Justin Bieber shut out at the Juno Awards; tween girls left numb with disbelief

justin-bieberImage Credit: George Pimentel/WireImage.comPopular Twitter trending topic Justin Bieber was shut out at Canada’s Juno Awards* on Sunday, an oversight that was most assuredly the subject of outraged buzz in seventh-grade homeroom this morning. Nevertheless, the “Baby” singer played a central role in the Juno telecast, according to PopEater: Rapper Classified changed up the lyrics to “Oh Canada” to make reference to the Bieb, Michael Buble and the Barenaked Ladies mentioned the teen sensation in acceptance speeches, and screaming young ladies lined the red carpet to shriek in Bieberly adoration.

Buble, meanwhile, won Junos for best album, best pop album, best single, and the fan choice award. Drake and K’naan also took home multiple trophies. See the full list of Juno winners here.

* Like the Grammys, with flashes of flannel and an un-ironic appreciation of Celine Dion.

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  • Nancy from Beantown

    That HAIR! It’s like a shag carpet. I wanna sit in it and play a board game.

    • Jennifer

      It makes Donald Trump’s hair look real in comparison.

    • tonya

      omg i love u

      • taylor

        yes he is hot…

    • Helen

      He can’t sing. He’d have been booted off of Idol during the first round. He can’t hit a note if it was the size of a barn and he was standing next to it. How much longer are we going to have to listen to this kid.

      • lana

        well we are still listening to Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, so there is really no telling. There is just no gawd dang telling!

      • bootsycolumbia

        The fact that you’re using AI as your standard of good singers makes me question your judgment.

      • milagros

        you do not know what you are talking about so you really need to get your facts straight really really need to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Benoit from Ottawa

        Funny, I’m no fan, but the dd time I’ve heard him sing, on some late-night show, he was on-note and showed he could sing.

        Opposition to new, usually popular-with-the-young, performers, sounds so often to me like old folks yelling at kids to stay off their (musical) lawns!



    • normarae

      So very disturbed by anything Justin Bieber. Don’t get it – very weird! Hope he goes ba-bye quietly and quickly.

      • carrotcake

        Don’t know why but I feel the exact same way! For some reason that kid gives me the creeps.

      • joann

        hay justin i love i bet you get that all the time

  • EWsMom

    Whew! So proud of Canada!!

    • RJ

      Same here! This one act is enough to make me contemplate moving there!

  • paige

    that kid’s head is HUUUUUUUUUGE! just look at that thing!

    • Mari

      Yup, as big as his massive ego.

      • jim penson

        Man, that’s the truth. I saw a sort of behind the scenes thing with him and his mom, and he’s a pompous little egotist!

      • sally

        He has become incredibly cocky for such a tiny little boy who’s just starting out and isn’t that good.

    • Ceballos

      That’s not completely fair – his hair only looks gigantic in that pic because of his scrawny body. Seriously, he’s got the exact same shoulders my three-year-old niece does.

    • MikeM

      (In Scottish accent) “Just look at that thing… it’s like an orange on a toothpick”….

      • Taylor

        …or my personal favorite “I’m not kidding, that boy’s head is like Sputnik; spherical but quite pointy at parts! Now that was offside, wasn’t it? He’ll be crying himself to sleep tonight, on his huge pillow.”

    • ollie

      it looks like a ballooooooooon

  • Jackie

    Well it looks like Canada isn’t stupid after all.

    • Teresa

      Uh, thanks?

      • joujou st.val

        ther i boy that look lilke just lilke justin bieber

      • Nicole

        Yeah really…thanks, I guess. I have to take umbrage with the comment in the post that says Candians have an un-ironic appreciation of Celine Dion. Um….no. Just no. Most of us have no appreciation whatsoever. And for the record, second that emotion for Nickleback.

        Glad Metric’s getting attention, but we need more press for more of our really great bands like The New Pornographers and Arcade Fire (they need a new album stat).

        Also, a comparison of what Canada vs. US has unleashed on the world:

        Nickleback = 3 Doors Down
        Justin Bieber = Miley
        Celine Dion = Mariah Carey
        Michael Buble = Josh Groban

        See? We’re all guilty. It’s time to put away the blame stick and focus on the good music people. :)

      • Lindsay

        You know what always annoys me about when people refer to our “love” of Celine – its not just Canadians who buy her albums. She may be from here, but she sells CDs around the world and has a show in Vegas. So, its actually everyone else’s support of her (and Nickelback, etc) that keeps her going, otherwise she’d still be stuck in Quebec somewhere and only Canadians would have heard of her.

