedom of speech when the stakes are low. But if a society truly believes in freedom of speech, it has to apply across the board – not only when it’s safe. I agree that it’s ridiculous that people could get hurt over it, but agree with others that to be cowed by extremist terrorism allows it to work.

    • TheObserver

      I think its interesting that this radical group is protected under its first amendment rights of free speech in America to say and do these things, but Parker & Stone are not apparently, since they need to be ‘warned’. I just love how radical muslims take advantage of American laws so they can ‘warn’ non-muslims but Americans themselves who are not radical muslims seem to not be entitled to those same rights. Just making an observation. It’s America..Parker and Stone should be able to do as they please; censoring themselves out of fear is kind of the definition of succumbing to terrorism…..again…just making an observation

      • Jordan

        Parker and Stone didnt censor themselves.. Comedy central censored the show…..

      • Mac

        You are dead on.. Thanks! If only more Americans thought like this

      • sam

        making threats is not covered by the first ammendment. this was posted on a website that could be written by people anywhere in the world.

    • Kev

      Parker and Stone did not solely put any comedy central producers or production studios in danger. The production members and comedy central all agreed to air the content. they are responsible for their own actions, each and every one of them. my point being you can’t generalize who put who in danger, it is the crazy Muslim extremists who are blowing this out of proportion. Besides, they technically don’t show a “depiction” of mohammed as he is in a bear MASCOT uniform. Muslim extremists need to just chill out and not impose their religion on every person in the world. No one else does and it isn’t acceptable for them to do that.

    • jesus

      Ha Shannon, who said anything about terrorist. Were talking about Muslims. Oh wait i see the comparison

      • MidwestGuy

        You’re correct in your assumption, most terrorists are muslims at this point in history, at least the ones making things blow up and killing people. The IRA and all of the other ‘terrorist groups’ in europe have pretty much made peace with each other and the world, it’s mainly those of muslim faith that are still under the mistaken impression that murdering people and making threats against the lives of anyone who disagrees with them is a good idea. You will get no sympathy from any group as long as they continue to use murder as a tool.

  • Eric

    Your sense of humor must have been neutered at an early age

  • Nicole

    Honestly, this is insane. I’m all for religious freedom as long as it doesn’t impose itself on non-followers and it’s not hurting anybody (although try to find a religion that can claim both of those things – not likely, but I digress). However, when you try to claim that the entire world is forbidden from trying to depict a central figure of your faith, whether they believe or not, is crazy talk. For instance, I am a devoted follower of Kevin, a magical elf that lives in my toothbrush holder. If anyone tries to sketch him, you’re DEAD! See? I sound a wee bit insane, right?

    I thought that the “censorship” bar, and later the U-Haul truck and mascot costume used to cover Mohammed in the episode was pretty inspired and hilarious. I also thought “I bet this is still going to piss people off”. I mean, to threaten someone with death for taking your own rules to their silliest conclusion is mad. It seems now that the rule is no longer just about depicting Mohammed, but now extends to discussing the fact that they can’t do it. Oh, religion! You’re so wacky (& terrifying)! If you’ll excuse me, I have to go round up 10 cats and a lemur to sacrifice to Kevin the Elf before he starts smiting.

    • topher

      All hail Kevin!!!

      • John

        The Kevinites shall inherit the earth.

    • The Green Gummi Bear

      I respect Kevin, and will gladly drink the Kool-aid from the toothbrush holder till I am wisked away by the passing commet or sterile (preferbly both).

    • Mo

      I too am a devote follower of Kevin!

      • The Ween

        MY Kevin is the only TRUE Kevin, and you will go to the U-Pipe if you don’t acknowledge that.

      • Keisa

        Hmmm..he told me his name was Steve.

    • whatevs

      If they didn’t use religion, they would use something else. Religion isn’t the problem, people are the problem.

      • SirLizard

        whatevs, you are SO right. There will always be some reason to hate the terrible “other”.

      • Nicole

        Yay for all of the Kevin love! Just remember, put AWAY your pencils and crayons. Try not to even imagine what he looks like or he might get mad.

        To whatevs comment, I agree with you to a point, but at the same time, you can’t deny that religion has been the basis for more war, violence, pain and torture than anything else in history. Just sayin’. Of course people are the problem, but disengenuous religious leaders rely on the blind faith of “the people” to create these intense and sometimes fundamentalist emotions that lead them to do their bidding for them, whether it’s convert more followers, gather cash, or blow up buildings. I don’t think you can honestly claim that religion as a construct is blame-free.

        Kevin is still waiting for his lemur, so I gotta run.

      • Erik

        Religion as a construction is not the problem. Its always people. Religion never provoked wars, There was never a bible that said go fight these people, its the people that take it seriously enough to start a war in the name of religion

      • topher

        Who do you think wrote the bible?

      • Big Walt


      • Nicole

        @whatevs and @Erik – I think the difference in our opinions has to do with how we perceive the role of “people” within “religion”. I don’t see religion as its own entity, existing with or without us. It is created by us (arguably it was created by an elite few to control the masses, or that it was developed as a way for people to try to understand the world around them – probably a bit of both) and so it is a system with faults and problems just like those who created it and those who perpetuate it. However as an athiest (aside my governing force Kevin of course), it’s easy for me to view it this way. If you have strong religious beliefs, I can see why you would disagree. Just wanted to point out that it’s an argument that neither of us can win, because we’re looking at it from completely different perspectives.

        But @Erik, you should check the bible again – there’s a ton of violence and war and even hate in there. Sadly people do take a lot of it literally and continue to use it as a basis for their irrational arguments. And obviously Topher has a point – the bible didn’t appear out of thin air; it was written by mere mortals.

      • Siggie

        Our Science, our answer to the Great Question shall prevail!

    • Snarf

      That was awesome.

      • Erik

        Religion as a construction is no problem. Its always people. Religion never provoked wars, There was never a bible that said go fight these people, its the people that take it seriously enough to start a war in the name of religion

      • J707


        There was never a bible that said “go fight these people?” The bible actually says that quite a bit.

    • Kevin the Elf

      More lemurs!! All of you!!! Appease me or be smitten!!

  • Toad

    I think we are all headed towards Imaginationland, cause the Terrorists have taken over our IMAGINATION!!!!!

  • Chad

    Point taken Shannon, but in order for a terrorist to be a terrorist, they must terrorize. The creators of South Park are proclaiming they are not afraid, therefore neutering these so-called terrorists and making them look like stupid crybabys. They’re nonsense and rhetoric is used to prey on illiterate, and uneducated youths of their countries. It is allmost Stone and Parker’s duty to challenge them. Noone else has the b@lls to anymore. Not hating on Islam by the way, just to clarify. I’ve been to Iraq and understand the differance between a devout Muslim and a radical American hating terrorist douche.

  • jon

    so terrorist say there friendly in there belief what a joke..stick to them…

    • SirLizard

      jon, you used the word “there” twice and got it wrong BOTH times. Congratulations! The first one should have been “they’re” (i.e. they + are) and the second should have been “their” (i.e. belonging to them). You used “there” (i.e. not here, but there).

  • Jamil

    Well said, Nicole, you sound like a very intelligent person. As someone who was born into Islam, I am ashamed of those retard extremists. They are acting like a bunch of petulant children. You mock my prophet, so I keeel you. Morons…

  • JD

    If South Park DOESN’T portray muhamad, with the same ridicule they portray other religious figures, they should be considered frauds. It’s that simple.

    • RN

      I agree, they have to be equal opportunity discriminators when they portray figures on the show. We have all ready seen Isaac Hayes leave when they tackled scientology, after he was a huge part of their racial ridicule for ten years! everyone laughs until the humor is directed at them. They have always been completely impartial as to who they poke fun at and i suspect they will continue to do so. I cant wait to see what they do tonight

      • danny

        Except when Isaac Hayes left he didn’t threaten to murder Matt and Trey and anyone associated with the show, then post their addresses, phone-numbers, office hours, home addresses on the internet and ask for fellow scientoligists to take action against them.

  • Seenit

    Allah-God was depicted as a Buddhist that looked like a lizard rat. Pretty gross looking. Clearly we have a case of Muhamed-olatry. Wich is the worship of the fictional character Mohamed along with others in imaginationland such as Jesus and Musa(The big triangle head).

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