      • Helen

        Celine can at least carry a tune. Michael Buble is fabulous. And who the hell are 3 Doors Down?

      • Radio Gaga

        Celine is HUGE in Quebec, though.

    • davey

      says the American :)

      • Alexis Ponce


    • Megs

      How ignorant!

      • Megs

        That was for the “Well it looks like Canada isn’t stupid after all.”

      • Deserae Ponce


    • Tim

      Dear Jackie:
      Canada has given the world Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, k.d. lang, Rufus Wainwright – just to name a few. Not too shabby, huh?

  • sara

    I’m certainly not a Bieber fan myself (I’m not even sure if I’ve ever heard a single song of his), but I don’t exactly get why he should be shut out from an event like this.
    However uncool he may be to the oh-so-sophisticated and enlightened adult audience, he’s obviously pretty damn popular right now, and isn’t that what all these award shows are about anyway?

    • davey

      Award shows in general SHOULD be about TALENT! Don’t you think?

      • sara

        Yes, I personally DO think that. I have however heard of award shows where the artists are being rewarded with their neat little trophy due to public vote, I didn’t know what the Juno Awards were so I thought it might very well have been one of those shows.

        Btw, I’ve just listened to some of the covers Bieber’s done on youtube in the meantime… seriously, implying that this boy isn’t talented is just ridiculous. I can very well understand that a lot about him is off-putting, and that he as a “marketing product” (or whatever he is) isn’t all that relevant to music in general, but he DOES definitely have talent. Quite a lot of it actually.

      • Baco Noir

        Sara, the Junos is our version of the Grammys. To your point, I can’t stand the TYPE of music he sings (it ain’t aimed at me, anyway), but he does have a good voice, plus he’s getting major support from Drake, Classified and, of course, Usher, so clearly he’s got something.

      • Radio Gaga

        He is as talented as Taylor Swift is. Remember her undeserved win for “Album Of The Year” at the Grammys? I think the committee behind Juno Awards are learning from our mistakes. Nominating him just for the sake of it is stupid, shutting him out wasn’t an attempt to look cool, if anything it proves that they aren’t sheep like the rest of Bieber’s fans. And award shows are also about rewarding quality work, so in addition to being talented, you must also make quality music. I’d never call Bieber’s music “quality”.

      • Alan of Montreal

        Bieber was nominated based on his first EP–he was only starting to gain his popularity then. It’s a little like the Grammys that way–the deadline for nominations happens several months before the actual awards, so his current album wouldn’t even have been out then. Also, I think Bieber actually broke out in the US before he did in Canada.

  • C

    That is one gigantic dome.

  • kendal

    did he win an award? cause if not he should of

    • i

      It’s “should have”

      • ollie

        d amn straight!

  • robert

    add the hair of the Trump-ster and the goofy do of the World’s Worse Mom (Kate) and you get JUSTIN

    as for being shut out of the awards – maybe because there is nothing there to reward – only the talented get awards – the bad hair and talent-less get snubbed…

  • Kate

    Maybe because here in Canada we don’t hand out music awards for being popular we give them for being talented.

    • MiaRW

      I wish that was true… unfortunately doesn’t explain why nickelback has won so many Junos!

      • ger

        But finally Metric beat them for group of the year. That alone made my night.

    • sara

      Yes… of course.

    • Dd

      Then why bother giving out awards? Canadian music is…not good.

      • Reese

        Are you kidding me?

      • Baco Noir

        OK. Hmmm. Let’s see Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, The Guess Who…up to now…Drake, Metric, Broken Social Scene, Cale Sampson (great local Toronto hip hop artist; check him out on Youtube), Arcade Fire. Open. Your. Mind. Dd. American music? Miley Cyrus, Jonas Bros, ugh. Need I go on? But there’s also Bob Dylan, Santana…to the present: The Airborne Toxic Event, The Killers, Jay Z, etc. Both countries have wretched music; both countries have amazing artists. Let’s stop picking nits.

      • Dd

        I’ll give you Neil Young and some Joni Mitchell; although they left Canada in the 60s. I like Gordon Lightfoot and k.d. lang as well. But the fact you think the Guess Who is good proves my point. Although I would like to paraphrase them: Canadian music, stay away from me.

      • Liza

        You guys forgot Leonard Cohen.
        Quite a legend!

    • Glass Tiger and Platinum Blond

      Yeah! You tell ‘em Kate!

    • Cindy

      Thank goodness he didn’t win. His performance was juvenile and his singing was flat – guess he wasn’t lip synching last night. If teeny boppers want him they can have him.

  • Sean

    He looks like the chick from that movie, “Boys Don’t Cry”

  • Jaded

    Does he wear one of those “Bump-It” things in his hair???

    • suew

      Hilarious! Dude needs a haircut.

      • Bieber Sucks

        That’s a dude?

  • lefty

    I completely misinterpreted this headline. I thought it’s stating that he was not permitted into the event. Now, I understand it means he did not win anything. Still sad, but not as ridiculous.

    • sara

      Haha that’s just how I understood it… oops. Sucks not to be a native speaker, I guess!

  • Melissa

    I adore the fact that Michael won 4 awards and Beiber didn’t win anything. Shows that the music actually matters and they don’t give awards for being 12 and cute.

    It was a great show to experience live too! Michael was definitely the best performance of the night!

    • crispy

      Yeah Michael Booblay is a moron they only decided to let him take the awards because they know he is old and his talent is drying up. I mean seriously look at album sales, we know whose is really talented and popular here. It’s OK JB don’t let it get you down anyone with common sense knows your the best. Anyone who doesn’t is jealous and that’s annoying. ;)

      • Lisa Simpson

        When did crispy become a 12 year-old girl?

      • (New Screenname TBD)

        Crispy is dead. Murdered by an impostor.

      • Ambient Lite

        Fake crispy is a turd. But Michael Buble DOES suck. I feel almost conflicted…almost.
        Good luck, TBD.

      • crispy

        Question for “the real crispy” and Ambient Lite. You obviously came here with one purpose in mind to try flaming around your hatrid on JB some more. Why do you poke your noses into every thread that’s about him? Crispy already said he looked at the other blogs because they were about music sales and not him, however this post is obviously about him only, check the title again if you don’t believe me. Crispy you got some ‘splainin to do!

      • (New Screenname TBD)

        At this point, the ONLY reason I click on the Bieber threads is to see how you’ve soiled my screenname. Oh, and the word is spelled “hatred,” you illiterate fool.

      • Ambient Lite

        Not sure that I really want to play with you fake crispy/turdburglar extraordinaire. But I couldn’t care less about Bieber. We’ll all blink and he (and Kesha) will be gone. I thought the headline was funny.
        Why, oh why, does EW have to serve as both an entertainment site AND a safe haven for the mentally ill? Sighhh.

      • crispy

        I’ve blinked many times since I’ve read your post silly light person. I believe JB is still around, heck Ke$ha is probably is as well.. unless alcohol poisoning just got her (highly possible). LIKE I SAY: IF YOU DON’T LIKE THESE ARTISTS STOP COMING UNDER THEIR BLOG POSTS FILLING IT WITH NASTY COMMENTS. Go to the artists blogs that you think are so amazing.. oh yeah thats right, your a little off in the head, their not amazing and no one else is posting about them. Boo hoo…

      • Guess Who

        Nice try. But my nasty comments are going to triple.

      • tennisfan

        I have nothing for or against Justin Bieber, I just click on the articles to read the hilarity that real crispy / TBD, Ambient Light, and other regular posters bring to the blog. Don’t take it all so seriously and please stick to your own moniker to keep the fun clean :-)

      • dean

        Personally this article has made my night, i would rather listen to the jonas brothers, miley cyrus, rap, hip hop, r&b, and other really bad artists than listen to this little freak, i can’t describe how much i detest his undeserved fame, he needs to have his voice taken away permanantly so nobody has to listen to his no-talent, whiny little voice….

    • Rivoningo

      Its sad dat justin didnt win any award,damn dat boy is soooo talented…….1 cnt even believe hez 16

      • Wil


      • ollie

        ugh is it absolutely necessary to type “dat” instead of “that”? cuz dat iz rly annoyin

  • patty

    u got to share the stage with menny good singers

    i love u

  • MikerMan

    I watched the show. Bieber performed ‘Baby’ with some dude playing the acoustic guitar. I’m NOT a fan of his at all but he did a good job. Kid can sing, I’ll give him that much….even if it is tripe. Nice to see Metric pick up a couple and APRIL WINE inducted into the hall of fame!

    • bootsycolumbia

      April Wine being inducted into the Hall of Fame ruined my night. I’ve always hated that band and their derivative, phony music.

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